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" The Blood of JuUIJ Chri.t Hill Son Clea1Uleth lUI Prom All Sin.

Vol:. XIII. Los Angeles, California, April 29, 1909 ],ltlo. 44
: .. _ .. IJ.oly Ghost. By W. J.

If I shoulci say that from one-half to
two-thirds of the. professing Christians
in our chur ches today were practically
Ui1itarian in their belief, I might be
called by some 'an extremist and ac-
cused . of maldng a statement that I
could not prove, but if the reader will
take time to examine. this matter as l
have and t)len note that I said practi-
cally Ui1itarians, I beli eve these cri ti-
cisms will be modified somewlwt if not .
altogether No" one believes
that -these people arc intending to be
. Unitarian in .or that they have
accepte.d the Unitarian church's creed,
far from this, but because of ignorance
concerning the personality and deity of
Holy Spirit the:. arc practically
in their faith. If this is doubt ed , let
some orthodox preacher who r eads this
go before his congregation next Sun-
day morning and prea ch ii on
the s ubject of the Personality and
Deity of the Holy Ghost, and discourse
()11 the office and "ork of the Holy
Spirit as taught in the scriptures, and
then by some method find out the views
of his people previously on this subj ect.
If he is not then convinced that his
p eople arc in ignorance concerning this
subject, then this wiiter will ask that
preacher's pardon and admit that so
far as this brother's church is con-
cerned this statement at t he beginning
of arti cl e is not true; but if all the
preachers in this world would do this, I
am satisfied that the conclusion would
be .that one-half to two-thirds of the
so-called orthodox Christians of t hi s
country arc practically Unitarians. I
sny Unitarians because it is impossible
to understand. the scconcl.-pcrson in .he
tri11itY without a proper undcrs anc -
ing and accepting of the thir person.
As J esus came to reYeal the. Father so
. Holy Spirit cruiw t"o r eveal t he Son,
and as no one can accept and under-
stand .the .fatherhood of. God, ns
to accept the Christ of God, so no one
<lan . understand and accept the di\inity
of the Christ .Save as it is revealed to
him by the Holy Spirit, 9r as Paul put
it; "No man can call Jesus Lord save
by the Holy Ghost," ahd. because of
this ignorance concerning the third per-
son in the. trinity the second person in
the trinity stands unrevealecl in His
divine person and character. Hence .
Unitarianism is the result: True, we
may accept Him in His human nature
and behold in Him a good man and
even. believe tliat He Himself
as a sacrifice for human sin, and yet be-
cause of rack of spiritual enli ghten-
nie11t our eyes are closed to His r eal
di,ine character and mission, because
the Holy Spirit has not been honored
and accepted in his work of re\realing
the Christ of God. J esus said this Him-
self when He told t he disciples that it
was expedient for them that He go
mYay. They did .not and could not un-
derstand the real character of Jesus
until the clay of P enteeost, when the
spiritual eyes "er e opened and J esus
was glorified before them in and
through the diYine Holy Spirit Him-
self, who came as the fulfi llment of the
promise to them. and today. because of
the lack of t he Holy Ghost the church
is in a pre-Pentecostal experience; an<l
whil e many orthodox so-called preach-
ers are preaching about J esus, yet His
true mission and power is hidden from
their view and the people to whom they
preach are perishing for lack of kuowl-
edge, and their "'wn ministry is bai-ren
because of lack of power. "Yc shall re-
ceiv<> power after that the Hoi.' Ghost
is come upon yon.'' This means power
to do t he otherwise impossible task of
saving a lost and dying world. Now
ust \Yher e the blame foi; - this state of
teaching how long 'vill"he have to wait
to get the needed . After
a ministry of. over . twenty. _years this
preacher is just beginning to up
to the fact that tliis is the dispensation
of the Holy Ghost and he did not learn
. this from any human school of theology
it has chn\ned upon him tnat
It IS tunc t o begin to honor the H ly
Ghost if he expects the Holy Ghost to
honor him in his ministry. And I am
satisfied that if the Christian ministry
could be l ed into this experience per-
sonally, ancl' then te.ach the people their
privileges under this dispensation of
t he Spirit, that the conquest of this
world for our Lord and His Christ
would not be far distant. But because
of this lack the progress of the coming
.of the Kingdom is necessarily s low.
.. God speed t he day when- the Holy
Ghost will have his place in. the church
again, as He did in the first three cen-
turies antl which He must hani before
the work of snl Ya tion _can be complete.
Holiness will then be given its rightful
place and "e need no special class to
propagate it. for then it will be the su-
preme desire of eYery clnirch as well
as CYcry indiYidual that names the
name of Christ.
As it is, the majority of the Christians
of today think of th_e Holy Ghost as a I
thing, an attribute or an influcpce, a
something emanating from God, rather
than ns Yery God Himself. and clothed
with all the attributes of deity and ex-
er cising as God's Yi ce-general . the
power of commander and leader of the
church militant in this, His day and
dispensation ; and because of this lack
of r ecognition He is unable to assume
His rightnllcadeiship in the work of
t h e kingdoms of evil and es-
tablishing the r eign of righteousness
whi ch Christtrttade possible the sac-
rifice of Himself. But we belien a bet-
t er day is coming and more and more
t hings is to be placed mn:v be hard to the work of the HolY Spirit is bein{J"
d etermine. vVe may say t.he preacher s honored in some of- churches. but
are to blame, as .. _a.r.e....the .app.ointctl __ he. llonf'. {
kacl crs and teachers. of the people, but YOICt' a_ntl proclmm tha.t the Holy
- . . . Ghost 1s Kmg todaY and IS to r eign
ho\\ _ can the preaclw.I: t each unless he
1 " til e

lf tl" .. Ill .
. . . .. . . . - . .... . . . ' ,.( ,, ( liS \\01 C la\e
fi1st be ,taught, and if h e depends upon beeom.c ki'l1gdoms of our God anrl
t he m9dern school of for his His Christ. " - Clui stian ""Witn<>ss.
- - -
- . J '
Nazarene Messenger [April29, 1909
The gift is on the altar, Lord,
Not mine to claim or hold;
My life, Iily time, my service, Lord,
No thought did I withhold.
My doubts, my- fears, my waverings,
I placed there with the rest .
ln the second place we _ not'ice that yet we - rejoice that: God has:. told us
helL-is a - Jesus so clearly its
the wicked shoufd -be cast into a ''fur- horrors. !Jet every sinner trelnble at
nace of fire." On the judgment day - the thought .of hell, take warning and
the king will say to ti10se on his left, flee the wrath to come. Let every child
' ' Dep,art from me, ye cursed, into ever- of Gog arouse, fly to the rescue, pull
lasting fire:" In the nine chapter. of souls out of the _fire, and save them
Mark 'J esus declares in five different from eternal burnings.
verses that there a fire that shall Seymour, Ind.
The altar, fully sanctified,
The Holy Spirit blest.
-Mary E. .Brandon.
never be quenched. And. -inJ three
verses he clearly- says that this fire is
in hell. In Rev. 20 :10 .we read of the
.JJG lake of fire and brimstone. Here we
HELL, are told that not only the de\ril was
J. F . HAR_VEY. Cast into t.his lake of fire, but all those
Hell is a.n awful The fact whose n a'mes \vere not found in the
of such a place, and the thought of book of life. How ,people ought to seek
souls spending an et ernity _there, is - and weep and pray mitil they know
fearful beyond the power of language their names are written in the Lamb's
to express. And yet it is true. That book -of life. It _will do no good to
there is such a place _ and that souls scoff a.lid sneer and say you do not be-
have-gone there and are going there, is lieve in literal fire, and that it is only
the teaching of the Bible. figurative. But J esus said fire,
As certain as there is a heaven 'just lake of fir e, furnace of fire. He would .
so certain there is a helL Our blessed not deceive us. Men may deceive us.
Lord had much to say about it. It Preachers may keep back part of the
seemed strange that people will believe truth and be silent upon this awful sub-
ject because of the r eproach conn ect ed
what He said about other subjects. and
_ try to explain away his plain words with it; but onr adorable Lord wants
us to know the whole truth that we
about helL In the parable of the rich
man and Lazarns He plainly (J.ec1ares may be saved.
that t he rich man lifted up his eyes. in \Ve now desire to consider the dura-
hell where he was torniented in the tion of hell. How long will a soul stay
et ernal flames. In another place He in hell ? Our answer is, as long as there
said that whosoeYer shonld say "Thou is a helL How long will that be? 'l,'he
fool'' should be in danger of hell fire. answer comes from the inspired vVorcl.
Then f!:c says it will be more profitable For ever and ever. But men have even
for us to cut off right hands and right said that t here is au end to t hat time.
