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NEMA 17 Stepper Motors
Up to 80 oz-in. (0.42 lb-ft) holding torque
1.8 deg resolution
Single shaft for open loop or dual shaft for closed loop with encoder
Ability to match with N stepper drives and motion controllers for best
National nstruments stepper motors offer high torque, precision, and easy connectivity to N stepper motor drives. You can quickly
develop your precision stepper motion control system by combining the N stepper motors with N Motion Assistant, LabVEW, motion
controllers, and matched stepper drives.
Specifications Documents
Data Sheet
Specifications Summary
Product Name CTP10ELF10MAA00
Product FamiIy Motion Control
Part Number 780067-01
Operating System/Target Any
LabVIEW RT Support Yes
Motion Hardware Motor
Number of Axes 1
Motor/Axis Type stepper
NEMA Size 17
HoIding Torque (standard) 43 oz-in
HoIding Torque (metric) 0.3 N-m
Maximum RevoIutions Per Minute 3000 RPM
ResoIution 1.8 degree
SingIe/DuaI Shaft single
Winding Type 4-wire Parallel
Phase Resistance 5.25 Ohm
Phase Current 1 A
Inductance 7.7 mH
PhysicaI Specifications
Length 42.7 mm
Width 42.7 mm
Height 35.1 mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -20 C
Maximum Operating Temperature 40 C
Price does not include custom duties and taxes.
Part Number Description Est Ship
US Dollars*
NEMA 17 Stepper Motors
780067-01 CTP10ELF10MAA00 Step Mot, P70530, NEMA17, 43oz-in,
sgl shaft
17 - 25 $ 73.00 0
780068-01 CTP10ELF10MMA00 Step Mot, P70530, NEMA17, 43oz-in,
dual shaft
17 - 25 $ 80.00 0
780069-01 CTP11ELF11MAA00 Step Mot, P70530, NEMA17, 62oz-in,
sgl shaft
17 - 25 $ 80.00 0
780070-01 CTP11ELF11MMA00 Step Mot, P70530, NEMA17, 62oz-in,
dual shaft
Call $ 84.00 0
780071-01 CTP12ELF10MAA00 Step Mot, P70530, NEMA17, 80oz-in,
sgl shaft
17 - 25 $ 96.00 0
780072-01 CTP12ELF10MMA00 Step Mot, P70530, NEMA17, 80oz-in,
dual shaft
17 - 25 $ 101.00 0
Stepper Drives
780097-01 P70530 Stepper Drive, 1 Axis, 5.0 A cont. current, 20-75 VDC 15 - 20 $ 382.00 0
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see current pricing.
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AdditionaI Product Information
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