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Arthritis: (Saturn) 1. Afflicted moon, mercury, Venus and Saturn develops arthritis. 2. Sun in cancer aspected by Saturn. 3.

Saturn in Pisces opposing mars or the conjunction of sun and moon. 4. Sun and moon afflicted in a watery sign. 5. Venus in 8th house aspected by malefic. 6. Saturn with Rahu in 2nd or 3rd house. 7. The 6L in lagna with Rahu or ketu. 8. Moon and Saturn in 6th house. 9. weak moon and Saturn in 12th house 10. Saturn in Sagittarius or Pisces aspected by mars 11. Mars in 10th house aspected by Saturn. 12. Saturn in lagna mars in 5th, 7th and 9th. 13. Jupiter in lagna with Saturn in 7th house. Cancer: Cancer is of 2 types. Benign or slow attack caused by Jupiter. Malignant or rapid attack caused by Rahu. Cancer is generated in the body when 1st/ 6th or 8th lord is related to mars, Rahu and Saturn. Astrological combinations for cancer: 1. If Jupiter becomes functional malefic due to lordship, lord of house occupied by a malefic, 6th lord is afflicted cancer is caused in that region. 2. Saturn associated with 6th house and 8th house. 3. Moon is afflicted in all types of cancers. 4. Conjunction of Jupiter or Rahu opposite to Saturn and mars, cancer may occur. 5. Malefics afflict cancer sign, Scorpio and Pisces signs 4th house/ 8th house/ 12th house, moon is also afflicted blood cancer occurs. 6. Afflictions of moon and Venus create stomach cancer. 7. Moon is associated with combinations of mars and Saturn, cancer of breast or cervix, uterus is developed. 8. Rahu/ ketu posited in 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th houses from mars and Saturn or both possibilities of cancer.

15/7/2012 According to Parasara: Head of lord Shiva Mouth, face Neck, shoulders, upper limbs Chest, breast, sides Heart Upper abdomen, stomach Lower abdomen, umbilical Reproductive organs Thighs Knees Calfs Feet 1st part 2nd part 3rd part aries Taurus Gemini cancer Leo kanya libra vrishika saggitarius Capricorn aquarius pisces

head to neck neck to pelvis pelvis to feet

Each sign is divided into 3 drekkanas. 0 - 10 lagna parts from head to neck 10-20 lagna parts from neck to pelvis 20 - 30 lagna parts of pelvis to feet Right side parts Left side parts Single parts 2nd house to 6th house 8th house to 12th house 1st and 7th houses

Any affliction to lagna/ lagna lord disease to physical body can be shown. Any affliction to moon shows mental disturbances. Any affliction to mercury shows disturbances in intellectual. 29/7/2012 According to varahamihira: Aries Taurus Gemini Caner Leo Virgo Libra head mouth neck,, shoulder, upperlimbs, breast, sides heart upper abdomen umbilical region lower abdomen

ScorpioSaggitarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces -

reproductive organs thighs knees calves feet

Nakshatra related to body parts: Aswini both knees Bharani head Krithika waist Rahini legs Mrigasira eyes Arudra hair Runarvasu fingers, toes Pushyami mouth Ashlesha nails Magha nose p.phalguni generative organs u.phalguni generative organs hasta hands chitha forehead swathi teeth visakha upper limbs Anuradha heart Jyesta tongue Moola feet p.ashada thighs u.ashada thighs Sravana ears Dhanishta back, spine Satabhisha cheeks p.bhadra sides of body includes ankles u.bhadra sides of body includes ankles Revathi armpits Body parts and drekkana: 1st drekkana head right eye right ear right nostil right cheek right jaw 2nd drekkana neck shoulders right arms right side right heart right lung 3rd drekkana pelvis secret parts right testicle/ ovary right thigh right knee right calf

mouth left jaw left cheek left nostril left ear left eye

navel left lung left heart left side left arm left shoulder

legs/feet left calf left knee left thigh left testicle/ ovary anus

Basics of medical astrology: Malefic association causes ill health Benefic association restores health. Benefics: In order of strength waxing moon, well associated mercury, Jupiter, Venus. Malefics: In order of strength waning moon, ill associated mercury, sun, Saturn, mars, Rahu, ketu. Ex:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

kendra lords become functional, neutral whether malefic or benefic by nature. trikona lords whether malefic or benefic become always benefic. Lagna lord being both trikona and kendra is always good. Lords of 3,6,11 are adverse, always malefics. Lords of 2,8,12 are justified as condition is depending on association. Lords of 6,8,12 are particularly adverse as health is concerned. 8th lord is more adverse if it own 3rd or 11th house. It sheds its adversity if own trines. 8. Natural or functional benefics when placed in trik houses or associated with trik lords become adverse.