.feet , and pluck out right eyes if these \Ve have but one reply. If you can
stanci in the way of our salvation rather .find a time in t he eternity to come when
" than to keep and to be cast into . there will be no hell, then you may
helL He, the meek and lowly Naza- just as consistently find a time when
r ene, the one who loved us as no one God may cease to he. In Rev. 14:11 " e
else can love us, had more to sriy about read that "the smoke of their torment
hell than any one' else. Surely it ought asc-endeth up for ever and ever.,., In
-to cau-e people to put aside all doubts Rev. 15:7 we read of ''God, who li veth
as to the fact of hell and to heed His for ever and ever.' ' 'rhe same Greek
warnings and to escape that awful word is used in both places. It would
place. "' be just as- consistent to say that the
What kind of a place is h ell 1 Again time will come when God will cease to
we turn to the words of our Saviour exist, as-to say there .. will come a tin1c
and we learn first that it is a place of when there will be 11o hell. There is a
torment. Jesus said that the rich man hell, an awful hell, and- at th'e r esur-
lifted up his eyes in hell, ,:, in rect_ion the bodies, as well as the souls,
torment,'' and the rich. man himself of men and women will be cast into this
bore witness to this truth when he furnace of eternal fire to be tormented
said, "I am tormented in this flame. " for ever and ever. It is unconfessed
W told that the word which Jesus and unforgiven sin that sends souls to
nsed here and is translated ."torment" hell. No soi1l can go to heaven- with-
. d escribes the most .painful torture out being forgiven . and cleansed- from
__ -known- to language.- It- is all sin. -- There must of necessity be a
worthy, of notice that Jesus used the hell. For no taint of sin can enter
__ .. he .COllld use to .de-_ heaven. _ .W.hile the th_ought of hell is
unt_o us th.: a\vfulness of hell. terrible to us beygnd words to express,
- . ;,. .,. .,.
''Brit this is 'thai which was spoken
by the Prophet Joel. "-Acts 2 and 16.
What is ti1e apostle here speaking of ?
He simply mem1s just what J esus had
reference to when he told the disciples
to tm;.}'y at Jerusalem imtil they be en-
dowed .with power. What po,yer 1 The
power of P entecost, or the baptism of
the Holy Ghost, which he said they
should receive not many days hence.
"John baptized with water, but yc
shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost
and with fire. " What for1 Not for the
remissidn of sins, for they were already
converted, but for the specific and sole
purpose of cleansing and burning out
all carnal, uncl ean, worldly and natu-
ral inherited depravity; making their
hear'ts pure and holy; filling and em-
powering them to preach a gospel of
holiness to evcty cr eature; to the .J cw
first, and also to the Greek. Mark the
ch(1ngc in poor . crot ehct.y, impulsive
Peter, as he tells them that they igno-
rantly crucified the Lord of Glory.
\Vhat a marvelous contrast to his thrjcc
. denial of Jcsns, only a short time prev-
iously. See his extended hand a.s
grasps that poor lame 1iwn at the gate
of t he temple . and bids him in J esns '
name to arise and walk; why look yc
on ns as t hough we by onr own power
ma de this man to walk and and
praise God. Nay, verily, but by faith
in J esus name his promised power
wrought this soundness in him. J_,ct
him leap, let l)im walk; give him this
first chance he ever had. Surely its a
n ew world to him; old things have
passed away, and behold all things arc
become new. - I feel like helping him
shout on the victory. This case is only
a true type of every unconverted souL
Here they are lying at the gate of our
opportunity. vVe see _ them named in
all kinds of sin's deformation; they are
clown, _floundering, strt1ggling, g!'oan-
ing, and crying for a hand of help and
relief. The Pentecostal baptism means
that we must st;,and ready to help them .
up. We must ltave him, the Holy Ghost
ApriL29; 1909]
abiding, empowering, quickening, ener_- .
gizing, impelling, teaching, unctioniz-
ing and making ris efficient co-workers
with God in saving and sanctifying
souls. Anything short of this is to fail
of our God-given privilege, work and
calling; arid moreover, means cterrial
loss and.damnation.
... J/1 J/1
When Sister Anna. Cooley went East
. she Sister Josephine Sny:
der of Pittsburg several books on holi-
ness, or the . secon.d blessing, to be
loaned, and if the, giver could see the
eager faces of those who meet with
Sister Cooley for prayer, praise and tes-
timony, and who ever y week bear wit-
ness to the good they are r eceiving
from r eading those books, she would
feel that her gift was blessed of God.
They have already been used of the
Spirit to stimulate the thought of one
who write_s for many papers, and to
comfort and divert those who are in
overwhelming waters of sorrow. A
sister testified that the r eading of one
of the books had shown her the cause
of her difficulty a!Jd couple of wPeks
after she said that the past week had
been the happiest week of her life. In-
dividuals of our littl e company are tak-
ing the .books out .and r eading them t o
those who do not attend the prayer ser-
vice. The writer recommended one to
a friend in far-away Washington and
she purchased it and it is being read
out there, and so the circle of their in-
fluence has been blessed it has al-
most crossed a refreshing
spiritual strength wherever they touch.
or the lives they touch come in contact
with others.
Our. band is. v ery small: but we a r e
phinning to add more bopks to our
stock as we are able to do so, and keep
theiii silently preaehing as as
possible. 1\{ay the I.ord bless the (loner
in her giving he has b]esserl us in r e-
ce1ving and lending is the prayer of onr
little company.
J/1 .:1' .:1'
Will District Superintendents please
send in the names of all new Pentecos-
. tal Churches of the Nazarene organized
on their districts since the last General
Assembly, 'vith -the number of mem-
bers, name of p astor, etc. Also kindly
report churches as organized in the
future--so that they can be added to
the district lists--to secretary General

730 San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Naz.arenf! !Jfessenger -
. OUR MIS$1_QN..4_RY . WORK.
We have had a fight in our vil11;1ge.
'.rhere is an almond tree near the river
which is always supposed to be
ed." A poor traveler one day died of
cholera at the foot of this tree and ever
since then many ignorant people say
they have seen ghosts in this tree. Just
lately some boat'Inent ventured to tie
their boat up to this tree and went to
sleep; but the ghost came a:t midnight
and told them if they did not untie
their boat at once they would all -be
struck dead. Everyone believed this
s tory. I tried to get the owner of this
tree to sell it to me for firewood, but
he said, ''Take it if you like--that is,
if you can.'' He said he would not
take any money but finished up by say-
ing, ''The ghosts will kill you before
you can cut a branch.'' So I went to
work; and the owner of the tree fled in
fear, nobody knows where. His son,
however, got so scared-as he saw us get-
ting half through the trunk o'!_ the tree.
that he came and made us stop. He
said, ''I did hea r iny father give
you permission, and until he returns I
will not let you finish, for both he and
we, his six sons, will certainly be killed
as we.ll as yourselves. So now the tree
stands like this for the present. I will
tell you more next time.
From }[arch 7th to 11 all were given
up to the worship of Ka:Jl. All these
days crowds were day and night danc-
ing 'and drinking and singing bad songs
and everything was as impure .. as it
could lie. I was amongst the crowds
most of the: day and ma ny listened but
others So many ignorant peo-
ple were attracted by my singing and
c1unc round thinking this was another
source of amusement, but sooil founfd
t hat I had nothing to do witli Kali or
.her worship. ,Oiie day a clever Hindu,
an .A. B. of the University, came to
''put me down,'' but by God's help and
the Spirit's lending he got utterly de-
f eated before the whole crowd of
Hindus as he tried to defend the wor-
English Bible has read it through in
three months-and is-now coming-to-me
at times to talk over difficulties. He
comes almost every Sunday. I point
out to him passages in his own Hii:tdu
books, which astonish him more than -
ever after readfng our Bible.
I go to the police station and speak
to the native police. The native inspec-
tor is 'very pleasant and tells me to open
a dispensary to treat the poor. He says
in this way you will benefit many_poor
' and get them to listen to your teachirig.
He talks as if he thought our gospel .
was" only fit for the ignorant and low
caste-'-not for such as he. But I pray
that his eyes may be opened. Anyway,
it is good that he is friendly even in
this way; i1s he can do much to help.
Thank God four souls have been
brought away from H1nduism since I
came here and I am praying so much
for all my relations. May they all come
soon. Is anything too hard for the
Lord 1 These people are given up to
drink and drugs of all sorts. Many
have no money to buy rice but they are
sure to have drugs. They are always
prowling about at nights to steal, and
often I have to keep awake to- prevent
everything being stolen:
Bama Churn, Evangeli:;t.
... J/1 J/1
How much 'longer shall this state of
things continue? How much longer
shall more than half the human race
be allowed to, re,main in ignorance of
the \Vay of Life'? How much longer
shall the command of Him we call
"Our Lord Jesus Christ" to go into all
the world and preach the gospel to
every creature be neglected, disregard-
ed or ignored 1 We plead for these
i1eglected millions. \Ve raise our
voices on their behalf. They cannot
speak for themselves; distance makes
them dumb; strangersliip silences
them; they wander in moral midnight;
they know not what they do. Year
after year, age after age, they fall and
perish as though of' no more worth than
the withered leaves of autumn. They
have fallen by millions. and none has
ship of idols. Praise God for his wis- cared for them. Torrid sun and sweep-
dom and help. Thi's man said that in ing rains have bleached their bones or
Calcutta many Europeans and Ameri- . blanched their sepulchres. Melancholy
cai.s had taught him against Christian- winds have moaned their r equeim. Re-
lent less Time. has rolled over their gen-
ity, that theyhadpointedoutthatChrist erations the billows of oblivion; they
would never have come to earth . as a have perished from the earth, gone into
poor man and that his tribe was a dis- ii dark and dread eternity, .without ever
grace to people who were having heard of Him who died and
sides . Rah.ab wa.s in .his li4e of rose that men might live; who was up-
lifted from tl1e earth that He might
ancestor and everybody knows about'. draw men tinto ;Him, and who cries
lwr eharacter, etc., etc. aloud to a ruined btii redeemed human-
-- whom I l ent __ Come ye
Nazf!-re!!_e .Messenger .
and are heavy and I will give you people from and possibly
rest." a panic. You say why not get
we plead for the neglected millions a larger place of worship? . .Yes, why
of heathendom. We say to the Church not 1 Because our people here are like
o{ Jesus Christ: ''Behold them!'' our people most everywhere else-are .
