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Non-Verbal Seduction By Jon Sinn

Non-Verbal Seduction refers to the process of moving things towards sex without words. Included in NonVerbal Seduction are things like body language, touching, and Spatial Relevance.

Non-Verbal Seduction bridges the gap between verbal and physical escalation. By doing the things that subcommunicate sex, you generate tons of Sexual Comfort.

Non Verbal Seduction takes on different shapes and forms throughout the process We are going to be using the tools of Spatial Relevance, Touching and Body Language

1. Body LanguageIncluding Facial Expressions, Eye Contact, Movement, and specific body language tactics. 2. Touching- Including and up to physical arousal. 3. Spatial RelevanceIncluding, back turns, take-aways and cuts ins.

As youre building Sexual Attraction, you want to begin using nonverbal seduction. However you want to be careful about trying to build arousal or get too touchy right away.

Strong Eye Contact on the approach. Break EC to the side. Feet Shoulder Width apart Shoulders relaxed and leaned back Weight resting on your back foot. Slow steady movements.

Touch on your opener. Keep Touching playful at first, think pushing her away, flicking her, bumping into her, and touching her between the shoulder and elbow. Try to progress to touching her hand or putting your arm around her.

Spatial Relvance refers to your movement into and out of her personal space. In attraction we want to first preserve her comfort levels then violate them by getting too close to her when teasing her and then pulling away. I call this The Captain Jack Special Move.

In comfort we want to start to open up more physically to the girl. Here you want to lean towards her, get your bodies physically closer. You want to make her feel like the center of your body language universe.

In Comfort, you want to start to build some sexual rapport. This means you want to treat her as if you have already had sex. Things like: Touching her face, sharing drinks, walking holding hands, hugging and ultimately kissing.

In comfort we want to build a shared space. We want to make sure that we are talking within 6 inches of her face/ears. We also want to make sure that we are causing subconscious touching of skin to skin.

The Key to seductive body language is slowing down and moving with intent. Intent is conveyed through your facial expressions, eye contact and movement.

Touching here is to build arousal. Things like: hair pulling, neck biting, kissing her ears and neck, blowing on her neck, scracthing her back grabbing her waist, ass, and rubbing her inner thighs.

Here we want to start coquetting by moving into the womans space to arouse her and then moving out of her space to push her away. This can be called sexual push/pull The Pulling is arousing and demonstrating sexual intent The Pushing is when you physically push her away or deny her.

Arousal can be built in any environment, but there is a tipping point where arousal become foreplay. This happens anytime there is any physical contact with the arousal areas of breast and vagina. You dont want to start foreplay until you can take advantage of it comfortable with the woman.

We defined Non Verbal Seduction, why its important, and when to start it. We then guided you through step by step ways to use your body language, touching and spatial relevance to seduce non verbally.

Practice your nonverbally seductive body language in the mirror 3 times this week. Focus on Eye Contact, Sexual Intent, and slow sexy movements

Record yourself Practicing The Captain Jack Special Move, Back Turns, and Sexual Push pull. Try to do everything slower and with better eye contact.