1/9/2012 List of malefics: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 22nd Drekkana 64th navamsa sarpa Drekkana pasha Drekkana significator of houses significator of planets maracas

Marakas: Aries: 2nd, 7th venus Any planet assiociated with 2nd, 7th lord become maracas. Any one amongst the strongest of 3,6,11,8,12 lord become marakas. If Saturn also denies due to lordship or yoga karaka then rahu replaces Saturn. A retrograde malefic in the dasa of another malefic. 3,12,8,7,2 ascending order strength of marakas. Taurus: 2nd mercury 7th mars If the below planets associated with the above 2nd and 7th lords 3rd moon th 6 venus 8th Jupiter th 11 Jupiter 12th mars Gemini: 2nd moon th 7 Jupiter If the below planets associated with the above 2nd and 7th lords 3rd sun 6th mars th 8 Saturn 11th mars th 12 venus Cancer: 2nd sun 7th Saturn If the below planets associated with the above 2nd and 7th lords

3rd 6th 8th 11th 12th

mercury Jupiter Saturn venus mercury

22nd Drekkana: Lord of 22nd drekkana and any planet placed in 22nd drekkana becomes a malefic 64th navamsha: The 64th navamsha from moon is considered malefic or any planet in 64th navamsha. Sarpa Drekkana: 1st and 2nd of scorpio 2nd and 3rd of cancer 3rd or pisces Any planet in sarpa drekkana is also malefic, produce ill health during their periods and sub-periods, if other factors also indicate thus. Pasha drekkana: 1st of Taurus, leo and aquarius 2nd and 3rd of libra 1st and 3rd of Capricorn 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th lord of taras are malefics. Avoid janma tara always Avoid anujanma if 3rd vipat Avoid trijanma taras if pratyak. Always avoid naithana taras Mrityubhagas: Any planet is posited in mrityubhaga it is malefic. Temperaments: Proportions of bilious, windy and phlegms are disturbed, the health of native suffers. Sun bilious Moon phlegm/ windy Mars bilious Mercury phlegm/ bilious/ windy Jupiter phlegm Venus excess of phlegm, windy Saturn windy

Temperaments of signs: Aries, leo, saggitarius Taurus, virgo, Capricorn Gemini, libra, aquarius Caner, scorpio, pisces

bilious windy mixed phlegm

Signification of houses: 1st head, brain, body in general, skin, longevity 2nd face, eyes(right), teeth, mouth, nose, speech, death rd 3 ears, throat, coller bones, web space between thumb and index finger 4th chest, lungs, heart hysteria, cough, blood vessels, correct mechanism 5th heart, upper abdomen, thinking th 6 umbilicus, small intestine, appendix 7th urinay, large intestine, uterus, prostate gland th 8 external generalia, loss of limbs, severe mental anguity 9th hips, thighs th 10 knee, joints, under knee 11th cure, legs th 12 feet, left eye, disturbed sleep, death Signification of planets: Sun: strong sun indicates food health, heart, stomach, bones, and right eye. Problems: headache, baldness, fevers, heart problems, epilepsy. Moon: phlegmatic temperament indicates mental stability, fluids in boely. Boold, mental abractions, nervousness, mental inertia, TB, dropsy, anemia, jaundice. Mars + moon: controls menstrual cycle in woman, disease of uterus. Mars: strength of mars indicates vitality, vigour, strength. Rules over bone marrow, hemoglobin, musculature, endometrium, accidents, injuries, operation, high BP, gallstones, itchings of skin, abortions. Mercury: all three temperaments. Intelligence, discrimination, With moon: deriving thinking, mental abrations, nervous breakdown, abusive tendency, vertigo, leucodruma, deafness Jupiter: phlegmatic, protects the native from attack of diseases, liver disorder, fat, obesity, diabetes, laziness. Venus: suffers from sexual diseases, gays, rules 6th house part of pancreas, endocrine glands, cataract, diabetes, carbuncles, kidney stones, typhoid.