They are our brothers and sisteJ:s in a poor people. They have not been or-
common humanity; they are one with ganized a year yet, and they have been
us in sin and ruin-let them be one .. doing their best according to their' abil-
with us in the knowledge of salvatiQfr.- ity to secure a larger hall, and to build
A wake, oh selfish, sleeping, forgetful a church. God was with us again at
Church, arouse thee to thy neglected the night service and seekers were at
duties; fulfil thy solemn mission ; bear the prayer service that followed the

thy testimony; send forth thy sons; . preaching.
proclaim thy glorious message; gird
thyself and give thyself in the name of
Jesus Christ to the tremendous task of
evangellzing the uttermost parts of the
earth! ''-H. Grattan .Guinness.
... ,. .,.
Northeast District.
After a tedious, long and dangerous
journey from our home, amid floes,
snow drifts, train wrecks, and other
hindering circumstances for three. days,
our train pulled into the station at St.
Johns, at 2:15. On reaching the plat-
form we were welcomed by_ about
thirty of our folks, with Brothers
Thomas Laite and Job House, our as-
sociate .pastors, in the l ead. Prayer of
- thanksgiving was offered, and then all
joined in singing, praising God, etc. I
never was more glad to meet holy peo-
ple and. the doxology never had such
depth of meaning to my poor .heart as
at that moment, as we stood with bared
heads and thanked God for a safe arri-
val, though three days late.
Five Services. .
Our people had hired a large .h_all for
the special five days services, but the'
three days delay and heavy expense of
the hall, they decided not to keep it
longer than Saturday as they did not
know whether the writer would come,
so we had to do the best we could to
accommodate the people. As we could
pot have our hall during the daytime
of the week-days we held a cottage
meetingon Monday and Tuesday ;tfter-
noons and they were times of refresJ:!.-
ing and power.
Sunday P. M.
Our hall, which will accommodate
from 175 to 200, was full . Sunday .after-
noon, and the Lord was pleased to bless
the word and several seeker s were at
the prayer servic.e (altar service we call
it) which followed. Holiness is the big-
gest thing in the world; it makes those
who have it one! Although none of us
had ever met, yet we worshiped in that
first service as though we had known
one another for twenty years . .
Locked Them Out.
The erowds that caine to the evening
service was so large that after we had
crowded. in we . orders had to
He given to lock the doors to keep the
After the prayer service, the mem-
bers of the church tarried for a busi-
IJ.ess meeting, in which they requested
that, owing to the 'fact <that theY. ,were
a thousand .miles from the nearest of
our churches and the growing demands
for a tully equipped pastors, and that
it would be impossible for their asso-
ciate pastors or either one of them to
go so far to the District Assembly, they
requested the writer to arrange .to or-
dain BrothersLaite and House.
Three in One.
Owing to the shortness of my, stay
we were obliged to crowd much work
into such time as we had, so arranged
for the Sacrament of the Lord's Sup(
per, ordination and missionary service
all to be he1d in one meeting on Monday
_ night. Thi!'l being their first commun-
ion service some present did not seem
to be clear as to their privilege and
duty, but it was a most precious. time,
about thirty-five partaking of the sacra-
ment. A. B. Riggs, the superin-
tendent of the New England District,
having spent two weeks with our folks
and organ'ized this church (before this
territory was set off into the North-
eastern District), recommended th:at I
ordain these brethren, which I did. The
Lord set his approval by pouring out
t:he Holy Ghost on us mightily !!S the
service went on. Notwithstanding -it
was nearly t en o'clock, the whole con-
gregation stayed to the missionary ser-
vice also. We cl osed -the day with a
business session. Please add this peo-
ple and their needs to your prayer list .
H. F. Reynolds.
_,. ,. .JIJ
We began here a very blessed meet-
ing last week with Pastor Ingersoll. I
have known this blessed man of God,
perhaps as long-if not longer-than
many of our Pentecostal folks. I have
seen him in prosperity. then when he
has lost much of his money. I ha,ve
known him when some people were
friendly to him, and then when they
would turn to be his bitterest enemies,
hut I have never known our brother to
falter or fail to go right on and praise
the Lord, and love his enemies, and
stand true to the grand old doctrine of
full salvation. Thank God for such
true and tried men , ,.Y.hom you can trust -
behind your back_..:,_as well as to your
face .. . His dear. wife \las stood by him
these many years! they have sacri;
much of full salva-
tioii. May -- the---holy- -tribe---enlarge!
Amen. Surely ''salvation . is of
Lord. '' ''Keep on ''
John Norbcrry.
$ $ .JI
God- is moving_ among us. Grace is
being poured .out. Our needs-are being
supplied. Christ is leading, while W<'
are saying a glad a'men to all His will.
Resigned from our pastorate here last.
night, after nearly four years of labo.r
with these people. Some fruit gath-
ered, praise God! Seed sown, a salva-
tion harvest coming. Glory! In Jesus.
J. C. Bearse.
.$ .JI ,.
. r
Well, praise the Lord! . We have had
the pleasure of having RcvQ C. P. Lan-
pher with us .for eight days. There
were about twenty seekers for pardon
and purity, and a goodly number "got
through." Praise the Lord! Sunday,
Mar ch 21, we r eceived eighteen into th1!
membership. of Cundy's Harbor and
Sebasco churches. which g ives us a
membership of fifty-four. There is still
a goodly nurriber who, we trust, will
soon unite with us. Several young men
are thinking of going to our school at
North Scituate. We are praying .that
will raise up some holiness preach-
ers and workers here. Tonight Bro.
James F. Wilkins of North Raynha m.
Mass. , begins a series of meetings with
us. " A. K. Bryant.
We have closed this week's. grand
meeting with a shout of victory. Twen-
ty-five seekers at the altar for
and cleansing. Some of them will
make . good members of our church.
Sixteen new members come into the
church n ext week. 'rhe fight is on, we
march forward, and claim the victory.
Thos. Laitc.
We closed a meeting at
house with victory for our God. with
some conversions; some sought fo1
sanctification, some r eclaimed and son)<'
found that they rlid not have anything
and quietly withdrew themselves from
the service, and the people of God was
edified and built up in faith. Also or-
ganized a Nazarene Sunday school with
everything in good working order. The
Lord did wonderfully bless our labors
at that place. Closed March 29. W c
opened up at Surrey March 30 for a
two weeks' meeting, but notwithstand-
ing many hindrances we had a good
meeting and , our souls are on the vic-
. tory l.ine. We closed her e April13, and .
opened up at Sawyer, N. D., April 14,
w.ith B. S. Taylor, the cyclonc .evang.el-
ist. We are looking for victory there.
The holiness people at .. Sawyer are' on
fire and want a holiness the
time. Well, ;_we_ do lov.e the
April 1909]
. . '75-.;._
fight and do want tO--,bc hungry hca.rts. This church . .. intelligent;-spiritual,
front, and t o==:-Jfave God's . heavenly . tainly. suffered at the hands of carnal- preciatiye audience. Such singing,
music filling and thrilling our heart ity and folks who are not "Nazarenes praying and praising as the power of ., .
sfrings with a heavenly glory. at heart." But they are standing true divine grace swept down upon them.
Lyman Brough. amid this terrible "sifting time," and 'fhe Lord gave us unusual and
ar ar _. the Lord is putting a shine on them that freedom in the preaching of the roes-
NEW GALILEE, PA. will abide all the ravages of sin, satan sage that day, and three souls
and the opposition . whieh hell has or sanctified wholly.
Sunday, April 18th I had the privi- may send out. Hallelujah! Thus closed our campaign of the
lcge of preaching at our Palestine ter in Southern California, which has
church morning and night. The saints Our attendance was good, the inter- lasted for nearly three months of con-
were graciously refreshed in the morn- est was simply inspiring, and the visi- stant revival work. It .. has .. pleased the
ing service and at night five seekers ble consequences were exceedingly Lord to us all the work witp .our
sought and obtained victory in . coliver- gratifying to the evangelists and the own church on this coast this winter
sion, reclamation and entir e sanctifies- church. Many times .the waves of fire, and to grant us .blessed revivals in each
tion. I am rejoicing in His will and power and salvation would dash down place and to build up the work of the
upon us and the attending scenes would
service. rt mr . b d . t' S
1 1
church l;lnd house many dear souls in a
eggar escr1p Ion. , evera more sou s
.JI' .JI' .JI' good, ''sanctified home. '' Amen ! About
were saved, reclaimed and sanctified. two hundred souls were saved, reclaim-
. COLUMBUS, OHIO. On the last Sabbath we opened the ed or sanctified during our labors in
doors of the church and a number came
God is still working. in the Hoosier
state and is marvelously working in our
Buckeye state. Our meeting as an-
nounced in the Messenger was held and
God was more than conqueror. .The
first Nazarene convention iih. the Ohio
state capita.). Bro. Imhoff came to us
full of faith' and the Holy Ghost. . His
stay was short in every way. Called
home suddenly because of death, leav-
ing a gap in the meeting; but God was
on hand. Our crowds while, not large
were goocl. People are interested in a
Pentecostal church in central Colum-
bus, which we believe will be for Ohio
as Chicago is for Illinois. Bro. Garri-
gus, a sanctified Gideon, and his wife,
contributed of thei r means and prayers
and presence to the movement. The
last Sunday morning we had a service
which was new in its nature. Several
came out from their own church ser-
vices and almost all expressed their de-
sires to become N azarenes as so<1n as
they could get their letters. Several
gave names as Nazarenes. Bro. Dave
A. Hill and wife are right in for j ust
such a church and God willing will
have a meeting this week . . We are en-
couraged when Bro. Earl Donovan,
Bro. Garrigus and wife, Bro. Galvan, .
