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.. The Blood of Jet1ut1 Chritlt Hill Son ut1 From AU Sin.

Vol. XIII.
Los Angeles, California; May 13, 1909 No. 46
The Secret of . Divine Manifestations.
. .
f!ii3i1HE manifestations of our Lord to the soul or than is being given, for the Word says so. These show-
His Church are not haphazard affairs. He has so. ers of heaven always in their trail traits : charac-
arranged it that there cannot l:>e a result without a cause. . ter which work for real victory. There will be an increase
The conditions in divine things are just as inexorable as of self-denial, we shall not need so many earthly things
physical and other laws-'-break them, and you suffer; because we have an addition of heavenly things.
them, you are. blessed. . We might as well face There will be a more complete separation from the :world
the truth that we cannot get to .God over unmet c.onditions, and ways-even legitimitate things-and a more
or get anything from God until we come into harmony continuous separation to the service of God, as these
with Him . . The secret-and yet it is no secret-of getting manifestations are received; . they are death-blows 't<>
the manifestations of Christ to the soul was very clearly worldly ambitions. The life of prayer will become a
declared by Jesus to His disciples, when He said, "He delight with each new touch of glory-and such prayer
that hath my commandments and keepeth them; he it is will at any time tap the glory of heaven and bring things
that loveth me; and he that loveth me shall be loved of to pass. The soul will-be cured of shrinking from suffer-
my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself ing, and its delight will be to suffer-with and for itS Lord.
to him.'' So there is only one way of getting God to man As will be seen from such a life as this there will be
in rich_ blessings and that is by the way of man'.s obedi- victory in the awakening of souls in sin, and salvation
ence to God. We may cry aloud and la!;?h ourselves in will come to many.
trying to "pull heaven down," but the windows of Oh is it not true, beloved, that the ideals of the major-
. heayen will remain closed until we go God's way: and ity are far beyond their practical lives; and if there was
then there would be no need of much trying. Even the a revelation of the secrets of' hearts, would it not be seen
.most frenzied praying is only noise and energy wasted if that there was a cry for more real things than what are
we "regard iniquity in our heart" - doing things for being enjoyed.
human reasons-for God would not hear us. The one Oh Pentecostal-Nazarenes, we have the history of
to the holiness movement is in putting human those who have gone before us-both as to the secrets of
counterfeits in the place of divine manifestations; by so their triumphs-and the secrets of their failures. Let us
doing we grieve the Spirit, deceive ourselves, and hood- keep true to those things which brought God down into
wink most of the people-' 'but not all the people.'' . To a their midst and gave them victory; but let us avoid
holy man or woman rich blessings from heaven on the things which were of men simply and brought defeat.
the individual soul or on the assembled church is a rich . What are we after ?. A Holy Life as the secret of
feast, but the Lord becomes no more real to them becaus$- the Lord's anointing manifestations. R. PIERCE.
of these r efreshings than He is in the quiet moinents of
swee.t meditation. A true soul enlightened by the Spirit
With a trUe discernment, Will easily detect these human P l p k d . TT
ear s lC e . vp.
demonstrations from the Spirit's . manifestations. The
human movements . worked up to a_ pitch by r epetition
singing; marchin.g and handkerchief waving always sub-
sides as quickly as it began, and is generally subject to
the will of him who is in the lead; but a real manifesta-
tion of God among His people,. in answer to right condi-
tions, is under the control of the Holy Ghost, and though
He may come "suddenly"_:_and sometimes without much
warning-where He has His way will accomplish the
purpose for which He comes, the anointing of His saints
and the conviction of the world. Divine manifestations
produce divine character, ' but a mere outburst of religious
enthusias'm leaves no permanent impression on the soul.
Where there are .divine manifestations-and thank
God there are many, . and should .. be more-the're wiil be
corresponding results; and certainly" we have a right to
.demand greater re!;!ults from those holiness
IF r elations with God are right, failure is impossible ..
MoRALITY could never survive the death of Christian-
JEsus had the adoration of the angels, but came and
let man spit in His face.
THROUGH Jesus Christ God got to man-in Christ God
found a man and man found a God.
WHEN a man says he cannot live without sin, he is _
fighting regeneration, not holiness.
You might as well have a powder mill 'in hell and
have no explosions from it, as to have carnality in.the
heart and it do no danger.
-- .- : pAUL would as well have lived here as in heaven,
but he desire.d .to have his goods shipped for glory, as
that was his final destination.
Con-tributed Artieles
There is. often more religion
our simple-hearted deeds,
Than we find by careful study
In our . complicated
For our acts may hold . .the spirit
Of the Nazarene of old.
Ndiarene Messenger
. . '
of gJ;apes . . Of: in our da:y a :per-
soil to be a Christian at ail' nius'f not
. drink liquor. But this is typical 'r ather
than iiteral. There may be certain en-
tertainments one may go to and retain
his justification; certain pleasures he
J.llay indulge in. But when he makes a
consecration of himself to God for holi-
ness he l oses and for these
and gl adly turns from in order to
[M!iy 13t 1909
clothed_ .. this"-Iight;
that: regenerated souls . can,. . and . only
walk' in this. light or in God
t he
And all Bible truths aTe piainer
When by human action told.
Deeds that shine by His reflection,
Deep into another's need;
better serve G.od. There are social
gatherings that the Nazarite must cease
from. There is certain wearing apparel
adornments he must l ay , aside.
There are certain pursuits that can be
followed no longer. Others may in-
dulge. in andenjoy these things but the
Nazarite .cannot.
Bear ' upon their face a gospel,
Which the world will always read.
If our hearts gave truer utterance
Of the truths they claimto know,
Life would be a benediction,
Scattering Heaven's peace below.
As n'ature atlapts . every healthy eye
to the light of the sun, so, however,
every eye of saints must be single and
fitted to see in God's effulgence. When
this-fails to be, we cannot see the light
to walk in it. Theri we may see the
midnight spectres of fancy, jump at
wild conclusions, evil hurtful, and
s1uely we fail to walk in God as He is
in the light. . But John says, "If we
say that we have fellowship with Him,
and walk in darkness, we lie, and do
not the truth.'' To walk in darkness
is then to be without God manifested
as the eternal life. "But if we walk
in the light, " that is; in God the light,
have the life, being converted- and can
see to. walk in the light, "as He (God)
is in the light, we have fellowship one
with another ," that is, fellowship with
God and He with us, ''and the blood of
Jesl.is Christ, His Son, cleanseth us from
all sin," the unrighteousness of sin, as
spoken of in verse 9. Now in verse 8
we read, ''If we say (John including
himself with t he saints, alive in God)
that we have no sin (no unrighteous-
ness: for ''all unrighteousness is sin,''
1 John 5 :17) we deceive ourselves, and
the truth is not in us.'' Of course John
cannot mean aet\1al sins; f_or actual sin-
ners are of the devil. See 1 John 3 :8.
But John does mean inbred pollution.
How \ve understand him conceril-
ing its presence and cleansing.
.)C $ ,J&
(2) The Nazarite must not even eat
the grape, either dried or moist. (He
would be hard on "raisin day. ") These
may typify lawful things the Nazarite
P. G. LINAWEAVER. must deny himself of. Self-denial; ab-
In our last article we noticed that the stinence. You may be considered queer,
peculiar, strange acting, but you are
Nazarite was ( 1) a type of the holiness.
called to l,)e . peculiar.
people. 2. In what respects he typi-
ned the holiness . p'eople. (a) He be- Self,denial and abstinence ar e not
came a N azarite. from choice. (b) By pleasures and luxuri es. We are a pleas-
consecratiQn. And today we shall see me-loving, ease-loving people today.
3. By way of the "second blessing. " Too many draw back fro:rp. the hard,
He evidently was a child of God be- toilsome life. We . want ea;e, comfort,
f h d I
t. A d luxury, pleasure, and w.e draw back
ore e rna e us consecra wn. n no
doubt a devout child of God. Had he . from suffering; self-denial, abstinence;
a life of toil. It may not be the most
easy t hing to see others enjoying them-
selves, indulging in certain pleasures,
wearing certain toggery, having an
easy time and you denied all these.
But, thank God, you will find your de-
light in J esus and in the 'true service
of God. Then don't let anything tempt
you from the true Nazarite life.
been a sort of cold; car el ess, half-heart-
ed. Christian, he would had little
or no disposition to take upon him the
vow of the Nazarite. It is so today.
The experience of holiness is . a ''second .
blessing." And he who seeks this bless-
. ipg is one who is already a deeply spir-
itual person, I-I e is al ive to God. He
is active in Christian work; not church
work, but real Christian work of get-
ting souls converted and doing such
things that belong to the Christian life.
The half-hearted. Chri11tian has no dis-
position to seek holiness. He is slug-
gish, Jileavy, dull, stupi d in spirit and
seeks ease and plea!:)ure and . wants to
be let al one; to disturb him is to arouse
antipathy, opposition, irritabil-
ity, et c. But the one who i s thorough-
ly alive to God is in for the ''second
4. The N azarite abstains from some
things that others may indul ge in. And
tli.1s is why so inariy will not seek en-
sanctification. They may offer
many excuses, and give _many reasons
why they are not satisfied. But the
real r eason is they do not want to pay
t he pride and be. considered peculiar.
(1) The could drink no .
. strong drink, vinegar, or liquor
That John makes the cleansing a sub-
sequent blessing to walking in God. or
of our conversion is too plain to deny,
$ $ $ but he certainly fixes both the presence
COMMENTS ON I JOHN; CHAPTER If of sin and its cl eansing as a present
G. w. BUGH. tense work. He confesses himself, w.ith
Preceding verse 5, we closed consid- others of saints, to be unright.eous in
ering St. John's purpose of writing. It this !'espect, and that the blood, the
was t hat he sought a fulness of joy in same as fait h in the atoning bl ood,
the saints, or the believers justified by cleanses, not has .cleansed, but contin-.
grace. John continues, "This then is ually "cl eanseth from all sin." But
the message which. we have heard of , reader, mark th.e words, "from all sin. " .
