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Audience Analysis

CONTACT: Stephanie Camirand, Public Relations Director 904-798-9111 camirand.steph@gmail.com Target Audience: Retired married couples, 65 and older, who reside in active suburban communities. They have an expendable income, an empty nest and a desire to travel the United States in a luxurious RV. Audience Nickname: RV-driving Suburban Retirees Audience Demographics: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 13.1 percent of Americans are 65 years or older. The new expected retirement age is 67, according to the US News website. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 35.5 percent of Americans are no longer in the work force, which includes students and retirees. The Mosaic section of DemographicsNow reports that 1.16 percent of those retirees are married and living comfortably on $55,000 a year. Theyve been able to save money with savings accounts and invest some in interest-bearing checking accounts. DemographicsNow also said that the majority of those retirees, 27.3 percent, have received a high school diploma as their highest level of education. According to DemographicsNow, 44.4 percent of retirees live in suburban cities, with the majority of them owning one house. These cities are mixed-age communities. When considering a new vacation getaway retirees frequently cruise and are three times more likely to travel by RV than the average American, according to DemographicsNow. Audience Psychographics: Married couples who are retired now have the ability to spend their money after earning it from years of labor. Their children have left the house and created a more financially stable environment. According to the Mosaic section of DemographicsNow, around 60 percent of retirees bought books and went to sit-down restaurants daily. They are also very environmentally conscious and enjoy gardening, cooking and donating to community charities. They are not early-adopters of consumer products and are loyal to brands that they regard as reliable. DemographicsNow also reports that retirees have a preference for how-to shows, game shows and news channels when watching TV. Retirees use newspapers, TVs and radios for their primary sources of information. They favor front pages, editorial sections and general news sections of newspapers, according to DemographicsNow.

Stakeholders: Black Creek Outfitters, Home Depot, El Monte RV, Rivers RV, Pecan Park RV Resort, Florida Luxury RV, Dick Gores RV World, Amelia River Cruises, State Parks (Fernandina Plaza, Amelia Island, Big Talbot Island, Little Talbot Island, Fort George Island)


Audience Overview: This specific group of retirees embraces the little joys of life after a lifetime of labor. They love to sit outdoors and take in the natural beauty of the environment around them. Loyalty and respect rank high for them when making new friends and joining new community groups. They are faithful viewers of TV and still regard traditional newspapers as the most credible source for news. Money is not an issue for them, and they cherish the fact that they can travel frequently, dine out daily and still live securely. Informational Networks: According to DemorgaphicsNow retirees primary information source for television is CNN and CNBC. Retirees secondary sources of information are USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, NPR and other talk radio stations.