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Yol. XII. Los Angeles, California. January 16, 1908 No. 29
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1 : . , \WORKS f?,F THE FLESH _- . \
, Aflulteru, forniMtion, uncleanneiJ8, taacivioUa-
nBIIIJ, idolatru, witchcraft. hatred, variance,
emulation, wrath, etrife, edition. here11iee.
envuinoe. m"urdere, drutik"enneee, revelino.
. -
- \ , , . : , ., . _ FR!JIT OF;,THI( B_P/R/_7;. . . . . i
-c-H ?. Therruuo'-""'sJHrlt ; tona ; ._ - ""' _.
aulferlnD, oentleneaa, 11oodne.-. raith, meek-
temperance: aucla tlaere i no
and.11uch like.
'You cannot successfully wrestle with God and wrangle
with your neighbor._ " -
The Purpose , of -the Promise.
............ .,._, _ _,...,.._,.........,......._. -.._-..-..,-..,.,.._- .........
As our days become less our energy for the salvation of
others should be increased_.
The _Simple _ Life.
-Every promise of God speaks of two things-that The higher attainments in the divine life are not
they can. be fulfilled, because -God is behind them; and that --gained along the line. of self-indulgence or ease. The.oo
---we can--meet-i;he-conditions_oLthem, for_ grace s.uffi_cje_nt ___ more W, cultivation . and
. is prQvided to do-so. We fear that the promises are often . breakmg up than by dormant . inactivity, and -its--onlY" -
. looked at as we look at a beautiful picture of a real thing. hope of })earing "much fruit" is through the severe:pro..:
-only to admire. But the promises have Almighty cess, Jesus condemns those who" are all the
God behind them to make them real to every soul that is . !iine- Jooking after "number one," and "what
"in Him: " Many are trying to have the promises real- shall we e.at, or what shall we, wear," and says that God's
ized to them who are no.t ''in Him," 'when this experience children are not to about these things; ''for
stands as the very condition of their fulfilment. But, your Fathet' knoweth that have need of them." ; It'is
thank God, they are sure, for "in Hhn they are yea, and the "care" for these things that "chokes" the. word and
in Him, Amen.'' Yet God must have a medium through . hinders it coming to peffection; It is the ''simple life,"
which He can have His promise realized, so Paul says this unadorned and untrammeled with worries, cares and con-
. c11.n be done "by After God has made known His ventionalities of worldly life, that shines the best for
" . promises and fulfilled them ''by us,'' who are ''in ilhn, '' Jesus. We should cultivate moderation and simplicity if
it is not that we may have the blessing so much,. b_ut that we would ad vance in spiritual things. It is only as . we
it should be "unto the glory of God by us," thus showing trust, -we shall grow; as we are disciplined, shall we bear
that the end and aim of all God's dealings with man is to much fruit; and as we suffer with our Lord, shall we
glorify Himself-while we get the blessing. Brethren. reach the throne. R. P.
are you "in Him?" Then the promise to you is "yea and X
. . : , _ R. P. The trims his biggest guns on- the pr;lyer-life of .
The Church is a corporate body of blood-washed souls,
whose business it is to win souls for God.
X -
Fire-Tried Works.
God's children. -
Sin's Present Punishment.
Especially to the believer does sin bring its own dark..:
ness and punishment. Immediately upon the commission
of a trangression there 'follows a feeling of condemnation
There i's going to be a great time of revelation when that makes the soul unhappy, which is a severe punish-
the blazing fire of the judgment tests-all of our earthly ment. Then darkness comes in and the spiritual.vision
works . . While the foundation-Christ-is laid once for of things unseen is obliterated and mourning takes the
all it is left for man to bQild thereupon; but the Apostle place of joy. Not only is this so with actual trJlngres-
warns all by saying, "Let every man take hee,<l. how he . sions, neglect of dutyhas its own punishment.
buildeth thereupon; " seeing that there would be all kinds Every act of duty is a pathway to further light, and, as .
of buildings laid upon the foundation- of "gold, silver, Ruskin says, "Every duty we o"mit obscures some truth
precious stones, wood; hay and stubble," He divides the we might have known." The way is blocked by a sin of
building material into two classes-the endurable and the omission. and until that is taken out of the wa:y: there can
perishable, and it will not be any gain for a man to say be no further progress in the knowledge of divine thing1;.
- -that-he-has a -golden-building on the foundation when he. Knowing this truth nqt_ only as a principle, QUt by expe-
has simply built of wood, for "the fire shall try every rience, how watchful and p'rayerful we need to be that
man's work of what kind it. is;" and we all know t}lat y;,e do not thoae things which bring darkness and unhap-
wood hasn't much chance in a fire, and only adds to it's pitiess, but that we be careful . also in not omitting the
-consuming power. There are two facts that stand out things we ought to do, ' which always hinder the in
very plainly, and theiirst' is that nothing that a man does growing in grace. We cari only lie sure of a place in the
wi}l be permanent except that which stands the fire; and, supernal light Of eternity by keeping our souls clean and
secondly, none will be rewarded except that which al?ides: bright i-n th.is sphere of preparation. Lord, keep us walk-
Beloved, what kind of character are you making, and ., ing in the. light, then as the blood cleanseth, there will be
what kind of building are you erecting an the foundation no darkness nor hindrance by sins .Of or
you doing for Christ or self? R. P. omission. R. P.
.. \ .

Contribu-ted Articles
Nazarene Mess'enger [Ja:nuary 16, 1908
always evidenced by the gift. of God wants you to .have; . third, It is
tongues. . - wrought in you by the baptism with
. ' Now; let us see if this teaching is the Holy Ghost;: . fourth, "When it
"OVER A HUNDRED YEARS AGO." true according, to the Word. your heart is madEl clean.
Bro. Oscar F. at the In Acts 1:5 we read the following: This, along with Heb. 10:14, 15,- set-
. General Assembly. , . . "For John truly baptized with water, . tles lforever this question before _U$',
.: .J_Qhn Wesley sped from shore to shore,_ . . but ye shall be baptized with the Holy- that. where. a .. person is sanctified,
.. Over a hundred years ago, Ghost not many days hence." : In baptized or filled, with the Spirit,_ which
And preached this Gospel to the poor, d th
Over a hundred years ago; Acts 2:4 we have the fulfilment of IS one e same experience
But hundreds mocked and turned away, this promise and we read as follows: expressed i'n different terms, that
Nor knew it was salvation' s .day; ."And they were all filled with the, that perSOf1 is perfected forever, and
" But,hu.ndreds more,. began to pray , HolyGhost." . In the promise! of Acts. needs work .of- grace, and.
' And turned into the narrow way;' . 1:5 we have the word baptized, and in . that-_the Boly Ghost himself is the
Over a hundred years ago._ the fuifilment of that promise in Acts witness, and not the gift of tongues .
. Fletcher, 'Nelson, a:nd Bramwell too, 2:4, where it spea. ks of speaking with There is-no passage in the Word that .
Over a 'hundreoyears ago, h
And hundreds more, good men !lnd true, other tongues have not the word states t at tongues or any other gift
Over a hundred years ago; baptized -but the word filled. Unfor- is an evidence of -this experience, but
They preached salvation free and full, tunately for our third- blessing advo- on the contrary there are plain pass-
.That heals entire the sin-sick soul; qates there is nothing said about ages, such as 1 Cor .. 13th chapter,
They-spread the glorious news around ' t' t' th t h
.-.ngues in connection with the prom- m tma mg a we may ave any or
And gave the trump a certain "'-' II f h 'f d h
Over 'a hundred years ago. ' ise o{ Acts '1 :5, where the word . a 0 t ese gl ts an yet not ave
baptized is used, but . on the other this blessed experience. .
' --.... Mary....FJetcher preached the word, r:.; b'd b li W d. -f G-
Over a hundred years ago, hand 'in -Acts 2: .if-it- speaks piainly of --- a . 1 e . Y_-t -e- .. o't o od,
She stood a witness fo; the Lord, tongues in connection with the word . tightly- 'divided, and we will have a
Over a hundred years ago, filled. _,. . sure foundation upou which.to sUnid.
She. gladly reckoned all things loss, The fact of the matter is that the Portland, Ore.
Despised the shame, endured' the cross, words baptized and filled in this con- -" .JJ .JJ
And testified tbrough Jesus grac;le
A present, perfect . nection are used-interchangeably and . EVIL-Sl'EAKING.
Over a hundred years ago. _ refer to one and _the Same experience, ISAIAH G. MARTIN.
Atu1 Cutler felt-the blood applied, as we. see in Acts 8:14-17, ..1\..cts 10:44, . St. p:aul, in his letter to Titus, in
.. . Over a hundred years ago; 45, Acts 15:8, 9, , and many other like which he _gives him. con-
And Hester Ann Rogers was sanctified, passages.- If a man is filled with the cerning doctrine and life, and, also
Over a hundred years ago; Spirit is baptized with the Spirit, concerning things which he should
And more could tell the hour
and if he is baptized . with the Spirit teach, exhorts him to put the breth-
They felt at once the cleansing power,
And witnessed in the Holy Ghost he is filled also, for it is one and the ren in mind, to be subject to 'the
Salvation to the uttermost; same thing. . pow.ers' that be, and "to speak evil of
Over a hundred years ago. Now, let us take up the second-part, no man," not pe contentious, but to
Such were the y the annals tell that of tongues being the only- true be s_howing all meekness unto J
Of a hundred years ago, evidence of the baptism with the all men. St: Pete:r, in 'his: epistle. to
Who formed " our tribe" in Israel Holy Ghost_., In Heb. 10:14, 15r vie. the elect, through sanctification of ..