Him." .That is, the message. of the Here is a pivot at the end of the whole
\Vord or of the Life, known as -the Son climax where cavilers ancl sin stieklcrs
of God. Now he adds; "And declare fail to get John's import. The fact is,
unto you, that God is light and in Him there is a sin of pollution in all be-
is no darkness at all. '' God is. here set . Iiever s who attempt to walk in God.
forth as the light of the sun . . -Tha:t .He The light exhibits t his . . But as so.on as .
was this light, a l ight brilliant_ to per- .we out in the light and have faith
fection, without a shade of darkness or ,. ii1 the .blood, the cleansing begins and
a sunspot a t a ll, a fuliy bright ancl -instantaneo)lsly the Cleansing is effected
a perfect medium for . vision, 'so that from all sin . .. This is in harmon.:Y wHh
everybody. with eyes a:_dapted to .. the . Act :s; :9_: . 'Except -.t h.ai'1here,'
light can see clearly. The. r eader please ca:use of aorist tense. in Greek, we.
remember God himself isthis.1igh_t; should read the verses, ' 'And who
May 13, 1909]
. . . . . '
. the hearts, beat them testi-
given -them the Holy.._
af! unto us; and put no . di{
ference between us and . them, having
purified their hearts by faith." Now,
in 9 and 10, John recalls the filCt
of actual sins .to the
mercy of grace and the difference be-
tween ac;tual transgression and the si n
unrighteousness." Again he
includes himself, as if yet with sinners
he also was a guilty sinner; but let us
not forget h e puts all in the subjunc-
tive mood, i ' if." Not that it neces-.
sarily is the case with saints or witl1
himself. John in no expression gain- .
says any of his teaching in the subse-
quent chapters. He does not here con-
fess himself a guilty sinner, and does
not seek to be understood as that he
did not in God or 1-:iis light, and
that h e was a soul without
the actual faith application of the life-
giving and sin-cleansing blood of Jesus
Christ. ' 'If we confess our sins, he is
faithful and just to forgive ns our sins,
and to eleansc us from all unrighteous-
ness. If we say t hat we have no1
sinned, we make Him a. liar, and Ili s
word is not in us.' ' So far was it from
John's purpose . to tt>aeh t he theor,v of
. sinning religion that he a<l<is in verse 1
of t h il next chapt er, '"rhcse things
write I unto you that ye sin not." An<l
writing as he does, to saints in the faith,
he says, ' 'And <'Very m_an that hath this
hope in him purifi eth himself. as
he ( God the Father) is pure." That is.
as pure as the pill'<' blood of Christ C' an
make us_ UJ)On our faith.
Than]{ God for IJ is I ight; fo1 the
deansing blood and the sanctifying
Holy Ghost.
Beebe>, ; \l'lc

'rlw writer is h ere, in Stamford,
Conn., assisting :Paster Ingersoll of our
in extra meetings. The New
York East Conferen ce of the Meth(l-
dist Episcopal church is also holding its
annual session in the First 1\f. K church.
with Bishop Daniel Goodsell presiding.
It was my privil ege t o h ear the bishop
give his address to the young ministers
w ho were knocking for admission at t he
<loor of the confer ence. It was a mas-
t erly address. deliver ed in tlie Spirit of
,Jesus, W c wer e both <1 elighted , and
. profited by the same.
Disciplinary Questions.
. . "' . l . ' . . . . #.
before they can be ordained arid re-
into . the conference, the bishop,
very wisely.; though with great simplic-
ity, explained the meaning of the var-
. ious questions, that each candidate may
know what the Methodist Episcopal
church stands for, and that he may the
more intelligently answer the questions
so soon to be propounded . to him.
Bishop Goodseil explained some of
important doctrines of the M. E.
church, from both the Wesleyan and
Scriptural standpoints. Never, at any
annual conference, have we heard any
-bishop do better. 'l'he doctrine of
' 'Christian perfection' ' was treated
well. While the bishop was not as ' ' rad-
ieli l " as we eonld have wished him on
this great and important doctrine of
still he was sane, dear, log-
and Scriptural. \Vc were much
pleased t hat t he bishop made no r efer-
mtce to '' Crauktification, '' as had been
done for nuiny year s past, in this and
other annnal conferences, by one of his
<'Oll cagtws. who has since passed into
anot world.
Versus " Nazarene."
lu: speaking of the various " tiew r eli-
gions, '' as he called t h em, t hat have
sprung up the last twenty-five or more
years, the hishop made' reference to one
set:t called ' ' The. Nazarites, '' that
<'a used ma ny good people . t o be led
astray into ,\'ild fauaticism, a nd finally .
into awful sin. The bishop stopped
1i ght her e and said in suhstimc<': " I
,not t efer to the 'Church of t he Naza-
r ene ' . Onee befor e, at an annual con-
fer e uee. I made r ef erence to the 'N aza-
rite ' m'ovenwnt. "ivhen some. on e went .
away thinking .I meant. the ' Chureh of
the Nazarent>;' and put t hree columns
in a paper,- stating tha.t I had spoken
against t he ' Church of the Nazarene. '
when. I madl' 110 r eference t o it what-
<' \' Cl' , but to a peeul iar sect call ed 'The
whi ch went down some time
since in awful sin." The bishop went
on to say that as he was in Los Angeles.
( 'al.. some year s ago when t he " .Church
of t he N azarenc" was organized , and
while he que.stioned the advisability of
startibg a 11"ew denomination at that
time, when so many new mov ements-
wer e then springing up all over the
country , nevertheless. h e did not say
ahont our church what h e was r eported
to have said.
T ... ater in the day, I had a personal in-
t erview with Bishop Goodsell and told
him t h at I was a member of the P ente-
<ostal Church of the Nazarene and ha<l
"Nazaite." (Perhaps this' '.Nazarite;:'
sect were the crowd whose men : wore
long hair and whose women wore short
hair, as well as teaching many other
fanatical . doctrines, but finally went
down.in awful disgrace. ) .
Now, beloved, we fully believe that
Bishop . Goodsell has _been misunder-
stood, misjudged, and misquoted in this
matter, and that it is due. him that. we.
make public this corr ection. Let us see
to it that the plaster covers the sore!
Not only is it due the bishop that we
correct this mistake, but also good for
the ''Pentecostal Church of the N aza-
rene," a.nd better still-for the cause of
Bible Holiness, for which our church
stands, not only to spread it good and
t hick, but to conserve it as well! Would
it he out of order for me to state here,
that t his New York East Conference
during the last three years has recog-
ni zed the parchments of t hree minister-
ial brethren who have gone from our
movement into their conference and
hfl vc made them. local elders of the
same, and have r eported t ile same in
thcit annual minutes. \Ve simply st&te
this to show that neither Bis'hop Good-
sell, n or the New York East Conference
of the :Methodist. Episcopal church (nor
does a ny other conference of the M. E.
t' hurch ) look upon our church as being
in any way connected with t hat wild
se<t on ce known as ''The Sect of the
N aza rites ! ' '
Brethren, let ns be .car efuL-how and
" hat we hear f Let us be slow to speak,
and slow t o write, and slow to wrath,
' ' for the wrath of man worketh not the
1ighteousness of God.''
Yours for t he spr eading of Script ural
htll iness over these and other . lands.
A mt>n ! '' Keep on believing.''
J ohn .Nor berry.

\\Till bistrict Superintendents please
send in the names of all new Pentecos-
t al Churches of t he Nazarene organized
on their district s since the last General
Assembly. with the number of me:m-
hers. na me of pastor, etc. Also kindly
report churches as . organized in the
fnture-so t hat t hey can added to
the district lists- to secr<>t ary General
R. Pierce.
730 San P edro St., Los Angeles, Cal.
A r emarkable book by Elder Can-
seen the arti cle -in print h e r ef erred to. right, who was long one of the l eading_
and did not. know hut the r epor t was , advocates of Adventism. If you are at"
<orrect.. but was pleased to h ear from all inter ested in the subject, or if you
his own lips the r llpmt. was fals e ! T
have any friends who ar e troubled on
. Before asking the usual 'disciplinary ..
_. questions to these young preachers, wh(l
innst answer the same "in the affirmative
tnlcl h im I would write to our papers this subject, . you should get this . great
and ha,;c the false r epor t corrected in book. It is intensely interesting, and
the same. He was grieved to t hink t hat is profita.ble r eading for any one. Sent
any of. us should think h e was guilty of
such a misdemeanor. --He said -the mail. po:;;tpaid cloth binding, or
who wrote the article misunderstood . 60" cents -pape.r . . - . . . .: . . . - . .
him to say "Nalr.arenc" wlten h e sa.id NAZARENE PUBLISHING CQ . ..
(]orrespondence .
Nazart:nf: Messenper
than a single congregation . . :However, entire :His sea:l wrll be
it ";as not until .the work began set to our work: Our, prayer to God
to spread,. and when the Nazarenes .is that He wilf give us a:.Iew more
N.ow brethren; .don.'t slack up in united 'vith the Pentecostal Association wh<>lly sanctified preachers arid even-
in 1907 there .were fifty-two churches in gelists "who are willing to go out under
sending your news items and other d th bl k 1 'th o d d b. 'ld
the Nazarene bo y. e ue s y a one. WI o an m
matters of interest for the Messenger. "The Association . of P.entecostal 11P a work, n and then holiness (as a
them brief, bright, but no.t boast- Churches" was formed in Brooklyn, second definite work of grace-,-"the
ful, tll.e fagts, and yvill gl9r- . N. Y., in_December, 1895 (one month second. blessing," properly so-called
ify the Master. later than 'when: the Nazarene Church according to . John Wesley) will be
,.Vas organized); by three independent :preached m all 'sections of these prov-
"" "' $
The first annual Asserill)ly of the
Northeast .District, Pentecostal Church
of the Nazarene, was held in the Pen-
tecostal Church at Oxford, N. S., April
15-18 . . .
