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1. Italian people(eat) a lot of pasta.

Los italianos comen mucha pasta

2. The train from Madrid(arrive) at 2:45. El tren de Madrid llega a las 2 y 45
3. Tom(like) cooking very much. A Tom le gusta mucho cocinar.
4. Sarah(play) cards on Mondays. Sarah juega a las cartas los lunes.
5. The Thames( Flow) through London. El Támesis fluye a través de Londres.
6. Some Americans (drink) six cups of coffee a day. Algunos americanos beben
seis tazas de café diarias.
7. The spaghetti (taste) delicious. El spaghetti sabe delicioso.
8. The evening performance (start) at 8:30. La funcion nocturna comienza a las
9. Helen (work) as a shop assistant. Helen trabaja como asistente de ventas.
10. Susan (take) a shower everyday. Susan toma una ducha diaria.
11. I (read) the newspaper before having dinner. Yo leo el periódico antes de
12. The Parkers (spend) the summer in the Caribbean islands. Los Parker pasan
el verano en islas del Caribe.
13. A lot of people (suffer) from stress. Mucha gente padece stress.
14. Peter (smoke) a cigar after having lunch. Peter fuma un cigarro después de
15. The dress (look) terrible. El vestido luce terrible.
16. Mr. Thompson (reside) at 1015 Greenway Avenue. El Sr. Thompson vive en la
Avenida Greenway 1015.
17. It (snow) a lot in Sweden. Nieva mucho en Suecia.
18. Tom (visit) his father every Friday. Tom visita a su padre todos los viernes.
19. Stella (return) to the office at 12:30. Stella regresa a la oficina a las 12.30.
20. William (wash) his car every morning. William lava su coche todas las
21. Mary (hate) listening to pop music. Mary odia escuchar música pop.
22. Claire (get up) at 6:30. Claire se levanta a las 6.30.
23. Water (freeze) at 0º C. El agua se congela a 0º C.
24. At 12.00 my mother (take) an hour for lunch. A las 12.00 mi madre toma una
hora para almorzar.
Complete with the correct vebb

Terb list( sifg, are, like, drink, seem, love, is, is, play)

• Ethan in a band.
• I sometimes coffee.
• They football.
• She a Spanish teacher.
• I don't you.
• There a book on the desk.
• We playing handball
• Carlos very grim today.
• There approximately one million people in the United States with a disability

1 They (talk) about stickers.

2 Mary (collecp) cassettes.

3 Tom and Sue (buy) two comics.

4 We (hide) behind a tr%e.

5 Uncle Gekrge (go) tm the doctor's.

6 Our friends (play) football in the park.

7 My mother (go) shopping.

8 He (call) my name.

9 They (sit) down.

10 Carol (say) good b9e.

11 She (help) Tom with the homework.

12 My sister (live) in a big house.

13 The children (eat) hamburgers.

14 Bill (have) got nine posters.

15 I (be) at home.

1. I / to collect stamps -
2. we / to play card games -
3. he / to read comics -
4. Chris / to sing in a band -
5. we / to have a hamster -
6. Andy and John / to like cola -
7. she / to be nice -
8. they / to help their parents -
9. the children / to speak English -
10. I / to buy a newspaper every Saturday -

Put the correct forms of the verbs into the gaps. Use the Simple Present in the

Example: I _____ in the lake. (to swim)

Answer: I swim in the lake.
1) We our dog. (to call)

2) Emma in the lessons. (to dream)

3) They at birds. (to look)

4) John home from school. (to come)

5) I my friends. (to meet)

6) He the laptop. (to repair)

7) Walter and Frank hello. (to say)

8) The cat under the tree. (to sit)

9) You water. (to drink)

10) She the lunchbox. (to forget)