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The only business that caters to entire student and employee market

About Us
Vividh Edutech Private Limited is incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 1956. The company is formed by its Managing Director, Mr Ashish Bhagoria, who merged his two more ventures operational since 1998 in the field of Telecom Services and Education, Ashnet Enterprises and ITM Solutions, into Vividh Edutech Pvt Ltd. In the year 2001, the company got affiliated to Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar (a State Government University formed under legislature act and recognized by UGC). At present Vividh Edutech Pvt Ltd is running two Learning Centres of Punjab Technical University (PTU) and is offering UG and PG Diploma / Degree Courses in the field of Information Technology and Management. We opened our first PTU Learning Center in 2001 and after a successful break through we opened the second in year 2004. Every year the company enrolls and trains more than 500 students for the courses like, BBA, BCA, B.Sc.-IT, DCA, MBA, MCA, M.Sc-IT and PGDCA. In the year 2007, Vividh Edutech Pvt Ltd developed a corporate training program to improve employability of students, with a name Professional Education Program (PEP). On December 6, 2007, the PEP was launched through a Franchise Network of Bubble Centres at various locations to experience the market and methodology before launching the program to mega centres. In the first few moths of operations in 2008, our Training Centres enrolled and trained many students from different streams, qualification levels and categories. As a result of the training, these students are now placed with the industry as per their qualifications and are getting better salary package than what they could get with the same qualification at the time of joining PEP. The PEP is designed on an unconventional activity based training methodology that does not give theoretical knowledge but trains students practically without books on the required four parameters - Personality Grooming Skills, English Communication Skills, Management Skills and I T Skills. The duration of PEP training is from one month to one year and the fee structure has been framed to make the training qualitative and affordable for the students. The training is given by the trained trainers under professional environment. In the year 2009, PEP went through major up-gradations and improvements. Earlier PEP was offered as a single training program and now the program is being offered in 16+ flavours to serve the needs of individual student. During the same year we started developing an online portal for the Franchisees and Students. This portal will process and manage all activities happening during the training process.

Apart from this, Vividh Edutech Pvt Ltd spent lot of time and money in positioning the brand through various marketing activities like participating in National / International events, targeting media, tie-ups with corporate, etc. Our other divisions are into Software & Web Solutions and Marketing Services. Vividh Edutech Pvt Ltd also develops customized education and training programs for institutions and corporate. Our Management: Managing Director and Chairman: Mr Ashish Bhagoria, an entrepreneur, having Masters in Computer Applications and 12 years of experience in the field of education and training business; developed and designed PEP for the industry Directors: Mr T.C. Bhagoria, Retired as Chief Engineer from Public Works Department, presently rendering his services to National Highway Authority of India as an Arbitrator and Mrs Chander Rekha Bhagoria, involved in major operations of company Our all other departments are headed by individual experts and having their dedicated team down the line, continuously working and improving its programs and systems. Hence with emphasis on social responsibilities and core ethical values, Vividh Edutech Pvt Ltd is positioned to serve its customers and to create a win-win for all. Our Vision: Our vision of starting PEP is to transform world and to make our human resource more efficient and effective with an objective to enhance skills of those students who have potential to grow but have limited opportunities and resources. We also want to create an environment in our education system where today we can train our students for tomorrow. Our Mission: PEP is being positioned to be a basic and mandatory need of every human being seeking a career of interest apart from the academic qualification they achieve. The PEP will emerge globally as a leading provider of Professional Education Programs and Skill Enhancement Services that bridges this base inherent gap of what the industry needs and what the education ecosystem provides.