Sisters Pryor, \Vhite and others, want-
. ed to identify themselves wjth God's
people. The thing is of God. Let the
Messenger readers pray for this move-
We are expecting to start a gain in
Columbus with Bro. Hill. Then on the
wing to the Holiness League at Indi-
anapolis and then to Chicago with Bro.
Agnew. Pra ise the Lord: God willing
we will sail in July; would like to meet
some of our fellow N azarenes en route
East. Wm. 0. Jones.
.JI' .JI' .JI'
.. Praise the Lord for His "Wonderful
work to the children of ! Our last
battle and victory was with the N aza-
rene church at Upland, Cal. Bey01id
questiol), we had a stout, strong and per-
battle with the powers of hell,
but our God came our rescue and
brought a wave of salvation to the
church, many homes and numbers of
in with others to. follow. So you see we these six different places; and approxi-
. mately, there were about one hundred,
expect to conserve, much as possible, in all, who came in the church. Many
our labors wherever we go. Brothers doors have opened and called for- our .
Wilson, Goodwin , Humphreys . and labors next which we expect D:
Hutchens and our very dear Bro.
Pierce, these precious added . V. to arrange. Blessed seasons we had
with all the saints and our hearts have
great fuel to the blazing fire of this been greatly enlarged . . They treated us
r evival. God bless them abundantlv.
Our association . and fellowship with nice, yet we didn't fleece the sheep, but
them wer e sweet and rich ' 'like sought to feed them. Amen ! \Ve are
well, happy, free and going on.
precious ointment poured forth.'' Allie and Enima Irick.
We closed here Sunday night, April'(
4th, but the meetings continued under .JI' . .JI'
the leadership of Revs. Owen and Kell. Now brethren, don't slack up iq
On following Tuesday. as, previous- sending your news items and other
ly announced, we had .charge of the . matters of interest for the Me senger.
holiness meeting in First Church at Los
Angeles. Who could or will describe :Make them but t boast-
that service 1 \Vha t a body of royal ful. Tell the facts, a d they will glor-
saints! Sueh inspiration as one gath- ify the Master. ' .
JJeulah Park Camp Meeting
Beulah Park, East Oakland
... July 1-11 ...
The Third Annual Camp Meeting of the San Francisco District
of the Pentecostal Church. of the Nazarene will open July 1st, at
District Superintendent
Evangelist, Long Beach, Cal.
Evangelist, Santa Rosa, Cal.
Assisted by other Ministers and Evangelists of the District
. There will be a good RESTAURANT on the grounds. TENTS and
FURNITURE can be had at reasonable rates. .. - .... . .
. Have your mail sent to BEULAH PARK, EAST OAKLAND, CAL.
STREET CAR direct to Camp .Grounds.
Further information gladly given by
REv. H. 0. WILEY, 26 S .. Third St., San Jose, Cat
or, REv. G. LINAWEAVER, .7818th St., Oakland, Cal.
Nazarene Messenger
. P. F. Bresee, . Editor
R. Pierce, - - - ORice Editor
C. J. Kinne, - Aaat. Bua. Mgr.
. Enter<ld at the post-office, Aug. 7, 1900, at Los
Angeles, California, as second-class matter.
Published Every Thursday.
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Home F-2676
Several years ago there was such a
marvelous outpouring of the. Spirit up-
on the people of the First Church of
Los Angeles that the .Pastor, P. F . Bre-
see, was impelled to say that "we will
put the VICTORY over the pulpit
-celebrate the. anniversary of this
day as Victory Day. " That. Sabbath
was the first Sabbath of May, so that
next Sabbath, May 2d, will be Victory
Day. After the morning nteetings- 8
o'clock meeting Sabbath
school at 9 :30-Dr. Bresee will preach
at 11 0 'clock, whi ch will be followed by
sacramental services. On account of
the protracted morning services there
will be no three o'clock ser-
.:& .:& .:&
In a r eligious journal we r ecently
saw an article in reference to a minis-
t er who was . retiring from the more
active service, at the age of 83, on ''A
minister who has done something.''
Among the t hings said of him was that
he was: ''Profoundly r eligious, and
wholly devoted to the work of the pas-
torate, wise and indefatigable," and
he to the contingent who
''bring things to pass. ''
It seems very evident that a minis-
ter who does not do something neces-
sarily is a very useless
What are ministers for, but to d'o some-
thing Y - They certainly are not on hand
. as luxuries, . nor ornaments, nor for .
Nazarene MessetJger
Jl,.JJm.s.c.m.ent, but for labor and toil .uml
plotlding, and bringing things to pass .
'fhey . are b1,1ilders 'of the kingdonl of
heaven. They are not simply gatherers
of the people, nor .upbuilders of their
own Indeed they are al-
r eady "made of no r eputation, " that
they may exalt the Christ. But they
can always do something.
,l'hey can always preach. To ''preach
gospel to every creature,' ' is the
commission:. Wherever there is a hu-
man soul there is an audience, and a
really "sent one" needs but a chance
to proclaim the Master's message. It
is not the size of the audience that is
looked at, but the commission which is
to be faithfully carried out. 'fhe Mas-
ter Himself preached with like earnest-
ness to the one man in the night time.
or to the one woman at the well, or to
the multitudes by the seaside. He says
to us "as y e go preach."
'l'he minister can also testify. Jesus
especially emphasized to him who was
to be His apostle to t he Gentiles, that
He had appeared unto Him to make
him a witness of things which he had
seen and should see. The ministry is
not simply an office, but an inspiration.
None but they who have seen the Lord
and in whom He is r evealed by the
Holy Ghost can be a real minister of the
gospel; and such an one has an over-
How of glad tidings for men.
" What we have felt and seen,
With confidence we tell;
And publish to the sons of man,
The signs infallible."
A ministry without burning, glowing
testimony is an incongruity and should
be hustled out of t he was, and be got-
ten out of sight as soon as possible.
All ministers are not men of genius,
nor of such brilliancy of utterance that
the people will make effort to find them.
But the real ministers will make every
effort to find the people. Paul t estified
to the elders of the church of
who came at his request and met him
at Miletus, how t.hat he had proclaimed
to them both publicly, and from house
to house, ,\rith humility and with many
t ears. this message which h e had re-
ceived of the Lord J esus. The minis-
t er is not alone called to what, in mod-
ern parlance, we call ''pulpit work,''
but to go into the ''highways and
hedges,'' into the homes of the people,
especially seeking out the poor, for
whom few . care, and who more
likelyto hear his message and listen to
his testimony.
It is .especially the minister's work to
[April 29, 1009
build 'up believers. The real -work- of
. . the_ minister m1d its permanency de-
pends upon the condition and edifica-
tion of the chltrch. Very little can be
accomplishe<;l in the world in the way
of salvation, but by the agency of the
Holy Spirit, who comes now to abide
in holy hearts.. It is the first work of n
minister to so preach and testify the
power of the blood of Jesns, by the bap- .
t.ism -with the I-Ioly Ghost, as to lend his '
people into. t he blessing of holine-ss-'
entire sanctification-and thus make
such a dwelling place for the Holy
Ghost as shall open the way for His
1l1inist.ry of awakening and saving men.
Then the ministers and church can be
'' workers together with God,'' H e
working in and through them to His
glory. Conditions of salvation and
further work of God will be thus creat-
ed, and the heavens opened for tloods .
of light and glory. God, thns in a man,
will bring some things to pass; it may
be Pentecost with salvation, it may he
stones with visions of Jesus. Peter and
Stephen both brought d1ings to pass.
Dr. Daniel Steele, in an a rtide 111
Zion 's Herald, on ''An Octogenarinn
Thanatopsis," among other .things,
The theme is one which is r epulsive
to most people; yet it should awaken
the deepest interest in every one, since
it is absolutely certain that no one will
escape its experience; The Judge Su-
preme has pronounced the irrevocable,
unchangeable sentence, "Dust thou art,
and unto dust shalt thou return." In
vain do ''all men think all men mortal
but themselves." Falsehoods are never
profitable, l east of all an untruth relat-
ing to our destiny. The wise man scans
all of God's decrees, and adjusts him-
self to their requirements.
Our view of death at close range in
the li ght of Divine Revelation has as-
certained that it is an event that puts
the seal of eternal fixedness upon moral
character. It is this that gives the pres-
ent life, our sole probation, its infinite
significance. It is t his that discloses
the transcendent valu e of the human
soul, freely determining in a short per-
iod its choice -between eternal felicity
and eternal remorse.