Over a hundred years
read: _''For. by', oh_e offeri.ng He hath of the Spirit_, urges-them to lay aside
By slander and reproach pur'siieg, ,' ,. ;
And mocked and mobbed by Satan's brood, 'perfected .forever them that are sane-, envies; and all . evil-speakings. "
All strong through mighty faith in God, tified whereof the Roly Ghost is a St. James, in his letter to the twelve
Theystoodthestormandstemmedtheflood; witriess. tous." Hereit.saysnothing whi'ch are scattered abroad,
Over a hundred years ago. about tongues being any witness, but says: "Speak not evil one of another,
But our Jesus' -power is still the same . the Word says that the Holy Ghost brethren. He that speaketh evil of
As a hundred years ago, .. I
himself is the witn_ess. His own pet- his })rothe_r andJudgeth .his brother,
And you and I by faith might claim
That same salvation now. sonality; his own presence in the speafteth evil o'f the law and judgeth
My happy soul a witness is . hear.t, is the only true witness to our the law." evil of no man"
--Tliat- Jesus s'filltneolood applies; ______ :__ sanctification or baptism with the is is posiitve a command of God
Salvation present, free and full, Holy Ghost, which is one and the ; "Thou shalt not steal."
.. I feel it through and through my soul; same experience expres"ed in differ- . Many con.found evil-speaking with
He sanctifies me now. .,
ent terms. slander. . ''Slander-is--maliciously tell-
.$ .$""
. . Much is being said these days about
' the baptism with the Holy Ghost.
A few people over the land who have
become confused are teaching that to
be filled with the Sp.irit and to be
baptized with the Spirit are two diff-
. erent experiences, and that the bap-
tism _with the Spirit is the third, last
and final experience in grace and is
1 Un 1 John 3:24 we read: "And ing a lie or an 'evil report not known
hereby we know that He abi.deth in to be true, about another; " "Evil-
us, by the Spirit which He hath speaking -is unnecessarily, . and with
given us." In 1 John 4:13 -we read: a wrong motive, telling what is true
"Hereby know we that we dwell in but evil, about' a person."" Wesley
Him and He 'in us, because He hath says: ''Supposing, having seEm a man
given us of His Spirit. " In Acts 15: drunk, or heard him curse or swear,
8, 9, we have four things clearly set I tell this when-h.e is absent; this is
forth, as follows: First, Rege.neration evil-speaking." . Dr. Adam ' Clark
is not sancj;ifica.tion; second, You defines evil-'speaking as, "Words
must have a second work of grace . \ which tend to hurt those of whom or
wrought in you before you have all against whom tl)ey are spokel}."
Jan1,1ary 16, 1908]
We take the following from an
article on . ''Pointers Against Evil-
speaking. '' ''Defaming another by
l<'cepihg back part of the truth,
changing the words
the manner, . tone or spirit, and
expressing misleading insinuations or
mean imagination-s, is slinder. " "Jf
a person necessarily, and with no
gvod motive, indulges in detraction
and disparagement, or speaks of
. as selfish, untr1,1thful, .
. ...
though true, It IS evil-speakmg, and
if not known to be true, it is slan-
der." "Do you say, 'I always speak
my mind?' . If you do, you will have
many sins to answer for. " ... If we
do a thing that is mean, wrong, or
evil , do we tell others? We
not tell other people's faults apy
more than our own:" .. ,
-E vii-speaking - is- conn'ary to the
Golden Rule. There are - several
causel;) of evil-speaking.
1. "Many people, thinking it is
. always allowable to tell about evil, if
tr ue, ignorantly commit the great
---Nazarene---Messenger --- --3 ,__
" The receiver is as bad as the thief." let it go; and the . chin-well, I just
Some -one has said: ".The. tale-bearer cannot tell how holiness in the heart
and tale-hearer should'"''be hanged can change that end of the face, but:_ ,
over a pole with the same r.ope; one it> do_es. The long and thin spddenly
with it tied to his tongue, and tbe. ta,kes. on flesh. The short and "cut
other with it tied to his ears." back" comes out, goes down longer
"Remember,' the person who tells you and finishes the face to fine effect; .
the fa-ults of others, will . tell others Bu_t ie{ me say further, holiness beau-
about . your faults;'' "A dog that tifies the form. W.hy hands-the
will bring a bone . wjll carry one fingers no longer need gold bands on
away. " Carry out the Bible plan: them to make them look . beautiful.
''Go.tell him .. his fauits .between him . , Clean hands, clean of dirt, clean from
and thee . ' an that Which the word of dod forbids I
one in the spirit of meekness." If to wear (1 Pet. 3:3). beautiful. .
you know evil of another, before you to see an altar full of women, old and
. tell it, think, -is it necessary?-will young, lift both hands to heaven and
g.oo.d restJlt?- .does l0ve p.rompt_ the "I'll be what you want me to. be,
words? "Speak the truth in love." dear Lord." No gold rings flashing
So live that evil about you will not in the glare of the electric lights, and
be believed. Wesley, when sian- tears of joy chasing each other down
dered, said, ''1 have left rrfy charac- their cheeks. To see women profess-
ter .an-d reputa.tion wj th God." ing holiness with ring_s --on their fin.>
Adrian 'When:__they
falsely .. we laugh; when truly we ''run off. at the m0uth a little,'' but
must amend." . those folks seldom . travail in prayer,
:;c .J& ..,c and _pull _people _out of -the fire. What
T. H : : .AGNEW.
faul-t. Who can. cast the first stone
at another?" -Many phases of the. holiness truth,
2 . ' 'Evil-speaking often . results holiness doctrine of teaching, find
from :Contagion, received from others expression through the holiness press -,
who commit this sin, in the family, today. For some time my mind has
church or society. " been impressed'=with this phase of
more beautiful . sight than to see a
company of young people, saved
thrQugh .and through, possessing_ and
professing holiness: Bro Berry says,
'' Oh, it's fine," and I say, Amen. '-
3. "It proceeds from a carrion holiness, holiness beautiful. Not
appetite." how it beautifies the moral or spirit-
4. "It is the natural outcome of ual nature, but the physical-the
huma'n nature. A clean heart de-
J. P. COLEliiA..'<.
With chorus as s ung by Mrs. Rose .Potter
Crist .
TUNE-"Bringing in the Sheavf?s :
harboring and indulging a critical
mands a clean body, not simply clean Praying morn and noontide, praying in the
spirit. " " Personal n evening,

. ,_ p' u t In papers, Is usually evil- clothes but clean flesh; not clean -.,.
- - Praying, ever prayir:g, never Jetting go;
,speaking. " mout h only, but a clean body from Fighti ng, ever fighting, trusting, ever trust-
head to toes. Foot washing is prac- ing;
5. "Some few morbidly pious peo- ticed by the truly sanctified, not as TheSaviouris faithful , Hiswordte lls me so:
that they are laid under an ordinance perhaps, but because it CHoRuS- i! Yes, God answer s prayer,
obil'gation. to expose every wrong- - becometh holiness. It is to be also Yes, God a ns we rs prayer,
doer.'' Pass along the watchword,
observed, the very features, eyes, , Yes, God answers pra)e r. Ji
' 'Evil-speaking is a low, mean nose, mouth, cheeks and chin are
business. It requires no talt:nt, rep- changed and beautified by holiness
utati<?n, character, education, . culture of spirit. I recommend it most cor- .
or brains, but only a diabolical spirit . dially to all young women that are not
-_- to set---up-in-o usiness." --As toryjs ____ fully satisfiea willitne.ir complexwn
told of an old colored preacher who and features that God has given to
?,reached a very pointed sermon on you. I have Looked at young people
These Damnable Hear-says." One in the congregation from the pulpit
said to him: "Brudder , you am mis- and often said to myself, If ug li_ness
taken, de word in Bible not wer;e a sin they would ne.ver find f or-
hear-says but heresies." The giveness but these same people
replied: "It am the hear- would and get saved, and in a
not heresies, dat_ us." few days: I deClare, tliey were good-
One said to me: "My father never looking; yes, even handsome. That
allowed any detraction in our home." stubborn look out of the eye had gone.
'A good rule to adopt in every. h_ome. Suavity of express'ion had come
Let us determine, first, to know what . tli.em. The nose had gone up or gone
evil-speaking is; secondly, resolv-e, no down, gone in or gone out, or gone
matter what others do, to avoid the and done something, until the ugH-
practice; thirdly, hear evil of no man. ness had gone, and I said, . Good-by,
Prayer is your watchword, prayer is your
.safeg uard,
Pr.ayer opens heaven a nd brings blessings
Prayer 1i rhtens
Prayer brings the vic t ory and spreads the
fire round. .
0 brothers, keep praying, you1 prayer::; will
be answe r ed;
God will r eward you like Da niel of old.
0 , p1ay without cea sing , 0 , pray till you've
And J esus will fill you wi th blessings unteld.
The unsaved a round you, . in need of salvation,
Are \\andering in darkness and hopeless
despair ;
How soon will,be ended their uayof probation! -
. Then pray, 0 k eep praying, for God
ar:tswers prayer.
Learn to attend to yom own busi-
ness-a very important point.
