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Ch 3

Doctor Travis Pierce watched other staff members as they socialized amongst each other in the cafeteria. Sitting by himself Pierce couldnt help but overhear his name. Looking over to find that a group of nurses immediately looked away as though they were not talking about him. The whispering stopped and they all escaped abruptly from the cafeteria table. The doctor felt shunned, as if he was cursed. The doctor couldnt even enjoy his meal, as he sat down he immediately looked up to see a boy standing on the other side of the table. Staring at the boy Pierce saw he was missing an arm, and had speckled blood across his face and hospital attire. The boy just stared at Pierce, even when Pierce asked what he wanted the boy just looked on. The doctor was in a staring contest, locked down with this boy, waiting for a response, waiting for something. The boy turned and in reaction the doctor looked to his right, the priest had walked over to him. Mind if I join you doctor? Not at all. With this the priest sat down next to Pierce, the boy was gone. Its getting worse John. How can you stand the food here? The nutrition value of this stuff is not good at all. I like ithey these ghosts are everywhere. Yes well congratulations you are a guardian. Hospitals are infamously known to have a lot of ghosts. Too bad you cant do anything about it. As the priest said this Pierce raised his sleeves to show off the tattoos, the markings of the guardian. And what about these? I cant seal them away? No dont do that youd make it worse. Are you gonna tell me whats going on? Pierce asked but the priest remained silent to his question, he simply smiled and nodded as staff walked by, or would look over at the two. John I need to know! You havent earned it yet. I told you this stuff, you cant just get answers. You cant just fill in the blanks that easily. You have two options: figure it all out by yourself, or wait until the Circle finds it fitting that you should know. I need your help John. Who the fuck is the Circle anyways? The Circle is what has kept humans-human, they have stopped the change, and continue to fight the fight no one knows aboutlook ghosts arent always that bad. So some of them are good? In a sense. Whatever reason they are here, positive or negative, they cant do it alone. They dont talk they stand there staringlike I can read minds. Thats because ghosts dont talk, they communicate in other ways. Look until you figure this

out your stuck with them. Gotta go-god bless! That is what John claimed as he stood up and left the table. Pierce turned to stand up as well, for he wanted answers, but was stopped short by doctor Rigsbee. There you are doctor Pierce Ive been looking all over for you. Dan nows not the time. No its perfect timing! I got good news. Your new intern is here! New intern? Well remember the other intern that didnt page you until it was too late? Hes gone, and this is the replacement- Rigsbee moves out of the way and standing behind him was a short younger girl. She had auburn hair, held up in a pony tail. Her blues eyes were nice and comforting but her freckles made you think she was still in high school. She was much shorter than Rigsbee. She stood there holding onto a clip board, unable to make full eye contact she stood patiently still. Dr.Pierce meet doctor Rebecca Kelly! Shes to follow you around, learn from you, she isall yours! Rigsbee fled the scene before Pierce could ask any more questions. Taking a deep breath Pierce took an odd stance and stared at his new problem. She only could look back at him for a moment before darting her eyes away. It was clear to Pierce that this girl was shy. As most interns are, they are afraid of hospitals, for they have been buried in medical school for four years. Now these interns step out of that cave and into the brave world expecting to be ready to adapt. However they ALL were the same coming to the hospitals, looking to prove themselves, but at same time scared to make a mistake. What are you eating? This is the only thing Rebecca said as she covered her mouth with the clipboard. Pierce looked over at his meal, he hadnt even touched it. Dr.Kellyokayfollow me. Leaving his meal behind Rebecca followed the doctor as they left the cafeteria. Heading down the halls Rebecca kept up but actually stayed a foot behind the doctor not feeling she was ready to stand next to him yet. So tell me what is the most important rule about being a doctor. The patient comes first. Replied Rebecca. Thats correct- As he said this Rebecca reveals the first smile he has seen from her. -Your first responsibility is your patient. Whatever life holds you outside of here stays outside of here. Pierce lead Rebecca into a room where he explained the conditions of a current patient. Standing over his bed Pierce asked what Rebecca would do. Her shyness however left her without much to tell. Pierce filled the dead air with more information. Its important to know this stuff. You could endanger your career. Now lets take a look at his neighbor here, his name is Larry- Pierce pulling open the curtain jumps at the sight of his next patient. Wearing a black hoodie with a silver skeleton mask the patient reached out to Pierce making a loud noise. The patient begins to laugh as he takes the mask off seeing that he has successfully scared the doctor. Pierce catching his breath swears under his breath. "Man! I really needed a good laugh." The patient said with a big grin. "Give me the mask..." Leaving his hand out the patient was defiant at first, then he handed it

