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BIOLOGY AS and A2 Level

Exam Board: Edexcel 1 year AS level 2 years A level 1 year AS and A2

Why Choose Biology? The new specification is designed to engage and inspire students by showing how an understanding of many contemporary issues requires a grasp of fundamental biological ideas. Students interested in following the news and reading about test tube babies, clones and stem cell research will enjoy this course. It will provide a gateway into a wide range of Life Science careers. How we study Biology ILPs, Course workbooks, Tests, Quizzes, Word Loops, Computer work, Notes, Reading, Practical work individually and in small groups, Presentations, Peer Teaching, Exam Practice, Homework, Mind maps, Essays, Project work. Learning Skills Required Basic Numeracy skills are essential; skills also required are: Writing, Analytical, Logical Reasoning, Research skills, Sketch Drawing, Note taking, Scan reading, Computing, Interest in current affairs, Memory skills, Recall Skills, Ability to absorb data, Creativity, Wide technical vocabulary . What other subjects complement the course? Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Psychology What we study: AS Unit 1 Lifestyle,,Transport, Genes and Health

Course Code 6B101 Exam Weighting: 40% of the total AS mark Covers biological molecules, cell membranes, coronary heart disease and basic genetics. Unit2- Development, Plants, & Environment Course Code: 6B102 Exam Weighting: 40% of the total AS mark Covers cell ultrastructure, meiosis and mitosis, stem cells, botany, evolution, biodiversity and taxonomy. Unit 3 Practical Biology and Research skills Course Code: 6B103-Option B. Exam Weighting: 20% of the total AS mark Includes a 2000 word report on either a visit to a site of biological interest or a research topic chosen by the student. What we study: A2 Level Unit 4 Natural Environment and Species Survival Course Code: 6B104 Exam Weighting: 40% of the total A2 mark Covers biochemistry of photosynthesis, ecosystems, evolution, nutrient cycles, gene technology and immunology. Unit 5 Energy, Exercise and Coordination

BIOLOGY AS and A2 Level

Course Code: 6B105 Exam Weighting: 40% of the total A2 mark Covers biochemistry of cell respiration, homeostasis, nervous and endocrine systems, exercise physiology and Human Genome Project. Unit 6 Practical Biology and Investigative skills Course Code: 6B106-Option B Exam Weighting: 20% of the total A2 mark Covers Written report of an experimental investigation devised and carried out by student. How you will be Assessed: One 90 minute written exam paper for each of AS units 1 & 2. 2000 word report for unit 3. One 90 minute written exam paper for Unit 4 and 105 minutes for Unit 5. Written practical report for unit 6. External Trips A2 biologists visit the Epping Forest Field Studies Centre for 5 days in order to carry out their experimental investigation. Course Reading List: Both Edexcel Biology for AS by CJ Clegg and the CGP Revision Guide for AS Level Biology, and Edexcel Biology for A2 by CJ Clegg are the recommended course textbooks. Progress Paths: Skills and qualifications gained from AS and A2 Biology can lead to university courses in Life Sciences, or career paths such as sales or management in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other industries. Mr Philip Arthur joined us with forty years of teaching experience in a variety of both state and independent schools and colleges within London. His previous role as a teacher of Biology and GCSE Science at his last school, and past experiences as Head of Biology and Head of Science ensures he has all the necessary skills and qualities to bring the best out of our students. Further to this, Phil has been acting as an Edexcel examiner for 31 years, during which time he has marked O level Biology, GCSE Science and A level Biology. The Biology Department Dr Alan Taylor, Head of Biology BSc, PhD, CBiol, MIBiol
Dr Alan Taylor is a highly experienced teacher and examiner. During his thirty years of teaching, he has held the post of Head of Biology for a total of sixteen of those years and held the post of Director of Studies for a total of six of those years in his time at various schools across the country and internationally. His success can be illustrated by the fact that at one of his previous schools, he helped improve the A-level Biology results to the point that, in some years, 90% of entries obtained A or B grades.

Mr Phil Arthur, Head of Science BA, BSc, MSc