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2013 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT Mal McLaren Award Sean McHugh, CGCS spm@clevelandmetroparks.com 440.232.

7247 VICE PRESIDENT Public & Government Relations Scott Brickley scottb@bunkerhillgc.com 330.725.2829 IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Craig Kachline craig23k@gmail.com 440.785.0870 CHAPTER ADMINISTRATOR Finance/Communication/Benevolent Michelle L. Frazier-Feher, CGCS mlfrazier@aol.com 216.469.9287 TRUSTEES Golf & Tournament/ Website/Communication Jason Bennett jbennett@shalecreekgolfclubggp.com 330.725.9996 Membership/Government Relations Mark Conner mcscsuper80@aol.com 330.864.3737 SECRETARY/TREASURER Strategic Planning/Historical Mark Figurella mfigurella421@gmail.com 330.562.1691 Golf & Tournament/Social Bryan Fitch bry_fitch@hotmail.com 440.934.6217 Program & Education Lance Green lancegreen26.2@gmail.com 440.725.3442 Membership Tobin (Toby) Lane tlane33sgc@yahoo.com 330.332.9095 Social/Assistant Relations Eric Snodgrass eric.snodgrass@tamoshantergolf.com 330.477.5111 ASSISTANT GCS RELATIONS/ Program & Education Dave Willmott dwillmott2001@sharongc.com 330.239.2383 INDUTRIAL RELATIONS Scholarship & Research Ryan Miller rmiller@centuryequip.com 440.796.7990

So far the weather and Mother Nature have Been very cooperative for the golf courses, lets hope it continues for the remainder of the summer. The Northern Ohio Golf Course Superintendent Board is hard working on several upcoming event, both professional and for your social entertainment. Such as on July 27, 2013 Family night at the Akron Aeros. Tickets are only $7.00 each; this includes a firework show after the game. This is a great venue for the entire family or your staff. The annual Family Picnic is coming on August 3 and 4, 2013 at Clays Park. Each year more and more families are spending the night and camping out. This is a wonderful time to spend with your family and fellow Superintendents, come have some fun and plenty of laughs. Industrial Day will be held at Brooke ledge on August 13, 2013, this is a good time to come out and see many of our vendors and their products then play some good golf. Try and make it a point to come out and support your organization, but also the vendors that make our jobs that much more manageable. Mark Connor is hosting another BOSS event at the Fairlawn Winking Lizard on June 21, 2013 starting at 4:00pm. Come on out after a week of work and meet up with many of your friends and enjoy a few beverages at the same time.

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Matt Kilpeck mkilpeck@agrium.com 440.724.1223

Mission Statement Promoting the profession of the golf course superintendent through education, camaraderie and cooperation among fellow members in Northern Ohio since 1923

Schedule of Events By The Board - March June Meeting Notice Superintendents Korner Members in the News Reverse Raffle Highlights On the Road with the USGA Aeros Game Notice GCSAA News Mohican Hills Golf Course Friends and Family Picnic Notice Advertiser Directory

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June 25, 2013 Mohican Hills Golf Course Host: Kim Derr Time: 10:00 AM Shotgun Cost: $43/person Speaker: Joe Rimelspach Points: 0.1 TBD

September 25, 2013 Annual Clambake and Scholarship & Research Tournament Ridge Top Golf Course Host: Gregg Bobbs Time: 12:00 Shotgun Cost: TBD Points: 0.1 Service Points

July 27, 2013 Aeros Game Canal Park Host: NOGCSA Time: 7:00 PM Cost: $7/per person

October 1-3, 2013 GCSAA Chapter Delegates Meeting Lawrence, KS November 2013 Annual Meeting Shale Creek C.C. Host: Jason Bennett Time: TBD Cost: TBD Points: TBD

August 3-4, 2013 Family & Friends Picnic Clays Park Host: NOGCSA Cost: TBD

August 7, 2013 OTF Turfgrass Research Field Days OTF Research & Education Facility Columbus, OH August 13, 2013 Vendor Day Brookledge Golf Course Host: Philip Novelli Time: TBD Cost: TBD Points: 0.1 Service Points