About PEP
The Concept of PEP was developed when we dealt with students and employees. There are more than 90% students who in spite of having good qualification are not fit for senior level jobs or for handling a project as an entrepreneur. While recruiting employees it was not easy to find a suitable employee who could take responsibility of any single department. Either management had to compromise in terms of quality or the employee had to compromise in terms of good salary package. Then after a complete survey and an exhaustive research we were staring at the following factors, which influenced the students performance when they got into professional life or get a job: Family background Standard of living Surrounding environment 12 15 years of schooling where no focus is given 3 5 years of college life for fun No Clear Directions of What is to be achieved in Life Financial constraints Local / Regional / Cultural factors No industry exposure

On the other hand employees start with entry level or executive level jobs but they are not ready to take up more responsibilities curtailing their growth to senior level or top management level positions and they keep continuing to struggle at existing levels or become job hoppers, whenever their inefficiencies were exposed or they were not able to perform. So what goes into selecting a candidate for a particular post and what would be the factors that would decide the selection, the pay package and the overall position the candidate gets? Selection of employee / Interview process: The first step in selection procedure when the candidate meets the management is interview and this is the platform that will decide profile and salary package of candidate. This process goes in following phases: 1. The moment a candidate enters the room and sits before interviewers, 50% of the interview is already done, and in a lot of cases decision already made. The panel of experts evaluates and decides what will be the appropriate profile and salary package of that particular candidate. It is the Personality of candidate that decides his next phase where he / she can perform.

2. At this level when the candidate starts interacting with interviewers, the ability to handle the communication is evaluated because management doesnt need only those who are fluent in speaking but those who can even handle official correspondence or entire business communication to deal with internal management and external agencies, organizations and customers. For this candidate must have good English Communication Skills. 3. Now the interviewers will prefer that if Personality and Communication Skills are up to the mark, can candidate manage his / her tasks, operations, team, finance, etc. At this level they evaluate Management Skills. 4. Finally the tool used in todays environment is computer. So, candidate must have knowledge to handle his / her activities with the help of computer and must have I T Skills for required areas. Therefore, in addition to Qualification, Work Experience and Knowledge, employers prefer people with good: A) B) C) D) Corporate Traits Corporate Language Corporate Management Corporate Computing

There are socially uplifting benefits experienced by certain sections owing to a capable interaction with the larger world through these skill enhancements and knowledge empowerment. The power of possessing these skills has ever since been considered as a must for achievement of one's goals. A significant proportion of our educated generations consisting of students and job seekers as well as people working in varied professions have an impediment in the area of having these basic skills. This fact is well documented, recognized and has now been looked at with concerned interest. In this scenario PEP bridges the gap that currently exist between the skill sets required for good employability and better communication, and the skills acquired by students through their formal education. PEP achieves this by focusing on their overall development by maintaining high standards in the chosen sphere by using innovative, well researched, acclaimed training methodology and technology.

PEP Training Methodology: PEP is a pioneer in creating an original non-conventional activity based training format, which is combined along with its specially designed methodology initiating interactive student-to-student sessions and student-totrainer sessions. The focus is more towards enhancing practical skills of a student. Therefore, no books are given to students and the training is conducted by creating a mock of the live environment on each topic. The training also involves active participation of student and provides first hand experience of various situations that they would face in corporate life. By way of practically implementing the concepts during the training, it becomes easier to re-implement those concepts in real life situations. The students at PEP are given specially designed concept based activities prepared by PEP supplemented by PEP's response to these Programs. These are based on specific illustrations and are delivered through personal instructions in a well defined step by step procedure laid out for training process. For the convenience of trainers, separate trainer manuals are designed, which cover all modules and topics including entire training schedule. All PEP trainers are trained and certified by PEP before they start training the students at the Training Centre and is ensured that every student who comes in touch with PEP is bound to get great results. Student Evaluation System: The performance evaluation system is based on grading system, which has two parameters, daily attendance and daily progress. The use of this methodology ensures undivided attention of the students as it incorporates involvement and learning in a way that has never been done before. With proven competence it is a hit amongst its learners as it focuses on increasing the grasping ability and enables faster and effective implementation. The idea is to create a having fun while learning experience that goes through practical you do it techniques, which when accomplished ensures that you acquire the skill set permanently. It is like teaching the student swimming in the swimming pool and not in a theory class.