Saturn: chronic and incurable diseases, lunacy, legs, nerves rectum, paralysis, glandular swellings, depression, stomach troubles. Rahu: phobias, elumpsy, insanity, chronic boils. Snake feet. Rahu + Moon: phobias. Ketu: diagnostic confusion, uncertain cause, epidemic, deafness, defective speech, surgeries. When mars aspects moon, when it is posited in rasis other than upachaya(3,6,10,11) houses, menstrual cycle starts for females. 23/9/12 Congenital diseases When moon transits over the upachayas of male horoscope and aspected by Jupiter the male aspected by Jupiter the male native is fit for conception. 273 days of pregnancy Sun and moon are together 258days of pregnancy Sun and moon are apart Planets ruling the factors during pregnancy: 1st month venus liquid form 2nd month mars solid form rd 3 month Jupiter upper limbs/ lower 4th month sun bones th 5 month moon skin, brain 6th month Saturn hair 7th month mercuryawareness th 8 month lagna lordconceptional lord 9th month moon 10th month sun Ex: Lagna afflicted by mars and Saturn Lagna lord venus is afflicted by mars Moon is afflicted by mars Dasa: MD moon AD Jupiter

PD Rahu Yogini MD Jupiter AD Venus Moon mars afflicted Jupiter rahy/ ketu + sun affliction Rahu (aspects 5,7,9) Factors controlling congential illness 1. dasa of natural malefic at the time of birth. 2. dasa of functional malefics of lagna 3. dasa of planets associated with above two 4. dasa of planets associated with lagna and lagna lord if malefics 5. dasa of planets assotiation with dustanas and dustana lords 6. dasa of weak lagna or lord 7. affliction to the moon (PAC) 8. presence/ absence of combinations of yogas , unfavourable or unfavouable to lagna lord 1. Jupiter aspect gives protection 2. natural benefics in kendras, natural benefics in 3,6,11 3. Saturn, gulika and mandi in 3,6,11 strengthens the horoscope Ex: lagna is in papaktri Lagna lord is afflicted Dasa lord ketu is afflicted by Saturn, mars AD lord mercury is afflicted by saturn, sun Examine D1, D3, D9, D12 and D30 charts for major serious illness. When malefics in their transit pass thru the exact longitude of lagna, moon in a dasa of maraca, in retrograde AD planet death may occur. Sound health 1. strong lagna 2. 2. lagna lord 3. well placed moon unafflicted 4. benefics in trines, konas 5. malefics including gulika and mandi in 3,6,11 6. Saturn in 8th house (longevity) {as 8th lord in 8th house} 7. strong atmakaraka

8. strong 1st and 8th house in sarvastaka varga 9. nature of signs Fiery 1,5,9 excellent resistance to body Earthy 2,6,10 80% resistance to body Airy 3,7,11 50% resistance to body Watery4,8,12 least resistance to body 10. strong 8th, 6th lord 11. good yoga in the natal chart Unsound health 1. weak lagna 2. weak lagan lord 3. afflicted moon 4. retrograde/ malefics are harmful 5. no malefics in 3,6,11 6. malefics in trines and kendras 7. benefics in 8th house 8. weak 8th lord 9. less points in 1 & 8 with less than 20 pindas 10. bad yogas Recovery: 1. lagna and lagna lord strong 2. 6th house and strong 6th lord 3. dasa should be favourable 4. adverse MD, AD or PD affects can be reduced by benefic Jupiter 5. transit of benefics on the exact degree of natal planets the hope of recovery sampath dhathus bones sun blood moon marrowmars skin mercuryfat Jupiter semen venus musclesSaturn strong: sun moon mars Mercurysouth north south east abodesperiods temple ayan water place- muhurta place of fix- a day sports ground- ritu treasure house-month bed roomfortnight filthy place - year day night night day n night mule dhatu dhatu + rahu jiva grahas tastes pungent salina bitter mixed sweet acidr astringent

