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HRM Research Report

On Pakistan Telecommunication Ltd.

Submitted to:
Prof. Zaffar Manna

Submitted By:
M. Shaharyar Saeed (SP10-BB-0039)
2nd May,2012

PTCL, Pakistans most reliable and largest converged services carrier providing all telecommunications services from basic voice telephony to data, internet, video-conferencing and carrier services to consumers and businesses all over the country. Whether it is an office in the largest city of Pakistan or a home in a small village, PTCL is present in every corner of Pakistan to serve the customers. PTCL is eager to search for new opportunities for the betterment of services and generation of additional revenue for the benefit of its shareholders. PTCL is not only interested in revenue generation but also interested in generating new employment opportunities. The call center application is one of the products of Information Technology applications. It has enormous growth potential due to unprecedented growth in service industries of the developed countries. Being labor intensive, call center business is becoming a major source of employment generation in developing countries like Pakistan and India where the labor rates are comparatively low and educated class is fluent in English language. Apart from employment opportunities, this business would become one of the major sources of foreign exchange earning for the country as well. Since PTCL is semi government, only the management is owned by Etisalat. PTCL has declared year 2008-09 as Customer Care Year. In this regard PTCL is now focusing on customer friendly attitude and be more courteous with customers to make feel the difference. As a result, elaboration on the various processes, policies, procedures, solutions, network, improvement and team building and change of attitude to achieve the customer affable. PTCL Contact Center is part of critical measures that are taken-up to further improve the standard of services that is why the concept of Contact center is new and it was established in January 2007. PTCL Contact Centre is a one-point contact facility designed to give value & Services to all type of PTCL Customers. Currently three different help line numbers are available: Help line 1236 for Order booking and Information CMS 1218 for Complaints and Technical Support CDAS 1217 for Directory Assistance.

These helplines provide 24/7 support to customers.

1. Organizational Hierarchy: PTCL Contact Center

This organogram was specifically designed for contact center and it is currently under implementation phase.

2. Job Analysis
For job analysis the positions mentioned below are the most recent hiring done at Contact Center. Senior Manager Call Center Manager Call Center Assistant Manager Operations Assistant Manager Compliance Supervisors CSRs

2.1 Senior Manager

Job Specification: Job Title: Job Type: Job Location: Age: Minimum Education: Minimum Experience: Salary Range: Skills Required - Strong leadership and interpersonal skills - Strong administrative skills - Excellent communication, presentation, collaboration and team-building skills - Detail Oriented - A team player - Able to manage stress and deliver under pressure - Self motivated - Adaptable Job Responsibilities Oversee the Implementations of all PTCL / CC policies & procedures at Contact Center Coordination/Resolution of all Financial Issues pertaining to Contact Centers with Zonal H/Q, Finance Department. Ensuring timely payment of utility bills, salary and other disbursements Coordination with Zonal H/Q, Finance, and IT to ensure smooth floor operation and building maintenance Coordination with vendors on issues of outsourced staff Coordinate with Zonal HR/A on any issue pertaining to Contact Center Senior Manager Call Center Permanent Karachi 35 years - 45 years Masters Degree 7 Years PKR. 100,000 to 125,000/month

Obtain reports from all CC Locations for compilation. Prepare aggregated reports. Provide timely reports to GM CC on Call Center Statistics of both Call Centers traffic and performance on daily/weekly/monthly basis Assign leaves and take disciplinary action as delegated in Authority Matrix Oversee the smooth floor operation of Contact Center and suggest strategies for improvement to the CC Management Responsible to request diversion of traffic to switching in case of any disaster Coordinate with ZTE/FT on Call Center IT issues and ensuring their timely resolution. Escalate all non resolved IT issues to management Hold monthly / bi monthly meetings with Manger CC, AM, Supervisors and TL on Contact Center Issues and address their concerns Suggest measures to improve on CC performance / issues/ financial expenses/ IT issues /HR/ Admin Advise on CC policies, rules and internal development plans Responsible & keep track of CC performance, proact in operational matters Keep abreast with Call Center industry trends, best practices, and KPIs for its possible implementation Empower and train team members to develop middle management for CC, Delegate authority and establish strong checks & balances Provide effective leadership and guide /help Manager CC in meeting objectives Submit written quarterly report (3 months) on CC performance to GM CC indicating past performance. Plans for improvement in Service Levels, Success Rate, FCR, Reduction in churn levels and other CC KPI for next quarter will be included in this report