:. Me,ss_enger
<[January -16; 1908
wilfbe 524 Durham avenue, church and despite
Woodlawn, Ore., if any one would . inclement weather we had a. good
.,. like me to come and help push the day. We are encouraged fn the Lord.
batt_le for souls and holiness. I began ''Tnrough God ... e shall do val I' a tl
Sunday wa_ s .another good day with r vv n Y:
a:t the Pentecostal Chu.rch of the for He 1't Is that shall tread d .
us here: Several souls came to the . . -own our
Nazarene. at S.ellwood, Thursday, Jan- enemi'es " DELA ... ,...,.E'---WAL
altar both at First Church and at Set.:. ' m:; . . LACE.
l!l!_I.:Y _9, . God's peQple pray for .t1 .tl
wood duririgllie day and all prayed victory. "
through. Souls have been at the EVANGELIST H. J. ELLIOTT.
altar every Sunday for six months or I came, here to help Sister Buckbee
save two. A blessed revival ..,c ..,c ..,c and the holiness people in a meeting
spirit p;r:eyails among us and a num- . GARFIELD; WASH. . which was to have held in the
ber of faces are c'in nearly,\ . . We .have .just 'closed OUt special . E. ' Churc_h. One of. the,pastq.i's '
every meeting. A number of our meeting here, which was graciously the first evening of meeting began
good people, such as Sisters Eaton, owned of God. There was no break to find fault. Knowing we could not
Scherer, Finger and others have such as we had hoped' to see, but we continue the meeting without great
recently moved away and we feel the do thank Godfor the three that were opposition, and the possibility of
loss very much, but God is sending inl. . saved, . one of whom was later sancti- being . cast out, we only held three
others to take their _places and we , fied. We had good . congregations meetings. The holiness people then
hope some of these dear ones will . and we are sure that the word of God decided to build a Nazarene church
soon return to us to push the battle. which went forth, will not return which they intend to erect in
Lieutenant Calvin P. Titus arid his void. Bro. Creighton preached with . spring. It _is a great pleasureto be
- wi.fe; Grace_Titus,,.unite.<LwitlL_ns_in .power, and men and women were with these people. l preached for
---:.cnurch fdlowship. ' . BrO;' Titus is 6ne ma<lEdo see just where they stand in . tn_em twice in a country church four
of the rising young officers in -the U.. _. God's ' sight. We . believe there was miles from here. One came forward
S. army. entered the army a much more .good accomplished t-han seeking. sanctification. Bro. Long-
. sanctified young man and often his what we now see. Pray for us, . for toga comes to our <.>burch from the M.
comrades abused.him for praying and surely this is a hard place to get men .. He and his wi.fe. were
reading his Bible, by throwing shoes, and women to move towards God. sanctified m the Troy camp-_meeting
plugs of tobacco . a:nd other such This is a town-of about two thou- held by Sister Wallace and Bro.
things at him, but he kept true to sand inhabitants with \five churches Creighton. Bro. and SisterWestal of
God. During the Boxer trouble in and the people seem to be Gospel . Kansas been holding cottage
. when our troops were sent . hardened. There will be special p:ayer-meetmgs and pushing holiness . .
there and it looked like defeat, this .. meetings carried on in some of the Buckbee has been pioneering
young Titus took the old flag and churches every night for the next this field and has been doing good
scaled .. the walls. and called for his two and a half months. work here. This is a very promising.
comrades to follow him, which they J. T. LITTLE. field. Beside this work here in
did and thus gained the victory. .- .- .- the . Lord is opening the way at
Now his comrades who used to abuse SEATTLE, WASH. another place, where we are planning
him take off their hats to him. He At the request of the pastor, I to hold a meeting the latter part of
won great'fame and honors fromthe want to send in a fewwordsof report January. May --the Lord bless -the
heads of the nations, such as King for the S_eattle Church. While we brethren in the future as He has. in
Edward and others, and Roosevelt have i-teglected writing for a couple tpe past. ROBT. LOEB .
. . sent him to West Point where he has of weeks, we are glad to note Sister . ..,c ..,c ..,c
:'-. graduated with great honor. We Epperson had rememberEd to give a MOUNTAIN HOME, IDAHO.
welcome these good people .. -and pray . good report of her visit with us in Wife and I are here in a great meet-
God's upon them as they go last week's issue. Since her depart- ing. Sister Phelps and Miss Katie
to the Philippines. Sister Titus is ure, we - have not lost any ground Phelps of this place united .with OUT
also a grand, good Christian lady and which had been gained. church in Boise on November 26.
a very successful worker among the On New They are evan_gelistiJ and holy women
- chifdren. --- ness rally at our church, beginning filled with the Spirit. SisterPhelps-
The all-day meeting of the Associa- at 2 p. m., when Brother Eckman is a. good preachel.' of .the old-time
tion in our church was a great day of preached. Brother James Crooks type. Sister Katie is a fine singer
blessing. Thirteen souls prayed preached in the evening. The people and musician.e. They move.d. to thi s
through to victory. were much edified by the preaching place last She had chi!-
. A. 0. HENRICKS. and testimonies. Nine souls were at. dren living here. She has six sons
.l& .- the altar during, the day: . and five of them are preachers. Orie
WOODLAWN, OREGON. We are gla,d to say that Sunday of her sons, Re'\r. Guy Phelps, held a
Evangelist H. J. Rogers, whp has School was not after the meeting here last April' apd preached
been holding meetings at Lents, Ore., Christmas exercises, with the excep.: the. fir'3t holiness sermon that had
on an order for $4 to apply tion few who were out of the city. ever been preached here. He sowed
in the account for Sister All who were .on the roif'were .. out g.ood seed and we- are reaping the:
Rogers of Igatpuri, India, says: "God last Stmday -morning, .and some rne:W results. We have been here four
was with us from the beginning. oues. So "we're gaining ground." nights and. twenty-two souls have
Souls were saved and believ.ers Mrs. Wallace brought the message found Gqd, ranging in agefroJil,J!even
tified. To God l;>e all the glory. My both morning evening at our years .to seventy-four (glory), and
January 16, 1908] Na:uirene -MesseTif)er .
twenty-four have already given their Spirit will not always strive with man.
names for church m-embership. Thus did not yiel<;l, and that was the
f ar hcldour meetings in pri- last meeting he ever _attended, for in .
vate hom!'!S. One Brother seventy- . a few days he passed away "without
four years old has a couple of roonis ' God and without hope." .
whj_cb sbc:ty.::_five or se_venty . __ Will you pray .. for us in this wicked
what God is going to do next, only we
are sure it will be. sometlimg beyond
. what He .did the last time . . Amen_!
people. He was rechiiined and sane- dty, .that God wiil so bless this swall SAN JOSE, CAL.
tified in this but his house band of Holy Ghost people -thatthis_ The center of sin seems to be San
will no longer hold the crowds, and place will becomeacenterof hOfy.fire . . Jose, made so by its open Sabbaths,
t he brethrE!rrhave rented a large hall Greatis the need here, and the labor- its open Sunday saloons and theaters,
. down ip tow_ll, and we ,will open up ersare few. '.'Pray-ye the )tar promisc1,1ous .surf bathung, -one of
on the and in the hall tonight. Lord of the harvest that He will send the great curses, and Catholidsin, of
God is. giving great victory. He has . forth laborers into His harvest." . which Sa:n Jose has three great cathe-
a holy people here, and 0 how they L. A. SPROWL. drals and a Notre Dame, with its Jer-
can .. shout. We expect great things icho walls occupying a half block in
.JI ,. .JI
f rom .our God here, . an<:l a the heart of the city; and last, but not
strong church, with our own church SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. least, among .the holiness peoples
property in the near future. Our God The Lord is 'truly blessing-His work wildfire and diversity of tongues, and
is with us in Boise and some are get- here in San Francisco. Times of no helps. Being of the sect of the
ting t() God all along and He will get a refreshing have come upon the we opened fire here with _
name to Himself there yet. - - - and precious souls . are being saved . the_ under.standing it would-be a.--
-- . . _T; DILLEY. and sanctified: Our pastor, Brother hard figl)t fr.Ofu a huin3.n standpOint,
.JJ .- . .- Langdon, has been visiting' relatives and yet opportune . time for our
JOHNSON, VERMONT. in Colorado . for three weeks. He is God to get victory unto Hiinself all
Bro. Riggs and I came to Johnson expected to be with us by Sunday, the more by taking the "weak
last week On Friday he dedicated January 11. Bros. Oxley and Ray, things." We have " gone forward. "
the_ new building arid preached Bro. Welts and Bro. Wiley, preachers God is in our midst. some have
twice. He remained over Sunday from the Bay cities, came over and already sought the Lord, and we are
and helped us push the battle. .-God helped push the. battle of full salva- looking for ireat things because our
is saving precious souls and refreshing tion, together with our local help, God is a great God. We . are hopeful
the saints. On Sunday eight or nine Sister Grant,"" Bros: Moody and His- in God that things will right up all
persons sought the Lord; .and last key. We are looking 'up, pressing on right in San Jose. , \ , ;
night about the same . number 'were and giving God all the glory these . S . ., B. & GERTRUDE RHOADS.
helped and blest. days. Bless the Lord. ,: J& .JJ .JI
There are so many needy ones here Thank God, we need not go back to
and the workers are so few, and many forty years ago and say, "What times
are going down to perdition, and my we used to have! but we do not see
heart goes outin prayer to God that I such times noyv. " We can truly say
may be one that shall "cry aloud and these are the best days we have ever
spare not," and tell people of their seen. Such opening of God's word to
. sins and where they will take them if us! Such revelations of Jesus Christ
not repenteq of, together with the by the Holy Ghost! . Such down-let-'.
glorious message that Jesus saves tings of heaven and outpourings of
from al{ sin. __.holy na!Jle! the Holy Ghost! Such praying and
- ---Some-mon-ths ago-an-aged-and-v:er-Y-- getting hr.ough ---to- Godl- ..Men- are
feeble man came to the services, and coming through in' 'good old-fashioned
upon several occasions God put upon way. " Twelve different ones at the
His people the spirit of prayer for the altar in the three .services . Sunday.
, salvation of that sinfulsou}, and it Some struck oil. Some would not pay
seemed that he Wl}S almost persuaded the price. But God was with us and
to yield,- but he seemed to say, ''Go His Spirit was poured out upon us.
thy way for this-'ti':me; at a more con- It for a while that we could
venient -season I will call for thee." hardly stay in this country any longer:
We had a blessed day-orc th--e Sab-
bath. Sister Crist began services
with us and preached twice and
..seemed to put every one under convic-
tion. Several seekers were at the
. altar and two found the Lord. . Pray
for us. We' are looking for a great
visitation from the Lord. B. H. K.