over. "What are you in kindergarden?" "Sorry doc, at least I feel better." Larry said as a few more chuckles came through. Larry here has a tumor on his kidney. Its a good thing he has two of them. He apparently likes to get his kicks from scaring people. Like I said Im sorry doc, I just dont want to be herestory of my life. Tucking the mask away Pierce turned to Rebecca. Well little does Larry know we can have our own fun too. You get to do his anal exam, enjoy! With a smile Pierce walked out of the room, content with himself as doctor Kelly just stood there still not talking at all. Pierce was content with this resolution, it gave him time away from the intern. As he continued his rounds Pierce was given a new patient that was horribly ill, family was waiting for a response. Pierce was overwhelmed with patients and thus took a look at the medical records and headed to the waiting room where the family was standing there together, looking out the windows of the hospital. Pierce asking if the two were the parents of the man stopped in midsentence as the two people turned around. Both man and woman had blood splattered on their clothes, black ooze dripped down there arms and off the fingertips. This black ooze had a potent stench: tuna mixed with sewage. The black slime coming out of the crack on the side of their lips, as they opened their mouths the black slime drooled out even worse. It was everywhere, the black ooze just accumulating on the ground in a pile of sludge in front of Pierce. Stepping away Pierce was disgusted by the black ooze, he even felt sick from the smell of the stuff. So Pierce coughing and having to spit up some from the stench immediately fled the scene. Staff members looking on wondered what was happening with him. Pierce made it to the bathroom stall in time to have a dry heave. Spitting out what was left hanging around in his mouth Pierce began to hear the whispers again. Voices of many, overnumbering and over powering. The doctor immediately escaped the bathroom not wanting to be stuck with the angry man again. In the hall no staff members were left, the lights continued to flicker, the doctor looking back and forth down the halls stopped in fear. Pierce was alone, and he never felt such horrible gloom before in his life. In the halls Pierce breathed heavily, unable to calm down as he knew, something bad was going to happen. Pounding came through the doors and the walls. Loud pounding that was left unanswered, so the pounding grew louder, and the whispering grew louder with it. The noise was unparallel, Pierce just wanted to run. Pierce covering his ears from the noise jogged down the hall. The light run was ended quickly, Pierce eyes wide open shuttered as a figure in all black stood in front of him. It wore a metal skeleton mask much like Larry did earlier. A line of blood rested on the shiny mask, as it portrayed the same extended grin. The black figure stood tall compared to Pierce, but this wasnt what had stopped the doctor. Feeling a sharp coldness the doctor looked down and found a knife in his stomach.

Afraid to touch the knife his hands hovered around it shaking, a small red spot grew where the knife was implanted into his shirt. Pierce could see part of the blade, shiny and reflective as he dared not move-the pain would be great and the blood loss even greater. Thus the doctor remained motionless, standing before this tall lingering murderer. Whoever or whatever this was in the silver mask wrapped its arms around Pierce and hugged him tightly. Drawing him in the knife went deeper, which made the doctor feel the sharp pain more as it rested in his stomach. The whispering growing louder Pierce could not get out of the hug, it was as if he had no strength at all. Feeling his body getting weaker Pierce screamed at top of his lungs into the dark hallway he was staring into. Doctor Pierce are you okay? Pierce opening his eyes even harder than before is swinging hard to the feel of warm hand on his shoulder. Doctor Kelly backing away scared Pierce now realized who she was, the knife not there in his stomach, the nightmare was over. Fuck Was all came blurting out of Pierce as he gasped for air, he felt his stomach making sure the wound wasnt there. Doctor Pierce what are you doing in here? Ive been looking for you. Pierce standing up from the ground where he layed he looked around at the miscelleanous crap in the room. Were in a closet I havent seen you in a few hours, Pierce how long you been in here for? I dont know Pierce a little shaky in his walking left the closet and readjusted to the light from the hospital. The intern Kelly caught up with Pierce and handed him the mask. Here, you dropped this in the closet. Where did you get that? From the closet, it just fell off you. Pierce held the mask and rubbed it, looking over the wide grin that was plastered across it. Pierce walking away throws the mask into a nearby trash bin. Doctor Pierce couldn't talk about it, he was too confused over the ordeal. Doctor Kelly however did not say anything, she only followed Pierce as he continued his rounds in the hospital. Pierce kept from eye contact with his new intern, as her boss he felt he had control over the situation. He even felt more empowered as his intern just followed him around not saying a word, just watching and listening. For a while no ghosts bothered the doctor, and he was relieved for once as he could finally do his job without distractions. Pierce even got some free time while in the hospital to relax, this was until he could hear the noise from a hall not too far away. A patient was going into code blue, and this time Pierce was there to help save a life. The room filled with other staff members, doctor Kelly included. With some fast thinking and even faster medical mumbo-gumbo the patient was alive and well. However this did not come without complications, the patient needed immediate surgery. Taking the patient away Pierce asked Kelly to inform the family, Kelly at this time lowered the clipboard, and had a smile on her face. Her eyes watered with joy, and a shine came as if her dreams had come true. Without saying a word she fast walked in the opposite direction, it was as if she was happy to tell the family of how their daughter will need surgery, of how their only daughter could die.