December 3-5, 2013 OTF Conference & Show Columbus, Ohio

Welcome to Kevin Barth who has just joined the association, please make a point to say hello and welcome to Kevin the next time you see him. Also thank you to Syngenta for choosing to advertise in our monthly news letter. We appreciate your support. NOGCSA has many things to do, please take the time and be a part of your association and support it. The NOGCSA is only as good as its members. See you soon. See You Soon, Sean P. McHugh, CGCS NOGCSA President spm@clevelandmetroparks.com

Effective immediately; it is no longer necessary for Class C members and Associate categories to be members of GCSAA in order to be a member or apply for membership to NOGCSA. This change to the bylaws was done to encourage membership of individuals in these categories in our local association. It was determined by the board, that for these Classes, the requirement of dual membership was too large a financial burden. It is the hope of the Board that this change will encourage individuals new to our profession to join our chapter, remaining active and involved members throughout their careers.

Sleepy Hollow Golf Course

March 12, 2013

President McHugh called the Board of Trustees of the Northern Ohio Chapter of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America meeting to order at 12:02 P.M. Roll Call: Bennett, Brickley, Conner, Feher, Figurella, Fitch, Green, Kilpeck, McHugh, Miller, Willmott, present. Kachline, Lane, Snodgrass, Absent. Trustee Figurella moved to accept the minutes from the February 12, 2013, regular board meeting. Trustee Fitch seconded. Motion passed. Budget and Finance: Chapter Administrator Feher reported that there is currently $12,469.28 in the checking account with approximately $4,628.11 in transit, $40,817.86 in the money market, $25,238.24 in the Scholarship & Research account and $282.87 in the PayPal account. The profit and Loss currently shows a net profit of $19,273.27. Program and Education: Trustee Green reported that Joe Rimelspach & Tom Hicks will be speaking at Mohican Hills. They will be discussing their research. Still need a speaker for May, possibly Quails Hollows architect & Gary Zagar to discuss Quail Hollows renovation project. Editorial: Chapter Administrator Feher is working on revising the advertising letters. Still need vendor names from some of the Board. Other suggestions are Markers, VGM, ParAid & Standard. Golf & Tournament: Trustee Bennett reported he is working on games for the upcoming events. He wanted to wait and see what the survey divulged. Membership & Welcoming: Chapter Administrator Feher reported that she spoke to the GCSAA and assistants do not have to fulfill the joint membership requirement. Feher also reported that there are TAN memberships available to us to give out to members needing assistance with their GCSAA dues and the availability of Facility memberships. The Board will work on criteria for NOGCSA to allow facility memberships. Trustee Bennett put forth a motion to change the NOGCSA

Bylaws as follows Class C and Associate members will no longer be required to maintain dual memberships between the GCSAA and NOGCSA. Industrial Representative Kilpeck seconded. Motion passed 10 to 0. Social: Chapter Administrator reported tickets have been ordered for July 27. Trustee Figurella will put together a flyer for mid-Ohio race August 17. Strategic Planning: No Report. Historical & Benevolent: Gary DAndreas dad passed away. The board discussed the Hall of Fame ceremony and Feher reported that Bill Prest would be putting the date and program together at the NOGA facility on a weeknight towards the end of the season. The board will have all of the information from the Hall of Fame committee at least three months prior to the event so that it can be properly advertised. Vice President Brickley brought up that Mark Jordan wanted to know whether we would have a 90th anniversary celebration. The board decided not to do a celebration but to put together something on our logo recognizing it. The Board felt it is more important to begin saving and planning for our 100th anniversary. Public Relations: No Report. Industrial Relations: The Board discussed the advertising the equipment sale for Aurora Golf Course.

Assistant Relations: Assistant Liaison Willmott will work up language and send to Feher about the Class C members no longer required to carry dual membership. Willmott will also be working on member profiles for the newsletter.
Employment Relations: Tyler Good took the job at Ridgewood; Fox Meadow is hiring a superintendent, Emerald Woods found a General Manager Continued on page 6 5

