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Program Name: PSM Date:

Part Number, Revision Level & Date:


Supplier Name: Supplier Manufacturing Location: DUN's #:

# of Special Characteristics:

Part Description: PSM Location:

Inteva Representatives & Contact Information Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Purchasing Program Manager Product Engineer Plant SQE / SQA APQP Corp AQE / SDE PC&L Other

Supplier Representatives & Contact Information Email address 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Name

Program Manager Sales Engineering Plant Logistics Plant Quality Other





Email address

Inteva Program Manager: Supplier Program Manager: PPAP Submission Date To Inteva: Inteva's Post PSM Decision:
If decision is "Proceed - Issue PO" - all PSM action items still require full closure If decision is "Hold" - requirements to move forward must be identified below If decision is "Do Not Proceed" - reason(s) to be identified below and communicated to supplier and another option will be pursued



Supplier: 0
1.1 A Technical Review meeting was completed? 1.2 Any open issues from the Technical Review that must be resolved now? 1.3 The supplier has all drawings and they are to the correct rev level? 1.4 Is this a new design? 1.5 Does supplier have any issues with drawing specifications? 1.6 Is drawing ownership clearly defined? 1.7 Are prototype samples required? 1.8 Are prototype requirements - quantity, quality and delivery understood? 1.9 Does the supplier understand how the part functions? How it is handled in manufacturing and assembly operations. Mating part considerations? 1.11 Are Special Characteristics (SC's) identified and does the supplier understand the fit / function of each? 1.12 Does supplier understand Inteva's "change request" submission process? 1.13 Identification, traceability & Inteva's logo requirements on component (location, size, etc) defined? 1.14 Any issues regarding datums or application of GD&T? 1.15 Specifications: Does the supplier understand all OEM/National/International Standards/References mentioned on the drawing? Does supplier have access to these databases and a system in place to regularly update these requirements? 1.16 Any co-development required? If so, has a contract been finalized? 1.17 As required in the SRM, has a continuance conforming testing plan been identified and agreed to by Inteva Engineering and the supplier? Other Review Items: 1.18 1.19

PSM Date:
Y N NA Comments / Follow-up Actions Due Date Champion Status


Supplier: 0
2.1 The following material and process specifications apply:

PSM Date:
Y N NA Comments / Follow-up Actions Due Date Champion Status

This should be filled out by Inteva prior to the PSM

2.2 Does the supplier have a copy of all specifications and take no exceptions? 2.3 As per the SRM, has the supplier and Inteva Product Engineering formalized a continuous conformance testing plan? 2.4 Hardness: full understanding of: area to be checked, hardness scale and any special fixture(s) required? 2.5 Soundness: full understanding of high vs. low soundness areas and standards required 2.6 Heat Treat: distortion after HT: will not be an issue? 2.7 Surface Finish: understand paint approval requirements? 2.8 Surface Finish: understand surface finish requirements for machined and "asproduced" surfaces as well as measurement methods? 2.9 Plating: understand requirements and measurement method? 2.10 Rubber & Plastic - understand material specification including : approved sources, max % regrind allowed (0% allowed if not specified on drawing), required temperature and humidity controls, etc? 2.11 When applicable, is supplier (and sub-supplier) compliant to CQI-9, 11, 12, 15 or 17? Have supplier provide copy of the "Cover Sheet" from the latest assessment (CQI requires annual assessments) 2.12 Are coating requirements understood, including measurement method? 2.13 Does suppiler have a system in place to track part "product and process change" history? Other Review Items: 2.14 2.15


Supplier: 0
Tooling 3.1 Has the supplier received, and agreed to, the Inteva Tooling Manual ? 3.2 Is the Tool Cost Breakdown completed ? 3.3 Are Tools designed and constructed in-house or at external supplier ? 3.4 Is tooling supplier known to Inteva (previous experience)? What is name and location of tooling supplier? 3.5 Is an audit of the toolmaker required (to be performed by Inteva Tooling Specialist)? 3.6 Tool designer / manufacturer has no issues with tolerances or material specified? 3.7 For the specific part, has a mould flow or blank/strip analysis been completed? 3.8 Has the mould flow or blank/strip analysis been reviewed by the Inteva Regional Tooling Specialist? Any issues? 3.9 If no analysis has been completed, has the gate position or blank/strip layout been agreed to with the Inteva Regional Tooling Specialist? 3.10 Has material shrinkage been considered in the tool design? 3.11 Is the feed position and / or material grain direction acceptable to Inteva? 3.12 Has the supplier submitted tool concept showing feed, parting lines, missmatch and flatness meet print and process specification ? 3.13 Has tooling design been approved by Inteva Regional Tooling Specialist? NOTE: approval is mandatory before supplier can cut steel. 3.14 Any secondary operations (burr removal, coining, etc) required ? 3.15 No issues regarding tool ownership/asset identification (Inteva's asset tag)?

