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SURPASS hiG 1 100/1200

Family of Media Gateways for Trunks Your Customers

enjoy the same high-availability, top quality voice service from a platform that also enables you to easily add virtual trunks as demand grows. Strong reliability for maximum revenue As you move to more lucrative next generation networking, its crucial to interface circuit-switched traffic with your IP network for the highest bottom line boost. Siemens SURPASS hiG Media Gateways convert voice, fax, modem and ISDN data traffic originating from the TDM network into packets that can be transmitted over the QoS IP network. All of this is accomplished with carrier-grade reliability and also enables profitable and rapid deployment of innovative, differentiated services. As a key component of the SURPASS next generation networking solutions and applications, these VoIP gateways ensure interworking between the existing fixed line networks today and IP networks. The SURPASS hiG Media Gateways deliver significant benefits. Youll enjoy immediate per-port cost savings over legacy TDM architectures. And because the SURPASS hiGs support a variety of industry standards protocols, youll have greater flexibility to deploy the precise service mix your customers want faster than your competition. Both the SURPASS hiG 1100 and 1200 interwork with the SURPASS hiE 9200 Migration Switch and SURPASS hiQ 8000 Softswitch to deliver advanced packetbased services. Siemens engineers, whove led the industry in quality voice transport solutions for over a century, designed both gateways. Weve brought this voice expertise into the IP environment and developed high-quality, carrier platforms that deliver maximum uptime. Highlights at a glance The SURPASS hiG Media Gateways for Trunks are comprised of scalable and standards-based gateway platforms that mediate TDM traffic (in circuit-switched, fixed, or mobile switching networks) to the packet world with carrier-grade reliability. The SURPASS hiG 1100 (small to medium density gateway) and SURPASS hiG 1200 (medium to high density gateway) have specific features in store for you: They are fault-tolerant gateways delivering mission-critical services with proven system availability They are field replaceable units that can be hot swapped and boast software that is upgradeable with no service interruption They provide support for all bearer traffic modes, including voice, fax, modem and ISDN over IP They support industry standard protocols such as MGCP, MEGACO/H.248, TGCP, and SNMP

Your Business
is safe and growing: current revenue streams are protected by delivering carrier features to subscribers while you migrate traffic to your packet network.

Your Investment
enables you to increase profits by expanding your capacity and cutting per-channel costs.

The Future
can be deployed today, since the SURPASS hiG family enables carriergrade mediation between the existing TDM infrastructure and tomorrows next generation packet network.

SURPASS hiE 9200 Migration Switch

we SURPASS Feature & Media Servers

SURPASS hiQ 8000 Softswitch

IP Clients & Phones, IP-PBX Subscribers IP Network


IP CENTREX Server Enterprise Application Servers

Switch Switch Switch



Metro Access

MGCP, H.248



Network Interworking

IP-IP Gateway

IAD/CPG Subscribers e.g. Voice over DSL


IP QoS Network



POTS & ISDN Subscribers via Access Gateway

SURPASS hiG Media Gateway for Trunks



Switch Switch Switch




TDM Network

SIP, IP CENTREX, and Business Subscribers

SIP Users

SURPASS hiG Media Gateway for Trunks




ISDN-PRI Subscribers

POTS & ISDN-BRI Subscribers

Broadband Subscribers

Cable Subscribers

Multiple densities to fit all network solutions & applications The figure above shows the full range of SURPASS solutions and applications. No matter which one meets your particular requirements, the cost-effective SURPASS hiG Media Gateways for Trunks deliver the flexibility in density that can grow with your needs. The SURPASS hiG 1100 can accommodate as few as 480/382 DS0s (using E1 / T1 line interfaces) per unit, while the SURPASS hiG 1200 can grow as large as 19530/24192 DS0s (using STM-1/DS3 line interfaces) per chassis. The SURPASS hiG 1100/1200 always deliver a fully NEBS certified platform, hot upgrading, servicing for HW & SW components and built-in protection of critical system components to ensure maximum reliability for active calls. Common features Quality of Service TOS bit marking Voice, Modem, and Fax Voice CODECs: G.711 (A-law, -law) G.723.1, G.726, & G.729 A Fax over IP with T.38 or over G.711 DTMF recognition and generation Inband and outband transport According to RFC 2833 Silence detection and suppression Comfort noise generation Echo cancellation up to 128 ms per G.165 & G.168 ISDN transparent access 56 kbit/s and 64 kbit/s Adaptive jitter buffer up to 150 ms Packet loss concealment

Control Protocol Support MGCP, TGCP, & H.248/MEGACO Redundancy Redundant common equipment Redundant power and timing Redundant internal cooling fans Redundant TDM line interfaces Redundant IP line interfaces Hot standby for common equipment and line cards No loss of stable calls during switchover Hot swappable modules Non service-affecting software download / upgrades Timing T1/E1 BITS clock Stratum 3 internal clock Network/port timing SURPASS hiG 1100 Hardware Compact single board Stackable, field replaceable unit Measures (WxHxL) 21.45/54.5 cm x 3.5/8.8 cm (2U) x 16/40 cm Capacity Two electrical variants 16 E1/T1 (480/382 DS0s) 32 E1/T1 (960/768 DS0s) Interfaces T1/E1 electrical Dual 10/100 BaseT Ethernet SURPASS hiG 1200 Hardware 19-slot chassis, 15 for line cards

2 Shelf controller engine cards 2 Call processor engine cards Measures (WxHxL) 23/58.4 cm x 24.5 /62.2 cm (14U) x 18/45 cm Capacity 24,192 DS0s (using DS3) 20,116 DS0s (using OC-3) 19,530 DS0s (using STM-1) Interfaces DXM2.5 TDM line card with 1 x OC-3 optical or 1 x STM-1 optical or 4 x DS3 10/100 BaseT Ethernet or 10/1000 BaseSX Ethernet

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