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Summary 1. Chapter1 Prologue 2. Chapter2 Case of the missing IPhone 3. Chapter3 Planes,Parties,and Possiblities 4. Chapter4 That's interesting 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 The Date 7. Chapter 7 Sex on Fire 8. Chapter 8 Sex is Blazing 9. Chapter 9 simple 10. Chapter 10 not so simple 11. Chapter 11 UNO! 12. Chapter 12 13. Chapter 13 Bombshell 14. Chapter 14 Bombshell Aftermath 15. Chapter 15 16. Chapter 16 17. Chapter 17 18. Chapter 18 19. Chapter 19 20. Reconcile 21. Chapter 21 22. Chapter 22 23. Cool Breeze 24. Chapter 24 Cloud Coverage 25. Something's Brewing 26. Chap 26 ClusterF of Massive Proportions 27. Chapter 27 The Aftermath 28. Chapter 28 Preparation

29. Chapter 29 Revelation 30. Chapter 30 31. Chapter 31 32. Chapter 32 33. Chapter 33 34. Chapter 34 35. Chapter 35 36. Chapter 36 37. Chapter 37 38. Chapter 38 39. Chapter 39 40. Chapter 40 41. Chapter 41 42. Chapter 42


An arranged marriage is what separates them, but something stronger will bond them together. A story of an arranged marriage, seduction and a forbidden love affair. AH, M rated for adult themes and language, some canon pairing.


Chapter1 Prologue
Disclaimer: Steph owns it all, but Rob owns me! A/N: Welcome everyone. As you can see this my first fic, as you can also see I really don't know what to say other than that. Let's just hope the fic does the talking for me. I wanted to add that my first two chapters have been reworked. And for that I would like to thank my two amazing Beta's, Momma Bear and PineandApple. Thanx to UKGirlyGirl, for the cool fic title and putting up with all my craziness. And last but certainly not least, thanx to Mehek18 for that awesome banner you made me, and for all the fic work we do together ;-)... Without further ado, I give you Wedlocked. Prologue "Welcome to Starbucks. How can I help you?" My cheeks felt strained from the fake smile I had plastered on my face. I waited for what seemed like an eternity for his response. What is it with people? The same damn people come in here everyday and they still wait until it's their turn to order and even then, they stare at the menu like they don't know. Idiots. I thought all corporate types were supposed to be so smart. They always ask for their frappe, latte, blah blah. whatever. "I'll have a large Iced Coffee." His voice pulls me from my mental smack down. I stare up at him. "Excuse me what"? Obviously annoyed that he has to repeat himself, he speaks the order again. "Will that complete you order, sir?" He nods, not really paying attention. He seems engrossed with something on his I-Phone. "That'll be $4.25." He reaches in his wallet, still not paying attention hands me an extremely stiff $20, and proceeds to grab the coffee and exit the store. There must have been something really interesting on that phone for him to forget his change or it's my lucky day. Now I'm pissed because I have to do the noble thing, or don't I? I

eye the money suspiciously. Shit "Ang, cover me." I sprint to the door; change from the $20 clasped firmly in one hand. I recognize him from the back, and yell, "Excuse me, sir you forgot you're change! He doesn't turn to acknowledge me. "Keep it, He says, unconcerned. I stand there gaping with what I'm sure is the ugliest fish face I can muster. It's now chaos at ground central, due to my untimely and brief absence. I resume my position next to Angela, and she glances in my direction."Work much"? The line has doubled in size, and the patrons well let's just say they aren't very happy at this point - the obscenities I heard make that point clear. I do my best to get everything back into some kind of order, before things get really out of hand. I mean, Starbuck's in a downtown Chicago area. Do I need to say more? "Was he worth it?" Angela smirks never lifting her eyes from the register. I look at the exit, and then shift my eyes to the change from the $20 in the tip cup. I smirk back. "Do you have to ask?"


Chapter2 Case of the missing IPhone

Chapter1 I walk into my apartment exhausted. I close the door behind me and lean my head back against the wood. I was disturbed being damn near knocked off my feet by my best friend. "Sadiegod" she barks in reply "I missed you too, now down girl. Ugh! I'm so beat, too beat to cook anything for myself. I decide on eating a butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk. I kick off my shoes and get comfortable on the couch, grabbing half of my sandwich with one hand and the remote with the other while Sadie watches closely for stray morsels to come flying her way. I flick through the available 'channels' and I settle for watching the local news. "In area news, Edward Cullen most eligible bachelor, and future heir of Cullen Oil has set a date for." hit the off button. I'll settle for tunes instead. It's 7:45 pm and my cell rings on cue, it's a cheesy ringtone. I don't need to look to see who it is, I know. "What Rose? I say with my eyes rolled back in my head, obviously familiar with what's about to come out of her mouth. "Bella what are you doing?" Is she serious? "Are you serious?" It's not a question. "Let's go out and do something." "Rose I have to be at work 7 am tomorrow, the answer is no." "Bella get your ass up off that couch and let's go out." "Not tonight Rose I'm serious I'm exhausted I need sleep, and I'm going to get it". "Bella Swan you " "Bye Rose." I end the call. Now I'm sure Rose is pissed. Turning in earlier than I anticipate,I sink deep into the contours of my mattress with Sadie resting comfortably at the foot of the bed. Sleep never comes easy, even after the nightly calming rituals, but nevertheless it comes. It's not peaceful but it

comes; it's not the most comfortable, but it comes, and I accept it. "Welcome to Starbucks, how may I help you?" The fake plastered smile is now gone. I'm the one not paying attention this time. I'm more engrossed with the damn broken cash register. "Iced coffee please." My head shoots up and he is smirking. He is smirking at me, because I'm fighting with the damn register drawer. I can't stop staring, and his eyebrows slowly rise waiting my response. "I'm sorry?" Itisaquestion. "Iiiced Coooffeee." He's being sarcastic. He says it like I can't comprehend, but the smirk stays. Is he flirting? Yeah right, not with me. He's different today somehow; more free, lighter, like a breath of fresh air. He's dressed different too. He was corporate yesterday. Today, he's all t-shirt, tennis shoes, and worn jeans with a hole in the knee, not ragged, just "perfect." I was in a daze. I shook my head to get my thoughts back on track."That'll be four..." "Twenty-five." He finishes, hands me a stiff $20. All the while, that smirk never leaves his face. Why is he watching me? I feel weird like I can't work properly. He's sogorgeous. I shake my head again clearing the daze. I finally wrestle with the drawer long enough to get his change out. I hand him the $15.75, but his hand doesn't reach back, he's still watching me with that damn smirk, as his tongue slips out briefly to wet his bottom lip. He leans in never taking his eyes off me, and whispers, Keep it." Once again, he's out the exit, and I'm gaping again. Yep ugliest fish ever. It's quittin' time. Angela and I are getting the store ready for the morning crew. T.G.I.F. I'ts payday and I don't have to work tomorrow. Life is good. "So, what's up for the night, Ang?" "Sleep, I'm exhausted and Mike no doubt will be planning on getting some, and he will be disappointed. What about you?" "Um, I'm probably hanging out with Rose. I blew her off last night so I know I have to make it up to her." Making it up to her is what I knew I would be doing. Rose would probably have me in some club until the wee hours of the morning.

"Well have fun, you need to." Here we go with the Bellayouneedtohavefunspeech. I roll my eyes and continue to wipe down the counter. "Hey Bella? Did you see who left this?" She holds up a very expensive looking phone. I walk over to her extended hand and take the phone, and I immediately know who left it. What is it with this guy forgetting things? He didn't forget the money. He gave it to you, dummy. "Shut up." I silence my always alert conscience. "Who are you talking to Bella?" "No one." Embarrassed I was caught talking to myself. "So, do you know who left it"? "Um, yeah." I say nervously. "Well, who, so we can leave a note for the morning crew." Not purposely ignoring Angela, but I'm curious and nosey as hell so I turn on the phone. The screen says; Edward Cullen's Phone "Oh shit." xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx EPOV "Edward where the fuck have you been? I've been calling and calling, and dad is on the war path with mom close on his heels!" My sister could be so fucking annoying sometimes. "Calm the hell down Smidge, I lost my phone." "Well you better find it, I know there's important shit on there. Dad's gonna lose
- 10 -

it." "Yeah, yeah, yeah, tell me something I don't know." My whole family was ridiculous with the need to keep tabs on everyone, especially me. I know I needed to always be available to Carlisle for business reasons. Ever since I graduated from college, I knew what my position was in this family. Carlisle made sure of that. Learn the business and be ready to run it by the age of twenty one By twenty three Carlisle wanted to retire and expected me to marry. He more so demanded it, but I couldn't just marry anyone. I had to marry Tanya Denali. A marriage to Tanya solidified our family's businesses. "You know Edward, you're flippant-ass attitude is not very charming. Esme and Carlisle will definitely have something to say about your sudden evasiveness." Alice only used the "Carlisle and Esme" term when she was pissed off with them. I wonder what they did now. If I had my guess, It probably had something to do with her new boyfriend. She could be a fierce little thing. We were a lot alike, but Alice was the most compassionate of all of us, and that's saying a lot. I pull up a barstool and straddle it backwards. "I'm not a child Alice, and I wasn't being evasive I lost my phone; get over it. "Yeah, whatever. Save that 'I'm not a child' shit for mom and dad. I have other issues to deal with, like your upcoming nuptials." I was sure Alice's outburst had to do with the wedding. A loud sigh escapes my lips. "You have months to plan this bullshit fiasco of a wedding Alice, now back the fuck off." My eyes focused on the marble textured tile while I rock back and forth on the stool, no doubt leaving scratches on my mom's newly purchased Bernini floor. My smile spreads slowly. "Anyway what's the big drama now?" "Don't you fuck with me Edward Cullen, I don't like being stressed, especially when I'm in my element. You need to get in touch with your future bride and figure some shit out. You guys haven't given me anything to work with yet, so either get on it, or I'll send you to your wedding in that t shirt and those holey jeans." I shrug my shoulders. Does she really think I give a shit? She stomps out of the kitchen, leaving more scratches with her stilettos. I tilt my head to the side and raise my eyebrows. The corners of my mouth turn down as in to say "not bad, mom will be proud," but really what I meant was she would be pissed. The door opens, then slams, and I am face to face with the lynch mob, or at least one of it's members and 5,4,3,2,1.
- 11 -

"Edward where the fuck-?" "I lost my phone." I interrupt dryly never looking up from the magazine I'm reading. "We'll find it. There's important shit on there, I'm sure. Have you spoken to Alice?" "Yes I have." "Good, I'm sick of her complaining. Also, I need you to go down to the office. James is coming by with the proposal, and I have to be in Seattle by noon tomorrow. You'll have to handle the meeting." "Fine." More dryness. "I'm leaving now." "Edward?" "What?" I stop in my tracks and turn slowly eyebrows raised. "Phone?" he says with one eyebrow raised. "I'll pick up a new one on the way. I'll call you later." "Where the hell is my phone?" I ask no one as I walk towards the garage, and pat my pockets, already knowing that it's not inside of them. I think and retrace my steps, and it comes to me: iced coffee, brown eyes, huge brown eyes. I smirk to no one. I back the Mercedes out of the garage. Looks like I need to make a stop on the way to the office. Hell, I could go for another Iced Coffee right now. Ang POV Knock, knock ,knockit's ,more like , bang, bang, bang Who the hell is so incompetent that they can't read the sign that clearly says closed! I make my way over to the door and slowly point at the sign. Moron. He rolls his eyes. His voice is muffled through the door. "I left my phone here. Do you have it?" he says slightly annoyed. " Can you describe it?" I'm just as annoyed. "It's an iphone."
- 12 -

I feel the urge to fuck with him. Can you be more specific?" I smirk. "It's a fucking iphone how much more specific do you want me to be?" "Hold on a sec," bastard. "Bellaaaa, the owner of that iphone is here to claim it, and wait until you see who it is." No answer. I yell again, no answer. Damn it: no Bella, no I phone in sight, just one very pissed off gorgeous asshole. This should be fun. "Excuse me, sir. EPOV "You have got to be fucking kidding me! What do you mean she must have taken it home?" Fuck. I knew I shouldn't be pissed with the girl behind the glass, but I was pissed nonetheless. "Is that proper procedure for lost and found items?" "I'm sure it was an accident. You can try back tomorrow." Now I was pissed. "No way, I need a phone number, or an address." "I'm sorry. I can't permit that, but I'll try and call her for you." I wait a little to long for my liking for behind the glass girl to call brown eyed phone stealing girl. "I'm sorry. There was no answer. You can try back tomorrow, sir." Fuck! I know I'm doing 100mph in a 75mph zone. The top is back, and the Raybans are down. I know it's against the law, but I need the distraction. I sigh at least I can enjoy the open air. I pull into my designated parking space, and walk up to the bane of my existence. I punch in my code and walk through the double glass sliding doors making my way over to the elevator. "Good evening Mr. Cullen." "Good evening Marcus." I step inside, and press #24, and wait. "Cullen Oil, Lauren speaking," I step off the elevator. The waiting area is empty except for the receptionist and James who is sitting a little too closely to her, I'm sure he's trying to get a glance at her tits, that were far from being concealed. I clear my throat, hoping to stop the potential sexual harassment suit Cullen Oil was about to receive.
- 13 -

"Edward I was starting to think you wouldn't show up." "I'm sure you did James. After you." I extend my hand being the courteous business man my father groomed me to be, resisting desperately not to wipe my hand off on the leg of my pants. James was a slimy motherfucker in every since of the word. "So, Carlisle tells me you're aware of everything in the proposal."I nod not looking at him, but skimming through the documents he presents in front of me. Like I said, slimy. "Everything looks in order, James. The board members will be here shortly." I press the button on the intercom on my desk, "Lauren, will you see to it that boardroom two is ready." "Yes. Right away, Mr. Cullen." "Looks like we have a meeting to get to bro." I nod again. "And strip clubs after." he adds patting me squarely on the back. My brother can be such a prick. XXXXXXXXXXXX "Loosen up man, you're in a fucking strip club for god sakes!" "I can see that James." "Yeah, but do you see all the potential sex in here.wow!" He says amazed as he turns his head in corresponding direction with the stripper's upside down pole flip. "Don't be such a fucking sleaze, James. I throw back my Jaggermeister. "DDn't you be such a fucking idiot. You better take in all the extra tail you can get before that Denali broad has your dick slung over her shoulder like a Gucci purse, and your balls as matching accessories." I cringe at his admission, and my buzz is shot. "Thanks a lot James." "What?" He shrugs, feigning nonchalance. I needed to get the hell away from my brother fast before I tell him where to really stick those hundreds he was waving. My brother is a bastard when it comes to women. I'm not a saint by any means, but James is the ultimate slime ball. He is in it for the sex, and when he gets he tosses women aside like they were garbage. He's always been that way.
- 14 -

Well, accept for that one time. Her name was Leah. She was James' one weak spot. He loved her, worshiped her even. They were supposed to marry, but my mother put an end to that. Leah and James met at Cullen Oil. She was a temp at the office. James was instantly smitten with her. Leah wasn't the type of woman my parents approved as a match for James. She was what they would call "forbidden." She wasn't from money, but she had an elegance and grace about her that even the richest women couldn't emulate. She was the love of his life. Leah was put off by James in the beginning, but that did phase him. He kept pursuing her until she started to find his cocky demeanor charming. They eventually fell in love,and he asked for her hand. Mom was having none of it. She did everything in her power to make sure that Leah did not marry into the Cullen name. She treated Leah like complete shit every chance she got. It caused such a hostile environment that Leah called off the engagement and walked away saying she couldn't stand to be the cause of his family's dissention. James was crushed. There has never been another Leah. He never talks about her. I know he misses her. That was two years ago, and now here we are tucking hundreds in these broads g-strings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I only had two drinks, but decided not to fuck with fate cab it is. I climb out of the cab, and I start up to the gate. "Home sweet hell," I say out loud. Suddenly the lights flip on, half blinding me. "And it's about to get worse, where the hell have you been?" "Damn it, Tanya! How the hell did you get in here?" "How in the hell do you think? Fucking Alice, I'm going string her up by her pointy toed heels. "We're going to be married soon enough anyway, so what's the big deal?" I pinch the bridge of my nose, "Tanya, we are not married yet, which means you don't get to stalk me in my house." "Well you wouldn't answer your phone, and we need to talk about." "The wedding, I get it. I snap obviously livid that she's here destroying what's left of the buzz that James all ready started destroying. That motherfucker is probably home right now engaging in all kinds of raunchy sex with less annoying women then Tanya.
- 15 -

"I don't know why you and Alice don't handle it. I could care less about 'the joys of planning a wedding' I move to turn down the lights. Fuck its way too bright in here. "Besides Tanya, we all know why this wedding is taking place, so what kind of cake or flowers you choose makes no difference to me." I flop down on the couch and rest my head back against it strangely interested with the ceiling. "Look Edward, this wedding was arranged for me too you know. It's not all 'joys' for me either, but our betrothal has a lot riding on it. You're not going to screw me just because you're an over-spoiled, stuck up brat. Besides we're both young, attractive people, there is no reason we can't make this work to our advantage. Who was she calling stuck-up? Pot meet Kettle. I continue to look at the ceiling, letting her words linger inside of my head. I glance at her. She's waiting for a reply, so I give her one in the form of tongue. I grab her face, kissing her hard with all the built up frustration and lust that's lingering inside of me. I begin moving her back against the door, running my hands down one jean clad thigh. She pushes me back with all the strength she has, which isn't much, making me stumble back biting down on my lip in the process, I wipe at my lip looking at my hand for traces of blood, and l laugh out loud. "You fucking bit me!" "Keep your hands off Edward." She gestures towards her legs. "These legs stay closed until after the wedding." "Then we're done here 'until after the wedding.' I usher her to the door. "Talk to you later Tanya." "But Edward, we need to talk." I close the door, yelling through the other side, "I said later." Oh well, so much for sex tonight. That bite did nothing but make my cock come to life. Tanya was sexy. I think to myself plopping back down on the couch. Flashback: "Hey beautiful." I walk through her office door. She looks up from the paperwork on her desk. "And to what do I owe that term of endearment, or this visit?" She asks as she twirls a lock of her hair on her index finger.
- 16 -

"Oh, I wouldn't say owe.that sounds kind of illegal. Don't you think?" walking over to stand behind her desk dragging my hand across the back her chair. "Ok. What should I say then?" I spin her chair around to face me. She's fucking hot in those glasses. I stoop down in front of her, undoing the first two buttons on her pinstriped blouse. "If it were me I wouldn't say anything much," I lean in and kiss the swell of her right breast gently. Fuck, she smells good enough to eat. We'll save that for another day. "I would just take the compliment, and say thank you." I start running my tongue down her now exposed cleavage. The barrier of the next button stopping me cold. "Thank you." She responds breathlessly with her head thrown back ever so slightly. I pop open the next button. "You're welcome." "Edward?" "Hmm?" "What are we doing"? Was she kidding? Did she need a fucking diagram? Still kissing. All seven button undone now. "You need an explanation?" I pull back and look at her, and she's biting her lip. I yank her to her feet, pulling her closer to my chest. She squeals at the sudden movement. Grabbing her hand I walk quickly over to the door, and turn the switch waiting to hear the click. Still holding onto her hand, I lead her over to the mahogany colored leather sofa, and flop down pulling her on top straddling me. Looking straight into her ice blue eyes, I started lifting her skirt so she could fit more securely against the place where she was needed most. I start pulling her already open blouse off and proceed tossing it somewhere to the side. I resume kissing her on her jaw, and on her neck sucking the flesh softly making gentle suckling noises. "Edward." She moaned. "Mmmm." I moaned in response back. "Edward we have to stop." She started pulling away. "I want you." I mumbled into the crook of her neck licking and tasting every inch
- 17 -

of her skin as her moans turn into heavy panting. "Oh god, you don't play fair." "Nope." I chuckle with my lips close to her ear, biting down on her lobe. "But we can't do this right now." I respond by pulling her hips to mine thrusting up at the same time, letting her know we could definitely do this right now. "No one's coming in here Tanya. I locked the door remember." I say while pulling down one cup of her laced bra grabbing one nipple with my teeth, smiling against her breast when I feel her jump from the sensation, causing her to switch positions on my cock. That was all I needed to start ripping off my own shirt tossing it. I grabbed the back of her head and started to pull her to my lips. She reached up to remove her glasses. "No, these and those stay on!" I said gesturing to the open toed red pumps she was wearing. She leaned in and licked my bottom lip teasing the shit out of me. She would pay for that later. I met her back pushing my tongue through her vanilla flavored glossed lips. I began unzipping her skirt in the back, but I knew I would only get it down so far the way she had her legs spread on either side of me. "Stand up baby." "No Edward." She pushed me back against the sofa and stood up pulling her skirt back down. "When I said we couldn't do this now, I meant we couldn't do this before the wedding" I blinked and looked up at her like she had just taken leave of her senses. "Excuse me, what?" I asked like I didn't hear her correctly. "We can't have sex." "No, say the part again about the goddamn wedding!" Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BPOV
- 18 -

Wrong, wrong, wrong, Bella I shook my head while inwardly berating myself. You, do not steal the man's phone. Wasn't really stealing it , I was just. I don't know curious? I stood there biting my thumbnail, staring at the thing on what I call my coffee table like it was a bomb getting ready to go off, Buzz, buzz, buzz, I nearly jumped three feet when it vibrated on my table. Maybe I should answer it, I thought, but decided against it. I'll just take it back to the store in the morning, or maybe I'll deliver it personally. Yeah and maybe he'll have you arrested for grand theft I phone. "Shut uuuuup". I'm dreaming..I'm dreaming of the most vivid colors, green, and red, no more like copper. It's like disco light colors, am I high? The dream continues, but it's clearer now, not just colors, but eyes, lips, and a glorious head of hair, a head of hair you just want to grab on and pull while it's moving down between yourbang, bang ,bang. "Open the door Bella, or I'll make Sadie bark continuously and get you evicted." "Rose," I groan loudly. "I mean it, Bella. You're not backing out of this tonight. Open this door, or I get louder." "Ok, ok. I make my way over to the door snatch it open, and there is Rose standing in what I'm sure is something that looks a lot like what Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman before she started spending the rich guy's money on appropriate clothing. "Am I hot or what?" The "or what" was picking at my brain, she sensed this. "Don't you dare answer that, Bella Swan," pointing directly at me. I "know I'm hot. Now you go get hot as well." This is going to be one long night. After watching Rose bump and grind for what seemed like hours, I finally decided I had enough, I make my way to the dance floor where Rose is practically wrapped around some big yet gorgeous guy, and when I say "wrapped" I mean they look like they're basically screwing on the dance floor. "Rose, I'm gonna go." "Oh hey Bella this is Emmett. Say hi, Emmett"
- 19 -

"Hey." "Hey" I say back. He seemsarticulate. "Look Rose, are you going to be ok? I'm gonna get a cab home". "Oh, I'll be fine Bella, She never really said it to me. "Ok, well call me when you get home. I yelled over top of the extremely loud music. "Ok Bella, you call me when you get home safe, or I'll kill you, she smiles at Emmett. Well, at least one of us had fun tonight. EPOV "What the hell? I'm startled from my slumber, "Smidge, what are you doing. How did you get in here?" She's standing over top of me, keys swinging from her index finger. "I ran into Tanya last night." "Damn it, what is with you women?" I scrub my face with my hands "What time is it?" "Ten." "In the morning?" "Yeah, genius. She laughs. "How much did you have to drink last night, anyway?" Tossing the spare keys on my chest. "Oh shit." I sprint off of the couch and up the stairs to the shower. I was getting my phone back today no if ands, or buts. I waltz back down stairs fully dressed. Then, it hit me. "Smidge, let me borrow your phone." BPOV Buzz, buzz, buzz. I've had about enough of this.I should have just left the damn thing off. No you should have just left the damn thing at the store. I grab the thing,
- 20 -

and look at the screen. "Smidge?" I scrunch my nose. What I did next was probably wrong on so many levels. "Edward Cullen's phone?" I answer nervously, gnawing on my thumbnail. "Damn right this is Edward Cullen's phone. Who is this?" Oh shit he's pissed. I'm sure the smirk is gone now. ""Um, Bella?" I say it as if I'm not sure that is my name. "Bella, the cashier from Starbuck's." "Well um Bella from Starbuck's are you planning on returning my phone?" His voice is dripping with sarcasm. "Of courseI can meet you at the store in about 30 mi-" He cuts me off. "No time, what's your address? I'll come to you, Huh here! I'm panicking. "Um" "I'd like my phone sometime today Bella. No scratch that, I'd like my phone now. Address please." He sounds really pissed and sexy as hell. "Earth to Bella." "Umyeah it's 217 W. Newman St. Apt. 4B." "Thanks." Just like that the line goes dead, and my heart is racing, and I think I'm hyperventilating, "Oh my God, Oh my God, what did I do?" One hand is over my mouth the other on my forehead. He's coming here! No one hears me except for Sadie who is looking at me with her head cocked to one side. "Okay, calm yourself Bella; he's just coming to get his phone," but why am I standing in front of a mirror yanking out my hair tie fluffing my hair, and checking my outfit. "I look hideous. Think Bella". I must have been in that mirror longer than I thought. Next thing I knew I was mentally pulled away from my unsuccessful primping by the knocking at my door and Sadie's barking. Oh no! Oh God! "Sadie shhh!" To no avail, she continues to bark. I give up on trying to knot my oversized University of Illinois t shirt to at least try and look what's called presentable these days, and reach for the door knob. He's standing with his back facing me, one hand in his hair the other on the pillar outside my door. He never hears me open the door, he is otherwise engaged. Open the door a little wider and the squeak captures his attention. He
- 21 -

turns swiftly but calmly, like he knew I was there all the time. "Umhi . Sadie shh." "Umhi" he is mocking me. "You're Bella." He states. "Yes." I nod once. "I believe you have something I want, and the smirk is back. He's flirting.damn him he's flirting! And I'm sure I'm blushing because the smirk is now full blown pearly whites. "Oh God, focus Bella". "Focus on what?" Shit I said that out loud. "Nothing," I shake my head, I'm staring I can't help it, I can't pull my eyes away. "Who's Sadie?" "HuhOh, Sadie's my dog. I say pushing Sadie back with my foot. "Right." He says slowly and the spell is broken. "So, do you have my phone or not Bella? "Oh right, here it is, I hand it to him. "I brought it home accidently." He looked uninterested while checking his phone for damages. "I'm sorry, I say quietly, my apology seem to pull him from his inspection, and he glances back at me. "Yeah, well thanks again," smirk still in place, and just like that he retreats from my door, away from me away from my life. Don't' go, stay forever, but my thoughts are known to no one but me. I'm left standing looking like a complete idiot, gawking at his perfectly sculpted behind. Shaking my head to myself, "God I'm such an idiot," I watch as he reaches his car, not giving me a second look, the tires are screeching on the street as if he has somewhere of importance to be. I closed the door behind me and walk over to the couch crouching down slowly. Why the hell do I feel so rejected? I mean it's not like he was coming to "see" me, he was just coming to get his precious phone, but now I can't seem to get him out of my head. Maybe it was the way he was on the phone, so sexy, domineering,cocky even"damn right this is Edward Cullen's phone" I smile to myself, or maybe it was the way he stood with his hand in his hair waiting for me to answer the door, or the delicious aroma that was coming off of his skin, some kind of expensive cologne or aftershave, mmmm he shaves, I wonder how he
- 22 -

would look scruffy.Or maybe it was the way he wore the sleeves of his wrinkle free white button down shirt, pushed up slightly to his forearms revealing the silver big faced watch and same color hair that graced his head. God I loved his hair, so vibrant, so scattered wildly amongst his head, and a stare from green eyes so piercing they burned right through to my soul. He knows his effect on women. The smirk says so. He knows he's amazing; he knows all to well. My thoughts of him were interrupted by my cellphone. I rummage through my bag trying to find it. "Dad, hey" "Hey yourself, kiddo, you sound weird what's going on there? "He's always on the defensive. "Everything's fine dad, just a little tired." "Killing you over there at that fancy coffee place, huh?" "Yeah, something like that, I laughhe is so old fashioned. Charlie didn't believe in all the new aged things, Cappuccino, ipods, computers, he had no use for them, said they were a waste of time, and money. Once, Charlie told me, "Get what you want kid, moneys' no object", apparently it was no subject either. Hence, the red beast parked outside my door. I loved the truck though, it got me from point A to B and it had excellent room for Sadie. "Well, it will do you good to have some vacation time away from there when you come here for the summer. When's your flight?" "On Friday, I should arrive late afternoon, Sadie and I can't wait to see you dad." Charlie knew how much Sadie meant to me. I didn't want to leave her with Rose, she would feel abandoned, and Rose would end up losing it, so Charlie chipped in along with the money I saved so far to have her transported to Fort Lauderdale. He was the best. I couldn't wait to spend the summer with him, the truth is, I needed a change. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Review, pretty please.

- 23 -

Chapter3 Planes,Parties,and Possiblities

Disclaimer: It's still much of the same "Steph owns..Rob owns." A/N: Big thanx to everyone who read and reviewed, you keep me inspired. Chapter3 Angela and I were in the middle of our routine of getting the store in order for the next shift. It was also getting closer for me to leave for my vacation. "So, Bella when's your flight?" "In two more days thank God. Rose is driving me to the airport." I was happy to be leaving Chicago for awhile. It never really felt like home to me. That is except for Rose and Angela. They were my best and only friends. Maybe it was because I was so introverted that it was awkward for me to meet new people. I always felt out of place like I was the punch line to every joke anyone told. Rose was the one exception. She was so easy to love. She was confident, ballsy, and gorgeous with an extreme potty mouth. She didn't take crap from anyone. She was determined to be successful. She graduated last year from Depaul University with a Masters degree in business. She was crazy smart unlike me. I just wanted to be a vet. I loved animals. It's weird that someone like Rose would turn out to be my best friend. I met her two years ago at a fraternity party. She got into a bit of trouble and I sort of helped her out. She says I saved her life. I guess she feels like she owes me. Angela was different all together. She wasn't exactly shy, but she wasn't completely open either. We both attended the University of Illinois, and immediately clicked. Angela was a year older than me and lived with her boyfriend Mike of two years. Angela was the best. She was someone I could trust with anything. I was going to miss her this summer. "Well I hope you make the most of it and have fun God knows you deserve it." Part of me believed her and the other part-not so much. "Yeah well it was nice of Mr. Yorkie to let me transfer to the store down there. That way I won't have any trouble finding a job." "Work! Is that all you can think about?" She practically screamed at me. " It's a summer vacation Bella. You should be having fun, and seeing new things. Doing all the things nineteen year olds are supposed to do.
- 24 -

She pauses and looks directly at me. "Promise me you'll have fun Bella. Go out and meet people. Meet a guy; have sex for god sakes. "Oh boy, here we go." She totally ignored my interruption and continued on. "When was the last time you had sex anyway?" Having the sex talk always annoyed me. The actual having sex part was good I guess. I only have two experiences to compare. They were both spontaneous, and nonromantic. I would have much rather myself been in a long lasting relationship when they occurred, but that wasn't how it turned out. I wasn't a goddess or anything in the bedroom. In fact I wasn't very open to trying anything except the obvious choices for sex; missionary position, no oral, and definitely no anal. I guess I'm kind of what people would consider a prude. Don't get me wrong I liked sex, but I have yet to have the kind sex that Rose quotes, 'good enough that it makes you want to tie the guy up and never let him leave. Nope, I'm sure I haven't witnessed sex like that." "You have a one track mind Ang." "Yeah, and you don't, but you need to get one and fast before your girlie parts shrivel up and turn to dust." My vagina always ended up being the brunt of some joke courtesy of Rose and Angela. I rolled my eyes. "Seriously! We'll need to buy an urn, and have a little memorial" "Ok Ang." I was so done with this conversation, but she apparently was not. "Here lies Bella's vagina." "OK! I get it Angela. God you and Rose are obsessed with my under used vagina." They meant well, but it irked the hell out of me. "Well, use it and we won't be obsessed." Like I said I hated the sex talk. EPOV "Alice, is that you?"
- 25 -

"No mom, it's me." I let the door shut behind me waiting for the verbal onslaught I was getting ready to receive. I'm sure Tanya was very thorough. "Oh, Edward sweetheart in here." I walk in the kitchen where my mother was looking over the wedding guest list. She was as bad as Alice with this whole thing. I mean 500 guests for a wedding? Leave me out of it. My mind was on other things at the moment. My mom was jawing away saying something about Tanya and being rude. When I finally came out of my thoughts she was looking at me with her hands on her hips, and eyebrows knitted together. "Edward did you hear anything I said?" No. "Yes, and I agree Tanya was being extremely rude for breaking into my place and stalking me." I knew the sarcasm would piss her off. "Edward." She was obviously not amused. "You were the one who was being rude Edward. Tanya told me how you all but threw her out of the house, and wouldn't discuss the wedding with her. It was flat out disrespectful. Do I need to remind you of the importance of this marriage? You and Tanya are both heirs to your family's legacy. You are both rich and successful young people who are going to be a force to be reckoned with in this business. I will not tolerate you treating this wedding like it's a game Edward. Cullen Oil is a huge lucrative conglomerate as well as Denali, and both companies stand to gain a lot from the biggest merger this coast has ever had. It will be the most powerful union in the State of Chicago with you and Tanya at the helm. You will not ruin this Edward. I won't allow it. I was fuming. How in the hell did she think she could just control my life. She was insane if she thought I was going to let her do just that. "Look, don't worry. I'll play my part in this farce of a wedding I'll put on my polite smile, and shake all 500 of the wedding guests hands if need be; hell I'll even produce an heir, but what I will not do is let you, dad or Tanya fucking Denali control my life and that goes for momma and poppa Denali as well. The wedding is where it ends."
- 26 -

I didn't want any of this, and I sure as hell didn't want to marry Tanya. Nor did I want Cullen Oil, but I knew how much my parents invested into this entire wedding/merger, and therefore so would I. Let's face it I was good at what I did-the best. I single handedly saved Cullen Oil from local and global raiders. I did what my father couldn't do. I charmed Tanya to the point where her parents pushed for this ridiculous wedding all for the sake of the rich getting richer. I hadn't expected them to go as for as a wedding merger. I had only intended to make nice with Tanya so that they wouldn't be a problem for Cullen Oil's growth and success. I would have been happy to relinquish all ties of Cullen Oil to James, but he wasn't my father's son, a hell of a business man but not Cullen blood. That was the deal-breaker for my father. "You watch your language when you speak to me Edward Masen Cullen! I will not have you speaking to me with that filth. Not in my home! Not anywhere! Is that clear?" "Yeah, crystal just as long as it's clear to you that this is my life and I will do what I want. Especially with-in regards to my so called fiance." "No one is trying to control your life Edward. I'm just asking you to be a little more respectful of Tanya. She is going to be your wife in every since of the word. This will work out." Her eyes travel south. She yells, "What the hell happened to my floor!" I walk out on the patio where James and Alice are sitting by the pool. "Is dad back yet?" I asked approaching them. "Hey bro, what's up?" "Nothing is up. I just need to speak with him before we head out." "Try the study. You know he's always in there reading and obsessing over shit." He resumes his conversation with Alice. I knock once on the door, and poked my head through. "You busy?" "No, come in son. What can I do for you?" "I just wanted to touch base with you before James and I head out tomorrow."
- 27 -

"Is everything on schedule with Denali?" "Yeah, it was pretty much a done deal when James brought the final papers." "He's really come into his own huh?" He said staring out the window smiling to him self. "Just the way you taught him dad." I sighed, irritated with his praise. James was the oldest of me and Alice. We had different fathers. My mother already had James when she met Carlisle. None of us really knew anything about James' biological father. I think my parents just wanted to keep everyone in the dark. James didn't care one way or the other. Carlisle and Esme both came from wealthy families. They fell in love and were married. My dad raised James as his own against my grandparent's wishes. They said it was a disgrace that he would even consider being with someone that had a child out of wedlock let alone raising said child as his own-as a Cullen. They disowned him taking away his trust fund and access family business. Mom's parents were different. They accepted him. They thought he was a good and noble man mostly because he loved their daughter enough to take on a son that wasn't his. They also knew what he gave up to be with her. They welcomed him into the family, and not just the family, but the family business. It wasn't enough for him. He wanted something to call his own. He longed for a family legacy. That's when Cullen Oil was created with my father's experience and mom's money. He wanted an empire, and a son, but James wasn't enough. Yes he loved him, but he wasn't a Cullen. One year after mom and dad married I was born-a purebred Cullen. My father really thought he was doing something by raising us this way ruthless, and manipulative. You would have thought James was his biological son. Shit, he was a carbon copy of my father. I could be a cold hearted bastard, but I wanted more than this life. I wasn't sure what I wanted, but out of my twenty three years in this family I decided I now wanted more. I needed to get out of here. "Look at the way her ass moves in that tight little skirt." James leans over and whispers to me. He was commenting on the blonde airline stewardess that was making her way back down the isle again after he had her make three trips just to look at her ass. "Are you a pig all the time man, or is it only on special occasions like these when we're flying first class?" He looks confused, and then he answers. "We always fly first class." and I have my answer. He slouches down getting comfortable. "Seriously Edward, you need to relax. This is what this trip is all about. Soak up some sun, party, get drunk, and fuck like wild animals bro. You don't have much longer. August will be here before you know it."
- 28 -