PSM Date:
Y N NA Comments / Follow-up Actions Due Date Champion Status

3.16 Full Tooling Description :

This should be filled out by Supplier prior to the meeting

Please refer to "Tooling Requirements" worksheet located in this file 3.17 3.18 3.19 3.20 3.21 3.22 3.23 3.24 Minimum tooling life warranty (# pcs) = Capacity Considerations - Full process work station to work station Constraint Operation = Cycle Time = Parts / hour = Parts / shift = # shifts available = Daily theoretical capacity = Daily nominal capacity = Define if tooling refurbishment in part / price, substituting tool in part / price?

3.25 Nominal capacity meets Inteva's requirements? 3.26 How will supplier's capacity be verified? (On-site review by Inteva or Run @ Rate reported on PSW) 3.27 If equipment and tooling is not dedicated, what impact does this have on available vs. required capacity? 3.28 Has the supplier reviewed and optimized its' process parameters? Does supplier need to perform IIPA (Inteva's Injection Process Audit)? Other Tooling and Capacity Items: 3.29 3.30


Supplier: 0
Purchasing 4.1 The supplier has reviewed the Inteva's Terms & Conditions and has no issues? 4.2 The supplier agrees and understands payment term (tools and parts) ? 4.3 The supplier understands and agrees to the negotiated Incoterms? 4.4 Supplier has responded to RFQ with no commercial exceptions and has provided a detailed Inteva Part & Tooling cost breakdown? 4.5 Supplier understands and agrees with Inteva's cost reduction requirements? 4.6 Can supplier provide a preliminary program timing plan that meets Inteva's requirements? 4.7 Have key Inteva program milestones been communicated to the supplier? 4.8 Agree upon exchange rate base? Materials, Logistics & Packaging 4.9 Is supplier EDI capable? 4.10 Can supplier send ASN's? 4.11 Does supplier understand Inteva's release system and forms? 4.12 Raw, fab and firm allowance defined? 4.13 What is the delivery frequency? 4.14 Are safety stock requirements agreed (minimum, maximum, consignment)? 4.15 Are raw material and sub-supplier lead times understood? Complete Description of Proposed Supply Chain: 4.16

PSM Date:
Y N NA Comments / Follow-up Actions Due Date Champion Status

This should be filled out by Supplier prior to the meeting

4.17 Does the supplier's shipping label meet the Inteva plant requirements? 4.18 Are packaging requirements understood (container type, size, quantities, etc.) and does packaging minimize risk of damage to parts? 4.19 Is packaging is included in piece price? 4.20 Supplier has provided a detailed packaging and transportation cost break down? 4.21 Rust prevention requirements understood? Other Purchasing, Materials, Logistics and Packaging Items: 4.22 4.23 MOVE TO 4.15 OR SECTION 2?


Supplier: 0
5.1 The required PPAP submission level has been communicated to supplier? 5.2 Has the supplier's PPAP contact person been identified? 5.3 Has the Inteva PPAP contact person been identified? PPAP Checklist 5.4 Has the responsible Inteva PPAP contact person: 1) reviewed the PPAP checklist with the supplier's PPAP contact person? 2) informed the supplier as to how the PPAP is to be submitted (email, hard copy, both, etc.)? 5.5 If multiple Inteva plants are involved in the PPAP process, has Inteva provided the supplier with the proper PPAP requirements and instructions?

PSM Date:
Y N NA Comments / Follow-up Actions Due Date Champion Status

A complete understanding of PPAP submission requirements must be achieved!!