.;;& .)& ,:,&
THE new Pentecostal Church of the
Nazarene at New GalileeL Pa. Rev.
C. N. Cain,pastor, will be dedicated
Sabbath, Jan. 26. District Superin-
tendent J. H. NorrisofPittsburg, Pa. ,
and evangelist C. A. Imhoff of East
Palestine,. Ohio, w111 be present for
the occasion.
- . .
A few. weeks ago he took his seat in But we are here to press the_ hattie
th,e congregation, having been too on. Amen! Sister Epperson is being - And show this yO'lrf' -frien:ds
feeble to attend for some time .past. used of 'God to do .a good - work in . who have not seen it_ . . Ask-them to
God gave me a message of salvation Alameda. Praise the Lord! No one
subscribe. Get their add_ ress ,j
and warning, and by His help I gave goes away guessing what Sister
it out. At the call we felt much -Epperson means after hearing her . send on their names," and we will
impressed that someone was resisting preach. They know that black is not send -you also a copy of ' the new
the Spirit for the last time, and . white. The work about the bay and . hook,. "Apples of Gold." This
the v/ariling went forth that God's in San Jose moves on. W&don't is for new subscriptions.-
. . . Nazarene Messenger
.... .
[January 16, 1908
Nazarene Messenger
P. F. Bresee; D.D. Rev. C. V. LaFontaine
Rev. R. Pierce, ORice "Editor
C. J,- -
e. A . r.irvin P. G . . Linaweaver c. E .. Cornell ' .
J. P . Coleman J. B . Creighton /1. H. B. Ciprico
H . If. Brown J . JV. Goodwin W. C. Wilson
While he may urge methods which it
seems to him would be most effective,
yet he will still .be thahkful any-
and every method by which the work
. is in any degree stibserved.
wewo'urd J'oin.- witli -tJ:J::e.- witn:ess in
condemning . any narrowness, either
ecclesiastical or personal, that would
think ours or mine the "only" way;
also in the broadest love and co-oper-
. Eritcl'<Xl' at tho Aug. 7," 1900, at Los ' "' t ' 't .. h. ' < he '
Califomia, .. as s<>cond-class matter. a IOn WI every a"gen"cy In t;>US Jng
=P=u=bl=:is= hed =E=v=e=ry=T= hu=:=r=sd=a=y=. ===:======== . the . wor:k of full . salvation. We
- Sl u y<>ar advance: to Mlnistcrs 75 cents; . expect aJl OUr brethren tO think that
to and state the . way they are trying to do it, is
sent, and the office and State the better way' Or else they Would .

seek the better; but all to join in the

it will be DISCONTINUED at largest thanksgiving for the furth.er-
SPECIAL NOTICE-Address all business communications f h '
to C. J. KINNE, Business Manager. Never write business anCe 0 t e WOrk in any and every
ma..ttcrs on same postal or s heet with any other matters.
It nlways causes trouble and delay, and may cause way.
and to quickly obey, until the tender-
ness of soul the fullness of -love
are gone. We are led to believe that
in an aggressive church, where the
work is continuallypushed, th-is is a
peculiar- -beset"nre-rit. A t>.erson is
-liable to become accustomed to the
"crucial co.nditions, until in the midst
of the battle there will be careless-
ness .. , as to what the would
have him do. The frequent calls to
. rally around the altar to pray with
those seeking the Lord, gives special
opportunity for ;he enemy to_ suggest
that there arE;l. enough to go at this
time, and. a . person sits down; 01;
turns to social things, and is no
longe.r a factor- in the conflict; and
mista.l<es. . .
-- Parties receiving thc. paper regular1y without having.
subscribed for it will kno\v that it has bccit prcscntCd
. to them by some fl"icnd and there will be no. bill. .
. the next time there is not so much
.$. as to the results-ot" the call
QUICK - __ ._forc.men..and __
In case of any irregularity or failure to"Jccciv.e your
. paper, notify the Publisher ;by. mail .at onlc. .
How TO REMIT ...., Remit by Money Ordct or Eank
Draft, J)ayablc to
Th b
.d f h
h t.. : and a readiness .to be out of the thick ..
e.o e 1e)).ce o a o y ear -IS ' a ' f h b i
love obedience, glad and quick. To .
t. att e. Qmck a_nd constant
th M t , . ' II . t h t obedience everywhere IS the only
730 SAN PEDRO ST. LOS ANGELES, CAL. n W e as er S WI IS O aS en f t d J'f d ..
1'et ... Broadwau 4831 Home F-2674 .to its performance. Bishop .Taylor w_ay
ame .
e contmued
= ========-======== said: "The Lord does not need to . VICtory m the holy way. I
. . .. - " I
give me a secorid invitation to go
with Him to . any country or any .
"ECCLESIASTICAL HOLINESS." world," so gladly would he hear Of cofirse only a part of our offer-
That excellent holiness paper, the His voice and hasten to obey. This ings are financial , but it is doubtful
Christian Witness, whose utterances is the impulse o,f every heart filled whether many . of us receive the
we have the pleasure so often of with divine love. But nevertheless blessing through our moneyed offer-
approving and not unfrequently . the this seems to be one of the special ings to God that He has intended we
privilege of "" reproducing,- says in a places of the enemy's attack. It should, in His arrangements permit-
r ecent issue: "One of the great hin- seems improbable that , the devil ting_ us to be workers together with
drances ,to real holiness. is 'ecclesias- would directly suggest disobedTenC"e"riirn:-This is- especiallyiol;' our good,
tical holiness.' It seems to think that to the child of God. But we feel . for the fanning of fires of our
holiness can b!'! only in, sure that he does put forth constant devotion, making us in some sense
own denomination. But real holiness effort to Cl].use inattention to the partners with Him in His purposes of
is too big to be corralled within the divine call, and to produce slowness love to -rpen. He seeks in it our
limits of any denomination." of response. We cannot shut our enlargement, learning to think His
Of the greatness of this work we eyes to this effort of the enemy so thoughts, to be filled with His love,
cannot conceive, for holiness is pecu- present in much of _our co-opera- thrilled with His purpose, our faith
liarly the new dispensational truth. tive work and service. Things are enlarged and strengthened by His
That Jesus Christ baptizes beljevers to be done which need the strength "fellowship in service, as well as our
with the Holy Ghost, cleansing and of us all; the call is made, and while in heaven enlarged by the
empowering them, is tlj,e truth of this every one knows that it is the thir)g permitted transfer of His wealth,
do it _th_e while we are His -stewards to our
believers. The difficulty" as we find: it united atte'htion and faitli and effort eternal .credit.
is not so much that there is any church of all, yet on the of niany there We fear t!J.at in. to this,
tha:t would monopoli:(:e the job of get- is a lagging or no response at all. It the aceusation brought by the Lord
believers sanctified and thus pre- soon comes .to . pass that when there against His ancientpeople is still to
pare thft,way for the Spirit's ministry is a call for action, those who be brought against us: My peopl e
on the earth, but to-get the churches had lagged can easily turn away. We will not think. Do" we properly con-
to claim their right. to it and preach it have. come to believe that the fatal sider the priviiege of . glorifying
and testify to it, to all men. It seeips .incipient cause of the loss of spiritual Christ by the-means-much or little- -.
- probable that eyery mari beli.eves powe:t:;,;pand life, and the becoming which He has made us stewards of?
. 'tli"'at he, being of the Lord, barren and unfruitful, is in the loss Through tho-ught and care and Iovi i1g -
what he can in the very .best way. to of. close attention to what the Lord desire conies the divine approval and
fill the earth with hoiiness and thus wants of . one just now . and the blessing, with soul enlargement and
glorify the Lord. But every holy hastening to do it. The failure of transformation. It is not the arnount
. man will also be .-thankful for every quick response to the spirit of testi- which goes "in,to the offerings, but the
man and every agency which is being mony or prayer, or personal appeal, desire and passion which enswathes
used of God to accomplish the same leaves the soul witl"\ its life impulses it which God and brings the
end unto which he is called. blunted, with the loss of to hear blessing to us . . The mite of the
January 16, roosj
Nazarene . Messenger
I . ,
widow was more to both God and lines, to the degree that Cal., or to Rev. H. N. Brown, 35 -
herse1t"as well as "to all men, than all whether in the West, Middle or East- Autumn St, Everett, Mass . .
the offered. It is sa.d indeed ern zones, whenever and for what- H. F. REYNOLps, G. M. Sec.
, .. if we fail to .enrich our own souls .in ever a call may come effecting ariy gf
this privileged way, given by the our interests at Home or in the For- BILLS MUST BE PAID.
King Himself; who- proposes t}Jrough eign- work, be --a -glad We owe that inust- be paid-. -
this stewardship to enrich us in every response, for we are no longe-r "two, We have many bills due us that we
way. The ,Lord clearly_ te;:tches us but one." H, F; REYNOLDS. depe.nd on c-ollecting in order to pa:r
t hat it is the .way . to His bestowal .- .- r . our bills. We have no extra capital
upori US of temporal blessings. . AN URGENT NEED. with which to carry long accounts . .