He sits back up looking me directly in the face. "Honestly what's your problem Edward? You're a rich, powerful, somewhat handsome guy. The hair is a little distracting, but other than that you'll pass." He says swatting the tips of my hair. He was obviously having jealousy issues. "Have some fun before you have to reign yourself in. We have a month before its back to business, then you can brood all you want when you're attached at the hip by your annoying new bride." He resumes the slouching position this time resting his head back and closing his eyes. He sighs. "Although, Tanya isn't half bad you could do a lot worse. I bet her sexy little body could do a shit load of tricks." "This conversation is over James." I said resting my head back as well. "Whatever, I'm getting some beauty sleep. Wake me up when we land." At that moment I was never happier my brother decided to sleep. He was right about one thing. Tanya was hot, but she didn't do it for me. Sure I could have fun with her, and I'm certain that I would. Fucking her would be no problem, but like the man said she was annoying as fuck. I just needed to get away from my family, Tanya and this wedding shit or it would consume me. BPOV "Bella call me as soon as you land ok. I'm going to miss you so much, and call me everyday ok? Oh and have fun or I'll kick your ass." "Rose you're squeezing the life out of me." I said slightly choking. I would miss her immensely. "Bye Barbie, I'm gonna miss you too." "You won't miss me, I won't give you time to." Finally turning me loose I quickly kissed her cheek grabbed my pull along and started toward the gate. "Hey Bella, I put a little present in your suitcase. I hope you get good use out of it." She yelled over her shoulder as she began to fade into the crowd. I knew that gift meant nothing but trouble. "And remember Bella that sex between two people is a beautiful thing, but between three it's fanfuckingtastic!" She starts giggling. "I love you." She yells and I gasp. I'm standing there watching people look at me with their mouths wide open. I'm so embarrassed. I sit quietly in one of the corner seats looking out of the window thinking back..
- 29 -

Flashback Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh! Oh-oh-oooh-oh-oh! Caught in a bad romance Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh! Oh-oh-oooh-oh-oh! Caught in a bad romance Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-Roma-ma-ah! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-Roma-ma-ah! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance My head was pounding, probably due the loud music and the single beer I had ingested. There was way too much alcohol at this party. "She says she wants to do both of us man! Sam, look at her! She wants 's so fucking hot!" I could hear them talking. They were saying the most vial and disgusting things, about what they were going to do, and how they were going to do it. I needed to stop this but I didn't know how. I couldn't let this happen. This wasn't who I was or how I was raised to be, but my voice didn't seem to want to cooperate with what my mind was saying to me, screaming at me.
- 30 -

"Are you ready to go gorgeous?" The short haired blonde guy said. "Is your friend coming too?" "He's a little shy it seems, but if anyone can convince him it's you baby." "That won't be a problem I promise he'll warm up to me in no time. I'll meet you upstairs?" "Yeah, we're right behind you, beautiful. Don't start with out us." "Now I can't promise that." This was so wrong on so many levels. Why couldn't I stop this? I knew what they were going to do, but I couldn't clear my head long enough to stop what was about to happen. This was going to happen. The climbing of the stairs seemed like it would never end. The voices were becoming distant. All I could hear was muffled music with the exception of two voices in my head. The base of the music was vibrating in my chest and my heart was pulsing inside of my ears. "Come on man stop being such a pussy! She wants this! And if you're not up for this then don't hold me up anymore. She's up there waiting. What's it gonna be?" "Are you sure she said both of us Riley? "Look man, come upstairs with me and see for yourself. If she's not into it then you can go, but I'm telling you she said both of us. Are you coming or not? My mind was racing. What the hell was I doing here? I had to get out of here. I rise to my feet when I hear the click of the door. "You ready for us baby? "What took you so long, I almost started without you." "I can see that. Do you need any assistance with that skirt? "I could use some, besides I'm ready to feel your hands all over me".
- 31 -

"Come here. Hmmm your body feels so soft." "What about your friend, you don't want to leave him out do you"? "His name's Sam. He's a little nervous. Maybe you can break him out of it." "Do you like what you see Sam?" "Um, Yeah." "Do you like the way he's rubbing my breasts and the way he's kissing my neck? Do you want to touch me like that too Sam? "Yeah." "Touch me Sam." Oh my god! I had to stop this now! (The door opens slamming into the wall) "Get the hell off of her!" I screamed. "What the fuck! Riley, man I told you this was a bad idea! "Bitch, this is my house. Mind you're own fucking business and get out of here! "You've got two seconds before the phone in my hand starts dialing my father the Police Chief. "You're bluffing. Besides she wanted this and your father is not the Chief of Police." The short haired blonde guy said while pulling up his pants. "He is the Police Chief in Fort Lauderdale, and all I have to do is tell him about what just went on here, and he will call in a favor. Do you want to try me Riley? I wanted to let him know that I did catch his name. "Fuck!" Let's go man." The dark haired guy said bolting from the door with the Riley douche close on his heels. I turned my attention back to the bed where she sat with her face in her hands quietly sobbing. I slowly walk over to her and gently sit on the bed next her being careful not to frighten her. I reached out my hand to put on her shoulder.
- 32 -

"It's ok. You're going to be alright." She raises her head to look at me, and what comes out of her mouth shocks the hell out of me. "Why did you come up here?" she practically yelled. "I'm not a baby. I knew what I was doing!" "You're drunk, and they were going to take advantage of you. I heard them talking about you before you came up here. They were going to rape you." My voice tone was locked in a whisper. It was like I couldn't even speak the word. She continued to confuse me with her responses. She threw her head back and started laughing maniacally. "You are nave aren't you? They weren't going to rape me! I wanted them to do it and where the hell do you get off sticking your nose in my business? I didn't understand why she was so angry with me. I was just trying to stop them from hurting her. "Why would you want them to do that to you?" I was so confused. "Oh shut up. You don't know me. Don't you dare judge me." "I wasn't judging you I was trying to help-" "Well who the hell asked you, huh? I don't need some little nave, stupid virgin girl who doesn't even know the difference between a threesome and rape to try and save me! At this point she was scrambling and stumbling around the room trying to gather up her clothing. I'm guessing that those guys didn't get that far because she still had her underwear on, but I couldn't be sure. "Are you hurt? Can I take you somewhere-maybe to a hospital?" "I cannot fucking believe this! Did you hear what I said? I WASN'T RAPED!" She was angry with me to say the least. I just wanted to help her. I didn't understand why she would put purposely put herself in that predicament. Maybe I was nave. She started stumbling towards the door with her purse crushed in her hands. She was obviously not going to make it to where she was trying to go-hell she wasn't going to make it to the stairs without falling down them. I ran over to the door to help her and that's when it happened. "Oh God I'm gonna be sick."(Retches).
- 33 -

She fell to her knees and threw up all over the floor, herself, and me. Great "Oh my God, are you ok? (Still retching) I held her hair back from her face until she was done. There was no way we were going to make it to the toilet. "Oh God." She groaned. I had to get her out of here, she was a mess. I knew I would have a fight on my hands, but I couldn't leave her here, especially not in the condition she was in. I glanced around the room for something to wipe her face and the front of my shirt with. I grabbed for the towel that was on the end of the bed and started to clean us both off some. When I was done I threw the soiled towel back on the bed and helped her back up. "I'm getting you out of here and I wasn't bluffing earlier about calling my father. He's is a Police Chief, and if you fight me on it I will call my him and he will send someone here and we will all be in a world of trouble. Do you want that? She looks at me eyes wide shaking her head. "Me neither. He will definitely go ape shit. Let's go." Making our way quickly as possible down the stairs, practically falling down half of them we manage to squeeze pass a sea of heavily intoxicated and horny college kids in the middle of the floor with no sign of a sleaze named Riley or his sidekick in sight. "So where are we going"? Her voice was hoarse from all the drinking and puking she did just moments earlier. The smell in the car was putrid. "Um, to my apartment unless you have someplace you want me to take you." All she replied was no. Conversation finished. The rest of the car ride was in complete silence. We arrive at my apartment minutes later. I shut off the engine and climb out letting the door close easily behind me. "Are you ok to walk? "Why are you gonna carry me or something?" she asks sarcastically rolling her eyes at the same time.
- 34 -

"No, I meant ok to walk by yourself I could help you." "I'm fine." She holds up one hand in front of her. I reach the door fumbling with the keys in the stupid lock. I finally get the door open and flip the light switch. She walked passed me to the couch and flopped down. I don't know why it took Sadie so long to recognize my presence, although I'm sure that my shredded pillows on the couch probably mirrored what my bedroom was going to look like. She always made a mess when I left her alone. Finally she took the inopportune moment to come charging down the stairs and jump right on our new guest. "Ahh!" she screamed. "Get it off me!" "Sadie! Down girl, come on." Sadie was still a puppy so play time was just beginning for her. I grabbed her chew toy and tossed it her way. That seemed to occupy her for awhile. "Now I know I need a shower, ugh! She started brushing at her clothes. "You can use the shower if you want. I'll show you where it is." She followed me up stairs to the bathroom. "You can use whatever you need. I'll just go and get you something clean to put on." I pulled the door close and heard the shower come on. I quickly went to my room and grabbed some clean sweats from my drawer and placed them neatly on the bed. Thanking God Sadie left it in one piece. I walk back to the bathroom, and I hear sobbing through the door. I'm hesitant, but I want to make sure she's ok. I knocked softly on the door. "Are you ok?" "I'M FINE! " She snapped "Can't I take a shower in peace!" "Sorry, I just heard you crying and I just wanted to m-" "I'M NOT CRYING!" My hero skills were obviously rusty. I knew I wasn't going to win this fight so I decided to just give her privacy and let her finish cleaning up. Whatever she wanted to do next was fine with me. "Um, okay I left you some clean clothes on my bed. It's to your right when you come out of the bathroom." She gave no reply.
- 35 -

I opened the fridge gathering things to make a sandwich. I had opened a can of chicken noodle soup just in case her stomach was still unsettled. She came into the kitchen with her head down and sat at one of the two chairs in my small dining set. With all the make-up scrubbed away she looked like little frightened girl. I'm familiar with that girl. "Are you hungry I made ham and cheese, and some chicken noodle soup, I could make coffee?" "Do you have any bottled water?" "Sure. You should try eating something though, I'm sure your stomach is begging for something after empting it all over that pricks carpet." She looked up and half smiled at me. I pour some soup into a bowl and slide it in front of her. "I'm not an invalid. I can open my own water, and spoon my own soup." "Maybe I just don't want you touching my stuff." trying to keep things less serious as possible. She smiled a little more this time. "Who the fuck are you? Martha Stewart or somebody?" she asked, sipping her soup. "This is good." "It's from a can so your Martha Stewart assessment is slightly off. I'm Bella." I stick out my hand waiting for her to take it. She stares at it like I have some sort of foreign substance on it. Then she takes it. "I'm Rosalie." End of flashback Now boarding, flight number2303 to Fort Lauderdale. I jumped having been interrupted from my trip down memory lane and grabbed my things and start to board the plane finding a not so inviting seat in between set of cute giggling twin girls and the window of terror. Guess what seat I get. Wonderful "Welcome to beautiful Fort Lauderdale where it is a comfortable eighty seven degrees. Please keep you're your seatbelts fastened until the aircraft comes to a complete and safe landing."
- 36 -

I awaken to the sound of the pilot's voice alerting me that we have arrived in Fort Lauderdale. I gaze out of the window then quickly close the shade. The last thing I wanted to do was hurl all over my self and the giggle sisters sitting next to me. Stretching out my limbs, I couldn't believe I actually slept through the whole flight. "We will be arriving in FLL in about ten minute. We hope you've had a wonderful flight and thank you for flying Delta. I start to gather my carry on and I pod, preparing myself to finally reunite with my dad. "Dad!" "Hey kiddo!" I hugged my dad for what seemed like an eternity It's been six months since I seen him. I missed him so much. "How was your flight sweetheart? Did you get any rest?" "Yes and yes." I smile up at him. "Ready to go Bells?" "Yup, can't wait to be back at home." "How 'bout lunch first, we can go to that deli you like so much." "Ok, but my treat though. You've already done enough helping me get Sadie here. Thank you so much dad." I reached up and hugged him again. "It's no problem sweetheart. So, when is the little mutt arriving anyway?" "Hey, Sadie's no mutt. She's a purebred German Shepherd!" I knew he was joking with me, he knew how much I love that dog. He's the one who insisted on me having a dog. I guess that's why he made sure it was a Shepherd. Genuine police dog you know. "Ok, ok, don't bite my head off." He says while holding up his hands in front of him. "I was only kidding. You know I'm glad you have her to keep you company. She's a good watch dog too." We continue chatting making our way out of the airport. "So what's the plan for you this summer Bells?" he asks loading his burger up with an obscene amount of catsup.
- 37 -

"Um, I haven't thought of anything concrete that I would want to do except work, and spending time with you of course." I smiled at him, gently taking the bottle from his hand like it was a loaded gun. He really did need to eat a little healthier. I would make sure of that while I was here. "Well you should have some time for your self. Meet people and hang out. Have some fun this summer. Maybe take up fishing." Never looking up from his plate he smiles to himself. "Dad.You know I hate fishing." Epov Finally, I thought to my self as James and I arrived at the beach house. I was burnt out, and wound up at the same time. The little amount of sleep I got on plane didn't do me any justice. In addition to that Tanya was calling my phone non-stop. "Hello?" "Why haven't you answered my calls, Edward?" "I was on the plane Tanya, it's not allowed. Anyway, what the hell is so urgent that you feel the need to call me numerous times? Christ! How was I going to deal with this for the rest of my life? I continued bickering with Tanya for what seemed like hours, and I still couldn't fathom why she had to call me so much. I was never sure until this very moment that I was glad I got the hell away from her for the next month or so. "Listen Tanya, I just arrived at the beach house, and I'm extremely exhausted. I will call you later once I'm settled." "Fine Edward, you just make certain that it's not too much later." Was she threatening me? It wouldn't be the first time that she or one of her parents tried that with me. Once, her father told me if I did anything to hurt his precious Tanya he would grind my balls into saw wood dust. He had quite the flare for the dramatic.
- 38 -

"Don't ever threaten me again Tanya. I'll call you later." As I was ending that call James was in the middle of starting one. "I'll pick you up later Vic." He said while unpacking his smaller suitcase throwing the contents all over the sofa. I'm sure that was the infamous sex call my brother was setting up for tonight. Good. Now I won't have to worry about him worrying about who I will or will not be fucking tonight. I never had a problem finding women to engage in some extra curricular activities if I wanted it, and I did want it, but what I didn't want was to deal with all the clinginess and the whining after the sex was done. Why couldn't I ever find someone who just wanted a casual hook-up ever so often, everyone always wanted more, but the more I had was already reserved for Tanya, and there was no getting out of it. "Hey man I will be willing to call Victoria back and get her to hook you up with one of her friends. He says ending the call." "No thanks." I answered quickly holding up one hand."Besides I know Vic, and I sure as hell know you and there is no way that I'm going to be 'hooked-up' with one of your friends, friends.I said sarcastically. "If I want hook ups I'm sure I can find my own, and please tell me you're not using the beach house to screw her. I don't want to walk in and see Victoria bent over any article of furniture in this house." Victoria was sex on legs. She was the type woman you didn't want to piss off, a real major bitch, and that was putting it nicely. James was the only one who was able to handle her in more ways than one. They always seemed to want to have these hook-ups as he so intelligently labeled them every time we came to Florida. I personally didn't see how he hadn't become bored with her. I sure had. Victoria and I only fucked a couple of times, and that was before she and James started seeing one another if that's even what they were calling it. They fucked a lot. She meant nothing other than that to him, and I had the both of them to deal with for the next month or so. Maybe I should look into getting a hotel room or spending sometime on the yacht. There were bound to be nights when I would be bringing company home and I didn't want to come in and find those two humping all over each other like two horny teenagers. "Relax man, we won't be here, but if you change your mind about that friend" "I won't." That ended our conversation.
- 39 -

Getting around in Center City down here sucks. It's busy as hell, and completely over crowded. I was becoming irritated. I couldn't say why, but the feeling was lingering inside of me and I needed something to mellow me out. I knew as soon as I laid eyes on it what that something was. Walking through the doors with James in tow yapping about what, I'm not sure. I approached the counter and there she was. "Welcome to Starbucks. I'm Jessica, what can I get for you today?" The most annoying female I had ever come in contact with. She had Tanya beat and that was a hard task to accomplish. I could tell by the way she was smiling at me that she wasn't this chipper with most of her customers. She was way too eager to please, and was practically bouncing up and down like a Chihuahua waiting on a jerky treat. Her smile just told me everything I didn't want to know, a smile that said 'spread me across this counter and totally fuck me into oblivion'. That wouldn't be happening. I placed my order and made my way over to one of the booths, James followed with what looks like a complete meal. "Who the hell orders a complete dinner in the afternoon from Starbucks James?" looking at him like he's lost his mind. He replies with his mouth completely filled with food. "I was hungry, plus I had to accommodate your ridiculous pretty boy obsession Edward." He gestures towards my cup." I would have been much happier at a Mickey D's or something. I roll my eyes at his obvious street terminology, and continue with my coffee. "Anyway what are you going to do about that?" "I'm not obsessed. I just enjoy it." I watch him scarf down Panini's, scones, and wraps and I instantly felt ill. "Not that idiot. I'm talking about the brunette that's making her way over here." Whatdidhemean? Wait, what brunette? Oh God not her!DidhethinkIwasgoingto acknowledgeherblatantattemptsat flirtation? She wasn't even my type. She was way too eager to please and a little to hyper for my liking. "Here you are sir you left your drink over on the counter." She says handing James his cup never taking her eyes off me. Oh whatthehell.I'llplayalong. Focusing on her name tag; I'm sure she thought I was looking at her breast.
- 40 -

"Jessica, I licked my lips slowly, and winked, thank you." I said finishing it off with a wide toothed smile. Stumbling backwards she said her you're welcomes, and it was my pleasures, and resumed her place behind the register. Her eyes still focused on me. I turn my attention back to my drink, and James is watching me suspiciously with his arms folded across his chest, and a snide smirk. "You're so going to fuck her. You'll be in her panties by the end of the week." I just disregarded him with a shake of my head, and he continued with his lunch. I started smiling to my self and my acute hearing ability to her what people are saying from a distance, or should I say I'm really conscious when people of the opposite sex are having ongoing conversations that have to do with me . I picked up on one that was going on at the counter. "Are you kidding me! Oh my God did you see him?" The two continued on with their conversation oblivious to the fact that I was listening. "Are you blind Bella? He's gorgeous." My head snapped up and turned in the direction of the name that had come to be so familiar to me, and I was met with a pair of wide brown eyes. Happy Birthday to my daughter Mea! Please review!

- 41 -

Chapter4 That's interesting

Disclaimer: Stephanie owns it all. I just want to own Rob for a day. (One teeny, tiny day). Chapter 4 BPOV I could tell already that this was going to be a very different experience then what I was used to in Chicago. Charlie was nice enough to let me borrow his truck to get back and forth to work. We had a nice reunion. We talked all day and laughed all night. I wasn't surprised to see my room hadn't changed at all. I'm mean really I'm a 19 year old woman and he still has my room made up like it was when I was 16. Charlie really needed to let me grow up. At least I can look like an adult contributing something by going to work. If Charlie had his way I would be spending this vacation doing just that, vacationing. I walk into new surroundings, with the same overall feel of what I left back in Chicago. It seemed okay, but I knew right away that the staff I was working with would be different, especially Jessica. She was sarcastic, conceited, and a flat out pardon my French, bitch. I knew she was trouble from the moment I walked in the door and she started ordering me around like I was her minion. Luckily she was more satisfied with me working in the back then out in front. I didn't want to deal with her at all after the way she was acting this morning. That is until she grabbed me by my arm and yanked me out of the back. I had no idea why she was touching me or what had her so excited, since I had no reason to believe she wanted to be friends. "You have got to see the most amazing man." She said literally bouncing. "I'm sure he is amazing Jessica, but I have a ton of stuff to do if I'm going to get out of here on time." Its not that I didn't want to see him, I just wasn't crazy about Jessica. One minute she's rolling her eyes and speaking to me any kind of way and the next she's all 'You've got to see the most amazing man.' What is she nuts? I mean her mood swings were really starting to give whiplash. She was obviously ignoring my protests because she wasn't giving up until I at least agreed that he was the most amazing man. So, I gave up or rather gave in and finally took a peek at what had her so hot and bothered, and I was floored by what I saw. It was him. No it couldn't be. Could it? I stood there stiff as a board silently willing myself to do
- 42 -

something, or to say something, or at least move my body out of the state it was in-hell to run and hide, but I couldn't move. All the while I could hear Jessica rambling in my ear something about how hot he was and she was going to have him. My mouth went dry, and I was starting to hyperventilate, or at least thought I was. My chest was heaving, my eyes were blinking rapidly. What was he doing here? He was probably here on some sort of business, and he does like his Starbucks, but how ironic. I finally get some control over my thoughts enough to hear Jessica say "Are you kidding me! Did you see him?" And see him I did, and holy shit he sees me too. He's staring, he's surprised to see me too, you would never know it though, but I can tell by the way he's watching me. He's surprised to see me, maybe even a little happy. I know I have to get back to work but how am I supposed to concentrate with him sitting over there. Maybe I'll find a reason to walk pass his table.'and then what? Hope that he says, aren't you the girl who stole my phone?' He'll probably think I'm stalking him. Oh God this can't be happening. Angela will never believe this, I don't believe this. "Bella can you switch the menu specials on the door?" "Um, sure Jessica." And right on cue he's getting ready to leave. He begins walking towards the door, walking towards me. I can feel my body start to heat up, and my palms are sweating, gross. He stops when he reaches me. He looks at me somewhat confused. "Do you have a twin or something?" He cocked his head slightly to one side. "No." I whisper nervously and I barely recognize my own voice. "Are you following me?" now he's amused. "No." I smile feeling my cheeks start to heat up, bowing my head. "I guess it's just a coincidence." Suddenly interested in what my footwear looks like. God what must he think. I'm a complete and utter mess. "One hell of a coincidence I'd say." He smiles at me over his shoulder heading towards the door. What the hell just happened? I watch him and the gorgeous blonde haired guy take off in the shiny black car. And better yet why does he always leave me this way, flustered and 'talkingtomyself 'I laugh out loud, smacking the palm of my hand against my forehead. GodgetagripBella. I can't. My want to see this man again was
- 43 -

consuming me. I wanted to see that smile. I wanted to smell that smell. I wanted to hear his voice. I was gone. So gone I was never coming back. "So what did I tell you, he's hot right?" I whirl around like I was child being caught with it's hand in the cookie jar. I opened my mouth. She didn't wait for me to reply. "I wonder if he's seeing anyone? I don't care. If he comes in here again he's mine." My feelings were clear. At that moment I realized I never wanted him to come back to this store ever again. I was sitting on the bench with one foot tucked under me and the other swinging back and forth. It was a nice little park located across from the store where I decided to take my break. It was so warm. The sun felt good on my face, not too hot just perfect. I was having erotic and slightly murderous thoughts at the same time. My head was running through images of Edward and Jessica going at it in ways I didn't want to ever know about, and me grabbing her by her hair tearing it out by the roots. "I really need to get out more." I sighed loudly. What happened next nearly knocked me off that bench. "I can help with that." My head whipped around at the sound of his voice. Velvety smooth like warm melted chocolate, Sweet Jesus. He stood over top of me smiling that smile I was just obsessing about. "Huh?" God I sounded like the proverbial idiot. "I said I can help with that." "Help with what?" I furrowed my eyebrows. Oh no! Did I say something totally embarrassing out loud. I did have the tendency to exercise my word vomit at the wrong moments. "You said you needed to get out more right?" He heard that? How long was he standing there, and what else did he hear? That warm feeling I was having earlier was back. He was making me nervous. I began playing with the invisible string that was on my skirt. I was racking my brain trying to see if there was anything I might have said that would make him think I was either a psycho or a pervert, but he put an end to those thoughts. "Do I make you nervous?" he asked sitting down next to me, 'so nervous' I thought. Great he's a mind reader as well as an eavesdropper.
- 44 -

"Yes, I mean No." I quickly recovered. The last thing I wanted was to let him know was that he was getting to me, but I was failing miserably. "Then why won't you look at me?" I was looking at him. Wasn't I? Nope there's that invisible thread again. I raise my head to look at him, and that's weird the smile was gone. Its being replaced by pursed lips and a slight scowl. Was he annoyed with me? "So, how did you end up here?" he asked. "Um, I'm here on vacation, visiting my father." I clear my throat. "What about you?" "What about me?" he says looking straight a head, his hair blowing slightly in the breeze. I clear my throat for the second time and take a different approach. "Are you here on business?"He turns to look back at me. "No." was all he said. I waited and nothing. I ducked my head again. Maybe that was the wrong thing to ask. "So what's the story with the hyperactive brunette in there?" he asked, clearly not interested in the subject I proposed. He nodded his head in the direction of the store. He was asking about her. My heart sank. There was a lump in my throat so big I felt like I would choke. Was he interested in her? I knew Jessica was the kind of girl guys would want. Walking around with her boobs served up like "I think she's interested in me. What do you think?" he asked looking directly at me. "You think if I asked her to dinner she would accept?" The more he talked the bigger the lump got. I felt like I was being stomped in the gut. He came over here to ask me about Jessica. Of course he did. Why would I even think that he would give me a second thought? "I don't know." Never looking up, I couldn't. He would see it. The hurt and rejection I felt, but it didn't stop me from saying what was going on inside my head. "I think she's interested in you." I say so lowly that I didn't think that he would
- 45 -

hear. He nodded his head and stood up preparing to walk away, but not before he turned to me and said the most confusing words. "I think I'm interested in someone else." XXXXXXXXXXXXX A/N: I'm sorry this is a short chapter. I just felt like I needed to get this point of the story out before I started writing longer chapters. It needed to end there. Thanks for reading. Now please review! I'll make it easy for you guys just type y for (yes it's good) or n for (no it's bad).;)

- 46 -

Chapter 5
Disclaimer: It's still the same. :-( A/N: Thanx to everyone who read & reviewed. Thanx to everyone who read (even though you didn't review, I have faith in you guys. I know you will soon.) Big thanx to my special readers. (You know who you are!) It's unbeta'd so go easy on me :) Chapter 4(part 2) 'I think I'm interested in someone else.' I sat there stunned. I knew I was reading too much into this. The alarm on my phone told me that my break was over, but my mind was in over drive. Did I just imagine this whole thing? Was he serious? He sure looked serious, but what does it mean? He said something about dinner. Would he ask me? I must be insane. There was no way this guy could want someone like me. No way. I pulled up to the driveway. Charlie's police cruiser is there. I hope he gets to stay for dinner tonight. There's always some emergency that needs his immediate attention. "Dad?" I say walking through the door. "In here Bells." "Hey dad." He's sitting at the table shoving some sort of quick fix dinner into his mouth. I knew dinner was out of the question then. "You're on your way out, dad?" "Yeah sweetie, I have a ton of paper work that I've been putting off for too long. We'll do something this weekend, maybe go see the Rays play. You up for it?" "Yeah sure." I was more than happy to go to a baseball game with him. I loved hanging out with him at the games. We had fun doing things like that. I haven't been to a game in so long and I could be the biggest tomboy sometimes. I guess Charlie got the best of both worlds. "Good. Well gotta get going Bells. He started heading towards the door then stopped and turned to me. Sorry how was work?"
- 47 -

"It was good." What a liar I was. It was fabulous. He walks over and kisses my forehead. "Oh yeah, I forgot the flea bag is out in the backyard." He says with a smirk. Sadie's here! How is she? She's not traumatized is she?" I know I was overreacting, but I've been worried about her ever since I left Chicago. "Bella, relax she's fine, probably tearing up the yard or something. Gotta go. I'll be home round midnight." After seeing Charlie off to work, play time with Sadie began. I peek out of the backyard door and sure enough she has completely turned all the dirt in the backyard over. What am I going to do with this dog! "Sadie!" I finish cleaning up the kitchen. There wasn't much to do. Charlie barely spent anytime at home this week so there was no need to really cook much. I settled on ordering a pizza and calling Angela. I dial her number and wait for her to pick up. "Bella! Hey!" "Hey Ang! How are you? "Bored." I could almost hear the roll of her eyes. "Where's Mike?" I asked laughing. "He's out with his obnoxious friends. I'm kind of glad we're spending the evening apart. He's starting to drive me nuts. Maybe I should've come there with you. Have you met any cute guys yet?-no forget that, have you met any hot men yet?" I smiled at her correction. "UmYeah, one actually. Well technically we've met, but I'm not seeing him or anything.I meanI've seen him...but we're not" I was stumbling over my words and I was only talking to Angela. What is this man doing to me? He definitely did not ask me out, but did he want to? I guess I would never know. "Bella you're rambling. Slow down and tell me who have you met. Is he cute?" "Cute doesn't even begin to describe him Ang"That was the understatement of
- 48 -

the decade.' "Interesting, is he older?" "I'm not sure. I think he might be in his early to mid twenties." "What about his body? Is he fit, athletic?" "He's perfect, Ang. Everything is perfect." "Wow!...Sooooo, when are you going out with him?" "He hasn't asked Ang." "Well what did he say Bella and quit being so damn secretive and give me details." "I'm not being secretive. He just.he hasn't approached me in that way-I think." I frown at my own idiocy. "What the hell do you mean you think? Either he approached you or not. Tell me exactly what he said. I knew I was sounding crazy to her. I was sounding crazy to myself. "Well, there was this whole situation at the store with this other girl I work with named Jessica. I thought he was interested in her, but when I talked to him he said he was interested in someone else." "Ok, well how did he say it?" "Angela, I just told you what he said." I sighed. "Ok, ok. Was he smiling at you when he said this?" "Yes." 'He's always smiling or smirking.' I thought. "Alright listen to me, maybe you need to make the first move. He sounds like he's just playing hard to get-teasing you, ask him out. "There's something I didn't tell you" "What"?
- 49 -

"You remember that guy whose i-phone I had?" "Yeah, he hasn't been back in here since. Why?" "Well, he hasn't been there because he's here." "What?" she sounds confused, which I'm sure she is. "That guy whose phone I had and the guy that I met are one in the same Angela." "What!" My voice rises punctuating each word. "HE'S THE SAME GUY!" "You're kidding!" she gasps. "He's there in Florida!" "No, I'm not kidding and yes he's here in Florida and Ang, I can't stop thinking about him. He's always smiling at me and popping up out of know where, and he smells amazing and has the most incredible looking ass..." I was on a roll running down all the things about this guy that was harboring all of my chaste and not so chaste thoughts. I pull the phone away just as Angela sent an ear splitting squeal through the phone. "Bella! Oh my god! You have to ask him out. This is fate, do you know that? Don't make me hop a plane and come down there. Ask him! "Angela, I don't even know if he's coming back to the store. I wouldn't even know what to say. Besides, I'm not his type." "He's a man right?" I knew where she was going with this. "Yeah." "You're a woman right?" "Last time I checked Ang." I answer sarcastically. "Then you're his type." "Ang, he's rich." I reply with a whine. "So you're not trying to marry him and take all of his money, you're just having
- 50 -

fun. Ask him Bella. Shit, that's Mike on the other line. I gotta go Bella. I will call you tomorrow to get an update. Love you, bye." "Bye Ang. Tell Mike I said hi." I end the call and tap the phone against my chin thinking about everything Angela said. I couldn't possibly ask him out. Could I? No. I didn't do things like that. I could visualize it now. He would be doubled over clutching his stomach laughing his gorgeous head off. I was not humiliating myself like that. I wasn't that nave. I woke up the next morning feeling.odd, not bad odd but totally relaxed and content kind of odd. It must have been because of the comfortable mattress I wasn't used to sleeping on, but who's complaining? I stretched my body out fully. This felt so much better than my bed back home. I pull myself up and head to the shower. Finding something to wear to work was no hard task. I grabbed a pair of dark denim blue jeans and a white racer back tank top from my closet. Then I swept my hair up into a messy bun. It would have to do. I looked myself over in the mirror staring a little too long. I shook my head at the reflection before me. I was plain. Nothing about me stood out, except for the silver necklace with a broken heart charm that my mom gave me before she died. I never took it off. I kept the other half of the charm in my journal. It was her half. It was the most special thing she had ever given me. Although Charlie corrected me whenever I said that, saying. 'She gave you life Bells.' He was right. I continued to stand there, thinking about her longer than I normally do which was usually a long time. I missed her so much. I wiped my cheek free of the single tear that had escaped. I mentally shook myself from my thoughts and headed to the kitchen for a quick run out the door I'm gonna be late type breakfast that consisted of a blueberry muffin and a Sunny D. I stopped at the backyard to scratch Sadie's head before I jumped in the truck and left for work. Working with Jessica was driving me insane. I literally felt like banging my head down on the counter top. I had only been here a week and I was tiring of herquickly. God I missed Angela. Jessica's voice was like listening to nails on a chalkboard. I needed to take a break or I was going to become unglued. "Jessica, I'm going to take a break ok? "Whatever, it's not busy." She shrugged.
- 51 -

My getaway I take off my work shirt and walk towards the exit then towards the park I'd become so fond of. I needed to clear my head. I sat down Indian style on the bench with my head resting against the back and my eyes closed. I sighed contently. "Is this seat taken?" Three things happened at once. My eyes flew open. I jumped, and bit my tongue. Not necessarily in that order. He was standing there waiting for my response. "No." I said moving over even though there was more than enough room for someone to sit. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I just didn't want you to think that I was some kind perv hitting on you or something. He said while sitting down caefully at the other end of the bench. He didn't look like perv. What does a perv look like anyway? He was about six-feet tall with short black hair, and beautiful tanned skin. "You didn't scare me. I was just. Um.yeah you scared me." I started laughing. "I thought so." He said nodding his head and smiling at me. He has nice teeth. After that exchange we sat there in awkward silence for what seemed like hours. All of a sudden we were greeted by the most adorable golden-haired sweetie. "Oh! Hey beautiful. Look at you! I scratched the puppy's head. 'You are so cute! Where did you come from? Who owns you?" I continue in my high pitched cooing voice. "That would be me." He said reaching down scratching her head as well. "She's yours? I ask, just noticing the leash he was holding. "Yes she is. This is Lola, say hi to the pretty lady Lola." She was so sweet. "Hi Lola, aren't you adorable?" she jumped up and licked my face. "I think that mean she likes you." He laughed. "You're good with her." "I have one of these at home."
- 52 -

"You have a Golden Retriever too? He asked surprisingly. "Uh, no, I laughed more like a mid size German Shepherd who's growing rapidly, and eating me out of a house and home." "Shepherd. Wow. I'm sure he's definitely a handful." "She, her name's Sadie and she's a huge handful." I laughed. On cue my alarm went off signaling that my break was over. I slid off the bench and stooped down, giving my new furry friend one last pat on her head. "Well it was nice meeting you, Lola barked so I wouldn't forget her. Awwand definitely you Lola." I rise to my feet and start to walk away. "It was nice meeting you too. By the way I'm Jacob." I stop and turn to him and smile. "My name's Bella." He stood up and started walking towards me with his hand stretched out. "Bella, it was very nice meeting you. Maybe I'll see you here again, next time with..Sadie was it?" "Yeahmaybe." I took his hand, not shaking it, but holding it for a brief second. "Bye Jacob." He seemed nice and I could use all the friends I could get. Me, Jessica and this guy we worked with named Tyler were cleaning up the store after a hellish dinner rush. It wasn't the same as when Angela and I closed up, we had fun even if the conversation was geared mainly to my present sex situation or lack thereof, but couldn't get out of the store fast enough when I worked with Jessica. I was whirling around the store like some sort of tornado trying to get finished so I wouldn't have to deal with her one more second, until. "Bella, I'm going to leave early. I have some errands to run and the stores at the
- 53 -

mall close early here." It wasn't the best solution, but I didn't mind staying and cleaning up without her. I would definitely be late getting home and I wanted to make sure that Charlie ate a proper dinner tonight. "Sure Jessica, that's no problem. It wasn't a problem until Knock, knock,knock. "I'll get it Bella, since I'm on my way out." Good riddance. I could hear Jessica's annoying voice. I never looked up from sweeping the floor, but I could hear her annoying voice and her even more annoying cackling. She was having a conversation with someone at the door. I had no idea who it was, since we were supposed to be closed, until I heard. "No, we're still open." What?She was still letting people in the store after we closed a half hour ago! Was she mental! That's it. Enough is enough. I was going to stop her ridiculous, arrogant 'I don't give a shit about anyone else' behavior before it really got out of control. "Jessica can I speak with you for a." I was cut off by Jessica saying. "Sure, it's no problem. I'll get it for you right away." I decided to finish cleaning up and not worry about what Jessica was doing. As long as she was taking care of itit didn't matter to me. I started to put the cleaning supplies away, moving closer to where their voices were coming from. I thought she was leaving.guess not. The sight that was before me nearly made my heart stop. There was Jessica leaning across the counter handing the object of my affection what I think was his signature beverage. She's was leaning so low that her boobs were on display. That bitch! She was laughing and batting her eyelashes and he was eating it up. He was
- 54 -

smiling back at her-no smirking. He was smirking at her. The smirk I've come to love so much. I knew I was standing there staring, but I couldn't move. They didn't even notice me. He didn't notice me. EPOV Bella. She was here. Brown eyes. Was this some kind of astrological, karma thing? Maybe it was fate. Whatever it was, was fucking with my ability to concentrate. I was going to make sure I saw her again. I was driving through the city thinking about when I first met her. There was something about her. She wasn't the type of girl I would normally express any kind of interest in. She was shy and I knew I made her nervous, surprisingly that was part of the reason why I was so drawn to her. She was pretty and had a decent body, from what I could see anyway. She was petite, about five-foot four. She wasn't sophisticated like Tanya, or Victoria, but her eyes mesmerized. I've never seen eyes like that. I knew I shouldn't have flirted with her. She's not the type of girl who could handle me. No girl could, but she was different.wholesome, good, uncorrupted. If I pursued her I knew I would corrupt her. Her mind, body, and soul, but I couldn't do that to her. I would wreck her. I couldn't give her more. Bella. I smiled at the thought of her name. She was the kind of girl who would definitely want more. I needed to get this girl out of my head and find someone else, someone who wasn't so wholesome, good, or uncorrupted-someone who wanted to fuck, and leave after they got fucked, maybe the skitzy brunette at the coffee shop. I know what she wants. Next thing I knew I was turning the car around and heading in the opposite direction of where I was previously going. I was headed to the coffee shop. The question was, for whom. I knew the store was closed, but I also knew that I would get in. When I knocked she came to the door ready to reject, saying the store was closed. When she saw it was me her face broke out into a Cheshire cat grin and her eyes got some sort of crazed twinkle. I should've turned around at that moment and left. Think of the sex Edward. I kept chanting in my head. "Am I too late?" I smiled at her and I knew it was all it took. She damn near handed me her panties through the door. What she really did was open it.
- 55 -