2.2 Manager
Job Specification: Job Title: Job Type: Job Location: Age: Minimum Education: Minimum Experience: Salary Range: Skills Required - Have prior experience of call center management experience - Be intelligent - Be Technical - Have good supervisory abilities - Some mortgage knowledge - Should have prior managerial experience in a reputable call center. Job Responsibilities Implement all PTCL/CC policies & procedures at Contact Center Manage issues relating to Human Resources for Contact Center. HR setup shall report administratively and functionally to Manager CC Call Center Manager Permanent Karachi 30 years - 40 years Bachelor's Degree 5 Years PKR. 35,000 to 60,000/month

Rostering, scheduling, Leaves, disciplinary cases and all Issues pertaining to HR will be on responsibility of Manager CC. Timely documentation for salary disbursement thru HR Interview and selection of new hiring for Contact Center Staff Ensure smooth and effective running of Contact Center Operations. This includes checks on timely maintenance of equipment, plants and other hardware. Report on all admin issues pertaining to building and amenities will be forwarded to SM for coordination with Zonal help Forecasting of Call Center Traffic and Manpower requirements Monitor Call Distribution for better management of Service Levels and Success rates, agent utilization Development and Monitoring of overall KPI for Contact Center Provide reports on Contact Center Performance to SM/GM as per requirement on daily/weekly/monthly basis Monitor daily reports on Contact Center performances including achieved Call Targets, Success Rates, Talk Time, Hold Time, Average Talk Time and other KPIs Ensure optimum efficiency & effectiveness. Keep track of Agents performance and consequent decisions. Keep close liaison with QA for improvement Establish training setup and arrange training for new staff, recurring training, counseling sessions and awareness program. Maintaining training record and forward training requirements to SM/GM/QA Providing effective leadership & guidelines to Contact Center Staff including Assistant Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders. Create teamwork, professional and motivating environment. Establish an effective system for appreciation of staff based on performance Appraisal of Contact Center AMs, Supervisors, TLs and CSRs Quality Assurance personnel shall administratively report to Manager CC on issue of attendance, HR & policies Ensure safe keeping of all equipments of PTCL Contact Center, safety of staff. Escalate system related issues to Tech Support/SM. New requirements

2.3 Assistant Manager (Operations)

Job Specification: Job Title: Job Type: Job Location: Age: Minimum Education: Minimum Experience: Salary Range: Skills Required - Great spoken skills - Energetic and hardworking - Complete Computer Knowledge Assistant Manager Operations Call Center Permanent Karachi 23 years - 35 years Bachelors Degree 3 Years PKR. 25,000 to 35,000/month

- Ability to assist managers, supervisors and other fellow workers - Good writing skills

Job Responsibilities Assist Manager Contact Center in implementation of all PTCL policies & procedures at Contact Center in true spirit Responsible for smooth running of CC Floor Operations with the coordination of Floor Supervisors and TLs Plan and implement strategies to meet desired target for Call Center KPI such as Success Rate, Service Levels, etc Generate and Compile reports on timely basis as and when required by Manager CC/ SM / GM Roster Maintenance: Responsible to plan and forecast number of required agents and shifts to ensure proper running of Floor Operations. Provide HR with number of agents required per shift for roster generation Monitor floor attendance of Supervisors, TLs, and CSR in each shift on daily / weekly / monthly basis Coordinate with HR on generation of reports Attendance and Casual /Sick / Annual leaves Assign leaves as per the authority matrix and monitor the assignment of leaves given to CSRs by Supervisor All Floor Supervisors will report to AM Ops Provide operational guidelines as decided by Management to Floor Monitor Team Performance and provide strategies to Floor for Team Improvement in Quality and Quantity Perform weekly meetings with Supervisors and TLs on their performances and their team performances and address their issues Perform one to one meetings with random CSRs on weekly basis for awareness to their issues and review their counseling forms Request resources to Manager CC for smooth floor operations Take disciplinary action as delegated in Authority Matrix Report any admin issue( Gen set failure, Electricity Failure, Air-conditioning, etc ) to Admin and Manager CC. Coordinate with AM Compliance for their resolution Report any system failure / CC Down status to Manager CC, SM and GM Provide training need requirements to AM Compliance as and when required for team improvement Have strong coordination with counterparts at other CC Locations on operational issues of floor, team maintenance, KPI Reporting, CC Status Perform counseling of CSRs if requested by Supervisor Report all chronic cases of CSRs to Manager CC for further action Coordinate with AM Compliance on issues pertaining to IT, products, training, CC support Ensure Floor peace, adherence to rules, optimum productivity