. " Honor th L6rd with thy su:J:)stance, .. i . No. doubt the many . frierids -of the Ifyou- owe on book'S', papers! assemblY ..
and with the first fruits of all thine missionary work read with inter:est minutes or subscriptions, please help
increase; so shall thy barns be filled the communication from our Mission- .us by sending in the amoun_t at
with plent)', and thy presse"> shall ary Secretary, Bro. Reynolds, in last NAzARENE PUBL;ISHING Co.
burst forth with new wine.'' The week's MESSENG.ERstating the .- .- .-
Apostle, speaking of temporalities needs of the Missionary treasury, LEAVE TOMORROW WITH GOD.
says: "He that soweth sparingly owing to the necessity of at once for- Would it not be better to leave
shall reap also sparingly; and he warding funds to Bro. and Sister tomorrow with God? That'is what is
which soweth bountifully shali reap Rogers, atigatpuri', India, who, owing troubling men; tomorrow's tempta-
also bounti-fuH-y-;-'-'--and Jesus Himself . to the sickness by typhoid fever of tions; tomorrow'Sdifficulfies:- toirior-
declared that blessings of "good Mr_s: Rog!'!_!"S, it is found necessary to Nw's burdens,- tomorrow's _
pressed dbwn-,_ -arid shaken to country. Jt is urgentlY. Ma.rtin Luther, in his autobiography, .
. together; and running over, shall men. d.esirous that all Na.za- says; . "I have one preacher that 1
give jnto your bosom.'' Buf the renes, East and West, make a zealous love better than any other ori eartb ;-
enrichment of heart and mind which effort this month to put intO" their it my little tame . robin, wh.o .
comes through careful, earnest, lov- missionary envelope something be- preaches to ' me daily. I put . his
. ..ing thought, planning for His glory their. usual amounts. !his ca.se .. crumbs upon the . window sill, espe- .
. and the pouring out for its achiev- IS an urgent one, . thiS ciall:Y' at night . . He hops onto tbe
mentis far above all added wealth, appeal. If every.one will do a httle sill when he wants his sup-
but added . possessions i extra through the regular envelope ply, and takes as much as he desires
possibilities unto Him. . system, the Missionary Treasurer will to satisfy his need. From thence he
.- .- .- be enabled to meet always hops to a little tree close by
NOT TWO BUT ONE. call, as well as other present pressing and lifts up his 1oice to God . and
Since October 16, 9:30 p. m., 1907, needs of the work. sings. his carol of ' praise and grati,- .
the Pentecostal Church of the Naza- However, those who desire other- tude, tucks under his WJ.'rig
rene has no longer been two, but one wise to. any separate and goes fast to sleep, and leaves
-one Church, with one motive, and amo.unt for this specific purpose may tomorrow to look after itself. He.is
that to spread scriptural holiness - by .money ... or.der or_ c.h.eck .. , --the--best- preacher that I have,. on
around the world. either of our -Bro. Leshe earth. "-H . . W. Webb-Peploe.
This being true, all of our F. Gay, 2889 Id_ell street, East Los
whether Church, Sunday School, Edu--: .. Angeles, Cal.' or to Rev. H. N. Brown,
cational, Publishing, Missionary, are 35 Autumn st., Everett, Mass. R. P.
" not two but one." $ $
If. all who are now associated DID YOU DO IT?
our Pentecostal- Nazarene :work, in Did I do what?
whatever department, will remember Ftrst:-Did you read the article;
that we are no longer "two but one, " An Important Notice," which ap-
it will greatly strengthen us in every peared in our church pavers, the
Apples of GQld;
Or; Words Fitly Spoken.

especially will this be true in our Christian? Heart Messages whic.h have appeared on the
missibnary work, which at present Second:- Did you pray fo.r the first page of the MESSENGER during the past
reach-es farther around the world and objects of need mentioned, and ask two ye.s.
in a greater degree than any other Jesus to tell _you how much you -ought
one of our interests. 1 to give to help our Missionary treas-
The East will no longer say to the ury meet the demands of our
West,- Your Churches: --your work?-------------- - --
Schools, your Publishing plant, your Third:- Did you put the , "extra"
240 pages, paper. With portrait, and
- I n.tmdu.ct.i.Qn . .by.Dr . .. Bresee. ___ _ _
Price .25c, by. mail 30c; in lots of 10$2.
In cloth, 60 cents.
paper, your your Missions,- iri your Missionary envelope 'or. -for- ... ,,.. .. . ; .q--
your Missionaries, y. S.; but ward the amount that y_ou were A- CHOICE OFFER.
whether residing in the zone. formerly impressed to give, . to .our treasury? This book will be given .FREE-for
known by __ thE! __We!?t, .. if. ___ .. '!Y..il_l _
we will not only say our Church, our you kindly do so at once? want the book, subscribe for your
Sunday Schools, our Missions, but we Send by 'money order or check or friend, and the book will .be sent to
will have a deep fe,eling of joint hefr- 2c ana lc stamps, to Bro. Leslie F. you. Address . "R. P.,"
ship, which will obliterate-all former Gay, 2839 St., E. Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Cal..
Los Angeles and. Vicinity
The usual large attendance gathered
on Sunday morning. Dr. Bresee con-
timied hil:> course of sermons on ' 'The
Sayings of Jesus,'' reading for the
fourth time for texts Reb. 1:2, "God
hath in these last days spoken unto
us by lfis Son;" and St. Matt. 7:24-
t . ' ( \ . \' . I. .
27. He dwelt upon the danger sig-
nals set UJ? by our . Lord for
at the from the mam hne.
He spoke of how Christ -had warned
of Unreality; the looki ng upon forbi d:..
den thi ngs; substitutes for devotion;
and self-righteous-
ness. persons were received
into the church.
rn. the afternoon Rev. A. Girvin
the_:rhessage, from Reb.- 3:9.
''There therefore a rest to
the people of " He spoke with
great liberty and unction and there .
were three seekers at the altar arid
. much blessing.
At night Bro .. J.- G. Rogers of Long
Beach preached from Acts 1:8. The
sermon was unique, ear11est and effec-
tive. Bro. Rogers seemed to be him-
self ati exponent of the text, that ''Ye
shall receive power after that the
Holy Ghost is come upon you. " With
great power he preached and testified
the grace of God. Several persons
were at the altar and prayed through
to victory.
The Company E meeting was a time
of real refreshing to our souls. Our
leader, Sister Radford, brought us a
most-edifying message from the 5th
chapter of Galatians, dwelling espe-
cially on "standing fast" in the Lord,
and the "fruie! of the Spirit. The
word was greatly blessed. to our
hearts and we trust it may bring
forth much fruit in every one of our
Nazarene Messeriile.r
believer, showing the one thing
needful. He spoke of how easy it
was to preach to people who showedo
that they had the blessing by the
light in their faces. The night ser-
vice was our -bi-monthly love-feast,
a time when all the me.mbers are the
preachers. A good time was enjoyed
by all and during the day four souls
sou_ght God. v. J . J .
. . . I ,JC _,c ,JC \ . , .
The work of God and salvation goes
on at the lighthouse for the Mexican
. people. They have entered upon a
week of special evangelistic services,
with meetings every afternoon arid
night. On Sabbath night there were
two at the altar and on Monday night
three. Let all .pray and help a.ll they
can in this blessed work among the
minds darkened by the superstitions
of Catholicism. . .
.JI $
Notes and
. DR. BRESEE will preach next Sab-
bath 'morning at the First Church,
and Rev. J. G. Rogers at night.
BEULAH CHRISTIAN comes out with
a new dress. It is greatly improved
and we prophesy for it new and
enlarged prosperity.
WORD comes from the Upland
Church, Rev. W. C. Wilson pastor,
that they had a specially good day on
the Sabbath, with three seekers at
the altar. , ;,;_ .
SISTER CRIST commenced a series of
meetings with the Pasadena Church
on Sunday last. We expect to hear
that the Lord has put His blessing on
them. The meetings are to continue
during the month.
THE following persons were received
into membership of the first Church,
Los Angeles, on last Sabbath: Mrs.
Rebecca Will cot, 318 E. Seventh St.;
--------- . - -- - ,JC--:_.,C---------
-- Twe.nty-Second
St.; J. W. Eighsmy, 773 San Julian St.
Our watchword . for the year-
"Christ abiding in the home" - was
manifested by increased attendance
at all the services, especially at the
Sabbath School. Seventy-three names
were placed on the roll of honor, being
the names of those who had attended
without absence for the past qua.rter.
Thirteen bibles were given to those
who had not been absent for two
quarters, and twelve copies of ' 'Pil-
grim.'s Progress" were given to those
who had not been absent for a year.
Bro. Langdon, of San Francisco,
preached at 11 o'clock, to the joy of
REV. LAJi'ONTAINE reports a good
day at the services at Thorp St., Los
Angeles, with a number of new faces
in the audiences. soul was. at
the altar. They expect to get into
their new building about . the 25th of
this month.
EvANGELIST I. G; MART.lN has just
closed a successful meeting withthe ..
Brooklyn Heights E. Church, in
which some _were others were
reclaimed, and-Ei'everal sfinctined. He
will preach at Elysian Heights on
noxt Sabbath mprning on ''Money
bags with holes in.''
[.iaiiliary 1f?, 1908
REV. D. JtAND PIERCE has taken
charge of the editorial work on the
Beulah Christian, our eastern Church
organ, . We look for a bright and help-
ful paper. Every Pentecostal Naza-
rene should take both the MESSENGER
and the Beulah Qhristian, and thereby
save fifty cents on the two.
LET each reader of the MESSENGER
pray fur every ot-her reader, that the .
blessing of God may be theirs to enjoy
throughout this year. Especially if
your soul is refreshed by reading any
special item, lift your heart and say,
"Lord, bless .this to other&, as Thou
hast blessed it to me."
REV. -E. A. GIRVIN has been ir{ this
city for a few days. His presence is
always much enjoyed at
Church. He reports victory all along
around the bay. The Chu"rch at .Ber-
keley, . of which . he has bee'n pastor.
from its beginning, is more prosper-
ous than at any previous time. He
reports his associate pastor as doing
exceptionally efficient service.
. . .