"No, we're still open. Hi, I'm Jessica. I waited on you the other day when you were in here." She beamed at me and stumbled backwards opening the door wider to let me pass by her. Man this girl was an airhead. "Hi, beautiful, can I get the usual? It's been a long day and I need to unwind. "Sure, it's no problem. I'll get it for you right away. "Thanks." I winked at her and watched her disappear behind the counter. There was no sign of "brown eyes" anywhere. That definitely makes this easier. I never seem to be able to take my eyes off of her when she's around. Jessica was busy trying her best to flash me her tits while leaning on the counter caressing the back of my hand with her finger tips. Normally something like this would be extremely erotic, but coming from her it did nothing but deflate my semi-hard cock. What the Fuck! I mean, I was a man and the thought of a female screaming underneath me while I pounded into her from behind excited me beyond words, but not this female. Was it because she talked too much? This wasn't going to work. "So, what's your name?" "It's Edward." "Are you from Fort Lauderdale, Edward? The way she said my name irked me beyond reason. There was no way I was going to be able to stomach this girl one more minute, let alone fuck her. It was a no win situation, and I was all about the win, win. "No." I answered shortly. I wasn't purposely trying to be rude, but this shameless flirtation from her was a complete waste of her time, and mine. "You think you could put a rush on that iced coffee Jessica? I looked at my watch for emphasis, hoping she would get the message. I needed to get away from her and fast before I did something I new I would regret. I wouldn't be able to get her out of the beach house if I took her home tonight. I could hear the whining already. "Sure, it'll be just a second. We were starting to put everything away so." "Are you sure it's no trouble? I don't want to burden you beautiful." 'That's laying it on thick Cullen, are you sure you don't want to fuck her?' Her smile got wider.
- 56 -

"It's no trouble. You're no trouble at all." Oh man, now you've done it Cullen. "Are you seeing anyone, Edward? Please stop saying my name. "No, not really." It wasn't exactly a lie. "So, if I gave you my number would you think about calling me? She purred, but it didn't sound right, at all. I was starting to become irritated now. "Yeah I'll call you. What's you're number baby? I pulled out my phone and entered her number even though I knew I was never going to be using it. I was saying good-bye to Jessica preparing to exit the store when I heard a crash. I whipped my head around and there she was, standing there with a weird look on her face. Her eyes were like magnets that were completely holding me hostage. Fuck! How does she do that? I grabbed my drink and started walking in her direction, never giving Jessica a second thought. Her eyes were becoming larger. Was she afraid of me?She should be. She was starting to fidget. This was one of her natural reactions to me. I noticed it the first time I was this close to her. The thought of that little fact made me smile inwardly, and maybe a little outwardly. I never took my eyes off of hers. I didn't say anything as I began to walk past her. My arm brushing hers slightly and I heard her breath hitch. I wanted to let her know that I noticed. In one swift motion, slowly and discreetly as possible without lifting my arm I reached for her hand and hooked her pinky finger with mine. So soft. Her hand started trembling and her breath hitched for the second time. I smiled and let go, making my way out of the store. There was no way I was staying away from her now. She wanted me. I think I knew that from the first moment I saw her, but now I was sure. I could practically smell it on her. Bella. I was going to have her.
- 57 -

BPOV I was frozen in place. It was more like I was frozen in time. I couldn't believe he was here flirting with her. I knew I had no claim on him. He wasn't mine, but that fact didn't make the hole that I felt in my chest go anywhere. That was until his arm brushed mine. He felt so good. I couldn't breathe. I wanted to feel him again, over and over. He reached out and grasped my finger briefly and I thought I would pass out. Then he was gone. Oh no! Not this time! Jessica was busy squealing and jumping up and down telling Tyler about how he was the man of her dreams, while I was busy making my way out of the store to try and make my dreams come true. I wanted him. I rushed to the door with a sudden confidence that I knew mostly came from Angela's pep talk and Rose's influence. I was never more grateful for the both of them. I bolted out of the door scanning in every direction to find him. "Looking for me?" I jumped. "Shit. You scared me." I whispered. "Nice language. I never pegged you much for a potty mouth." I smiled looking down at the pavement avoiding his eyes. My cheeks were starting to feel warm. "I." I didn't know what to say. All that newly found confidence quickly retreated to a part in me that was reserved for secrets. I had to find a way to do this, even if I ended up looking like fool. "Iwas.looking for you." I sounded so stupid. "Why?" He actually sounded as if he were confused. "I wanted.. I wanted ask you a question..about the other day when we were in the park."
- 58 -

"So, ask me." Dear God, I need help. "Um I." 'Channeling Angela, channeling Angela' I was panicking. It was like he could see every thought I was having, even the naughty ones. "I just .wanted to ask you." When I finally got up the nerve to ask him, he cut me off. "Have dinner with me tonight." My eyes shot to his. I was speechless, and he was smiling. My smile. He was waiting for a response. Breathlessly I replied. "Ok." XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Rec time: If you haven't read Under the Apple Tree by danieller123, you should. It's epic! Thanks Everyone Please review

- 59 -

Chapter 6 The Date

Disclaimer: I own nothing Twilight related. It's still the same and will never change. Although I am the proud new owner of two Scooby Doo silly bands courtesy of my six year old! Thanx Ty. Love you! A/N: Thanks to all who read and reviewed. It's my first fic so it really humbles me when I get reviews. Special Thanks to UKGirlyGirl, Mehek18 and Tennesselamb you guys are the best! The song playing while E&B is dancing is UNTHINKABLE(I'm Ready) by Alicia Keys and Drake. It's my fave right now. Chapter6 Bella What the hell was I thinking? I couldn't believe that I agreed to go to dinner with him. Now I'm standing here in my room completely freaking out. Flashback 2 hours earlier "So where should I pick you up.? "Huh?" I was still completely in a daze. "For dinner, brown eyes. Where should I pick you up, unless you'd rather just leave right now from this spot? He asks, with both eyebrows raised. "Umno, I'm sorry. Iyouyou can pick me up from my house." I'm staring at him stupidly. He steps closer to me and leans down to my ear. "What's.your.address brown eyes?" He whispers ever so slowly. Oh God. My eyes started rolling back in my head and I'm sure I started panting like some sort of dog in heat. The effect he was having on me was mind-boggling. I didn't know how I was going to be able to get through dinner with this man. "Oh! Um, my address is. I snapped out of my thoughts and jumped slightly in the process. He knew he had me flustered because he began to chuckle3412 W.
- 60 -

should I write it down? " "Oh there is no way I'll forget it brown eyes." He added with his signature smirk and a mischievous glare. I could no longer hide the smile that was threatening to break through and spread across my lips. My cheeks were a complete inferno. "Ok, um 3412 W 17th Street." I rushed out sounding a bit desperate. "I'll pick you up around eight thirty? He asked. "Ok." I was reduced to only giving him one word answers when he was looking at me with those eyes. I didn't trust my own mouth at this point to not say anything stupid or embarrassing. He reached out and brushed my cheek with his index finger. "Just make sure you bring this." He said stroking my cheek lightly. I'm sure he was referring to the way my face turned red when he made me nervous. "Eight thirty, brown eyes." He said dropping his hand from my face and walking to his car. He gave me one more look over his shoulder and pulled off. Oh My God. End of flashback I arrived home in a state of panic. I was going out with him. The same him that I thought would never be interested in me. 6:36 pm, I'm freaking out. 6:45 pm, I'm pacing back and forth in my room trying to figure out how I got myself into this mess. 6:54 pm, more freaking out and pacing. 7:00 pm, I'm calling Angela, but she's not answering. Oh No! Goddamn you Angela! I hurl the phone across the room sulking like a petulant child. 7:05 pm I have torn all of the clothing from my closet looking for something to wear. Nothing 7:15 pm I'm sitting on the floor like a statue in the middle of said clothing.
- 61 -

7: 20, I am staring at what looks like a dangerously pair of open-toed black heels and a dress that looks to be even more dangerous than that. 7:25, I decide I'm not going. Damn it! I don't even have his cell number. I stomped a little too hard on the floor, which alerted Charlie to poke his head in my room. "Something wrong kiddo? Why are you beating up the floor?" "I have a date." I say flopping back on to my bed. "You say that like it's a bad thing." "It is." He sighs and walks over to the bed and sits next to me. "Why is it a bad thing, Bella? 'Oh because he's way too gorgeous and way too sexy and way too rich he's just way to everything.' "Because I'm out of my league, dad." He sighs again."What's that supposed to mean." "Nothing." I said quickly. I was not about to get into this with Charlie. I already knew what the lecture would be. So I did the next best thing.I liedsort of. "I have nothing to wear." He looked at the piling heap on the floor and started to open his mouth to say some witty remark, but I stopped him short. "I have nothing to wear." I state a little more forcefully this time. "Well I'm sure you'll find something". His eyes still fixed on the piling heap. "Do I need to stick around and put the fear of God in this character you're going out with tonight"? "No!... I didn't mean for it to come out that way, but Charlie would ruin the evening with his gun toting and sizing up my date. It would go easier on both Edward and I if we could get through this night without Charlie scaring him half to death with the whole if you hurt my daughter.speech. "Ok ok, calm down. I won't threaten your date. I have to go to work tonight anyway. You just make sure he treats you right.you want to take a gun with you?"
- 62 -

"Dad." I say rolling my eyes. "Ok, well call me if you need me and have a good time." 7:45 pm, I'm obsessing. 8:30 pm, I'm showered, shampooed and scared shitless. I'm waiting in the living room with my hair twisted neatly in a bun and my lips lightly glossed. There is a simple knee length black jersey knit dress courtesy of Rose's Closet that I'm wearing, realizing that I didn't ask him where we would be having dinner so I could dress appropriately. Damn it! My eyes glance at the clock, then to the door, then back at the clock. It's 8:40 pm and I'm starting to perspire. Gross. I'm acting like some teenage girl going out on her first date. 8:45 pm, He's late and these heels are starting to murder my poor feet. 8:4 The doorbell rings and I'm cut off from my obsessive clock countdown, and I realize that it's him on the other side of the door. Oh God! Pease don't let me embarrass myself, and please don't let me fall in these shoes! I stand, straighten out my dress, take a deep breath and walk over to the door-successfully. When I open the door I'm nearly floored. He always looks even better than he does the previous times I've seen him. He's wearing a light blue shirt with the top two buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up to his forearms, a pair of black slacks-very expensive looking shoes and a smirk. His hair as always is a beautiful mess. No one should lookthisgood. Damn him. "You ready for me brown eyes?" He asks reaching out taking my hand. "Um.I didn't know what to wear. You didn't tell me where we were going." I said looking down my voice was almost an inaudible whisper. "Well you look like you got it right to me. You look beautiful." He kisses my hand and my legs turn to jello. "And as for where we're going, it's one of my favorite places. I'm sure you'll approve. I'm very gifted in the art of pleasing. He winks. What does that mean exactly?
- 63 -

"Ready?" "Um yes." I place my hand in the one that's waiting for mine and follow him to his car. "So, you never told me where we're going." "I know." "Are you going to.tell me?" I asked nervously. "Why are you so suspicious? I'm not going to blindfold, tie you up and kidnap youNot unless you want me to?" He asked glancing at me sideways smiling. "No, of course not. I-I just meantI don't like surprises that's all. I was fidgeting so hard that it looked like I had a nervous condition. "Relax brown eyes. It's not a surprise. I just thought we could go to one of my favorite places. Have you ever been to any of the area restaurants?" "Not really, just local deli's and small eateries. Nothing special. I answered truthfully. He just nodded his head. This rest of the ride was in silence which was making me feel extremely awkward. I didn't' know what to say. He broke the silence. "Are you cold? I could put the top up." He asked. "No, I'm fine. I like the open breeze." I was toying with the hem of my dress when the wind swirled around inside the car blowing my dress slightly up my thigh, he noticed because his eyes shifted down to my now exposed leg, for a brief second then back to the road. I subtly pulled my dress down back to its proper place. He noticed that as well. "This is a nice car, I like the color. 'Shut up Bella.' He turns to look at me and smiles. "Is it the actual car that you like or the color?" He asked, running his fingers through his hair. "I like both." Not telling him what I really was thinking about the car. Like the fact that he had a different car earlier that looked equally expensive. That riding in this
- 64 -

car alone did things to me I couldn't explain. It made me feel so.free. "I'll have to keep that in mind." he says amusingly. After driving for about another 25 minutes, we ended up in the valet section of a restaurant named the Hi-Life Caf. It looked elegant. I was starting to feel self conscious about what I was wearing. I didn't know if I was dressed appropriately enough for this place or him. He exited the car and made his way around to open the door for me. He handed the guy from the valet the keys, took my hand and before I new it we were inside the Hi-Life Caf. "Good Evening Mr. Cullen, your table is ready, if you'll follow me right this way." The hostess said and we began heading to our table. "Thank you, Kate." He said giving her one of his panty moistening smiles. I wonder if he's slept with her? Stop it Bella. He pulled out my chair as I sat down carefully. I'd never been in a place like this. It seemed so private and romantic. I glanced around and noticed that we were basically the people having dinner. "Penny for your thoughts." He says while staring at me. "It's so pretty here, and private." I answer looking around nervously. "Does that bother you- the privacy?" "No, I like private things." I instantly wished I hadn't said that, because his stare was now accentuated with a very wide grin. "I'll have to keep that in mind." Why does he keep saying that? He was still staring at me. It was way too intense and it kind of made me feel uneasy. I couldn't stand it anymore. "Do you do that a lot?" I asked with my eyes now focused on his. "Do what?" "Watch things so.carefully?" He leans forward with his elbows on the table, but never breaking the stare. "Only when there is something worth watching." With that the waiter arrives at our table. Saved by the bell, Bella.
- 65 -

"Good evening, my name is Demetri. I will be your server. May I offer you a selection from our wine list?" "Bring us your finest and leave the bottle, Demetri." He said without a moment's hesitation. My head shoots up from the wine list. Obviously he's had this planned. I'm so out of my league. "So, Starbuck's huh?" He almost sounded annoyed that I worked there. "Yes, Starbucks." I answered with a quick chuckle, trying to hide the fact that I felt a bit unnerved by the way he said it. "Why there"? "Well, it helps to pay for my apartment and my incidental college needs." "What college?" The waiter returns with two glasses and a bottle of the finest. He walks away leaving the bottle as instructed. "UmI go to the University of Illinois. He starts to fill our glasses with the contents from the bottle and nods his head in the direction for me to drink. I taste the wine and it's delicious. He is watching closely again. "So, how is it?" I sit the glass down and bring my fingers to my lips. "It's really good. What is it?" "Dom. Romane Conti. I'm glad you approve. What are you going to school for?" He quickly changes the subject. So much for savoring the wine. I didn't want to answer his question. I've never been ashamed of my career choice, but somehow I felt reluctant to tell him about what I wanted to do for a living. I wish I could've just changed the subject like he so effortlessly did a moment ago. "I'm studying to be a veterinarian. I said in a low voice while watching my fingers
- 66 -

fondle the napkin on the table. I decided that if we were going to continue this conversation then I would have to finish the remaining contents in my glass and fast. "How old are you?" He asks as if he's a bouncer in a club checking my fake id. "Nineteen." I said taking a huge sip. He sits back and downs his drink in one swallow, but that was after he nearly made me choke with his comment. "So, a brown-eyed nineteen year old potential veterinarian who works at Starbuck's and who is clearly virginal, I must be fucking insane." He muttered the last part to himself. I sputtered my drink and began coughing. He went to stand, apparently to assist me, but I held up my hand and said I was fine. "Sorry, I didn't mean.I didn't mean to upset you. He said sort of dryly. I finally get my coughing under some kind of control. I couldn't understand the sudden turn of events. Why was he saying these things? "What do you mean.virginal?" I asked like it was a dirty word. I know I sounded a bit annoyed as well. "Well, you are, aren't you- a virgin?" "Wha- no..that's not what are you asking me exactly?" I stumbled over my words horribly. "Nothing I was just making and observation." He said while refilling his glass. Now I'm the one staring but in disbelief. At that moment the waiter comes to take our orders for dinner. I was never happier that he did. My selection wasn't a simple one that I would normally eat, but it sounded divine nonetheless. Merlot roast duck topped with a port wine sauce served with white and wild rice and glazed baby carrots. The way he ordered his meal made my mouth water. "I'll have the Hawaiian crusted, cashew coconut Butter fish, with roasted, grilled red bliss potatoes, and curry sauce on the side please". He said with confident finality.
- 67 -

"Listen, I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable before. I can be a bit bold sometimes, it's uh. one of my best and worse habits." He stretches his hand across the table and starts tracing over my knuckles. God! Why is everything that this man does so erotic? "You know, my favorite color is blue, but I see I'm going to have to change thatmaybe to red. Do you like red, brown eyes?" He was screwing with my head and he knew it. I couldn't form words. I just sat there watching the hand that was touching mine trying to figure out why he had asked me here. Suddenly my inner being wanted the answer to that unspoken question. "Can I ask you something?" "Oh, why not." He said with a bored sigh, never taking his eyes off of what he was doing to my hand. "Why me? I mean, I'm sure you can have any woman you wanted, but why did you ask me out?" "Why wouldn't I ask you out, brown eyes?" still watching my hand, but his finger traced higher up to my wrist, and I began to feel slightly warm. "You could have anyone." I repeat in a choppy whisper. "You've said that already." He slowly flips my hand over palm side up, and begins tracing the lines in my hand. "How do you know I could have any woman?" he asks with a crooked smile. Wait that's a new one! Shit he was pulling out the heavy artillery. He was bating me. Damn it! And I was falling for it miserably. "You.YourI mean" I couldn't get the words together to save my life. I knew what I wanted to say, but they wouldn't come out. "Breathe brown eyes." I inhaled, exhaled then sighed. "You're incredibly good looking and..wealthy.and confident. You could have an-"
- 68 -

"Any woman, yeah I got that, but what if I want what's right in front of me? What if I want you? I know you want me. I can sense it when I'm near you. I can feel it when I'm touching your hand like this. I can feel your heart beating when I hold your hand, it's a vibration actually. The pace is rapid, like it's about to jump right out of your chest. You want me." He was right.about everything. I did want him and I was getting tired of trying to hide it and at this moment it became clear to me that I couldn't anymore. "So, did you enjoy your dinner?" "Yes, it was really delicious. I never tasted anything that good before." He glanced at me from the corner of his eye. "I'll have to keep that in mind." He said reaching out his hand to turn on some music. It sounded relaxing and soothing and completely sensual. Our conversation was starting to smooth out some. He was beginning to become more talkative, which I was glad, because now I felt comfortable with him. "Are you cold?' "No." "Liar, I can see goose the bumps all over your arms." He laughed. "Ok, I'm a little chilly, but please don't put the top up, the breeze feels amazing." I smiled at him. "You're beautiful when you smile. Do you know that?" "I'm not beautiful and you should be watching the road." "You don't trust my driving or my ability to know when a woman is beautiful? I'm wounded, brown eyes." He said clamping his hand to his chest as if he were truly hurt by what I said. I tried to hold back a smile, but I failed. So I tried to stifle it some by biting my bottom lip. "And you're incredibly sexy when you do that." He said raising the back of his hand to my cheek. He started to drag his hand slowly down my cheek to my neck.
- 69 -

Then he slid his hand around the back of my neck massaging firmly, yet gently. How in the hell was he doing this while driving. It felt so good. I started to feel my eyes close and my head lolling slightly to the front enjoying what his magic fingers were doing. He moved his hand upward never breaking contact and stopped at the crown of my head and gently began pulling locks of hair down from my bun I had. My hair floated down to my shoulders and he was now running his fingers freely through my hair. "You have beautiful hair, especially when it's blowing in the breeze." He moved his hand back to join the other on the steering wheel. I instantly felt a little upset at the lost of his touch. I would do anything to have his hands touching me like that again. "I'm not a virgin." I said without thinking. I don't know what possessed me to say that, but I had been feeling the need to clarify what he said since we left the restaurant. "Really?" he scoffed, but he didn't say it like he was surprised at all that I had said it, but sounded rather sarcastic. I stared down at my hands that were in my lap, berating myself silently for almost sounding like some sort of desperate slut. We pulled up to the front of my house and sat for a moment completely silent. I was the first one to speak. "Thank you for dinner Edward. I had a nice time." I pulled at the handle on the door ready to make my exit, but he left the car before me and came around the other side to open the door for me. I looked up at him and smiled, taking his hand that he held out for me. "Will you allow me to at least walk you to your door?" I nodded my response and we began walking to the porch. We stopped once we reached the bottom of the steps. "You didn't really need to do this." "I'm nothing if not thorough." He said pushing a strand of hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear. God, he was so gorgeous, it was unreal, but his mouth was especially perfect. His lips had this adorable permanent pout. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to know what his mouth tasted like. God, Bella you're such a perv.
- 70 -

"Your heart is broken." He said, his voice taking on a husky tone. "Huh?...What do you mean? I was confused, but he was a confusing man so I guess my thoughts were justified. He raised his hand and pinched my heart pendant between his thumb and index fingers. He looked at me with his signature smirk firmly in place. "Ohyeah, I thought you meant-" "That your heart was broken?" He shook his head slowly letting his fingers linger right where my heart pendant rested. "The contrast is amazing against your skin. Is silver your favorite color?" "No." I had to stop this before I let him have me right here on this porch, then Charlie would shoot him for sure. "UmI should get inside. Thank you again for dinner." I tuned and started to walk up the steps, but he reached out and grabbed my hand. "Bella? Woah! That was a first. He never calls me by my name. The way he said it sounded almost like he was pleading with me for something. "Yes?" "I'm not ready to let you go yet." Oh Lord, this was not happening. Oh God, look at him. How was I going to say no to him? EasyI wasn't. "Um...Edward, I" "Let's just go somewhere. It's still early and I'm not ready to end the night so soon." "Where do you want to go?" I was smiling widely now, happy of the thought of spending more time with him. I wanted to go anywhere he asked me to. "Anywhere, your choice." He said moving closer to me, still holding on to my hand. "I-I don't know. I haven't really been anyplace here. I don't know what you like."
- 71 -

"Don't you? He stepped even closer. Close enough that our bodies were almost touching. I could feel the heat of his body radiating off of him and he smelled so incredible. There was no way I was saying no to him. "I don't know, maybe you should choose." "Do you trust me?" I didn't know if I did trust him, but it wasn't about trust right now, it was about my need to be close to him. "I trust you." I said hesitantly. "So, is that a yes?" "Yes." I said smiling up at him Oh dear Mary Mother of God, what have I just gotten myself into? "A night club?" I asked confused staring at the blinking neon sign. "You said for me to choose. It'll be ok, come on." He held out his hand waiting for me to take it and I did. "You have your own private V.I.P section? "It's not mine per se. I just have access to it whenever I want. Can I get you something to drink?" "Ummaybe a watermelon martini." I said a little shyly. "You got it brown eyes, I'll be right back." I watched as he went to the bar to retrieve our drinks. I admit when I first saw where he was bringing me I wanted to turn around and bolt, but he asked me to trust him so I did. There was a line a mile long outside of the club, but that didn't matter. We walked right up to the club and didn't stop until we ended up here in the V.I.P area. I guess I should be happy, because he could have decided to take me back to his place and I wasn't prepared for that yet. The music up here wasn't as loud as it was in the lower level of the club, but it didn't seem like his type of music. It was different than what he chose to listen to in the car. We were the only people in this section, with the exception of one other
- 72 -

couple who were preparing to leave. He made his way back over to our table with drinks in hand. "Miss me?" He asked handing me my drink. I flushed in response. "So, how many of those do you have to have before you start to loosen up a little? He said with his hand wrapped around his drink and his pinky finger pointing in the direction of my untouched glass. "I'mlooseI think." I quickly began to second guess my use of the term loose. "Are you now?" He added quirking one eyebrow. I knew there was no way I was getting out of this conversation. He was so good at turning a simple phrase around just to suit his particular interest and to no doubt make me feel utterly embarrassed. I think he did it purposely just to see me blush. "I meant thatI mean.well look at you! You're obviously out of your element here." I said waving my hand in the direction of club. He started flat out laughing at my mini tirade. I started to smile too, knowing that I sounded ridiculous. I picked up my glass and began sipping. "This doesn't seem like your type of thing-clubs, crowds, loud music, dancing." "Are you saying that I can't dance? He was chewing on the stirrer from his drink, watching me closely-daring me to answer him. "No, I just can't envision you in here dancing to this kind of music. You seem more ballroom type." The next thing I knew he was flicking the stirrer out his mouth and standing beside me with his hand out. I looked up at him with eyes wide in sheer horror at what he was silently asking me to do. I began shaking my head almost violently. "Oh no, I-". He just acted like he didn't here my protest and pulled me up from the chair walking me backwards to the dance floor. "You've just challenged me brown eyes and I never back away from a challenge, specifically when the challenge is coming from a beautiful woman." Oh God, this wasn't going to end well. It wasn't going to begin well either, but I
- 73 -

had know idea how to stop it. 'Me dancing!' It would be a disaster. Thank heavens the music wasn't that fast, I was sure to break a limb if it was-mine or his. The hands that were holding on to mine, somehow manage to take up residence on my hips. My hands never moved. I was a statue. I didn't know what to do. My head was swirling and not from the alcohol. He sensed that I was nervous. "Are you gonna put your arms around me?" he said smirking down at me, but I couldn't focus, all I could make out was the way he smelled and the way his body felt so close to mine, I also noticed that the music changed. (Alicia Keys and Drake's Unthinkable begins to play) Moment of honesty Someone's gotta take the lead tonight Whose it gonna be? I'm gonna sit right here And tell you all that comes to me If you have something to say You should say it right now (Drake: You should say it right now) You ready? To answer his question I reached up and snaked my arms around his neck. He pulled me closer to him and even though he was significantly taller, our bodies line up perfectly. He had his newly discovered crooked smile in place and was staring directly into my eyes. He started to move his hips slowly back and forth to the music. You give me a feeling that I never felt before And I deserve it, I think I deserve it (Drake: I deserve it, I think it deserve it..Let it go)
- 74 -

It's becoming something that's impossible to ignore And I can't take it (Drake: I can't take it) I was wondering maybe Could I make you my baby If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy If you ask me I'm ready (Echo: I'm ready, I'm ready) If you ask me I'm ready (Echo: I'm ready, I'm ready) His face was now serious. All smirks and crooked smiles where gone, but his eyes where still on mine intently as he moved our lower halves back and forth. I felt as if I would burst into flames. I never danced this way with anyone before, but I could tell that he did. He was so good at it. He was good at everything. I started to lose my self in him. My fingers unintentionally laced at the nape of his neck. I though it was impossible for us to be any closer, but he fooled me as he slid his hands from my hips up my back pulling me even closer. "So, do you take back what you said about my dancing?" He leaned in whispering closely in my ear. I pulled back to look at him and nodded my head. His hands kept traveling up and down my back slowly. I couldn't take the way he was staring at me, it was to intense, so I leaned my forehead against his and closed my eyes just concentrating on the movement on his hips to guide me. I could feel him growing against me and I was beginning to feel slippery in my panties. We had to stop. "Edward, we have to stop." I said breathlessly, but I never unhooked my hands from around his neck. "Why?" he asked just as breathless, but he continued moving, this time more slowly, more pronounced like he was trying to.
- 75 -

"Edward?" I was panting now. His hands started sliding down my thighs to the hem of my dress, and began sliding it up, not all the way, but just enough so that he could caress my bare skin. His breathing was becoming uneven in my ear and I could swear I felt his tongue. "You feel so good." He said leaning his head in the crook of my neck inhaling deeply. If we didn't stop soon we would be having sex in the middle of the dance floor, but I couldn't bring myself to stop. I didn't want to. I wanted him so much. Right at that moment I could feel the vibration of his phone and his movements froze instantly. I thought I heard him say "cockblocking phone" but I couldn't be sure. He pulled back from me clearly pissed and answered the call. "What!" he said through clinched teeth. I started pulling down my dress and he quickly grabbed my hand shaking his head no. "He did what!".Yeah I'll be there in a few. No don't do anything, just wait for me." Fuck! "Is everything ok? I asked not being able to look him in the eye. "It will be, but we have leave. I'm sorry." He ran his fingers through my hair. "It's ok, it's getting late anyway." I said hoping that the disappointment wasn't too obvious. He nodded and took my hand leading us out of the club. We were back to a familiar spot, standing at the bottom of my steps in front of my house saying our goodnights. This time the silence was really awkward. "So." "So." He said mimicking me. "I should be going." "I want to see you again. He said stepping closer. Tommorow." He put his hands on my hips and moved in close and placed an open mouthed kiss very close to my lips. He didn't wait for me to confirm. Instead he shocked the hell out of me with his next words.
- 76 -

"And Bella, next time, don't wear any panties." XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thanx for reading. As always please review. EPOV is next! "

- 77 -

Chapter 7 Sex on Fire

Disclaimer: You know the drill. A/N: Thanx for all your kind reviews and words of encouragement. Technically this chapter was longer, but I split it in half at the requests of my cherished pre readers. I trust them immensely. Hold on and enjoy the ride ;) "What the fuck happened?" I practically shouted throwing my keys on the couch, pissed beyond belief. My lack of release was making me irritable to a fault. James simply waved me off flopping down on the couch with his head back and arm flung over his eyes. "Stop shouting Edward, you sound like Carlisle." "Well maybe I should've let Carlisle come and bail your ass out of jail. Were you driving while drinking?" Ironically I reached in the fridge and tossed him a beer. He looked at me quizzically and cocked an eyebrow. "Man, you really are starting to sound like Carlisle. And to answer your question no I wasn't 'driving while drinking.' I was apparently texting while driving and the cop gave me a hard time about it." "You idiot, you could've killed yourself and somebody else." I sat down on the couch next to him taking a swig out of the bottle. "Spare me the lecture Dad. I received all the lecturing I needed from Smidge. Hey, did you ever notice that our sister is annoying as fuck?" "Anyway, I know that it was stupid and it won't happen again." "So what did you tell him to do go fuck himself?" He glanced at me sideways and smirked. "Then you got exactly what you deserved bro."I finished slapping him a little too hard on the back. "Fuck You." I grabbed my chest in mock horror at his statement. "I'm going to bed."
- 78 -

"Wait, aren't you going to tell me about your date? He yelled out while I started up the stairs. "Later. I need a shower." The water hitting my chest with gentle force was just what I needed right now. I was thinking about those incredible eyes, and that mouth. I bet she didn't even know the wonders she could do with it. Watching her lips connect with that wine glass was like watching them connect with my dick. Just thinking about it made my cock hard as granite. I leaned into the spray, and lathered my hand. This problem was not going to take care of itself. I thought of how she felt so close to me when we were dancing. Her body was trembling from anticipation and something elsemaybe fear. Was she afraid of me? Putting one hand against the tile and the other grasping my pulsating manhood I began stroking slowly, with a small smile and more thoughts of brown eyes. I thought about how I wanted to tease her until she was panting for me to be inside of her. I wonder if she had ever been fucked properly. Of course she hadn't. It was as plain as the blush on her face. She had no idea just how much I wanted to show her-teach her. My hand started to pump furiously up and down. That blush.That damn blush would be the death of me. I wanted her spread wide begging for me to stop.to not stop. Those fucking eyes. Eyes so innocent just waiting to be corrupted. I was grunting and moving my hips in unison at the memory of what I was doing to Bella in the club. I would have fucked her in the middle of that dance floor and loved every second of it. My body began jerking violently as I came hard throwing my head back with a quick laugh enjoying the release I received unbeknownst to brown eyes. Next time she would know. I had major plans for our next encounter. BELLA Was he insane! I knew I must have heard him wrong. No panties! He couldn't have meant that, but something inside me strangely wanted to grant his request. I covered my face with my palms trying desperately to make sense of what happened tonight. The date was so weird. Dinner was amazing. He was amazing until he started with the piercing eye stares and references to my sexual status. Dancing was another story. I wasn't that I couldn't dance, I just hated it. I always felt awkward when people watched me doing it so imagine my surprise or should I say horror when Edward insisted that we dance. He was trying to prove a point. I don't know what made me think he was so full of
- 79 -

himself to attempt dancing. I should've thought the opposite. I should've known he'd be good at it. He was good at everything. The way he moved should have been a sin. I couldn't begin to imagine if his body could move that well in bed. Or could I? I knew he wanted to have sex with me. We were so close to actually doing it. My body started to come alive again thinking about him. I started rubbing my legs together to try and create some much needed friction. God! This wasn't me. No man has ever made me feel like this before. I wasn't used to having these crazy erotic thoughts and I sure as hell never thought about masturbating, until now. He left me wanting him more than I wanted air. He wanted to see me again tomorrow, with no panties. What the hell was I going to do and why the hell was I even entertaining the thought of going out with him panty-less? Rose would have a heart attack when I told her about this date, and probably sell tickets to the event. I kicked the covers stubbornly off of my legs and reached over to the night stand for my Ipod. There was only one thing that could help me get my head on straight after tonight episodes-Music. I flipped through the song selection until I found what I was looking for, then raised the volume to full capacity and closed my eyes and began singing along. "Lay where you're laying Don't make a sound I know they're watching They're watching All the commotion the kiddie like play Has people talking Talking You Your sex is on fire" Every lyric I sang made me think of him. A glimpse of his green eyes flashed through my mind, then his lips, I smiled and continued to sing.
- 80 -

"The dark of the alley The break of the day Head while I'm driving I'm driving Soft lips are open Them knuckles are pale Feels like you're dying You're dying You Your sex is on fire Consumed With what's just transpired I must have really been into the song because I didn't hear Charlie knock or standing over the top of me. "You know Bells, you're going to go deaf with those things that loud." "Jesus dad! You scared the shi-" he raised one eyebrow daring me to finish. I didn't. "That's why you shouldn't have them so loud. You never know whose going to walk up on ya. Anyway I just wanted to make sure you were home safe before I left." "Did you get any rest"? "After I watched the game, I dozed off for about a couple of hours. That's all I need." "What about dinner?"
- 81 -

"Pizza.and a salad. You would've been proud." "Salad. I'm shocked! And proud." I laughed. "Yeah, yeah. Don't tease me miss "Sex on Fire" that must have been some date." He said with a wink then walked out the door leaving me extremely embarrassed. I awoke the next morning to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing in my ear and Sadie pulling the covers off of me letting me know it was time for me to get up and get breakfast for both of us. "Okay Sadie. Let go! I said through gritted teeth yanking the comforter with all my strength. Big mistake, she took this as an invitation to play tug of war. For some reason I seem to be weaker this morning because she won dragging me off the bed onto the floor. She then took the opportunity to remind me of her victory by pouncing on me licking my face. "Sadie, get off! Okay I'm getting up! I pulled myself up and watched Sadie barrel out of the room down the steps. I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth and threw my hair up in the sloppiest ponytail you ever wanted to see. I was off from work today and didn't really have any plans this morning so I decided looking a mess was more comfortable. I made myself a bowl of cereal and Sadie a bowl of Pedigree. Charlie was passed out in bed still in his uniform snoring loudly. I was on the couch flipping through channels when the doorbell started to ring. "Who in the world is ringing the bell at nine am?" I open the door ready to give whoever it was a piece of my mind. "It's nine am this better be good." "It can be so good. It's all up to you brown eyes." "Oh my God! Wha- what are you doing here?" I was shocked and a little happy. Okay a lot happy. "We have a date. You're not trying to back out, are you?" Was he serious? Of course he's serious. He's standing in your doorway at nine am. "It's nine in the morning you want to go out now! I asked him, suddenly very aware of my indecent appearance. I started fidgeting trying to cover myself in some
- 82 -

kind of way without being too obvious. No such luck. He watched me in amusement. 'That's a nice little thing you're wearing, it'll be perfect for where I'm taking you." ""W- where are you taking me"? I was once again unable to speak correctly just from the sheer sight of him standing there in a white short sleeve polo shirt, khaki cargo shorts and boat shoes. "Are you always this articulate in the morning?" he asked bracing his arm up on the frame of the door. Is he always this sarcastic in the morning? "I'm not really dressed for a date as you can see." I didn't really want him to see me like this. He cocked his head to one side, scanning my morning outfit from head to toe. "Hmmm. He said rubbing his chin with his fingers. You look fine to me, I like the tousled look." Tousled? Was he kidding? I looked mangled and he was here trying to make it sound sexy by calling it tousled! He was crazy. "So are you ready?" "Edward! I can't go on any date with you looking like this! I said tugging at my hair trying to set it free from the hair tie that was holding it up. "Well go get ready then. The more time that passes the less time I have to spend with you. I'll be back in an hour to pick you up. I have something I need to take care of anyway. Oh and bring a bathing suit.or not. I wasn't kidding about the panty thing." He snickered and closed the door behind him. Man this guy has some set of balls! I was still trying to tame my hair when I glanced at the clock. An hour. He'll be back in one hour! I took off running up the stairs surprised at myself for being able to take the steps two at a time without breaking my neck. Waiting for the water from the shower to regulate I went to my closet to find something to wear. I pulled out a pair of white shorts and a pale blue tube top. I quickly moved over to my dresser and yanked it open fishing for a bathing suit, but couldn't seem to find one. Damn it! I know I packed it. I gave up on looking for the suit and grabbed a pair of black lace panties and bra I had never worn. Thank God they matched, not that I planned on him seeing them, but you never know and there was no way in hell I was not wearing any panties no matter how cute he was. I laid everything out on the bed, grabbed a towel and sprinted to the shower.
- 83 -