Washing off his hands Pierce ventured into the surgery room prepped and ready. As staff tied the strings on the cloth to cover his body he looked over the woman who unknowingly was clinging onto life. Approaching the table Pierce took a glimpse around him at the people joining him for the surgery. Looking up at the view case only one or two people watched from the room above, must have not been enough time for staff to know of the surgery. Fiiting the gloves to his hands Pierce put out his hand to the staff. "Gotta open her up! Scalpel...rib spreader..." The doctor asked for tools and acted quickly, as he got to the patient's insides he couldn't help but fear for something bad to happen. The last time he was in a surgical room...things did not go well. Opening the patient wide he pushed his hands right in as if he was fishing for apples. At a moment while searching through her intestine Pierce held his breath, afraid that a ghost would appear, or black ooze would spill from the patient. The more time went into the surgery the worse the doc worried over this. The surgery however went over without a hitch. Pierce closing up the patient took a deep breath, the patient lived, he had successful performed the job. Turning around relieved the room went black and Pierce was reunited with the angry man again. His dark skin dripped with sweat grabbed the doc's throat, lifting him up and pushing him against the patient. Struggiling for air Pierce kicked and punched but the angry man remained untethered like a stone. Gripping his fists tighter the blue light shined from his wrists as Pierce threw at the ghost. The lights flickering Pierce falls as the ghost vanishes. The staff gasping as they turn to see Pierce landing on top of the patient, Pierce kicking to the ground finds his stability and looks at the staff as some asked what happened, others were asking what the hell. Doctor Kelly entered the surgery just as doctor Pierce was leaving, the patient while still alive had everybody checking her vitals to make sure everything was okay. Pierce fled the scene and quickly found himself over his breaking point. Strange paranormal activity that was relentless, whispers from fellow co-workers and nurses, the explicit horrors. The doctor was overwhelmed, Pierce couldnt keep the emotions inside for much longer. Pierce was hellbent on a misson; with what composure he had left he found doctor Rigsbee and pulled him out of the eye of the public. Doctor Pierce! Everything all right? Rigsbee asked as the doctor checked the hall to make sure no one saw and no one was curious as to the conversation they were going to have. I need you to take over my rounds DanielI gotta go. Before he could leave Rigsbee grabs his arm and pulls him back. Woah wait a minute! You didnt just pull me aside to tell me this! Come on Travis, what is really going on? For a moment the shell broke on Travis Pierce, he could feel the emotions rumble through his body. His eyes watered as he tried to hold them in. Even though Pierce wanted to tell Daniel, and actually thought he deserved to know, he held it in. Pierce managed somehow to keep it all inside. Im sorry Daniel, Im just not the doctor everybody thinks me to be right now. I have to gohave to think things over. What is there to think about? Something in your personal life effecting your profession isnt it? Leave it beplease I cant leave it alone Travis! You need to go I need to know why! But I cant Pierce refrained from saying much more. You cantwhat? How do I admit to failure? Pierce asked a heavy question, Rigsbee didnt know what to say.

Pierce unable to say much more escaped and began to walk away, rubbing at his eyes. Rigsbee appearing in the hall did not chase after the doctor, he just watched him walk away. Heading for the nearest exit out of the hospital Pierce had ran back into doctor Kelly. She was startled when she saw him, almost running into Pierce who was an unstoppable force at that moment. She didnt call out to him just saw he was in a rush and followed him, believing he was on his way to another emergency. Pierce feeling her following him tried to ignore her, he was unstoppable. This was untrue in the doctors mind, as he stopped in the hall to see a trail of dark red leading around a corner. Blood! Doctor Kelly said. Pierce looked to her in shock. You can see that? Doctor Kelly responded to Pierces question with a simple nod. Pierce looking back at the blood now realized that this was real. Pierce and Kelly followed the trail around the corner down to the end of the hall where the blood trail ended. The lights in the hall flickered, and suddenly went out. Pierce couldnt believe it, the blood wasnt real. This was yet another haunting from a ghost. In the darkness Pierce could not see much, he could however make out the silhouette of a human figure standing only a few feet away from them. Pierce looked down as he heard dripping sounds. Drops of blood coming from the figure in the shadows. The figure seemed to rock back and forth slowly, as if on drugs. The blood underneath the figure grew bigger, the red was soon noticeable as it continued to explored the white tile. The blood ventured out of the shadows, this suddenly made doctor Kelly gasp and step back. The figure in the darkness slowly moved forward in the pool of blood. The round shape of the belly appeared, a hand resting on it. Pierce stepped back as well, and even reached over to grab hold of doctor Kelly. Keeping her hands on her mouth she could not blink. The human revealing her pregnant belly soon made the two of them gasp again. Blood dripping from her vagina the woman had a large part of her upper body missing. Her right arm, shoulder, and part of her face. It looked as if the woman was dragged an unmeasurable distance. Her look of pain and sadness made Kelly want to scream. Pierce holding her shoulder even tighter pulled and got them away from the dark hall. Kelly burying her face into her hands braced herself against Pierce. The doctor looking back sees the hall is now perfectly lit, no blood, no pregnant woman. Pierce worrying just about his intern rubbed her arms. As she calmed down Kelly looked up at him with tears running down her face. What was that doctor? You saw it too? Yes it was horrible! Kelly sunk her face back into his chest as tears ran even harder. The doctor looking did not care what the staff would think of this. Pierce simply held her, pondering how this happened. The ghosts have only bothered him, they had never began to haunt other staff members. The uncertainty that Pierce felt did not go away, the doctor couldnt figure this out. At least, not by himself. Pierce rubbing Kellys back comforted her telling her its gonna be okay. John had told Pierce earlier that he had to figure this stuff out on his own. None of this made sense. The hauntings were getting worse. As the ghosts grew stronger the hauntings are now effecting other staff members as well. This was a worse fear than Pierce had of losing his mind. Nobody should have to deal with this except for himself, for he is the only one with the power to do anything about it. Pierce was sick of going without any answers, he pulled his intern away, dragging her to the parking lot. Where are we going? Kelly asked as they reached Pierces car.