The purpose of our present writing is
to present that aspect of death which is
seen by a believer in Christ who has
spent a long life down to more than
fourscore years in its contemplation.
His report is that (Ieath is not an en-
emy, but a friend
in disguise, a sheep in
wolf's clothing, as we sometimes find a
goo"d man with a rough exterior. We
know that the Holy Scriptures speak of
death as an enemy, ''the last enemy,''
but this is in condescension to our
Apri1 .29, .. :1909]
wea.knes!'l) though it 1s the disruption of
ties which the Creator originally
formed for perpetuity. God . often
speaks in our language. To a sinful
race death is a blessing.
What a curse to, one another an im-
mortal race of sinners .. would have been
-a Nel'o living. forever with his foot
on the neck of a prostrate world, some
immortal Vanderbilt monopolizing
transportation, some everlll'fllting Dives
making a corner on the world's bread-
stuffs, some undying Rockefeller hold-
ing in his fist the means of artificial
light, heat, and power of the entire hu-
man race ! Let us thank God fol'
Death, tl1e great anti-monopolist, which
at short intervals distributes vast for-
tunes accumulated in violation of the
Golden Rule. Praise the l;ord for send-
ing Death, the great leveler, into this
wicked world!
A still stronger r eason for thanksgiv-
ing is in the great .Emancipator from
bondage to the fear of Death . provided
by our benevolent Creator. A Libera-
tor superior to Moses and to Lincoln is
at hand, with the trumpet of jubilee at
His lips, sounding deliverance from this
galling yoke to all who by faith in Him
will accept this boon of freedom. To
all such Death is a kindly servant, a
porter to open the gate of heaven, and
they sweep through it shouting "Vic-
tory I to the kindred encirc-
ling their deathbeds. Paul wa s no fa- -
natic. Hear his sober testimony: "I
am in a dilemma, whether I should
choose to stay and preach a little long-
er , or gratify my earnest d esire to de-
part and be with Christ, which is far,
far better. " Again he says: "'\Ve have
a cheerful confidence, and we anticipate
with greater delight being banished
from the body .and goirig home to the
Lord. " His concept of death was that
it leads to no pain, no purgatory, noun-
consciousness, but to immediate, unal-
loyed felicity. J esus, the Truth incar-
nate, again and again assures believers
in Him that they will never die, so in-
s ignificant is physical deat h, the soul's
separation from the body, in contrast
with spiritual death-separation from
God, the fountain of life.
.. .. ..
The services at First Church, this
city, have heen . . especially blest during
the last week Ther e have been over
' twenty-five seekers at the r egular ser-
. vices besid e some at the Young Peo-
ple's and other meetings. Ther e has
never been a time when t he stream of .
salvation was running deeper and
er in this church. It has great unity, is
well organized for work, and the breath
of God is upon it. 'fhe advance is espe-
noticeable in the Sabbath school
in its increased m1mhers anrl intensified
. _ enthusiasm. .
"Apples of Gold" is jrist the
for an .inspiring gift. It will bless the
soul and inspire faith. Senrl for one.
25 cents postpairl; 10 for' $2.
Notes and
. .
Keep that great eamp meeting for
t h<> Southern District well in mind.
Beloved, the missionary cause is just
as needy as ever, and yon slionld help
it in its need.
General William Booth, founder and
head of the Salvation Army, passed his
tighti eth anniversary April 10.
:\\'irs. Lulu B. Rogers will preach at
both _ services next Sahhath at the
Granfl A vemw Chufeh, T1os AngeleR.
Hev. M. K Borders is the n ew pastor
of the Malden, Mass:, dmrch. May thCl
Lord bl ess this chureh and its n ew pas-
tor with a perpetual r evival.
Brother and Sister !t-ick send word
that the I.Jord is blessing their work in
Portland, Ore. They are having old-
time convietion anrl salvation in their
m cetin gs.
We sec it anrwunceu that Rev. J . C.
Bearse has r esigned the pastorate of the
Cliftondale (Mass.) church. Well ,
brother, jump in somewhere P.lse, we
't spare yon.
Dr. Bresee is to hold a f ew days
meeting in Berkeley preceding the Dis-
trict Assembly, beginning :May 14th.
He expects to spend t h e week ' between
the Sail l<'raneiseo and the Northwest-
<!J;n Asse mblies visiting the l'imrchcs, as
tht>rc shall be most need .
The following have united with the
., First Chm ch, Angeles, on the past
two Sabbaths: :i\Ia r y Shaver, 118 \V.
iiOth; Rev. h l\I. White, 560 Florence
avenue ; l\lr. C. l\I. '\Voodworth, 2644
Olive; Earl Davis, Huntington Park;
Gco. Young and wife. E11<lora .J. 5132
avenue. '
'l'he first number of the Nazar ene Re-
issued in the interests of the
San Francisco District, is to hand. It
contains a sermon by the distriP.t super-
intendent, Bro. l1inaweaver, . and other
matters of interest to the district, and
its purpose is to '' ad vertisc the work
of the district." It is neatly. printed.
and issn cll from San .Jose.
\Ye sec it stated that. Harris.
tlw sanet.ified lawyer , who organized
th<' Pcntetostal lJeagnc in England mHI
has earried it on as its l eader for a
scor e of years, has pass<' d to his re-
ward. o man there of tlH presen t
generation l1as rlonc so mtwh for. the
caus e of holiness as h e. llis loss will
be felt . Her.e is a field t hat. is ripe for
the organized work of the Pentecostal
Church of the Nazarene.
Rev: W. Wilson sendsworafi'O'm
Beach: ''Special meetings are
m progress here, led by Evangelists
Owen and Kell. AU-day meeting on
next Sabbath, May 2, Bring your
lunch and spend the day with us.
W expedt a great time.''
Rev. A. Henricks writes from Port-
land, Oregon: "We are in a tremen-
dous battle for souls, with Rev. Will
H. Huff. A goodly number have
sought and found the Lord; but we
believe the best is yet to come. This
is one of the hardest and hottest bat-
tles we were ever in, and we are
expecting a great and mighty victory
for God by His grace Help us by
your prayers.
The able article in the last Messenger
is to the point. '\Ve have advocated
this important matter since our Dis-
triet has been organized. The work is
too heavy and for .any
pastor to do it as it ought to be done
and give th.e proper attention to his
local field and p eople. He needs to be
supported. and if any man is willing
to give his whole time to this District
and its l egitimate work the District
can and will support in good shape.
One man can he kept husy on this Dis-
alone in the r egular work by
vJsJtmg on Sabbath the various charges
and putting in each Sabbath as an ali-
day meeting. Then attending such all-
<lay meetings as arc already organized
and new ones as place and op-
portumty calls for. Then the work of
opening new fields and places by a
of special services, assisted by the
varwns pastors who can give time suf-
fi cient, so as not to have to employ spe-
cial helpers or evangelists, and every
such ali-day meeting will contribute
its pro rata share of expense and each
new place.- if th<' meet ings really go on
in victory, will provide more than its
own part, and furni sh some money to-
ward the general support of the Dis-
trict Superintendent.
In spite of the cry of times "
there is plenty of money to carry on
the Lord's work when the folks are
in earnest about it. Nobody is giving
yet to hurt very much, and few folks
are really sacrificing, and we all can
do more when we want to or have to.
If a fnnd of $50 month can be as-
sured . and it can be. that will be a
working basis on whi ch to start. Then
t.he <'Xt ra offerings received at other
places will help some. The Grand Ave-
nue Church will start the fund by giv-
ing $50 for the support of a District
Superintendent who can give his whole
time to the work on this District in
evan gelistic , and 'JlliSSlonary .
T1ct. us hear from the other churches at
once and get a r easonable support guar-
anteed before the Dist rict Assembly.
C. V. LaFontaine.
f;,os antt Vicini"ty
It is an' unspeakable benediction to
be in a great congregation, such as
gathered at the First Church_ on Sab-
bath morning, with its mighty faith,
triumphant songs, and the manifest
glory upon them. It is no ordinary
privilege to ascend to such a mount of
transfiguration. One seems to hear the
voice again saying, ''The place where- -
on thou standest is holy ground.'' The
Spirit caused the word to distill as the
dew. Dr. Bresee preached from St.
Luke 19 :41-44, the theme being ''The
Sigh of Unwritten Possibilities." He
described the triumphant approach to
Jerusalem, and the vision of Jesus, tak-
ing the sweep of J ewish history, which
pressed to t earful utterance the sad la-
ment, ''If thou hadst known.'' etc. He
showed how its divinely given possibil-
ities had failed, and how it was the type
-of so much of human life, and how pos-
sibilities of today are impossibilities to-
morrow. Two souls sought the Lord at
the altar, one, at least, was sanctified
during the services in the congregati9n,
and two were r eceived into church fel-
A true spirit of devotion and earn-
estness filled the service of the after-
noon. Bro. Goodwin read a brief lesson
from Isaiah 26, and gave liberty for
testimo-ny: The people did not need -a
second invitation and every moment
wa-s occupied while several were stand-
ing waiting a chance when the serv_ice
came to a close amid a wave of song
and joy. Two came to the altar s_eek-
ing God, \vho ga-ve evidence of Divine
The evening service was in charge of
Bro. Goodwi_n, who brought the mes-
sage f rom I saiah 6. H e spoke of the
definite experien ce of the prophet and
gave some steps which led up to it in
the divine vision. How Isaiah -
bought up to the question of holiness,
the awful conviction which siezed him
because of the -inwa rd uncleanness, -
then how the Divine remedy was ap-
plied in holy flame whi ch purged away
his sin and gave him d eliverance. This
blessing gave him the fitness to serve
in the presence of seeming defeat.