This District, which was set off from
the New England District last October,
comprises New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
Prince Edward Island and Newfound- .
land, and Evangelist Ernest Dearn ?f
Oxfor:d is District Superintendent.
The Assembly opened Wednesday
evening with a praise service led by
Pastor Jones of the local church.
Thursday evening Rev. S. H. Clark of
the Reformed Baptists preached on the
text, Eph. 6 :10, ''Finally my brethren,
oe strong in the Lord, and in the power
of his might. "
Friday afternoon a pra.yer and praise
service led by Bro. Cl ark was ''a time
. of refreshing from the Lord. '' Friday
evening General uperintendent H. F.
Reynolds of Haverhill, Mass., arrived
and preached on text, ''TilPHe Come.''
Bro. Reynolds was schedul ed to arrive
from Newfoundland in time for the
openi.qg service Wednesday night, but
the i ce flow in Cabot Strait, between
Newfoundland and Cape Breton, was
such that he was delayed three days.
Saturday was a day of business.
F9urteen delegates were entitled to
seats in the Assembly, of whom seven
were present. Miss Myra Brannon of
Oxford was elected secretary of the As-
sembly and Pastor Jones statistical sec-
retary. Various .. committees were . ap-
pointed, some of which reporte d to the
Assembly. Reports from the churches
at St. John's, Newfoundland; Yarmouth
and Oxford, N. S., were read and ac-
septed. The work for the coming year
was outlined and plans made to carry
out the . program. 1
The Sunday morning love . feast wal'!
in charge of Bro. M. E. Pugsley of
Amherst, at the close of which the
Lord's Supper was served. Sunday
--afternoon the-ordination of Pastor R. b.
Jones of the local church was held, Rev.
H. F. Reynolds conducting the service.
Afterwards Bro. Reynolds spoke of the
growth of the organized holiness move-
ment. He told how the ''Chur ch of the
''Nazarene'' was formed in :Los Ange-
les on the third Sabbath of November,
1895, when Rev. P. F. Bresee and about
. eighty-five persons stood together and
pledged themselves to .God . and each
other. to stand for holiness, :with little
thought that it would ever
be more
holiness churches uniting. This work inces. Rl'lssell L. Jones.
spread until churches .were organized ,_,. _,. _,.
in all the- New England states, Oxford, DALLAS DISTRICT.
N. S., . and as far west as Iowa, so that
when this boqy and the Church of the I am glad to report victory through
Nazarene formed the , union at Chicago the blood. I am growing in grace these
October 16, .. 1907, it had forty-seven blessed days. Since the great -Assem-
churches. About the same time that the
Na:zarenes of the west and Pentecostals bly meeting I have been kept quite
of the east were organized the "Holi- busy. In fact I have no time to stop
ness Church of Christ" was formed in and reason with the devil. God keeps
the southern states and the "Holiness my hands so full. of work for Him that
Christian Church" in Pemisylvania and I do not find time to fool with any of
Indiana, both of which bodies united the devil 's business. All my time be-
with the Pentecostal Nazarenes in 1908, longs to God. Then again, if the devil
making 228'-clmrches in the movement does hang around me and torment me a
October, 1908, since which . time many little, I never let him. find it out; I go
new churches have .been right on shouting the victory as though
The Pentecostal Church of the Naza- he were not in the country, and he soon
1ent has missionaries in. Japan, India, gets disc,ouraged at this and hunts for
Cape Verde Islands, Africa and Mex- some one who has more time to listen
ico; several flourishing educational in- to his hellish plans. God taught me this
stitutions and a few publishing honses little secret, and I will not charge you
that are sending out an increasing anything for it.
amount of . holiness literature. each Well, the work is progressing nicely
week. The fact that the different on Dallas District. Vve have
bodies mentioned in this article have several new churches since the Assem-
" come together" is an open demonstra- bly and there are calliQg for us
tion of the truth that sanctification is to come and organize them. I have en:
not divisive, but unifying. Pentecostal gaged Rev. J. A. Celcer and his band to
Nazarenes are not sowing the seed of hold several tent meetings on. the Dis-
" come-.out:ism," "tongues," "wild trict. The holiness people in other
fire" and "fanaticism," but are preach- churches are inquiring into 'our work.
ing justification by faith and that be- best people of the country are look-
lievers are to be sanctified wholly sub- ing this. way; God is bringing his holy
sequent to justification through faith people together, and if we keep our
in the Lord Jesus Christ. ranks clean and free from all forms of
\<Vhen we behold the rapidity of the worldliness and keep the fire -burning
growth of the holine.ss movement and on our altars we .are sure to win. I
especially the marvelous. development was never more encouraged to press the
and unity of organi)ied holiness in con- . battle. I am in the fight to stay.
nectioii with the Pentecostal Church of J. D. Scott, D. S.
the Nazarene, we are led to exclaim, _. _. _.
as did one of old as he beheld the pros- c . HICAGO, ILL.
perity of God's chosen ones, "What
hath God wrought!" A gracious work of salvatio.n con tin-
Statistics of the Assembly show that . ues at the First Church of the Naza-
ti:Je Pentecostal Nazarene work is prog- rene, Chicago. During the mon.th of
ressing well in this District. A year April, Bro. Cornell, the pastor, con-
ago . we had only one church, now we. dncted a series of noon-day meetings at
have three; a year ago only one or- Willard hall, in the very center
dained minister and two licensed of the business section of the city.
preachers in the District, now there These meetings were productive of
are five ordained ministers, three evan- great good. They were largely attend-
gelists and four li censed preachers. eel and nearly 200 persons were for-
New work is being opened in Spring- ward as seekers of salvation, many of
hill, ;N. B.; Trinity, Bay of Islands; whom 'claimed the victory.
Clark's Harbor, Carboneer and Harbor Last Sunday (May 2) the pastor was
Grace, Newfoundland, and campaigns ill and Mr. George W; Meredith
are planned for Tatamagouche- and preached two most excellent sermons . .
other points .in Nova Scotia. Therewere nine seekers during the day
The Pentecostal Church of the Naza- and very large, audiences. The general
rene is in the .. Maratinic . Provinc<isto work- of the church is prO'Spetous ; ' tlie
stay,, and as long as we starid true to Sunday school is jncreasirig in .member-
God, teaching, preaching and possessing . ship, the Young People's n1eetings. are'
the !3)ble poctrine and. of interesting anc;l well attended and the -
niiancjai irrterests of -the l:Q.
. a ; healthy: condition. . .
Street meetings will begin soon and
the work . for souls will be pushed
throughout the summer.
.Itoliinson for-f9W as Bro: Huff-can:-no't BAKERSFiELD, CAL_-:
- cori.e. next .year.- Let ali' of our dear . victory yeste$y. Our pastor .was at
people join us in prayer that . God will his best . and. brought & clea.r
lead us on to mighty victory in these that was gladly received by a >large au-
undertakings. . dience . .. One . new member 'w.as added
The great West Pullman camp meet-
ing occurs July .2-11, with Dr. C. J.
Fowler; . Dr. B. Carradine; and Rev.
Charles Weigle as specal workers. -.A
wonderful camp meeting is anticipated.
We thank God for His continued favor
and' blessings and press forward for vic-
tory . .
_, . ..- ,.,c ,.,c
The meetings_ held by Bro. Huff pave
closed, yet the Lord abides with us.
. Many precious souls . will nev-er forget
these meetings. Bro. Huff has won a
-\%:rm place in the hearts of dear
Portland people. Some of the altar
scenes we shall never forget. Over one
hundred different persons were at the
altar during the meetings -and we be-
lieve most of them prayed through , to
victory. We had some extraordinary
cases. Whole families were brought to
Christ. One evening two little girls
came to the aitar arid . Jesus sweetly
saved them. They.went home and told
their parents and on Sunday morning
the father came with his little girls to
the church and got gloriously convert- .
ed. - On Tuesday evening he brought
'his \vife and she went to the altar and
in a few moments Jesus sweetly saved
her, and as. she stood up and testified
with tears in hell) eyes she told of how
the child,en had led them to Christ.
'Mothers wept . and shouted for joy as
fheysaw their sons and daughters pray
through and ,,find Christ. Husbands
and wives embraced . each other ancl
wept like little children as they were
saved, sanctified or reclaimed. Back-
sliders of long. years with hard-looking
faces were r(>,J!laimed and God put the
same mellow, . heavenly smile and glory
upon 'their faces that they once had.
The meetings closed a:t a very high
tide. ',['he last -Sabbath was a great day:
A good . offering_ was received in the
morning. In the afternoon 'the new
church was packed fnll and running
over. Ten were received into church
fellowship and after a great sermon on
the sixth chapter of Isaiah a good altar
service followed. In the evening
house could not hold the people- and
after a great sermon on the second com-
ing. of . Christ, from seventy-five to a
hundred stood up for prayer and the
altar was lined with seekers. Bro. Huff
fairly groaned: ill spirit when he saw
the mass of hungry souls, and he said
he never had felt more grieved to think
the meetings had to close at such a
high tide. Could we have continued
another week, God only knows where
this meeting would have ended.
