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Certain people believe that traveling could change ones personality into another by influencing them in a negative way but we believe that travelling, for example through an international exchange program, such as American Field Service (AFS) Intercultural Programs helps us to fulfill the second challenge of Vision 2020. In creating a mature, liberal and tolerant Malaysian society, we need to support and sustain such organization for it has opened the eyes of the community. Through an international student exchange program, young generations especially, can experience intercultural learning to generate their innovative perspective on developing an inclusive community of global citizens. Our horizon of knowledge will be wider when making a decision. Although we are exerted to be liberated citizens, there is a boundary to secure us from going overboard, for example only take the good etiquette resembles by the locals. This is because we have to maintain our identity as Malaysian and only develop extra skills shown by other countries to reform our nation. It is also applicable for the tolerant issue because not all of the custom or tradition from the other countries can be assimilated by us, Malaysians as we have our own identity and culture. Besides than the exchange programs, there are a few similar programs that share same objectives and vision, for example cultural tourism, rural tourism, slum tourism and field tourism. In a smaller scope, people thinks that travelling is just for leisure and a waste of money but travelling for charity does give another way round of explanation. Travelling for charity does not only emphasize on helping people in needs but also one of the ways to achieve the challenge outlined in the Vision 2020. To establish a fully moral and ethical society, a community must instilled good value and at the same time practice it for excellent outcomes. The purpose of charity travelling-based is to create a new demographic in making contribution to the needy while sightseeing. Inadvertently, lots of new knowledge could be attained through this travel, not to mention helping people who need our support to lead a better life. When we join this sort of travelling, we are able to connect with others from different continents and religions to follow us and give full support with commitments. Thus, we are not

only establishing a fully ethical and moral society across the nation but also creating a harmony ambiance between the needy and the helper.