There were .seven seekers who came
to the altar for pardon or purity and
found Divine blessing at the hand of
God. Thus closed a great day in the
First Church. A revival spirit is sweep-
ing through the church with seekers at
nearly every service. The saints are
continuing instant in prayer.
The Co. E meeting was one of pecu-
liar blessing and power . Sister Frank-
lin brought a brief message and told
how the Lord had so marvelously saved -
and sanctified her, anq had heal ed her
body in answer to prayer. -
Dr. Bresee will preach at the morn-
ing service at the Tabernacle; Los An-
geles, next Sabbath morning, and Bro.
. 'Goodwin at night.
Nazarene Messenger
Eight o'clock Sunday morning found
many-- faithful hearts in the place of
prayer , and the blessings of God was
upon us, with Bro. Hunts as leader, and
_Ruth at organ, rind the glqry
of God on our souls. Here the sai'hts
'get a good -start for the day.- Sister
Gertrude Brownell brought the mes-
-sage from John 15, _and our hearts were
warmed and comforted as we nestled
up to the loving heart of Jesus and f elt
His abiding presence.
Then in the evening the street meet-
ing at the ---c'Qrner of San Pedro and
Fifth street ''-Was one .of great power
and victory. Brother Riffel read the
word and the. people crowded the _side-
\valk to listen to the inspiring songs of
praise, the testimonies and shouts. Al-
together -it- was a glorious day for the
followers of the lowly Nazarene.
Y-We .celebrate His glory .
With all the saints above,
And shout the joyful story
Of His redeeming love.
N.C. R.
Whereas, Our Bro. R. S. Shaw, who
has been _ so long identified with us as
le.ader of the Brotherhood of St. Steph-
en, and has stood by us through many
trials and confli cts, owing to other
pressing-duties and increasing responsi-
bilities, finds it necessary to r esign his
position ; therefore, -
Resolved, That w-e her eby extend to
him our heartfelt thanks for his help-
ful counsel and brot herly kindness to-
ward each individual member as well
as general inter est of our Brotherhood.
And we will ever pray that the bless-
ing of Him who said, "Inasmuch as ye
did it unto one of the l east .'' may abide -
with him in richest
By order of the :Brotherhood.
$ $ .JII
'\Ve are having good times in . the
work of the Lord. His blessings are
falling upon us as gather in His
name for worship. Many faces are
seen in the congregations, - and . new
scholars continue to be found for the
Sabbath school. The pastor preached
at the Sabbath morning service from
He b. 6 :9, on .''The Things Which
company Salvation," showing particu:
larly the personal results - in the
''thoughts. words and deeds of a child
of 'God.'' At the evening service the
message was on the ''Wisdom From -
Above," in Jas. ::3:17. A family from
llay City, Mich., recently come to this
city, united- with us in church fellow-
ship. A street meeting will be arranged
for on and after .. May 9th, and an after-
n oon ,.service .on Wednesdays at the
homes of. the members in the commu-
nity. An ali-day meeting for April is
withdrawn on acco11nt of pastor being
at the convention at San Diego. . Mrs.
-Lulu H. Rogers }Vi.U :occupy the pulpit
on Sabbath, May 2d at toth A
four days meeting will be held at thia
church on May 24-27.
.;1 $ $
Time rolls on, making constant
changes. Some of our people have been
recently r emoved . by death. Two of
our most saintly won\ en, Sister Wag-
. oner and . Sister Huntley, both in
experience of entire sanctification; died
in great pea-ce. Our people die well.
Thank God for his sustaining grace.
Have recently given letters to three
of our members who leave for otlier
parts. Others have gone without l et -
ters and will send for them later.
The Lord abides. Much is
on the faithful. . An occasional seeker.
One girl happily c'onverterl in the home
of Bro. Sharpless last Monday night.
The Sabbath a good day. A number
of new faces. Sister Johnson of Whit.-
tier was with us, to the delight of our
people. The pastor preached at 11 a.
m. and his daughter Bertha at night.
Young People 's meeting ted by Miss
Mae Burke. W. C. wilson.
.JI .JI $
Sunday, April 18th, was a day of
great bless1ligs, and was filled
-with the manifestations of God's mar-
velous power. In the morning the text
was Heb. 12:14: "Follow
holiness, without which no man shall
see the Lord. " At the close of the
service one seeker came forward. In
the afternoon was the "People's Pen-
tecostal Meeting, '' together with the
''Question Drawer. '' The principal
questions wer e concerning the "gift"
of faith, and the '' grace'' of faith, and
these were very satisfactorily explained .
by Bro. Walker.
The Young People's meeting at 6:30
in the evening was led by Sister Smith.
Our Young People seem to be more en-
thusiastic than ever before.
In the evening Bro. Walker an-
nounced the subject of his sermon as
''The Earnest Desire and Heart Cry of
Every True Child of God,'' and took
for his text Psalms 51 :10: ''Create in
me a clean heart, 0 God, and r enew a
rjght spirit witijin me, " and it was as
a great feast spread.: before the p eopl e.
Husband and I closed our meeting
-with the Pentecostal Church of the
Nazar ene at San Diego Sunday even-
ing, April llth. The IJord gave us a
gracious meeting here. The first ser.-
vice was owned and blessed of God and
t.lie tabernacl e rang with the,_ pra_ises of
the saints. The all-day meeting the
last Thursday was one of victory from
early morning until close at night. The
April 29. 19091
has sQf!1e faithfut people here
who.m we expea to shout with in the
''City of Gold. ''
Souls were saved and san ctified; for
which we .give God the .glory . . One old
!,!lUll eighty years of age was gloriously
sanctified the last Sunday at the morn-
ing service. It was blessed to. see his
face shine aml hear the ring of triumph
in his voice aH he bore t estimony. to the
cleansing blood. . ,.
Rev. Harry J. Elliott, the past9r, is
held in high est eem by his people and
is a faithful shepherd of the flock over
which the Holy Ghost has made him
overseer. He is full of wisdom and zeal
and best of all he has the blessing. The
Lord bless him and his faithful wife.
with all the dear ones there.
Our souls are on the wing. We are
in love with J esus and all the world,
and in for straight, Bible holiness.
B. Rogers.
.JI' .JI' .JI
The Oakland church had a most
blessed day Sunday, April 18. Bro. E.
1\.f. Isaac of North Dakota was with us
in the morning and afternoon and
preached two excellent and helpful ser-
mons. The word was owned and
blessed of God. As J esus was lifted up.
the blood exalted, the Holy Ghost hon-
ored, the fire fell and souls got through
to God and shouted glory, Hallelujah !
The work moves on with the Captain
of our salvation at the head of the
army. - P. G. L.
.. .JI' .JI'
The week before Easter we received
an irivitation to spend Easter at Milton,
On Saturday when we arrived we found
some of our fri ends had announced
that we should preach that evening,
t hree times on Sunday and twice a day
the r est of the week. . We held twelve
services and between twenty and thirty
presented themselves as seekers. The
altar. services were . heavy, with not
much victory until Thursday morning.
when the very windows of heaven
seemed to ope;. and waves of glory
filled the church. There was laughing.
crying,. jumping. shouting, clapping of
hands and glad hallelujahs, a nd every-
one p'resent seemed to get into a better
experience. Seekers for holiness made
the crossing and those already in the
goodly land turned their faces toward
the hill country. Four miles north of
Milton, on the J enny Lind Road is
where we are to holrl holiness
Meeting. The date of the meeting has
been changed to June :3rd to 13th. For
further information apply to C. G. Mor-
rill, Milton, Cal., or the writer. 390
Dolores street. San Francisco, Cal. .
C. W. Welts.
D . . .
'fhe issue of the Beulah Christian for
May 1 will be.'a missionary number of
twenty pages. Send 5 cents for a copy.
Nazarene Meaaenger. .
Rev. W . . c. Williams writes from
Cal. : ''Had a great ali-
day meeting the 16th with Bro. Good-
win. Four seekers for sanctification.
Glory to His name!''
There are hundreds of homes to
which are scatte:red throughout the
land in places where there is no<Church
or Sunday-School which uses holiness
Sunday-School literature. Every one
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for "The Youth's Comrade."
We especially desire to introduce
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We want you to be sure that the
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The proof of the pudding is in the
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Send us 10c. in stamps and we will
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We would like to hear from 500
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Send in at once, as we can only
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Nazarene Publishing Company.

Some of God's Pictures of
the Carnal Mind.,
With Portrait and Introduction
This il\.,,a volume of 350 pages packedfidl of
striking lessons from the life of Jacob, writ
ten in the clear and direct style of this emi-
nent Evangelist. , . . .
Bound in Cloth, Price $1.00
Nazarene Publishing Co.
730 San Pedro Street.
Los Angeles, Cal.
The Time to Strike; _
Or, Our Natron CurtH!.