2.4 Assistant Manager (Compliance)

Job Specification: Job Title: Job Type: Job Location: Age: Minimum Education: Minimum Experience: Salary Range: Skills Required - Excellent Communication skills - Policies Designing - Energetic and hardworking - Complete Computer Knowledge - Ability to assist managers, supervisors and other fellow workers - Good writing skills - Excellent training skills Job Responsibilities Assist Manager CC Operations in hiring process of new CSRs Development of SOPs for Contact Center Operations and PTCL Products handled at Contact Center Development of Training modules and manuals for new hiring and existing staff Judge the abilities and aptitude of new hiring and then plan / deliver trainings to newly inducted staff according to findings Plan and implement strategies to improve Product Knowledge and Communication Skills of existing staff Responsible for awareness of staff on the use of tools, system, One Click, ECS, etc Coordination of with product owners /stakeholders at zonal / HQ level for PTCL products for updates and issues faced by operations in providing support for these products. Development of modules and up-dation of Information in One-Click/ECS with strong coordination of Counterpart at other CC locations Information dissemination on product updates at CC and also to counterpart to avoid any lack of communication Review overall Quality reports and arrange group trainings / refreshers according to improvement required Provide directions and strategy to the staff of local IT at Contact Center for maximum support to operations Assistant Manager Compliance Call Center Permanent Karachi 23 years - 35 years Bachelors Degree 3 Years PKR. 25,000 to 35,000/month

Coordination with ZTE/FT representatives on issues pertaining to IT and follow up on their timely resolution. All IT related issues shall also be brought in the notice of Manager CC Ensure smooth running of IT equipment and minimum downtime of PCs and maximum availability of agent positions Development of MIS for Training and IT Quiz development and scheduling of quiz for operations to determine Training Needs Analysis for further improvement through refresher sessions Provide Manager CC with daily / weekly / monthly reports on improvement brought in CC teams through trainings / refreshers Responsible to get feedback of training delivered from new trainees at the end of each training Compile Reports to Manager CC/ SM CC on faults of IT related issues, building, Gen set, electricity , etc on daily/ weekly/ monthly basis Coordinate with Admin on the timely resolution of issues mentioned in point above and report to Manager CC. Provide Feedback to AM Operations

PTCL HR Department in this area is not working properly. Job specifications and Job responsibilities are not defined due to which Contact Center has developed its own HR Department for Supervisors and CSRs which reports to HR H/Q. The need for separate HR was necessary mainly due to weak HR and secondly due to large number of work force working at contact center. Total strength of CSRs working in contact center is given below: Total 171 at CDAS (1217) Total 47 at CMS (1218) Total 218 at Helpline (1236)

That is why HR at contact center has developed its own SOPs for Recruitment process, Training and Development, Performance Management and Employee Separation approved by EVP Contact Center.

3. Recruitment Process
The recruitment process is divided into two categories for Contact Center. First one is of managarial staff and the second one is of Supervisors and CSRs. For managerial staff same policies and methods are used which are set by the HR. Whereas for Supervisors and CSRs is abit different, they are hired through third party contractors Catcos, ESquare and TRG.

3.1 For Managerial Staff 3.1.1 Internal Recruitment

PTCL gives full opportunity to its existing employees to apply for the jobs available in different departments and for this purpose mails are sent to the employees and notices are

placed in which the description of the jobs are mentioned and the eligibility criterea along with the application form for that particular job is also attached. The interested employees can apply for that job without taking any permission from their existing manager.