I finished up with my shower and brushed my hair back up into ponytail. I realized I hadn't unpacked all the belongings from my suitcase, because I was missing my favorite tangerine scented lotion. Kneeling down on the floor I unzipped and flipped back the flap of the suitcase. Staring back at me was a black shopping bag with the words La Perla written on it. I reached out and touched it cautiously like it would jump up and bite my hand off. It was the infamous Rose gift. I was afraid to look inside to see what mischief Rose was imposing on me. Oh what the hell I thought to myself. I reached in the bag and felt around inside. It felt like silk. I dragged my and out slowly with the silk delicately in between my fingertips and held it up for inspection. Low and behold it was a white bathing suit. A bikini-with strings and gold embellishments. Oh God, Rose. I wiped my forehead as if I were sweating, then peeked back inside of the bag. My eyes lingered for a moment then widened at the contents that were at the bottom. I quickly closed the bag and shoved it aside. I'm going to strangle that damn Rose with my bare hands! Murdering Rose would have to wait because I only had minutes left of the hours' time I was granted to get ready for this date. I snatched up the swimsuit and threw it in my beach bag, along with sun block and other beach related items. I slipped on a pair of flip flops and raced down the steps aware to the fact that it was now fifty five minutes later since he said he would be back. I didn't want to wake Charlie so I wrote him a little note saying I would be out most of the day. I filled both of Sadie's bowls and right on cue he was back, this time signaling with a car horn. Pulling back the window curtain I made sure that it was him and headed out the door to where he was waiting for me. "Where are you taking me"? "Ah, ah, ah. You'll see. Unless you have some specific ideas of what you would like to do today. I'm open to anything. Is that fantasy of me tying you up and kidnapping you making a re-appearance in that pretty little head of yours." I rolled my eyes and smiled. "You wish." "Oh I don't wish, baby. Wishing isn't a guarantee, but I'll give you a free pass on the abduction." "I am humbly in your debt." "You will be." After racking my brain for the last twenty minutes trying to figure out where he
- 84 -

was taking me, we arrive at the beach. His plans consisted of taking us sailing. It wasn't what I was expecting but he looked so excited when he grabbed my hand and told me to trust him. I was shocked to see that he was the one who was actually going to sail the boat. He invited me to have a seat and relax while he prepared the boat for sail. "Umare you sure you know what you're doing?" I asked nervously. He just looked at me with a sly grin and continued hoisting up the sail. "You just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride brown eyes and leave the rest to me." "That wasn't a yes." "I though we agreed that you would trust me." The tiniest gust of wind blew and I was treated to the sight of his deliciously looking abdominal muscles and hip bones. There was also a faint dusting of copper colored hair that disappeared into the waistband of his boxers. I knew I was staring and possibly drooling. Was there any part of him that was flawed? "Like what you see?" My eyes shot to his and I looked down at my feet feeling a bit ashamed at the thought of him catching me ogling his body parts. He had a look that told me he was enjoying making me squirm. I didn't respond. He smiled, shook his head and went back to setting up the boat. He darted around the boat confidently making sure everything was secure before we started out into the ocean. I liked seeing him like this. He looked like a child on Christmas morning. Once the boat was out I started to relax more. We didn't say much. He just stared at me from time to time like he was trying to figure out some puzzle. I spent most of the sail trying to avoid his gaze and enjoying the way the breeze whipped through my hair and caressed my skin. I was a little skeptical about going sailing, but after a while I realized this was the ideal way to spend such a warm gorgeous day. Maybe I was just being paranoid with all the secrecy of where he was taking me. I already felt more comfortable than I did on our last date. Maybe there was hope for him yet. "Hold on tight brown eyes. Here we go. Woo! He yelled as we went flying down the ocean on this death trap. With my face buried deeply in the crook of his neck I
- 85 -

was screaming uncontrollably from a mixture of fear and excitement. So much for hope. My arms were clenched so tightly around his waist I thought they would break. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Edward, slow down! I squealed as he turned sharply on a wave and the water went spraying up over us. "You're going to kill us!" "Are you afraid?" He yelled and laughed at the same time. "Yes!" "What was that brown eyes? No you say. Go faster!" "No! Don't go faster! He didn't listen. We started to pick up speed and something inside broke free and it felt like my stomach was being attacked by a tickle monster and I couldn't stop giggling. "Oh you're going to pay for this! "Do you promise? 'Oh my God he was picking now to be cute!' I can't hear you Bella, maybe I should go faster! "Okay, okay! I promise!" One more sharp turn and we began slowing down and heading back to the port. "I'm going to hold you to that." He replied in a low tone over his shoulder. I finally pried my arms from around him and he helped me off of the back. My legs felt like silly putty. I knew I looked like a complete geek trying to walk properly with out collapsing, but my knees buckled and he caught me in his arms before I could hit the ground. "Easy there sparky, I wouldn't want you fall, hit your head and pass out on me before we get to the best part of the day. "You mean there's more?" I asked adding my own brand of sarcasm. "Oh there's much more. Do you think you can handle it?"
- 86 -

"After sailing and jet skiing what couldn't I possibly handle?" I said tossing my wet hair out of my face. He looked at me and for the first time today the crooked smile made an appearance. Oh shit. He started taking slow steps in my direction, stalking me. I began taking steps backwards. My heart was racing anticipating his next move. "What are you doing?" I asked just a little amused. "You really shouldn't have said that." He bent his knees a little and flung me over his shoulder and took off running towards the beach with me squealing and kicking the whole way. Thanx for reading. And please review. Next Chap will be up soon, before the week is finished. I'm currently working on a Wedlocked website were you can get a glimpse inside my mind to see what my thoughts are when I write. It's under construction so bare with me. It's cute though! See ya next time.

- 87 -

Chapter 8 Sex is Blazing

Disclaimer: I own nothing that has to do with Twilight. A/N: Thanx you guys for all your reviews and for that I'm giving you an UKGirlyGirl for all you patience and awesome feedback. You too Mehek18, for the awesome banner! Or should I say banners! Brandy you are the best. Chapter8 The drive back was a long one. You could smell the sea water in the air, but I couldn't see the beach, just a bunch of huge boats. "Where's the beach." I asked while he came around to open my door. "We're not going to the back to the beach brown eyes." His eyes had a mischievous twinkle in them. I blinked up at him and allowed him to take my hand to lead the way. "Then where?" "You're so impatient. I like that." He was being secretive again. "You'll see where we're going soon enough." And with that he was pulling me along towards the dock where the huge boats were. "We're going on another a boat?" "A yacht. My yacht to be exact." "You have a yacht! Th-this is your boat! I was completely amazed. "A yacht Bella. There's a difference." He said drawing the word out slowly. As I walked up the stairs leading to the deck I was unprepared for what I saw. He had set out a complete romantic style picnic. "Surprised? He whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. I nodded my head in agreement, not sure of what to say. I felt like I
- 88 -

was in some sort of Jackie Collins made for t.v. movie. "I'm glad. I like when you're surprised. Your skin blushes this exotic color and springs chill bumps. He trailed his index finger up my arm sending a tremor throughout my body. He felt my reaction and chuckled, his warm breath tickling my earlobe. "Relax, I'll be back in a moment." I felt like I was under a spell. I continued looking down at the beautiful picnic he had prepared for us. There was expensive wine, an assortment of cheeses and fruits. There was also a two silver domes placed neatly across from each other and candles. I could here him faintly talking to someone, but couldn't make out what was being said. I don't think I could make it out even if I tried. I was too dazzled by everything around me. I was on a yacht.his yacht...Edward's yacht, getting ready for a romantic dinner with him. The whole day had been amazing. I had never been sailing or jet skiing. I was scared out of my mind, but he made everything feel comfortable. He was so perfect. Everything he did looked effortless. You could see the muscles in his back move beneath his shirt when he was getting the boat ready for sail. His face became so serious and concentrated when he was steering the boat. I just watched in awe. Every now and again he would look over at me and wink and I would blush like a high school teenager. I was freaking out when he asked me to ride on the jet ski with him, but I never had so much fun in my life. I felt so free when I was with him, like I was flying or riding the biggest wave. They way he laughed made me want to laugh. Today was the most I ever seen him this open. He still was the same charming sarcastic Edward, but he let a little more of himself show today. I knew there was so much more that I didn't know about him but I hoped tonight he would open up and talk more. "What are you thinking"? Not hearing him come up behind me I jumped and whirled around to face him. "I was thinking about how did you find time to do all this?" "Do you approve?"
- 89 -

"What's not to approve of?" "Do you always answer a question with a question?" I did seem to do that a lot. "So do we have company joining us? He twisted his face in confusion. I heard you talking to someone." "Yeah, that was the staff. I was dismissing them for the evening." "Staff?" "It's a huge yacht, Bella." He grabbed my hand and pulled me down on the blanket that was spread out beneath us. He reached for the bottle of wine and glasses and started to pour. His eyes watched until I took a sip; waiting patiently for my response. "Orange?" I asked. He smirked at me and nodded his head. "You like it?" he asked taking a sip as well. "It's delicious. You seem to have really good taste." "You have no idea." He peered at me over the top of his glass. "Why do you do that?" 'What?" He questioned looking at me amused. "You always leave something you say dangling in the air and me wondering what's the real meaning behind what you've said. It's very frustrating. "Okay brown eyes, ask me anything and I'll tell you what you want to know." I wanted to believe him but he was still smirking and although I didn't know him that well, I knew him well enough to know that when the smirk was in place the mask was also in place and I would be getting no where with him. I just sighed and focused on eating a piece of pineapple that was in front of me. He seemed to notice my disappointment and became serious.
- 90 -

"Bella, what do you want to know?" He also sighed, but his was laced with annoyance. "I just feel like you know things about me, and this is the second time we've been out and I all I know about you is what I see with my own two eyes and the rest is what I assume to be fact. "Like?" He sipped some more of his wine, seeming uninterested in what I was saying. "Ok. Fact, you're gorgeous, charming and sexy." "Mmmm.I like where this is going." He stretched his legs out and leaned on his elbow with his hand palming his chin staring at me. He started to slide his other hand up my leg, but this time I pushed his hand away. Something in his eyes changed. They were no longer playful. It was like they turned darker. He looked upset, like he wasn't particularly satisfied with my rejection, but I ignored it and continued on. "Fact, you're obviously rich; I mean you have a yacht for Christ's sake. Along with the handful of different cars I've seen you drive and you're mysterious to boot." "Is there a question in there somewhere, Bella? And the sarcasm was back. "Yes! What do you do? Why are you here in Florida? Tell me about your family. You're amazing. Why don't you have someone special to share your life with? Why do you want me Edward?" The words were pouring out of my mouth with ease now. It was like a weight had been lifted. I knew he probably wouldn't answer me, but he needed to know that all these unanswered questions were an issue for me. All of a sudden his mood changed again. He jumped to his feet grabbing my hand. "Come on. He sounded excited about something. I wanna give you a tour." Why was he avoiding my questions? The mystery was one of the things that first attracted me to him, but this was getting out of hand. "You brought your suit right? I can't wait to see you in it. Maybe that blush will run the whole length of your body. He trailed his finger from my cheek down my jaw and down to my collarbone.
- 91 -

"Edward we were just tal-" "We'll finish the conversation Bella. I just want us to be a little more comfortable and there are some thing's I would like to show you. You can change in the master bathroom and meet me back out here when you're done." "What about this?" I gestured towards the food. "Don't worry about it. If you're hungry I'll have it transported to where we're going." Transported? Where were we going now? "Transported? I thought we were alone?" "We are, but when there is a need for anything I can be accommodated." He pointed me in the direction of the bathroom. My eyes stretched to the size of mini saucers as I took in the sight of the most fabulous bathroom I had ever laid eyes on. I shook my head and just tried to focus on changing into my swimsuit. It fit perfectly.a little too perfectly. I examined myself in dimensional horror when I noticed the bathroom had wall to ceiling mirrors covering them. I sighed and grabbed my towel making my way out of the bathroom; only I must have used the wrong door because I was now standing in a room with a bed and a partially dressed Edward. He was wearing swim trunks and nothing else. "I-I'm s-sorry I didn't notice there were two doors." I knew I should've immediately turned and left after I said it, but my feet had other ideas. "There are three doors actually, one to the bathroom. " He started taking slow steps towards me. "One to the bedroom.." More steps. "And one more to the Jacuzzi room in which we were headed, but now that I've got you here maybe I ought to rethink our destination. He said encircling my waist and pulling me to tightly to him. I think I like having you right here." "But, what about our dinner?"
- 92 -

"I'll have it brought in." He ended my feeble thoughts about food quickly. Do you have any idea how sexy you looked in that wet suit earlier?" He said tucking a stray hair behind my ear. "But this.. He pulled back some and assessed my semi-naked form. "This has got to be my favorite look yet. You're stunning." "You're beautiful." I responded almost instantly. He laughs moving closer. "Don't you mean devastatingly handsome, maybe sexy." He snaked his arms back around me and locked his fingers at the small of my back, pulling me closer. "I don't think I ever been called beautiful before." He was slowly walking us backwards towards something I just wasn't sure of what that something was. I didn't even seem to care. "You're beautiful. I repeated more lower this time. And you know it." I finally became aware of what he was moving us to; it was the door. When we could go no further he pressed me into it, firmly. "Mmmm, I don't know about beautiful, but one thing I do know is what I want and right now that's you. I've been thinking about you ever since you stole my phone." The whole time he was saying this he was slowly inching down the cup to my bikini top. He was so clever at avoiding anything I said that had to do with him. He always seemed to divert with some sort of heart stopping smile or a sexual innuendo. Sometimes he would be so bold as to initiate a sexual act and I couldn't win. He leaned his forehead to mine and I felt all the air leave my lungs. The tip of his nose drew a pattern up one side of mine and down the other side. Like the air from lungs, my rational thoughts were the next things to go. I could feel his lips ever so slightly brush against mine. It wasn't an actual kiss, just a small tease of what could have been. After all of the closeness and touching we had experienced he still neglected to kiss me. I was so confused. "You smell so good Bella." "I wonder if you taste as good as you smell."
- 93 -

"Edward-"I couldn't get a coherent thought out of my mouth. He was now brushing his lips along my chin and down my neck. "I bet every part of you tastes so good.I want you brown eyes." For some reason that statement drew me out of my Edward induced haze. I opened my eyes and stared directly into serious green ones. "Why do you want me?" I whispered. I could tell he was getting annoyed by my question, but he did the very Edward thing. He avoided. "We've been through this Bella." "But you never told me why." "You ask too many questions Bella." He started kissing my neck and grinding his erection into me. "Stop it Edward." I swiveled my neck away from his lips. He pulled back slightly and looked me directly in the eyes. "No." There was such a predatory sound in his voice. "You want me I know you do. The way your whole body reacts to me gives you away. Just let go and feel. Feel this.feel me. I can make you feel so amazing Bella. let me." I was struggling to stop him from going any further. It was true. I did want him, but at what cost. I didn't want a one night stand. I wanted all of him. He resumed kissing my neck, this time sucking gently. "Why haven't you kissed me yet, Edward?" I couldn't believe the words came out of my mouth, but they did and I was not going to backpedal. He froze, but never changed his current position. "Just feel Bella." Before I could answer he had my bikini top pulled down underneath my breast
- 94 -

getting ready to dive in and worship them with his mouth. I placed both of my hands gently on either side of his face, forcing him to look at me. "No, kiss me Edward." I was feeling bold now. I needed him to understand that if this was going to happen, it was going to be an equal give and take between the both of us. He shook his head once. "No." "Kiss me." I repeated sliding my hand to the back of his neck and pulling so our foreheads came to rest together. Our lips hovering close. "Kiss me." I repeated again, this time in a whispery tone. "No Bella. Kissing is overrated." "Kiss me." I repeated again, only this time I marked it with a light brush of my lips against his and I heard his breath hitch and felt his erection twitch, but he didn't pull away. "Edward?" "I can't Bella. I.I can't. All the confidence and arrogance in his voice was gone and now replaced by weakness and choppy breaths. "You want to fuck me, but you can't kiss me?" He must have been shocked by my forwardness because his head shot up and his eyes flew open to meet mine, but he never said anything. He just looked at me. Realization set in. "Oh my God! I gasped throwing my hand over my mouth. You really were just going to do that to me weren't you? All this wining and dining was just to get me into bed?" He didn't confirm or deny. He just stared. "I have to get out of here." I turned around opening the door only to see his hand shoot out above my head slamming it closed again. I leaned my forehead against the door breathing heavily from the mini tantrum I just had. I felt him press up against me from behind as he tucked his head in the crook of my neck. "Look at me." He said almost to low for me to actually hear.
- 95 -

"Why?" Sobs where stuck in my throat making my voice sound strangled. He spun me around slowly by my waist. "Because I asked you to." I looked up at him and he reached his hand up to my face cupping my cheek. I leaned into his touch closing my eyes in the process as he started massaging my cheekbone with his thumb gently. "Look at me." I opened my eyes and saw his staring back at me so intensely. "I want you, Bella." His eyes focused on my mouth as his thumb traced the length of my cheek down to my lips. 'I don't understand why you want me." My resolve was crumbling. I was beginning to fear that with one more word from his perfect lips I would never be able to deny him anything. "I want you.I want you because you're forbidden." He then grabbed my face and kissed me. Crumble. Thanks for reading! Rec time: Check out Challenging Humanity by Mehek18, it's an awesome unique story. Visit her profile and check out her other stories as well, along with her Website .com/. You won't be disappointed. Oh yeah review, review, review. See you guys in a week ;)

- 96 -

Chapter 9 simple
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight. A/N: Thanx for the reviews I do cherish them all. Sorry for the delay, this chapter was sort of hard for me to write. Thanx to UKGirlyGirl and Brandy for all your help and input, I would be a mess without it. Hi Ash! This story is rated M for reason so please be aware. See you guys at the bottom. Chapter 9 Bella For the love of all things holy his lips felt amazing. He was finally kissing me and my body melted against his in defeat. His tongue was doing the most indescribable things. It twisted and flicked the inside of my mouth so softly. I whimpered when I felt him pull me closer pressing his erection firmly at my center. My body trembled from the sensation of his hardness. I couldn't control what I was doing or feeling. I was slowly panting inside of his mouth while my tongue met his lick for lick, caress for caress, suckle for suckle. My hands flew into his hair and began pulling gently. I've never felt like this beforeever. The more he kissed me the more intense the moment became. I was becoming slightly faint. I was braced against the door and not really kissing him back. I was so overwhelmed with the way I was feeling that I found myself unable to keep up with him, but I didn't want to let go. I didn't want him to stop. I pulled my lips from his and leaned my forehead against the bridge of his nose as I tried to regulate my breathing. His breath was coming out in short pants. "What's wrong?" He asked tilting my chin up kissing me again with a small peck. "Nothing." I murmured with a small smile. "Are you sure?" I simply nodded my response and pulled him back into another searing kiss that
- 97 -

was accentuated with my hands sliding down his well defined arms and around to his even more defined ass. I squeezed pulling him back to me making his cock shift in between my legs. He groaned in response. "Mmmmm, Bella if you don't stop doing that I can't be held responsible for my actions." He whispered against my lips. "What if I don't want you to be responsible?" I couldn't believe what I was saying. This man was turning me into someone I didn't recognize, but someone I could definitely get used to. Maybe this was just the Bella that was screaming to be unleashed. He pulled away and looked at me hungrily. The corner of his mouth turned up into a sexy smirk. "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into brown eyes." He said licking his lips slowly as if he were trying to savor the taste from our tongue tango. He was right. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. He was obviously having a major effect on my mind and body. Everything he did coerced me into second guessing my original thoughts. Being in his bedroom on his yacht half naked was definitely not apart of the plan, but here I was getting ready to let him ravish me like there was no tomorrow. His index finger reached up to the front of my bikini top and snapped the clasp that was holding it together. I gasped, but never took my eyes off of his. How in the hell did he do that! How did he even know exactly where the clasp was? It took me forever to find out how to hook the thing properly and he undid it with a flick of the wrist. I was obviously dealing with a pro. The same index finger lightly stroked my one of my nipples to erectness. "What are you doing?" I asked breathing harshly. It was the dumbest question I ever asked. "What does it look like I'm doing?" he retorted now palming and massaging my breast firmly. Something inside of me must have snapped. The next thing I knew I was kissing him again with vigorous passion and he was groaning into my mouth in appreciation. Both hands were now on both breasts driving me mad with lust. This was crazy. I had to get some control over this situation; I mean I've only known him
- 98 -

for a couple of weeks and I was about to have sex with him on his private yacht. Rose would have a coronary. My hands had a mind of their own and decided to slide into his swim shorts and roam all over his smooth yet toned glutes. Holy mother ofMy thoughts were interrupted by Edward pulling away from me with a laugh and a sly look on his face. Did I do something wrong? Apparently not because his eyes told a different story. "Brown eyes I'm shocked. I think I'm totally starting to corrupt you." He said hooking his thumbs in my bikinis bottoms and swiftly yanking me back to him and devouring my neck. Hands were now beginning to palm and grasp my ass with eagerness. The wetness was starting to pool in the second half of my two-piece which had quickly became a one piece thanks to him. "Oh God." I forced out in a ragged breath "Mmmmm, Not God. Edward." He hummed into the crevice of my breasts. There were ties on the sides of my bottoms that he was starting to work on when music started filling the room along with our groans, pants and pledges to the all mighty. I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me papa-paparazzi "Shit." "Such language." He chuckled never missing a beat. "I have to answer that." I said turning in his grasp and stooping down quickly to retrieve my bag from the floor, fishing out my phone. It was Angela. "Don't you even think about answering that right now." There was a slight humor to his voice, but the way his hardness was pressed against my ass told me he was deadly serious. "I have to." I whispered not because I didn't want to be heard, but because what he was doing was making me feel so good that I couldn't find the breath I needed to make my voice work properly. "Bella." His voiced held a warning, but I couldn't acknowledge it at the moment. It was after midnight and Angela only called that late when there was something
- 99 -

important to talk about. "I'm sorry." I said pressing answer on my phone and with a growl he released me. "Ang, hey. Angela calm down, what happened?" As I was trying to decipher what Angela was hysterically screaming about, I heard a faint rustling from behind me. "It's ok Ang, everything's going to be ok just try and get some sleep and I'll see you soon ok, bye." I ended the call feeling completely drained. I knew Edward was pissed that I'd brushed him off so abruptly. I shoved my phone back into my bag and began fixing my swimsuit back to normal. "I'm sorry that was my friend Angela. She's dealing with some devastating news." I said turning around, knowing that the mood was probably shot to hell, but what I didn't expect to see was a stark naked Edward with the most intense look on his face. My mouth dropped open and my eyes widened. They traveled slowly down the length of his body, drinking in the glorious nude form that stood before me. He was truly amazing. The back of my throat became dry when my gaze settled at the junction between his legs. He was fully erect and ready. His cock was twitching before my very eyes and I suddenly felt my cheeks flame. I instantly let my eyes shift to the floor and he finally took the opportunity to speak. "I was hoping what you were wearing wouldn't be an obstacle, but as always I like a challenge." He started walking towards me and grabbed me by the waist and it was all I could take feeling the smoothness of his bare skin against mine. His cock brushed against the back of my hand and I could feel everything; the raised veins that ran trough it, the delicate hardness. I could even feel the slight wetness that had managed to escape from it. I had to fight the urge to reach out and caress it. "Edward I can't, I-I have to go." I said while he began undoing my top again. This time the approach was different. He started pulling down the straps at my shoulders kissing each inch of skin that was slowly revealed. His mouth connected with my neck and my head fell back with a throaty moan. "You don't mean that." He said dragging the straps further down. "I want to stay, but it's getting late and Angela needs me." "I need you." He sounded like he meant it, but I couldn't be sure.
- 100 -

"Edward, I- wait." I pulled away from him holding up a hand in front of me. "You're kidding me right." Now he sounded pissed. "I want to be with you, I do.it's just.we haven't known each other that long and you're standing here naked wanting to have sex and I don't know anything about you. We were supposed to talk and we never got around to it. I really want the chance to get to know you." He blinked at me in what seemed like confusion mixed with anger, then he turned giving me a full view of him from the back. I didn't think it could get any better than his front.I was obviously naive. How the hell someone could be so comfortable about their body was a mystery to me. The way the muscles of his shoulders contracted when he raised his arms to put on his shirt in one swift move was the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed. He didn't say anything he just continued to redress. His body language screamed annoyance. There was this slight ill feeling in my stomach. I didn't like it when he was silent. He was upset. You could tell he was the kind of man that women just didn't turn down for sex. I didn't want to turn him down either, but things were moving way too fast and I needed to know more about him.I wanted more. Trying to lighten the mood seemed like the next best idea. "I'm sorry about dinner; although I did enjoy the parts I was able to.." I felt like a rambling idiot sounding like I was trying to soothe his ego by talking about dinner. Truth is I really didn't know what to say. He put an end to that rather quickly by finally breaking the silence and cutting me off. "Are you ready?" He asked grabbing his keys from dresser. "Umyeahcan I use your restroom again?" he nodded in response never looking at me, he just continued patting his pockets and looking around as if he lost something. Now I was the one feeling rejected. I grabbed my things and disappeared behind the door, not before stealing one last look at him and the room where my entire life could've changed. probably for the better. Now I would never know. The purring of the engine came to a halt. We sat in the car briefly before I decided to at least end the night on a respectful note.
- 101 -

"I really had a great time with you today.all of it." I said with my head down watching my fingers play with the zipper on my bag. "I'm glad." Was all he said with a stony voice. I felt so hopeless and depressed. When this day started it was amazing, even when we were being intimate.especially when we were being intimate. I didn't want it to end.not like this anyway. I wanted him so much, now I probably would never get another chance to be with him. "I really want to see you again." I said quickly regretting the words ever leaving my mouth. "Yeah maybe sometime." He said while checking the time on his watch. His answer was like a kick to the midsection. My mood went from bad to worse and then to just flat out shitty. I needed to escape this with some shred of dignity still in tact. I realized he hadn't made any attempt to jump out of the car and race to open the door like he always did, so I exited on my own with a defeated sigh. I stepped up to my door with the keys already in my hand, only to be grabbed and spun around by two strong arms. I never heard him get out of the car. "When?" He asked with his hands cupping both sides of my face. "When what?" He was making me dizzy. I didn't know whether I was coming or going. "When do you want to see me"? "Um.soon." I said sounding like a five year old. I thought he never wanted to see me again after he seemed so disappointed by tonight's outcome, but next time things needed to be different. We needed to talk if this was going to go anywhere. whatever this was. "Promise me that next time we'll talk and get to know each other more." "What do you want to know Bella?" He asked. I could tell he was annoyed by the way he nervously ran his fingers through his hair. At that moment I wanted to touch his hair so badly. "It's not something that can be talked about quickly on my door step, Edward. It takes time. We've had sexy and adventurous dates and now I want a simple date."
- 102 -

They way he looked at me told me that the sarcastic Edward was back.in full effect. "What the fuck is a simple date Bella?" I was a little shocked at his choice of words, but there was subtleness to his voice that made me relax. I reached out taking his hand in mine gently lacing our fingers together. He didn't pull away and my heart started to quicken its pace when I felt his fingers mimic mine. "Simple is dinner and conversation nothing more, nothing less." "My life is not all that interesting Bella." "Edward, please?" He looked at me like he'd never heard those words before. "When?" he asked reaching out and playing with my silver heart charm. "How about the day after tomorrow?" I said shyly. "That long!" He raised his voice in mock horror. "Stop it." I laughed smacking him lightly on the chest. "I'll pick you up at seven the day after tomorrow. " he said as he stepped backwards down one step staring up at me. "Seven is good." I said with a wide smile. "Give me your phone," he said with his hand out and returning an even wider smile complete with the tiniest dimple at the corner of his mouth. Hmm. Never noticed that before. He quickly typed something on my phone and handed it back to me and walked to his car. "I'll pick you up at seven brown eyes for a simple date." He said with a yell and an eye roll. I smiled and watched him pull out of the driveway with my phone clenched in my hand. My eyes focused on the message he left on the screen. It read: I had a great time with you too, sorry I was an ass. 213 888-6543.E If possible at that moment my smile grew bigger and I held my phone to my chest feeling as if my heart would leap out. I was falling so hard for this man. I walked in the house feeling like I was floating. I was acting like such a
- 103 -

star-struck teen. Charlie must have sensed this because he couldn't refrain from the comments he felt needed to be voiced. "Two nights in a row huh? I definitely need to meet this character. Who is he? He asked patting the seat next him for me sit. Forget that it was nearly one in the morning. I guess we were having this conversation now. "His name is Edward and he's.he's.I can't begin to describe him." "Well let's start with the easy stuff. What does he do, how old is he, who are his parents?" I realized that I couldn't have this conversation with him because I didn't know the answers to any of the questions he was asking me. Hopefully all his questions and mine would be answered the next time I saw Edward. I quickly changed the subject to another pressing situation that needed tending to. "Um, dad I have something important to ask." "What is it Bells?" He sounded worried and that was unusual for Charlie. He was always my rock, especially since after my mom passed. "It's not me. I reassured him instantly. Angela is going through a tough time and needs to get away. I was wondering if it would be ok for her to spend the summer here with us." "Angela? Yeah sure, she's always welcome here, you know that. Is everything all right? Is she in some kind of trouble?" "No, not really.just man trouble." "Oh I seeworst kind. Well she's welcome to stay as long as she needs to, besides it eases my guilty conscience somewhat to know there will be someone here to keep you companywith me working the long hours and all. "It's ok dad. I know you work hard." I said rising up from the couch and heading for the stairs, desperate to take a shower. "Oh and thanks.for the whole Angela thing." "Anytime. Hey Bells, real smooth on the avoiding thing." I frowned at him, confused at what he was referring to.
- 104 -

"Your mystery date. What did you call him.Edward?" he said resting his head against the back of the sofa. "Next time dad. I don't want to jinx anything." I turned running up the stairs making a fast getaway before he had the chance to ask any more questions. The next morning I found myself standing in the airport waiting for Angela to appear at the gate crying uncontrollably about the situation between her and Mike. I finally spotted her looking like death warmed over twice. There were dark circles under her eyes and her hair looked liked it hadn't been combed in days. She ran up to me and started sobbing as I wrapped my arms around her. "It's ok. I said while stroking her hair. Let's get out of here." I grabbed her bags and put them in the back of the truck and left the airport in hurry trying to dodge the crazy traffic that was sure to be a problem in the next few minutes if we lingered any longer. "Thank you for letting me stay with you Bella." She said through sniffles and sobs. "Sure, Ang. It's not a problem. Do you want to talk about it? I asked pulling into Stewart's Deli parking lot. She just shook her head with no verbal reply. I guess she would confide in me when she was ready. We went inside and sat at a booth that was conveniently obscure. We didn't need people staring while Angela bawled her eyes out. I ordered for the both of us since she couldn't get her self together enough to form an intelligent word. I felt so bad for her. "Were you able to get Mr. Yorki e to transfer you to another store? I asked trying to stay safely away from the subject of Mike, but she had other ideas. She started flipping out about what a Son of a bitch he wasas she put it. At that moment the waitress returned with our drinks and told us our sandwiches would be out shortly. "He fucking cheated on me Bella! He fucked her in our bed!" she screamed alerting everyone in the restaurant of Mike's wrong doings. I didn't know what to say. My mouth repeatedly opened and closed. I was struggling to find some words of comfort for her, but I didn't have any. Some friend you are Bella. So I did the next best thing. "I almost had sex on a yacht." The contents from her glass came flying out of her mouth and spraying me completely.
- 105 -

"Nice one Angela." I said grabbing for one the napkins and cleaning my face. "I'm sorry Bella, but that was completely unexpected. You had sex on a yacht!" "I said almost." I didn't want to sound like I was ignoring what happened to her, but things were getting a little too hostile here and people were starting to talk. There would be plenty of time for male bashing when we got home tonight. "It's clear we have a lot to discuss Bella.between the both of us." "Clearly." I said with a quick laugh. Angela was exhausted. She fell asleep as soon as we arrived home. I on the other hand was wound up like a clock. I couldn't stop thinking about Edward. It had just dawned on me that he left his cell number in my phone. Reaching for my cell on the nightstand I decided to send him a text, since I didn't feel comfortable enough speaking to him on the phone out of fear I would say something stupid. I swiftly typed a message and sent it. B: Seven tomorrow? I waited and my phone buzzed almost immediately, which made the butterflies in my stomach flutter. E: Seven.For simplicity?...can't wait. 'Sad face aww.' I could almost imagine his face with the eye roll and pouty lips. I giggled and sent a reply. B: Simple can be fun. By the way are you pouting? I hit send. Buzz E: I don't pout and simple is boring. I think sexy and adventurous is better. Don't you? I read his message and thought carefully before I sent my reply. B: But simple can lead to sexy and adventurous and other possibilities. I instantly wished I could get that message back, because I knew how his mind worked. I would be paying for that text. I just knew it. Buzz
- 106 -

E: Possiblilties? You're killing me brown eyes. Why don't we just forget simple and pick up where we left off on the yacht. The possibilities were endless that night. I smiled and typed my final text and hit send. B: Have you ever heard of waiting until your wedding night. I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Good night. My phone didn't buzz again for quite sometime. I just assumed he got my last message and took the Goodnight as our conversation coming to an end. A half an hour later after I emerged from the shower I saw my phone blinking. I picked it up and saw there was a message from E. I hit ok and read. E: No, I like to live in the moment. Night brown eyes . I had to scroll up to my previous messages to understand what his current message meant. I felt uneasy when I understood. I wasn't a virgin, but it wasn't too late to try and exercise the right thing to do in reference to having sex before marriage. Was it? I came down stairs to Angela and Sadie playing tug of war in the kitchen. She seemed to be in a better mood. Maybe the sleep did her some good. We still hadn't gotten around to talking about Mike and Edward, but I'm sure we would as soon as the subjects presented themselves again. "Hey, you look a lot better." I said grabbing a blueberry muffin off of the table. She must of felt better enough to bake because the muffin was fabulous. "Yeah. That sleep did a world of good, but I don't want to talk about Mike right now. I want to talk about yacht sex. Was it good?" "I said almost Angwe didn't get a chance to finish." "Why not.What happened?" She gasped realizing her impromptu call happened. "Oh God! I totally cockblocked! I'm so sorry!" She said with her hands covering her mouth and eyes wide. "No, you didn't. Besides things were moving way too fast and I needed the diversion as well so, thank you. I said pulling her hands from her face and hugging her. But I have a date with him tonight and I'm freaking out because of what we
- 107 -

were close to doing on the last date." "Are we talking about Iphone guy?" she asked with her eyes squinted. "Of course it's him Angela! What kind of slut do you take me for?" I said shockingly. "Sorry! I just wanted to be sure. Oh my God Bella! He is so gorgeous.an arrogant asshole, but gorgeous nonetheless." "He's.not an asshole.he's just confident." I said jutting out my chin. "Sticking up for him already, huh. I'd say that qualifies you as whipped." "What! I am not. Anyway I'm so glad you're here because I need your help to go shopping. You know how much I hate it, but I have nothing to wear and he always looks so incredible, so let's go. It'll be good for you too I promise." I said dragging her out of the house. "Ok, but I get to pick your outfit for tonight. You don't always have the best taste in clothes, Bella." "Thanks, Angela.really. I sighed annoyingly. She was right though. I sucked at that kind of thing, which made me think again. What the hell does this man want with me? "No way in hell, Angela! I'm not wearing that! We are having a simple date." "Ok fine! But you haven't told me where you're going so I don't know what to pick Bella." "Simple, Ang. S.i.m.p.l.e. simple." I annunciated sarcastically. "Fine. F.i.n.e. fine. She responded just as sarcastically. You're no fun. So, what's it like kissing him? I mean he's seems older and more sophisticated and that arrogance is a turn on by itself." "Words can't begin describe how he kisses. It's mind blowing." I realized I was staring somewhere off into space, because Angela was standing in front of me snapping her fingers. "Holy shit. She said in a soft tone. You're in love with him."
- 108 -