We have arranged to have a great
campaign lasting a month each
year; -- either April. or May, and h'ave
begun to pray for it already. Bro. Huff
has .been secured for that month for:
1911 and we are expecting to get Bud
A. 0. Henricks, Pastor. to our band. The' :30 Bible study was
. ar .. ar. . well and a:fter feasting on the
word touching sanctified ''Hope/'
ASHLAND, ORE. terM. E. Stephenson gave the message
Just i 'few words to call the attention full of power and blessing. The holi-
of the dear Nazarene family to the fact ness people have been praying for and .
that (D. V.) Bro. Ruth will be with us are now expecting the. greatest reviyal
from Thursday, May 6th io Sunday, this ,city has ever known. It has al-
May 16th, and we request .. the earnest ready begun. The sound in the mol-
prayers of . all -the saints that our God berry trees is growing quite distinct.
will richly bless his stay among us to Glory! glory! Pray for us.
the edification of the saints and in the S. L. Jones.
salvation .of niany precious souls.
If opposition. is any criterion of God's
working among us, then God is work-
ing mightily, for there never was a time
in all our history as .-a church when the
devil has so strongly fought and op-
posed us as during the last few months,
hut bless His name we are not cast
down and our faith is as strong as ever
that our God is going to give us a
mighty landslide of salvation in this
place, for our Go_d is mighty to save
and strong to deliver. Yours for full
salvation. A. 0.
.II .JI. ,)1
.Mrs. . Phoebe Epperson, the well- .
known evangelist. has accepted a call
as a temporary pastor of the Berkeley
church. She lately held a revival in
Berkeley, and will supply the church
for a month or so longer. The sermon
Sunday morning was upon "tithing."
The subject was forcibly presented and
at the close a number expressed theln-
selves as intending to begin this system
in their church giving.
.II "'
The work in San Jose is encouraging.
There are a f ew of the elect in this
place. and the little band are 'stnnding
together faithfully. They all seem to
feel the importance of just such a work
and are praying that the seattered holi-
ness people may be together
and a strong church built up. We ex-
pect Bro. St. Clair to begin another
series of meetings with us, ]\<[ay_ 26th.
-:- The meetings yesterday were indeed .
seasons of refr.eshing. The Lord gave
great victory at the eleven o'clock ser-
vice. The lesson on perfect love was
the means of His o}vn choosing to in-
spire self-examination, which developed
some traces of the old man's lingering
presence and _ Jed to deeper f:lOnsecra-
tions. The approach of the summerrsea-
son is the signal for the annual exoch1s
to the coast and mountain resorts, but
despite the.,:llOt weather of . yesterd_ay,
some of oi.1r 'little band ' came in from
twelve miles distant to attend the ser-
vices. Well, the UP" look is good. Thei;e
is victory in the camp, and w.e are he-
Iiev'irig for greater things.' --
. J. V. Langstaff . .
.JI .- ,)1
The first revival convention of the
Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene in
Denver, April 18 to May 2, was sub-
stantial in the promotion of holiness
and the church. As we were unable to
rent our present hall for week day ser-
vices; through the courtesy of the pas-
tor and official board of the M. E.
Church .South, we were tendered the
use of their church. \V e were nobly
assisted for the first four days by Rev.
C. B. Allen, conference evangelist M .
E. church ; C. H. Danel, superintendent
Nazarene .. l\{ission of Longmont, and
. Rev. R L. Wisler, pastor Nazarene
church at Boulder Valley, until the ar-
rival- of the evangelist. C. w,. Ruth,
whose powerful, convincing, instructive
preaching disarmed much of the preju-
dice against the young church, and
brought a number of seekers to the
altar in almost every evening service
The personal touch of Bro. R.uth 's con-
-genial. cheerful socialibility was much
enjoyed by all who met him. As. a Bible
expositor he is clear, concise, deep. In
his labors he is indefatigable.
Rev. L. E. Burger, pastor Nazarene
church at Greely, assisted in
the last few days of the meeting.
Throughout the convention the sing-
ing was inspiring-both the congrega-
tional singing and the messages in song
of Mrs. Gertrude Ford, and .the Bowes
\\Te believe much more could have
been accomplished tl1rough -Bro. Ruth's
ministry. at this time had we been in a
church of our own. '\Ve trust the dear
Lord has in store for .us in the near
future- a .substantial home of worship,
so .greatly needed in Denver by the
holiness people. ... .
Alpin .M. Bowes, Pastor.
The God of battles is with us. The
Nazarene church at this place is grow-
jug in grace and numbers, for which we
praise Him. Some souls finding Jesus
most every " 'eek. '\Ve received twen-
ty-one new members into church fel-
. lowship in the past few week.
Qur church suffered great loss in
the death of Rev . . J. W. King, who has
been our associate pastor. Our loss is
his gain. Lewis E. Burger.
Nazarene Messenger
. . . ... .
111 . i_r!: "lnit . . by t he
Spidt .Hin-iselfi anrl ns it is "llw
=====;=:============= == will of God even your sa;nctificntion,
P. F. Bresee, Editor
.. R. Pierce, ORice Editor
C. J. Kinne, Asst. !ditor and Bus. Mgr.
Enter<! at the p ost-office, Aug. 7, 1900, at Los
Angeles, California, a9 second-class matter.
Publisboo Every Thursday.
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It a lways causes 'trouble and delay, and may cause
Parties receiving the paper regularly without having
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In case of any irregularity or failure to reCeive your
paper, notify the Publisher by muil at once.
How TO REMIT - Remit by Money Order or Bank
Draft, payable to
Tel. Broadwau 483J Home F-2676
My h eart has glowed as I h3: ve
thought of the possibilities of a layman
in the Pentecostal Church of the Naza-
r ene. As I have written of "If I \vere
a layman ,' ' the faces of noble an d effi-
. cient men ap.d women have risen befor e
me, who have served the church faith-
. fully and brought things to pass ; lead-
ing souls to Jesus, and guiding their
feet to the fountain of cleansing; put-
ting t heir arms under the weak, help-
ing the needy, and being in so many
ways a bl essing.
As 1 have pressed upon myself the
what I would do if I were a
layll}.an, and have looked at these up-
turned faces, ther e has come the deeper
question, "If I were a l ayman, what
would I be?'' I have discovered that it
is not so much what these most noble
ones have done as what they have been.
Under the influence of t hese saintly
people who have so helped me in so
many ways, I have encouraged myself
to say that:. were I laym.an, I would
seek first of all, to be fully
The Will of
I have been impressed t hat it has not
been so much what these nobl e laymen
have done as what they were and are,
which has made them so much. of a
blessing. It was through their touch
that my eyes were opened to see that
it was the will of God even my sanc-
tification- not so much what they did,
but the breath of t he Spirit through
them. As no r eal advance can be made
that-" all things may be brought to
pass by Him; if I were. a l ayman i
Yould never rest until I received the
sanctifying . baptism with the Holy
Ghost, that I might be fillC'rl with nll
t:he fullness of God.
As Christian disc;iples are to be t he
light of the . worid, and inasm'11ch as
\vithout the luminouA- glory of the in-
dwelling. of His divine personal-ity,
t here is nothing lum1nous in. us, I would
open t he door by nn entire consecra-
tion to Him, thnt lie might come in,
nnd nccording to the promise of God,
"burst forth in me in glory." I h llVt'
been so impressed with t he fact that
one man anointed and imbued with the
Holy .Spirit is of so much more value
t_o a church t han a hundred ordinary
professors . of religion, that I would
never cease to seek this promised gift .
Being con vi need as I am, that a real
Pentecostal outpouring of the Holy
Spirit upon a people is of utmost value
to t he cause of Gorl in t he enrt.h, I
wonld, if I were a layman, join with
the pastor and every fellow-layman I
could secure to so do; in continued
prayer and suppli cat.iou to God for re"
newals of Pentecost upon t he church,
and \yould wait and pray and testify
ancl expect and receive t he mighty out-
pouring of .the Holy Ghost. My whole
being cries out t hat, if I was a layman,
I would seek upon myself and other s
constant P entecostal
.JC ..- .JC
How beautiful is sincerity. One can-
not help admiring the man who tena-
ciously, and at some sacrifice, holds to
his beliefs. and individual judgment. It
casts a charm over the mistaken man.
He says, ''I do my duty as I see it. I
may be mistaken, but I am sincere. "
Will this principl e stand test 1 Now
this is exactly what the heathen says,
and the Mormon, and the hetrodox pro-
fessor. Saul of Tarsus said the same
thing and "verily thought was doing
God service." All false beliefs find
shelter under this banner. The prin-
cipl e taught by Paul, "J.Jet every man
be fully persuaded in his own mind,''
whi ch r efers to non-essential but expe-
dient and non-expedient matters, is
magnified into an excuse for all forms
of doc_trine and practice. Sincerity is
necessary to honesty, but it is not a
standard for onr conduct. The law of
righteousness outside of pur flelves, and
.our' t hinking, iudepel{d ent of ns_:::fltlpe7-
t;ior t.o us, at; if. us:_ My
thinking a thing is right rloes not. make .
it so. H en ce creeds; beliefs, doctrines,
etc., ar e only' binding as they express
this law of righteousness. A mother
sincer ely giving a dose of pou;on by mis-
take does not prevent t he e ffect s.
No more, a soul ' imbibing a false belief
is shielded f r om its disastrous
Paul, after i1is conversion, did not say
I was mistaken, I was just as good a
man then as now. Hear his -own - de-
- scription = "I was hefore a blasphemer.
and a persecutor, and howbeit.
I obt ainerl mercy, because I did it ig-
norantly in nn belief. "
What a man believes affects his hear t
and conduct , however sineerc. One be-
lieves he may cultivate hatred, r evenge,
persecution, narrowness, bigotry; anrl
his conduct accords with this belief.
Another l earns the truth as it is in
Jesus, and acts accordingly. The siu-
cer e man cannot be char ged with wil-
ful disobeaience; neverthel ess, the re-
sults upon others, and in a large de-
gr ee. upon himself . . are the same.