Gonna see a friend. Pierce replied once the two of them sat in his vehicle. Starting the engine the two drove far away from the hospital. Pounding errupted on the front door, the knocking loud and continuous. It did not stop until the sound of the locks were unhatching, the door sliding open Margaret stood there staring at Pierce in his doctors coat, the shy intern standing directly behind him. Margaret with a change of position stared to see that Pierce was out of breath, doctor Kelly felt out of place, and like earlier did not give eye contact to anyone. Whats up doc? Margarets attempt to be funny failed as she saw the expression on Pierces face, he was not in the mood for games. Looking back and forth between Pierce and the intern Margaret took a big sigh in before thinking to herself. Its that bad? PleaseI dont know whats happening, but its effecting my co-workers. I need your help. ...Come in. Margaret said with another big sigh. Kelly followed Pierce into a small old style living room. The small table was wood, television old, even the couch looked old. At a small circular table Pierce found a barrage of pictures in frames. The one consistent photo was how they were all in black and white. Pierce questioned the place in his head, maybe Margaret stayed with her parents. Do you- Pierce before finishing his sentence turns to see Margaret pointing at the couch. She stays here, YOUfollow me. Margaret leaving the living room Pierce took one last look behind him to see his intern sit at the couch calmly and quietly. With a few steps Margaret opened a door and flipped a switch. A dangling light bulb lit revealing a staircase heading downward into a basement. Once Pierce closed the door behind him-Margaret began asking questions. So what happened? Ghostsor thats what John said. Margaret reaching the end of the staircase turned a hard left. Pierce looking over metal shelving with an assortment of items, many of them covered in dust or cobwebs. Concrete walls were revealed as Margaret turned on another light. Where? She ventured into a gray room where another light hung from the ceiling. Pierce walking past the circuit board for the house watched as Margaret entered an odd room. The hospital People die every day doctor. Funny isnt it? Kinda ironic? Never noticed them before in your life, never knew they existed. And now, your life is entangled with them. Margaret grabbing a bag from a tall thick wooden table in the center of the room began grabbing objects from the shelves. Pierce took a look around and wondered what strange shit Margaret did in her off time. Bowls were set up along the wooden table. One had water, well to Pierce it looked like water, it was clear, and had no smell. Another bowl had clean white bones, but they were too small to belong to a human. Along the back wall was a long shelf of candles, and a match box. A shelf below the candles were jars filled with what looked like ingredients to cook. Margaret pulling four rocks from the bag placed them on the corners of the table. Pierce took a step further toward the table to see the third bowl had a white powder. What is that? Salt. Margaret said with a smile. She continued to prepare not noticing the open mouth on Pierce as he watched in odd discontent. Margaret reaching into a bag that hung from a nail on the wall grabbed a piece of chalk from inside. She then drew a circle with some symbols inside of it around the bowl of water. Margaret grabbed a blank piece of paper from a shelf, blew off the dust and rested it on the rim of the bowl. Pierce wanted to say something but held back, he wanted to know what she was doing. He felt it was best to watch and learn.

Margaret poured a handful of the salt onto the paper. The paper held and stayed safe from getting wet as she reached under the desk. Margaret dropping a thick book on the table opened it to find the page she was looking for. I need you not to say anything doc. Was all Margaret said as she took a small white bone and pulled her sleeve up on her arm. Under the black cloth revealed many markings, as if Margaret had been hurting herself. Dragging the bone across her arm Margaret began whispering as she read from the book. Her skin breaking from the bone, blood merged from the cut. Holding her arm over the bone she let drops of it fall onto the pile of salt. Meow. Pierce looking down sees a skinny black cat jump to the table as Margaret continued to read from the book. The cat prowled closer to the bowl and reaching it suddenly began to hover above it. The table shook as the smoke rose from the bowl. Being cautious the doctor stepped back as the smoke grew black. In a bang the cat landed safely on the table and ran off, the paper burning a blue light dwindles to a blue twinkle. Margaret putting down the bone held out a small glass vial, the blue twinkling light entered the vial and became water again. What is that for? Pierce asked as Margaret closed the vial and hid it under her shirt. Placing a bandaid on the cut rolled down her sleeve and walked back over to the doctor. Its my fail-safe. Never go to work without it. Heading back up stairs the cat followed them into the living room. Margaret in the living room looked on as the cat brushed itself up against doctor Kelly. Unsure of its acceptance Kelly slowly reached down and pet the cat. Thats not a good sign. Margaret said as Pierce drew closer to her and watched as Kelly grew more fond of the cat. Its just a cat. Its a black cat. Your friend must have some connection to the otherside. Congratulations, you found yourself a natural. What? Natural? You mean she is part of this too! Pierce talking to Margaret completely ignores his intern as she looked at them in suspicion. Some people are more intuned to the Otherside than others. Saying this made Pierce shake his head in disbelief. Margaret holding his chin up made eye contact with him. Youre the perfect example. You didnt know anything about this until you became a guardian. Excuse me Kelly said but Pierce and Margaret kept locked in their own conversation. She however can see things without powers, she has a gift...or a curse. She cant be a part of this. I cant be held accountable for her life or soul too! Id consider her a good thing. She can help you. She could die! DIE? Kelly stood up, the cat scared strolls away quickly. Margaret and Pierce look on, finally realizing she wanted in on the conversation. Margaret looked back to Pierce. Remember the haunting? Families, husbands, daughters, they get involved. They have to they are what the Otherside want. Shaking his head no Pierce looked at Kelly. Did you know about this? Any of this? About me? Kelly shook her head no with each question. Margaret pulling down her shirt reveals a tattoo of a circle on her chest. Have you ever seen this? A circle? Kelly said in confusion. Do you know what it means? Margaret asked but Kelly shook her head again, the questions however bombarded her and she stormed past them and vacated the house. Look at what you did! Pierce said as he chased after Kelly.