Jupiter Venus Sat -

east north west -

day + ketu day night -

jiva grahas mula dhatu

Leo sun 1st 20 are mooltrikona, rest own bhava Taurus moon 1st 3 is exaltation rest is mooltrikona Aries mars 12 is mooltrikona rest is own bhava Virgo mercury 15 is exaltation, next 5 is mooltrikona and rest is own bhava Sagittarius Jupiter 1/3 is mooltrikona remaining is own bhava Libra venus is mooltrikona rest is own bhava Aquarius Saturn 1st 20 are mooltrikona and rest is own bhava Natural friends: Planets with are lords of 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th from mooltrikona of a planet are natural friends apart from lord of exaltation rasi Temporary friends: Planets posited in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th & 12th from one to another in a natal chart are friends and others are enemies. 28/10/2012 Mental Illness: Astrological factors are: Planets moon, mercury and Jupiter Sign Aries Houses 1st and 5th houses Affliction to moon by sun, mars, Saturn, rahu and ketu. Charts D1, D3, D9 and D12. Yogas gajakesari, chandradi (benefics in 6,7,8 from moon) and Kemadruma Afflictions by sun quick short temper, egoist, quarrelsome mars short temper, violent. Aggressive Saturn depression, maniac, psychosis Rahu cunning thoughts, phobias, schizophrenia, suicidal tendencies Ketu irrational doubting, suspicion. Classical texts: Mental illness due to 1. Jupiter in lagna, mars in 7th or vice versa 2. Jupiter in lagna, Saturn in 7th or vice versa 3. Saturn in lagna, mars in 5th, 7th, or 9th. 4. Saturn in lagna, sun in 12th, moon or mars in trine

5. Saturn in 12th associated with waning moon. 6. both in the hora of Saturn or mars with sun and moon conjoined in lagna or 5th or 9th, Jupiter in a quadrant. 7. mandi in 5th or 7th aspected by malefics 8. rahu and moon in lagna with malefics in the trines (pisacha yoga) 9. association of Saturn and 2nd lord with sun or mars 10. mercury in 6th aspected by Saturn

Vimsottari: Venus/ rahu Venus/ ketu Sun/ sun

1976 1979 1988 1989 1989 -

Yogin: sankata - brahmachari (rahu - mars)

D1 moon in 12th with 5th, 8th lord Jupiter(R), mercury, 2nd and 11th lord in 6th house aspected by 12th l.ord moon and 8th lord Jupiter from 12th house, Saturn 6th lord from 3rd house. Aries is afflicted by Saturn, 6th lord lagna lord sun is afflicted. Dasa: venus is in papakartari, aspected by Jupiter(R) 8th lord, rahu is with sun, ketu aspected by mars. Yogini: rahu is afflicted, mars is in 8th house aspected by Jupiter (R) 8th lord. Ear Problems: Astrological factors: Star Planet House Speechless sign 1. 2. 3. 4.

shravana mercury 3rd house, 11th house watery signs 4,8,12.

mercury in 6,8,12 aspected by Saturn Saturn aspecting 6th house and mercury being 6th lord. mercury in 4th from Saturn, 6th lord in one of trik houses. mercury and venus in 12th house, left ear problem

5. malefics in 3rd or 11th house, 5th or 9th houses unaspected by benefics. 6. debilitated venus with rahu 7. mercury and 6th lord in any of 6th/ 8th/ 12th houses 8. mercury and 6th lord in 4th house with Saturn in lagna 9. conjunction of sun and mercury in 3rd/6th/11th houses. 10. venus in Taurus/ Sagittarius lagna malefic moon is aspecting lagna 11. night birth with venus in 5th and mercury in 6th house. 12. Jupiter in sagittarias with mercury and venus n hudda of Saturn in any sign. 13. moon, mars and mercury in R-K axis in 3rd ir 11th house. 14. mercury with sun in 3rd/ 6th/ 11th houses aspected by mars and Saturn 15. if 6th lord is in 8th/ 12th house and mercury is 4th form saturn causes deafness 16. venus in 12th house conjuct with mercury left ear will be deaf 17. venus debilitated and conjuct with rahu will cause deafness

6th lord in 8th house, aspecting mars. Mercury is 4th frm Saturn. 3rd lord mars in speechless Gemini sign. 11th house is in papakartari between mars and sun with lagna lord. Mercury is karaka for hearing. Lagna lord is debilitated ub D9. 11th lord moon afflicted by Saturn (deb). The native had deafness and dumbness in venus dasa. Classical combination for defective speech: 1. Mercury as 6th lord in speechless sign (4,8,12) aspected by malefics. 2. Mercury as 6th lord in lagna under malefic influence 3. Mercury as 6th lord in 9th house, Venus in 10th house stammering. 4. malefics in cancer, scorpio, pisces, moon in rasyanta in scrpio aspected by malefics 5. 2nd lord with Jupiter in 8th house dumb self nd th th 6. 2 lord Jupiter in 8 house with 4 lord mother 7. 2nd lord Jupiter in 8th house with 3rd lord siblings

