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Guidelines for Internship Training -2012 Subject Code: MCO 403 Internship training is a part of the curriculum of the

the M.Com course. Students should do the internship immediately after the second semester examination during April May The student can take up internship training in Manufacturing as well as Service sector undertaking. The service sectors can be Banking, Insurance and Investment companies Each student should take up the internship training for a period of 30 days on an average of 6hrs per day The objective of the study is to enable students to have clear knowledge of the organizational structure and functional area of the Organization. The study should be done keeping in view of the objective of the organization and how effectively and efficiently the functional areas are managed to achieve these objectives. The study of Manufacturing sectors should include Profile of the Organization Mission objectives of the organization Organizational design and structure Various departments and its functions Key result area SWOT analysis of the organization Financial Statement Analysis Material Management Production & Marketing department, HR department, Accounting department, Significant factors for success Future plans for growth of the organization Incase of Banks Profile and Position of the Bank Mission Objectives Organizational design and structure Various department and its function Deposit Management ,S/B. Current A/C , Fixed deposit Fund management: Loans- O/D, Cash credit, Personal loan, Home loan, vehicle loan, investment. SLR, CRR, Management of NPA Financial Statement Analysis Modern Banking- application of new technology.

Incase of Insurance Co. Profile, Mission objectives, organizational structure, various departments and its functions, characteristics of services. Markets of Insurance policies - Life/General Determination of Premium, Settlement of claims

Challenges of marketing policies Role of Insurance advisors, Agents, Development Officers Share of Insurance business in the Insurance Industry Financial Statement Analysis Fund management

Incase of Investment Companies Profile, Mission objectives, organizational structure Demat account online trading Depository participants Sale and purchase of securities, settlement procedures, default etc. Factors considered while making investment decision. Listing procedures in BSE and NSE Derivative markets Financial Statement Analysis Students should maintain an internship diary with the following particulars . Department Area of Study ( write as elaborately as possible ) Observation Discussion Findings Signature of the Supervisor

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The student should report to the faculty guide every week and should appraise about the progress of the study An Internship project report should be prepared and be submitted latest by 14th June 2012. (Not less than 120 pages) The internship report will be assessed and evaluated for 50 marks on the basis of the following criteria:

Project report for 30 marks. Presentation and viva for 20. Presentation & Viva will take place during the Second week of June 2012.