You brought her to me! Margaret stopped at her doorway as Pierce held Kelly trying to calm her down. I just want to go home! I dont know anything! Doctor Kelly cried. Im sorryI didnt mean to suspect you Looking back at Margaret she folded her arms and stared back at Pierce. Look were gonna figure this out. She can helpjust give it a chance. And what if I dont? Kelly said as she rubbed tears from her eyes and face. Then it will never stop. We have an opportunity hereI dont even like to think of it like that. More like a chance! Sometimes a chance is necessary. Sometimes a chance is all we got. Closing the door Margaret approached the two standing on the sidewalk. Ill show you what to do Pierce, like I said, she can help. How do I do that? Kelly asked Margaret. Youre his Witness, whether you like or not, youre here to watch and listen. Witness? Kelly asked as Margaret stood impatiently by the car. Lets go! Margaret said as this made Pierce push himself away from Kelly and to the driver side. The party of three entered the car and headed back to the hospital.

Part 2

Arriving back at Saint Gabriel Medical Center Pierce parked in the car garage, even though he was allowed to park in the front with the other doctors. Turning the engine off the three sat quietly in the car for a moment. Thanks for the help Margaret. Yeah-yeah-yeahso whats the plan? As she replied Pierce looked at Kelly then looked back at Margaret with a clueless expression. You tell me how do I get rid of ghosts? You two gotta go in there and find out who they are. Their stuck between worlds, they cant let goso thats what you have to do. So youre not coming with us? No Im not going in there. I dont belong in the hospital. People take one look at me and will call security. You two are the doctors! Look heres my cell number Margaret quickly writing down her number on a post it hands it over to Pierce. Just give me a call if you need anything. Pierce opening the door put one foot out and stopped as Kelly chimed in. Wait what are we doing? Margaret rolling her eyes looks back at her. Ghosts cant talk, losing their voice is an effect of being dead. You gotta search for clues, some sort of message left by them. Now go! Ill wait here! With that Pierce completed leaving the car and locked up as Kelly followed him; through the parking garage and to the access point to hospital. Passing through a concrete narrow hall with pictures of past medical staff the two open another set of doors and make their way officially into the hospital. Sticking his head out around a corner, Pierce checked the halls for staff personnel. Unsure why he was sneaking around the doctor began to stroll the corridor as his intern followed

directly behind him. Pierce using his head grabs a medical chart and continues his walk as he made himself look busy. Passing various medical personnel, the two of them made it to the elevator. Waiting for the doors to slide open Pierce dared not to move, he did not want to look around, he just stared at the silver elevator doors. Inside the elevator a few other staff joined them, Pierce pressed the button associated with the second floor. Kelly leaning in to his ear whispered to Pierce among another doctor and a janitor. Where are we going? Surgery. Itsthe most famous placea lot of bad stuff happens there. Another doctor looking back Pierce instinctively smiled. With an elevator beep the sliding doors opened and Pierce along with Kelly walked out onto the second floor. Peeking through the windows of doubledoors Pierce entered surgery to see that no one was in there at the moment. This was rare, and thus a perfect opportunity. Entering the surgical room with caution Pierce slowly kept along the wall, as Kelly entered she looked to see it quiet and empty. What is that? Kelly pointed, as strange green glow came from the bed. You dont see that? No Pierce looked around wondering what would come out and attack. Kelly looking over the surgical table saw strange writing the was unlegible in the green haze. Drawn in by the green Kelly placed her fingertips on the table. Closing her eyes she felt her subconscious get pulled away. Deep in the darkness Kelly began to see a man on a bed writhing in pain. His body covered in sweat he was strapped to the bed that way he could not strike the staff. As they tried to help him he twitched and yelled out, the man did not want to be there he wanted to escape. Nurses checking his temperature reported how his fever was running high. Being pushed away further from Kellys sight of vision following behind the nurses were two police officers. Pulled back from this she opened her eyes and found herself out of breath. You okay? I saw somethinga guy he was in a lot of pain, a patient. Did you get a name? A name? No I-he-was all sweaty and had police officers there too! Sweat? Was he really pissed off? Yes it looked like he didnt want to be here. Kelly replied. We gotta find out who he is! Pierce leaving the surgery room lead Kelly back through the hospital halls. Pierce couldnt stop thinking about the man who continued to try to choke him. The man who was so very angry, was he a patient that he attended too? Pierce didnt remember him, but he knew where he could. It didnt take the two along to arrive at the destination Pierce was looking for. There on a glass window-part of the door was the word RECORDS. Opening the door he let Kelly enter the room first. Reaching in Pierce turned the light on and opened the door even wider. Doctor Pierce! Turning his head fast he sees the chief Tom Hill himself walking his way. Pierce turning the light off looked at Kelly before slowly closing the door. Doctor Pierce Ive been looking for you. Chiefwell you found me Pierce said as he held onto the door handle he turned his body to block the door. Youve been MIApatients are waiting Said Tom. Seeing Pierces silhouette through the glass Kelly ducked down and quickly walked through the record room. Using her hands to help guide her eye sight Kelly began reading off the labels of the filing cabinets. Thinking that she had found the right one opened the metal drawer to find bloody intestines inside. Kelly immediately covering her mouth to refrain from screaming