WE were glad to see the cheery-face
of Bro. C. B. Langdon, pastor of San
Francisco Church, in the First Church
meetings during the past few days.
He has been to Colorado visiting his
friends and stopped over in Los Ang-
eles over Sunday, preaching at Elysian
Heights Church, and proceeded home
on last Monday. His Church we know
will be glad to welcome him home.
He expects in the near future to open
up the work in San Jose.
her meeting at the First Church in
this city on Friday night after ten
days of very blessed special services.
This in addition to having served this
church for three months, assisting in
regular pastoral work. Her entire
service was greatly to the delight
and edification of the Church. A
goodly number of people were con--
verted and sanctified; and the people
were with great unanimity anxious
for further ministry from her.
_Monterey, Cal., writing more espec-
ially to send an offering for the Bible
College_, say_: ."We are rejoicing in
the love of God. He is blessing and
giving some souls . . The past two and
a half years which we have spent
laboring among the soldiers stationed
here have been blessed days. But
this n.ew year we give ourselves anew
to God, to pray and work harder for
souls. We are asking great things of
God, and expecting great things.''
January 1908] .: .
"ALIVE."-Rom. 6:8.
I am glad that there is a ''life'' that
is so much "alive" that dead formal-
ists and sinners know where to locate
it. I am glad that there is one open
door in this wicked city of Hammond
where the common people are wel-
come, where sin is .denounced, and
where Jesus Christ is held up as a
Saviour and a Sanctifier. Ask any
po1iceman i'n this city to you to'
a religious organization, and immedi-
ately he will send you the mag-
nificent church edifices to th,e common
little Pentecostal Churchof the Naz-
arene. Ask a business man to direct
you to a. place of worship and he will
say, "You had better go to the Pen-
tecostal Church of the Nazarene."
If- a l.etter of parcel comes to the post-
-- .
with nothing marked ori it;, but
. "Holiness," it is sent to us at once.
Beloved; w h;y: is this so? Let me tell
you that it is not only because we
have "life," but because we have
"abundant life"-enough to let the
devil know that we are here. Halle-
lujah! We are "alive": unto God
through our Lord J esus Christ.
Amen! The fire is burning. Souls
are being saved and sanctified, the
saints are reJOicing, and we are
"going up" to possess the land.-
Joy Bells.
.,. $ $
Give me ten thousand pounds, and
one reverse of fortufie may scatter it
away. But let me have a spiritual
hold on t.his divine assurance, "The
Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not
want," and then I am all right; I am
set up for life. I cannot break with .
such a s'tock as this on hand. I never
can be a bankrupt, for I hold this
security, ''The Lord is my Shepherd,
I shall not want." Do not give ready
money now; give me a checK-l?ook and
let me draw wbafllike. This is what
God does with the believer. He does
not immediately transfer his inherit-
ance to him, but lets him draw what
he needs out of the riches of his full-
ness in Christ. - Spurgeon.
- .,. .. ..ll .. .-.... .
Every should have a co:py of
- the Minutes. .Price 10 cents.
The Minutes for the several
churches have been sent ':out last
. You can help us greatly by
sendi:Qg in the money for the Min-
utes at once. It requires quite a sum
to get them out and we need the
money now. NAZARENE PuB. Co.
Nazarene . Messeng.e.r
Preferred .Aci.v(wtisements
For good Lots, Cheap, see
T. S. Mashburn, 221 E. 12th Street.
Has opened an at his residence,
823 Central ave. He wuuld be pleased
to meet his old and new customers.
needing Real Estate, Rentals and Col-
lections. Houses and Lots on
_____ _,_:,__
Los Angeles, Cal.
Regular Subscription price, Sl.OO
Providenc e, R. I.
Regular Subscription price, $1.00
T ot:it , $2.oo
-Special Club Price for the
two papel"s for 1 yr. $1.50
-In view of the deepening interest
.in Holiness Work, east and west,
and of the union of Churches,
both of these papers should be in
.the hands of all who are looking
for larger and mightier things
for God.
Send your money . to this office
and both papers (The Nazarene
Messenger and Beulah Chri'tian)
will be mailed to you.
*TheBeulah Christian i s the official o rgau
of the Association of Pentecostal Churches
of A1ne rica .
Eshcol Clusters

A Beautiful Daily Text-Book
Containing Scripture Texts with Appropriate
Selections of Hymns or Poems for
Every Day of the Month
Illustrated with Beautiful Half Tones
Bound in Onyx Bristol Cover, Handsomely
One of the Finest
AiicrMostXppropiate Gift- Books Everi>uh:
lished. find them Admirably
Adapted for Gifts to their Scholars. .
25 Cts. Postpaid; Per Doz. $2.50
Agents Wanted Everywhere
730 San Pedro St.
. LOS. A/'!_G_E.LJJ.S. ..
Wesley's Notes
Explanatory Notes on the New
Testament. 734 p8ges
730 San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Cal
611-16 'LISSNER B LDG.
624 s. SPRING ST .
Tel. Main 1484 Home F 1484
Hours 10 tQ 2. 10 a.m. Sunday.
Residence 1126 Santee St. Phones Broadway 4l33 ,.
Loa Aoaeles, Cal. Home 2798
GLABS8 FITTED. Residence 633 S. Cumminp St.
Home phone 41462 Boyle 1243
DR. w. J. LA .
Hours 10 to 12, 2. to 6. ' 414-416 Severance
Hopte Phone F 1497 6th and Maio Sta.
. . .. ' llos Angele8\ car. . I (
H. W. Hellman Bldg.. Los Anll'elee
N. E. Cor. Fourth and Spring sta. ft "' CaL .
. Telephone Home 15""
204 Wilc;ox Bldll'. Los ANGELES
Will practice in all the State and Federal CourtS.
Offices- Rooms 92-93 Temple Block. Los Angeles.
WEST 667 -1403 Wisconsin Ave ..
Eetabllehed 1899 G. BREDOW
Wholesale and Retail Manufacturers of
317 West Fourth Street
Suneet Broadway 4699 Loa Angela, Col
Solid Comfort

Gas Heater
Costs $1.00
Will heat your room for half-
cent an hour-without odor.
Before buying heater come
and see it demonstrated : : :
Angelus Mfg. Co.
WM. AKIN, Manager .
Phone Main 2163 504 W. Seventh St.
Ashby Nursery
All Kinds of Plants, Bulbs and Vines
:Mention paper when Y0\.1 write.
Order (r<?m the nearest of our three yards .
'1Th and Olive . ' Main and Adams
32nd and Hoover
Both Phones
10 [January. 16, 1908-
De.ets Pacific Bible Co-llege
Directory of Churches .
One from-- Bro. Henricks and one from Sister
-Whitesides, Portland, Ore.- -
EXTRACT: -"We - have goo<i- news
for you-two prospective students for
the Bible College-one, a young lady
of rare ability and fine Christian char-
acter. She has done two years of
successful missionary so has a
practicalas well as a spiritual expe-
. rience. -She has a winning manner,
a good voice for singing, -is- a fine
musician, a good speaker, and a suc-
cessful She desires to
join our church and to prepare for
Deaconess work. with us in our Bible
College . . I .feel she would be a -great
blessing to us. She bas used her
money in the Lord's work and has
ren\unerative offers in mission work,
but earnestly desires to study the
--Bible_ for tw'o years in our school.
- Do the best .you can_-.for he_r- and you
- will never . regr.et it. I have beeti
anxious for some time lo 'get her+nto
our work and our College. I know
her personally and you may depend
upon what I sa:Y.
-EXTRACT: - ' ' I am writing you about
a splendid young lady who has been
in mission work for two years. She
has a remunerative offer in mission
work, but desires to study the Bible
for better- preparation as a worker.
She has used her money in the Lord's
work, so I feel that i:( some one (or
more) should have money they could
use to pay her- .way in the College
they would f eel well repaid when
they knew her. I should like the
privilege of sending her -myself, but
cannot" do more than pay her way
from here to V is Angeles, if- Eome
one is led to pay her expenses there.
I wpuld not give her such a recom-
mendation if I did not know her and
believe her to be one of the strongest
characters I have evermet. If there
is any way at all for the means to be
provided, please l:'et me _ know imme-
_ N. B. Dr. Brel)ee stated that'if it
__ t_ruL
.money himself.
Earnest prayer has gone up that
God would direct His chosen ones to
read this and to send the necessary .
$100 for this year.
$ $ $
- . COLLEGE. -
_ ____ It . _ _was n_Q._t !'l:n _
that we enjoyed at the D. P. B. Col-
lege. Jan. 11. W all had an extra
feast" on the "meat" which the world
"knows not of," upon tbis bleEl:ed
OCCasion. . It. remindEd . one of the
feast and rejoicing in that happy home
when the prodigal son returned.
Being seated at the table, a young
lady that she
the Holy-Spirit tM previous evening,
while the- teach--ers and - scholars
rejoiced aloud that, with this . one
sanctified, they have an entire fam-
ily of sanctified students. Then others
continued the praises in spontaneous
testi'mony'-of the bless'ing-of'God upon_
their souls-.until our cups ran over
so we little cared whether we ate our
porridge or not. - The teachers and
the students. surely had stru.ck the
artesian well-experience.
General Superintendents-P. F. Bresee, D. D .. 1126
S_nntee st., Los A!'geles. Cal. Rev. H. F. ReynoldH, 823
Rtver St.. Haverhlll. Mass., also General Missionary Sccw
, rct.nry.
Missionary Treasur<!r-Leslle F. Gay, 2889 !deist., E. Los
Angeles, Cal.
_ -Cat.-=I"Irst Church, and Wan ;ts -
P. F. Bresee. D. D., 1126-Snntee St. "
Compton Avenue, Lucy P. Knott, pastor. res. 1464 E
Washington. .