The application forms are then checked by the HR department and the suitable candidates are then interviewed by the department where they have applied for the position. After clearing this interview HR department also interviews the candidate and then the employee is transfferred to the new department if selected. Internal Recruitment is a very common tool of recruitment in PTCL and is highly preffered and effective.

3.1.2 Employee Referrals

Employee Referrals is practiced in PTCL, no doubt it is not a very common practice in most of the organizations in Pakistan but according to my findings employee referrals are practiced in PTCL.

3.1.3 Internet Recruitment

PTCL follow the application procedure online within its recruitment site. The site http://careers.ptcl.com.pk provides information about different career opportunities for different candidates.


Applicants can review current job openings by running a search using the job finder tool. Once they have identified positions of interest, complete and submit the online resumes. If their qualifications and experience are found to be suitable for the position applied, they will be contacted for interview. Applicants can also post their resume to explore other job opportunities, which have not been publicized, on the web page. Their skills can also be matched against future job openings and they will be notified if their skills and qualifications match the requirements for these openings. All applications are treated in strict confidence. Submitted resumes are kept for a period of six months and will only be used for recruitment purposes.

3.1.4 Internship Programs Procedure

PTCL has a range of internship programs designed to support, nurture and challenge the prospective candidates. Internship Time Period 11

At PTCL internship usually lasts 8-12 weeks, giving the internee best opportunities for career development and personal growth. Candidate criteria

PTCL is mostly interested in students who are in final year of their professional studies. The candidates who think can make the difference can apply for the internee positions. Applying for an Internship

The interested candidates apply for internships through their universities.

3.1.5 Newspaper Advertisement

The most common source of recruitment is through newspaper advertisement. PTCL also gives advertisement in the newspaper for the positions available in the organization. PTCL gives the advertisement in the newspaper but the applying procedure remains the same that is the candidate after reading the newspaper has to apply online by filling the application form available on the site. Following the recruitment process, the selection process begins by choosing the individuals who have a required qualification to fill in the job in the organization. Selecting the right people is of paramount importance and PTCL realizes the necessity of making right selection and placing them in the right job. The time allocation in the process of selection though high but considering the importance of hiring the most appropriate employees in the company, the cost and time involved is ignored.

3.1.6 Use of Application Form vs Resumes

In PTCL candidates have to fill the application form available on their website when they apply. They ask the candidate to send their resumes along with the application but the filling of application form is must.

3.1.7 Salary Publishing

PTCL does not publish their salaries in the advertisement because everyone knows that they give market compatible salary and its telecom giant in the market.

3.1.8 Selection Test 12

Incase of specific job vaccancy in a particular department a test is conducted otherwise interviews are conducted directly.

3.1.9 Interview
At PTCL interview is conducted by the department where the vacancy is available in the presence of a member of advisory committee from Etisalat and GM HR.

3.1.10 Submission of Documents

When a certain candidate passes the interview he/she then has to submit all the necessary documents like matriculation/intermediate certificate, professional degree and experience letter (if any) at HR office.

3.1.11 Medical Test

Medical test is taken at the very last step of the selection process when a certain candidate is selected for the job then he/she is asked to go for certain specific medical tests like ECG, HIV test. Final medical test is conducted at PTCL Medical Center.

3.1.12 References Verification

References are also verified and they are verified before the hiring of the candidate that is before signing any kind of bond.

3.1.13 Placement
The selected candidates are posted to that department and assigned the job for which the candidate applied.

3.2 For Non-management staff (CRSs/Supervisors)

There are lots of benefits in hiring through third party contactors because they offer complete recruitment solution by providing skilled and trained Human Resources to PTCL. With the help of third party contractors PTCL has the option to induct trained staff into its own pay-roll system as permanent or contractual employees or it may place them in contractors pay-roll system as its outsourced-staff. Outsourced-staff policy is preferred and used in PTCL Contact Center.


