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Modernizations or advancements in the spheres of science and technology are the achievements of entire

humanity. All the communities, societies and ages contributed their parts in inching humanity towards current
state of sophistication. Definitely science has provided us better means to live with. In short, the resultant
achievements are the treasures of entire humankind, and demand to be shared equally.

The societies which have achieved advancements, and especially in last quarter century in the spheres of
information technology, food preservation technology, biotechnology, material sciences, health sciences,
renewable energy, and urbanization are speedily changing not only their respective economies but also using
their knowledge to do a better utilization of natural treasures of the entire universe.

No denying to the fact that not tuning oneself to new frequencies, or not completely adhering to modern
technologies means trekking railroad track on foot. We need to understand that we live in a science and
technology poisoned global village, and nothing can serve for our deliverance unless we are equipped with
matching repository. Although, we are greatly behind the clock, however strict sense of discipline, clear vision
and complete adoption of available technology can help us back on right track.

This is the tragedy of our society that at some places we are ignorant in relevance to latest technologies, and in
certain areas we are reluctant to accept innovations. In all the departments of life, especially that directly
influence basic human needs such as housing, food or education, warrants us to accept latest technologies
without any further delay.

Use of technology can do a lot good to our education. However, almost all the educational institutions managed
by Government greatly lack technology. Not only the laboratories or libraries lack such facilities, classroom
activities too are still based on chalk-blackboard system.

In Middle East states, South African mango sells at four time greater price as compared to Pakistani prodigy,
despite the reality that Pakistani mango has a greater demand. Nevertheless, what serves a decisive point here is
lack of technology. We are still ignorant about ethylene management system for de-greening or fruit ripening,
which definitely ensures a greater shelf life.

Adoption of available latest technology is merely not an act of cherishing luxuries but it’s too a reality that new
achievements are accomplished as points of culminations of prolong efforts, however serves zero points for
future innovations and advancements.

It’s our responsibility to provide high altitudes to our new generations to enter into this unending relay race of
science discoveries, so they too could contribute a substantial role in the advancement of this planet. Because,
new generation assumes where the predecessors stand down, father wants his child to fill his shoes when he

Unquestionably this is knowledge as well as its application now has become the influential tool for socio-
economic development. There is no respite for us; we need to synchronize our tones with modern times. And we
have to orchestrate our efforts in right direction, otherwise world would leave us behind, definitely hare and
tortoise cannot be co-worker. However the world continues its long journey of modernization and advancement
towards a destination that persists to stay as a great unknown.