lind 46th st .. Thos. Fluck, pastor,

Elysian Heights, Scott ave. I. G .. Martin, supply.
Spanish 740 Buena Vista st., Mrs. M. McRey-
nolds, Supt., res. 740 Buena VIsta st.
West TeiTifl)c.St. Mission, if. <;. Rockhi11 and w, H. Gibbs
in ' charge. ' ., .
Cuc .. monga, Cal., Herbert S. Johnson. pastor.
Irwin_- Heights-, s .. nta Monica, L. H. Humphrey, pastor. -
I.ong Beach, Cal., 7th and Locust, F . C. Edwards, pastor.
1129 Cedar ave.
Ontario, Cal., G. W. Glover, pastor.
Ocean Park, Cal., cor. Main st. and Ashland, ave .. L. H.
-Humphrey, pastor.
Pasadena, Cal., cor. Fair Oaks ave. and Mary st., n. 1-1.
Kenady, pastor, lOG Glorietta Ave.
-Pomona, Cal .. 544 W. 2nd st., Simon Thomas, pastor.
San Diego; Cal., supplied by J. W. Goodwin
Santa Ann, Cal. _ -
Upland, Cal .. 2nd st., W. C. Wilson, pastor.
Watts Station ?ttission. Compton Ave. opposite Dnplis l
Church, T. S. Mashburn in charge.
Needles, California, El Bethel Mission to Mojave lndiang,
Rev. Anna L. Linberg Supt.
Schiller, Tex., T. H .. Moltey, pastor." -
Greeley, Ool. , J.-w. King, pastor.
There was the shining face of our
venerable Brother Isaiah Reid, and
his _ cheering - words Qf instruction.
There was the godly, able principai,
Miss. and _her gentle-spirited .
assistant, Miss .Wood, ooth -shouting - -- . ..
... . ... , Dis trict SupL, : P. G. Linnwcilver . 4335 Howe ' st. ,
. "]o'Y.' ..
'i'here were th'ose shining . Oaklnf)d, Cal; - - . .
Alameda, Cal .. C. W .. Welts, pastor._ _
countenances of the Spirit-filled schol- Berkeley, Cal .. cor: Grove st. and Allison Way, pastor., "
E. A. Girvin, res. 1803 Berkeley Wa;!r; H. 0 . Wiley, rc.
ars-well, where is the Christian who and West sts., P. G. Linaweaver;
would not be blessed under sUch spir- Guerrero st.. bet. 13th and 14th st. ..... c. n.
itual j Just ''got Langdon, pastor, res. snme. .
under the spout," and the Lord flooded
my soul. After brEakfast the students
formed a circle around the r oom, -
sang, "You will shine," and other
verses, read some Scriptur e each,
then bowed earnest prayer. I shall
never forget that breakfast.
The is well ctmoucU:d, under
deeply spiritual and is a
center of revival .fire. The fire :is
intensified by the ministry: of Mrs.
Rose Potter Crist in the revival at the
District Superintendent- H. D. Brown, res. 19-18 8th ave.
W., Seattle, Wash.
Ashland, Oregon, Ben Valjean, J2..Stor.
Boise, Idaho, C. T. Dilley, pastor:Res. 812 Ridenbnugh st.
Garfield, Wash .. J. T. Little, pnstor. '
Everett, Wash .. L. Davis, pastor. .,
Monroe, Wash . P ercy W. Girvin, p astor.
North Yakima, Wash., F. T. Scott. pnstor.
Plainview, Wash .. Mrs. Sarah Franklin, pastor.
Portland, Ore .. 428 Burnsides St., A. 0. Henricks, pastor;
Res. 430 Burns id es.
Snit Lake City, Utoh.
Seattle, Wash., cor. Thomns St. & Taylor Ave, Mrs. De-
Lance Wallace, pastor. Res. 128 Taylor Ave.
Selwood, Ore .. supplied.
Spokane, Wash .. cor. Shai-p ave. and Monroe st .. C. I-I.
Davis, pastor, Res. 617 Spofford St.
Walla Walla and Dayton, Wash .. J . .J. Gallaher and A. B.
Culbertson, in chiLrge.
Weippe, Idaho, M. P. 1'oster, pastor, Fraser, Tduho.
Medical Lake, Wash. A. Beale Roberts pnstor.
Coulee City. Was h .. circui t. C. V. Rice in charge.
First Pentecostal Church of the Naz- - cu
cAco. cENTRAL msTnl c T.
arene. It is an ideal school for altY District Supt., Rev. T. H. Agnew, Waverly, m:
.Sti'an expecting tO QUt'p ht' mf"e)f Chicago, Ill . First church, 6417 Eggleston ave .. C. E. Cor-
- nell, pastor, res. 6856 Eggleston Ave. - .
as a gospel worker in home or forei gn 92nd St., s. supplied from
fields. It is a royal p}ace for 1hechild Pluce, A. E.
. e d f l t ' f t ld b Auburn, Ill .. C. W. Raymond, pastor.
In n e 0 Sa Va IOn, Or I WOU e Canton, Maples Mills and Bethel, Ill .. 0. W. Rose, pastor.
impossible tO remain here Wt'thout Decatur, Ill. James Hobbs, Pastor
Ha mmond. Ind . 210 Indiana nvc . pas tor, A. T. Harr is,
becoining tremeridous]y convicted. It MisR RoRa HnyeH. . .
t b
d Howard, Kan., Miss Maud Brilhart, Pastor.
mUS e SUrren er-or- rtl'l'll--;- .- ------Kewanee, Ill.; cor. 6th and Tremont B.--J.-Talbott,-pastor__
Louisville, Ky. C. A. Bromley, Pnstor: :
While Just in its infancy, this godly Newton, Ill. Miss Versa Hymen, pnstor
Stockton, Ill., Miss Mac Bailey, pnHtor.
school promises g-reat success. -Here Seymour, Ind. , H. c. Elliott, pastor.
Terre Haute, Ind. C. B. Wctherell, Pastor.
the most delightful clirr.at e, and

1923N .. CiarkSt.; Chicago; C. G. Stu-

SUCh beautifQl surroundings. He is in charge, res. 1920N._ Clark St.
the palm which shades Bro . . Reid . Knn.
whil_e the Lord speaks 'to him. The Topelm. Kans.
air isfragr'ant with the sweet odor of
the flowers, and God is showering His
- blessings upol} -the school. - I t fs -just
like "living in Canaan. The-Lord richly
add His blessings as th-e school con- -
tinues to grow. Our Colorado young
people.: would greatly enjoy a season
here . ALPIN M. BOWES.
Denver, Colo_.
ColumbuR, Ohio, .li.. R. Welch, PaMtor, N. Oak:cy A\:c-
New Galilee; Pa. C. N. Cain, !'':'stor.
Life of ---
By J ohn Telford: A r emarkably
inte1:esting volume which every
one should have. 364 pages, 'in
730 San Pedro St. , Los Angeles.
January 16. 1908]-
. . . Nazarene -IJ(essenge-r -
_Our Young People
The New Birth Taught and Illustrated.
to appeal to her in just the right
way, and just the. right mood she
would be the best of help, but that is
TEN COMMANDMF:NTS. what one never can be sure of with
Jesus says we must be born from above, or
anew . . That as the wind which no one ever .
saw, and cannot tell :whence it cometh o_r
goeth, so is every. one that is born . of the
Spirit. 'We cannot see, and perhaps explain
to others to their or our satisfaction, yet as
we see signs of the wind which are indisput-
able, so when one is reall_y born of the Spirit,
or anew, or from above, mfallible signs fol-
low the new- oiith'":--------.. - -_
1. Thou sh!;tlt have no gods but _me. Julia. She is so-jerkily good."
Before no idal bow the knee. - She laughed a little over the phrase
3 Take not the name of God in
that herji}lli,3 _l).ut it _an
.1, Dare not the Sabbath day pro- apt description. There is a great
fane. . deal of goodness-real goodness in it&
While we have never seen the wind, yet
we have it,. been affected by it. So with
the new b1rth, we maynot see it, or take
5. Give both thy parents honor due. way-that goes by starts and
6. Hate not that thou no murder do. jerks, and cannot be depended upon
. 7. Steal not for thou of God art
- hold of it with the hand, yet when we are
born, or experience it, we feel it - and are
affected by 1t. The wind' blows our hat off';
so we are 'Qorn he world ,is blown
off . . We feel , the wind; we feel ttie new.
birth; we see sfgns of the wind; we see signs.
of the new. birth. The wind blows us in .a
certain direction, so the new birth moves us
in a certain direction, God-ward, heaven-
ward. The man chases -his hat suddenly
removed by the win!-1; the are &'lad
to be freed from thmgs wh1ch the new birth
suddenly delivers. The new birth cannot be
figured out by the head, but is experienced
by the soul who wants God more than any-
body or anything. It is a result of meeting
conditions prescribed in the Word of
. .J . , , , to-run _steadily and
smoothly. ,Its ,
, words and. deeds possessors sometimes wonder' why
unclean. others do not confide in them more,
9. Make not a sinful lie nor love it. why their aid is not oftener invoked '"
10. What is thy neighbor's dare not in causes they are willing to help.
covet. They know themselves to be kind-
' -
THE RIGHT KIND. hearted and but their
prejudices and unreasonableness, like
NOT all boys would have done as their better impulses, are jerky, and
Harry Shepler, who was in the _no can be quite sure which will
signal service. Harry .. was ordered God:
be the upp . . News-. -
one morning/ by a se-rgeant, _to report T 'bu
. f d . rt ne.
for duty-at the canteen. . e re ua.e.
- Why the New Birth?
Jesus intimates we have been bitten by
"the and hence need' a cure. ' T_he " .