8. 2nd lord, Jupiter in 8th house with 9th lord 9. full moon associated with mars in lagna Eye Problems: Star: Mrigasira Factors: venus significator for vision. Planets: sun and moon Houses: 2nd house Right eye 12th house left eye


Sun moon

The native has a good eye sight if: a) 2nd house has benefics b) 2nd lord is associated with benefics c) Sun is conjunct or aspected by the lagna lord. d) Venus is strong and well posited. Problems occur if: 1. Venus in ascendant, moon is with 2nd lord, night blindness occurs. 2. If sun and moon are in Leo ascendant, aspected by Saturn and mars. 3. sun conjunct with Gulika and aspected by mars gives blindness 4. 2nd house is occupied by 6th/ 8th lords, 4th house has malefics without Jupiter aspect native will be blind. 5. 2nd lord is associated with Saturn, mars or Gulika causes eye problems. 6. If 2nd lord and lagna lord along with sun and Venus are posited in 6th/ 8th/ 12th houses the native is blind at birth. 7. If lagna lord is associated with malefics and aspected by Saturn frequent eye troubles. 8. If 3rd lord is in 6th house and 2nd house is occupied or aspected by malefic the native will loose vision of eyes. Ex:

2nd house is occupied by 6th lord debilitated mars and ketu.

Point 8 3rd lord sun is in 6th house, 2nd house is with malefics, aspected by Rahu native lost his eye sight. Mars is in constellation of Ashlesha of mercury which is enemy, 2nd house is aspected by Rahu, more malefic affect on 2nd house. In D9, 2nd lord mars is conjunct with inimical mercury is ascendant. D3, malefic sun and ketu in 12th house Rahu aspecting the same. In later part of life native lost vision of both eyes and became blind. Teeth problems: Planet Star 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Ex:

Saturn Swati

Rahu or ketu in 6th house causes teeth problems Jupiter and Rahu in lagna causes teeth problems 2nd lord conjuncted with 6th lord causes teeth diseases. Venus and Saturn in 8th house, 6th lord in 7th house and malefic in 6th house cause tooth decay. Malefics in 7th house or sun, moon and Saturn in 7th house or sun, moon and Saturn in 7th house results in falling of teeth. 2nd lord and Rahu in causes teeth problems 2nd lord and Rahu in 6th house or Rahu dispositor conjunct with 2nd lord, teeth will fall during sub periods of these planets. Venus occupies Aries or cancer mouth emits bad smell Moon and Venus in Aries, mercury in 6th house or lagna, mouth emits bad smell.

D1 Jupiter combusted and Rahu in lagna, with sun, aspected by Saturn(R) D9 Rahu in 6th house, Jupiter combusted in 8th house D3 Rahu and combusted Jupiter conjoined sun in 9th house. Above combination indicates teeth problem. Native developed plarrhoea under dasa of sun/Rahu/Jupiter. Asthma: Planets

House 4th Cancer, Gemini Combinations: 1. lagna is aspected by mars and Saturn 2. Malefics in 4th house and lagna lord is with Rahu in 8th house. 3. sun in lagna aspected by mars 4. sun as lord or 6th/ 8th/ 12th conjunct with or aspected by Saturn causes asthma 5. Rahu/ ketu in 6 12 axis 6. sun, Jupiter and Saturn in 4th house develop asthma 7. Rahu/ ketu/ Saturn in 8th house, aspected or conjoined by malefics develop asthma 8. lagna lord with Venus in malefic house, 4th house is afflicted causes asthma 9. any planet in 6h house conjoined aspected or hemmed between malefics cause asthma Ex:

D1 sun as 6th lord in lagna with Saturn(R), rahu. Sun in uttarabadra star whose lord is Saturn, enemy to sun. D9 sun in 3rd house aspected by Jupiter(R) in 11th house. D3 Jupiter(R) in 6th house, dispositor sun in lagna 6/8 axis. The native developed asthma during sun/Saturn/rahu dasa. Blood pressure/ Hypertension: Mars Iron and hemoglobin Moon flow of blood Jupiter arterial blood Venus venous blood Aquarius sign circulation of blood Combinations: 1. variations in blood pressure occurs if moon and mars trik lords (6th/ 8th/ 12th houses) 2. Moon and mars posited in trik houses. 3. Moon, mars are debilitated, combust, weak afflicted, associated with malefics cause change in blood pressure. 4. association of sun and Jupiter 5. association of Jupiter and mars causes BP

6. weak moon, weak mars associate together gives low BP 7. Jupiter in 7th house from Saturn cause low BP Heart diseases: Planet sun 4th house indicates chest 5th house indicates heart So any affliction to Leo house indicate heart problem Heart surgery or operation is indicated if 4th house and 4th lord are also afflicted along with 5th house and 5th lord 5th house from lagna, 5th house from sun, 5th house from dasa lord should not be afflicted. 1. Any affliction to sun in 4th house with Rahu causes heart problem in sun dasa. 2. Mars in lagna or 8th house aspected by malefic lord of 4th house creates heart ailments. 3. Moon and Rahu in 7th house with 6th lord. 4. Jupiter and Saturn in 4th house with 6th lord. 5. 5th house hemmed between malefics or occupied by. 6. Sun occupy lagna in Aquarius. 7. 4th house badly afflicted and sun in debilitation causes severe heart attack. 8. 6th lord mars in constellation of 4th lord indicates heart attack. 9. 5th lord in 8th house, debilitates, inimical gives heart problems. 10. Afflicted sun connected with 6th/8th/ 12th lord or houses indicates heart problem. 11. Jupiter mars and Saturn in 4th house, native has a heart problem. 12. Sun afflicted by Saturn causes heart problem. 13. Sun afflicted by ketu gives heart problem. 14. Sun, Jupiter, Saturn are heavily afflicted. 15. Mars, Rahu, ketu, connected with sun and 4th house cause heart diseases. 16. Sun in 7th house afflicted by mars indicate high blood pressure resulting in heart problem. 17. 4th lord or natal and D9 if posited in 6th house and aspected by malefics gives pain in heart. 18. Lagna lord is weak; Rahu in 4th house, aspected by malefic, person will get frequent pain. 19. Sun, Jupiter Saturn together in 4th house in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Capricorn or Aquarius death occurs by heart disease. 20. Leo sign in connected with 4th or th house likely to cause heart problem. 21. 4th house and 5th house occupied by malefic planets occupying malefic shastyamsa gives serious heart problems. 22. When cancer and Capricorn signs are afflicted by sun native get heart problem. Ex:

D1: sun and Saturn with debilitated nercury aspecting 4th house. 10th lord Jupiter is debilitated in D1, D3, D9. Saturn is in 6th house in D3 and 8th house in D9, malefic affect is aggravated. Sun is 8th from own house in D1 causing heart problem. Moon is debilitated and afflicted in 6th house. Jupiter in 4th house in D3, but in R-K axis, no benefic affect, heart attack occurred in moon dasa. Intestinal problems: 5th house indicates stomach. 6th and 7th indicates below navel. Sun controls stomach pain, gastric ailments, bile dysentery, appendicitis, intestine pains. Aries and Virgo when afflicted cause abdominal problems. Last quarter of Punarvasu and Pushya contribute abdominal troubles. Uttara and Hasta control intestines. Teeth problems: Aries and Taurus is either lagna or 2nd house with malefics causes dental problems. Malefics in 7th house unaspected by benefics. Rahu in 2nd house from 7th lord (yettu pallu) Rahu in lagna or 5th house. Eye problems: 1. sun in Aries lagna inflammation of eye 2. sun in cancer lagna cataract 3. sun in Leo lagna night blindness 4. sun in libra lagna total blindness 5. weak moon aspected by Saturn 4th November, 2012 Miscellaneous diseases:

Diabetes mellitus: Type 1- juvenile diabetes (with birth and life span is 25-30 years) Type 2 maturity unset diabetes comes after 40 years Planets: Jupiter liver, part of pancreas Venus part of pancreas, insulin, hormones House 5th house / 5th lord upper abdomen. GTT: Glucose Tolerance Test to check victim of diabetes Cure: Control diet, medication, regular checkup. Diabetes is only state of health, not disease (worst curse) Liver converts carbohydrates into glucose. Pancreas generates insulin. Only Jupiter wont cause diabetes that can be related to liver or kidney problem. Jupiter and Venus collectively cause diabetes.