Unlike, normal hiring i.e. for managerial staff, the greatest benefit is that contractors provide trained human resources which not only saves training cost but also hiring cost. Job switch ratio in Contact Centers is very high so PTCL doesnt have to go through all the hassles involved in hiring like Advertising Interviewing Screening Voice Test Final Selection and Induction

4.1 Training
CSRs already have basic training; all they need is product knowledge. Contact center has its own in-house training room for CSRs. Assistant manager compliance is responsible for all the trainings and refresher courses. To run a successful company it is a core need to pay attention on each and every departments training and development needs. Like all other good companies we too believe on getting our employees trained in their field and we provide them training from time to time to keep them with pace of this growing world. No good HRD spend money on useless and meaningless trainings. To train our employees we analyze needs of training from department to department because every department have a different work to perform, different duties and off course different technology requirement to perform their work. Etisalat Academy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PTCL to implement a strategic training program that extends to all main Training Colleges of PTCL across Pakistan. This is in line with PTCLs continuous effort to reach the highest customer service standards in both technical & non-technical solutions. The agreement planned will include launching a unique e-learning initiative to support the Broad Band technology services offered by PTCL to the Pakistani community, to promote learning & development; any time any where and any place.


4.1.1 PTCL Training Academy:

This HRD pays great importance to creating a learning environment in order to enhance the abilities and capabilities of the workforce within PTCL and ensuring that the maximum benefit is derived, in order to fulfill create an exceptional learning environment PTCL has Regional Telecommunications Training Schools (RTTS) in major cities (Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad) and Telecom Staff College (Haripur) for training new employees specially Management Trainee.

4.1.2 Training Need:

Human Resource Development department has a huge task of fulfilling training and development needs of the employees of PTCL. There are a number of training and development programs that are offered according to the training needs. The programs planned will address Change Management, Marketing, Customer Profiling & Segmentation, Fault Reduction Control, Call Centre Upgrades, Sales Skills, Customer Service, Accounts & Finance, Project Management, Quality, Broadband Applications, Content Management, IT Security, Professional Assessment and e-Learning Packages. From this we get a clear picture that where we want to work on what? And what is our requirement?

4.1.3 Instructional design:

For this training we will use audiovisual and computer base training for our employees. We will arrange a detailed training as it is very important for our company. The skilled trainers provide necessary documents, workbooks important software all the technical equipment in order to fulfill the basic requirement of training.

4.1.4 Validity
After instructional design our next step is to check the validity of this training session that is we will check it for flaws if there is any we will remove it, management will decide if any change is required in this or not. Because they understand their employees in a better way and they know what is good and effective for them.

4.1.5 Implementation
Once validity is done here comes our final training. The final training can be of: Etisalat Academy Quality Culture Surveys New employees training Internal technical training program Customer Satisfaction Surveys Direct requests from department heads Performance Appraisals


Workshops Easy-learning program

4.1.6 Evaluation
In this we will get the feedback that how meaning full our training was and how it improves our employees. We got the following output after our training session; Trainings are well-organized and easy to follow; Tools and materials are relevant and useful; Staff are experienced and knowledgeable; Trainings are interesting and engaging; and Trainings prepare them to facilitate the development of a practical and realistic sustainability plan.

So that we can identify that the training was successful or not.

4.1.7 Training of the Master Trainers:

In order to cater to the training needs of employees, the HRD department needs to enhance its capacity through creation of what is called a satellite trainers or adjunct faculty this type of training is held in Etisalat Academy in Dubai. This is being achieved through Training of Trainers programs that constitute of: Generic Training of Trainers Training of Trainers for Supervisors staff Training of Trainers for Specialized Skills

We believe on good training of our employees and for that we do not compromise on anything because more trained and skilled employees are more profitable for a company. Like by providing a better training we develop out employees skills and improve our companys reputation in market by keep our employees up to date about the new technology we get more competitive advantage over others. Well-trained staff is always a backbone of the company, without trained employees there is no carrier development.

4.2 Development
Telecommunications is now an integral part of the social, economic and political fabric of the world. As we embrace new next generation technologies and make the world of global communications accessible to more people in more ways we perfect the art of bringing people together.


With this new vision and many new opportunities to excel, PTCL offers a continually challenging and professionally rewarding experience be it in data networks, Internet, mobile networks, information technology, finance or sales management.

4.2.1 Individual
Every individual in PTCL has its own interest, skills, values, goals and career development plan. That career development plan includes listing of the short and long term goals that an individual has pertaining to the current and future jobs.