"What am I going to do, Ang? I don't know anything about him and I have no idea what he feels. Well I have some idea of what he feels, but it's been all sexual." "Just stay true to what you want, Bella and don't let him take advantage of you. Believe me I wish I'd taken the advice I'm giving you. Justhave fun." I hoped that I could stay true to myself and have what I wanted in the process, because I wanted Edward. "Bella you look so pretty, this was the perfect outfit if I do say so myself." I had to admit I loved the dress and the shoes. The pale peach color was an instant favorite and the gold gladiator style sandals went perfectly with it. The fact that they were flats was a plus also. Buzz I looked at the clock and grabbed my phone. There was a text from Edward. E: Be there in five minutes. I whirled around looking for my purse and started down the steps with Angela behind me. I was so nervous, but I couldn't understand why. I don't think I would ever stop feeling this way when it came to him. "You look amazing Bella, and remember stay true to what you want, and have fun." "Ok. I said and gave her a long hug. Will you be ok?" I asked feeling suddenly guilty for leaving her after everything she's just been through. "I ruined your night once Bella, I won't make a habit of that, now scoot." I didn't give him a chance to knock before I opened the door. God will I ever get used to the sight of him? I watched as his eyes raked over me. "You call this simple." He said amusingly, gesturing to my form with his hands. "I could change if you'd like." I said suddenly feeling a little unsure of my choice of attire. He stepped closer and whispered in my ear. "You do and I'm out of here. You look beautiful." He finished with a brush of his
- 109 -

lips on my cheek. I turned to look at Angela who was literally bouncing on the steps. I mouthed a thank you and waved goodbye. I was ready for a simple night of getting to know this enigma of a man. "You cooked." I asked surprisingly. "It's just pasta, Bella. Simple right?" He said with a wink as he stirred the sauce. I was fascinated by the way the veins strained in his forearms as he maneuvered the spoon. "Is there anything you're not good at?" he looked up to the ceiling as if he was sincerely giving my question some thought. "Um.. no, I can't think of anything." He said and resumed stirring. "Snob." I snorted. "Did you call me a snob? After I brought you to my house and slaved over this stove making you a 'simple' dinner and agreed to this 'simple' date? I'm crushed, Bella." I loved when he was like this. He was so cute. It just made me want to give him any and everything he asked for. "I'm sorry. You're a gorgeous snob though. Have I told you how beautiful your house is by the way? But everything you own is beautiful so it's no surprise I guess. How did you become so successful anyway? "And it begins." He sings as he pulls the spoon out of the sauce and presents it to me to sample, but not before he blows it, making sure it's cooled down just enough. I leaned in and tasted the sauce and it was perfect. My mom used to make sauce like this. She would have flipped. "Is it good?" I nodded looking directly into his eyes. "And to answer the first of many questions you might have, I run my parent's oil company. Come with me." He took my hand and led me over to the other side of the counter. "You're in charge of the bread. Can you handle taking this out to the deck? I thought it would be relaxing to spend the night having dinner out there. I rolled my eyes and picked up the basket with the delicious smelling warm bread.
- 110 -

Did he bake this! No way! He saw my reaction and quickly clarified his question. "I didn't mean that in a bad way. I just didn't want you to ruin your dress with the olive oil that's on the bread." "It's ok. I can manage. Should I carry anything else?" "Maybe the salad. I can handle the rest. Just make yourself comfortable. I'll be out in a moment. I juggled the bread, the salad bowl, and wine glasses in my arms and placed them on the table out on the deck. It was so beautiful. The whole house was, but the view out here was phenomenal. Man I could get used to this. I trailed my fingertips along one of the chaise lounges and ended up reclining back in it. "I could feed you while you relax there." He said carrying plates piled with pasta and a bottle tucked under his arm. I popped up at the alert of his presence. "Then where would you eat?" I asked taking one of the plates from his hand. "Well, we could share the chair and the food.for starters.then share a lot more." "Do you ever quit?" "No." was all he replied as he pulled out my chair and helped me sit. I started digging into the pasta before he even made it to his seat. It was so good. Was this man real? There was obviously nothing that he didn't excel atI wonder. "No way, it's my turn. This is going to be a fair deal. A question for a question." He said pointing at me with his fork. "Ok, shoot." I said taking a bite of the delicious bread. "What's your full name?" "Isabella." I said covering my mouth while I chewed. "Isabella what?" "Swan."
- 111 -

"Really? He said with a huge grin. How fitting." He continued twirling pasta onto his fork. "What's yours?" he looked up at me and frowned. "I thought you knew it. I mean you had my phone. I know damn well you went through it." He said with a cocky look on his face. My face instantly felt warm. "I did not!" My voice rising to an octave high and eyes widening at his arrogance. "Yeah rightHe said with a scoff. It's Edward Cullen. Man this was easier than I thought it would be." "See, I told you.simple." I said taking a sip from my glass and shaking my head at him. He could be so frustrating. Dinner was delicious. It was beyond delicious. I would rather have dinner like this every night with him then go to any fancy restaurant. The last thing I expected was to see him standing in a kitchen making pasta with homemade marinara sauce. It wasn't like the normal way a man would fumble around the kitchen banging pots and accidently burning or cutting fingers. The way he would get this crinkle between his eyebrows when he was concentrating showed me that he was a man that thrived on perfection. I wished that I could be all the things that he would want in a woman. When we finished with our meals he suggested we move to the lounge to relax. There where two of them, but we ended up on the same one together with me reclining against the soft plush cushions and him at the foot. We had gotten so far with getting to know one another. He told me about his brother James, and how he is the player of the century, but he loved him probably more than he knew. And how the sister that he nicknamed Smidge is a huge pain in the ass, but he can't imagine life without her. I couldn't understand why he was so secretive before. He obviously adored his family. I knew there was more, but I didn't want to pry when everything was going so perfectly. "What about your parent's?" I asked making sure my dress was properly tucked underneath me. "Ahh.CC and Esme. They would send you away screaming." "CC? and why would I be screaming?" I knew I must have had a weird look on my face because he laughed a little too hard at my questions.
- 112 -

"CC stands for Carlisle Cullen and my parents are just really hard people to.associate with sometimes. They're all business minded. He handed me my glass completely refilled. Besides I'm the more interesting Cullen wouldn't you agree? "I don't know I think James might be a ton of fun. " I said taking a huge swig of my drink. He shot me a warning look as if to say 'watch it Swan'. I began giggling heartily. "You think you're funny don't you?" I shrugged feigning nonchalance. "You're not the only one who can be charming Mr. Cullen." "Are you talking about yourself or James, because you have never met the guy and your-" "Jealous are we?" I asked feeling a little smug I'm sure due to the exquisite spirit I was enjoying. "II'm not-" For the first time Edward was losing his cool and was stammering over the thought of his brother possibly claiming his territory. Wait what-territory? I decided to place the rest of the drink in all of its exquisiteness back on the end table out of harms reach. "You think I'm bad you should meet James sometime." "I would love too." I said in the most innocent of voices. He whirled around with his mouth slightly agape. He looked so adorable. "You're playing a dangerous game Bella." His statement was serious but his expression was not. "Sorry." I said holding up both of my hands in defeat. "Are you comfortable?" he asked unbuckling the straps of my sandals. "Yeah, I could sleep right here in this chair and never wake up."
- 113 -

He gently removed each shoe from my feet and started massaging them. It didn't feel like his normal seduction routine.it felt likehe was taking care of me. He smirked at the effect he knew he was having on me. "So, tell me about your mom. He said and I immediately stiffened. He looked at me with a concerned expression. Was I too rough?" his hands hesitantly stopped caressing my foot. "No, that feels euphoric. I said slightly easing my foot back in his grasp so that he would continue. She.my mom is no longer living. She died when I was twelve." His hands paused again. "I'm sorry." He said raising a hand to my cheek. "It's ok." She was sick.cancer. She was the best person though. I miss her a lot." He was now sitting closer to me stroking my cheek more firmly. The look in is eyes when I told him about my mom was so compassionate. It was the first time I ever talked about her illness with anyone besides my dad. Rose and Angela were aware of what happened, but I never went into detail about it. It was too hard to talk about the stages of pain that she endured.that we all endured. It didn't upset me as much as I thought it would when I told him. He was so attentive rubbing soothing circles on my back, but I didn't want this night to get so deep with 'I'm sorrys' and reopening old wounds. I just wanted it to be 'simple'. "Has your father thought about remarrying?" "The chief? I scoffed. I liked to see that." "So, how much trouble would I be in if the 'chief' found out about what we were doing on my yacht? He asked as his hands were slowly making their way up my calves. Or what we were doing in the club." "He would probably blast your naughty parts off." I said with a giggle. He winced, removed his hands from my legs and stood up. "You know, you should never use the word blast in conjunction with my.what did you call it? 'naughty parts' in the same sentence. It's an instant mood kill Bella." He looked exasperated contemplating if my father would actually resort to shooting him in the nuts for fraternizing with his daughter. "I was kidding." I stood up with him grabbing his hand away from his hair in which he was now tugging on relentlessly. He looked down at me and encircled my waist
- 114 -

with his arms pulling me closer to him. "So, was this simple enough or do I have to work harder to please you?" "Was it really that hard, Edward?...I mean to share parts of your self with me." I felt the need to add that to my question when I saw one of his eyebrows slowly rise. It was almost like dangling raw meat in front of a famished lion. He would have devoured that question to pieces with all kinds of sexual responses. "It wasn't that bad." His eyebrow returned to its previous position. For some odd reason we were swaying back and forth as if there were music playing. It was like the most natural thing in the world to be in his arms like this. "Can I ask you something?" I asked as my arms came up to lock behind his neck. "I don't know.can you? He retorted sarcastically, but I ignored him. There was something that had been bothering me for awhile. something that he said that was stuck in the back of my mind since he said it. I needed to know what it was that he meant by it or it would drive me crazy. "What did you mean the other night when you said that I was 'forbidden." The swaying stopped, but the staring was back with a vengeance. "You're everything any man could want Bella Swan. He said tracing my bottom lip with his thumb. And everything a man like me shouldn't ." "I don'tunderstand." I said resisting the urge to let my tongue discreetly slip out and taste his finger. "I don't want to hurt you Bella." "Then don't." This time the urge turned into full blown nerve as I drew his thumb into my mouth briefly and letting it slide slowly from my lips. He began painting my lips with the wetness that coated the tip of his thumb. "I don't know what you want Bella." He said in a whispery tone. "Don't you?" I asked leaning in closer to him and kissing him softly. "You have to say the words Bella, because I don't think I can do what I did the
- 115 -

other night. I can't just feel like this and let you walk away from me this time. You have to tell me what you want." "What do you want Edward?" "There has been no secret as to what I want. I've shown you." "I need to hear the words Edward. I said throwing his words back at him. I thought that would definitely grant me a sexy grin or a laugh with devilish meaning behind it, but I was wrong. He was serious. Sex? That's what you want?" I said trying to pull away from him, but he just held on to me tighter. "I want you Bella.I want you to stay the night with me." His hands slid up my back playing with ends of my hair. Something was different about the way he said it this time. When he asked me to stay the night with him on the yacht it was filled with sarcasm and confidence. Now it felt like he actually wanted more than just sex.like he wanted all of me. "I want you to stay, but you have to tell me that you want this too." "I've wanted you from the first moment I saw you." I said with my eyes focusing directly on the splash of hair that was exposed from the two undone buttons on his navy shirt. "And?" he asked tilting my chin up to meet his gaze. Do you want me now, Bella?" I nodded my response and bit my bottom lip in anxiety. "Tell me Bella. He said leaning his forehead against mine and closing his eyes. Tell me that you want to stay. Tell me that you want me to make love to you." My body started trembling and my eyes fluttered closed as I felt a tear trickle from the corner. The only thing that was audible was the faint whisper of five beautiful words. "I'm in love with you." Thanx for readingplease review.

- 116 -

Chapter 10 not so simple

Disclaimer I own nothing. (Twilight) A/N: I am blown away by all the reviews I received last chapter. Thank you so much. I'm sorry for the delay in posting, but I've had a crazy week with laptop malfunctions. I hope this chapter makes up for it. Also I have to address a review that was sent to me about my description of Veterinarian's. I am truly sorry if I made anyone feel upset or uncomfortable with my choice of words. It wasn't my intention to down the profession. It's simply how Bella sees herself in reference to others, but I will definitely revise the way I phrased the sentence as it is important to me to keep you guys happy. (And reading+reviewing) Thanks to UkGirlyGirl for sorting through this mess/unmess and all the other countless things you do. Mehek, eff the haters (you know what I mean ;) WARNING! Lemons ahead! Chapter I0 "I'm in love with you." All of a sudden his body went rigid and my eyes snapped open wide revealing just how much shock I was truly in. The words that came out of my mouth were in disbelief. He pulled away from me and straightened up to his full height. I felt instantly small like I was Jack and he was the giant. He stared at me like I had just grown a monstrous second head. I didn't know what to do, so I backpedaled. "Edward I.I.God I am so stupid." I whispered with my hand flying up to my mouth. My words were a jumbled mess. I pulled away from him and watched as his hands lazily dropped from my waist. "I have to get out of here." I started looking around desperately to collect my shoes and purse that conveniently seemed to be missing. "Bella?" he said in a hushed tone almost too low for me to hear. I didn't answer
- 117 -

him. "You don't have to drive me. I can call a cab or get Angela to come and pick me up or something." The words rushed out of my mouth making me sound more ridiculous. I was racing around the room like someone was chasing me. I had to get out. I managed to knock over the glass of wine that was sitting on the table in the process. "Shit!" I gasped looking at the mess I created on his beautiful cream colored carpet. I started looking around swiftly for something to clean it up with. There was a napkin at the table where we just had dinner. I grabbed it, dropped to my knees and started to blot the rug. "Bella?" he repeated standing over the top of me. I never looked up or replied. My focus was on getting his precious carpet back to normal and getting the hell of his house as fast as my bare feet would allow. "Bella?" He spoke for a third turn, only this time he was on the floor with me. "Bella stop!" He said pulling my hands away from the sopping wet floor. "I've ruined your carpet". I said apologetically, but what I really meant was 'I've ruined the whole entire night.' "You haven't ruined anything. It was an accident, Bella." I didn't know if he meant me knocking over the glass of wine or the declaration I just laid on him. I blamed him. This was his fault. He was doing these things to me, making me feel crazy and out of control. One minute things would feel normal, then in a blink of an eye the mood would switch to me being mesmerized and placed in a sexual predicament with him pulling all the strings. I felt embarrassed and foolish. How could I have let something so intimate slip out so carelessly. All I wanted to do was leave and forget it ever happened. After I was satisfied that his carpet was primed for walking on again, I stood and began sliding my feet into my sandals. He stood almost as soon I did holding on to my arm as I tried to gain my footing. "I'm sorry." I said turning towards the door and quickly making for the threshold. I would have to call a cab once I was outside. I couldn't spend another moment in
- 118 -

here with him. When I reached for the doorknob he was behind me in a flash. "Please don't leave." I could feel the warmth of his body wash all over me. "Talk to me." I inhaled deeply then sharply exhaled. "About what?" I asked knowing full well what he was talking about. "About anything". He said removing my purse that was clutched tightly across chest like a sleeping child squeezing the life out of its teddy. "Talk to me about why you're running away." "I'm not running. I just want to go." "Why Bella...because you said what you were feeling?" My shoulders slumped slightly. A part of me was hoping, praying that he hadn't heard what I had said, but I knew he did. I was still facing the door while he was talking to me. I didn't want to make eye contact with him. If I looked at him now the last shred of decency I had would unravel and I would breakdown in front of him. "I just want to go, Edward.please. I don't want you to try and convince me to stay. I don't want you to be charming the way you always are. You make me second guess myself all the time. I just want to go." I was sure he could hear the cracking in my voice now, as I was no longer able to keep it hidden. I felt his hands grab me gently around the waist and spin me around. He wasn't going to listen. He was going to be charming and sexy and just not listen. He looked at me and I wasn't sure if his expression was him being hurt from what I said or just plain pity. I was surprised when he handed my purse back and opened the door offering for me to exit. I looked at him then at the door. "Thank you." I said stepping swiftly out of the door. "I'm not letting you leave like this." His voice sounded business like. All traces of humor and charm gone. "Edward, please I just."
- 119 -

"Look, Bella I just want to take you home." He said with his palms held up in front of him. I won't be able to concentrate with you out there by yourself. "I promise I won't try anything. I just want to get you home safe, okay?" I had managed to even bring down his mood and that was a feat for a man like Edward. He never seemed to let things get to him. He always had some sort of comeback. Not this time. I blinked up at him searching his face for signs of the man I've come to know in the past couple of weeks, but saw nothing. "Okay." I said softly and we left together walking in a fast pace to his garage. The silence was deafening. We said absolutely nothing for the whole ride. There wasn't even music playing. All that could be heard was the distant sounds of car horns and night creatures. I never remembered it being quite so eerie in this neighborhood. There was a feeling of dj vu lurking as we sat in his car in front of my house, except this time I wasn't waiting. I got out the car without uttering two words to him and shut the door. "It doesn't have to be like this, Bella." He said loud enough so it would stop me in my tracks. He never turned to look at me; he just continued staring straight ahead like he was more concerned about what was in front of him. "Yes it does." I said resuming my route to the front porch. "Why?" his voice was louder this time and he also decided to emerge from the driver's seat. In three quick strides he had caught up to my side and grabbed me by the elbow. "I can't do this, Edward." "Do what, Bella? God I mean if it bothers you that much than just take it back, say it was a lie or something." I scoffed and shook my head at his childish way of erasing someone saying "I'm in love with you." "It would be so easy if I could do just that.but I can't."
- 120 -

"Are you?" he asked. His grip softened on my arm. "Am I what?" I asked. I didn't like where this line of questioning was going at all. It was when he started with the questions that I found myself unable to concentrate on what I really wanted. "Are you in love with me, Bella?" "I.I don't.I don't know." I was finally able to force out. "Then why did you say it?" "I don't know." I said pulling my arm away. He sighed heavily and came to stand in front of me. "Can we just start over, before everything got so complicated?" he said running his hand up the nape of my neck and threading his finger through my hair. "We can't.I can't. It's too late." My body was shivering from the way his fingertips were slowly massaging my scalp. I reached up and placed my hand gently over his letting it linger for a moment before I pulled his hand from the back of my head. "So this is it, we just act as if we never met?" His voice was angry and fairly disappointed. I cringed at his words and at the meaning they held, but I nodded hesitantly. "You're unbelievable, you know that." He spat harshly and I flinched in response. He was angry. This time I was sure of it. My lips were starting to quiver and the tears had escaped. At this point I couldn't stop them if I tried. He narrowed his eyes at me and a confident look bloomed on his face. The sexy smirk was back. Did he think this was funny? Did he think I was a joke? I ducked my head angrily wiping at my tears. He thought this was a joke-that I was a joke. "You're a fucking liar, Bella!" He said with his index finger pointed in my direction and walking closer. He tenderly grabbed me by the back of my neck into a passionate kiss that melted me to the very core. a kiss that ended too quickly.
- 121 -

"You're a liar. He whispered for a second time against my lips. You want me as much as I want you and don't bother denying that fact." He said in between kisses. "You don't want this to be over brown eyes, but I'll tell you what I will do. I'm going to go, so you can have some time to think." He kissed me again, longer this time. "But I'm not letting you walk away from me again" he finished with one last kiss, making me whimper. He released me and walked back to his car driving off without a backwards glance. I was standing on the porch with my hand over the lips he just kissed so fiercely when Angela appeared. "You are home way too early missy." She said with a tap on my shoulder. I just continued staring at the lights of his car that were beginning to fade the further he drove away. When I could no longer see any traces I broke down again sobbing into Angela's arms about how stupid I was. "Oh my God! I am so stupid." I screamed not caring that I would probably alert the neighbor's that something was terribly wrong. I pushed past Angela and raced up the stairs sobbing uncontrollably EPOV This was getting ridiculous. I knew she wanted me, so what was with all the cat and mouse games? It never took me so much effort and time to bed a woman before. I was usually spending all of my time and effort trying to get them out of it, but Bella was different. There was just something about her that intrigued the hell out of me. She was beautiful without even trying. She had no idea just how beautiful she was and the effect she had on men.the effect she was having on one man in particular. I wanted Bella. There was no denying that, but I knew I was kidding myself. I was getting married in less than a month and Bella knew nothing about the wedding or Tanya. It would crush her. She had already told me she was in love with me and while that may or may not have been true, I knew she felt something for me. I was back at the beach house thinking over all of the events that had lead up to this point. I wanted to call her, but I meant what I said about giving her time to think. Thinking would be good for the both of us. Although my thinking seemed to be only on the severe case of blue balls I was going to have fucking around with this woman. She was worth it though.
- 122 -

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge, as my memory alerted me that I was actually in this very kitchen cooking.for a female nonetheless. I must be fucking losing it. I thought, running a hand through my hair. There had never been a woman who both infuriated and made me hard enough to cut glass at the same time before Bella. My body sank down into the chaise lounge she and I had shared just earlier. The same lounge where I was massaging her feet without a moment's hesitation. What the fuck Cullen! Bella had me doing things that I would laugh at the average man for doing. I needed to get some perspective of this situation and fast. I was doing this for the sex.right? I somehow didn't know anymore. With a hearty swig I thought back to the night on the yacht and the way her eyes raked over my body as I stood before her. I smirked to myself. She reacted exactly the way I knew she would. She was stammering and blushing like crazy and I fucking loved it. If only that phone wouldn't have rang. I would be buried in her at this very moment. There was no way I could continue sitting in this chair thinking about sex with Bella. The scent she left all over this chair-hell this very house was paralyzing me. Fucking warm cinnamon apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream. "Sounds fucking awesome after the night I had, that would be the cherry on top. So to speak." James said walking out to the deck looking like he just went ten rounds with Victoria and I don't mean in a boxing ring. "Yeah, well at least one of us got fucked". I said bitterly as I decided to move to the Bella-free lounge. "You're having problems getting laid?" his voice was shaking with humor. I didn't want to go there, so I diverted with a question of my own. "What did you see in Leah?" His fists instantly clenched and his jaw tightened. He was pissed I even mentioned her precious name. "Calm the fuck down. I didn't mean it like that. I meant" Fuck I didn't know what I meant. "What drew you to her? I mean of course she was beautiful, but was there something special that made her stand out over all the other women you've dealt with?"
- 123 -

His stance started to soften when he heard my clarification. "What's this about man?" "I just want to know why her?" He huffed out a huge gust of air and sat on the Bella infused chair with his elbows resting on his knees. "Leah was perfect. In every since of the word. That is all you need to know." He said grabbing for the opened bottle of wine that was left over from the stupid 'simple' date. I'm sure it was already warm, but that didn't seem to stop him from chugging on it uncaringly. "So much for warm apple pie ala mode." He said rising from the chair taking the bottle with him. "Thanks for the mood kill bro." he yelled over his shoulder. I rested my head back and closed my eyes. I said I would give her time, but it was getting harder to keep that promise the more I thought about her. The fact that my name was Edward Cullen meant I always got what I wanted, so I said 'fuck it' and whipped out my phone to text her. There was no harm in that. BPOV Buzz. My phone kept alerting me that there was a text message, but I didn't want to check it in fear that it would be him. There was a knock on my bedroom door and Angela poked her head in asking if it was okay to come in. "I come bearing comfort foods. I have hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. God you can tell we work at Starbuck's." she said shaking her head. She was right about one thing, chocolate is just what I needed right now. "You want to male bash?" "No, but feel free to do so." I said taking a bite of cookie. "Nah, it doesn't work unless two parties are involved in the bashing. You want to
- 124 -

talk about what hap-" "I told him I was in love with him." I said cutting her off in mid sentence. Her eyes widened in disbelief. "Oh.um.wow." "I know. I'm an idiot." "No you're not. You're simply...emotional, but do you love him, Bella?" she asked with a slight grimace on her face. "I think I do.I don't know. I don't know who I am or what I'm doing when I'm with him. He was asking all these questions and I couldn't think. The next thing I knew I was telling him that I was in love with him. He's like some sort of magician/manipulator that's warping my thoughts. It's like he's reading my mind and drawing my thoughts out to the surface." She looked at me like I lost my last brain cell. "What kinds of questions was he asking?" "They weren't questions per se; they were more like statements..." "Okay." She said shifting her position to sit Indian style. "He wanted me to say that I wanted to spend the night with him and for him to make love to me, but all I could say was that I was in love with him. I said throwing a hand over my eyes and shaking my head in disgust. After I said it I flipped out asking him to bring me home." "Well, how did he react? Did he freak out?" "No, just the opposite, he was acting all nonchalant about it. He still wants to see me. I just don't know if I can do that now." My phone buzzed again and both of our heads whipped around staring in its direction. "You think that's him?" I nodded in response.
- 125 -

"Well, aren't you the least bit interested in what he has to say?" I shook my head in response. "Aww, come on, Bella. He texted you, which means he's interested." She said getting off of the bed to retrieve the phone. "Here, you know it's killing you to know what it says." She held the phone out for to me to take. "You read it, I'm too nervous." I pushed it back in her direction. She complied and began to read: "I can't stop thinking about u. E" My head snapped up. Angela was looking at me with a smug smile on her face. I snatched the phone from her hands and reread the message as if she was lying to me. I noticed there were two other messages from him as well. "I know I said I would give u time 2 think, but would I b me if I didn't at least try? E" I continued opening the next message and read: "I can still smell ur scent all over the beach house and it's driving me crazy.I wish u were here. E" I chewed on my thumbnail and tossed the phone onto the bed. "Damn him! See that, this is what he does." I said pointing at the phone. She looked at me as if I'd just gone off the deep end. "He said he would give me time to think and as always he's being charming and downright pushy! I can't think like this. I need a shower." I stormed off slamming the door leaving Angela staring at me in complete bewilderment. It was dark, but my eyes were focused on the ceiling. My brain was focused on Edward.
- 126 -

"How long did it take for you to say it to Mike?" She laughed, but it wasn't a happy one. It was more like a scoff laced with venom. "I said it the first time we had sex, so roughly around the three month mark." She pulled the blanket up to her shoulders and turned to face the wall. "He's not Mike, Bella." After a short period I could hear her soft snores. I cloned her position and reached for my phone that was underneath my pillow and typed a reply. I wish I was there too. B I nestled into my pillow and waited for sleep to overtake me. After work I decided to take Sadie for a walk at the park. "Sadie. Comeback!" I yelled as I watched her dash across the park. That dog was going to send me to an early grave. I took off running after her not paying attention to anything and I slammed right into someone. Fortunately I left them standing. "Hey, where's the fire?" he asked and I was momentarily blinded by gorgeous shiny white teeth. "Oh, I'm sorry." I said out of breath. I was just chasing my dog..."You're Jake right?" "You remembered.and you're Bella." He said confidently. "Your pup is in good company by the way. It looks like she's found Lola." He stepped aside so I could see Sadie and Lola chasing each other on the grass, which was weird for two female dogs. "That is so cute. They're getting along." I said tucking the loose strands of hair that had slipped from my ponytail. "Yeah, it seems they are. Are you okay? You slammed into me pretty hard." "Yeah, I'm fine. You saved me. If I hadn't run into you I'm sure I would have landed either on my face or on my ass."
- 127 -

"Wouldn't have wanted to see that." He laughed. We started walking around the park talking about nothing and everything. He was so easy to get to know and easy on the eyes as well. I hadn't really noticed how muscular and defined his arms were before. It also donned a tribal sort of tattoo around the bicep. He was definitely hot. Maybe Angela would be open to meeting someone new. I knew it was a little premature to be trying to hook her up, but he seemed like the perfect gentlemen. He was funny, cute and his body was to die for. He would most certainly help her get over Mike. Jake and I stopped at a cart in the park and grabbed some lunch. We sat at one of the picnic tables and continued talking and laughing like we were friends for years. He offered to give me a ride home and I accepted since Sadie and I walked to the park today. I hadn't noticed it had gotten so late until I saw the sun starting to set. I hopped down out of his truck and whistled for Sadie to follow. She came flying out of the truck nearly knocking me over and kept charging towards the backyard. Jake came around the side to see if I needed any help, that was when we both jumped at the sound of screeching tires from behind us. I whirled around and my eyes settled on Edwards. He did not look in the best of moods. My heart was thumping out of my chest and I didn't know if it was from being startled from the screeching of his car or the way he was glaring at me from behind the windshield. "You know him?" Jake asked nodding in Edward's direction. "Um.yeah.he's um." "Who am I, Bella?" he said stepping out of the car. Does he have bionic ears or something? Maybe he can read lips. In any case I was suddenly feeling the tension in the air and the ferocity was coming of him in waves. "Wha-" "He asked you a legitimate question and I for one would like to hear the answer." I stood there blinking rapidly and astonished. Jake moved back to within my eyesight trying to get my attention. "It's obvious you have some things to sort out so I'll take that as my cue to leave." He handed me Sadie's leash and shut the passenger door. "Yeah, you do that." Edward spat.
- 128 -

He was jealous.seriously jealous. You could see the muscles in his jaw flexing from him clenching his teeth over and over. Jake shot him a nasty glare and I knew things were about to get ugly. "Thanks, Jake I had fun." "Anytime, IzzyBee." I blushed at the use of the nickname I told him Rose appointed to me. I looked over at Edward and I could literally see smoke coming from his ears. "So we're on for next week?" he asked staring directly at Edward, I'm sure trying to elicit some sort of reaction from him. "Um.yeah, next week is good." He gave Edward one last glare, smiled at me then jumped in his truck and sped off. "So, IzzyBee two guys at once, that's how you like it, huh?" "What the hell did you just say to me?" I spun around suddenly shooting daggers at him with my eyes. "Who the fuck is he, Bella?" 'What? You have no right to come here questioning me about what I do or who I see." "Bullshit! Another question you've managed to avoid." "You would know. You're the master of avoidance." I could not believe we had gone from seductively dancing and jet skiing to this, all in a matter of hours. He was saying the vilest things to me all because he was jealous. He turned around as if he was going to leave, but he paused tugging on his hair fiercely. "Come on." He said grabbing a hold of my wrist. "What! I'm not going anywhere with you." I snatched my wrist away and I saw a look in his eyes I hadn't witnessed before.rage.
- 129 -

He closed the gap in between us in one agile motion and hoisted me over his shoulder. "Put me down, Edward!" I screamed with my voice sounding muffled from being upside down. Let me go! I started kicking my legs and pounding on his back as he stalked over to his car. "Settle down or I'll have to punish you." He said in a tranquil voice. "Wha- punish? What are you talking about?" I said looking around like I was waiting for something to abruptly happen in the form of a spanking. He let my body slide down his with ease and yanked the door open for me to enter. "No." I said with my arms folded stubbornly across my chest. "Get in the car, Bella or so help me I'll put you in it and I'm not playing games." I didn't budge. Instead my eyes were daring him to try it.bad mistake. He lifted me bridal style and placed me in the car and moved around to the other side while I fought with the handle. Damn it! He locked it. "Put your seatbelt on." He ordered. I was pissed, but I was not about to argue with him, especially with the erratic way he was driving. "This is kidnapping." I said locking the belt around me. "Said the chief's daughter. I told you I would give you a pass, but the fantasy remains." I rolled my eyes at his blatant attempt at humor and reached over to turn on some music to drown out his voice. I pressed enter on the first song I came to and Addicted to you by Simple Plane blasted throughout the entire car. How fitting. He glanced at me with a humorous expression. I was so angry with him that I lost track of the time we spent driving. We pulled into the front of the beach house. He was out of the car in a millisecond and at my door. I just sat there ignoring him like a petulant child. "Bella." He said with a warning.
- 130 -

I didn't want him carrying me around like some caveman so I conceded and followed him on my own accord. He tossed his keys on the white leather sofa and walked over to the bar. "You want a glass of wine?" he asked filling two glasses without waiting for my answer. "You're insane. You think you can just flip out, kidnap me and then smooth it over with wine. Go to hell Edward!" "Damn it! That fucking mouth of yours!" He slammed the bottle down on the bar with some of the contents shooting out of the top. "Where was all this feistiness before, huh?" I blinked at him and realized I was acting rather out of character, but it was because of everything he did tonight. "I'm leaving!" I walked towards the door and he blocked my path. "Oh no! Not this time, brown eyes. I'm getting sick of this shit. You're not going anywhere. We are going to figure out what's going on between us right fucking now. No one leaves!" "Edward, let me out of here now!" I said through clenched teeth. "Mmmmm. I like feisty Bella." He said walking towards me. Every step he took I took one backwards. "I wonder how she fucks." That was it. His attitude was beyond deplorable. I drew back my hand and slapped him clean across the face. He touched his cheek and looked back at me smiling with his bottom lip trapped in between his teeth. "You're a son of a bitch." My voice trembled with anger. "Tell me something I haven't heard." He said sarcastically. He stepped closer. "I wish I'd never met you. "
- 131 -

More steps. I kept moving backwards until my head made contact with the wall. "I hate you." He stood closely in front of me without our bodies touching. "No you don't." he leaned in kissing me softly. His tongue slipped into my mouth and mingled with mine perfectly. I heard a delicate hum from deep within his chest when my hand tugged on hair, but he pulled away too soon and was watching me intensely. "Who was he?" he asked while unbuttoning my shirt. "I just met him. He's only a friend". I whispered. "Promise me you won't see him again." "But he's only a friend, Edward." "He doesn't look at you like a friend. Promise me." He said tossing my shirt on the floor behind him. "You have to trust me." "Why should I? You still haven't said what I need to hear." "I want to stay with youtonight." "And?" he asked pulling his shirt over his head. I gulped at the sight of his bare chest. I would never get tired of seeing him like this. "I want you." My voice trailed off as I struggled with what he wanted me to say next. "Yeah?" he said as his fingers lingered at the top of my jeans briefly before popping open the button. "I want you to make love to me." I said with newly found confidence while staring him hopelessly in the eyes.
- 132 -

Something inside of him snapped with those words and we were panting, moaning, sucking and fumbling our way up the stairs to his bedroom. Once we reached the door he lifted me up and my legs automatically wrapped around his waist. He walked us over and tossed me effortlessly onto the bed. He stood at the foot and started to remove his pants. Nobody leaves. His voice echoed in my head. I crawled to the end of the bed to assist with his boxers, but he stilled my hands and shook his head no. "Take those off". He gestured towards my unbuttoned jeans. I stood from the bed and began sliding them down my legs and kicked them to the side. He walked closer to me and told me to turn around so that my back was facing his front. He unhooked my bra while kissing the middle of my back. The straps slowly slid off of my shoulders and the bra hit the floor. I could feel him kissing every inch of my bareness from shoulders to tailbone. He dropped to his knees and began inching my panties down with his fingers. They soon joined my bra and jeans that were scattered amongst the floor. His hands were massaging my ass firmly yet delicately as his lips made contact once again with my flesh. This time he was kissing and sucking on the place where his hands had just left. I felt like I was in another time.another place. No one had ever taken the time to worship my body this way. My head lolled back and I was moaning to the heavens. When I felt the wetness of his tongue slide down the crevice of my ass my eyes flew open and my back arched from the sensation. "Relax." He said rising to his feet. I hadn't realized he had taken off his boxers when he moved to stand in front of me. He pulled me to him as he sat on the bed. His lips were kissing just above my navel and my knees started to buckle. I reached out to hold onto his shoulders to catch my balance. He grabbed the back of my thighs and guided me to straddle him while he sucked relentlessly on my nipples, successfully alternating between the two so neither was left neglected. "Oh God!" I could feel his cock twitching against my stomach. The wetness was oozing from it. He snaked his had between us and slowly dragged his index finger up my slit. "Christ, you're drenched already!"
- 133 -