Dasa: Sat moon, siddha ulka (venus Saturn) 5th house, 5th hlord afflicted by ketu, mars, rahu. Jupiter 4th and 7th lord associated with 11th lord in 6th house along with mars 8th aspect. Venus is associated with 12th lord sun, mars 4th aspect, Saturn 10th aspect. Appendicitis: Conjoining place of small& big intestines. Venus, 6th house, 6th lord lower abdomen. Sagittarius, Taurus, Gemini and afflicted Venus in that

Dasa: Rahu Venus Rahu, ulka bhadrika (Saturn mercury) 6th house, 6th lord afflicted by retrograde Saturn, mars. Venus is afflicted with RK axis, sun, mars and retrograde Saturn. Taurus afflicted by mars, Gemini by retrograde Saturn. Venus is badly afflicted with Rahu, so in the dasa of Venus, Rahu afflicted. According to BV Raman Affliction of 22nd drekkana by Rahu and mars, 6th house is in papakartari Moon in Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius aspect of malefics Sun in Leo or Aquarius aspected by Saturn, mars or Rahu or related to above planets. Injuries 1. Malefics in quadrants. 2. 4th Lord in 6th House/ 6th Lord in 4th House 3. Parivartana of 6th & 4th Lords. 4. Moon in PAC with Mars. 5. 4th house in PAC with Mars. 6. Sun in 10th house aspected by Mars in 4th house (vehicular accidents). 7. Sun & sat in lagna and RK axis (fall from tree or height). 8. Mars in 4th house and sun, Saturn in 7th house (burns) cause fire accidents, and ketu association causes explosion. 9. Mars and Saturn in Ascendant with moon in 8th house -injuries / death by weapon. Ketu and 4th lord in 6th house cause injuries / death by weapon. Saturn, Rahu and mars in 8th house - injuries / death by weapon. 10. 4th lord associated with malefic and posited in quadrant cause drowning. 4th lord and lagna in 4th house and aspected by 10th lord causes drowning. Saturn in 4th house with moon in 7th house and mars in 10th house causes drowning.

11. Rahu and ketu or 6/8/12 houses with trine lord or quadrant lord combination orine to frequent accidents/ injuries. 12. 8th house + ketu with mars cause explosions. Tuberculosis (TB): consumption of body: Venus and Lagan Lord in 6th/8th/12th houses. Mars in 4th house and Rahu in 12th house from karakamsa lagna. Moon and sun parivartana (exchange of houses) Moon and sun together in Cancer/ Leo. Moon conjoined with Saturn and aspected by mars (acquired from somebody through contact). Lagna aspected by mars and Saturn. Mercury in cancer. Epilepsy (problem in spine/ nervous system): Saturn and moon aspected by mars Moon and Rahu in 8th house Saturn and mars in 6th/8th house Sun, moon, mars in lagna or 8th house aspected by malefics Birth at eclipse, Jupiter in lagna/ trine and Saturn, mars in 6th/ 8th house. Rahu in lagna and moon in 6th house Leprosy: Mercury in Aries, moon in 10th house and Saturn with mars in any house Saturn, mars, moon and venus in watery sign under affliction by malefics (advanced stage) Moon aspected by mars in 4th house from karakamsa lagna Moon n 4th house from from karakamsa lagna aspected by ketu Moon in Gemini, Cancer, Pisces in D9aspected by mars/ Saturn Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn signs falling in trines and PAC with malefics Lagna lord, moon, mercury, in R-K axis Mars as 6th lord in Lagna Saturn with 6th lord in lagna Sun and 6th lord in lagna Mars in lagna, sun in 8th house, Saturn in 4th house Moon and Venus afflicted by malefics and located in watery signs (Leukoderma) Moon in 4th house from karakamsa lagna aspected by Venus Mon, mars, Saturn together in Aries or Taurus. Moon in lagna, sun 7th house, sat with mars in 2nd house/ 12th house.

