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An Angels Passion #3 of 9 The Guardian

Setting: The Heavenly Courts Characters: -The Voice of God -Darian (Darian kneels, the implied setting is the Throne Room of God) God: Arise, My Child. Darian: Yes, Lord. God: I understand that you have developed a bond with my newest Creations, Adam and Eve. Darian: I suppose so, My King. They are wonderfully bright and curious and are remarkable students. God: Yes, they are. I made them to be. Darian: Of Course, Lord. God: I am glad that you have become close to them. I know that you are rarely given an assignment as a teacher, but you have done an excellent job. Darian: I thank you, My Creator. Your approval uplifts me. God: Darian, My Child, I made you with a purpose in mind. Have you ever wondered why you were given such great strength and speed? Darian: Lord, I need not wonder at what You have given me. I know it is for a purpose. God: Oh, how I love you, My Child! You put your faith in me, even when you were unsure of the consequences. Your loyalty shall never be forgotten. Darian: I thank you, My Lord, though I must admit that I wrestle with many questions. God: I know, My Child, and your questions shall be answered in time, though I fear, not without great suffering. Darian: Suffering, Lord? God: The Path that the Adversary has chosen can only lead to suffering. The suffering that we have seen thus far is nothing compared to what will come, and

though those who have chosen Evil will encounter the greatest suffering, none of us will be spared. Darian, because you have enjoyed such a close friendship with the Parents of Mankind, I bring the news to you first. Adam and Eve have fallen; they have joined the Rebellion. Darian: The Rebellion? I dont understand. How? Why? I told them of the Tree of Knowledge, I told them not to eat of it. I told them of Lucifers Fall and of the Rebellion. I thought they understood. God: They did. That is why it is rebellion. Please, My Child, do not take it personally it is not you they questioned, neither was it your will that they have rejected. It was I who was rejected. Darian: I was their teacher so is it not my responsibility? God: No, my child. You taught them all they needed to be taught, they knew the history, the commands, and the consequences and, still, they chose. Darian: So the consequences will be carried out? They will die? God: Yes, they will die. They were banished from the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life, they will now grow old and, after a time, die. Darian: Your will be done, My Lord. God: No, though this must be done, death was never my will! I am the Life Source of all. In separating themselves from Me and joining the Adversary, Mankind has caused its own destruction. The Adversary has planned this in order increase his leverage with the universe. He uses Adams failure to further his own ends. Darian: So, the Adversary now controls Earth. God: He claims he does, but he forgets that I merely gave Adam stewardship of Earth, not ownership. Satan is now the rightful steward of Earth per Adams decision. However, I am and will always be the Creator and Owner of Earth, and I also have made a decision. I will rescue mankind from it own mistakes. Darian: But does not the Adversary claim that this is impossible, that they have already made their decision. He will say that if you give mankind another chance you must give him and his fallen angels another chance. God: Yes he will, but mankind did not fall to the depths that the Adversary and his angels have fallen. Mankind still can be turned from their path of selfish gain and brought back to the harmony of heaven. Satan and his angels cannot, they would bring strife and selfishness back to the courts of Heaven. I will never allow this.

Darian: If I may, Lord. How will you rescue them? God: I shall become a part of mankind. I shall assume their weakness and frailty, and I shall resist the temptations of the Adversary. Then I will die in their stead. Darian: My Lord? Why? There must be some other remedy, some other solution. God: No, My Child. There is no other remedy. To free mankind from the scourge of death, only my blood will suffice. Darian: Lord, I dont understand. God: Let tell you this way. The Adversary believes he has won the war for Earth, but he is wrong, the war for Earth is only beginning. By accepting the Rebellion onto their planet, Mankind has made itself the battlefield of the Universe. Through their fall and rescue the questions of all will be answered. This Evil that Adam and Eve have accepted will corrupt their descendants until they will be unrecognizable, mere shadows of their former nobility. They will experience suffering of every kind: sickness, accidents, injury. Their minds and hearts will be altered as well; they will want to sin. They will be bent towards Evil and It will rule most of them. They all, each and every one of them, will deserve to die an eternal death. Darian: All? Lord, what then will your death accomplish? I would gladly die for Mankind you need not go through it! God: I know your faithfulness, I know the Love you have for Man; I know that you would gladly give all for them. Understand this, My Child, I alone can atone for the Human Race, none but me. You must Trust me in this. Darian: Yes, My Creator. God: Having said all of this, however, I want to make something clear. My rescue will not arrive for many years, I must wait for the perfect time. The Rebellion will continue with mankind caught in the middle of it. Which brings me to the purpose of this meeting. I have Created a new rank of Angel: the Guardian. I now ask you to accept this rank. As a Guardian you will be assigned to protect a particular Human. You should know that you will be subject to continual verbal and physical assaults by the Adversary and his Legions. It will be a hard and thankless assignment, but know that without you and your kind, no human who has chosen me would have a chance. Be rewarded in that. Darian: My Creator, I have chosen you and I will serve you in whatever role you would have me. If I am to be a Guardian, then I will be a Guardian. God: Then arise, Darian the Guardian.

Narrator: With those words my world changed. I knew that nothing would be the same, yet I knew that I was meant to be a Guardian, the strength and speed I possessed were given to me for just such a purpose. I was the first to be given the Rank but certainly not the last. As our numbers grew the Creator taught us all we need to know about our new Rank. He told us the horrors we were to expect and the roles we were to play. I was assigned to guard and protect Adam, my now fallen friend. It was with deep sadness that I watched him grow old and finally die, all the while living with the knowledge that the suffering he saw around him was because of him