Mal McLaren Award: No nominations have been received. Scholarship and Research: No Report. Government Relations: No Report. Website: No Report. Old Business: Reverse Raffle Chapter Administrator Feher reported that we raised an estimated $7,350 for our Scholarship & Research account. This is pending payment on tickets from nine people. Ohio Chapters Logo The board discussed that there is an Ohio chapters logo floating around that the NOGCSA did not approve to be used. There are concerns about the logo being used on materials we did not approve of and possible liability concerns. President McHugh will put together a letter asking that the logo not be used in the future without prior consent. Ohio Green Industry Advocacy Day Vice President Brickley reported that himself, Lance Green, John Miller and Mark Jordan met with Belinda Jones. They spoke to representatives about the 33% cut that was pending for funding for ATI, discussion of removing turf from agriculture side the phosphorous regulations currently going through the house and municipal tax reform. Impromptu Social Gathering April 5 Ryan Miller, Bedford Winking Lizard April 19 Jason Bennett & Scott Brickley, Medina Johnny Js May 10 Bryan Fitch, Westlake Paninis June 21 Mark Conner, New Fairlawn Winking Lizard

Steve Ambrose

Stone Water G.C.

Class: SM

Chapter Administrator Feher presented the following members for reclassification: Brian Vickers from A to Life AA - life Trustee Conner moved to accept the new members and the reclassification of the above members. Vice President Brickley seconded. Motion passed. FORE HOPE there has been a request from the board to donate to Fore Hope. The board discussed donating $250 and seeing if NOGA would join in on a matching donation. The discussion was tabled until the next meeting. President McHugh reported on the GCSAA Annual Meeting. The dues increase did pass; Mark Jordan was not elected this year. McHugh reports that Jordan will run one again next year. Correspondence: None.

The next meeting is scheduled Tuesday, April 16, 2013, at 12:00 P.M. at Sleepy Hollow Golf Course.

President McHugh adjourned the meeting at 2:04 P.M.

New Business: Chapter Administrator Feher presented the following applications for membership: Michael LoPresti Canterbury Golf Club Class: SM Chapter Administrator Feher presented the following members for reinstatement:

Extended periods of cool, wet spring weather this year has triggered extensive leaf spot on lawns. This is a troublesome spring diseases on Kentucky bluegrass (especially common bluegrasses), fescues and other lawn grasses. Some leaf spot can be found on most home lawns in the spring, but it normally does not cause significant damage to the lawn. This year due to the weather conditions leaf spot has occurred and now in progressing into the melting-out phase. Leaf spot is caused by several different fungi. The fungus overwinters in the thatch layer or in small lesions on leaf blades. In spring, the fungus infects young succulent leaf tissue and causes the development of small elliptical dark colored spots. The spots eventually turn light tan but remain bordered by a dark brown outer edge. The leaf spot phase of the disease usually does not damage the plant significantly. However, during continuous cool, wet conditions, the fungus invades the leaf sheath and crown. The fungus also may invade the crown, rhizomes, and roots. As daytime temperatures increase, leaves on crown- infected plants begin to turn light green or yellow, similar to nitrogen deficient turf. Eventually these plants die and turn brown or straw colored. This is referred to as the meltingout phase of the disease.

Severe melting-out can result in irregular patches of dead turf. Damaged lawns often appear "thin" or uneven and tend to have weed problems. Excess thatch, heavy spring nitrogen fertilizing, excess shade, mowing too close and excessive herbicide applications can promote leaf spot and melting out. Maintenance procedures to help manage leaf spot & melting out.
Mow the turf high (2.5 - 3 inches) to provide leaves that produce food for the plant and maintain a healthier lawn. Avoid excessive nitrogen fertilization in spring which promotes lush growth. The use of fall and late fall fertilization is recommended. Once in the melting out phase maintain the lawn with a complete fertilizer at modest rate to encourage healthy turf and recovery. Often a starter fertilizer is recommended. Do not over water the turf if the lawn is irrigated. Manage thatch by frequent and heavy core cultivation (aeration) of the lawn. This will also promote a deeper healthier deeper root system. Plant resistant cultivars of Kentucky bluegrass. For information on these refer to the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program Fungicides can be applied but for best results need to be made early in the disease cycle or as a preventative treatment. This is done based on a history of the disease in the lawn. Unfortunately the most effective fungicides are no longer registered for use on residential lawns.

