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EMPLOYEE of the QUARTER Aim : Motivate all staff member to perform better than others, so that every staff

will compete (fairly) to prove their best performance in order to achieve the reward and recognition with valid evaluation. : All rank and file staff within the outlet. : 3 months (start day one of the first month ended at last day of the third month) : Employee of the Quarter Front of the house (Receptionist, Waiter/ess, Bartender, Cashier, Security) Employee of the Quarter Back of the house (BOH staff, ME staff, kitchen staff, office) : Criteria Job Performance Attendance Appearance Product Creativity 5 You Make a Different 6 7 Rewards The Winner Nominee Team Building Respect with Supervisor : Cash money Rp.500.000,- for each (FOH & BOH ) Dinner for two at certain amount in our properties outlet. Certificate of achievement Certificate of Recognition that staff had been nominated Measurement Daily employee performance record Accomplishing task being delegated to and following SOPs being set Record being taken from attendance record machine Daily employee performance record Day to day appearance on duty Daily employee performance record Employee creating something outstanding (product) and recognized by all related department Employee recognized by our guest (guest Comment Card) as theyve been received compliment for their outstanding job Employee creating system that make better or efficiency work for their own department or other Employee concern with company benefit such as minimize company expense Feedback from other fellow worker or other department related. Always prioritized team rather than individual purpose Feedback from their own or other Department related Supervisor

Participant Period Category

Judgment Priorit y 1 2 3 4

Mechanism : - All staff member will be monitored their performance (just like day to day operational) - Department head will summarized their staff performance and record on Employee performance record - Department head will propose their own staff to be nominated Employee of the Quarter - At the end of period there will be Employee of the Quarter meeting to vote the winner. - Meeting will finalized with the result: 1(one) Employee of the Quarter FOH 1(one) Employee of the Quarter BOH - Employee of the Quarter will be announced in General staff meeting. - Rewards will be handed to chosen person on that event. Questionnaire for Employee of the Quarter (Personally Im not recommend this thing, if it will affect to the achievement failure) Generic question: - What is a Mission and Vision of Ismaya person? - Mention Ismaya properties location...! - Where is the Ismaya Holdings office? - Named Board of Director Ismaya Group..! Specific question: - Mention complete address include phone number of your outlet.! - How many days a week our lounge is operated and when? - Mention our resto operating hours..! - What does meaning Puro in your understanding?