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Target Group Proficiency Level Enrolment Date Time Theme Genre Focused skill Integrated skills Teaching Aid

General Objective

: Form 2 Teratai : Higher Intermediate : 38 : 13th September 2012 (Thursday) : 9.30am -10.10am (40 mins) : Grammar : Simple sentences and compound sentences : Writing : Listening and Speaking : Handouts, Marker, Whiteboard : Students should be able to write simple and compound sentences.

Specific Objectives : By the end of the lesson, students should be able to :

1) Write 8 simple sentences and 4 compound sentences based on the illustrations and words provided. 2) Break 4 compound sentences into grammatically correct simple sentences Previous knowledge : Students have learnt the meaning of subject and verb

Stage/ Time Set Induction (5 minutes)


Teachers Activity 1. Teacher writes the word simple and compound on the board. 2. Teacher asks students what they understand from these words. 1. Teacher writes the word sentences beneath simple and compound. 2. Teacher gives examples of the sentences and explains. 3. Teacher highlights the conjunctions. 4. Teacher asks for other examples of conjunctions and list them on the board.

Students Activity 1. Students answer by relating to their personal and previous knowledge.

Teaching Aids

To relate back to previous knowledge (Mr. Nobody)

Marker Whiteboard

PreWriting (10 Minutes) To expose the rules for simple and compound sentences

1. Students answer by relating to their previous knowledge.

Marker Whiteboard

WhileWriting (10 Minutes)

1. To let students apply their knowledge 2. To reinforce students understanding

1. Students look at the Exercise and ask if there 1. Teacher hands out is any Exercise 1 to the class confusion. 2. Teacher discusses how 2. Students to do question 1 with the should look class. at the 3. Teacher facilitates the illustration class while they try to and words complete the exercise. due given to form simple and compound sentences.


PostWriting (10 Minutes)

To ensure students are all at the same level of understanding.

1. Teacher goes through the answer for each question. Teacher gives several other examples that show simple and compound sentences structure. 1. Teacher asks what is a simple sentences and a compound sentences.

1. Students volunteer to give answer for each questions

Closure (5 Minutes)

To reinforce the days lesson.

1. Students recall the days lesson.