4.2.2 Manager
The purpose of a career development plan is to help an individual in achieving their goals. In doing so, the manager has helped the worker consider how to accomplish career goals within the organization, rather than by leaving it. The PTCL career development plan also facilitate an individual set realistic opportunity of career growth, by suggesting time frames for certain milestones to happen (like promotions) and identifying areas that an individual needs to grow before becoming entitled for the next milestone. The career development plan is the part of the performance appraisal tool attached which helps an organization to set an individuals next milestone.

4.2.3 Organization
Different career development programs are announced in PTCL in order to move an employee through the preplanned series of positions in order to prepare the person for enhancing his skill either by providing training or development opportunities like:

Career Development Program inside PTCL Career Development Program inside Etisalat

In continuation to extend opportunities of career growth, PTCL Management always announces internal and overseas employment opportunity in Etisalat exclusively for PTCL employees.

5. Performance Appraisal System

5.1 For Non-managerial staff
A separate department with the name of Quality is working in Contact Center. This department evaluates performance of each and every CSR. Software named as Quality Control System developed by PTCL Contact Center is used for evaluation. Through this software a report is generated at the end of the month for each CSR which shows the performance of CSR.


5.1.2 Role of Immediate Supervisor

The Supervisor monitors these reports on daily/weekly basis and submits it to Assistant Manager Operations. In PTCL Contact Center the immediate supervisors only recommends CSRs for Appraisals, bonus, promotion as Team Lead to higher management. In addition to personal skills, call quality, their performance is also evaluated using the guidelines provided by the internal HR at contact center.

5.1.3 Process Flow

HR Contact Center has developed format for the appraisal process. All the helpline number follows the same process.

5.1.4 Appraisal/Confirmation Forms

In PTCL Contact Center, a simple two-page evaluation/appraisal format has been designed. Review of salary and allowances, which is based on previous years performance of CSR, is carried out. Appraisal exercise is done for CSRs who have completed six months service in PTCL. The salary increment is recommended by the Senior Manager Contact Center and General Manager Contact Center. After the approval of EVP Contact Center, third party contractor puts that CSR to premium package a term used for CSRs who get increment.

5.2 For Managerial Staff

PTCLs performance appraisal system has improved and upgraded recently after privatization. Now HR has created policies and has standardized the Performance Appraisal system. Each department is notified about the time to time (quarterly) assessment of employees which leads to final appraisals.

5.2.2 Role of Immediate Supervisor

A supervisor is defined as the person to whom one or more employees report on a regular basis. In PTCL the immediate supervisors do the actual appraising. Supervisors evaluate


subordinate staff directly. In addition to personal skills, their supervisory skills will also be evaluated, using the guidelines provided in the appraisal form.

5.2.3 Process Flow

HR forwards detailed guidelines and the current adapted format on the appraisal process to all departments before the start of the schedule of activities under the annual appraisal exercise.

5.2.4 Appraisal/Confirmation Forms

In PTCL, a simple two-page appraisal format has been designed. Review of salary and allowances, which is based on previous years performance, is carried out once a year. Appraisal exercise is done for employees who have completed six months service in PTCL. The extent of salary increases is recommended by the Senior Manager or General Manager of the department. Now the whole system adapted by PTCL seems ideal for small organizations, since PTCL is a huge organization it has variety of departments and variety of positions including managerial and non-managerial staff. Here is one core feature of the system that covers this area. Different levels of employees have different grades in PTCL here is the hierarchy: BPS 1-16 category is for non management staff which includes supervisors, line men, drivers, guards, sweepers. BPS 17 category includes Management Trainees, Assistant Managers, Senior Engineers, Assistant Divisional Engineers. BPS 18 category includes Managers, Senior Managers, Divisional Engineers. BPS 19 category includes General Managers, Regional General Managers. BPS 20 category includes Executive Vice President, Senior Executive Vice President. BPS 21 is for President of PTCL.


To ensure uniformity of rating among departments, HR has set certain parameters to be followed while rating staff. These parameters relate to the bell shaped curve indicating maximum percentage rating that can be assigned in categories of Outstanding, Exceeds Job, Meets Job Requirement, Needs Improvement and Unsatisfactory.