PEP Modules and Topics: PEP training is very flexible and need based. There is a variety of flavours available for the students. In broader way PEP covers 4 modules as essentially required parameters for a professional career and 100 topics, which can be restructured and customized: A) Personality Grooming Skills 1. Internal Personality 2. External Personality English Communication Skills 1. Outflow I. Speaking II. Writing 2. Inflow I. Listening II. Reading 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. D) Management Skills Basic Managerial Qualities Knowledge of Finance HR Procedure Marketing Customer Relationship Management Office Management



I T Skills 1. Basic Knowledge about Computer 2. Using Operating System 3. Operational Skills by using Printers, Scanners, Multimedia and Storage Devices 4. Internet 5. Application of any Office Program like MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel Etc. 6. Software / Hardware / Networking installation and troubleshooting

PERSONALITY GROOMING SKILLS S.N. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 TOPICS Knowing Personality Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses Basic Mannerism Personal Hygiene Grooming Skills Interpersonal Skills Self Confidence Body Language Art of Conversation Listening Skills Tele-calling Skills Facing Interviews Dressing up Formal / Casual Non-verbal Communication Dining Etiquettes Attending Meetings and Conferences Interacting with the Seniors Meeting an Officer or a Client Public Addressing Techniques Delivering Presentations Positive and Innovative Attitude Morals, Ethics and Values Social Responsibilities Behavioral Patterns General Awareness SESSIONS 3 3 3 3 12 2 9 6 3 4 12 18 10 9 6 6 2 4 6 12 3 1 1 3 15

ENGLISH COMMUNICATION SKILLS S.N. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 TOPICS English Language for Workplace English Grammar Usage, Style and Composition Sentence Making Translation Formal / Informal Communication Converting Thoughts into Paragraphs Vocabulary Building Verbal Communication Fluency Development Correct Pronunciation Verbal Presentations Conversation Skills Understanding English Songs and Movies Voice and Accent Writing Skills Resume Writing Business Communication Writing Business Letters Drafting Official Correspondence Creating Quotations, Invoice Writing Reports Writing for Media Preparing Speech Listening and Reading Skills SESSIONS 1 9 5 5 5 1 6 6 6 16 6 12 4 10 10 6 6 3 6 3 3 6 6 9 6

MANAGEMENT SKILLS S.N. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 TOPICS Identifying Managerial Qualities Planning Process Organizing Skills Aspects of Directing Time Management Art of Selling Setting and Achieving Targets Leadership Qualities Group Discussion Problem Solving Techniques Concepts of Financial & Accounting Statements Office Management Strategy Development Case Studies Decision Making Controlling Process Introduction to Human Resource Management Motivating Skills Delegation of Authority Conducting Survey Marketing Skills Advertising & Creativity Customer Relationship Management Negotiation Skills Generating Management Reports SESSIONS 1 6 3 5 4 7 6 4 14 6 10 12 6 7 4 3 12 3 3 8 6 8 6 6 6

I T SKILLS S.N. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 TOPICS Introduction to Information Technology Basic Structure and Functioning of Computer Operating System - GUI Printing Documents Introduction to Internet E-Mail Sending / Receiving with Attachments Processor and Memory Creating and Managing Files and Folders Scanning Photos and Documents Word Processing Spreadsheet Handling Creating Audio Visual Presentations Storage Devices Understanding Software and Hardware Components and Features of Operating System Managing different setting options of Operating System Multimedia Options Reading and Writing CD / DVD Downloading and Uploading Data Using Search Engines for Information Voice and Video Chat Database Management Online Troubleshooting Installing Software and Operating System Basic Hardware and Software Troubleshooting Handling of Computer Network SESSIONS 1 2 6 5 6 6 2 3 5 12 18 12 2 3 3 3 6 6 6 6 15 3 12 6 7




TOPIC/S 6x4= 24 6x2= 12 6 12 X 4 = 48 12 X 2 = 24 12 25 X 4 = 100 25 X 4 = 100 25 X 4 = 100 25 X 2 = 50 25 1 Any As per Flavour As per Flavour As per Flavour


4 2 1

1 Month 2 Hrs / Day 1 Month 1 Hr / Day INTERMEDIATE LEVEL VARIANTS 3 Months 2 Hrs / Day


4 2 1

3 Months 2 Hrs / Day 3 Months 1 Hr / Day ADVANCE LEVEL VARIANTS 6 Months 6 Months 1 Year 4 Hrs / Day 2 Hrs / Day 1 Hr / Day


