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Proposal for the Internship Affiliation Report

Semester: Summer - 2013 Title of the Report:" Lending Procedure & Recovery System on Standard Bank Limited (SBL), Credit Division, Head office " Rationale for Selecting the Report:The specific rational for the selecting the report are given below:i. Knowing the credit policy and credit operation model. ii. Knowing the lending products and customer segment of the SBL Bank. iii. iv. vi. Knowing the interest rates and loan processing fees of loans. Knowing the principles of selecting borrowers. Knowing about the loan classifications, documentation of loan and disbursements of credit.

v. Knowing the lending recovery and monitoring process.

Background of the Organization/Company:An Overview of the Standard Bank Limited (SBL) : Standard Bank Limited (SBL) was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on May 11, 1999 under the Companies Act, 1994 and the Bank achieved satisfactory progress from its commercial operations on June 03, 1999. SBL has introduced several new products on credit and deposit schemes. It also goes for Corporate and Retail Banking etc. The Bank also participated in fund Syndication with other Banks. Through all these myriad activities SBL has created a positive impact in the Market. Vision: To be a modern bank having the object of building a sound national economy and to contribute significantly to the public exchequer. Mission: To be the best private commercial bank in Bangladesh in terms of efficiency, capital adequacy, asset quality, sound management and profitability having a strong liquidity. Objectives:-

To be a dynamic leader in the financial market in innovating new products as to the needs of the society. To earn positive economic value addition (EVA) each year to come. To top the list in respect of cost efficiency of all the commercial Banks. To become one of the best financial institutions in Bangladesh economy participating in the most significant segments of business market that we serve. Organizational Structure of SBL: There are four different wings to

consist the organizational structure of SBL. They are: Board of Directors (BOD)

Chairman Ln. Kazi Akramuddin Ahmed Vice Chairman Al-Haj Mohammad Yousuf Chowdhury Directors Mr. Kamal Mostafa Chowdhury Mr. Mohammad Nurul Islam Mr. Ashok Kumar Saha Al-Haj Mohammad Ayub Mr. Ferozur Rahman Mr. Harun Rashid Chowdhury Mr. Mohammad Monzurul Alam Mr. S A M Hossain Mr. Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al-Haj Mohammed Shamsul Alam Mr. Abdul Ahad Mr. Ferdous Ali Khan Mr. Harun or Rashid Mr. Md. Zahedul Hoque Mr. Moshfeque Mamun Rizvi ICB represented by the Managing Director Mr. Humaun Kabir Mr. Shaikh Mesbauddin Mr. Sahazada Syed Nizamuddin Ahmed, Independent Director Managing Director Mr. S.A. Farooqui Board Secretary Mr. A.F.M. Nizamul Islam Chowdhury

Executive Committee Mr. Ferdous Ali Khan Mr. Abdul Ahad Mr. Md. Zahedul Hoque Al-haj Mohd. Yousuf Chowdhury Mr. Md. Humayun Kabir, MD, ICB Mr. Shaikh Mesba Uddin Mr. S.A. Farooqui, Managing Director Audit Committee Al-Haj Md. Shamsul Alam, Director Mr. Kamal Mostafa Chowdhury, Director Mr. S.S. Nizamuddin Ahmed, Director Mr. A. F. M. Nizamul Islam Chowdhury Management Committee.
Objectives of the report:The specific objectives of the report are given below: i. To present an overview of Standard Bank Limited (SBL). ii. To identify the lending activities of SBL. iii. iv. To identify the requirements and the eligibility criteria for the banks borrowers. To identify the credit proposal initial, assessment and approval/declining process, credit risk grading (CRG) procedure for potential borrowers, management of collateral & financial securities against lending, as well as the process of monitoring bank finances. v. To evaluate the advance quality of services of the bank.

Chairman Member Member Member Member Member Ex-Officio Member

Chairman Member Member Secretary

vi. vii. viii.

To identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) of SBL. To develop skills about the system in of loan quality and strategies for managing non-performing loans (NPL). Investigate and make a summary about the method of processing of the advance products handled by SBL.

Submitted by: Kashfia Sharmeen Department of Finance, Faculty of Business Administration Name of the Student Intern: Md. Ashraf Uddin ID No: 10-15912-1 Major: Accounting & Finance Date: 23/06/2013 ACTION BY THE SUPERVISOR: _____________ Approved with Revision ________________ Approved _______________ Disapproved