I blushed at his bluntness and kissed him passionately to show him it was because of him.all for him. I moved my hips closer making contact with his very prominent erection. "Ahh fuck, brown eyes what are you trying to do to me? " Suddenly I was airborne and lying on my back with Edward hovering over me. He reached over to his bed stand, grabbed a shiny gold square packet and handed it to me. My hands were shaking when I took it from him and he noticed. "Put it on me." I had never put one on a guy before, but I didn't want him to know just how inexperienced I was, so I stilled my hands as much as could and reached down with both hands to slide the condom on him. The want to feel him without any barriers was nagging me. I snaked my hand between or bodies and gently took his hardness in my and stroked. His eyes snapped shut tightly and there was a faint convulsion from his body. "Bella please!" His voice was strangled and tortured. I rolled the condom down over his impressive length. Instead of him lowering himself onto me, he braced himself up on his hands. "Spread your legs." He reached down grasping his cock and swiped it four times up and down my entrance spreading the wetness. He entered me with one swift thrust. "Oh!" I gasped. My fingers immediately dug into his smooth muscular ass from the harshness of the entry. It hurt beyond explanation, but something about it was surreal. My body practically screamed for more when he began thrusting and pumping in and out of me with reckless abandon. He stared deeply into my eyes as my body moved up and down with his steady rhythms. I could feel every muscle in his body contract with every movement. I was desperate to feel every inch of skin on mine, but he kept himself above me, driving into me with force. My hand brushed back a lock of hair that had tumbled forward on his forehead and I watched as his face began to soften. He turned his head to kiss the inside of my wrist and the mood shifted from primal fucking to incredible, passionate sex
- 134 -

between two people. "Fuck, you feel so good. No one's ever felt like you." He said while he ducked his head to watch his cock sliding in and out of me. "Ughh.Edward!" I groaned and wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him in deeper. That was all it took. "Oh fuck, baby!" He hissed and lowered his body capturing my lips in the process. I tilted my head side so I could feel every inch of his tongue with mine. He was such an amazing kisser. His moans were vibrating throughout my entire body and doing the most indescribable things to parts below the belt. We kissed until he was no longer able to find the breath to continue. His hands reached under me grabbing each buttock as he spread me wider and began rotating his hips in a circular motion. My hands had taken up residence on the headboard above me. I held on for dear life. Our noises were borderline on animalistic.predator on prey, lion on lamb. I could feel him getting close, because the circular movements had turned into quick, sharp thrusts. "Oh fuck.fuck!"He grounded out with his head buried in my neck. "Cum baby.I'm so close! Cum for me!" "Oh God.Edward.Ahh!Ahhhhh!" My body exploded and shuddered in ecstasy and he didn't stop thrusting. I could feel him swelling inside of me. My hands gripped his ass to control his movements and he began pumping slower at a maddening pace. My legs felt numb as they dropped slowly from around his waist and tangled with his legs. He repositioned them and kept up with the slow deep penetration. Something weird was happening. I felt a familiar tingling in my stomach, but it was enhanced by a feeling I can only describe as the way I felt before, during and after I bungee jumped last year. Edward leaned up on one hand and started rubbing in between my legs with the other. My eyes must've told him everything that was going on in my head because he smirked at me and rubbed and thrust harder. "That's right cum again baby. Just let go." He leaned down and started sucking my
- 135 -

nipple. My eyes fluttered closed and I couldn't hold it any longer. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" I screamed with my neck and my back arching off of the bed. "Fuuuckkkkk!" He yelled as his sweat drenched body limply fell onto mine. Our breathing was labored and coarse. "That was so fucking worth the wait." He panted into my neck. My eyes were on the ceiling, but I couldn't see a thing. Hair was plastered to my forehead and I could feel him twitching inside of me. "Are you okay?" He raised his head looking me directly in my eyes. His hand came up to brush away the wet hair from my face. "Okay is an understatement, don't you think?" I said breathing heavily rustling the front of his hair. With ease he began to slide out of me and we both winced from the sensitivity. "Ahh." He rolled onto his back and removed the condom, tossing it into the waste basket next to the bed. "I want you to stay." He said reaching over to me and dragging me across the bed by my waist. I don't think I could have left if I wanted to. My body wouldn't allow me to perform such a physical act at the moment. "Okay." I simply responded and rested my head on his chest. He reached across the bed for the duvet and pulled it up around us. "Definitely worth the wait." I said as I snuggled comfortably into his warmth and drifted. Thanks for reading. Please review

- 136 -

Chapter 11 UNO!
Disclaimer: I don't own anything (Twilight), but I will own my freedom and sanity again. (Once the kids are back to school next week. Yay!) Kidding love you guys! A/N: Thanks for all of you reviews last chapter. It was amazing! I reached I00! I'm so excited and for that you guys get the update and an outtake of B and E's first lemon in EPOV so keep an eye out for it. I will be posting it soon. Anyway, enough with the chit chat. Warning! Lemons straight ahead Chapter XI I stretched and felt a familiar, yet satisfying ache throughout my entire body, especially in between the junction of my thighs. Sex had never felt like this before. Every muscle was deliciously worked to the max. My eyes fluttered open and focused on the wild scattered mess of hair that rested on my lower abdomen. I smiled contently and ran my fingers through it gently. I always wanted to do that and just as I always expected once was not enough. I sank my fingers in deeper scratching his scalp and was rewarded with a groan plus a poke in the thigh from his reawakened cock. "Mmmm, don't stop doing that." He said groggily. His voice was thick with sleep and exhaustion. When had we gotten in this position? The last thing I recall was drifting to sleep lying on top of him. Now the roles were reversed. This must have occurred after he pulled me up his body and spread me open again for round two. Flashback "I want you again." He said as his hand trailed from the top of my spinal cord down to the small of my back. A second hand was added and began squeezing and kneading my ass. "Come here." I raised my head to look him in the eye. I could deny him nothing at this point. He had my whole heart...lock and key. In one swift movement his hands latched underneath my arms and dragged me up his body as if I were nothing but a ragdoll.
- 137 -

I squealed from the sudden shift in movement and also from the way my legs instantly parted and his massive erection nestled in between. Our faces were inches apart when his tongue slipped out and traced my bottom lip. His hips started thrusting at the same time he was pulling my lower body into him. "Mmmm, how do you get so wet so fast?" He was looking at me like he was waiting for some kind of response to his question. I simply bit down on my bottom lip and lowered my eyes, clearly embarrassed. "Fuck! Brown eyes don't do you have any idea how crazy that makes me?" He lifted me by the hips, grabbed his cock and pumped twice before he sank deeply into me. Brief moments of soreness reintroduced themselves as he bounced me up and down slowly. It was a pain I would welcome over and over if it meant I could stay connected to him like this. His movements were slower and more pronounced than the first time. My eyes were on his and his on mine. I could feel my eyebrows knit together every time he thrust upward hitting a spot inside me I never knew existed. The expression on his face never faltered. It stayed in this semi-dazzling confident state as if he knew how good he was indeed making me feel. I was getting closer to the full body explosion that I'd experienced earlier that evening. He could sense it, because a small smile crept across his lips and he rose up wrapping his arms around me completely and began thrusting harder. I was panting uncontrollably. My breaths were coming out in embarrassing huffs and gasps. Jesus! This man must be from planet orgasm. He knew exactly when to speed up, when to slow down and when to rotate his hips.he knew just how to.fuck. "Don't stop!" I said gasping for breath. My head was buried in the crook of his neck as he continued pumping in and out of me. "Never." He whispered. I could no longer give as well as I was receiving. He had completely taken over my body with his rhythm. My arms locked around his neck and I simply enjoyed the ride. "Oh shit," I whispered."I'm coming." "Mmmm. Me too." He grunted.
- 138 -

My pants turned into short intakes of breaths accompanied by low shrieks. He grabbed my hips tightly and gave one last hard thrust that jerked my body up while I felt him pulse inside of me. "Ughhh!" He groaned when I bit down gently on his shoulder as I came with him. His body started to shake as he chuckled lightly. "Did you really just bite me?" I was too out of it to form words so I relied on my head shakes and nods to say what my mouth couldn't. I shook my head no. "Liar!" He said leaning back a placing a kiss on my lips. "Did I hurt you?" I asked when my voice decided to work. "No, and even if you had I would've loved every second of it." He said ducking his head taking a sensitive nipple into his mouth and began sucking softly. "Unnggg!" I moaned sharply. "Mmmm!" He was enjoying the reactions he was getting from my out of control body. "You have to stop that!" I said pulling back watching my breast pop from his lips. "Why?" he asked going for my nipple again. This time I shook my head and dodged his lips successfully, untangling my legs from around his waist. I pushed him back against the mattress and crawled off of the bed. "I need a shower." I said stealing the sheet and draping my naked form. He propped himself up with one arm folded behind his head and studied me with a humorous look. "Shy now, are we?" He said sitting up and snatching the sheet from my body. "Now the shower is yours, brown eyes." I didn't feel quite that nervous being completely undressed in front of him, since the room was only lit with the moonlight that was streaming through the sheer set of curtains along with the cool ocean breeze.
- 139 -

"Do you ever quit?" My hands were planted firmly on my hips. "I think you asked me that once before and the answer hasn't changed.no." He said propping up one of his legs as well, so I could get a full view. My eyes zeroed in on his manhood and it twitched almost instantly. I knew right then and there that I had to get to that shower before round three got started. I dragged my eyes hesitantly back up to his and he was wearing a full blown ear to ear grin. I reached down to gather my underwear that were scattered aimlessly on the floor and sprinted to the bathroom. End of flashback I smiled to myself thinking about last night and how everything started off so crazy and ended up so perfectly. Cautiously I slipped from underneath him not wanting to awaken him and he rolled his body to assist me easily. I was unsuccessful as his eyes drifted open. "Where are you going?" he rasped. "I have to make a call." I said running my hand one last time through his hair as I turned to retrieve my phone from his dresser. His hand shot out to encircle my wrist and he tugged gently. "You're staying remember?" "I know. I just need to check on Sadie and let my dad and Angela know I won't be home tonight so they don't worry." His hand loosened and he turned over getting comfortable. I walked across the room and picked up the phone. There was a text from Angela: Bella, where the hell are you? You said you were taking Sadie for a walk and would meet me when I got off from work. Ang "Shit." I whispered and started to dial. She picked up on the first ring. "Bella, are you okay?" she sounded a bit relieved to hear my voice.
- 140 -

"Hey Ang, I'm okay. I'm sorry about last night." "Don't worry about it. What happened?" I thought about explaining my crazy whole night to her, but she would never stop squealing and asking questions, so I decided to put it on the backburner until I got home. This story definitely deserved the proper girls night complete with ice cream, popcorn and possibly alcohol. "It's a long story." I said dragging out the word long. "I'm at Edwards." "What!".here we go. "You're where?" "You heard me. I can't get into details right now, but we will talk later. How's Sadie?" "She's fine, hyper as usual, but fine." "Okay. What about Charlie?" "I told him you were on a date. He's working late. He bought me a sandwich from Subway and said "Well I'm off." And that was it. One question, Bella?" "Yeah?" "How big is his dick?" she squealed. "Oh my God!..bye Angela." I said ending the call with her laughing hysterically in my ear. "So how big is my um.dick?" He mumbled into my neck while sucking the skin into his mouth. I yelped and tried to spin around, but his arms encircled me from behind trapping my back against his chest. Oh my God! He heard that. "Um w-what?" I stuttered feeling my cheeks flame. "How big is it?" He repeated this time with snickering. "Didn't your mother ever teach you it's impolite to eavesdrop?" "Didn't your mother ever teach you that it's impolite to speak about a man's dick size while he's still in the room?"
- 141 -

My body tensed and he stopped sucking on my neck. "Bella, I'm sorry. Fuck I'm." "It's okay." I said sadly. "No it's not." He said spinning me around to face him. My face was down and he tilted it up by placing both of his hands on either side. "I'm an asshole sometimes.most of the time. I didn't mean to hurt you. It just slipped out with the conversation. I'm sorry." "I know." I said in a low voice. "You didn't hurt me. I just miss her." I said shaking my head trying to get rid of the tears that were threatening to fall. "I wish she was still here for you." He said with sincerity before he kissed my forehead. My hands reached up under his arms and locked around his shoulders. His body melted closer to mine and I sighed getting lost in the feeling of him. "Come back to bed." He said as he was rocking us both gently from side to side. "Okay." Then he leaned away from me taking my hand in his to lead me back to the bed. I couldn't sleep. I just kept staring at Edward and his perfect lips while he slept. Our bodies were facing one another with our noses inches apart. I reached up with my index finger and traced the bridge of his nose. He wiggled it like a bunny and I smiled. He scooted closer to me and wrapped his arm around my waist pulling our bodies flush together. He rested his forehead against mine with our noses now touching. I mouthed I love you, before my eyes slowly closed. This time I would not ruin the night by letting him hear the words my heart ached desperately for him to know. "I have to work, Edward. Some of us aren't as successful as you are.yet! I can't miss work. And no, you cannot buy out my salary for the summer." He rolled his eyes and changed the conversation. "So, do you think you can handle this?" He asked referring to one of his prized possessions.
- 142 -

"If you don't trust me with it then you could always drive me yourself." I said dangling the keys in front of his face. "Get in, Bella!" He rolled his eyes and opened the door to driver's seat. I obliged and ducked to sit down swinging my legs in lastly. "You look sexy behind the wheel." "And you look sexy in those." I said gesturing towards his jeans with the hole in the knee. Those were the very jeans I remembered him wearing the second time I saw him. Only he looked better this time around, since he was now shirtless with tousled bed hair. "You like these?" he asked stepping behind the door. He took my hand and slightly brushed my hand down the front of his jean clad erection. "Stop it!" I said with a humorous whine. "Or I'll never get to work." "I won't tell if you won't." He said thrusting his cock into the palm of my hand. "Bye, Edward." I said as I reluctantly pulled my hand away. "You're no fun." He bent down kissing me on my cheek. "Take care of my baby." he said before running a hand through his hair and walking back inside. I had never driven anything like this before in my whole three years as a driver. It was definitely different than being driven around by Edward. Starting the engine nearly made me come all over his precious, immaculate, climate controlled leather seats. I knew him practically begging me to take his car this morning was a ploy to get me back to his house tonight, rather than a solution to his "I'm way too spent to drive you to work" as he put it. I stopped by my house to pick Angela up for work, since we had the same shift today. Besides she wouldn't have believed me if I told her about the car anyway. I parked the car in front of the house and raced around to the yard for a round of tug-of-war with Sadie. Once she was satisfied she had won, I fed her and refreshed her water bowl. Angela was already in the kitchen with a smug look on her face when I walked through the back door. "Well, well, well! Look at what the cat dragged in. Are you even going to make it to work this morning, Miss Swan?"
- 143 -

"Of course I am." I said with a scoff. "In yesterday's clothes?" Her sarcasm continued. "I'm going to change right now. I'll be back in five." "Should I wait? I see the Jag parked outside waiting for you. I assume I will be taking the bus?" She finished with a huge grin. "I would never permit that Ang. You can drive the truck anytime you want." I said breezing past her. "Besides, we are taking the Jag to work and when I say we I mean you and me." Her eyes popped open and her mouth gaped. "What.no way." She whispered. "Are you serious?" "Yup." I said popping the p and giggled running up the stairs. "Be back in five." I yelled over the banister. "Jesus Christ Bella! What did you do to him to make him hand over the keys to this?" She yelled over the engine, music and the highway noise you could hear from the top being down. We zoomed down the road. "You must have worked him over good." "No.I don't know.this was just a way to assure him I would see him after work." "Well if he wants to see you again after last night's (clears throat) events and gave you jag to make sure that you.come." She looked at me and laughter ripped from both of us. "I'm sure he doesn't just give his car to any random female, Bella." "I don't know. Have you ever had a dream Ang.the good kind you never want to wake up from?" "Yeah. All the time." 'Well this is what this feels like, except only it's not a dream and I'm just waiting for something or someone to come and snatch everything away." We pulled into Starbucks parking lot with time to spare courtesy of the Jaguar
- 144 -

Xkr. "Don't be so pessimistic, Bella. I know he scares you-" "To death, Ang.to death." I interrupted. "I know, but would you rather not feel the way you're feeling right now? It's been so long since you've been with someone who's made you happy. I say hold on to it and ride it for what it's worth." A smile spread across my lips and she squealed. "You're kidding me" I felt like such a teenager gossiping about my first sexual experience. "Oh my God! I gotta call Rose for this." She whipped out her phone and started actually dialing. "No! You can't tell her. She'll freak. You know how she gets when she thinks she's the last person to hear something, especially something like this." I said snatching her phone. "Bella, you have to tell her!" "And I will. As soon as we get back home." "She's going to kill you!" She sang exiting from car. "Believe me. I know." I said exiting as well pressing the lock on the alarm remote. I was the brunt of all Angela's sexually laced jokes today at work. In between breaks and trips to the storage room there were more Oh my God's! And no ways, along with squealing and you're fucking kidding me's! Jessica was trying her damnedest to find out what all the whispering and giggling was about. It was obvious she was getting anxious, so she flat out asked. "So what's the big secret?" she was clearly annoyed. "Oh nothing." Angela answered sweetly and sauntered back to the front of the store. I simply looked at Jessica and shrugged feigning ignorance. She stormed
- 145 -

through the door with me following snickering behind her back. We continued working, deciding that silence would be the better way to go until we got off from work. That's when I felt Angela nudge my shoulder.hard. "Ouch! What was that fo-" I paused when I caught a glimpse of Edward and who I assumed to be James walk through the door. My eyes widened and I noticed Jessica's did as well. Oh no bitch! Copperhead is mine. "Hey beautiful!" He leaned on the counter with his elbows while James still in sunglasses barked orders to someone on his cell phone. "What are you doing here? I can't talk with you right now, I'm working." He frowned like he was offended. "Who says I'm here to see you?" he scoffed. "Excuse me miss, I'd like an Iced Coffee and.James what do you want?" He said hitting James on the shoulder with the back of his hand. "Coke." He answered covering the mouthpiece of his phone briefly before resuming the conversation. Jessica completed their orders looking thoroughly star struck. He pried the drinks from her hands slowly and smiling brightly. Bastard! He was baiting me and I was eating it up. "Thanks, brown eyes." He said looking at Jessica then glanced over at me with a wink and walked out the door leaving me steaming. That son of a bitch! He called her brown eyes. I quickly walked to the back and whipped out my phone and sent a text: What the hell was that? B I hit send and began pacing impatiently waiting for a response. He replied almost instantaneously.
- 146 -

Buzz Payback baby.E For?B I hit send and resumed pacing. Buzz "Lover boy last night" I read out loud with confusion in my voice. Shit! He was talking about Jake. I typed furiously and hit the send button a little too hard. You're kidding me right? After last night. B I waited and nothing came. Just as I was getting more pissed and was ready to tell him to go fuck himself my phone buzzed. You know you're the only one I want. Especially after last night. E I couldn't stop the fluttering in my chest and the grin that wouldn't stop pulling at the corners of my mouth. Promise? B Promise. E I slipped my phone in my back pocket and went back out front feeling calmer. Buzz. I grabbed my phone and giggled loudly at the text making everyone's head jerk around to look at me. You already know what feisty Bella does to me, but Jealous Bella has the ability to make my dick hard through text messaging.later E. "So who was that guy he was with?" Angela asked curiously. "Cute right? I can't be sure, but I think it was his brother,James." "Hmmm." She hummed, but never elaborated any more than that.
- 147 -

I dropped Angela off and told her I would be back early for girl's night. No matter what kinds of tricks Edward pulled I was not going to ditch her again. I owed her this night and I wasn't about to become the type of person who would abandon a friend even if there was a sexy well endowed man on the other side of the city trying to persuade me. After a long conversation of trying to convince Edward that I would not as he put it "straddle me and let me fuck you senseless while in his car", he finally managed to convince me to spend the weekend with him. I wasn't completely opposed to letting him have his way with me in his car, but what if Charlie pulled up. I would be mortified and Edward.probably left with more holes than Swiss cheese. We kissed a few more times before saying goodnight and promising to call one another later. I practically skipped through the door noticing Angela had chick flicks and an abundance of snacks spread out on the coffee table. I was looking forward to spending this time with her. She had yet to bring up the situation between her and Mike, but I hoped she would finally open up about it. I knew she was using my newly found happiness as an escape. It was fine, but she needed to heal and the only way she could start that process was by facing what happened. "Clueless?" I askedclueless. "What?" She whined. "I love Clueless." "I know!" I replied dryly. "Couldn't you have gotten The Lover or The Reader or even Unfaithful?" I asked tossing the DVD at her as I scarfed down a handful of popcorn. "Perv!" she screeched. "Tell me, Bella what is it with you and your obsession with older men or women sexing younger men or women crazy?" "Angela," I say with a sigh. "Although The Lover and The Reader are controversial; the love stories were both sweet and I don't think I need to explain why Unfaithful was good." "Like I said.perv. So tell me, how did Edward like pervy Bella?" "Shut up!" I said hurling a handful of popcorn at her. "I wasn't a perv, but it was intense I'll admit that."
- 148 -

"Mike used to be intense." She added with a faraway look in her eyes. "You're better off without him you know." "I know, but the part I don't get is even if he had to cheat, did he have to do it in our home? In our bed? Where I was sure to catch him. It just proved that he didn't give a shit about me or our relationship." "What are you gonna do?" I mean about the apartment. Ang you know you can stay with me. My place is small, but we'll work something out." "Yeah, I might have to take you up on that offer. I thought about kicking him out, but I can't afford the rent on my own." "Then it's settled, you'll move in with me." "What about Mr. sexy ass? Aren't you guys going to be shacking up a lot? I don't want to intrude." "Please." I rolled my eyes. "This is still all new and I don't think Edward would adapt to my place if you know what I mean. The man owns a yacht, a beach house and Lord knows what other expensive, extravagant things. He probably has his very own island." "Hmmmmm. Isle Edward.what's his last name?" "Cullen." I said with a mouth full of popcorn. "Cullen? That sounds familiar, anyway." She said shaking her head. "Isle Edward Cullen.nah can't picture it." "You're a nut. So, no second chance for Mike?" I said hesitantly waiting for the onslaught, but it never came. "Nope, cheating is the deal breaker for me, Bella. You have no idea what it's like to walk in your man fucking someone else. I can't get asses, tits and moans out of my head. I won't forgive him. It's over!" She finished angrily. "I'm sorry." I said in a low voice and reached out to put my arms around her."He's an idiot Ang. He doesn't deserve you." She laid her head on my shoulder and wept silently.
- 149 -

"True. I'm a fucking catch." She said through soft weeps."Maybe that James is more deserving?" My eyes widened and darted back and forth."Uh.I'm not sure Ang." I said reluctantly thinking back to Edward's colorful description of his brother. "He looks like fun." She added. "Fun yes, boyfriend material.I don't think so." "Who said anything about boyfriend? I just want to fuck him!" "Angela!" At that moment Charlie poked his head in the living room. "Everything okay?" he asked with an arched eyebrow. "Hey dad, yeah we're okay." "Hey Chief Swan." Angela said with a sniff. "Hey Ang. Okay, I'm going to shower and watch the game. I bought sandwiches. They're in the fridge." "Okay, thanks dad." "Oh, and I didn't hear a thing. I swear it". He said holding his hands up in front of him. I could tell by the smirk on his face that he had. "He heard us didn't he?" "Yup.sure did." I confirmed and we both erupted into a fit of non-stop giggles. "So Clueless?" She asked wiping her tears. "As if.I guess." I said in my best Alicia Silverstone voice. It was Friday and I was packing my things for my weekend with Edward. Ang helped to make sure I had everything I needed and some things I'm sure wouldn't. I felt bad about leaving her for the whole weekend. Charlie would be gone as well.
- 150 -

It was his fishing weekend. "Bella, either you go or I will. Don't worry about me. We'll be joined at the hip once we move in together and then we'll be sick of one another." I heard his horn beep once and she started dragging me and my overnight bag towards the front door. "Angela-" "Go and don't worry about Sadie. You know I'll take care of her." I grabbed her into a huge bear hug and squeezed for dear life. Thanking her for being the greatest friend a girl could have. "I love you. I'll call you later." I said walking out the door closing it behind me. Edward stepped out of the car, donned in dark blue Jeans and a grey short sleeve v-neck shirt with three buttons that were gloriously left unbuttoned. He approached me taking my bag from my shoulder. "Is this all you have?" he said inspecting my miniature sized luggage. "It's only a weekend, Edward." "You're right and it's like not like you'll need much clothing anyway." He tossed my bag in the trunk. "Who says I'll be naked?" "Who says you won't?" he retorted quickly opening the door for me. "You say that like you can control what I want or what I will do." "Okay brown eyes, let's make a bet." He said pulling out onto the road. "Bet what?" "Let's bet that I can have you naked in twenty minutes or less." I wasn't making that bet because the truth was he could have me naked in five seconds or less. I was sure to lose.
- 151 -

"That doesn't sound like a fair bet. You'll just seduce me out of my clothing." "Seduce? Me?" He said in mock astonishment. "Are you trying to say that I use my looks and my body to make women vulnerable into taking off their clothes for me?" "Yes, and a few other tricks, but who's keeping track?" He turned his head promptly so I could see the faux shock on his face. "Keep your eyes on the road." I said totally ignoring him. "Maybe we should make it a fair bet by playing a game." "Okay, what game?" "You'll see once we get to the house." I sang and he pressed down on the accelerator obviously anxious to get this bet under way. "Uno, Bella? Seriously? You're fucking kidding me right." He said holding the deck of brightly colored cards in his hand. "Something wrong? Are you too uppity to play Uno, Edward?" He blinked at me and pulled me to the bed. He folded his legs Indian style and urged me to do the same. "When I win you strip. Best three out of five." He said shuffling the cards with precision. Oh shit! "And if I win you-" "You won't. Notice I said when I win." he interrupted dealing us seven cards a piece. "Also, the loser- which will be you, will have to perform one act the winner- which will be me, wants. Agreed?" I wasn't comfortable with the rules, but he was such a smug bastard that I would give anything to have him naked at my mercy. "Fine, agreed". I said snatching up my cards. "Hey we can simply skip all this and get naked without the games." "Play!"
- 152 -

"Skip you back to me. Reverse, back to me." He said with a devilish chuckle and a wink at me. "Draw four and I'd like the color to be.blue." Before it was all over I had about fifteen cards and not one chance to get rid of any of them. Then he yelled "Uno" which was irrelevant because I didn't get a chance to stop that either. This was the way it went for the next two games. I was left gaping at him in disbelief. "Oh yeah baby I win." He held up his arms in victory. "Now you. strip!" he said leaning forward kissing me chastely on the lips. Of course he won. I can't believe I actually thought I could beat him. "Let's go!" He clapped his hands. "Oh, wait! I'm gonna need a drink for this. You want something?" he yelled over his shoulder disappearing out onto the balcony and returning in a nano-second with a beer in hand. He bounced onto the bed like a little five year old boy spilling some of the contents from the bottle. Then he swiped the cards onto the floor. "Stop stalling and get naked! I have big plans for you, baby." "What plans?" I asked suddenly more afraid then I was when we'd started this stupid bet. "You'll see." "You're really going to make me do this?" I gave him my best puppy dog eyes assisted with a pout. "You bet your soft sexy ass I'm going to make you do this. In fact throw in that little pout after you're naked. I like it. Now strip!" He turned the beer bottle up to his lips never breaking eye contact. I sighed and started to pull my shirt over my head. "Slower!" He reclined back against the headboard. I did as he instructed and pulled my shirt slowly over my head. Next were my shorts. I unbuttoned them and gradually dragged them down my legs. "Look at me!" My eyes shifted to his and a sudden wave of confidence swept over me. My inner
- 153 -

sex temptress emerged ready to play. I bit my bottom lip and showed him I had a smirk of my own worthy of attention. His signature smirk copied mine as realization set in of what I was doing. Running a hand slowly up my abdomen over my breast I unhooked my bra in the front with my thumb and index finger. I slid the bra off effortlessly down my shoulders, past my arms and to the floor. His eyes slightly changed from the sight of my bare breasts and he scooted down to the edge of the bed in anticipation. I brought my foot up to rest on the bed in between his crotch delicately brushing his protruding erection. He gasped and raised a warning eyebrow at me as he started to rise "Stay!" I said pushing him back down with my foot. "Come!" He countered. "Patience!" I gave right back to him. "Don't know the meaning of the word." He retorted huskily and gripped the back of both my thighs and roughly yanked me down on top of his lap. "I thought you wanted me to strip?" "And you will, but the whole teasing thing.let's Just say my dick couldn't take much more of it." He said grinding his bulge into my center at a maddening pace. I could feel myself getting slicker with every rotation of his hips. "Who's teasing now?" I asked breathless. "Not me." Wrapping both my legs securely around his waist he stood and began walking with his eyes focused intensely on mine. "Where are you taking us?" "Out on the balcony. I want to hear your voice echo out in the night as you're screaming my name, while I'm impaling you on my cock over and over." I squealed when he ducked his head to nip at my nipples. "Edward!" I whined. "People will hear us." "I don't give a fuck. I plan on them hearing us."
- 154 -

I grabbed both sides of his face and stared into his gorgeous green eyes. "I want you so much." I whispered. "Show me." Thanx for reading and please review. Outtake will be up tomorrow. UKGirlyGirl I haven't forgotten you ;) thanx for everythingyou're the best!

- 155 -

Chapter 12
A/N: Hey guys. So initially I said I wanted to give you an Outtake for the one hundred review goal and I had done that, however something crazy happened with my computer and I lost everything I typed and stupidly I did the whole outtake off the top of my head so nothing was written down.(won't be doing that again). Anyway I promised you guy's an Epov of the lemon and I intend to give it to you, so here it is. Thanks again for the reviews and the next chap will be up by Friday (guaranteed). EPOV I didn't watch her as she drove away in my pride and joy. I couldn't stand it, so I just turned and walked away. I heard the tires screech some distance away. I winced and my heart sank. You idiot Cullen! What were you thinking giving her the Jag? I huffed out the breath I was holding and continued walking to the beach house. I dove on the couch completely exhausted. I smiled staring at the glass we were pressed against last night. I flipped over and massaged my cock through my pants thinking about how last night became aggressively out of control. Flashback "Go to hell Edward!" She was pissed and it was the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed. Of course I pissed women off on a daily basis, but none of them compared to the way she looked when she was pissed off. She was beautiful with her hair all wild and eyes blazing as she stared at me angrily. Her chest heaved up and down with every harsh breath she took. Every foul word she spat made my cock grow an inch. When she slapped me I could no longer contain the beast inside. I had backed her into a corner like a scared little rabbit. I wasn't going to hurt her. She was with him and that was not acceptable. I had waited too long to be with her. I never waited this long for a woman. I would wait no longer. This was happening tonight. I had to claim her body before he had a chance to even plan it.
- 156 -

She told me she wanted to stay. She wanted me to make love to her. I could be a gentle lover, but her scent had me way past the point of anything gentle. When I kissed her it started off slowly and quickly escalated frantically. She pulled away from me and stared into my eyes. I reached out and trailed my index finger from her neck down to her cleavage. "Don't pull away from me, not now." I said pulling her back to me."Don't be afraid of me." I continued trailing my finger down to her navel as her stomach contracted from the contact. "Don't be afraid of this." Once my hand reached in between her legs I was certain she wanted me. She never batted an eyelash when I touched her. It was when I stroked her lightly through her jeans that her eyes fluttered closed. I wanted to feel her skin on my skin. I slid my hand down her pants and ran my fingers over the dampness of her panties and retracted my hand reluctantly. I needed to gain some control or else I would have had her right against the glass doors. I wasn't opposed to glass door sex, but I wouldn't have James bursting in and interrupting. My hand sank in her long brown waves gripping her head securely, drawing her lips to mine. I began walking her backwards until her body made contact with the cool glass. My tongue slid down the cup of her bra finding her erect nipple. I teased it with tip of tongue and she arched her back shoving it closer to me. She slipped her hands down to the front of my pants trying to open them, but I stilled her hands by raising them above her head and holding them against the glass. "I want you." She whispered. "Not here." I mumbled into her breast."Upstairs." I said pulling her with me towards the spiral staircase. I hated the separation from her body, so the smooth route to the bedroom was delayed as I paused at every wall, kissing her and grinding my cock into her. Once we reached the outside of the bedroom I lifted her and her legs wrapped around my waist. The warmth that was radiating from between her thighs was making me crazy. I had to be inside of her. My cock needed to be submerged in her. I tossed her on the bed not roughly, but enough to see that she bounced twice. Quickly I started undoing my pants and harshly pushed them down my legs. She crawled over to me wanting to take my boxers down, but I stopped her. I couldn't have her hands anywhere near my cock at this moment. "Take those off!" I said a little more demanding then I had intended. She took off her pants and stood before me in white lacy underwear.
- 157 -

"Turn around!" She complied as I unhooked her bra kissing her back and trailing my tongue all the way down. I gripped her panties on both sides and pulled them slowly down her legs. My hands palmed her ass and massaged it firmly. Nothing had ever felt so soft. I wanted to taste every inch of her bare skin. I leaned in kissing her cheeks softly. I wanted do so much more. I wanted to lick and suck everywhere, but I didn't want to send her screaming into the night so I simply sucked on the flesh gently. That act alone got me a back arch, a breath hitch and a moan. Me being a man I thought 'fuck it!' and slid the tip of my tongue down her crack just to see what reaction I would get. Her body tensed, but in a good way. I smiled and rose to my feet pulling my boxers down at the same time. My cock bobbed forward and brushed against her ass. I know she could feel the wetness that had seeped from it. "Relax." I said coming to stand in the front of her. I drew her to me as I sat down on the bed. My eyes were level with her navel and I took the opportunity to kiss her there. I could feel her become unsteady so I grabbed the back of her thighs and had her straddle me as I started sucking and lapping her tits one after the other. She was spread so wide like this I could just imagine what it would feel like to fuck her this way. "Oh God!" she moaned making my cock twitch and more wetness leak out. I could see the trail it left across her stomach. I needed to test her to see if she was ready. Reaching down between her legs I dragged my index finger through her wetness. "Fuck you're drenched already!" I said shockingly. She smiled shyly at me and leaned in to kiss me. Kissing her would be the absolute death of me. I knew from the first time I saw her that her lips were my favorite thing about her, next to her eyes, and her ass.'Fuck!' Her hips scooted closer to mine and her wetness made contact with my cock and I lost it. "Ahh fuck! Brown eyes. What are you trying to do to me?" I flipped her around and pinned her to the bed and reached for a condom. I instructed her to put it on me only because it was sexy to me to watch women do that shit.
- 158 -

I watched as her hands trembled, but not before she boldly did something I wasn't expecting. She wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked it. My hips coerced my dick to pump in and out of her hand slowly. My eyes shut tightly as I struggled to regain control. "Bella, please!" My voice was desperate and I couldn't think. Finally she rolled the condom down my length painfully slow. I braced myself up on my hands and waited for her eyes to tell me she was ready. "Spread your legs!" She obeyed my request and her legs parted leaving me with a fantastic view of her neatly shaven pussy. I nearly came right there and then. I grabbed my cock and spread the wetness back and forth, up and down coating my tip and thrust quickly into her. 'Holy fucking shit!' "Oh!" She gasped from the intrusion. Hands gripped my ass roughly with nails digging and pinching the flesh. I felt so good. I loved it when women grabbed my ass during sex; it just made me fuck harder. I was pumping my cock into her so roughly her hips were lifting off the bed every time I thrust upward. Her tits bounced up and down with every movement. I knew I was out of control, but I needed to leave my mark, so that when her four legged friend decided to come sniffing around again, he would know who she belonged to and I wasn't referring to her pet. I was slamming my cock into her recklessly when I stared into her eyes and she reached up with her hand to swipe the hair back off my forehead. I turned my head to kiss her wrist and looked back into her eyes and melted like a teenage pussy whipped punk. "Fuck! You feel so good. No one's ever felt like you." I said while watching my cock slide in and out of her. I knew I shouldn't have said it, but I was too far gone to even care. "Ugh, Edward!" She groaned and wrapped her legs tightly around my waist pulling me in deeper. I needed to feel all of her. I wanted her tits pressed against me and her lips on mine. I lowered my body and slipped my tongue into her mouth. I turned my head
- 159 -

slightly to get better access to her sweet taste. I was groaning into her mouth every time my cock hit a certain spot that sent electric shocks up my spine. I hesitantly pulled away from her lips completely winded. 'God if she felt this good like this, I wonder how she would feel if I were deeper?' I dug both hands underneath her, slightly elevating her off of the bed and gripping her ass firmly as I spread her wider apart, getting deeper. Her hands grasped the headboard in a death grip as I began sliding in and out in a circular motion. Her noises were loud and sexy driving me mad and mine weren't far off hers. I was close to coming, but I wasn't nearly ready to stop feeling her so I slowed down my rhythm. That only lasted a minute as her hips were grinding against me, forcing my pace to quicken. I pumped fast and hard, drawing out deep moans from her. "Oh fuck.fuck!" I grunted fighting to hold back from exploding into her."Cum baby.I'm so close! Cum for me!" I mumbled into her neck. "Oh God.Edward.Ahh! Ahhhhh!" she screamed and her pussy gripped my dick like a vice and warm liquid saturated it from base to tip. I didn't stop thrusting even though I felt myself growing inside of her. I needed to feel that warmth again. Her hands shot to my ass to try and slow my thrusts, but I was having none of it. Her legs fell from around my waist and I reached behind me to hold them in place.

Her body started to shake again and I rose up on one hand and reached down between where our bodies were joined together. I began rubbing her with my thumb to send her over the edge once again. The realization crept over her face. It was a look of confusion and arousal mixed together. Her eyes began to widen and her mouth parted slightly. I smirked at her and I knew she was seconds away. "That's right cum again baby. Just let go." I rubbed her harder and more rapidly. I needed her to come hard, so I dove in sucking her nipple while my thumb kept rubbing and my cock kept thrusting. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" she screamed again as her whole body arched into me.
- 160 -

"Fuuuckkkkk!" My orgasm ripped through my body as I held hers tightly to me. End of flashback I was startled from my thoughts as James walked through the door groaning. I turned to look at him as he tossed his keys towards the couch hitting me on the chest. Obviously he must have overlooked me sitting there. "Ouch! Asshole. Can't you see I'm sitting here?" I tossed his keys back at him. He didn't attempt to catch them. He groaned again waving me off heading up the stairs. "Rough night?" I asked humorously. "You have no idea!" He yelled over his shoulder. "What about yours?" "Definitely worth the wait." I repeated once again slouching into the cushions with a smirk.