Reprinted from The Ohio State University Buckeye Turf Website

Jacobsen Dealer Donates Greens Mower to The Ohio State University Charlotte, N.C. (June 7, 2013) Jacobsen dealer Baker Vehicle Systems recently donated a new Jacobsen ECLIPSE walking greens mowers to The Ohio State University (OSU). Universities with horticulture programs like OSU typically manage large turf plots that need to be maintained with the same professional equipment used on golf courses and sports fields. Not only do the donations take some of the financial burden of turf maintenance off the schools, it also gives students the opportunity to operate some of the most advanced pieces of turf equipment on the market today. At The Ohio State Universitys Turfgrass Science Program, our classes revolve around what professionals say youll need to succeed as a turfgrass manager, said Dr. Karl Danneberger, Professor of Horticulture & Crop Science at The Ohio State University. Giving our students access to professional Jacobsen equipment really shortens the learning curve by giving them a real-life taste of what theyll be doing in the field.

Jacobsen ECLIPSE walking and riding greens mowers are the only products to feature variable frequency-of-clip, onboard backlapping and a choice of either hybrid or battery drive. The advanced technology of ECLIPSE mowers allows turf managers to reduce the amount of stress on their turf, especially when mowing greens. We have long believed that supporting education benefits the industry as a whole, said David Withers, President of Jacobsen. We will continue to support education through equipment donations, scholarship programs and special events like our Future Turf Managers seminar in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier this year.

About Jacobsen With over 90 years of experience in the turf maintenance industry, Jacobsen, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) Company, has built a legacy of precision craftsmanship, legendary quality of cut and unmatched expertise. Dedicated solely to delivering perfectly groomed turf, Jacobsen equipment is used on some of the finest formal turf areas across the

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United States and the world, through an extensive distribution network and the international Ransomes brand. Additional information about the company can be found at www.jacobsen.com. About Textron Inc. Textron Inc. is a multi-industry company that leverages its global network of aircraft, defence, industrial and finance businesses to provide customers with innovative solutions and services. Textron is known around the world for its powerful brands such as Bell Helicopter, Cessna Aircraft Company, Jacobsen, Kautex, Lycoming, E-Z-GO, Greenlee, and Textron Systems. For more information visit: www.textron.com. For further information please contact: Adam C. Slick, Public Relations & Communications Manager, Jacobsen 11108 Quality Drive, Charlotte, NC 28273 Tel: 704.504.4867 Email: aslick@textron.com


The 11th Annual NOGCSA Reverse Raffle was held March 2, 2013 at Raintree Country Club. The funds raised at this event helps fund our Legacy & George Biddulph Scholarships as well as supporting our research needs and those of many superintendents throughout the State of Ohio. This year was an amazing year for the event and the generosity of all of our members, family and friends made this event a huge success!! We raised $7,350! THANK YOU!! We repeated the ever popular silent auction and

added an new twist to the drawing. The Grand prize was split 5 ways by Matt Kilpeck, Erika Sweeney, Craig Kachline, Dave Gedeon, and Lenny Marino! Congratulations! Thank you to the entire NOGCSA Board of Directors for their hard work selling tickets and helping make the night go smoothly! There efforts help make the event fun filled and successful. A big Thank you to Raintree Country Club and their staff for their great service and food! Dont forget to mark your calenda for the 2014 Raffle March 1, 2014.



By Bob Vavrek, senior agronomist, North-Central Region May 28, 2013

Frost and cool temperatures are still limiting turf growth at courses throughout the states of the North-Central Region. As a result, dandelions and knotweed find little competition in slow growing fairways and roughs, especially in areas that were already thin due to winterkill. Frustration increases when standard herbicide treatments are made to control dandelions only to see some curling followed by rapid recovery of weeds. This is a good time to spend a bit more for combination herbicides with carfentrazone as one of the active ingredients due to the increased activity at low temperatures. Golfers have had a frustrating spring compared to the extra-early start to play last season and there is nothing like a dead weed to remind them that maintenance operations are on the ball more so when they return home to see more yellow flowers than turf in their home lawns.

Zoysia Patch can be difficult to control. However, aeration will speed turf recovery and surface quality will be reestablished.

