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Prepared by, Lam Wai Kit, 09-201012-00003 Faculty of Business Management Cosmopoint International College of Technology No. 68, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh Perak.

I have never been more excited on going to a camp especially one that invites other foreign countries to participate. As part of St. John Ambulance Malaysia's Sentinel celebration, SJAM-Selangor hosted the International Cadet Camp in commemoration of St. Johns being 100 years old in Malaysia from 10th December 2008 to 16th December 2008. I simply couldn't resist this offer, what more when there's foreign chicks coming down. This could be the end of my single life. There will be in Templer's Park, Rawang Cadets from St. John Ambulance Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zambia and South Africa will be coming to Malaysia and join this camp. One piece of good luck occurred when grade level planning partner, offered to help in conduct an organizational need assessment. Together, I had completed a SWOT analysis and Pros and Cons form to help in camp to identify the current status and potential goals for the future. Helpful Internal Strengths Free use of space. Motivated members. Knowledge of Subject area. Harmful Weakness Not enough planning time. Limited Leadership. Not collecting enough registration money. External Opportunity Pool of qualified instructor. Supportive principal. Access to potential participants. Threats Too many members who cannot pay full fee. No access to free materials. No enough specific subject area expertise.
Table 1.0: SWOT Analysis, International Cadet Camp



Being out in nature and learning to be a little self-reliant and learning new skills.

Camping in really hot weather or if it is raining a lot. Just as soon be in the comforts of a bed in a motel under those circumstances. Being with people who are annoying. Not being able to find a good camping site.

Perhaps stumbling on some form of wildlife seldom seen. Not really tied to a time schedule and doing any number of adventuresome things. Testing camp recipes.

Bowing with people you really enjoy being with.

Table 1.1: Pros and Cons for camping

After complete the SWOT analysis, I was able to develop a plan to build International Cadet Camp into a self-sustaining organization.
1. Develop a partnership with a local society to get education students as staff members for credit. 2. Partner with school to get experts willing to contribute time and expertise. 3. Build partnership with local organization who can provide subsidy to students. 4. Meet with the principal to develop a plan to assess the test score improvements among participating students with the hope for gaining more planning time.