in horror sees the intestines still beating, throbing as if alive and well inside the metal filing cabinet. Kelly kicking the drawer closed ducks down after realizing the noise it had made. Pierce held onto the door handle even tighter. Keeping his eyes locked on Tom, he heard the noise but it looked as if Tom did not think twice about it. The chief was more into chewing out Pierce for his performance. There was nothing the doc could do but take it. However Tom got sick of yelling at Pierce and began asking questions. So I heard what happened in surgery earlier, mind telling me what happened? Shit. Oh that-well I was finishing her up andandit was odd Yes doctor Rigsbee told me how you confined with him about it. He did? Pierce pondered. Yes he told me how you were afraid to admit that you slipped and fell on top of the patient! Did he now Pierce pondered further. It wasnt your fault. Staff in the room claim that there was water where you stood, no doubt it was from that. You probably didnt even notice it-what with saving lives! Pierce gave a perfect timing chuckle to what Tom reported to him. Hearing the conversation continue in the hall Kelly took a breath and composed herself silently in the records room. Looking over the large line of filing cabinets Kelly was drawn to one that had what looked like water on it. Leaning over to look she saw it dripped of sweat as if it was alive as well. Kelly thought back and remembered the sweat coming from the man in the bed. Seeing a small pool of sweat forming at the bottom of the filing cabinet she opened the top drawer slowly. She gasped with relief as the contents were of papers and folders. Flipping through the folders Kelly didnt know which one to look for, she did not know the mans name. A light green haze came from a specific folder which peaked Kellys interest. Kelly pulling the folder out saw once again it had the same color and strange writing that she could not understand. Putting out her hand she stopped for a moment, closed her eyes and brushed the folder with her fingertips. A breeze blew through her hair as she leapt into her deep dark subconscious again. Blazing through visions Kelly stopped to witness a man having sex with a woman in a bed. The moaning loud Kelly remained silent as she watched from a corner of the room. Hearing a door open and close the intimate two stopped and rush to throw on clothing. The woman swearing under her breath, stating that he shouldnt be home so early. The moment changed and Kelly was transported again to where the man covered in sweat was now diving a knife into the stomach of the man who was in the bed. Kelly jumped at the sight as the woman who was having sex with him earlier runs by Kelly and grabs a nearby phone. As she calls the police the angry man holding the knife hugged the man pulling him nearer. Whispering into his ear the man screamed in pain. The moment flew by again, and Kelly felt she was on a never-ending spiral. Arriving at the next vision Kelly felt unease and held her stomach, she felt as if she was going to vomit. The angry man now sat in a prison cell, patiently waiting. As time went by the man however got more sick, but hid this from guards who would check on him throughout the visions. Digging deeper into the darkness of her subconscious Kelly found herself standing behind the man, who now was outside of the prison. He was as angry as ever, but he was too sick now to do anything about it. As he tried to leave the jail behind him he collapsed to the ground, guards watching him from the tower shout but the man did not look back. He only tried to drag himself across the parking lot.