Dental: Aries/ Taurus as lagna or 2nd house PAC with malefics. Malefics in 7th house and no benefic aspect. Rahu in 2nd from 7th lord causes projected teeth. 2nd lord and 6th lord in PAC with malefics. Rahu in Lagna/ 5th house. Hydrocelel Mars and Venus together in 8th house Mars and Venus together in Aries/ Scoripo Moon and Venus in Aries/ Scorpio aspected by Jupiter and Saturn Gulika in karakamsa lagna and aspected by mercury alone Piles Saturn aspected by malefics Saturn in lagna and mars in 7th house Sun in lagna, mars in scorpio and Saturn in 7th house Lagna lord and mars in 7th house and Saturn in 12th house Saturn 12th house aspected by mars and lagna lord Heomoroids: Saturn aspected by malefics Saturn in lagna with mars in 7th house Sun in lagna, mars in Scorpio with Saturn in 7th house Lagna lord and mars in 7th with Saturn in 12th house Saturn in 12th house, aspected by mars and lagna lord Impotency Saturn and Venus together in 10th house Saturn in 6th/ 12th house from Venus Sun and moon in mutual aspect occupying odd signs Mercury and Saturn in mutual aspect and from odd signs Sun in even sign and mutual aspect with mars Moon and lagna in odd sign both aspected by mars from even sign Moon in odd sign, mercury in even sign and both aspected by mars Lagna, moon and Venus all occupying male signs Venus occupying a sign of retrograde planet Lagna lord in lagna and Venus in 7th house Moon, Saturn conjunction in 4th/ 10th house from mars

Miscellaneous disorders: Jupiter, mars, Saturn together in 4th house produces heart diseases 11th lord in 6th house produces multiple ailments Saturn and mars in 6th house aspected Rahu and sun leads to chronic illness Rahu/ ketu in 7th house or Saturn in 8th house, moon in lagna leads to indigestion Jupiter and Rahu in lagna produce dental problems 6th lord in 3rd house produces abdominal ailments Saturn in 6th house afflicts feet Rahu/ ketu in 6th house cause disease of teeth/ lips Lagna lord in mars/ mercury sign and aspected by inimical planet leads anal problems Malefic association of moon in Scorpio/ cancer leads to secret illness (VD) Mars, mercury and lagna lord together in Leo as 4th or 12th house cause anal problems Malefic in 8th house produces secret illness Jupiter in 12th house cause secret illness Mercury and 6th lord together with mars cause disease in generative organs 8th lord in 8th house prone to disease Combination for deaf & dumb at birth: Affliction to 3rd house, 3rd lord Affliction to moon Affliction to 8th house and 8th lord Affliction of above lords, houses by R-K axis Adverse dasa in MD/ Ad at birth Karaka planets tatwa plays important role in diseases.

22nd Drekkana: The rising Drekkana in the 8th house will be 22nd from birth chart. The 22nd Drekkana is nothing but the Drekkana containing the cusp of 8th house. 1. 2. 3. 4. paarasara drek jagannath drek somnath drek privitti traya drek

First Drekkana in any sign is ruled by by owning planet, 2nd Drekkana is ruled by 5th lord and 3rd Drekkana by 9th lord. The nature of 22nd Drekkana indicates the sources/ manner of death. Some special effects: 1. Occupation of natural malefic in 22nd Drekkana in D1, reduces the potential of the chart. 2. Ayurdh Drekkana indicates injury with weapons as cause of death/ accident. 3. Sarpa Drekkana means danger from poisonous reptiles, like threatening. 4. dasa/ bhukti of lord of 22nd Drekkana afflicts natives health, causes mental agony when devoid of benefic aspects. 5. When LL transits the 22nd Drekkana loss bodily discomforts, grief and quarrel will result. 6. Transit of lord of 22nd Drekkana in lagna produces trouble regarding significance of lagna. 7. Avoid starting new task when sun and moon are transiting their 22nd Drekkana and kharesh is moving over sun & moon. When longevity is not at its end, then it is concerned with bodily discomfort and health matters. 64th Navamsa: This is calculated from moon, it falls exactly 7 houses away from moon. The degrees of moon in the 8th house, the lord of that navamsa along with the planet falling there in the navamsa chart behaves as a malefic. In usual navamsa chart, the sign falling in the 4th from moon happens to be lord of 64th navamasa, this lord and the planets falling in that house in D9 chart behave as evil planets.