The effect of ,his fal se beliefs did not
prevent Saul from being criminal, and
debased in his own nature, f ull of pride.
hatr ed and cruelty to t hose for whom,
\Vhen he saw t he truth, he could wish
himself accursed for their sakes, who
were in . the same condition, t hough
equally sincere.
Many h eathen ar e sincere, yet n ever-
t hel ess they are corrupt in t heir lives.
Many who dance and waste precious
means and time are sincere, but arc
rlevoid of spirituality.
But what is the character of this sin-
cerity ? When we scatter a false report
concerning another because we believe
is to be true, our sincerity is not gen-
uine because we r egret it, when we
l earn it was false. Indeed, a genuine
person would not scatter i t at all, with-
out first l earning positively it was true ..
Anyone cured of the love of. gossip will
not commit such a deed. Simply say-
ing "I believed it to be true" does not
wm:r ant the deed. If one is genuinely
sincere he will do everything he can
to undo what he has done.
The lips of a sincere man ar e seal ed
against any condemnation of others for
that which he himself practices. Judah
order Tamar to be burned, until
he discovered who she was and his re-
lation to h er . David could say ''As
the Lord liveth t he man that hath clone
this .thing .shall surely die," until -
Nathan said
''Thou art the man. "
May i3, l909] Na:iarefte .. Mesl!enger.
. ... ;
All that has been mentioned its wrong . SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA" DISTRICT altars <..luring the three. r ev.ivals that we
avoided prayer tp t:h'c . ASSEMBLY. ' . . have had at Tonala and Jalisco and La
Holy Spirit for light, truth and grace .. . In accordance with the desire of . l'unt a. -Hallelujah. 'I feel victory is
. ours in. His name who n ever lost a bat-
to do the known -\viii of God. We are many in the District, owing to the s um- tie., -
not only to submit to light when it mer vacations and other matters,, Dr.
comes, but diligently to seek : it. There Bresee, the General
can be no excuse any eondut;!t or has called the Assembly for Jnne J 7
spirit contrary to the Scriptures. at the Fitst Church, Los Angeles.
$incerity-singlene.ss, purity, prayer, blanks are being sent ont
to a soul utterly aban- to the churches, which the pastors
to God and the truth. Death to see properly made out and r eturned as
self; fullness of love; tenderness of soon as possible to the secr etary,
conscience ; intense earnestness to know R. Pier ce.
,. -,JJ ,J4
all the will of God; love of truth and
holi.ness, clear the vision and make thl'
path of duty plain.
G. W. W.
Rev. J. W. Goodwin has served dur-
ing this Assembly year as Distri ct
Superintendent and at the same time as
one of the pastors of First Church of
Los Angeles. Of course this doubl e ser-
vice has been somcwhat of a hindrance
to work in both fi elds, as a man can
not be in two places at the same
and the duties have been such in each
field as to need his entire time. But l1e
})as managed: to do much and well in
hoth fields. \Vhile"" he could not be
ubiquitous, yet he has n'ianaged to" be
in many places and to accorriplish many
things, and by his love and care for all,
his generous bearing, and able prea ch-
ing, lws greatly endeared him to all
classes. He will give hi.mself largely
to the First Church during the brief
absence of Dr. Bresee in the north. His
preaching edifies and moves the people.
and the Lord sanctifies it to the salva-
tion of the people.
..1& ,J& ,J&
The Witness, in an art i cle
on , the annual report of the ehnrch"'es
by Dr. Carroll, under t.he above title.
''Among the new denominations
which this government expert tabulates
is 'The Pentcostal Church of the Naza-
rene.' He says of it: 'Holiness; or a
distinct second work of grace, is the
leading doctrine of this body. ! .. .. It is
Methodistic in usuage, and has three
general superintendents. ' etc. So holi -
ness as .a second work of gtaec
gf' ts
r ecognition even in the cold stat isti t>al
r eport of our government.''
Well, amen, and are we expecting
- holiness to get r ecognition to the utter -
most parts of the ,earth, and in evers-
day things, fo'r it is promised. that
-"Holiness shall he on the bells of the
horses.'' R. P.
Notes and Personals
Ther e is a cry in Wales
\' ivai" to be revived. shoulcl
mean "Holiness. "
The address of Rev. H. G. Trum-
hauer, superintendent of Philadelphia
District, is no\V E. Third street, Blooms-
burg, Pa., instead of Reading, Pa.
Evangelists Owen and Kell com-
mence a series of meetings today wit.h
the Ontario church, and Thursday next
ther e will be an ail-day meeting.
The fourth annual Assembly of San
Francisco Pistrict convenea in the
Berkeley clwrch today (Thursday,
?lfay 20) at 9 a . m. :r:;>r. Brcs<'e is t o
Rev. C. B. J ernigan has just organ-
ized a Nazarene church in Oldahoma
City with thirty-six member. The Lord
has wonderfully blessed him in Okla-
homa and Kansas.
Let all the pastors and churcht>s of
the Southern California District prepare
f or the District Assembly whi ch con-
venes in the First Church, T1os Angel es.
( 'al. , 9 a. m. , June 17.
Evangeiist Fred St. (']air writes
from Fresno, Cal. : " \Ve are havin g a
glorious meeting in the Preshyterian'
ehurch her e. Do not kno'y wher eunto
it will grow at this rate. Pray might-
ily for us. Hallelujah!''
Supt. E . Dearn of tlw Northrast Dis-
trict sends this note of \i ct or y : ""We
are having a flaming r e'vival h(' r ('; the
whole town is moved. sol1ls arc com-
ing every nigl1t. To God lw all thl'
glory. f or ever ; amen."
Bro. Pi er ce suppli ed t.hl' pulpi t for
thl' Upland C' hnrch last Lord ' s
ancl thrt>e interesting sei.vi C'cs wet'l'
held.. This band of Nazat;enes arc hold-
ing the fort with earnestness unt.il they
can secure a pastor, and God is bless-
ing them.
Bro. S. lVL Stafford, superintendent
of our work in :Mexico, writes : "Be-
tween 900 and 1000 have bowed at our
Rev. f-'. M. Scott, who r ecently united
wi t h the Pirst Cl11irch of Los Angeles,
leaves soon for some evangelistic ser-
vi ce, to which he has been called, in
Texas, where much of his ministerial-
life has been spent. He says that he is
great ly d elighted to find so ideal a
home, where there is such a
spi1it of holy and salvation.

A. very enjoyable birthday surprise
was t endered Bro. C. V. I1a Fontaine
011 :Monday night last, at the home of
Bro. \Y ood, 2908 South Flower street,
f-'os Angel es, t he members and
fri ends of the Grand Ave. Church. Bro.
Pi er ce, in a f ew suitable words, pre-
sented Bro. La Fontaine with forty-one
silver dollars-one for each year of his
age-as a token of love and apprecia-
tion of his flock. A social time was en-
j oyed and light r efreshment s served.
The Christian Wi,t.ness says : ' 'The
..-\ meri can churches,'-Tiis -a whole, did not
a cld as many members in 1908 as did
thc.v in 1907 hy more than a half mil-
lion, and not as many as did they on
an average for the years s ince 1903.
While this fa ct may not be discol)rag-
ing, it is su.ggesti ve. The gain in 1907 ..
was some 33 per cent less than in 1906,
and now it comes to pass that we
ga'ined less in t he last year than the
year beforl' . ' '
Dr. Bresee lef t for the north on the
Tuesday morning train. He expects to
visit Santa Barbara, the cities about
the Bay, Ashland. Portland and Seat-
tle. He is t o hold the Dist ri ct Assem-
bli es of the San Francisco and North-
west ern Dist ri ct s. t ogether wit h a . few
days of meeting at Berkel ey, preced-
ing the San Francisco District Assem-
bly. He will he absent from the home
dmrch at f-' os Angel es for f our Sah-
haths. The services will be in the
hands of B1o. J . \V. Goodwin, associate
past or.
.JI ,. .JI
\\' e have r eccivcdlthe foll owing from'
Rist.Pl' R C. A vetoom of our Hope
srhool in Cal cutt a. We are snre that
our r eaders will earnest ly pray that
God will rl eliYPI' t hem from this new_.
affli eti on. aJl(l sustain them His
" \\' e ha ve again got cholera in the
sthool- two cases t his week. We . can
not tl' ll yet whether t he patients .will
li\1'. \Ye have al so seYera l cases of
intluen za. so I can not wt it e much t o-
tlay. The famine orphans are mostly
attacked and as thev are in sncl1 a bad
<' ondition of health 'at any time we are
anxious abont them. \\.,.ill write more .
next week.''
Nazarene Messenger
. : [May J3; 1909.
COMPTON AvE. clitiRCH ..
is ''A pure heart filled with perfect We. can say; to 'the praise of . His
. Los O,nd Vicinity.
.P ., .... __ . ., . . . - .