This was where the visions ended, Kelly opening her eyes had her hands firmly wrapped around the folder that began this crazy trip. Opening the folder Kelly read on to find out information about the man: his name was Otis, and he needed a gastric bypass surgery. However he had came to the hospital too late, and he died before they could operate on him. The intern now filled with information raised an eyebrow to the most interesting part, emergency contact information. Otis had a wife, and her address followed. Youve got patients to take care of doctor. Tom said as he gave Pierce a stern look. Im on it chief! Pierce not wanting to leave the door handle had no choice. Releasing his grip he began walking quickly down the hall. As Tom walked away Kelly slowly turned the door handle, opened the door and snuck back out into the hall. Looking left then looking right, Kelly jogs to catch up to Pierce and relayed the information. Heading for the elevator Pierce pulled out his phone and the note with Margarets phone number. On there way to the first floor Pierce dialed Margaret. Hey I got it. Youve gotta do it for me. Ive been waiting for almost thirty minutes! Look Im sorry Im stuck here I cant leave. Look take my car, go talk to this woman. How can I get there I dont have your keys! As Margaret said this on the phone Pierce looked to Kelly, handed her the keys she nodded her head. Im working on it, just get this over with already! Hanging up the phone the doors slide open as Pierce hit the first floor to begin helping sick patients. Kelly heading in the opposite direction made a few quick turns through the hallways and made her way back to the parking garage. Jogging to Pierces vehicle Margaret stepped out and poke her head up above the other vehicles next to her. Coming closer Kelly handed Margaret the keys, Kelly then turned around and jogged a few feet back towards the hospital before Margaret shouted at her to stop. WAIT! I need you with me. I dont know anything about this girl. Actually theres a guy too A guy, a girl-whatever thats it youre coming with me. Right now? Kelly asked. YES! Umm look whats your name? Doctor Rebecca Kelly She still refrained from talking too loud, she was use to not being so loud. Okay DOCTOR, I need a breakdown of whats going on, why am I going to this random address? You have to come with me. Margaret said as she continued to wave her hand at Kelly. But my patients come first... Kelly justifying her want to remain at the hospital. This guy or this girls PEACE is whats first right now! We dont give them peace neither you or Pierce will have peace any time soon! Margaret continued to wave her hand, indicating Kelly to come closer. Approaching the car Margaret jumped in the driver seat and Kelly went for the passengers side seat. Meanwhile in the hospital Pierce hit the floor and was flushed with patients. Some were just sick, some were only injured, the patients however all needed his attention. As Pierce informed a nurse to do a MRI and a CAT scan on a patient Pierces attention got pulled off the chart to a group of nurses and staff. Once again the group had formed a huddle down the hall, whispering and talking amongst themselves. Pierce shouting at them got their attention. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET BACK TO WORK! The huddle broke and the staff ran in every direction possible. Scrambling like rats Pierce returned to his chart to continue giving advice as to what to do next for patients.

One patient Pierce took a look at had a bullet shot in his arm. The bullet went straight through and was not a fatal shot, thus it wasnt too much work to patch the patient up and get them ready for discharge. Another patient needed a route canal, before this would happen Pierce informed the nurses to run some labs, and get a coax for the bleeding. Another patient had a heart femur, when Pierce looked into it he found there wasnt much needed to be done with the exception of antibiotics. Pierce? What are you doing here in the pit? Looking over his shoulder he sees doctor Rigsbee walk down the hall and firmly shakes his hand in happiness. I had a change of heart. Its good to see you on the floor and helping lives! Yeah Daniel I wanted to thank you. I ran into Tom earlier andthank you for covering for me. Im glad to be able to give you a helping hand. Because now you can help me with some patients in ICU(intensive care unit)! Rigsbee walking back the way he came Pierce followed his mentor through the hospital corridors. Arriving on a residential street Margaret and Kelly entered an apartment complex. Finding a spot to park the two left the vehicle and found the correct apartment building. Four stories high, the building was made of brick and concrete, it looked small, as if every apartment within were crammed together. By this point Margaret knew the whole story of Otis, stopping at the entrance of the apartment building she backtracked the story to confirm its accuracy. So Otis got sick, didnt tell anyone and when he got out of prison it was too late. Sounds like Otis is looking for revenge on the woman that cheated with him. Staring at a long row of names with buttons to buzz for access, Kelly took a step forward and pointed at one specific name. To Kelly it had a faint green haze to it. Margaret now noticing that Kelly has her head sunk down. Kelly was too afraid to talk. Dont worry were not gonna kill her. Were just gonna have to make closuresomehow. Margaret pushing the button can hear an annoying buzz. A click comes from a speaker as a voice echoes from it outside. Who is it? The voice slightly muffled and distorted Margaret could tell it was a woman. Excuse me Im looking for Rasheda Jordan? Youre talking to her. Rasheda can I come in? Need to talk you. What is this about? Its about your husband, or ex-husbandOtis. Margaret talking into the speaker on the wall waited patiently. A click came from the door, Margaret pulling on the handle could now enter. Kelly followed her up to the second floor. Knocking on a door with the number sixteen on it the door opened and there stood a tall black woman. She had long, curly, hair extensions. The front part of her hair is combed flat back, at the sides, her hair has been braided close to the head with extensions woven in. The woman had blue eyeliner at the edge of her eyes, a dark red lipstick, thin earrings and a small but shiny necklace. What he want? Im done with Otis. He better not be asking me for no money Im done playing those games! Sorry were not here about that! Well who are you? His hoes? Let me make this clear so you can relay the message to Otis-I AM DONE! Rasheda slamming the door in their faces Margaret was left with a dumbfounded look. Kelly replacing Margaret at the door she now took a turn at pounding at the door. Rasheda? My name is doctor Kelly. Im afraid Otis has passed away.

