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Summer 2013


The Mauldings With Grace Life International

Freedom! Joy! Healing! Spiritual Growth!

The Power of the Gospel for Christians

Family Matters

So I am eager to preach the gospel to you (Christians) also who Andrew (24) is in his 5th summer at Camp Lurecrest, overseeing the guy are in Rome. Romans 1:15 counselors in training. Pray for his spiritual protection. I want to jump up and down! F4T Conference I realized I had been trying to convince myself that I was a new creation but kept looking at my actions. A few years ago I bought Ben (23) enjoys his summer internship at the Piggly the wall decoration that says, New Creation. I never put it up Wiggly Corporate office in Charleston. He works in because I felt like I wasnt one. I am starting to see what that truly marketing. Pray for Father to prepare him for his means and I want to jump up and down and have a party! senior year at The Citadel. A new excitement to share the gospel! F4T Conference in VA I have not wanted to share the gospel with anyone because it wasnt working for me. At the Foundation4Transformation Conference, I found a new excitement and desire to share it with others, especially my family. Its as if my eyes were enlightened for the first time to the whole gospel and the joy it actually brings. Conference was transformational! French Camp Academy Staff I, for the first time, think I understand what abundant life means and how we can have it in Christ through complete surrender. Though is it hard to put in words. The Conference was truly transformational. Thank you for sharing much-needed truth with us.

Bekah (22) with her friend, Lindsey, from the University of South Carolina, had a wonderful Spring semester and is enjoying summer break. Pray she will get a Christian roommate for Fall semester.

Christopher (19) continues to seek God for his future. We have talked with him often about what is going on in his heart and what his future options might be. He has been applying for jobs. Pray for clarity for all of us.

Your Blog was a big help! A long time friend. I was really feeling low last night and found your blog "Dealing with Feeling Worthless" and felt a LOT better. Just needed to be Recently, Ellen had the privilege to visit and run reminded of what I already knew, I guess :) (A result of this per- with friend, author, speaker and champion ultra runner Rebekah Trittipoe in the VA mountains. In son seeing how the complete Gospel gives us great worth!) this picture, Ellen stopped to enjoy the view. Freedom from self-centered ministry A Pastor "I've been a Christian for over 20 years: a pastor for 10. The F4T grounded me anew in the Gospel of grace. Not only did it bear immediate fruit in my ministry, it renewed my love for Christ and rejuvenated my heart in freedom from self -centered ministry. I accidentally won 3rd place in my first 5K for the men in my age group. I say accidentally because I was just hoping not to stop during the race! Also, work on my book continues to progress with joy.

The Freedom Team Our Identity is NOT in our children. A Doctor and his wife Grace Life has helped us to love our daughter regardless of her Those who pray and give are significant partners on our Freedom behavior and bad choices and to forgive. We are recognizing that Team. Why Freedom Team? Because they are investing in the our identity is NOT in our children or their actions but in Christ and freedom of hundreds of Christ Followers who are hearing the comHIM alone! plete Gospel. Thank you for all of you who are on our Team! Special Support Need These stories highlight why Im so passionate to keep fulfilling my calling of We have a special support need of $16,000. The reason is $8,500 Sharing the Gospel with Christians! of medical bills uncovered by our insurance and $7,500 of support People are being transformed! which has NOT come in for 2013. Would you be one of those who Thank you for being our friend and part- gives a special gift towards meeting this need? You can give at ner. We couldnt do this without you! www.GraceLifeInternational.com or by check using the enclosed envelope. We need this financial support so there can be more testimonies of freedom! If our support comes in, we get paid, if not, we dont. We believe God will provide through our friends in Christ like you! Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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