AT THE TABERNACLE love. " to get arid glory, that God gives us : days of con-
. maintain the blessing was the presence
The morning prayer meeting was of God, and its possibility was revealed tinued victory. Sabbath morning; be-
well attended, several tarrying to in this expression, ''I am the Almighty fore the message, nine _. new members
pray with seekers after the Sa})})ath God." There were two at the altar. were added to the church.
school was called. . .. The service closed with victor-Ious brothers' and sisters-.testified before be-
At 11 o'clock Dr. Bresee preached jubilee amid short testimonies, songs . ing received, and we rejoiced that with
from Acts 28 :20: ''For the hope 'of and praises around the altar. . . .. one exception; they had been saved at
Israel I am bound with this chain." Sister Langley gave the message at our altar. We hav,e been praying for
He . said that the hope of Israel-the Co. E meeting, reading from- Matt. 11: the husbands of two of the ladies who
hope of all men-is the living Christ. 16-30. She spoke especially of being, .ioined; before the close of the night
He sho-wed that Christ is manifest in yoked together with Christ and of service they were both saved. There
the Holy Ghost. Also that -the clear, keeping in step with Him. This will were three seekers at the morning serv-
earnest, insistent preaching by Paul of bring sweet and blessed communion to ice-two men and a lady. At night we
the fullness of . the blessing of Christ the soul. There were many triumphant observed our bi-monthly love feast, and
. brought on the conflict represented by testimoni.es from those , who know the had "family testimonies;" that is, we
this chain. That it was the grief, re- power of the cleansing bloo'd. asked all the" saved membets of each
proach and limitation of the apostle. . oil family to stand before the congregation
He dwelt especially upon the limita- - together, and to give their individual
tions brought upon nien by thei.,r be- TUESDAY HOLINESS MEET.NG. . testimonies. In many cases ever.y mem-
coming the mouthpiece of this Tuesday's meeting opened with a her of the family was 'saved. So many
dispensational truth; but showing alS& blessed season of prayer, and God's of our dear children have heart expe-
that there were some opportunities . in presence was felt in power throughout riences. At the altar call three seekers
.te of the chain and some because
came-two men and .a lady. Our mise
' t 1e whole service. Dr. Bresee brought
of it, and the over-ruling providences of us a message of unusual merit from . sionary envelope offering for April Was
God make all things-chain included $105.25. The envelope offerings have
-work togeth-er for good to him who Paul's first letter to the ave-raged over $105 for seven months.
wore. it. There was ,one soul at the showing how that the Thessalonian Next Sunday we expect Bro. Kilbourne
altar and two received into church church were folks in good spiritual con- to be :with us, and son, Edwin.
membership: Mrs. H. F . Lockwood, 740 dition, converted, elected of God labor- Lucy P . Knott.
Buena Vista street, and Mrs. Minnie ing in love and faith, followers' of the oil oil oil
Carter, 342 N. Chicago street. Lord, persecuted for His sake, good ex- GRAND AVE. CHURCH.
A strong and deep spirit of earnest ampl es of God's power to save; known .The return of the pastor from. the
devotion filled the afternoon service: abroad for theit; faith in God, and their Convention at San Diego was happily
which was in charge of Bro. Goodwin. forsaking of their idols tci serve Him,
d th t P I f d b
mani_fest at all the services on_ Sabbath.
The people were delighted to have Bro. an a au was com orte y the re-
LaFontaine, pastor of the Grarid Ave. port. brought by Timotheus of their While they were willipg that he might
Church, with us, who gave a very im- contmued . steadfastness and faith. go to help anotner church ''for a short
pressive Scripture reading on thjl _ _ a high state of grace, yet Paul season," they were unwilling that he
Straight vVay, and clearly setting forth said he _longed to se_e th_em to. perfect should stay longer away from home.
the conditions of entering and continn- that wh.ICh was lackmg m_ their faith; The congregations were good all day,
ing therein. The JI).eeting then being then '':hat lacked 'vas to be and at night comfortably filled every
OJ?en for began to rise established I?, and to pew. T-he pastor preached at both serv-
higher until am1d the glory of holy them that: Is. the will of God, ices. One young lady, a tourist, who,
song all seemed so lost in the divine even ,your and ptayed with her mother, a Nazarene from Illi-
vision that for some moments we seemed that they might be preserved blame- nois, will probably. make the.ir . home . .
to be in heaven itseif. As one brother less and that God is faithful and ,V.ould with us, was saQctified.
expressed it, it was a regular ''Land- and His people . . Many A Wednesday afternoon prayer and
slide of heavenly glory." It was in- to havmg been cleansed from Bible study class is held each week at
deed good to be there, and I have been all sm and kept by power divine. the church to especially accommodate
thinking what some people missed in Bro. Pence-'' God has cleansed me those who cannot be present ' at the
their absence, for one can not well af- from all sin and I would say to all in evening services, and a children's meet-
ford to miss such seasons of heavenly whatever place you are, take 'the "ing is conducted on Thursday after-
. refreshments. Book' as your guide; it will light you noons . . A street meeting at Vernon and
The evening worship in charge home. " Moneta avenues is being arranged for,
of the assistant pastor; J. W. Goodwin, Bro. Ely-" Since. God sanctified mv to be held at 6 P m. on Sabbaths.
who gave the message, using for a text soul I've been on the run for glory. .I Special music is being prepared for
Gen. 17 :1, God's word to Abraham, "I love this way and the world has lost Sabbath evenings, and hereafter the
am the Almighty God, walk before me its charm for me. " large ehprus choir will have a prom-
and be thou perfect." He showed how Sister Moores-"I'm sanctified by . inent place in the service. .
God had called Abraham to a walk with the precious blood of Jesus, glory to Keep your dates open for a "four-
himself, how God was well pleased with His name. I'm going all the way with days convention," beginning May 23rd
his life, and how Abraham enjoyed my Savior.'' and ' closing with the regular aU-day
sweet communion in the hill country A Brother-'' I was sanctified as a meeting on May 27th. C. V. L.
,with God; then how God in the text second definite work after I was .con- . .J/1 oil oil
called him to this c!Gser fellowship and vetted, some years ago, and the Holy . ONTARIO, CAL.
union in the holy life. He :;;poke of the Spirit abides today as fr"esh and sweet , , Our soul mak_eth her boast in the
importance of this perfect way as re- as then; glory to Jesus." . ..
vealed in the commands; prayers, and A Brother-" I have had 'the bless- Lord." God has been. and still is mar-
promises; and as set forth in the inspir- ing three weeks. I am happy in J esus velously answeriilg the prayers of His
.. iltioll- t}te of cseeing souls .saved _ and sanctified .. aD<L . at .. this .. place .. _ -meetings
. Jesus Christ, and the hui-de:ri of tM con- vi' ct1' on deepen1'ng 1' n my ne hb b 1 1
. . 1g or- are y attenned. New people
true ministry of thE) church. In defin- hood. I came twenty miles to_ be at this .are commg with us, abd !'lOme are ex-.
ing Christian perfection, he stated t.h ... t . meeting." L. pressing their need of salvation: from
May 13, 19091 Nazizrene M(!Btienget
all sin. weekly is :There was a _good attendance.
'being than ever before, trated the rest of "Perfect.Love. ''
and a number are saying "THese are The Young People's. meeting at 6:30
the best yet." . Miss Pearl Grapt is be- ally large crowd was present.
ing blessedly used in the work among At the evening service an exception-
the children. A number have found W a:lker again used the subject, ''
.. the Lord, and many attend the meetings tian Science.'' His text was 1 Timothy
which are held each' Saturday p. m. 6 :20-21, '' 0 Timothy, keep that which
'fhere has been much prayer for the . is. committed to thy trust, avoiding pro-
coming, . meetings, which will begin fane and vain babblings, and opposi-
Thursday, May 13th, con<lucted by tions of science, falsely so called: Which
Bros. Owen and Kell. There will be some, professing, have erred con cerning
aU-day meeting May 20th. Keep on the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen.''
believing. This subject will be contin,ued for an
. E. M. Hutchens, Pastor. iridefipite time. '
... .JIJ .II Edna Murray.
'fhe . church at this. place ,enjoyed a
holiness convention last week ,
which was greatly blessed with the
presence of the Lord, and resulted in
about a score of souls praying through
We closed our special revival cam-
paign the 27th in a blaze of divine
glory. The meetings in our church are
always gracious seasons of heavenly
outpouring. but we seldom have seen
greater manifestations- of the power of
God than in this r ecent series of meet-
ings just closed. Sisters Crow and Kell
were much used of God in bringing the
messages in sermon and song. Vve had
them with us last year but they nre
clear ahead of where they were the first
time they came to us. How God does
pour his heavenly fire on these sisters
and the people flock to hear their mes-
sage. They have a welcome place in the
hearts of our people.
. The number of see}<ers 'lvas large and
some exceeclingly })right eases. One a
poor slave to strong drink was at-
tracted to the services by the holy en-
thusiasm of the saints and under strong
conviction he quit the saloon and drink
and the last SundJly night was glor-
iously converted and was out to: th,e
next service with a testimony. tiiat:
thrilled the meeting; Other cases were
graciously delivered . from bondage.
Some _of the altar services were a sight
that must have stirred three worlds. It
didn't seem .far to heaven in some of-
these seasons. Amen! The church will
receive a number of accessions.
Our church is mightily alive to the
need of this city. Strangers are con-
stantly coming into our meetings and
the whofe cry body seems
to be, go Surely the Lord
beckons us on to greater conquest. We
are expecting a great time at our New
Englapd Assembly, which will be in ..
session in two weeks from today.
C. P . Lanpher.
Will Convict, Inspire and BleB
Apples of Gold;
Or Words Fitly Spoken.
Being a Compilation of the brief
Heart MeBSilges which have appeared on the
first page of the MESSENGER during the past -
two years.
240 Pages, Paper.
With portrait: and introduction
by Dr. Bresee .
Price 25 Cents
by mail 30c; in lots of 10 $2.
In clotll, 60 cent.
Address Author,
730 San Pedro St. , Los .f1ngeles, Cal.
. and .finding victory. Brother p. V. La-
Fontaine of Los Angeles was present
and did the preaching and led forth in
that . battle . royal, and . was ably sup-
ported by the- pastor, Bro. H. J. Elliott,
and his band of loyal N azarenes. The
attendance all through 'was large and
much inspiration was given to the local
forces to push on the battle f9r God
and holiness. There were special sea-
sons of divine glory and the manifesta-
tion .of Heaven's approval which caused
the saints t o rejoice with exceeding joy.