5.2.5 Promotion to Higher Grades

PTCLs has set an overall policy of promoting certain number of people in specified salary category to maintain a balance between numbers of employees in various categories. Decision in this regard is taken in consultation with respective Senior Manager, General Manager and Manager. Departments are to support their promotion recommendations with reference to the organogram of that particular department, explaining precisely the operational requirements that justify the need of staff with higher seniority.

5.2.6 Eligibility conditions for promotion

Availability of positions of higher responsibility.

5.2.7 Capability of the individual employee

Promotion to higher cadre reflects a persons capability, maturity and readiness to assume higher responsibility, supported by sustained excellent performance over a period of time.

5.2.8 Performance of Department

When competing for promotions to higher grades, overall performance of Region and Department will also be a factor in considering promotion recommendations.

5.2.9 Minimum service in PTCL

An employee recommended for promotion to a higher cadre must have completed the probationary period. Similarly for Management Trainees, they have to complete 11 months training period.


5.2.10 Minimum period between promotions

A certain period must intervene before an employee is recommended for promotion to higher salary category. Minimum suggested period for moving up the ladder is already established by the HR Department.

5.2.11 Promotion Procedure

The promotion procedure revolves around the Promotion Interview and quarterly/yearly assessment.

6. Employee Separation
There are different possible ways of employee to leave PTCL domain.

6.1 Non-managerial Staff

Employee separation for CSRs / Supervisors is very easy; they have to submit resignation with one month notice period. HR at contact center forwards it to contractor.

6.2 Managerial Staff 6.2.1 Voluntarily Separation Scheme (VSS)

The new management of the Pakistan Telecommunications Company, Limited (PTCL) will take up the task of announcing and implementing the controversial Voluntarily Separation Scheme (VSS) in order to implement a culture of total professionalism in the company. They will evolve a system of appreciation for those who perform well and a system to deal with non-performers. The government on Thursday formally allowed the management of the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) to lay off more than 29,000 employees under its Rs17 billion voluntary separation scheme (VSS). So PTCL management had categorized 33,000 workers as Redundant and Surplus Not Needed. The primary objective for bringing about these changes in the company was to remove more than 25 per cent of the companys regular and contractual staff across the country through Voluntarily Separation Scheme.

6.2.2 Compulsory Separation Scheme (CSS)

Since PTCL is a company which emphasize on work quality so for those employees who are not capable of work. PTCL keeps the rights to fire them forcefully without compromising on discipline or quality of work.

6.2.3 Age Limit


Once the employee reaches to age of 60, PTCL offers Age of superannuation program, by which he can get separate from organization with his handful of benefits and ruminations.

6.2.4 Expire
After the death of employee this scheme is initiated in order to provide the benefits to the family of the expire one by taking only one of his son or daughter above 16 year of age in the available best fit position.

7. References
http://ptcl.com.pk/ www.catcos.org www.wikepedia.org http://www.etisalat.ae/ http://ptcl.com.pk/contentp.php?NID=47 http://ptcl.com.pk/careers.php www.rozee.pk


8. Forms
8.1 Training Evaluation Form Annex. HR-43


Training Title: __________________________________________ Training Start Date: ______________________________________ Note: For each of the following areas, please indicate your reaction:


Preparation Training Covered Useful Material Training was Well Organized The goals of the training were clearly defined The topics covered were relevant Each session stated the objectives clearly Useful Visual Aids and Handouts Instructor has enough Knowledge Instructors Presentation Style The training was too technical and difficult to understand The training experience will be useful in my work I got most of my questions answered during the training The facilitator modeled cross-sector collaboration Overall, how would you evaluate this Training session? Excellent

Check your response

Good Needs Improvement Not Applicable

How could this Training be improved?

__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________

Any other comments or suggestions?

