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An analytical method of displacement analysis, is preferred whenever

Dimensional synthesis deals with the determination of kinematic dimensions (link lengths, offsets, etc.) of the mechanism to satisfy the required motion characteristics. Graphical as well as analytical methods are available for dimensional synthesis. The choice of the method depends largely on the type of problem to be solved. The problems can be classified as:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Motion generation Path generation Function generation Dead-centre problems

Motion generation: In motion generation, the required positions of the coupler are given and we have to find out mechanism.

Path generation: In path generation a point on the link has to be guided through the required positions. Generally the point will be a point on the rigid body which is the coupler.

Function generation: In function generation, the input and output angles are specified and we have to find the required mechanism. Two specified pairs of coordinated movements of the input and output links are to be generated.

Lets f(x) be the function desired to be generated in an interval xi x x f, where the superscripts I and f refer to the initial and final values. Let the generated function be E(x) = f(x) F(x,R1, R2, R3,.Rk) -----------------------(1) It is evident that E(x) will be zero only at the accuracy points, i.e., for x=x 1, x2, x3..xk where x1, x2, x3,.xk are the k accuracy points. E(x) is called the structural error. The best choice for the spacing of accuracy points will be that which gives the minimum of E(x) between any two adjacent accuracy points. For this purpose, the accuracy points can be determined only by trial and error, because the errors depend on the nature of f(x) and F(x,R1, R2, R3,.Rk). An exact analysis for E(x) to be minimum is extremely difficult. However, Chebyshevs spacing of accuracy points can always be taken as a first approximation. It can be proved that if f(x) is a polynomial of the k-th order in x, and if F(x,R1, R2, R3,,Rk) is a polynomial in x of the (k-1)-th order, then Chebyshevs spacing will minimize E(x)between any two accuracy points. For other forms of f(x) and F(x,R 1, R2, R3,Rk), these function can be expanded in Taylor series; as a first approximation, terms upto xk are retained in f(x) and those up to xk-1 are retained in F(x, R1, R2, R3,,Rk). The accuracy points according to Chebyshevs spacing are given by


In three position synthesis, we have to design a mechanism in which a rigid body in the mechanism is able to trace three required positions. The rigid body will be the coupler link of the mechanism. An illustrative procedure for three position path synthesis is given below: Let P1P2P3 are the three required positions

Draw fixed link AoBo. Choose a point A1 and draw a circle with AoA1 as radius. Draw a line from A1 to P1 (assume P1 to be a point on the coupler). Draw A2P2 and A3P3 with the same length as A1P1.