A story of sixteen chapters, told in
an interesting and graphic way. of
the Curse of the Liquor Traffic, and
its awful effects on the family. It is
timely and should be read by every
lover of cleanness and purity.
Nazarene company
r..o. A1111ela, Cal.
laiHin::- -Seqt
aveso ory .
PUI. CO., 730 Sal ..
r! .. . ..
! The New Song Book1
I Pentecostal Songs I
of the Nazarene i
156 Songs, Psalms and Readings. A large
songs never before published. Round or shaped notes.
Manilla Cover, Postpaid, 15c
100 Not Postpaid - $12.00
number of
We will deliver these books to any address for $13.00 per 100
I -
Nazarene Publishing
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L==========L=O=S===A=N=G=E=L=E=S=, =C=A=L=. =========== aE.
.. -10-
N-azarene Messenger
. . .
Deets_ Pacific Bible College
641 E. 28th St., Los Angeles, Cal.

Henry Scheidman.
The study of missions has wonder-
fu_lly impressed me, and has put such
a n e\v zeal in me that I am glad to go
anywher e the I1ord may l ead, at any
cost, and I am d etermined to work for
the cause of missions as never before.
The missionaries whose characters and
work impressed me most were the fol-
lowing : .
John Elliot, the pioneer: to the Amer -
i can Indians. He di<l such a wonderful
work in gathering his converts into a
tommtmity. with their homes, schools
and church es, and in translating the
entire Bible for them.
Dr. Jn<lson. the pioneer to Bnrmall.
Farther Indi a. When Judson. died
hundreds of converted Burmans were
asleep in .Jesus,: an<l many more were
preaching the Gospel in their own
tongue. His great work was translat-
ing the entire Bible, and making a
grammar and dictionary of their l an-
for them. L . .
sion work in Indi a, as he came to die
the room was wonderfully lighted up
all around him, and h e asked for them
to sing ''Jesus, meine Zuversicht. ''
Swartz, because by his very life he
compelled men to think of God. The
ruler of India would trust and advise
with him, when afraid of his own men.
He preached and lived the Gospel fifty
years in India. . .
Mills, in the early days in the west-
ern wilds of America, because he n ever
waited for opportunities, hut made op-
portunities, even when h e had to swim
(rivers) for t h em.
Xavier, in China, for his intense zeal.
Allen Gardenier in South America.
because he was willing to starve
did) in order to preach the Gospel in
Dr. :Morrison. in Chinn:; even after
he was put in prison his zeal did n ot
stop. He transl ated the whol e Bible
into .Chinese.
\Vm. Carey in Intlia, hecause h e was
willing to plod to have the opportunity
to preach the Gospel.
[April 29, l909
come -a li- opposers in. argument, or if
we understa nd t he doctrines better, or
if we can . write bGtter sermons, or if
we see greater r esults in our ministry,
or if we can make ,a greater number of
proselytes to the cause, or if we give
our money, or if we sacrifice our ease
and comfort, if we a re not keeping in
personal touch with God all the time ?
All these things are only "the sound-
ing brass and the tinkling cymbal,'' if
we with our incr easetl zeal are not go.
ing deeper in our soul .experience. If
we l et the outward get ahead of the
inward are we not dissemblers: ' al\d
hypocrites? If .we defend holiness with
an unholy spjrit are we not of the same
spirit as Satan himself ? 0 , le t us go
deeper! Let: us get such an experience
of the things of God that shall influen ce
onr zeal and let our outward activities
be but the expr ession of the intcnsp
fl anic that burns within !-\Vitncss.
TRACTS By Rev. R. Pierce.
mary Purpose.
the Justified.
Them Up.
Price 20c. per doz.; $1.00 per 100, postpaid.
L1egen balz' great l ove for t he B1 hlP
was wonderf\11." after he l earned that
his mother, who dit>d when he was
small. had wet every pag-e with her
tears as she read and pr-a:ved over it
for him. After of pioneer mis-
in Africa, becanse he was
such an '' man , '' as well as
a missionar,y. OUR HOLY BUSIN_J;SS. "Be ye kind one
to another."
'fhat there is a " holiness movement."
in the world that is of buge and in-
creasing proportions is a matter of
gr eat en couragement . Ther e is no qtws-
tion as t o the divine blessing upon it :
The same signs follow it. as in the days
of the early church. Convicti on. rP-
gen eration, entir e san.ctifi cation and in-
t ense opposition att end it. as truly as
in the earl y d ays. . .
God is nsing human instrunJPntalit.v
to bring this about. If it is to be pre- .
served it must be hy huma n instrnnwn-
tality. Into our hands has been com-
mitted a great and sacred trust. \Ve
<'an not be too careful and anxious tha t
it may become more deeply spiritual
and, to this e1Hl. those to whom God
has committed' this great trust must
themselves keep going deeper int o the
depths of t he di vine love.
There is a danger of substituting
cr eaturely. activity for holiness. becom-
in g so deej)ly engaged in defen<ling. ex-
plaining and championing the doctrines
as to lose the sweetn ess and power of
, the exp01ience t hey represent.
'fhe human soul is a strang.e affair.
not understood even by itself. The
. .very things we most delight in may by
frequent handling lose thPir freshness.
. or, to express it in t h e words of an old
l<' idelia Fisk e in Persia.. because sh e ,
" as ,,ill ing to humbl e h erself and go lOc. per doz.;
0c. per 100, postpaid.
in to t h e lowt>st. and most filthy places
t o r f'scne the girls of Pf'rsia for Chri st.
provl'J'h. ' ' Familiarity hl'l'l'lls t'OII
t l'lllpt.,.
Zeal. adi\ it.Y. self-denial sal'l'l
fil ' !' to ptrsh will not of them-
Sl' lves deepen our exp eri enee. They
may actually hin<l l' r it. Vi' c may ltll -
l'Onseionsly to ourselves rest on t h em
and lose our hold on God. We may be
so bnsy in laying the ffJ.UCduct to l' OJI-
Vt'Y the watf'r to>rs as to forget to
t ai,e enough of the same for our own
what Bushnell says of religion in
general applies here. '' I1et no orte com-
fort himself in the intense of
hi s mind on the snbj e<'t of r elig ion.
This is one of the things to be dreaded.
1'o be always thinking. d ebating schem-
ing. in r eference to the great question
of religion. wi t hont using any of the
talents that belong to
God and the r eceiving of God. is just
the way to extirpa t e the tal ents most
r apidly, al'ld so to close up the mind in
spiritual darkness. How li ttle
does it signify that are always
thonghtfnl on r eli gi ons snhjeets. Tha t .
hy itself. will be vonr rnin."
Leari11ng how t"o cook food will not
of itself feed a hungry man. Enibral'-
ing the doctrine of holiness, teaching.
c}efen1.ling ancl advocating it properly
ar e no substiti.l.tcs for dail y deeper
draughts a t the fountain of holinesA
itself. Of wha t nse is H if we can over-
730 San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Cal.
"'Where Art Thou?''
or, Spiritual Earthquakes.
This by this Evangelist will
arouse, mstruct and bless. Send for it.
Bound in Cloth, 320 Pages
Price, $1.00
Pins ...
We have a new supply of Nazarene
Pins. The Nickel-plated, such as
we have heretofore sold, and a new
kind made of Abalone shell with
black lettering.
25c each
50c each
Nazarene Publishing Company
April 29, 1-909] .
Our- Young. :People
- -- . .. ..
It was from the selfsame window that
both boys looked out one day
And yet, when came their bedtime, l
. heard one laddie say :
"It's been n horrid, horrid .day-0, so
awful mean! " .
The. othei: " It's the ni cest day I think
I've ever seen ! ''
Now why these laddies differed, you
can t ell me if you . try-
For one was I-Jappy-spjrit and the other
Tearful-eye !
..IC .JC ..IC
Dear Children : Did ever think
that children are like old wat ches 7
1. They have to be r epaired (saved)
before they will go ri ght.
2. The j eweler examines them with
a magnifying glass to find the dirt, so
God by His \Yord seeks out sin.
:3. have to be cl eaned to keep
good time. Only J esus, . the heavenly
J eweler. can do this.
4. They must also be oiled, or they
will wear out. The Spiri t anoints.
5. The inside. whi ch keeps time, is
srparate from thr case, and can be
taken ont. So with the sonL
I-TaYe yon given up a ll to the .Tcw-

. .:\ hea ntifnl st ory is told about Sir
Bntl(. an En g-l ish nohl(JlJilll. who "as
once the goYeJnm of Bombay in Tncli a.
and of Colony in
He wrnt f1om homC' on a trip,
and on his rdnrn his "if!' "ent cl own
to the railroad stnt ion t o meet him.
She took with hr r n scn anL "ho harl
never ser n hrr hnsbnncl . \ Vhen they
arri ved at thr r a ihoncl stat.ioiJ shr said
to t he seJ'Y<lll 1'. "Now yon must go and
look for Sir Bartl e."
"But how shall I know him?" ask ed
the servant.
"Oh, " answered the lady, " look for
a t all gentleman helping somebody."
The answer was suffi cient. for when
the servant went to look for Sir Bartle
he fonn<f a tallman helpingm1 old lady
ftom the <'ll r. ancJ this t all mrin proved
to be Sir Bartle himself.
'l'here is an exampl e here which
every girl and boy would do well t o
Six-year-old Ruth was spending t he
afternoon at the home of a little friend.
