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OPERATORS NAME: ID: Date of Assessment: Location: FIELD ASSESSMENT POINTS 1. Whether the technician is having the knowledge of all the requirements of the test procedure for performing the job? 2. Does he have understanding of the applicability of the procedure & acceptance standards? 3. Does he carry a copy of valid Level II certificate with him? 4. Are all the steps adequately followed during the examination as instructed in the procedure? 5. Does he carry the equipment calibration certificate copy with him? 6. Does he check the surface preparation prior to start of the test? 7. Does he check the lifting power of Yokes and how often? 8. Does he check the adequacy of the lighting source (day light or artificial lighting)? What type of lighting source is used if there is insufficient day light? 9. Is any light meter used to verify lighting adequacy? 10. Can he demonstrate the procedure when required? 11. Is housekeeping maintained? 12. Are the Aerosol cans have been properly disposed after work? 13. Is he aware of the work ethics/ Quality policy of INSPEC? 14. Does he follow all the safety rules existing at the work site? 15. Are the individuals interpretation/evaluation skills related to the job adequate? 16. Does his reporting meet all the requirements of approved procedures? General Comments (if any): Assessment by: Name: Level: Designation: Yes /no. Remarks OVERALL REMARKS: 1. Revoke certificate. 2. Further training, re-examination & Recertification 3. Further training required only. 4. Satisfactory.