In the southern portion of the region warm season turf growth is also slow. Zoysia Patch has been an issue and Spring Dead Spot on bermudagrass has been slow to heal. Soil temperatures will increase and the turf will respond. Aeration will help. Slice aeration can be used to promote recovery of both grasses. Source: Bob Vaverk (rvavrek@usga.org) Information on the USGAs Turf Advisory Service Contact the Green Section Staff


(Jerry) Gerald E Husemann Senior Sales Specialist Phone: 937-492-8597 Mobile: 937-604-5617 gerald.huseman@basf.com



What could your chapter do with $3,000? Enter LebanonTurf's 2014 Dog Days of Golf Calendar and Dog of the Year contest. Submit a picture of your golf course canine companion today. If selected for the calendar your dog will also have a chance to be crowned 2014 Dog of the Year, garnering a $3,000 prize for your affiliated chapter, a $500 donation to your local humane society, and a $500 prize for you. LebanonTurf's 2014 Dog Days of Golf Calendar will be delivered with the November issue of GCM. Submit your entry or email a high resolution photo to lebturfdogcalendar@gcsaa.org. The deadline is Aug. 1, 2013.

It's committee season at GCSAA Traditionally spring is the season when committees meet to discuss the programs, services and direction of GCSAA. The GCSAA Board of Directors and staff appreciate each volunteer. For more information on each committee and to see who is serving, view the committee directory


Created in 2012, the Bucks for auction features unique experiences, exclusive access to some of the top sporting venues and golf courses and much, much more!

The auction is managed by and benefits the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation (OTF), a non-profit organization whose purpose is to further the turfgrass industry through continuing education for current professionals, supporting further study of and research in turfgrass science and providing opportunities for tomorrow's leaders through student scholarships. Since its inception in 1961, OTF has contributed nearly $5 million to the turfgrass industry. More than 300 students have been recipients of OTF scholarships and countless professionals have benefitted from OTF education through the years, resulting in beautiful, safe and enjoyable green spaces for everyone!


Mohican Hills Golf Club is located in the rolling hills of Ashland County near Jeromesville, OH. This eighteen hole championship course was designed by Jack Kidwell and a young Mike Hurdzan, renowned Columbus based architects. They are best known for their player friendly golf course designs. The front nine was open for play in 1972 and the back nine was later opened in the Spring of 1976.
The course features picturesque views with four sets of tees accommodating players of all levels. The front nine greens are large and undulating giving the golfer a favorable chance to reach the green in regulation. This is where the test of Mohican BEGINS!! The golf course is known throughout the area for fast challenging greens that can humble the best of putters. The smaller back nine greens have the same undulating features of the front, but require more accurate shot selection. Mohican Hills also features 25 acres of open, player friendly fairways. They are contoured and maintained at 5/8" for optimum playing conditions. The golf course has 18 large strategically placed bunkers throughout the course to add to the golfer's challenge. Water features at the golf course include ponds at #1, #2, #5, #15, and #17 with an active stream running throughout the back nine. For added golfer appeal, numerous perennial gardens and ornamental grasses are sprinkled throughout the golf course. Our friendly clubhouse staff offers a wide variety of assorted sandwiches, fountain drinks and beer is available. The clubhouse is also stocked with a variety of golf balls, gloves, hats etc.. Mohican Hills also offers a enclosed pavilion with a capacity of 150 people to accommodate outings. To schedule the facility please contact the pro shop. For every golfer to warm up or hone their skills, a practice putting/chipping green is located beside the clubhouse and a 250 yard driving range is located near the maintenance building.

Mohican Hills Golf Course is known for undulating greens and was voted Ohios Best Public Course in 2008 and received a four star rating from Golf Digest. Kim Derr, the Golf Course Superintendent, is a 1980 Ohio State University Graduate. Kim has worked at Mohican Hills Golf Course for 28 years. He loves spending time with his wife Jo Dee and children Kellie and Bryan who are attending Akron University and Mount Union College.




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Harrells Turf Specialty Glenn Omori 440.439.1393

H & S Stump Removal Jack Hopkins 330.654.2347 Perk Air Bob Doty 330.296.7307

South East Golf Car Co. 888.684.4653

Syngenta Gregg Schaner 614-878-6745 TERRA Links Jack Hopkins 330.815.4148

Precision Golf Construction Mike ODonnell, CGCS 440.285.2117

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