- 161 -

Chapter 13 Bombshell
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight. A/N: A few things. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to respond to the reviews last chapter, but I will. Also I want to thank some special people who have made sure my fic get's pimped, so to the ladies of Twilight Fanfic Addicts( smooches). Thanx always to UkgirlyGirl and Mehek l8, for all your help and support. Ashley you can exhale now this one's for you.(thanx for the song) Please listen to Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy while reading this chapter, It really goes with the whole fic. Chapter l3 My body was sprawled out across the bar on Edward's balcony. How in the hell did I get like this? Oh yeah, UNO. The winner gets one act of his or her choice. For some odd reason I thought since he had won that I would be strapped to something or blindfolded. Imagine my surprise when he lifted me by my waist onto the bar and told me to lay back. My feet were perched on the edge along with my bottom and Edward's head in between. I felt like I was open for the entire world to see. "Oh God! Oh.fu-.oh, oh, oh.Ahhhhh! " I sounded ridiculous, but when his tongue entered me there was no other way to sound. I had grabbed fists full's of his marvelous hair and twisted and yanked every time he flicked his tongue. This man had possessed my body.owned it. I was madly in love with every part of him that entered me.fingers, tongue and penis. I rode out my orgasm with my head hanging off the ledge and my eyes focused on the stars. Kissing his way back up my body he crawled up onto the bar hovering over me.
- 162 -

"Can you walk?" he asked smugly with a smile. "Barely." I answered with my arm thrown across my eyes. "You did this on purpose." I breathed out roughly. "Moi?" "Yes you!" I said raising my head to look at him. "What are you doing? Is this thing sturdy enough for the both of us?" "You want to find out?" he asked waggling his eyebrows. "As much as I would like to indulge in all of your fantasies, that little act you just performed has left me famished." I said letting my head dangle once again. "Then I shall cook for you." He kissed my neck making loud smooching noises. He hopped down off the bar and helped me up. My legs felt like goo, but it was well welcomed. He walked back into the bedroom and returned quickly with two fluffy black bathrobes. "So, what'll it be, brown eyes?" he asked wrapping me in one of the robes. Honestly it felt like a mink coat, or what I thought a mink coat would feel like. "What?" I asked confused. "What do you want to eat?" he gently pulled my hair from the inside of the robe letting it fall down my back. "I don't know. Surprise me. I'm sure whatever you make will be great." He grabbed my hand, pulling me with him towards the staircase. At that moment it dawned on me that I was just outside having sex on a balcony and having oral sex on a bar while screaming like a banshee. Real classy, Bella! "Mmmmmmm." I hummed when I bit into the warm buttery sandwich he labeled asa Croque-Monsieur. I had never tasted anything this good before. With every bite there was a string of unbroken cheese connected from my lips to the sandwich.
- 163 -

"Oh.my goodness! How did you learn to make this?" I asked covering my mouth filled with yummy goodness. He watched me as if he were fascinated at the sight of me eating. "It's just grilled ham and cheese." He shrugged as if it was the simplest thing in the world. "Just grilled ham and cheese! This is just.awesome!" I said gesturing to the half eaten sandwich in my hand. "You're an amazing cook, do you know that?" "I learned a lot when I went to Paris." He said reaching out to brush some of the crumbs from the corner of my mouth. "Have you ever been?" he asked in a serious voice. I shook my head a little embarrassed that I didn't have any fabulous stories to share with him about vacationing in faraway places and experiencing restaurants that served things like Croque-Monsieur. "Would you like to go?" His serious voice was now combined with a serious look. My eyes widened as I choked on the rest of my sandwich. "Excuse me?" I said after regulating my breathing. "Paris.do you want to go?" he repeated biting into his sandwich nonchalantly. I could not believe what I was hearing. He was asking me to go to Paris. Fucking Paris! My vacations only consisted of visiting Charlie and maybe some Marlins games, but that was it. Here he was asking me to go to Paris and all I could was stare with my mouth hanging wide open. "You're asking me to go to Paris.with you?" "Yeah." He said removing our plates from the bed and placing them on night stand. "You have vacation time coming up right?" I nodded. "Okay so that settles it. We'll go to Paris on your vacation." He concluded with a kiss to my forehead.
- 164 -

"WaitI can't.I can't go to Paris!" I said jumping up from the bed. He was up in front of me in two seconds. "Why not?" "Because." I was feeling claustrophobic. I started pacing back and forth until his hands grabbed me causing me to stop. I didn't want to tell him why I couldn't go. I was so embarrassed. I knew I was being ridiculous, but no one had ever asked me anything like this before. I simply couldn't accept his offer. "Because what, Bella?" "Because.I don't have.I can't afford to go to a place like that." My tone lowered and my head bowed. "Bella." He sighed and sat back on the bed pulling me into his lap. "I want you to come to Paris with me. Don't worry about the money." "It's expensive, Edward. I can't let you spend that kind of money on me." I said shaking my head. "You're not letting me do anything. I'm doing what I want to do." "But-" I tried to interrupt, but he kept talking, telling me all the reasons why I should go with him. "You say you've never been anywhere like that before. Allow me to be the first show it to you. We'll stay at the most romantic hotel and eat tons of Croque-Monsieurs." he said while kissing my neck. I wanted to say yes. I wanted so badly to be with him. I just didn't want him to think I wanted him for his money. Truth is I would've been just as happy if he'd asked to spend part of my vacation with him here in this room, but Paris.Paris would be the ultimate cherry. "We would drink the best champagne, by moonlight." He continued kissing. "Make love all night anywhere you wanted, any way you wanted." His hands encircled my waist slowly untying the belt on my robe. Goosebumps sprang up all over my body
- 165 -

from his last statement. He stood bringing me with him. He slipped the robe from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor and his followed. "Say yes." He whispered while pulling me on top of him as he lay back down on the bed. I was straddling his lap while I stared at him looking for any signs that this was some sort of a joke, or possibly a dream I would unfortunately wake up from, but he never laughed and I knew I wasn't asleep. "I want to." I whispered back. His hand came up to my face to brush away a tear that I hadn't even realized fell. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" There was a small frown on his face. "Because, you're too good to be true. No one's ever asked me to go to Paris.no one's ever asked me to go anywhere actually". I said with a sniff. "Does that mean you're accepting?" I nodded and confirmed verbally. "Yes.I'll go to Paris with you." A victory smile spread across his lips and I leaned down to kiss him doing a victory dance of my own.on the inside of course. "Tell me more about your mom." He said brushing my hair out of my face. We had had ended up walking down to the beach that was located in close proximity to his house. "She was very pretty and open minded. Her cooking was phenomenal, but you would've given her a run for her money." I nudged his shoulder with mine. "She would've been crazy about you. I never knew a person more honest and free than my mom. Even when she was sick, she always took care of everyone." "I bet you look like her." He trailed his finger down my cheek. "She had the same eyes as you didn't she?" "I guess." I answered shyly with a small smile. "She loved animals. That part I know I got from her." "Oh right, the future veterinarian dog lover."
- 166 -

"What do you have against animals?" "Nothing, I've just never had a pet before." He stretched out on the blanket we brought with his arms behind his head. "Ever?" "Nope." I can just imagine Esme's horrified face if we would have brought an animal of any sort into the house. He snorted. "CC would've had to have her committed." His eyes lifted to look at the sky. "I wish I could have met her." "My mom?" "If she was anything like you I could definitely see why she meant so much to you." It sounded as if he was focusing on some memory from his childhood. He never looked at me when he spoke about his parents. There was always some faraway look in his eyes whenever the conversation came up. "I'm sure your mom is amazing too." I said drawing my legs up to my chest and resting my head on my knees. "I mean look at you. You're successful and gorgeous. You can be cocky at times-" "Extremely cocky." He interrupted dragging out the word extremely. I ignored him and the double meaning behind his words and continued. "I usually equate it with being confident. Also, you're funny and passionate." "I'm intense too." He rose back up tangling his fingers in my hair. "You are very intense, as well as awesome in bed." I hadn't intended on confessing that to him, but I had a feeling he already knew it. "Seriously, you're like no one I've ever met before. I know your parents are really proud of you." He sighed and looked out towards the ocean. "You don't know anything." "Why wouldn't they be? You're their son. You're amazing, Edward!" I could sense he was becoming agitated. The last thing I wanted to do was upset him by prying into his family business. Tonight had gone so perfectly-the whole day really. He was so playful when he was literally beating the pants off of me during
- 167 -

UNO. Then the dinner he made me was beyond fabulous and if that wasn't enough he blew my mind asking me to go with him to Paris. Throw in the balcony sex and this night was hands down the best of my life. I wanted him to know exactly how he made me feel and what he meant to me. "I'm not, Bella. That's what I'm trying to tell you." He started to rise to his feet to walk away, but I grabbed his wrist pulling him back down to kneel in front of me. "What do you mean, you're not? Edward...you're everything." The look in his eyes told me he didn't believe it. I knew he could be a hard pill to swallow, but it was a part of his charm and I wouldn't change it for anything. There was something I wanted to do at that moment. I was sure. I wanted to let him know how deep my feelings had grown for him. He was the one. I reached behind my neck and unclasped my necklace with the heart pendant attached. He watched me curiously as I inhaled deeply looking at the last beautiful thing my mother ever gave me. She told me once I found the man I wanted to give my heart to then I should present him with it. I'd found him. "I know you're a guy.this may seem awkward, but another thing about my mom was that she was wise and always told me to follow my heart." I took his hand opening it and placing the heart in the center, then closed it. "I don't.I don't understand, Bella." "My mom gave it to me. I have the other half which was hers tucked away for safe keeping." I said with a chuckle. He blinked at me; hand still in the same position. He was obviously still confused. "She said it was for me until I found that special person I wanted to share my heart with.my life. That person is you, Edward. I love you." I wasn't running this time. The words were out and I had no intentions on second guessing myself or taking them back. I loved him with my whole entire heart. "Bella.Bella I can't take this. Your mother gave it to you. I can't." "I know it's girly, but you don't have to wear it or anything. I just want you to have
- 168 -

it. I want you to know how much you mean to me. Didn't you hear what I said? I love you." "You can't love me." He said with a whisper. "I don't deserve you. God, brown eyes you deserve so much more." He opened his hand and stared at the necklace. "You don't want me?" My voice sounded shaky like it was thirty below outside. His eyes shot to mine. "I never wanted any woman more." I rose to my knees and crawled closer to him taking his hand and placing it over my heart. The necklace dangled in between our hands. He looked like he was going to protest, so I placed my fingers over his lips to silence him. "Take my heart. It already belongs to you." I could swear I saw tears welling up in his eyes. He kissed the fingers that were covering his lips one at a time and moved to stand. I was still on my knees in front of him looking up into his eyes. He held his hand for me and I took it rising to my feet. His arms encircled my waist and pulled me closer to his body. "God, where were you a year ago?" He breathed connecting our foreheads together. "I was waiting for you to come and sweep me off of my feet." I laughed. "I'm here now." All traces of laughter gone, he leaned back and used both hands to smooth my hair back, my necklace still laced through his fingers. "That you are brown eyes." He smiled brightly at me. "Brown eyes." I repeated softly. "It kind of stuck, I guess. Since the first time I saw you that's how I referred to you." "You called her brown eyes too." I thought back to that day in the coffee shop when he gave my nickname to Jessica. It still bothered me. "Are you talking about when I said it to that cashier?"
- 169 -

I nodded trying to avoid his eyes. I failed as he bent his knees so he could situate himself back into my eyesight. "You know I was saying that to make you jealous, don't you?" I shrugged my shoulders and buried my face in his heavenly smelling shirt. "Bella?" I shook my head to ashamed to admit I was acting like a child. "Bella, look at me." I finally gave in and looked at him. "It's your eyes that I'm crazy about, your eyes only and no one else's. You are my brown eyes." He said pulling me into a tender kiss. I was his. EPOV Beautiful. That was all that came to my came to my mind as I watched her sleep. She wanted me to have her heart.she said it belonged to me. Who was I to take something like that from her? Honest. It was the very thing she was. She told me she loved me and this time she didn't run away. Her hair was draped across my arm while my fingers roamed aimlessly through her thick brown waves. My eyes focused in on the silver heart charm which never left my hand even after we had made love for the fourth time tonight. She said she wanted to spend her life with me, but how could I let her say those words to me knowing that it would never be possible. I looked back to her celestial face. With my index finger I started at the arch of her eyebrow and began tracing every one of her delicate features. Her eyelashes fluttered when my finger gently brushed past them. I wanted to remember every perfect little thing about her. She should be happy. She should be with someone who could give her everything. Someone who could commit to a life of loving her completely, honestly. She deserved nothing less.
- 170 -

I was such a selfish bastard. I had to have her all to myself, knowing what awaited me back home. To keep her from any man was my goal. Now I knew it was time to break her heart. Leaning down my lips caressed hers ever so lightly. "I'm sorry, brown eyes." I whispered against her lips. I slipped out of bed carefully, trying not to wake her. I looked her over one final time before getting in the shower and then going downstairs to make her breakfast in bed. It's confirmed...I'm whipped! I arrived in the kitchen to see my brother and my sister eating fucking Frootloops at the table. When the fuck did she get here and what did she want? "Look who decided to finally get out of bed. Seriously, Edward you need to set an alarm clock or you'll sleep your life away and what kind of guy your age goes to bed before midnight while he's on vacation anyway?" "I'd say the kind of guy who had bloodcurdling screams coming from his bedroom last night." James added sarcastically. "Damn bro what did you do to her?" "Hold on a sec. Take a breath." I held up my hand to silence both of them. "What the hell are you doing here.in my kitchen?" "This is my kitchen too." James answered slurping milk off the spoon. "Not you shithead.her!" "I missed you to brother." She answered sweetly. "What's going on? Why are you here, Alice? Did somebody die?" She glared at me and went back to eating. There were only two possible reasons Alice would fly out here. Either someone had died, or she was coming to report some family drama. One would think she would use the phone, but this was Alice we were talking about. "What skank do you have upstairs? You are aware that you're getting married in a month, aren't you?" I winced at her words and walked around the table grabbing the cereal box,
- 171 -

digging out a handful. "Yes! I am aware and lower your voice. You still didn't answer my question." "Well Jazz and I are here vacationing as well." She answered nonchalantly. I paused with my hand in mid air getting ready to throw a fuck load of frootloops in my mouth until I heard those words. "Excuse me, what did you say? Did you say Jazz is here?" "Yeah, we got here last night." "Jazz is here, Tanya's fucking brother is here!" I yelled irately. "Calm down hot head! I came to warn you last night so you could finish banging the midnight special before he saw her and rats you out." "This is so not good, Smidgey." I said pacing the kitchen floor, running my hand through my hair roughly. "Hey, when did you start letting chicks spend the night anyway?" James added sliding off the chair to deposit his bowl in the sink. "You're usually a hit it and quit it kind of guy. Was she that good? Wanna share?" he arched an eyebrow waiting for a response. "Ew! I'm out of here. The two of you are disgusting. I'm mortified to call either of you my brothers." If looks could kill James would be six feet under after that remark. He could be such a prick. I ignored him and turned my attention back to the disaster at hand. "Where is Jazz, Smidge?" I asked irritated. My eyes widened at a sudden thought I had. "He's not here is he?" my tone raised an octave higher. "Okay, lose the attitude. He's at a hotel." This was insane. My sister could have very well alerted me to the fact that her and her boyfriend were coming here. She gets off on seeing me squirm. It's a good thing Bella was still asleep because this was not how I imagined her finding out about Tanya. I had to get both her and James out of here.pronto.
- 172 -

As if on cue she came walking shyly into the kitchen and I nearly had a stroke. "Hi..Um...Goodmorning." she said with a quick wave. "Well, well, well!" James spat and looked at me with a smug smile on his face. By the way Alice's left eye was twitching I could tell the bitchiness was about to make an appearance. Thank god Bella was fully dressed. "Who are you?" Alice snapped. All I could do was stare in shock. This was not going to end well. "Oh, I'm sorry.I'm Bella." She said offering her hand for Alice to shake. She looked at Bella's hand as if she had something gross on it and turned up her nose. I began to perspire. My sister could be as bad as my mother when she wanted to, sometimes worse. "Well I'm Alice, Edward's sister and we're having a family discussion." I looked over at James who was biting back giggles. I would wring his fucking neck later. "Ohyou're Smidge! Edward has told me so much about you." Alice frowned and looked over to me like I had lost my mind. She knew I would never get so involved with someone enough to talk about nicknames. "Did little Eddie here tell you about me?" James finally spoke up, but the giggles were still threatening to break through. "Umif you're James, yes. I've heard a lot about you too. Don't worry I told him you sounded like fun, not a prick." She whispered the last part and winked at him. She fucking winked at him! "Well I am fun aren't I little brother?" "I'll take prick for a thousand, Alex." I said sarcastically. Alice kept her attention on Bella. She was examining her from head to toe. The questions weren't nearly finished on her part. They were just getting started and Bella would definitely be in the line of fire. "So he's told you about us. What else do you know?" she asked Bella, but was
- 173 -

looking at me. I knew where she was going, but I wasn't about to let it happen this way. "Alice, you and I have some things to discuss. You can finish speaking with Bella later." I turned to Bella and asked if there was anything specific she wanted to eat. She said she would wait for me upstairs and we would have breakfast together. Before she left the kitchen she told James and Alice it was nice to have met them and she made her way back upstairs with a coffee in hand. When I turned back around Alice and James were both staring at me with their mouths agape. I walked over to the stove preparing to make omelets for me and Bella. I could feel their eyes burning through my back. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of offering any information about what was going on between me and Bella. As if she could read my mind, Alice was the first to start. "What the hell is going on here, Edward?" "Can you be more specific, Smidge?" I said placing a skillet on the burner. "Don't you fucking Smidge me, Edward! What's going on with you and that girl?" "Her name is Bella." "So this is how you want to play it? Maybe I need to go upstairs and find out from Bella what's going on." "Fuck, Alice what do you want front me?" I slammed another skillet on top of the stove. "She's." I turned back around shaking my head slightly at my inability to describe what Bella was to me, hell I didn't even know. "Oh my God!" She gasped. "You're into her aren't you?" "I'm not into anyone." I said never looking at her. Opening the fridge, I grabbed for the eggs, cheese, and cream. "You've told her about us. You've let her spend the night. She's upstairs waiting for you to cook goddamn omelets, Edward! Now you fucking look at me and tell me that she's just a fuck!" "I don't have to tell you anything! I'm so fucking sick of people trying to run my
- 174 -

life. I get this shit from mom and dad; I don't need it from you too. I know what I'm doing Alice." "You do?" she asked with her eyebrows raised in fake surprise. "Well let me ask you this, Edward does Bella know what you're doing? Better yet how about Tanya? You do remember Tanya don't you? Does Tanya know what you're doing EDWARD?" "Alright, enough! It is none of your fucking business. I will handle my own situation with no help from you, thank you. Now if you're done I have a fucking omelet to make." "Will you talk some sense into his thick skull, James? He's obviously gone off the deep end." She grabbed her bag and turned to leave. I should've known better than to think that she would just go without a final word. This was Alice and she always had to have the last word. "You know, I saw the way she looked at you. That girl is totally in love with you and you're going hurt her. Why would you do that, Edward? You could have chosen any girl who wouldn't have cared to be used by you. You know you're getting married. I don't understand you at all." Alice was also an expert on making me feel like a douche. I knew I was wrong, but I was too far gone to stop it. "Smidge?" I stopped her from walking out of the kitchen." I care about her." "No shit Sherlock. Why else would you be in here playing Betty fucking Crocker." She said ruffling my hair as she walked out. James was way too quiet for my liking. He had basically sat there saying nothing. This wasn't like him. I was starting to panic. "Well, aren't you going to say something?" "I have one word for you little brother...Leah." He slapped me on the back and followed Alice's footsteps. "Yeah well, she's not Leah!" I yelled back at him, but he had already made it out the door.
- 175 -

"What the fuck are you doing Cullen?" I berated myself out loud. They were right, both of them. I didn't want to hurt her, but it was too late. When would I tell her? The look in her eyes would crush me. Her eyes, fuck! Those beautiful, innocent, trusting eyes that believed in happiness and love. How could I take that away from her? I was a douche. Bella and I finished breakfast in just about complete silence. Every now and again she would ask if everything was okay and I would reply that everything was fine. We spent the day planning our trip to Paris. Her eyes would light up while we looked at pictures on my laptop of the places we would visit while we were there. She would get all excited, squealing with delight every time she asked if we would be visiting a certain tourist spot and I would answer, yes. I tried offering her my credit card so she could buy anything she needed to take with her, but she declined and told me if I kept trying to push it on her that she would back out of the trip. I agreed, but told her that all bets were off once we got to Paris. There I would spoil her rotten. She even went so far as to whisper in my ear while sitting on my lap that she wanted to have sex in a public place once we arrived there. I whispered back how much I wanted it too and we began to make love. My mind wandered as both of our sweaty bodies clung to one another tightly as we exploded together. Her name fell from my lips as I came while she repeated 'I love you' over and over again. Once we got back home from Paris it would be finished. I would never see her again. At that thought, there was a pain in my chest. I would never see her again. I would marry Tanya and Bella would be a memory. After lying to Bella about having to make a personal business call, I went downstairs to clear my head and get a drink. I just couldn't be around her anymore. I couldn't breathe. This was affecting me more than I ever thought it would. Strangely, time seemed to fly by. It was already near six in the evening when James entered the house for the second time today. "Is this a private party or is anyone invited?" He asked gesturing towards the glass of bourbon I was drinking. "Help yourself." He poured a glass and took a swig. "Where's Bella?" "Upstairs." I answered dryly.
- 176 -

"She's gorgeous. Seems like a sweet kid." "Don't patronize me James, she's a woman!" I snapped. I wasn't ready for round two of this shit, but I would surely kick his ass if he started it. "Come on, Edward. Do you think I'm blind? I see what's going on.hell I lived it. You're falling for her." I shot him a warning glare, but he didn't acknowledge it or back down. "You're not stupid. You know how this going to end. Look at what mom and dad did to me. You're kidding yourself if you think you can be with her." That was it. I was fed up with everyone and their thoughts about my life. Plus I was slightly buzzed so round two was well underway. "What mom and dad did to you was nothing, compared to what they did to Leah." I no longer cared about other people feelings. If they wanted to situate themselves in my personal life, then they had damn well better been ready for the repercussions. I was pissed and I wasn't even angry with him or Alice. I was mad at myself for what I was about to do. "What are you talking about?" he frowned in confusion. "You say she was the love of your life, but you didn't fight for her. You just let her walk away." "She didn't want to be with me and what you're doing is ten times worse than anything I ever did to Leah. I loved her enough to let her go." "Did you know that she's getting married?" I knew he didn't, but I wanted him off my back and this would definitely ensure that he got off. You could see the stress vein form at his temple, he was getting pissed. She was his Achilles heel and I knew it. 'What?" he asked through clenched teeth. "That's right; your precious Leah is getting married. I guess she and that new hubby of hers will have a happy life with all that money she inherited." He really looked at me confused now. I didn't miss a beat. The more I drank the more I spilled my guts.
- 177 -

"What money? Leah doesn't have any money. She's fucking poor as a church mouse." I was now going in for the kill. "Well, she was, but then she made a shit load of money off of you big brother. She cleaned up. Now she and her fianc will skip happily into the sunset, courtesy of you." "What the fuck are you talking about, Edward? You know what? I don't even want to know. You're drunk and obviously upset about this whole Bella thing. I just came back to get my phone." He said walking over to the coffee table. "I'm out of here." "Why don't you ask mom and dad what I'm talking about? I'm sure it will be an enlightening conversation." That was enough to spark his interest. The shit was about to hit the fan and it was my entire fault. I had no idea what I was doing anymore. It was too late to stop any of this. I would break Bella's heart and if that wasn't enough, James' would be broke too as well. As I watched him drive away, I sat on the window ledge trying to drink myself into a stupor. No amounts of alcohol seem to work though. I couldn't get drunk enough. My mind shifted back to Bella. I kept hearing her voice echoing in my head. Take my heart, I love you. I poured another drink and tossed it down my throat violently. You're everything Edward, I love you. "Fuck!" I yelled throwing the glass and smashing it against the wall. I heard a yelp and whirled around to see Bella standing at the bottom of the stairs with both hands covering her mouth. She looked frightened and I'm sure she was. I hadn't meant for her to see me like this, but here it was, the true Edward Cullen. I had to put an end to this right now. "Business that bad?" she asked in a low voice, while cautiously approaching me. I turned away from her running one hand through my hair. This could no longer be put off. It was better this way. I straightened my shoulders, but never turned around to look at her.
- 178 -

"Business is fine. This wasn't about business." I said in a stony voice. "Well is everything okay? I heard yelling." "What you heard was James talking some sense into me. I can't do this anymore, Bella." "Do what?" I was still not facing her, but I could hear in her voice that she was worried. There was no easy way to do this so I decided to just rip the bandage off. "This thing between you and me has run its course. We're over." Thanx for reading and please review.don't flame me to bad..lol..kidding it's all welcomed. Before I go I would like to rec: Covet, .net/s/6235985/1/Covet. It is a Cheatward fic in the makingverrry good.

- 179 -

Chapter 14 Bombshell Aftermath

Disclaimer:I don't own Twilight. A/N: I wanted to say a big thanx to all of you who read and reviewed. It helps me continue to write. I know I haven't responded to you guys in awhile and I'm upset with myself for it, so I may have a surprise to make up for it.(keep me on author alert). Thanx to Mehek for everything. You are the sweetest person. Your reward is coming soon . Brandy you're the best, you always come through when I need you. To the ladies of Twilight Fanfic addicts you rock! And last but definitely not least UkGirlyGirl your more amazing then you'll ever know, thanx doll. Forgive me for any errors. Ok enough of that. On with the show Chap l4 Bombshell Aftermath BPOV Run its course, over? This must be some sort of joke. Were my ears deceiving me.or did I just hear correctly? "I don't understand, Edward. What happened?" "Like I said, I finally came to my senses. We can't continue this. It's over." Why wasn't he looking at me? Why was his voice so cold? "Wait what happened? Everything was fine earlier, now you're telling me that we're over. I don't.understand." I said the last part to myself. "What is there to understand? I just spelled it out for you." The floor had suddenly become my focal point. My heart felt like it was in my
- 180 -

throat. This couldn't be happening. Everything was so perfect. What had happened for him to say these things to me? I felt like I was in the Twilight zone. We were just planning a trip to Paris. I fucking gave him my heart. I told him I loved him repeatedly tonight and I didn't run away. I stayed. There was no way I was just going to coil up and take this. "You don't even have the decency to look at me. Look at me, Edward!" I yanked on his arm and he turned in my direction. There was hurt in his eyes. He didn't want this to be over. He was struggling. I could see it. Something had happened, but he was reluctant to tell me what it was. "You're lying." I said shaking my head."Something is wrong. I can see it in your eyes. Tell me." "Yes, something is wrong. You and I are wrong, Bella. We can't be together. We're too different." "Different?" I asked in a confused voice. "What do you mean dif...?" Realization set in. "Oh, I get it. You're a wealthy Oil company owner and I'm some pauper that works at Starbuck's." His eyes widened as if he were shocked by my outburst. I didn't care; I was getting angrier by the second. He tried to explain himself, but I didn't want hear one more word of his garbage. "Bella, it's not like that." "Sure it is. I'm not good enough for you." "You have no idea how my life is Bella.my parents" He sounded defeated as he gripped his copper strands with malice. "What do your parent's have to do with any of this? This is between you and-" "They made her leave!" He shouted. I was more confused now than I was a minute ago. He was scaring the hell out of me. Her? Was there someone else?
- 181 -

"Edward, what are you" "Leah. Her name was Leah and they made her leave!" My heart plummeted when he spoke her name, but I was waiting for him to twist the knife in further. I stood there waiting for him to finish crushing me while listening to his tale of Leah. "He loved her." He paced back and forth tugging on his hair. "He? Edward.baby I don't" His head jerked around to look at me. He must've realized the term I just used, as did I. He blinked at me for a second and then continued. "James was in love with Leah, correction she was the love of his life and my parent's made her walk away from him." "Well maybe she didn't love him as much as he thought if she could just walk away simply because your parent's told her to." "They paid." He added looking directly into my eyes as if he were trying to frighten me. "Money!" I responded shockingly. He kept talking, but things weren't making any sense. It was like he wasn't speaking to me. It sounded more like he was releasing a heavy weight from his shoulders. "He didn't know. He thinks she walked away because she didn't want to cause a rift between him and my parent's" I walked to him and tried running my fingers through his hair for comfort, but he brushed my hand aside shaking his head no. "You don't get it, Bella! She had nothing and they blackmailed her into leaving him by threatening to take everything she had left, which wasn't much. Her family's small business was in jeopardy and they threatened to finish destroying it if she didn't end it with James." "Did she say no? Did she just take the money, Edward?" I said slightly shaking.
- 182 -

"They drew up a fucking contract, if you can believe that." He concluded with a dry chuckle. "She said she would end it with him, but she didn't want the money. She loved him, Bella." He was walking around the house like a mad man. I had never seen him like this. "If she loved him then why didn't she just do what she said? Why didn't she just walk away without the money?" For some reason my voiced was slightly raised. I couldn't understand why I was feeling angry about what happened to Leah and James, but it was affecting me. "It wasn't good enough for them, Bella. They knew he would fight for her, so they told her if she didn't sign the contract stating that she would take the money and stay away from James they would destroy her and her family anyway. There was no other choice for her." I was completely baffled by what I was hearing. Were his parents really this bad? There was something that I felt needed addressing, but I wasn't sure if I should ask, but since he was laying all this out I chose to ask the question that was nagging at my brain. "How much?" I whispered with caution. He stopped pacing and looked at me for some time before he ansewered. "Ten million." He replied with his eyes focused intensely on mine. My mouth fell slightly open as I repeated the words ten million. "I can't do this anymore, Bella." He looked like a beautiful mess. His hair was standing on end and his eyes were wild and his face seemed to be sporting five o'clock shadow. He looked like he aged since we separated last and that was amazing being as though it was only an hour or so ago. I was still in shock after what he had just revealed. Suddenly I was brought back to reality when I saw a flash of movement in my peripheral. He had blown passed me and headed out the door. "Edward!" I shouted, but he never turned around. He continued stalking straight for his car. I ran after him managing to finally catch up. I reached out to grab his hand, but he wrenched it away hastily.
- 183 -

"Don't you understand I can't be with you?" He yelled stopping and turning to face me. "Why, because of your parents?" "Did you not hear a single word I said, Bella? They will ruin you and I won't be able to do anything to stop it. This has to end." "End?" I repeated "No, you don't mean that." "Look, it was a great ride, but we're kidding ourselves if we think this could work. They'll ruin you and take everything away from me and THAT can't happen." "So this is about money?" I asked with narrowed eyes. "This is about your money!" He turned away from me again running both hands through his hair clearly frustrated. When he decided to speak it was in a defeated tone. "I'm nothing without my wealth, Bella. Nothing. Let's face it, you wouldn't have given me a second look if I wasn't rich...hell no woman would!" I could not believe what I was hearing. Did he actually think that was all there was to him? How could he not know how incredibly, wonderful he was? He had to be kidding. His crooked smile alone would bring any girl to their knees and here he was spouting off about being nothing without money. I was enraged and it boiled over. I pushed him in the back making him stumble slightly. I knew I had totally caught him off guard. He whirled around looking at me like I had just lost my mind. "What the hell is your problem!" He spat. "Shut up! Don't you dare compare me to those money hungry bitches you've fucked for sport. I'm not them; I don't want your fucking money!" I didn't recognize my own voice. I had become completely volatile. I never reacted with this kind of behavior before and I despised it, but it was like I was having an out of body experience. "Look, Bella this is who I am and money plays a huge key in who I AM!" He yelled with his finger poking his chest.
- 184 -

"I said shut up!" I screamed, slapping him across the face. My tears flowed freely as he grabbed hold of both my wrists yanking me into him. I managed to free one of my wrists for another slap that was already in mid air when he grabbed it again. "You're a coward!" I said through sobs. "You're hiding behind your money and you're afraid to stand up to your parents for what you want!" "And what do I want, Bella, huh? Since you seem to know everything about me." He gave me a stern shake. "All you are is some childlike college student with stars in her eyes over the first rich guy who swoops in and fucks her cross eyed!" This time the slap connected, and his cheek was tinged with a beautiful shade of pink. "Stop fucking hitting me! I will not be responsible for my actions if you don't!" "Oh, big man!" I laughed sarcastically. "What are you going to do Edward, hit me back? You just try it and my father will shoot you in your pretty little ass!" "That's it!" he growled and began walking dragging me by the wrist. When he felt me protesting he threw me over his shoulder roughly. "I'm going to shut that fucking mouth one way or another!" "Get your hands off of me you son of a bitch!" "That's right keep talking!" He said and briskly walked until he arrived at the pool. He swung me down in front of him bridal style with me trying desperately to get free. "Edward! Don't you dare!" I held onto his neck in a vice grip, but he shrugged me off throwing me in fully clothed, screaming in the process. "Now cool the fuck off!" "You asshole! I can't believe you just did that!" I spluttered as I resurfaced for air. "And I can't believe you had the audacity to let the words 'hit me back' pass through your lips. Are you insane? I would never hit you, but it doesn't mean I'm going to allow you to do it to me." I dragged myself from the pool feeling heavy and disgusting from being drenched. He sat in one the loungers that were placed all around the perimeter of the pool. His
- 185 -

face was buried in his palms. I looked at the state he was in and was suddenly remorseful for the way I acted. I began sloshing towards him and knelt down in front of him once I reached his bowed head. His hands fell from his face, but he never looked up. Instead his arms encircled my waist and I scrambled in between his legs. The top of his head was buried in my mid-section while I stroked his hair. "I don't want your money. I want you." I said softly trying to tilt his face up so I could see his eyes. He needed to know what I was saying was the absolute truth, but he refused and kept his head down. "I love you." He scoffed. "Don't say that. You'll just want to take it back, so don't, Bella." "I love you and I never took it back.not the first time or the second and I'm not taking it back now. I was afraid before, but now something scares me more." "What?" he said instantly looking up at me. "Losing you. I can't lose you and I won't let your family scare me away. I love you." "Fuck! Will you stop saying that.you can't.you can't, Bella." His voice desperate and pleading for me not to love him, but it was too late. "You can't tell me what to do, Edward Cullen. I know how I feel and I know what I want." "And you want me?" I nodded. "Are you sure about this?" he asked and I smiled inwardly seeing the white flag go up in his eyes. "I've never been more certain about anything. I love you." "You said it again." He whispered. "Three or four times actually, but who's counting?" I laughed cupping both sides of his face. "I'm counting. You've said it four times and after everything I've said and done
- 186 -

you're still here." I nodded pressing my forehead to his and repeated. "Still here." "So we're really doing this?" he asked while wrapping my legs around his waist. Somehow from all this craziness that just happened tonight we ended up half naked in the pool. He said he felt bad for throwing me in and that it was only fair for him to be wet as me. He said this with a wink and a smirk of course. "Yes, we are." I placed a quick kiss on the tip of his nose. "You'll get sick of me." He said as he pushed off of the wall letting us float out into the middle of the water. "Never." I giggled. "I'm moody, self absorbed and can be a real bastard ninety-eight percent of the time." "Ninety-nine, but who's counting." He rolled his eyes and treaded our intertwined bodies through the water as he continued ticking off all of his bad habits. "I'm completely insatiable." He peered at me from up under his eyelashes. "Do you hear me complaining? There is nothing that you can say to me that will make me change my mind about you, Edward. You're stuck with me." "I snore." "You do not snore, Edward." I gave him an eye roll of my own. "Seriously Bella, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into. I'm not always charming." "I know you're not. You're perfect." I said as I leaned down and sucked his earlobe into my mouth. "Bella." He growled. "You're not making this any easier by doing that." "Good. Stop talking and put your mouth to better use."
- 187 -

"Isabella!" He pulled back to look at me."I'm in shock and I'm not perfect." "You're perfect for me." "I'm not perfect, but you make me feel like I can be better.like I can do anything." With those words my whole entire being collapsed and he kissed me with a force so gentle yet so meaningful I felt my body quake. He had decided that what we had was worth fighting for. We were going to be together and no one was going to stop that from happening. "You have the most dazzling ass I have ever laid eyes on." I said in a daze as I watched him dress in front of me. I was lying on my back watching him from an upside down position. "I think you only want me for my body." He turned to the front giving my eyes a treat. Tease. "No, I just enjoy drinking in every inch of you." "Mmmm. You have to stop using analogies like that on me. I have a one track mind as it is." He leaned over the bed to kiss me Spiderman style. "I'm not ready for you to go. I haven't had nearly enough of you yet." "Well thank goodness it only going to be a week until we leave for Paris!" I screamed and yanked his face back to mine for a longer passionate kiss. "A week is too long." He kissed down my chin to my throat. "We'll make up for it." I breathed starting to get dizzy from my head hanging off the bed. "I need to use the shower." I said jumping from the bed and practically gliding towards the bathroom. "It's all yours, unless you want some company." He started removing his shirt and pressed me up against the armoire. He was hard again. He was right. His sexual appetite was insatiable. "No! I'll never be able to make it out of this room now behave." I said pushing him away and disappearing into the bathroom. I giggled as I heard him yelling from the other side of the door.
- 188 -