The Sabbaili afternoon )ove feast was
unusually blessed. Seventeen saints
who had served the Lord for over fifty
years all . . testified that the service
was ''just like it used to be fifty years
ago in early Methodism. " One old
lady, Grandma Wolcott, has served the
Lord for seventy-three years and "I've
not got weary yet." Hallelujah. Thir-
teen other saints testified they had
served the Lord over forty-five years
each and ''' er e " happy on their way,"
and the r est of the " young folln;"
chipped in as best-they could. A tabl e
offeril)g of $150 was received to pay
the lease r ent for the next six months.
I! .. .. .
1The New SongBook
District Superintendent J. W. Good-
win was present at the ali-day meeting
on Tuesday and preached at the after-
noon service, as well as on the Monday
evening previous, ariq then held the offi -
cial meeting. Bro. Elliott is a royal
leader of the hosts of God and will con-
tinue with them. C. V. L.
,J& ,J& .JI.
There was a good attendance at the
Pentecostal Church of the Nazarem'
Sabbath morning, 1\fay The sub-
j ect continued from the previous Sun-
I Pentecostal Songs .
of the Nazarene
BY, 1. G. MARTIN .,
156 Songs, also 'select Psalms and Readings. A large number of
songs never before published. Round or shaped notes.
Manilla Cover, Postpaid. 15c
100 Not Postpaid -
We_ will deliver these books to any address for $13.00 per 100
. .
day was ''The Sabbath and Holiness." N p bl". h. c
Scriptures bearing upon this subj ect azarene u IS Ing 0_. mpany_
were r ead and the text wils He b. 4 :9, '
" There r emaineth therefore a rest to 7 730 San Pedro s tr.eet II
the people of God. '' Bro. Walker es- "
tfJ1e .L .... __ _ _ .. L-
- S-A-NGE-LES, CAL. .1"
a at was made or man, not -mim . _ .. - _
for the. and ilh1s- _
was again l ed by Mrs. Andrew Murray.
.Io ..
. . . . .
Thinking people a;e looking about
for some l eader to start a moral wave
regenerate and cleanse the Au-
gean stable of corruption that is curs-
ing this fair land of ours. It is clear
that we l)eed ptire and honorable, con-
scientious, . Christian l eaders: If it is
(and it . is true) thAt our colleges
and universities are to furnish to the
nation . leaders . with . these qualities,
these institutions themselves 1imst be
manned with faculties and officers who
are themselves patterned after the
Christ. of the Bible. If there be started
a migl'\ty wave of reform that will in- .
deed correct the evils and purify the
sinful tendencies of the age, it must be
more than a surface wave. It must be-
gin at the bottom. It must begin in the
ver'y foundation of a nation's life,
which is the educational system. \V'e
must have trained character as well as
trained minds. .
. It ,has come down to us from other
days that a college man has a different
standard from 'other men, and is judged
. governed in a different But
they ar e to be citizens -and are to be
trained for that, and since college men
are to be the l eaders in the business,
the politi cal , the. social and the reli-
giqus world, . t hey must be j udged hy n
- higher standard t han the world r nt.lwr
thnn by a l ower standar d.
Young men ar,e n either boys llOJ' men ,
but are ''men in the making." Ther e-
fore the schools should not abdi cate t h e
government of the school .or setting the
standards to the studeqts. Tlw man-
agement of the school :fnd college are
the r esponsibl e must h old
the reins of government . One trouble.
with "free America " is its too grcn t
freedom, and "young America" has
taken advantage of it. The children
contlol in the homes and t he students
control in t h e sch ools. Student govern-
ment is one of the modern fads of the
s chool; ''children government'' is t he
modern curse of the home. This is not
true in the older countries, such as Eng-
land, Germany and others. There is
better family government and better
school government. American schools
must tighten the reins of government.
They once held control, as in Englani! ,
but the governed so chafed under the
r estrictions that they have been grad-
. ually The trouble is thnt
the teachers themselves in the average
school are not right. and are not capable
of l eading other s aright. Philip
thanked God for giving him a son to.
carry on his work. but h e t ha nked Him
especially for giving him a son in an
age when h e could have such a t each er
as Aristotle. Emerson says: ''How can
I hear what you say, when what you
, are continually thunders in my ears?''
.success of. the great Ar-
: nold, was not m great acade1i1 ic train-
ing, but in his noble h eart and life.
under the students and
Nazarene., .lJl.estien_ger
' i .' . . . . #
. them up. . 'l'hat is the great need of
America today,. a noble band of
cated, de#Out, Christiim' men and wom-
en as t eachers, that we may have a gen-
eral r evival of Christian education. We
liear much from our national l eaders
about wasting the natural r esources of
our country. They speak of the waste
of forests, of minerals, and of soils, and
well may they speak of this waste. They
advocate the development of our w'ater-
. \Vays and r eclaiming our arid lands ..
' [May 13, 19.09
man;y ways. I find a royal .people here
.who _love truth and stand by thc> .
evangelist an'Q. go straight for God on
all- lines. ' God ha's signally answered
their prayers .. a nd honored His word
among them. We will close n ext Sun-
day night, ..
My .point of battle is Waycross,
Ga. _ Will you not kindly breathe a word
of prayer in behalf of our meeting there.
Professor W. B. Bates, the sweet singer
of the South, joins pte in that meeting,
where we are praymg God to give us
the best meeting we have had this
spring. As ever and always, your
brother in holy love.
A. Ferguson. --
. ,JJ ,JJ
But America is wasting its human pos-
sibilities much faster than its natural
r esources. The great need before our
nation today, yea, before all nations, is
to train the .rising generation in the
principles set forth by the "Man of Gal-
ilee. '' To do this our schools must be
Christianiz-ed. The Bible,:.that J1as been
crowded out of the public schools and We are having victory in our new
state institutions must be put back anct location. One new member joined us
made t he leading text-book. Men and l ast Stmday morning. The meetings
women filled with the Spirit of t h e Mas- ar e very spiritual and well attended.
ter must be the teacher. The colleges We are very much encouraged in Col-
that were once religious, y ea, the d e- umbus now.
nominational schools, must have The work at Lithopoiis is moving on
Christ enthroned as their Great Teach- Services are well attended and full of
cr. The college was once the center of power and blessing. Have had ROJI11!
spiritual pow'er and activity. It must conver sions lately.
again be r e-established in doirig the A. R. Welch, Pastor .
work of the Master. A few d eepl,v spir- .JJ .JJ .JJ
itnal schools have begun this great, this
all-important work. . They are centers, GENERAL SUP'T REYNOLDS' SLATE.
not of l earning,. but of fire sent :New England District Assembly-
down. from ?hove, that we trust will May 13-16, Haverhill, Mass.
spread thiougho11t the world till _it Pittsburg District . Assembly- May
teaches the shores of eternity. Already ... 0 .
t hey are sending out teachers of publi t>
schools. of art, of music, of expression,
et c. , as well. as professors and presidents
for colleges. Already the demand is far
greater than the supply. '!'hey will
hardly l et enough remain to the senior
year to make a respectable gracl-
nating class. so great is the n eed for
such t eachers. Already this r evival of
Chri stian education has b egun. It is to
he t h e "leaven thnt shall l eaven the
'whole lump.' ' ' This is the cure for our
nation's ills, yea. it is for t h e }wali ng
of nations.
'Ve are in the second week of a blcss-
c cl meeting with t ide rmming hi gh
m;d mari,v the fonntnin.
I think it safe to 'say t hat fully 150 have
heen definitely blessed in pardon
or purity. There were 100 seeker s for-
ward last Sunday in the three .ser.vi ees .
and many of them came through bright-
ly. The preaching of the . word has
stirred the town and country to the .
core. Many who opposed and ridiculed
t he holiness people have been :won over .
This meeting has again verified the
statement and d emonstrate(! the fad:
that theopreaching of the Worcl on the
line of holiness brings r esults. .
I am assisting Rev. C. P . Roberts, pas-
tor of the Pentecostal Church of the
Nazarene. wlto stands loyally 't)), the
truth and with hi s Brother Ernest has
been a gr eat blessing to the meeting in
TRACTS By Rev. R. Pierce.
mary Purpose.
the Justified.
Them Up.
Price 20c. per doz.; $1.00 per 100, postpaid.
OUR HOLY BUSINESS. "Be ye kind one
to another. "
10c. per doz. ; 50c. per 100, postpaid. L
730 San Pedro St. , Los Angeles, Cal.
Art Thozi?'.!
or, Spiritual
This book by this noted Evangelist will
arouse, instruct and bless. Send for it.
Bound in Cloth. 320 Pages
Price, $1.00
-w f G I htnt SonJiook-308 Son11
J. M. Harris Editor.
D__ . o_ry
"AZAREME PUB. CO., 730 San hdro St. Los Cal
- - - - --- -'--- .......,.-
May 1909]
Our. Yo'iing People
"My mamma dear, what shall I wear
:Upon my head today 7 ''
"Why, wear a smile upon your face,.
Whe.n you go out to play.''
"My mamma dear, what shall I say,
When I my comrades meet 7 ''
"Just speak a word of -c-}J.eer
To all upon the street.''
"My mamma dear, what shall I do
When I go out today 7 ''
"Do good to all, both great imd
There is no other way."
"My mamma dear, what shall I be,
To live a life that's true 7''
''Be Christ's dear child,, my little one,
And try His will to . do. ''
A sweet little incident is related by
a writer, who says: ''I asked a little
child, 'Have you called your grandma
to tea7' 'Yes; when I went to call her
she was asleep, and I -didn't know how
to wake her. I didn't wish to halloo
at grandma, nor shake her; so I kissed
her on the cheek, and tha_t woke her
very. softly. Then I went into the hall,
and said, pretty loud, 'Grandma, tea
is ready, ' and she never knew what
\yoke her. ' ''
Helen stood on the doorstep with a
very tiny basket in her hand, when her
father drove up to her and said:
"I am glad yon are r eady to go out,
dear. I came to take you to :Mrs. Lee's
park to s .. ee the new deer."