__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________

8.2 Quality Control System


Quality Control System

Quality Officer Call Category Agent Name Calling Number Date/Time of Call Call Duration Opening Greeting Marks Opening Greeting Deficiency Problem Identification/Finding & Deliverance Marks Problem Identification/Finding & Deliverance Deficiency Problem Resolution/Accuracy of info. Marks Problem Resolution/Accuracy of info. Deficiency Closing Greeting Marks Closing Greeting Deficiency Courtesy Marks Courtesy Deficiency Communication Skill Marks Communication Skill Deficiency Abondoned/Not Entertained Call Total Marks


Nature of Call

What was wrong

What should be right

Training Required

Monitoring Remarks


8.3 Confirmation/Appraisal Form Annex. HR-10


Employee Name Date of Appointment Designation Date of Confirmation Department Date of Review Location/Region Karachi South Reviewing Manager


Following Ranking Scale should be used to evaluate the performance and accomplishments - Rate the performance on a scale of 1 to 5, keeping in mind what went well and what could be improved. Give specific examples and comments as it will assist in employees development. 5 Outstanding (Consistently exceeding job requirements)


4 3 2 1

Exceeds Job Meets Job Requirement Needs Improvement Unsatisfactory

(Exceeding job requirements) (Meets Standard / Job requirements) (Meets some requirements) (Does not meet any job requirements)

The sub-heading for each group are suggested criteria to be evaluated & not intended to be all-inclusive and may be changed, deleted or added to as required. The comments area for each should be used for expansion, explanation, description of strength and/or problem areas for each grouping. Specific improvement actions, suggested trainings, however, should be described in the following sections. PERFORMANCE RESULTS
1. QUALITY OF WORK Accuracy, Neatness, Confidentiality. Complete Assignment, process, maintenance thoroughly. Work independently when necessary. Process necessary paperwork with attention to details. Comments: 2. QUANTITY OF WORK Complete assignment by or before deadline. Produce acceptable quantity of work. Work at a steady pace regardless of environmental pressure. Comments:


3. JOB KNOWLEDGE & TECHNICAL APPLICATION Exhibits necessary job knowledge & technical skills & keeps them current. Comments:


4. ORGANIZATION & PLANNING Schedule time effectively. Prioritize assignment to avoid crises. Keep work area orderly. Initiates activities to stay busy & productive when necessary. Comments:

5. DECISION MAKING & PROBLEM SOLVING Present & weighs alternatives before making decisions. Consult others when appropriate. Anticipates & prevents problems. Generates alternative solutions & selects optical solution. Comments:


6. ADAPTABILITY Shows flexibility in responding to change. Willingly takes on new responsibilities. Effectively handles pressure. Comments:

7. DEPENDABILITY Punctuality, attendance & attentiveness. Meets commitments, accepts accountability, stays focused under pressure. Adheres to established guidelines & rules of the organization. Comments:

8. INITIATIVE Persistence & resourcefulness. Sees beyond immediate assignments & acts on opportunities & problem areas. Generate new ideas & practice selfdevelopment. Comments:

9. COMMUNICATION Present ideas effectively & listen to others. Write clear, concise documentation. Provides professional service to both internal & external clients. Comments:


10. SUPERVISION Accepts direction & supervision in a positive manner. Keeps supervisor advised of problems, ideas & decision when needed. Comments:

11. TEAMWORK Works well with others. Demonstrate responsiveness to requests from others. Provides assistance when needed. Helps resolve conflicts. Comments:



Total points _________ / 11* ________ Overall Rating (* use number of categories rated)


GOALS / OBJECTIVES Agree on key objectives that need to be completed before the next evaluation. Ensure that the objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound (SMART). Suggest ways in which they could be achieved. Description of Objectives 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. How will the Objectives be Measured Time Required Per / Month Per / Month Per Annum /

Per / Month Per / Month

TRAINING Consider the main area skills, knowledge & attitudes to agree on the: -6 Training & development needs in understanding future roles. -7 Training & work most suited to your particular skill profiles, strengths


Specify training and development needs identified during this review period. Technical

General / Managerial



(Signature) RECOMMENDATIONS Employee is to be confirmed.


Probation to be extended for ____________ month(s).

SIGNATURES DEPARTMENT / DIVISIONAL HEAD ______________________________ CONCERNED EVP, ______________________________ SEVP EVP (HR),SEVP (HR&A)______________________________ __________ PRESIDENT /CEO (if applicable) ______________________________ DATE __________ DATE __________ DATE

DATE __________

HR USE ONLY Confirm Probation Extended: Next Review: Comments: Yes _______________ _______________ ___________________________________________________ No Month(s)

Manager Recruitment: __________________ General Manager (Personnel): ______________