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SUMMONING THE MERWYRM How to Build a Creature from the Briny Deep

With the Storm of Chaos unleashing its full fury across the nation this summer, many a High Elf player is looking to construct a Merwyrm for his High Elf Sea Patrol army. The mention of this fearsome creature in the new Storm of Chaos army list has sparked several conversions. My interpretation revolved around the classic wyrm, a kind of sea-serpent. In addition, the Mer part of the name brought to mind the mythical mermaids, who have arms but no legs only a fishy tail. Soon I had a concept in mind: a sea-serpent with armsbig, muscular arms with clawed hands (which would also help explain the creatures 5 S5 Attacks!). Below you'll find a stepby-step look at how I took this concept and made it into a conversion.


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Pin and attach the Black Dragon Belly to the Orc Wyvern Body & Head. Pin and attach the Black Dragon Tail to the Black Dragon Belly (make sure to get the head and tail on the correct sides). If you want, you can take this opportunity to use some pliers to carefully bend the Black Dragon Tail to one side or the other of the body. The Black Dragon Tail looks much more natural angled slightly to the left or right from the bodys center. Clip off all the spikes on the back and file them down to look as similar as possible to the scales on the Wyverns back.

Step 3

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Clip off the tip of the old Black Dragon Tail and the tip of the new Black Dragon Tail (the fin one), then pin the fin to the end of the old Black Dragon Tail. Use some green stuff to help fill in the shoulders of the Wyvern when you put in the Dragon Limbs arm and the Black Dragon Right Arm. Attach the Black Dragon Left Hand to the end of the plastic Dragon Limb. Take the Harpy Wings and place them together, with the concave portions facing each other. Trim the wings down until they match evenly. Glue the wings together in this pattern and fill the interior space with green stuff. Now, you should have two different, shark-like dorsal fins. Place the tallest of the two fins across the join on the back where the Wyvern body and Black Dragon Belly meet. Place the shorter of the two fins similarly across the join where the Black Dragon Belly and Black Dragon Tail meet. Use the additional Harpy Wings as extra fins for the areas on either side of the Black Dragon Belly where the legs normally go. Fill the majority of the empty space with green stuff until you have reached a thickness appropriate for the midsection of the Merwyrm. (For fins, you could also use the plastic fins from the Dragon Body Sprue (99389999075) instead of the second set of Harpy Wings.) Use green stuff to help fill in the gaps between the Wyvern body and the Black Dragon Belly, as well as the join between the Black Dragon Belly and Black Dragon Tail. Clip the horns from the Dragons head found on the Dragon Limbs Sprue and place them where the Wyverns horns normally go just next to the eyes. Make sure to aim the horns backwards towards the tail where they form a slight downward arch. Now comes the tricky part. Clip off the fins from the Chaos Dragon Head. Take these fins and attach them to the horns from the Dragon Limbs Sprue. Make sure to get the angle just right remember that with green stuff, you have a little time to maneuver before it sets. Take your modeling tool and make sure to sculpt lines in the green stuff connecting the fin to the face so that the fins seem to be growing out of the sides of the Wyverns head. Clip off the fins from the Chaos Dragon Horns. Take the fins and use green stuff to place the fins on the Wyverns shoulders just above the arms. Take small pieces of green stuff and mold them into small disks. These disks look very similar to the scales on the Merwyrms back, so place

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them around the arms and the side fins in order to make those areas look more like the scaly plates on the back. Once the disks are in place, let them set, and you will soon have some pretty convincing-looking scales! You can even go a step further and sculpt the disks in the same general shape as the scales if you like.

Step 14

Mount the Merwyrm on the Chariot Base. Paint and base the model as you see fit. If you want to get that nifty water look, brush on some Envirotex Lite furniture polish resin on the base. However, make sure you follow the directions on this product (especially the ventilation part) for your own safety!

Step 15

Drink your beverage of choice and celebrateyoure done converting!

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