"Oh, thank you, papa, but I can't
go just this time. The deer will keep,
and we will go tomorrow. I have a
very particuh\r errand to do now,''
said the little girl.
''What is it, my dear 7'' asked the
it is to carry this somewhere,"
and she held up the small basket .
Her father smiled and asked, '' \Vho
is the errand "for , dead"
''For my own self, papa; but oh,
no, I guess not-it's an errand for
God, papa."
"\>Vell, I will .not hinder yon, my
little dear , " said the good father, ten-
derly. "Can I help you any?"
''No, sir; I was going to carry my
orange that I saved from dessert to
o!d Peter."
"Is old Peter sick 7"
''No, I hope not ; but he never has
anything nice; and he's good and
thankful. Big folks give him only
cold :q1eat and broRen' .bread, and I
thought an or.ange would look so beau-
tiful and make h1m so happy. Don't
you think poor well folks ought
,Nazare.ne Messenger:
to. be _sometimes, as as did he do any differently . .in .
the 'poor sick folks; papa?" . , lfis own troubles. One day ' his great
"Yes, my dear; but' I think we to kite the string and .flew _far
often forget them. until sickness and _ out of sight. Tommy stood still a roo-
starvation come. You are .right; this ment, . and th'Em turned around to
is-a little errand for God.- Get into the . come home, whistling a merry tune.-
buggy,. ai:J.d . I. will drive you to ol4 Sel. .
Peter's and wait till -you have done -.,. .11 .JI .... .
your errand, and t hen show y(ni the THE YOUTHS' COMRADE FREE! -
deer. _ Have you a pin, Helen 7''
. , , Every person wh6 receives a sample
"Yes; papa; here
_oile. . copy of the paper is urged to become a .
"Well, here is a five-dollar bill for
you to fix on the skin of the orange. subscriber . . Both young and old
This will pay for old Pet _ er 's rent for with the paper. If any one
. who wants it and don't feel able to sub-
four .weeks, and perhaps this will be scribe will send. us their name and ad-
a little errand for God, too,'' !)aid the dress on a postaf card asking for p' ar-
Little Helen, who had .taught a wise ticulars, we will tell you how by a very
man a wise lesson, looked very happy little. effort you can get the paper free.
as her tingers fixed the fresh bill on
the orange.-Sel.
Did . you ever hear about hiln 7
Grandma once knew just such a little
philosopher, .and he was the biggest
little philosopher I ever knew. I do
not think he ever cried; I never saw
.him cry. If his little sister found her
tulips _all rooted up by her. pet puppy,
and cried and cried-as little girls
was sure to come around
the corner whistling and say: '' \J{hat
makes you cry 7 Can you cry a tulip'?
Do you think that every so.b makes
a root' or: a .. blossom 1. Here r let's try
to right them.'' --
So he picks up the,poor flowers, puts
their roots in the ground again, whist-
ling all the time, and makes the bed
look smooth and fresh, and takes her
' off to hunt hens' nests in the barn.
Special Book Offer
Plain Account of Christian Perfec
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Experience of Hester Ami Rogers
God Love, by C. S. Eby.
Gospel Stamps (120 in a book).
Five Steps to Entire Sanctification;
16-page by P. F. Bresee.: ----
Holiness. 16-p. , by C. F. Walker.
Man's Desire }o Know God . . Ser-
mon by Rev. Short.
Missionary on, by Mrs. Rose
Potter Crist. . . :
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An Opportunity for Young People
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- )
, :Offitial Announcements.
. . .
[May 13,
Fireless preachin'g means preaching
without the Holy Ghost. It may glis-
ten and sparkle and shine with intel-
lectual brilliance, or even with doctri-
nal soundness, but if it is without the
Holy Ghost it is profitless. Fire
warms, melts, burns, enlightens, quick-
ens, helps, all in turn' according to the
substance to -\vhich it is applied, and
the Holy in the heart of the
preacher will melf hard l1earts, warm
tender hearts, reprove er.ring hearts,
comfort sorrowing hearts, rebuke wick-
ed hearts, burn up sin and dross and
illuminate eager, loving hearts. No .
preachei. lives who cannot find the fire
-The following_ District Assemblies are
hereby called, to, meet as follows:
Smith's Smaller Scripture History .80
.Theological C_ompend. (Ellyson) . .. . 75
Southern California District--:June
17, 1909; 9 a. At First Church, Los
Angeles, CaL
Manual. of the Church , . . .25
Five Sermons , . , 25
Rocky Mountain District- -Septeih-
,ber 23, 1909, 9 a ... m. At Denver, Colo.
Chicago Central District-Septem her
.9.t:.don)) ..
Preac er an Prayer ( ounds . .30
None Like It (Parker) . $1.25; : 60
We can supply the whole four-years' course
30, 1909, 9 a.m. At Canton, Ill.
P. F. Bresee,
General Superintendent.
The time of the meeting of the Assem-
bly of the Northwestern District is post-
poned one week and will meet at Seat-
tle; Wash., June 3d, instead of May
27th, at 9 a. m. This change is made
at the request of the District Superin-
tendent representing the desire of the
District. P. F . Bresee,
General Superintendent.
T 0 all pastors and delegates to
Northwest District Assembly: will all
delegates and pastors who . expect to
attend the District Assembly at Seat-
tle, June 3, write us at once, giving
us names of all regular delegates and
other regu\ar members of the Assem-
bly, that entertainment may be pro-
and will publish,prices later. ,
730 San Pedro St. , Los Angeles
Mohave Children
Stories from life by
Missionary to Mohave Indians
A beautiful book, illustrated with fine half-
tone engravings, bound in Onyx Bristol.
This book is instructive as well as entertain-
ing and gives an interesting account of real
life among these little known people.
Ao admirable gift for Sunday School Teach-
ers to present to their classes.
15 cents
two for 25c
730 San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, Cal.
New Manual
if he will pay the price. He cannot
have the fire and be centered in him-
self, be at ease in Zion, be self-willed
and contrary; nor can the preacher who
will not study the Bible and human
hearts and enter deeply . into human
needs and bear on his own heart the
woes of a world full of sin and death
and suffering and blinding sorrow have
the Holy Ghost fire. If hard hearts are
to break t ender h earts must melt; if
cold hearts are to be melted, warm
hearts must .be made still warmer by
the touch of the hand and power di-
vine. But the fire is obtainable. Get
it. do not set anything else above it or
before it. Get the fire and God will
s mil e and a perishing world will awak-
en- \ Vesl eyan Methodist.
. vided.
The usual prices in quantities.
Retail price 25c post paid .
Publishing Co.
$ $ $
The ;)postl e said, " If we walk in the
light, as he is in the light , have fel-
lowship one with another, and the blood
of J esns Christ his Son cleanses from
all sin. " Gracious promise? Nothing
ran take the place of the blood. Not
.only sins in the plural-all kinds and
all de!:rrees-bnt sin in the singular-
the of ever y other sin, the '' car-
nal n atnre. " the "old mau. "-the hlood
coYrrs nnd mnkes freedom from
its poY, er. A purifi ed church nnd peo-
ple is God's idenl. Bnt t his means per
sonnl holiness which should be a char-
acteristi c of God's saints. "This is the
will of God eYen your . sanctificatioil. ''
\Ve loYe "hat God loves. He loved
110lin.css so much tlia.t He ga,;e us a Holy
Bibl e nuda holy r eli gion. Cnrnal clean
n ess is not s uffi cient; moral nprightness
is not suffi cient,; our aim must be holi-
ness. as God is holy, :mel as it was mani-
fest ed in J esns Christ. ''Having ther e-
for e these r 'romi ses, clearly beloved, l et
us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness
of the flesh and spirit. perfecting holi-
ness iu the fear of God."-w esleyan
''Apples of Gold'' is just the. book
for an inspiring gift. It will bless the
soul and inspire faith. Send for one.
25 cents postpaid; 10 for $2.
M1:s. D. Wallace, Pastor.
3508 \Voodland Park Ave.,
Seattle, Wash.
730 San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, Cal.
ouR leaders in sacred song books: Best of All. Golden Trumpet. Songs of the Com
-::::.1 .. -R- forter, Spiritual Songs. More than a million sold. Price from I Oc to 35c. Boob
for all services. Discount t>n introductory order. Write for free catalogue.
. THE CHRISTIAN WITNESS. an intenaely opirituaL practical and helpful religiouo wedcly.
Pric.e $1.00 per year.
The Christian Witness Co . Room 41, 92 La Salle St., Chicago. 111.
Holiness University, PENIEL, TExAs
1 . School of Strong Character, with Competent Faculty and Thorough
Scholarship. Indorsed by the General Assembly of the
Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene .
LITERARY WORK: Primary, Acad-
emy, College, Theology, Normal,
Elocution. Careful attention i s given
to each pupil. Satisfied pupils is our
and Greek courses. Bible work equals
that done in any training school. Ex
cellent place to prepare for either
home or foreign work.
direct from this to good
paying positions. Be3t methods in
Bookkeeping, Shorthaud and Type-
writing. No better Business College
The Auditorium-One of our Three Large Buildings in the South.
MUSIC CONSERVATORY: Cannot be surpassed by any school in the South. Com-
petent, experienced teachers, Voice, Piano, .Organ, Violin, Viol!l, Cello, Mandolin, .
Guitar, Wind and Reed Instruments. Band, Orchestra and Mandolin Club.
Low Prices, Thorough Work.
Send for Illustrated Catalog.
REV. E. P. ELLYSON, B.S., Pres.