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This instruction is to install CA GovernanceMinder. You will start this by installing JDK. Install Java SE JDK 1.

6_23 on Windows 7 Make sure you install JDK 1.6_23 ( not other releases) 1. Go to the website http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javasebusiness/downloads/java-archivedownloads-javase6-419409.html#jdk-6u23-oth-JPR

and click on jdk-6u23-windows-x64.exe

2. After you download it double click on it and click on run

4. Click on Next

5. Press Ok and then Finish.

To install CA - RCM 12.6 1. First download CA installer zip le from support.ca.com ( you need to have an account to download from this site). Then unzip the le.

2. Click on the unzip folder ( CA RCM 12.6 Installer) and then click on InstallCARCM and cli

3. Click on Run

4. Select Language and press OK.

5. Press Next.

6.Note: Here make sure you a) Unzip core.zip and copy CA RCM-12.6.00-Core and put it in the same folder with InstCARCM, and b) b) Similarly copy CARCM 12.6.00-Open Source from Open-Source.zip and paste it on the same folder with InstCARCM.

c) Unzip WorkPoint.zip and copy CA RCM-12.6.00-WorkPoint and put it in the same folder with InstCARCM,

d) Unzip Windows-JBOSS.zip and copy CA RCM-12.6.00-windows-JBOSS and put it in the same folder with InstCARCM

e) Unzip LangiageFiles.zip and copy CA RCM-12.6.00-Language-Files and put it in the same folder with InstCARCM

7. Read the license agreement, accept it and press Next

8. Select MS SQL server and press Next.

9. Tpye MS SQL Server Host name SMSERVERR12 and use default instance and press Next.

10. Enter rcmadmin as username and rusleo as the passsword and press Next.

11. Click Next.

12. Click Next.

13. Click Next.

14. Click Next.

15. Choose C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu \Programs\CA\Role & Compliance Manager\Server

16. Click on Install IAM Connector Server.

17. Accept License Agreement and Click Next.

18. Press Next without enabling FIPS mode.

19. Specify the password rusleo and click Next.

20. Installation Summary

21. Make sure you unzip SAJCS.zip inside CA Governance Minder and copy CARCM-12.6.00-SAJCS and paste it into CA-RCM-12.6.00-Installer, then click Next.

Now to start/to verify Installation. 1. Go to Start menu- All Programs- CA- Role & Compliance Manager-Server and click on Role & Compliance Manager JBOSS. 2. Then Open IE browser and access to http://localhost:8080/eurekify/portal/

3. Enter

AD1\EAdmin as username and Password as eurekify.

To import Workpoint Processes [To enable certifications and other business processes, we need to import predefined workflow definitions into Workpoint.] 1. Verify that the CA RCM databases are running. 2. Log in to the CA RCM portal as an administrator. 3. Go to Administration, Settings.

4. Click Workpoint DB Administration.

5. Under Update Workpoint Processes, verify the CA GovernanceMinder Server Host Name as SMSERVERR12 Server Port as 8080, and HTTPS setting. Note: In a clustered environment, enter the load balancer hostname instead of the server hostname, or localhost when no load balancer exists. Then click Update.

To install Client Tools. [ Install the Client Tools on a Windows computer that can communicate with the CA GovernanceMinder server and the database server.] NOTE: Before you install Client Tools, make sure you have following software already installed. [You can easily install them from download.com] a) Supported web browser- Microsoft Internet Explorer, release 7.0/8.0/9.0 b) .NET Framework-version 1.1 or 2.0 [ For windows 8 get version 4] c) Microsoft XML-version 6 d) Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package - x86 or x64 version depending on the target computer. e) Microsoft SQL Native Client 2005 ( Make sure you have 2005)

Go to the folder CA GovernanceMinder and click on Client-Tools-x86

2. Click Next.

3. Click Next.

4. Agree the license agreement and click Next.

5. If you selected to install additional components, the installation prompts you for the required files: To install the UUID and IM Connector tools, locate the CA-RCM-re/#-Client-Tools-OpenSource.zip file.

6. Choose whether you want to install it just for yourself or for anyone who uses this computer.

7. Click Next and then close the window.

8. To complete the installation you need to do one more step.

To Configure Client Tools After InstallationAfter you install the Client Tools, configure them to use the appropriate license file and to connect to the CA GovernanceMinder database. 1. First verify that the database server is running. 2. If your installation also includes a CA GovernanceMinder server, verify that it too is running. 3. Run the client tools. 4. Click File- General Settings 5.

Then click Ok to confirm the error message. The setting dialogs will open.

6. On the License & Version tab, browse to the license file, then click Apply. A message lets you know that changing the license file requires restarting the application and exists when you click. NOTE: Use the license file that came with your installation package. [ Here make sure that you have the correct license file with you] Close the dialog.

To Configure Direct Client Connection to Databases. 1. Verify that the database is running. 2. Also open client tools. 3. Then click File, General Settings from the main menu. 4. Click the SQL Connectivity tab. 5. Select the USE Static SQL Credentials option.

6. Choose Server type, Provide Server name and Database name as shown in the screen shot, and username: rcmadmin, password: rusleo. Then click Apply. 7. It gives the confirmation that SQL Server is Successfully connected.

To Import Data from Active Directory. 1. Open CA-RCM Client Tools. 2. Click on Import on the main menu and click on Import from Active Directory.

3. You will get a dialog box. Fill in the dialog box as shown in the screen shot. For password, it is the password for the Windows, which is : P@ssword02

4. Click Next. 5. Click on All Group as Resources and Add Extended Debug Logging and check on DC=yasas.DC=com

6. Map Active Directory Users. Click Next.

7. Click Next.

8. Click Finish.

9. Click OK.

To Create a Universe in CAGovernanceMinder 1. In the Portal, go to Administration, Universe.

2. Click Add New.

Notice that here we need Master Configuration name and Model Configuration name. So we will take care of this and again come back to this. 3. Go to File, Open from Database

4. Choose ad.cfg and click Next.

5. Click on File, Save to database.

6. Click on New Configuration and type ad_Master.cfg and click Next.

7. Now again go to file and click on open from database. 8. Choose ad.cfg, and click Next. 9. Click on File, Save to database. 10. Click on New Configuration and type ad_Model.cfg and click Next.

Now going back to creating universe. 11. Go to Portal, Administration, Universe, add New

12. Fill details as shown in the screen shot and click Save.

You have created a new universe.

To define and Import Connector. 1. In the CA GovernmentMinder Portal, Administration, Universe, select the universe that you created to import data. 2. Select the connectivity tab. 3. Check Import and Click Add Connector.

4. Choose Connector Type as CA GovernanceMinder Configuration Document (CFG) and click Next.

5. Provide the value : C:\gm\ad and click Finish.

You completed defining Import Connector.

To Create Certification Template 1. In the Portal, go to Compliance Management, Certification Templates. The Certification Templates screen appears.

2. Select the universe where you want to apply the template, and click Add Template.

3. Provide Template Name, description, and type ( User Privileges) and click Next.

4. Click Next.

5. Choose After all certifiers complete their reviews and click Next.

6. Click Next.

7. Click Next.

8. Click Next.

9. Click Next.

10. Review the information and click Finish.

11. You have successfully created new certification template.