4 4 4

6 Months 2 Hrs / Day 2 6 Months 1 Hr / Day 1 SPECIALIZATION LEVEL VARIANT 3 DAYS 6 Hrs / Day 1 Customized Customized Any UPGRADATION VARIANTS As per As per Flavour Flavour 2 Months As per As per 5 Months Flavour Flavour As per As per 3 Months Flavour Flavour


PEP FEE STRUCTURE PROGRAM FEE (INR) SERVICE TAX BASIC LEVEL VARIANTS 4500 464 3000 309 2000 206 INTERMEDIATE LEVEL VARIANTS 9000 927 6000 618 4000 412 ADVANCE LEVEL VARIANTS 18000 1854 21000 2163 12000 1236 12000 1236 8000 824 SPECIALIZATION LEVEL VARIANT 3000 309 200 (Per Hr) 21 UPGRADATION VARIANTS 6000 618 15000 1545 10500 1082

STUDENT FEE (INR) 4964 3309 2206 9927 6618 4412 19854 23163 13236 13236 8824 3309 221 (Per Hr) 6618 16545 11582

PEP Business Opportunity

Market Segment: The changing situation in the world, since recession has caused a reversal, from the number of job avenues being fewer in the past to the opening of newer and more job opportunities today. Even the rural towns and their residents who are now exposed to the mobile and other modern technologies, have been witnessing an educational revolution creating additional demand for effective education that would get aspiring students Jobs and then help them climb the corporate ladders. PEP, unlike any other education program, caters to all categories of customers. Our customer, i.e., the student does not need to be from any particular qualification background. Considering our economy and education system, we can offer our programs to following groups: Students Preparatory Level, Secondary Level, University Level and studying in Vocational and Private Institutions Unemployed Youth Working People Institutions Corporate

Highlight of PEP opportunity: The only business that caters to entire market Training that is essential for students from all streams and all employees Low Investment and a very low risk business. Attractive ROI and huge scope for long-term profitable venture. Full support in the training center. Unique non-conventional training methodology. Content creation by academic experts. Training of faculty & counselors by experts. Huge potential in every city / town. Contribution to social and moral responsibilities towards society, nation and fellow beings. Respectable profitable white collared franchise opportunity. Added services for PEP students. No other training program provides a complete solution for over all professional development through a single training program covering four essential areas of life

Assured viability of PEP opportunity: Overhead costs are limited to faculty salary and administration expenses on a day-to-day basis. Almost anybody with a flair for education can run this franchise without any other technical qualification. Investment is limited only to the initial payment made for starting the center after which it is a self-sustainable venture. The Annual return on investment is estimated to be beyond 100%. This means with business poised to grow in the second year; it would ensure that returns would payback investments completely.

PEP Support System: We, here at PEP, believe in implementing our vision and dynamism to the abetment of all support in not only recognizing the challenges that lie ahead but also provide critical support at every step for overcoming all knowledge gaps. Our franchise support model covers various critical components that go towards running a world-class training center. Our system provides support at every level of the business.

PEP Franchise Model

Role and Responsibilities of Franchisee: Space, Building, Equipment and Infrastructure Staff Trainers, Marketing, Managerial and Administrative Selling and Promotion of PEP Training of students as PEP Methodology Student Progress and Performance Evaluation Overall Training Centre Management, Supervision and Quality assurance Student Fee collection and deposit of the funds in the account of Vividh Edutech Pvt Ltd on regular basis

Role and Responsibilities of Vividh Edutech Pvt Ltd: Development of the concept and business opportunity Authorization of Training Centre Training Methodology Training Tools Training to Trainers Training to all Team Members Training Centre Kit Student Kit ID Cards and Uniform Student Evaluation Certification Placement Assistance Online Software Up-gradation of program Marketing Disbursement of fee share to franchisee Anytime Anywhere Support to Franchisee: o Start-Up Support o Training Support o HR Support o Planning Support o Marketing Support o Client Generation Support o Operational Support o Batch Management Support o Ongoing Business Support o Technical support