Jsraelites were not loo.king for a cure .Qf,' oi: ,
. to do so, and the threatened
to report "him to= the officer of the
day. '-'A-ll right," .said Shepler, "go
ahead. I did not enlist to be a bar-
tender, - but a soldier. and I will not
report at He was 'duly
reported to the major, who sent for
him. Shepler wenf with trembling
knees, but with a steady heart, for .
he knew he. was right. When
he came before the major, that officer
said to him:
"Are you the young man who dis-
obeyed orders this morning?"
"Yes, sir; I am. "
"Why did you do it?"
"Simply because I do not believe it
is right to do what I was asked to do.
I enlisted to be a soldier, and not a
bartender. ' '
The major arose quickly from his
stool, arid extending his said:
"Shepler, you are-the kind of man
we want. l am glad to see a fellow
who has the courage of his (!on:vic-
tions. You are not obliged to report
-rc>the canteen.',--
. In a letter Shepler, in reference to
this incident, gave as the reason for
his ability to stand firm the fact that
he would hot dishonor his mother,
nor the . Sunda-y School which had
taken such an interest in him-while a
soldier. S. Times. "

"YES, Julia is good-usually,""
said a young girl, who was
running over a list of acquaintances
in search of one who might be able
and willing to help her vin some work
she had undertaken, ''If it happened
Sunday School Lesson,. removal of the outward signs of the fiery
BY c. HOWARD-DAVIS._ serpents' bite merely, but they needed, and
wanted a cure for the poison. .
F.eb:ruary . 2. 1908. If possible to remo:ve the outward symp-
Jesus the of the Worla. toms of the inward poison and the. poison
remain, new symptoms would appear. The .
GOLDEN TEXT- "For God so lovea the . gospel cif. the brazen . serpent .. .was not for
world, that He gave His only begotten Son, syJllptoms (outward merely, but fot
.that whosoever believeth in Him should not the removal of tJ\e p01son itself. See Num.
peri!!_ h. but have everlasting life. '' 21 :5-9. .
Golden Text. ''As Moses, '' ' ' so must the Son of man be
- -
.. . . lifted up. " For the purpose, not simply and
This verse IS very fam1har. ts depth but only the removal of the symptoms (he will
few are seeking to know. It is the love of remove them), but to go to the bottom of
God explained as well as it can be in human man's need, namely, the removal of the virus,
words. ''God so loved.'' His Jove is mani- -the thing in us which is the cause of all the
Jested- in- the price He paid to provide How May it be Obtained?
redemption for all. What a price! what love! By looking at the raised-up Jesus. That . is
None can wipe out the fact that "GQD SO by a faith look. Many today, only want to
LOVES," but what fearful ingratitude on get rid of outward conditions, and stop; tho'
the par.t of the world, to trample under f eet, they are constantly troubled by. their recur-
to refuse Him who lovtd, and He who was . . renee, which is simply a proof positive that
they need a second work. They had sinned,
given, while even such are enjoying the was the reason they had been. bitten. (See
results of His love in many ways. Better Num. 21 :7), which sin they had confessed.
open the heart wide and accept the Son, and The brazen serpent was for healing, cleans-
know His love in the heart. ing. They were forgiven ; Moses praycd_for
them, and God had heard and answered--his
Introduction. .. prayer. This we know, for the Lord
This is the first recorded discourse of diately told him the next step was to inake
the serpent. So we must believe what God
Jesus. No doubt we have but a .small part says. First, forgiveness; for what we have
of the interview with Nicodemus. Jesus done ; .second, cleansing .from what Satan has
teaches the new birth, illustrates it, points done to us. God provides the way, means;
out how it may. be obtained. Shows the we must believe what He says, obey &.nd be
point where condemnation begins. Responsibility., ___ _
personal responsibility. That all choose Christ is. lifted up, we have been stung by.
light or darkness. That refusal of light sin, we must accept of the means. in order to
brings darkness, that evil-doers hate light. a cure. Responsibility of the cure not man's,
Nicod .. wnus' Learning and Ignorance. he is responsible for looking believingly on
...,... the raised-up one. Sin and sinfulness the
He was a Pharisee, a ruler of the Jews; in barriers now, we have a Savior. Heb. 7:24, 25.
verse 2, confesses his knowledge of the pro- Forgiveness for the act, cleansing from
phets; verse-10, Jesus speaks to him, "Art the hate, is to be had by looking - believingl.y
thou the teacher of Israel?" He was ignor- to .Jesus. Men must be born again, born of
ant of the first steps of spirituality, mixed God. Only way to see the kingdom; it come s
them with materialism. Can a man be born to pass by. faith in God; Lovers of light, or
when he is ol<i? Earthly. Not he avenly. lovers of darkness. Each one must make
- Physical birth did not mean spiritual birth, the choice.
. but he saw it not. "Can a man e nter a sec-
ond time his mother's womb'?" No, and if
he could be born of his mothe r forty times 'it
would not be the birth .Jesus sjJeaks of.
Many today are l earned. in books, can say the
cate chism, repeat the ten commandments ,
know church his tory, but the ne w birth is a
mystery to them. Resolutions, endeavors,
etc. , seem to be the depths of their ideas of
f!piritual things.
. ff' ff' 'If'
A New Tract,
Is the wo-rd in season to the justified . .
Can be had"from. the author, Rev. R.
Pierce, 730 San Pedro Street, Los -
Angeles, Cal. Price, 2_0c per doz.; $1
p.er JOO.
12 .,_ _MsiJeriiJer
. ..... - .... ... - ... r --............ ------;.-
.. 1908 . .
_ ________ _ _____ ...... ---
. .
Covering-a LargeSurface
The annual meeting of the stock-
holders of the Nazarene Publishing
Co. be held at the office of the
- C6mpany, 730 San Pedro Street, Los
Angeles, Cal., Tuesday, Jan. 21, 1908;
. is ail easy,matter, .when.. you use. New Era
Paint. It is. the cheapest in use, as it
goes further and wears better than other
paints . . _ That;,makes it cheaper still. For
inside or outside use, there is no better
paint, none in fact so good.
at 7: 30 o'clock p. m.
$ $ $
The J6y :Bells has the fol.:..-
lpwing- to say of our Publishing House:
" lt will be good news for, all Pente-
costal Nazarenes to know that . our
publishing. are being care_d
for so and that . God IS
-greatly blessing the efforts put forth.
The Nazarene Publishing Company,
730 San Pedro St., Los Angeles, . Cal.,
has recently put in a new $3,000.00
printing press. Thi.s will enable them
to turn out the most approved and
ar_t_istic work, and al_so to
new Sunday-School literature . . . ..
aJl ' meets with. oCii approval and IS
a source of great e1.couragement.
. .. . . . . . . l . '"'
Home S38l; . Main 1929
& Lumber .co.
Cor. Fifth and Sa.n Pedro -Sts.
Prices as low as .the .lowest,. c_opststent with good .... gra.d.es..
; . .
Call And See Us In Our 1 he Pentecostal Era
''Stock in the Nazarene Publishing
c ompany can now be secured for N L t n
$1.00 per share; and the. NAZARENE e W OCQ l0
MESSENGER will be sent a whole year . __ __. __
for the subsciption price of '$1:00.
Each family should have. the MESSEN-
GER, and as many as can do so should
buy a little stock."
.JI .JJ ,.
Evangelists' Appointments.
.Satmanca, N. Y.
. 2921 Walnut St., Kansas City .
.Pasadena. Cal., January 12to February 1.
F 'ttllerton, ea.l., Febrl!ary l to 8.
849 Bryant St., Dall.as, Texas.
R. D. 2. East Hollywood, Cat.
Be_rkeley, Cal., Jan. 15 to - .
.. East Palestine, Ohio .
. Oraitgeville, Ohio, Jan. 15 to Jan. 26.
Three Oaks; Mich., Jan. 20 to Feb. 9 . .
i :J Fourth St. , Lowell, Mass.
Fitchburf.!' , Mass., Jan. ]7 to 29.
Sag .Harbor, N. Y. , Jfe,b. 2 to 16.
I. G. MAR'tiN
772 E . Forty-first St. , Los Angeles,
Moocis' Forks, N. Y.,Dec. 21 to Jan.-.
1823 Nowland Ave. , Indianapoli s, ' Ind.
Long Beach. Cat., Jan. 16 to Jan. 30,
San Diego, Cal., Feb.
Portland, Otc., March
E. M n.TON \Vu.r.tAMS
Unhcrsity Park, Oskaloosa. Iowa.
Terre Hante, Ind., Jan. 14 to Jan. 23.
F (li>. .. l ?: . .
," ""7'" '
-524 Dnrham ave., Woodlawn; Ore.
Sell\vood, to --
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THE new b)ok "Apples of Gold"
will be given free .. to ali who send a
new .subscription for the NAZARE.NEJ
MES-SENGER. is a royal offer.
Exclusive Optical Store. Don't
Forget the Number.
HOME 23918--MAIN 7049
Contrac_tor _and Builder
Office 623 Laughlin Bldg., .
315 .South Broadway
Tel. Home -2705 - , -
Res. 2416 s. FilrUeroa Tel. West 3891 , , Home 72340
/( .Pays to buy of .
S. :JJroadway Opp. C!_ty Hall
Washington, D. C.
Collegiate Institute
The Pentecostal Church of
the Nazarene
$100 Per Year
Special offer to Theological Students and
Christian Workers.
College Preparatory, Commercial, Musical
and Graminai:' Grade Courses at correspond-
ingly 1<;>-yv rates. Send .for Catalogue.
North Scituate, R., I.
The .. Pioneer Optician
E stabliphed
- The Best Service .
________ .... .Tht:..Most. Reliable Goods ..
The Prices- JWJt a Little Better
: . 353 S. Broadway
.... ., .

Holiness Books
Can be had at the Publishing House