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The Language of the Heart and the Faith of the Unity

One Country, One Family, One Citizenship, One Language, One Government & One God for the whole world. To what extent is this the answer in dissolving the nucleic family?
An analogy of this statement can be seen to implore the coming of the anti-Christ. With the rule and governance of one over the masses. Will this just be the biggest slave to master ratio? Will we ever be free of the dominance of rule of a narcissistic moron, exercising his selfish whims on humanity and the 90% of the sheep that will follow unquestioning. Again who will this leader be? To what would he ascribe to? What would be the criteria in electing this leader? would he also be given course to develop a god complex? He most likely will afflict his narcissistic thinking and turn himself into the right hand of god or worse, god himself, as the Christian describe Christ. christ was neither god, the son of god or a monogenes conception. He was merely a man, find his faith along the way, yet also will delusion of grandeur. His (Christ), however was not extreme as the evil Muhammad. The basis of a civilization where merit and logos will be perceived as the highest achievement for human kind is the only way. No more mindless and brainwashing cults. On whose teachings will this be achieved? It can be the Bahaullah. Is this just another man portraying the same psychosis as Muhammad? Religion must cause unity and affection so that trust and confidence among the people would develop strongly. This is an improbable task because if the masses still hold on to the three major religions of today the monthiest bullshit preached by the delusional Christian, Muslims and Judaist, how will you make people see that we all stem from the oneness. You cannot possibly use any of the teaching of these religions to change the thinking of mankind. The monotheist teachings only service to promote that specific religion. So

as the bahai goes which prophet had the most direct route to god? We are only one in the light, in the believe of merit and move directly away from the old world older that has subjugated us for eons. War, hate & prejudice are not the solution to keep the peace and unity of the world. The present political system is not able to serve all the people. Only human accomplishments do have the

natural power to create peace, love and unity among all the nations.
Now this is the stuff of legends. This is what will change the world indeed, the highly statement is the only truth. We must make every effort to change the hearts and minds of the many people trapped in the dark tunnel of hate and prejudice and direct them to the glorious path of unity and cooperation.

Muhammad the insane prophet damaged a once prestigious people by his lunatic and purely selfish ranting and ravings.

Only equality of status and the financial indifference of all human being will see the unity of man kind.

Religion must agree with scientific facts and evidence so that our struggle to survive moves in peaceful and progressive direction.
The Bah faith stands firmly on the oneness of mankind, universal language, unification of the world and establishing world legitimate government. The power of human accomplishments must keep the peace, cooperation and unity among all the nations; not by war, hate & prejudice. The teachings of all the messengers of God: love each other, live with each other in peace & deal with each other in decency will not be fully performed on repeated speeches and announcements; they will rail

only on the strong belief leading to practical accomplishments.

The present political system use strong language against their oppositions in order to stay in power. The oppositions also do the same to discredit the government, as a result they add division & confusion among their fellow men and many innocent citizens do not receive fairness in their search for the joy of life & prosperity. That is why the Bah' Faith believes United Nations' world government does have the capacity and credibility to provide equal opportunity, right and respect for all the people.

How can any reasonable person remain without action

seeing these millions of innocent human beings who are living below poverty line or the misery of war after war that made them refugees - without food or shelter? Join me to challenge the cause, so the world would not have the evils of war, hate & prejudice. The world of humanity is just one race. The lands of the earth are one place in which to live. Misunderstanding among the people who do not speak the same language may create friction and lead to negative outcomes especially in religion and spiritual communication. That is the reason why the

Bah' Faith believes that universal language is needed to remove the barrier of misunderstanding.
The vital solution for the world order will be our strong belief in the oneness of mankind from our hearts and to adapt ourselves to life and work without prejudice of any kind. Without high quality education in todays world, people experience apprehension, problems and barriers of misunderstanding. All citizens, men and women are children of God with equal rights and respect. Government under the man-made political system will not be able to establish equal opportunity for them. Only United Nation's legitimate world government can represent the people of the earth and could provide the kind of peaceful life and prosperity that have been dreamed of. We should love, care and respect each other and be ready to help bravely and genuinely if needed. Following imaginary ideas in our life separate us from real education and hinders our faith in God.

We must investigate divine matters and discover the truth to embrace and move our hearts into action for this new splendid direction. We, Bah's, genuinely believe that this world is one country and the entire population are its citizens. We are on the move to accomplish our missions of peace, love and unity. Therefore, we recognize worlds population as one great family.