5.6 Does the supplier know the print dimension that corresponds to each Special Characteristic? 5.7 Does the supplier understand how each Special Characteristic is to be measured? Capability study required: Ppk: 30 measurements (per cavity) & Cpk: 125 measurements (per cavity) 5.8 Are specially designed gages needed? Will Inteva gages be duplicated? Will supplier gages be duplicated? Does Inteva need to provide prints of special gages ? CMM programs? 5.9 Are the number of samples required for engineering test identified? Summary of Engineering tests to be conducted: 5.10

This should be filled out by Inteva prior to the meeting

5.11 Total of samples to be submitted for line trial per cavity: identify in measurement report with the appropriate CC/SC symbol 5.12 PPAP samples, for both dimensional and initial capability study, must be individually tagged and numbered by cavity 5.13 Are initial process capabilty (Ppk/Cpk) requirements for PPAP, as identified in the SRM, understood by supplier? 5.14 IMDS/MSDS requirements understood by supplier? ID parent code (75559 or 13110) to use depends on which Inteva plant is being supplied 5.15 Did the supplier develop a formal Early Production Containment (EPC) plan as required in the SRM? 5.16 When applicable, has the supplier developed & implemented an EPC plan, as required in fhe SRM? 5.17 Has supplier submited a list of metrology equipment to Inteva's Quality Dept? 5.18 When applicable, supplier agrees to submit the completed CQI-9, 11, 12, 15 or 17 "Cover Sheet" from the annual assessment (that is required by the supplier) to the Inteva plant quality dept? 5.19 Does supplier understand the PPAP Resubmission Criteria requirements per the latest edition of the AIAG PPAP manual? PRIOR to implementing a change, it is the supplier's responsibility to contact the Inteva plant quality contact and agree to PPAP level submission required + PPAP Release before starting deliveries Other PPAP Items: 5.20 5.21


Supplier: 0
6.1 Has the "Supplier Team Feasibility Commitment" process been completed? 6.2 Are there any open issues from the "Supplier Team Feasiblity Commitment" process that must be resolved now? 6.3 Are warranty obligations understood ? 6.4 As identified in the SRM, does supplier meet Inteva's quality system certification requirement: at a minimum, certified to latest edition of ISO9001 with a plan in place to become compliant to latest edition of ISO/TS 16949?) 6.5 Is supplier certified to ISO 14001? 6.6 As identified in the SRM, supplier understands that they are completely responsible for sub-supplier quality. Specific responsibilities must be agreed upon for any exceptions (consigned material, etc). 6.7 Does the supplier have experience/knowledge of quality issues on similar products? What was the supplier's action plan ? 6.8 If a "current" supplier, are there any quality, delivery, etc., concerns? 6.9 To support Inteva with respect to timing/quality of the Launch/SOP, does supplier agree to provide on-site support (such as a resident engineer) at Inteva? 6.10 Is Inteva's problem notification process ( Defective Material Notice or Problem Case) and requirements, as identified in the SRM (unless otherwise specified by Inteva Problem Owner), understood by supplier? - 24 hours for initial response (containment actions) - 15 days for complete 8D report - 8D report must include a 5 Why analysis for root cause identification 6.11 Are cost of non-quality charges for DMN's and PC's, as identified in the SRM, understood by supplier? 6.12 Are record retention requirements, as identified in the SRM, understood by supplier? 6.13 Are long term capability (Cpk) requirements for SC's, as identified in the SRM, understood by supplier? 6.14 What is supplier's planned method to gather capability data? 6.15 As identified in the SRM, does the supplier understand that an approved deviation for any out-of-specification characteristic, must be obtained prior to PPAP submission or serial delivery ? 6.16 Supplier knows who the end user, OEM is? 6.17 As identified in the SRM, the supplier understands the end user, OEM's Customer Specific Requirements? 6.18 As required in the SRM, does supplier follow the requirements of the latest edition of the AIAG reference manuals: PPAP, APQP & Control Plan, FMEA, MSA and SPC? 6.19 Does supplier have liability insurance? 6.20 After first trial parts and prior to final tool grooming, supplier agrees to send CMM operator to visit lead Inteva plant to agree to measurement methodologies. Measurement system instructions to be included in PPAP package Other Quality Items: 6.21 6.22

PSM Date:
Y N NA Comments / Follow-up Actions Due Date Champion Status


Supplier: 0
7.1 If required, was a Supplier Capability Assessment (SCA) performed and was the supplier identified as approved or approved for development? 7.2 As required in the SRM, is supplier compliant to SA8000? 7.3 Supplier is aware of Inteva's compliancy requirements per the EU regulatory standards: REACH, RoHS and ELV Directive 2000/53/EC? (NOTE: applies to suppliers shipping product/materials to Inteva plants based in the EU).