In the midst of their play t he mother
appeared, and, with the kindest inten-
tion i'n the world. handed each child a
cooky. Putting her hands behind her ,
Ruth shook her head slowly and .said,
"My mamma doesn 't allow me .to eat
between meals. ''
Her temptl;ess, with different ideas
about eating for children, said, "That's
NazP,rene. . :Messenger
nonsense Vfhis cooky :Won't hurt you.
Take it ahd eat it . . Your mamma will
never know, If you're ugtaid she '11 in and' catch you, crawl in here
- under the table -and she'll never see
Amazed, astonished, the child stared
for one horror-stricken moment at the
awful woman who would suggest -such
wicked conduct to her, and then turned
and tied. Straight to her mother's
arms she ran , and there sobbed out t he
story of her t emptation.
When her t ender heart had been r e-
lieved of its burden, she looked at her
mamma and said, "I doi1't fink it 's nice
for grown-np folks to make it so hard
for little girls to be good, do yon,
mamma 7 '}<' I wns a grown-up Indy
and a littl e girl said her mamm.a wonld-
. u't let h<>r cnt a cooky, I'd say, ' Put
it iv po ' tet, dear . and k eep it till
supper tinc. ' ".;_Ram's Horn.

$ $ $
"Tie saith nnto him. fcc(lmv lambs. "
A hoy, living i1i the most pover-
t y-strir.kcn section of a great city,
fonnd his way into a mission Sunday
school and became a Christian. One
day not long after. some one tried to
shake t he (hild 's fai t h hy asking him
some puzzling questions: "If God
really loves you, why cloesn 't He take
het.ter rare of yon ? \Vhy clocsn 't He
tell somebody to srnd yon a pnir of
shoes. or else r oal enough so that you
can kcrp warlllfCJhis winte1 ?" The boy
t.honght a moment. and then said. as
th!' t l'nrs rnshr d to his "I guess
I-T() dors t r ll sonwh()(h'. nnd somcbodv
forgets." 'l'hr saddl' St thing nhont t'l;e
is its trnth.-E pworth Herald.
..IC "" ""
The Pnhlishill g Co. l" .> r ps
Ill stork a assortment of Holiness
. . "
Books, Mottoes, Wall Rolls and Tract!!.
Now friends, patronize ypur own
lishing Jwuse:
Will Convict, Inspire and Bless
Apples of G-old ;
Or Words Fitly Spoken,
Being a Compilation of the brief Spiritual
Heart Messages which have appeared on the
first page of the MESSENGER during the past
two years.
. 240 Pages, Paper.
With portrait, a nd introduction
bylDr. Bresee.
Price 25 Cents
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ln cloth, 60 cents . .
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Plain Account of Christian Perfec
tion. Wesley.
Experience Of Hester Ann Rogers
God Love, by C. S. Eby.
Gospel Stamps (120 in a book).
Five Steps to Entire Sanctification;
.16-page tract, by P. F. Bresee.
Holiness. 16-p., by C. F. Walker.
Man's Desire to Know God. Ser-
mon by Rev. John Short .
Missionary Sermon, by Mrs. Rose
Potter Crist.
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A Fine Proposition ! Get It ! !
I have in my possession for sale. 120 acres of fine unimproved farm land.
Nearly every foot of it suitable for cultivation.
LOCATION. - It is located i.n the great State of Texas, in a well-settled .
and prosperous belt. Only eight miles from a good Rail Road town (County
seat), and one-fourth of a mile from a Pentecostal- Nazarene Church; good
public school; fine neighborhood.
CLIMATE. - The climate is excellent. No malaria. Mild winters.
PRICE. - Extra good bargain. Only $20.00 per acre.
TITLE. -Guaranteed 0. K. No risk whatever.
. Every paid for this land will be absolutely given for Pentecostal-
Nazarene MI'3sions, and will be turned over to the General Missionary Board.
No one shall receive a cent commission for the sale of the land. -
This is a fine investment in two ways. both for yourself and for
Think over it; pray over it, and if you are inte rested let nie hear from you.
All questions cheerfully answered. Address
Dist. Supt. Abilene Dist., Pent. Church of the
Box 96, Hamlin, Jones County, Texas .

Among the sta,tions in the Canadinn
lighthouse service is one upon I slnnd
Dami en , wher e the force consisted of
four k eej)er, his wife, nnq
two assistants.
One day the three men went on the
ice. 'fhey never returned. Befor e the
woman "s eyes they were swept down
by the breaking ice floes. Months af-
t er , when the s upply-ship reached the
island ,,;ith its suppli es for four, it was
met by the woman. .
"Ho" did _yon get throngh the " in-
t er ?" the skipper
.They are nsed to her oism in t he ser-
vice, hut t he thonght of those terrible
month>; c:mght at 'the braYe
h enl'l' as ;;hp r eplied -:
'' 1 cl on 't knm,-. J only know that I
hnn' ktpt thr li ght bnrning.--\Yrstern
"" ""
"Jf \H' r all n mornl dis-
case: the cm:c fol' the di sense is sanr-
1 ifi ea ti on.
Tf \l'l' call it the remains of sin ; the
cle;lllsing is throngh san ctificat ion.
If we call it the r oots of bitterness;
the exttac- ting of the roots is sanctifi ca-
If " e c-all it hent t o sin ; the strai ght-
t:lrans ing it throngh snnctification ..
.ening brace is san ctifi cation.
If we c-all it the offspring of Sat:lll.
. ahr 'Old )fan,' hi s c- lncifixion is snncti-
fi r nti on. '-'
"" "" "" PAY FOR. THE PIPING:-
Thc r olored parson had jnst con-
cludcLl a powcrfnl sermon on "SalYn-
tion a m F:'ree, " and \Yas a nnouncing
thnt a coll ection "onld he takrn f or the
benefit of the p arson rmd his family.
Up jnntpecl an acut el)' brunette brother
in the hack of t h e church.
" Look a-)Par. pahson." h e inter-
tupted. " yo ai n' t no sooner clone tell in'
us dat sahntion am free clan yo ' go
a skin ' n s f o' monev. Jf snlvation am
fr ee, what 's d e use in payin' fo' it ?
Dat 's what I wa nt t o ]mow .. An' J tell
yo' p ' intedly datI ain't goi n' to gib yo'
n othin ' until I find out. Now-"
"Patience. br udcler. p atien ce." said
the parson , "I'll ' luciclate : S'pose .yo'
was thirsty an' come to a river. Yo'
conlcl ki JCcl ri ght down an' drink yo '
fill , coulcl n ' t yo'? An' it . ivoulcln 't cost
yo' n othin '. wonld it?"
"Ob cou 'sc not . Dnt's jest whnt
"Da1 water \Yonl c1 be free, " cori t in-
u ecl t. hc p n t'son. "llnt s ' pos in' yo ' " as
to hnh dat " ater piped to honsc?.
Yo'd hnYc to p ny, wonlcln 't yo ' ?"
"Yes. suh, but-"
"\nl. hrudder. so it is wid sal vntion.
De snh ;it ion am frel'. hnt it 's cl"e ha vin'
it piped to yo ' dat yo' got to pay fo ' .
Pass de hat, dea con. pass d e hnt.''
Some tlo i10t wa nt to pay for the
passin g of it.
Nazarene Messenger
O!fic'ial Announce.ments.
Tlte ti me of the meeting of the Assem-
bly of the Northwestern District is post-
one week and will meet at Seat-
tle, \ash. , June 3d, instead of May
27th, at !) . a . m. This change is made
at t he r equest of the -District Superin-
tendent representing the desire of the
District. P. F . Bresee,
General Superintendent.
'fhe San Francisco District Assembly
is lf;o at Berkeley May 20th, at 9
a. m.
It is expecte\f that in each case the
preceding CWednesclay) evening will
be given to .a great evangelistic service,.
and that bo1;!t Assemblies will remain in
session over the Sabbatl1.
\Vashingt on District , .April 2!);1\'[ay 2;
New York Distri ct , May 6-9; New Eng-
lnncl District, l\Iay 13-16; Pil'tshnrgh
District, l\Iay 20-23.
P . F. Breesee,
H. F . Reynolds,
E. P . Ellyson,
J.eneral Superintcnde_nts.
. Tv all pastors and delegates to
Northwest District Assembly: \Vill all
delegates and pastors who expect to
attend the District Assembly at Seat-
tle, Jnne 3, write n s at once, giving
us n ames of all r egular del egat es and
other regnl nr members of t he Assem-
bl). thnt enter tai nment may be pro-
lVIrs. D. L. \Vallacc, Pastor.
8308 \Yoocllan d Park Ave.,
Seattle, Wash.
New York Distri ct Assembl y-May
6-9, Utiea Ave. Church, Brooklyn, N: Y.
New England Distri ct Assembly-
May 13-16; Haverhill, Mass.
Pittsbur g District Assembly-May
20-23, Enst Palestine, 0.
[April 29, 1909
The above is the title of a poem
which was published in theNew.Year
Number of the MESSENGER. It was
composed by Rev. J. W. Goodwin, in
honor of Dr. Bresee's 70th birthday,
and was read at the Anniversary
meeting on New Year's eve. We
have .published it"in a bei:u1tit'ul little
Booklet so that those who desire to do
so may preserve it. ,
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