When did this happen? Rasheda asked through the door, while her voice muffled was still clear what she asked. Its been a whileIm sorry but I think the hospital, and the police forgot about your husband. Guess hes my exhusband now. God! That makes me a widow! Weresorry Kelly shrugging at Margaret stepped back from the door, she didnt know what else to say. The door opening slowly again Rasheda stood there looking at the two. He was suppose to get out a year ago. Didnt know what happened to him, didnt care. Figured he had gotten himself in more trouble. We were looking through old records of patients in the hospitalwere doctors you see! Kelly now getting more cocky had made Margaret feel akward. Rasheda looked at the two of them, Margaret had nothing in common with Kelly. The two looked nothing alike, no comparison. Right well thanks for telling me! Wait! Its not over yet! Margaret stated boldly. What you mean? As Rasheda asked Kelly looked over at Margaret expecting her to answer. We need you to fill out some paperwork, we need you to come to the hospital. The hospital! I dont have a car there is no way- Look well drive you we just need you to get to the hospital. Alright just let me get my bag! Closing the door Margaret was able to smile at Kelly. Once inside the car Rasheda began talking to Margaret and Kelly as if they were her girlfriends. So Kelly whats it like being a doctor? Its a lot of work. But its worth the lives we save. Oh thats cool I wanted to be a nurse at one point but couldnt afford it. Otis never helped me, never inspired me, hell didnt want me to do anything but cook! Umm that reminds me Rasheda, I saw the folder on your husbandwhy did you cheat on him? Kelly looked back on Rasheda from the passenger seat. Rasheda gripping her bag tighter looked down at the floor of the car as she admitted her guilt. Otis was everything I ever wanted in a man. Oncebut people change. I changedOtis he just didnt understand that. Were here Margaret stated as she entered the parking garage and found a spot on the second floor. Kelly walked with Rasheda as Margaret locked up the car. Once Margaret began following the two in along the asphalt a huge gust of wind came through the tunnel. The three of them stopped as the car alarms began going off all along the parking garage. Unsure of what this meant Kelly, Rasheda and Margaret all looked around to see no one else was around. The sirens repeating the honking of horns annoying Kelly jumped as Rasheda was lifted into the air. Rasheda screaming flew past some cars and hit her back against a concrete barrier. Kelly jumped at the sight Margaret ran to her side. Rashedas bag landing in between them with an assortment of make up tossed along the pavement. The lights flickering on the cars, the noise continued from the alarms. Rasheda shook it off and stood up slowly to see her once husband standing before her. Otis, covered in sweat punched Rasheda hard in her stomach. Coughing from the hit Rasheda bent over and moaned in pain. Otis then took a firm grip on her throat and raised her up high. Kelly crying out was held back by Margaret. We need to help! Kelly cried out as she fought with Margaret. We cant do anything! HELP! Let it go! Margaret held onto Kelly and watched as Otis gripped Rashedas throat until a snap

silenced the air. Releasing Rasheda her body fell like a ragdoll, leaning against the concrete barrier the lights dimmed, and Otis faded away. The rows of cars stopped with the alarms, and the horns ceased. Kelly rushing over to Rasheda looked into her eyes that were wide open. Margaret taking a few steps back heard footsteps as security came running from another area of the parking garage. Im a doctor! Kelly yelled at the security as she put her fingers on Rashedas wrist to check for a pulse. Not finding anything she then moved to Rashedas neck. A clear purple hand print of bruising was left on her neck. There was no pulse, there was no hope. Were too late, shes dead. Kelly standing up looked back but saw Margaret had vanished. What happened doctor? She didnt make it Night had come at the hospital and Pierce left towards the parking garage. However on his way there he saw his intern sitting by herself in the lobby. Pierce sitting next to her was handed the keys to his car. Heres your keys. Thank you. So what happened? Everything turn out okay? Noyour friend abandoned me. While she did come back, I guess she didnt want to get questioned by police. Police? Just what happened? Kelly refused to talk about it. She had cried so much today she didnt have much left for tears. Instead Kelly brushed her hair back and changed the subject. I guess the rumors are true What rumors? Do you know what they call you? Doctor death. Really? Pierce had a slight laugh at his title. It fits you perfectly. The two sat in silence as patients, loved ones, staff walked through the lobby. Kelly closing her eyes tried to bury the events of what happened today deep in her subconscious. Noticing her hands shaking slightly she talked to make her pain ease. I need a ride home. Sure! No problem! Once in the parking garage Pierce noticed a few police officers standing over by a concrete barrier. Kelly however kept her eye sight locked on Pierces car. Once inside the car Kelly remained quiet. Wonder what that was all about Pierce buckling up puts his keys into the ignition. Doctor Kelly saying with a quiet tone, Pierce looking up finds his car now surrounded. Variety of people standing around his car, the couple from earlier with the black ooze dripping out of them stood in front of his car. A boy badly burnt stared at them through the drivers side window. The ghosts peered into the car, none of them moving, all just looking onto and into Pierce and Kelly. Its never going to end. And call me Rebecca-doctor. Rebecca said as she looked back at the various ghosts standing around the car. This is gonna take a while Pierce noted.