PSM Date:
Y N NA Comments / Follow-up Actions Due Date Champion Status

7.4 If the supplier currently suppliers product/materials to the EU, is the supplier compliant to the regulatory standards referenced in 7.3? 7.5 As required in the SRM, does the supplier understand that if the supplier suspects a safety non-conformance in their product, the supplier will immediatetly contact their Inteva Buyer? 7.6 As identified in the SRM, if required, is the supplier compliant to the ISO / IEC 15504 (Automotive SPICE) standard? IDENTIFY BELOW, ANY ISSUES NOT ADDRESSED IN THE PSM THAT MUST BE ADDRESSED BEFORE A PO COULD BE ISSUED 7.7 7.8 7.9

Tooling Information Requirement (Per Tool)

Component Tool Information: Buyer: Purchasing Inteva Lead Plant: Product Type or Description: Product Part / Component Number: Engineering Drawing Level: Tool Information: Is the tool new or modified? Full Tool description below: example: 4 cavity injection mould tool with hot runner feed If modified: what is stock quantity before modification? Desired Completion Date: Customer PPAP Date: Program Name: 0 Inteva Program Manager:

Quantity of tools: Identification (from Tooling Manual Section 2) Inteva Products ID Number: Minimum requirements: Customer: Closed Height:

Quantities of Cavities:

Tool Type:

Customer ID Number (if any): Component Name: Ejection Stroke: Customer component No. Tool No:

Tool picture: - JPG format, max. 500 KB ( no PowerPoint, no PDF etc.! ) - ownership tag to be visible in pictures Open Closed

Tool Location: Company Name: Street: City: Key Contact (s) contact 1: Contact 2: Contact 3: Name Zip code: Email Country: Phone Mobile

Tool Maker: Company Name: Street: City: Key Contact (s) contact 1: Contact 2: Contact 3: Name Zip code: Email Country: Phone Mobile

* On receipt of PPAP approval, the supplier is to send a copy of the latest updated tool drawings, on CD, to the respective Inteva Products Tooling Specialist. Any doubt do not hesitate to check the "Inteva Products TOOLING MANUAL" to be provided by Buyer


Automotive Industry Action Group Advanced Product Quality Planning Advanced Shipping Notice The capability index for a stable process. It is an indicator of process capabiliity based on process variation within each subgroup of a set of data Coordinate Measuring Machine Continuous Quality Improvement (through AIAG) Inteva's "Defective Material Notice". A non-conforming notice issued to a supplier who is not using the the Inteva supplier portal Plex Dun & Bradstreet Electronic Data Interchange End of Live Vehicle Directive 2000/53/EC (EU only) Failure Mode Effect and Analysis Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing "Inteva Injection Process Audit". Conducted at supplier locations on an "as needed" basis

IMDS: International Material Data System: a collective, computer-based material data system used primarily by automotive OEMs to manage environmentally relevant aspects of the different parts used in vehicles ISO 14001: Specifies the actual requirements for an environmental management system MSA: Measurement Systems Analysis MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet: describes in detail the hazards and safety precautions associated with chemicals OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer PC&L Inteva's "Production Control and Logistics" function PPAP: Production Part Approval Process (through AIAG) Ppk: The performance index. It is an indicator or process performance based on process variation throughout the full set of data PSM: Inteva's "Pre-Sourcing Meeting" PSW: Part Submission Warrant PC: Inteva's "Problem Case": A non-conforming notice issued to a supplier who is using the the Inteva supplier portal Plex REACH: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (EU only) RFQ: Request For Quote ROsH: Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (EU only) SA8000: Social Accountability international standard SCA: Inteva's "Supplier Capability Assessment". SPC: Statistical Process Control SPICE: Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination. International standard for software process assessment SRM: Inteva's "Supplier Requirements Manual" STFC: Inteva's "Supplier Team Feasibilty Commitment". Submitted by supplier at time of quote.




http://www.mdsystem.com http://www.iso14000-iso14001-environmental-management.com/


http://www.rohs.gov.uk/ http://www.sa-intl.org


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