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TNLA Bt 112 fights Burma Army Bt 145 and 45 in Kut-Kai Township (14 June 2013) An engagement occurred between

the T.N.L.A Battalion 112 and the Burmese government troops based in Kut-Kai (Battalions 145 & 45) occurred at 2 pm on 14 June near Lon Kam Village in Kuti-Kai Township. A total of 150 Burmese government troops entered an area controlled by the T.N.L.A and at 2 pm began firing heavy artillery a total of 5-6 times. The commander of T.N.L.A Battalion 112 said the 150 members of them (Battalions 145 and 45) firing heavy artillery from the distance. We did not response to their attack as we had concerns for the safety of the Lon-Kam locals. One of the Lon-Kam locals said we saw the government troop shelling heavy artillery from a distance to our village. No villagers were reported killed or injured. We saw that the T.N.L.A did not respond to the attack but instead withdrew from the area. The information source confirmed that the government troop have recently increased their attacks against military forces of the T.N.L.A.

TNLA Bt 256 fights with Burma Amy Bt 45 in Namhsan (15 June 2013) A brief engagement occurred between the Noung-Cho based Burmese Army Battalion 114 and T.N.L.A battalion 256 at 6 am on 15 June 2013. Fighting broke out when the Burmese Army troops from Battalion 114 based in the NoungCho entered into an area controlled by the T.N.L.A. The engagement lasted 30 minutes.. An officer from the T.N.L.A said that we met the government troop from Battalion 114 at Nam-San Township which is located between the villages of between Man-Lon village and Pan-ma-lot. There were 50 of them [Burmese government troops] but we have no injuries or losses from our side. There is no confirmed information of losses for the other side [Burmese government troops].

TNLA Bt 112 fights Burma Army Bt 145 in Kut-Kai Township (18 June 2013) Heavy fighting occurred between the T.N.L.A 112 Battalion based in Kut-Kai and Burmese Army troops based in Kon-Lan near Ngot-Nga village, Kut-Kai Township on 18 June 2013, 11.30 am local time The fighting broke out when 120 government troops from Battalion 145 led by Col. Saw u Naing used heavy artillery against a hill-top position controlled by T.N.L.A Battalion 112, led by Tar Wang Mun. The commander of T.N.L.A Battalion 112 said Saw Yu Naing led government troops from Battalion 145 started by firing on us with heavy artillery and we resisted their attack. At this stage, no information is available on any injuries or losses. At the time of writing this report we were advised that 120 Burmese government troops had re-entered Ngot-Nga village.