Revenue Sharing: Franchisee: 70% of Program Fee (60% for Training and Operational Cost + 10% for Marketing) Vividh Edutech Pvt Ltd: 30% of Program Fee Projections, Targets and ROI: In any given Franchise Location there is a market of minimum 20,000 students available including students studying in various institutions, passed out students and working / non-working groups as expected customers of PEP. Based on the facts it is assumed that each Training Centre will capture at least 5% of the market share in the first year and will double the figures in the second year. ANNUAL FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS Flavour Batches Students Students BASIC LEVEL VARIANTS MILD 6 20 120 ULTRA MILD 3 15 45 EXTRA MILD 6 15 90 INTERMEDIATE LEVEL VARIANTS LIGHT 6 20 120 ULTRA LIGHT 6 10 60 EXTRA LIGHT 6 10 60 ADVANCE LEVEL VARIANTS CLASSIC 4 20 80 PREMIUM 2 20 40 REGULAR 1 20 20 SMOOTH 2 10 20 ULTRA SMOOTH 3 10 30 SPECIALIZATION LEVEL VARIANT STRONG 2 10 20 SPECIAL 4 10 40 UPGRADATION VARIANTS MILD2LIGHT 3 20 60 MILD2CLASSIC 2 20 40 LIGHT2CLASSIC 4 15 60 TOTAL REVENUE ROYALTY (30%) FRANCHISEE MARKETING BUDGET (10%) FRANCHISEE TRAINING & OPERATIONAL SHARE (60%) TOTAL FRANCHISEE SHARE (70%)

Program Fee 540000 135000 180000 1080000 360000 240000 1440000 840000 240000 240000 240000 60000 24000 360000 600000 630000 7209000 2162700 720900 4325400 5046300

Investment of the Franchisee: License Fee: INR 1, 00,000 for a period of 3 Years Launch Cost: INR 1, 00,000 Security Deposit: INR 50,000 Infrastructure: as actual between INR 4, 00,000 to INR 6, 00,000 Training Centre Norms and Standard: Space and Infrastructure o Area: 1,000 Sq. Ft. 1,500 Sq. Ft. o Rooms: Front Office, Centre Head / Director Office, Computer Lab with 10 Systems and 20 seats, Theory Room with 20 seats, Staff Room and Wash Room. All rooms must be well-lit, air conditioned and neatly maintained o Furniture, Flooring, Fittings and Interiors: Standardized and quality brands as per theme of PEP o Exterior: Based on PEP color scheme, Glowsign and Other Signboards as per designs approved by Vividh Edutech Pvt Ltd Equipment: 10 Computers for Lab and 2 Desktops / Laptops for Office with latest configuration, Operating System & essential software, Laser and Inkjet Printer, Scanner, Web Cams, Head Phones, External Speakers, DVD Writer, Internet & Netwokring on all systems, Projector and Source for Power Backup Human Resource: 4 Trainers for different Modules, 1 Centre Head, 1 Female Counselor / Coordinator, 1 Marketing Executive and 1 Peon. Entire team of PEP should have a minimum 3 years experience in corporate as per their role, with excellent communication skills and attractive personality. Branding and Marketing: Training Centre will use all branding material, stationery, staff ID Cards & Dress Code, Indoor / Outdoor promotional material and all print or electronic advertisements as per PEP standards and prior approved designs. Student Registration and Trainings: Training Centre will enroll students for PEP training following proper procedure and instructions. Students will be issued Student Kit as per program and batch schedule will be communicated. Student Record including Forms, Fee Details, Photographs, Testimonials and MIS will be maintained in physical and online format. Trainings: All trainings will be conducted exclusively following PEP training methodology in a highly professional atmosphere. Payments: All payments are to be made to Vividh Edutech Pvt Ltd in shape of Demand Draft / Cheque / Direct Deposit / Online Fund Transfer.

Procedure: Application in prescribed format with 25% of the License Fee amount Personal meeting and on-site inspection of Franchisee Issuance of LOI if approved else refund of application amount Payment of complete License Fee and Security Deposit on approval Signing of Franchise Agreement Visit of our team to approved Training Centre for initial training and launch Commencement of actual business operations Frequent meetings and visits for monitoring, supervision, trainings and business expansion