"Fine I'll be downstairs with an extremely hard cock! Don't worry your pretty little head about me. Fuck! This could kill a man, Bella!" I laughed harder when I heard him grumble something about beating off in the bathroom downstairs. Edward Cullen. What have I gotten myself into? EPOV I headed down stairs slightly pissed and strangely happier than I've been in a long time. Of course my ego was as bruised as my balls from Bella brushing off morning sex, but I was happy because I'd decided I wanted to be with her.to really be with her. I hadn't told her about Tanya and I wasn't going to. I just needed to buy some time to talk to my parents and break the news to Tanya that I wasn't going to go through with this disaster of a marriage. My mind was made up. I couldn't walk away from Bella. She made me happy. I had never felt this way about a woman.ever. The way she fought for me last night blew my mind. She could be so feisty and fearless when she was passionate about what she wanted. I would find a way to make this work. Once we got back Chicago I would handle everything. Bella never had to know about Tanya. As I approached the kitchen I was instantly in a bad mood. "Eddie, aren't you looking rather gorgeous this morning." "Thanks, although I can't say the same. You look like you been up all night snorting lines off of a dirty bathroom countertop Vic." I knew I shouldn't have gone there, but the woman just made me itch. She was offended to say the least and I heard the bells chime in my head ding round one! "You're such a fucking grouch. When was the last time you got some?" "Don't worry about it. My sex life is none of your concern, not anymore." "I'll take the obvious avoidance as you haven't had any in a while." "Shouldn't you be somewhere blowing my brother?" I reached for the coffee pot sliding past her without so much as a graze of our clothing. "Jealous?" "Hardly."
- 189 -

"You miss me and you know it. I can tell from that bulge that's protruding in your Armani trousers." I looked at her and scoffed. If only she knew that this boner was caused by a set of beautiful brown eyes and baby soft skin and not her alcoholic induced pupils, witchy voice with six inch claws to match. Victoria was the epitome of the word faux. Fake tits, fake nails, fake everything. Now I wasn't against enhancements, but I simply hated Victoria. "Victoria, I wouldn't touch you again if you were on your knees begging for it, and I do mean on your knees." I spat off, but never took my eyes off of pouring my coffee. "Fuck you, Edward!" "Now, now kids, let's play nice." James emerged enjoying the morning bickering. "Didn't I make it clear that you weren't to bring her here, James?" "Let's not go there, Edward. It's my house too." "Whatever." I countered clearly irritated. I walked out of the kitchen as soon as I heard Bella's footsteps on the stairs. I didn't want her to encounter Victoria. She would try and humiliate her and things would get really nasty. This thing with Victoria and me was normal to everyone else, but it would freak Bella out. It was too late though. Victoria had followed me into the living room still upset from the things I said to her when we were in the kitchen. She wouldn't go too far though because James was oblivious to that fact that we fucked in the past. Not that he would've cared, but he wouldn't have touched her if he had known. He was a pig, but he lived by a code. "Listen, you take the jaguar and I'll call you later okay?" I said reaching in my pocket and handing Bella the keys. "Are you trying to get rid of me now?" "Yes. You don't want to be here for this.trust me." I said pulling her towards the door. "Who's your friend, Eddie? Don't be rude, introduce us."
- 190 -

Bella glared at me and stepped around to introduce herself to Victoria. "Hi, I'm Bella, nice to meet you." "Victoria." She simply stated and shook Bella's hand. "Are you Edward's new toy?" "Mind your own damn business Victoria!" I yelled and turned to look at Bella who had a shocked expression on her face. "Ignore her and leave now before I have to strangle her in front of you." "Um.okay. Will I see you later?" "Nothing can keep me away from you." I replied and kissed her quickly on her forehead. "Isn't that sweet. Jesus Edward, you must have her whipped." "You would know a bit about that wouldn't you Vic?" I snapped. By no means did I want Bella to know about me and Victoria. She was so honest and good and I wanted to try and be half of that to her, but Victoria had a knack for bringing out the bastard out in me. "Hey gorgeous, leaving so soon?" James addressed Bella and she blushed back with a wave. I'll murder him. "Come on Vic. Piss Edward off time is over." "Later, Eddie." "Later, Vic." I answered annoyingly. I shook my head in disgust as I watched them ascend the stairs. A match made in holy hell. "Sorry about that." I said turning my attention back to Bella. I could only imagine what she was thinking. "To put it mildly, she's a bitch." "Yeah and you've slept with her." "Bella, it was a long time ago and." She held up her hand to silence me. "I don't care. It doesn't matter." She finished reaching up on her toes to place a kiss on the corner of my mouth. "I have to go. I have so many things to do." I watched as she sped off. I wanted to drive her home, but I had a lot of things to
- 191 -

as well. Our trip wasn't going to book itself so I had some phone calls to make. I made reservations for the Presidential suite at the Hotel le Bristol. The hotel was beautiful and I knew she would love it. Although I loved the suite I alerted the hotel manager that I would be staying for a week, but it would not be a business trip. I needed for there to be some changes made to the dcor of the room. I wanted it to be a little more romantic and sensual. He took care of all my requests, even the dining ones. I wanted to make sure Bella would have everything her heart desired. That brought me to a few surprises I had for her as well. I would enlist the help of a young woman there by the name of Ginger. She had exquisite taste. There was no way I was letting Bella refuse my spoiling her. She would never forget this trip. I decided we would take the private jet as opposed to a commercial flight. I wanted to have complete privacy with her. Plus I would do anything to see her eyes light up. I loved that. It was another surprise. She wouldn't find out about it until it was time to leave. There was another phone call I had to make before it slipped my mind. I grabbed my cell and began dialing. It picked up on the first ring and went straight to voicemail. I rolled my eyes in distaste of leaving messages, but this needed to be done. You have reached Tanya, I'm away from my phone. Leave a message. "Tanya, we need to talk. I won't be available next week, so it's important that you call me soon." I ended the call and swiped my keys to the Mercedes off of the coffee table. I had one more surprise I wanted to give to Bella before we left for Paris and it deserved my immediate attention. BPOV Time had flown by this week. It was Thursday and I was preparing all week for my trip to Paris with Edward. Angela seemed to be more excited than I was and that was saying something because I was ecstatic. We did so much shopping this week, every day after work. All the money I had saved was practically spent except for what I had to save for school. My credit cards were maxed out too, but it was worth it. I knew Edward would be trying to spend ridiculous amounts of money on me. The least I could do was buy my own clothes and incidentals since he was paying for the entire trip. Angela had decided to head back to Chicago to move out of Mike's apartment. She also wanted to start getting ready for classes. They would be starting up again in
- 192 -

about two weeks. When I told Charlie about my trip to Paris he insisted on meeting Edward. I was freaking out. I had never introduced my dad to a guy I was dating before, mostly because I had never dated anyone seriously. He was right though. It was time for them to meet. I would be leaving for Paris in two days and returning back home to Chicago soon after we returned. "So when do I get to meet this guy?" he stretched his feet out on the coffee table "He'll be here shortly. Dad can you remove the gun?" I said chewing on my thumbnail. "I'm not going to shoot him Bells. I just want to meet the guy who has my little girl following him around the world that's all." "You're trying to intimidate him, Dad." "Look if he's a real man then he won't be intimidated." Charlie could be so frustrating at times. I knew he was only protecting me, but it didn't make me feel any less nervous. Edward didn't miss a beat when I told him my dad wanted to meet him. He told me he would be there in an hour, also saying he had some sort of surprise for me. He showed up at the door with a pale blue gift bag and a bouquet of white Calla lilies in hand. I beamed at the sight of him as he greeted me with a kiss to my forehead. I'm sure the chaste act was to ease Charlie. "I missed you." he whispered holding out the flowers for me to take. "These are for you." "Thank you. I never pegged you for the flower giving type, but they're beautiful." "I'm not actually, but you bring it out of me. Besides they remind me of you. I walked passed them and couldn't resist. I have something else for you as well." He gestured to the gift bag. "It's for later though. Where's your dad?" He peered over the top of my head searching for Charlie. Almost as if he could sense him Charlie came walking into the kitchen with gun in tow and Sadie at his heels. "Chief Swan, it's good to finally meet you."
- 193 -

"You too, Edward. I've heard a lot about you." The two of them exchanged handshakes and wandered into the living room talking and laughing as if they were old friends. I stood there gaping at my father and my boyfriend like I hadn't recognized either of them. Wait, boyfriend. Had we even put a label on what we were yet? Here we were sitting in the living room eating pizza. Pizza for Christ's sake! Edward was used to eating in the best restaurants. He knew how to make friggin fancy French grilled ham and cheese and here he is chugging beer, gobbling up piles of greasy grub and telling knee slapping, belly grabbing jokes with my father. I was in complete and utter shock. I hadn't expected it to go like this. I thought Charlie would at least give him the third degree. He didn't even do the gun scare thing. They were getting along. It was.weird, yet a relief. Sadie was even bonding with him. Every now and then I would see Edward scratch behind her ears. I would definitely tease him about it later. After Charlie basically gave his blessing for me, his grown daughter to go away with her boyfriend, he said goodnight to Edward saying he needed to turn in for the night, but not before they made plans to go on a fishing trip sometime. "What are you?" I asked with my head cocked to one side and my eyes squinted. "What are you talking about?" he said as he pulled me closer to him pressing our lower halves together tightly. "I'm talking about that whole thing with my dad. He was all prepared to give you the stare of death and send you running with a flash of the gun on his hip. How did you manage to make him soften like that?" "He's far from soft, Bella. He just cares about his baby girl." I smiled knowing he had paid attention to the endearment my dad used when he spoke about me. "He loves you fiercely and wants you happy that's all. I get that and that's all I want to do.make you happy, brown eyes." "Oh yeah, before I forget." He pulled away and reached for the blue gift bag. "I hope I wasn't too presumptuous." He said nervously scratching the back of his head. I cautiously took the bag from his hand and peeked inside. My mouth formed a little O when I pulled out the contents. It was a little doggy t-shirt that said le' pooch
- 194 -

and a faux dog passport. I looked up at him still gaping. "Are you saying.?" "I know she means a lot to you and.I don't know. it would be fun right?" I squealed and jumped in his arms. He knew how much I hated leaving her behind and especially for any significant amount of time. I could not believe he had made arrangements for her to come to Paris with us. "Wait, isn't it a bit last minute to set up arrangements for her? We leave in two days Edward and I" "I was trying to hold off on this until we left, but there will be plenty more surprises when we reach Paris. We are taking my private jet, so everything has been arranged for her to tag along." "Oh my God, are you for real! This is amazing!" I crushed my lips to his showing my appreciation for being such a terrific person. "I can't wait until we go. I have a surprise for you too when we get there." "Well in that case I'm going to leave now so I can finish getting the rest of my plans in order. I need to see if things are a go with the jet and make some business calls before it's time to leave." He kissed me quickly and walked towards the door pulling me along with him. "Get some rest sweetheart." I'll call you later. "Okay. Edward?" "Yeah?" "I love you." He leaned back inside the door to kiss me briefly."Two more days, brown eyes." He whispered against my lips and strolled off. I closed the door behind me leaning my head against it in a dreamlike state. Two more days. I thought. Next up is Paris and Tanya. Thanx for reading and please review. See you guys next week.
- 195 -

Chapter 15
Disclaimer: owns it all. (But not Wedlocked would she want to?) A/N: Sorry for the delay. Back to school night seem to last for a week. (3 kids). Enough about me...Thanx for the reviews and I hope you all liked the surprise (Dissecting Edward). This chapter will be a 2 part event. It is Bombshell part 2( you all know why). See you at the bottom. Chap l5 "Goddamn it! You stupid idiot!" I yelled. I felt a little silly berating the luggage I was trying to drag down the steps to the living room area. That was when the luggage went thumping and bumping down the steps and flying open sending all of my belongings scattering all over the stairs. I huffed and threw up my hands in disgust. Apparently it was a dumb move to not zip the offending monstrosity before trying to transport it to another part of the house. Seriously Bella. I stood at the top of the stairs looking down at the dreaded contraption. I felt sillier for trying to maneuver it in heels and a dress. This is your entire fault Edward Cullen for trying to look cute for you. I was waiting for Edward to pick me up. Today was the day. Paris I thought as I stomped down the stairs to repack the suitcase. Charlie stood at the archway between the kitchen and living room trying to hide an obvious smirk. He was unsuccessful. "Do you need help with that?" he gestured with his index finger "No, I'm good." My voice strained as I bent down to pick up the clothing. I didn't want him to help and see the expression on his face when his eyes met with the intimate apparel I had packed for the trip. He would be cool, but would totally tease me about it. Once I had everything neatly packed for the second time I began dragging my
- 196 -

suitcase again, this time Charlie decided to help anyway grabbing it with ease. "What do you have in this thing, rocks?" "I'm going to be away for an entire week, dad." I whined. "I need everything that's in there and possibly more." Just then the doorbell rang and I couldn't stop the goofy smile that had spread across my face. "I'll get that. You finish doing.what you're doing." He said with a confused look. "I'm ready, dad. I've never been more ready." "Yeah well, don't be too eager." He said with a wink. I rolled my eyes and waited for him to let Edward in. For some reason I just needed to see his face to believe that this was really happening. When Charlie opened the door I was rewarded with a slightly scruffy Edward with disheveled hair. He was completely dressed down in cream colored v-neck long sleeve T pushed up to the elbows and pale blue jeans. He was wearing black track tennis shoes. Tennis shoes! I've never seen him in tennis shoes. "Hey Edward, come on in." Charlie grabbed his hand in a firm handshake. "Hey Charlie, how's it going?" Wait Charlie? What happened to Chief Swan? I stared at the both of them still not able to understand how their relationship evolved to this point. Was it when I was ordering the pizza? I shook my head to get my thoughts under control as I saw him approach me. "Are you ready for the time of your life brown eyes?" He asked with a kiss to my forehead. I could do nothing except smile widely at him in return. "I'll take that as a yes." He said smiling back just as bright. As Edward and Charlie loaded my bags in the car I was giving Sadie a long goodbye equipped with hugs and head scratches. I was sad that I decided not to take her. She had been really riled up for the past couple of nights and I just thought it would be too much on her to fly for that amount of time. "Brown eyes, it's time to go." He yelled from outside. I gave Sadie one more big
- 197 -

hug and promised to bring her back a treat. I sprinted out the door approaching them both. They seemed to be locked in some sort of serious conversation. "I'm ready." I said sauntering up to Edward. "Okay Bells, I'll see you next week then." Charlie said patting me on the head. "Okay dad." I answered with a modest hug. Charlie hated goodbyes so I didn't want to make the moment too mushy in front of Edward. "Do you have enough money?" "Dad, I'm ok." I whispered. "Well alright then. I just needed to make sure. Edward you take care of my baby girl now, else I'll hunt you down." "Don't worry Charlie, she's in good hands." I gave Charlie another hug, this time not so modest and climbed in the car as Edward held open the door. "Bye dad. Take care of Sadie for me." "Don't worry. Bye kid." Edward entered the car and looked me with a wicked smile on his perfect lips. "What are you up to?" "Nothing. Wow you're suspicious." He said pulling out of the driveway and giving a final honk to Charlie. "I'm suspicious because I know you're up to something, Edward Cullen." "Relax baby. It's all good, I promise." He reached over the console lacing his fingers with mine. I didn't think I could love him anymore than I did at that moment, but something told me that Paris was going to be an extreme turning point in our relationship. I could feel it.
- 198 -

We arrived at Edwards's private jet and to say that I was in awe would be an understatement. My eyes grew the size of mini saucers when I viewed the interior of the jet. It was plush and black and white from floor to ceiling. My breath hitched when I felt him press into me from behind. "You like?" he breathed in my ear. I nodded stupidly, not trusting my voice to say the correct thing. "Good. I'm glad you approve." He concluded with lingering wet kiss to the side of my neck and then brushed past me. I waited for him as he made sure everything was in order for us to take off. He said he would give me a tour once we were at a comfortable altitude to move around freely. Once he had returned we both secured our seatbelts and prepared to get comfortable for a long flight. I had wondered what we were going to do to pass the time. "Hey beautiful." I turned my attention to him and away from the dreaded window I was sheepishly peeking out of. "Hi." "I think it's safe for us to unbuckle ourselves now. Seth gave me the ok a few moments ago. Are you hungry? I made us some lunch." "Fancy grilled ham and cheese?" I asked practically bouncing in my seat with an ear to ear grin. "No, but I promise there will be plenty of that once we land and settle in, if that's what your heart so desires." "My heart desires you. I said rising from my seat and taking up new residence on his lap. "My heart also desires any yummy thing your magical hands made for lunch." I gave a quick kiss to his nose. After we dined on the most fabulous lunch that consisted of an assortment of imported cheeses and French bread ala Paris, we sprawled out on the couch. It was so intimate, yet sweet the way we just caressed one another while reminiscing about all the wonderful and crazy events that lead us to this point in our relationship.
- 199 -

"Did you ever think that we would end up like this?" I asked lacing my fingers through his and holding them up for inspection. Seeing our hands together this way made something inside my feel like this was how I wanted the rest of my life to be. I wanted to be like this with him forever. "Of course I knew we would end up like this." He snorted in mock annoyance. "Seriously Edward." I whined. "Okay no, but I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that I wanted you.that you were special." I contemplated what he said and smiled briefly to myself thinking about the first time I met him. "How long will it take us to get to Paris?" "It will take us approximately nine hours and nice on the avoidance move." He whispered in my ear. "I wasn't avoiding. I was only curious. Besides you answered the question." I answered coyly. So, when exactly did you realize that I was special?" "Ah, Ah, Ah. It's my turn to ask a question." "Oh, are we playing that game again?" "Yes, we are." He answered quickly and tangled our legs together. "How many guys have you had sex with?" My whole body stiffened and I didn't understand why. There had only been two others. I wasn't what some people might label as promiscuous, but it still made me uneasy to give him an honest answer. "Um.two." I responded in the form of a question. "Are you sure?" he asked humorously. "Yes, I'm sure. What about you Casanova? I'm sure you've had plenty of women." "Seven." He simply stated and took his turn with the Q and A.
- 200 -

"How good was the sex?" His hand unlinked from mine and started to draw lazy patterns on my back. I didn't know where he was going with this line of questioning and I didn't want to know. I sat up and straddled him, staring into his beautiful, hypnotic eyes. "Sex with you is mind blowing." "I meant-" "Sex with you is mind blowing." I annunciated the last words so he knew just how serious I was. "Mmmmm, okay next question." "Ah, ah, ah.my turn." I imitated his earlier admission. "Technically it's still mine, because you cleverly avoided the last question, but I want to try something else." He sat up and repositioned our bodies so that I was still straddling him and his back was flush against the back of the couch. "I want to play a little game first." I interrupted. All of a sudden he looked intrigued and slightly aroused at the same time. "What game?" He said in a velvety serious tone. "Let's see who can make whom orgasm first." I said boldly. Shifting his gaze away from me, he half smiled. "That sounds easy enough brown eyes and I'll win." He said focusing back on me with a gleam in his eyes as he started to slide his hands under my dress and tug on my panties. I seized his hands with my own and shook my head. "No." "No? He repeated as his eyebrows shot up. "This has to happen with clothes on." "Are you serious! What are the rules?" he asked in disbelief. "The only rule is for this to happen without our bare parts touching and without
- 201 -

any penetration." He narrowed his glare at me and licked his lips slowly. I hadn't seen him do that since our first run in with each other. "You're gonna lose this game baby." I scooted my hips closer to him and felt the slightest swell from his erection. "This."I rubbed myself against him. "This says I'm gonna win." He hissed from the pressure I applied to his bulge. "You might just be right this time brown eyes, but let's test that theory." With a growl he abruptly flipped our positions so I was pinned on the couch underneath him. I gasped at the playful roughness he used to gain the upper hand. When he looked down at me there was toothy grin plastered to his face. "You're not going to win." I said reaching up with my lips as I started to nip at his pouty bottom lip. He reciprocated by sucking on my top one. This was a game, but the way he was teasing my lips was sending warm sensations all through my body. Our tongues came together and we both moaned in unison. His body was crouched over the top of mine with one hand above my head braced on the arm of the couch and the other yanking up my dress. He was working at an accelerated pace and I needed to stop him while I could. I trailed my hand down his chest and further down to where I could feel his need for me. I squeezed his cock firmly and he groaned loudly and deeply in the back of his throat. He tore his lips away from mine and stared at me sinisterly. "You're not going to win." He said and lowered his hips in between mine. He was so hard through his jeans that it almost hurt when he grinded his cock into my inner thigh. "That's not the place you want to hit if you want to win." I said with a cocky and sultry voice. I reached down again and stroked him gently. He pulled my hand away and pinned them both above my head with one of his large hands. He began kissing and sucking on my neck while I could feel his other hand undoing his belt. I heard the clinking of the buckle as he finally succeeded in opening it. After that there was a swift loud swishing sound. When I tried to lift my head to see what he was doing he had crashed his lips to mine. His tongue expertly pried my lips open as he flicked it back and forth with my own. I could feel something cold and stiff brush against my hand and my eyes shot open when he sat up on his knees and began wrapping his
- 202 -

belt around my wrists. "What are you doing?Edward!" "I'm winning." My wrists were bound securely and I couldn't seem to break free. He yanked my dress higher up until it bunched up to around my waist. I was a little angry until his demeanor changed. His hands slid slowly up my thighs while his eyes lingered on my white lace boy shorts. "You see something you like?" "You still want to play?" He countered. His poker face was phenomenal. I could hardly tell if this was a game anymore. "Are you giving in?" I asked sarcastically. "I do seem to have a rope on things, brown eyesuh no pun intended."He gestured to my bound hands that were still planted above my head. "I think you're afraid of losing, that's why you pulled this little stunt." "I don't lose. I thought I showed you that once before. It's a shame some people never learn when to quit." Then with a sharp tug he pulled down one side of my wrap dress to expose my bra and slipped that down as well. He leaned in and licked my nipple before drawing it into his mouth sucking ever so gently. My eyes rolled back and I moaned wantonly. I could feel his tongue swirling, biting and flicking my sensitive peak. If I didn't do something and fast I would be coming from just this act alone. I encased his hips with my legs and pulled him into me. When his cock brushed my center he moaned into my breast causing vibrations to shoot through my body. He began thrusting his hips in an in and out motion and the sensation claimed every thought I had. The game was over. All I wanted to do was feel him, but I kept up with the charade because I was in love with the way he was taking control. I started moving my hips in a circular direction every time he thrust forward. "Mmmm baby, you feel so fucking good. Keep doing that." He murmured. My pace picked up and so did his. His jeans were rough, but added an enticing
- 203 -

tingle with the mix of lace from my panties. "Fuck. I can feel you getting wet." He hissed and pushed up on his hands to look at me. "Are you wet, brown eyes?" "Yes. Are you gonna cum?" I asked with my voice slightly shuddering. "No, but you are." He reached down and unbuttoned his pants, pulling them down low enough past his protruding erection that was covered by his black boxer briefs. "No." I panted "I said no skin to skin contact." "I'm sticking to the rules, but I need to feel you. Just the jeans okay?" Grabbing my leg and draping it over the back of the couch he lowered his hips back down and began sliding his cock back and forth, up and down. It felt so good I wanted to scream. I brought my hands down and looped them around his neck. "You still think you're gonna win?" his voice was strained like he was struggling. "Edward?" "What?" "I don't want to play anymore." "Oh, God me neither." He mumbled into my neck. "Untie me please!" I begged. He quickly sat up and ducked his head from underneath my arms and undid the belt in a hurry. I swiftly grabbed the back of his neck once my hands were free and directed him back to sucking my naked breast. He reached down in between us once more and adjusted his cock so that the tip was pointing straight out towards my entrance. "Aren't you going to take them off?" I asked somewhat confused.
- 204 -

"Not yet.I want to make you come like this." He breathed heavily. He started grinding his cock into my center again painfully slow. I gripped his ass trying to make him go faster and he complied. He started to thrust faster and I bit my bottom lip with a satisfied smile. "Oh.yes! Right there baby. Don't move." I huffed and panted, squeezing his ass roughly trying to minimize his thrusting so that he would continue to hit that one perfect spot. "Right there, baby? Is that the spot?" "Oh God yes! Don't stop. My lower body jerked and twisted as he kept up his pace hitting my clitoris directly with every stroke. Who would have ever thought dry humping could be so erotic and satisfying. Damn it, this felt so good. "Oh.Oh, Edward don't stop! Please!" "That's it. Come apart for me baby." he grunted. I hadn't even realized that this was getting him off as well. With those words my hands shot to my head and fingers locked in my hair gripping tightly as I screamed when my orgasm hit. "Fuck!" I heard him say through gritted teeth. Looking at him through heavy lidded eyes I watched as he sat up on his knees and shoved one hand down his boxers. His hand started to pump furiously. He was close and I had the pleasure of watching him bring himself to orgasm this way. The muscles and the veins in his neck that stood out were so beautiful and so were the ones that strained in his forearm while he worked his hand back and forth. I couldn't believe how comfortable he was with himself to do this in front of me. There would never be anyone else but him. I was so in love with him I could barely see or think straight. Once I came down from my high I leaned up on my elbows to watch him more closely. "Don't move." He said shaking his head. "I need to see you when I come." "I want to be the one that makes you come." I whispered.
- 205 -

He looked at me then reached for my hand and pulled his boxers down with his free hand. His cock bobbed forward and he wrapped my hand around his hardness. My eyes rolled back when contact was made. It felt better than the first time.silky.warm.long.thick and so hard. I could feel it pulsing and throbbing as I began pumping up and down. His hips moved in harmony with my hand in and out. "Oh shit, just like that baby! Fuck! Ungggh!" He roared as his cock thrust in my hand one final time. My movements slowed as streams of white liquid spilled over my hand like lava from a volcano. "Ahhhhh!" Holy fucking Christ woman! You will be the near death of me." He said with head thrown back breathing heavily. "That was so intense." "Hell yeah it was. You're a naughty girl." He said stroking my cheek. "I can't wait to get you to Paris so we can see just how naughty you can be." After everything that just happened I still blushed at his comments. He reached over to the table snatching a few tissues from its holder and began wiping off my hand and wrist. "Oh and by the way I win." He finished with a wink. "Come on. Let's get you cleaned up." He stood up from the couch pulling me with him. "Where are we going?" "I'm showing you to the restroom and I'm going to see how Seth is doing. I also need to put the final touches on our dinner plans once we land. Now scoot. I'll meet you back out here when you're done." I hadn't realized just how extremely sophisticated this jet was. I sighed happily and turned on the shower. As I stood underneath the spray I vowed to make this the best vacation of my life. EPOV Shit I haven't dry humped since I was teenager and even then I was all about getting inside the flesh, but watching Bella get off on it was hands down the hottest
- 206 -

thing I had ever witnessed. She was far from a whip wielding dominatrix in bed, but the little things she did do made my head whirl and I'm not going to mention what it did to my cock. Breaking her out of her shyness was on the top of my priority list once we settled in the hotel. While I was busy thinking of ways to open Bella up, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I retrieved it and saw the display read T. I rose to my feet and quickly, but discreetly shut the door to the bedroom. "You finally decided to return my call I see." I've been busy sweetieyou know with the wedding plans that you keep avoiding. "About that, we need to talk." Okay, what's it about the guest list? I promise I won't invite anyone else.Oh except I sent an invitation to Mrs. Cope and her family and before you shoot it down I think it's important for her to be there. Her mouth was going a mile a minute. Damn her! Mrs. Cope? She knew I hated that woman. I stood with my back and head against the wall listening to her go on and on. Pinching the bridge of my nose I interrupted her ramblings. "Tanya, we need to talk about the wedding and I don't want to do it over the phone." Well now I'm intrigued so if it's all the same to you I want to hear what you have to say, because you never have anything to say about the wedding, Edward. "Fine, I'm calling off the wedding. I'm not in love with you and you sure as hell don't love me so it's the only logical thing to do." There was a silence then all of a sudden she broke into a fit of giggles. Did she think I was joking? Okay fine, I'll retract the invitation from Mrs. Cope. I'll make up something. Is that better? "Don't talk to me like I'm a child Tanya and this has nothing to do with who you invited. We are not getting married that is final."
- 207 -

Are you at the beach house? I'll fly down there and we can talk about this calmly and rationally. Just tell me where you are. "I'm not at the beach house. I'm flying the fucking friendly skies and there is nothing left to talk about. The wedding is off." I could hear Bella's footsteps as she approached the room calling me name. Wait, flying? Where are you going?Edward? "Goodbye Tanya." I ended the call and sighed heavily before Bella knocked on the door. "Edward?" "I'm coming, brown eyes." On the other side of that door was my future with long brown hair and the most gorgeous big brown eyes known to man. She was all I needed. BPOV "Oh.my.God!" I screamed "This is perfect! Did you do all this for me?" "All for you my gorgeous girl." He said wrapping his arms around me from behind. "Edward, this room is so.I can't find the words to describe how beautiful this is." "Well it had to match you. How do you feel after the flight? Are you tired? He said swaying us back and forth. "I'm starving." I turned in his arms to face him. "Then let's get you fed. I made dinner reservations for us. You're going to love this place." "Okay, what should I wear?" "Something like what you wore on the jet is fine. You looked beautiful in it and has easy access." He waggled his eyebrows. "Do you ever get enough?"
- 208 -

"I told you I was insatiable." H e said with a loud smack on my ass. "Ow! Hey what was that for?" I whined with a pout. "Mmmmm, don't pout it does crazy things to my lower body parts, if you know what I mean." He finished by sucking on my bottom lip. "I'll kiss this better too, later." He gestured by rubbing his hands back and forth over my stinging tush." Now go get dressed so I can show you what I really wanted to do to you the first time we had dinner together." "Yes sir." I saluted him and ran to the bathroom to get ready. TPOV Woody wood pecker haired gorgeous fucker! No one hangs up on me! I flipped through my list of contacts and dialed when my eyes focused on the number I was looking for. "Barry, I need you to find out where my fiance is residing at the moment." I rolled my eyes listening to his nonsense. "Well if he had told me where he was, I wouldn't be calling you, now would I, Barry? I'll expect a response within the hour." I started pacing back and forth across my office floor talking to myself. "Damn it Edward Cullen! Who in the hell do you think you are?" There was no way this wedding was off. I would murder him with bare hands myself. "This had better not have anything to do with the no sex rule. I mean it's not that I don't want to have sex with him." I continued out loud."I mean god look at him! What woman in her right mind wouldn't want him! I said throwing my hands up in the air for emphasis. I have morals and values. Besides he can wait until the wedding. It will be that much more fulfilling." I finished with one hand on my hip and stomping with my six inch heel. Where the hell are you Edward?" Just then my cell phone rang.
- 209 -

"Barry, you better have the news I want to hear." I couldn't believe I had to resort to having my own fiance followed to find out where he was. His jet landed in Paris about an hour ago. "Excellent. I'll wire you the payment in an hour. Oh and keep yourself available. I may need you again. Bye Barry." Paris? What the hell was he doing there? "Jill?" I called to my receptionist over the intercom. Yes Ms. Denali? "I need you to have the private jet prepared for me." She's coming.hurricane Tanya. Ahhhhhhhhh! LolAnyway I wanted to ask u guys something. How should our beloved Bella find out about the lovely Tanya? Give me your thoughts. (For all who are confused, Woody wood pecker is a cartoon character with flaming red hair...google it...he's hysterical and slightly annoying) Brandy...thank you so much! UKGirlyGirl (The internet guy is on my hit list). Mehek Thursday is the day! Luv u guys. Please review. Oh and before I forget part 2 is nearly finishedlook for it by Saturday.

- 210 -

Chapter 16
Disclaimer: Steph Meyers ons it all. (Lucky Biotch!) Sorry it took so long. Personal reasons (Love that). Thank you for all your kind reviews. I decided to drag Tanya's revelation out a bit longer. There's nothing like slow burn. Anyway I won't bore you with long notes this time. Thanks to Mehek (we've had so much fun this past couple weeks ;)UkgirlyGirl (I'm so happy you're back squee!) Thanks Brandy for everything (you're the best). Ashley I can't wait for BP ;) Oh yeah I loved all the ideas for how Bella should find out about Tanya. Let's see how she finds out. Recap: Tanya is on her way to Paris to confront Edward. (Enough Said) Chapter l6 BPOV Christ Bella you look like you should be standing on the top of a wedding cake. I thought to myself as I wrestled with the white knee length halter dress I decided to wear to dinner. My eyes stretched at the sight of how deeply the v was cut at the cleavage. My boobs will be spilling out if I reach for a damn wine glass. I finally gave up and figured I looked presentable enough for dining. I blew my hair out of my eyes and with one more toss of it over my shoulders I retrieved my purse and stepped out of the bathroom as I caught Edward in mid yell. "Brown eyes, hurry up! You've been in there for hours." "I'm right here." I said quietly. He whipped around as he finished buckling his belt. I was nearly floored by the mere sight of him. His hair was slightly damp and combed back. All traces of dishevel were now obscure, but his face still donned a little scruff. His jade colored shirt meshed unbelievably with his eyes and the sleeves were pushed past his forearms the way I loved. My eyes travelled to where his hands were located and
- 211 -

beyond there. His black trousers were sleek, with the promise of something prominent underneath. "You are positively edible." I thought shaking my head back and forth slowly. "Am I now?" He said with raised eyebrows, startling me out of my thoughts. Shit! I said that out loud. Nice Bella. "Umm.I." "You know you can't say things like that to me brown eyes." He said moving closer into me. His arms encircled my waist and pulled me tightly to him. "God, you are so beautiful." He finished as he leaned in and inhaled my hair. "Maybe we ought to skip dinner and stay here." He said tilting my chin up to meet his lustful gaze. "Or at least have dinner delivered." He concluded with a deep open mouthed kiss. "Edward." I stated in a warning tone. "Okay, okay. Fine, but I'm not promising to behave myself throughout the entire meal, so don't even suggest it." He slid one strong hand down to my behind and squeezed firmly. He groaned deeply in the back of his throat. "Fuck! Are you not wearing panties?" I brushed his hand away from my backside and smiled wickedly. "You'll find out later." I whispered against his lips after giving them a chaste peck. "Now let's go, I'm starving." "You're a fucking tease." "Such language Mr. Cullen." I gasped in mock astonishment. "Could your mouth get any dirtier?" "Oh I'll show you just how dirty it can get brown eyes." He said lastly swatting my behind roughly. "Ouch!" I squealed. "Hey, not so rough."
- 212 -

"You don't like it rough?" He asked menacingly while trapping me against the door. "UmI never.had it roughbefore." I responded momentarily dazed by the way his voice sounded when he asked the question. He knew he was breaking my resolve and was thoroughly enjoying it. "Then we'll definitely have to fix that." His tongue entered my mouth with a forceful invasion and I whimpered. My hands latched onto his hips making him grind his erection into me. We were out of control and frenzied, kissing and groping every available part of our bodies our hands could find. I felt my back start to slide up the door as his hands went under my dress while hoisting me up by the back of my thighs. He pulled away from our kiss and stared into my eyes. "Shit! You don't have any panties on. What were you trying to accomplish, driving me insane?" "Umnot really." I panted. "Well I beg to differ." He said in a voice deeper than I ever heard him use. He dipped his head and started licking my exposed cleavage and rotating his hips in unison. His hardness was rotating circles against my bare crotch and I realized if I didn't stop him we wouldn't make it out of this room. "Edward, we have to stop." It was the weirdest thing. The whole time I was telling him we had to stop my legs were wrapping around him and pulling him closer. "We don't have to stop anything." He grunted into the valley of my breasts. "Take off my pants." "Wait, what about dinner?" "Fuck dinner!" He finished with one hard thrust of his hips that lifted me up the door about another six inches. "Unghh!" My mouth fell open and my head lolled back hitting the door.
- 213 -

"Take off my pants now, Bella." "But we have reservations, Edward. We are going to be late." I said sounding out of breath like I had just run the hundred k. "You gotta be fucking kidding me! You're worried about fucking reservations now!" He growled letting me slide back down the door and removing his hands from underneath my dress. I was a little disappointed to say the least. "Look at me Bella!" He said gesturing wildly to his bulging crotch. "You did this with your non panty wearing scheme. What am I supposed to do with this now?" I watched as he raked his finders through his hair looking around the room as if he were trying to locate something to rectify his little problem. His hair was no longer neat. It was back to its normal disarray. "We always have after dinner." I said closing the distance between us. "Christ, Bella! I could have the whole goddamn restaurant brought up here just say the word." "No, Edward. We're in Paris and I don't know when I'll ever get the chance to see it again so let's go to dinner." I said dragging him to the door. I could have sworn I saw him pout. I smiled at the thought of it. "Bella we can come to Paris anytime you want. Hell I'll take you anywhere you want to go. Baby, can we please just.FuckI need to be inside of you right now." He said with his hand braced against the door, stopping me from opening it. "Later, I promise. Come on." I said yanking the door open. "Ughhhh. How the fuck am I supposed to walk like this Bella?" he huffed. I giggled as he closed the door behind us and we headed towards the elevator. EPOV "What the hell are you doing?" You're supposed to eat that." I watched in amazement and somewhat annoyance as she played erotically with her food. Carrots julienne had never been so properly cared for in its entire veggie life. She sucked it through her puckered lips.slowly. I swear I could feel those same lips wrapped around my cock. The wetness and silkiness of her tongue.The
- 214 -

unusual, yet natural color of those beautiful pink lips.Fuck! I scrubbed my hand over my face to clear my thoughts. I couldn't believe I was actually getting jealous of a damn vegetable. "You're doing that on purpose." I hissed through my teeth. "What?" she asked sweetly feigning ignorance. "You know goddamn well what, Isabella." "Isabella?" She laughed with her eyebrows raised obviously surprised at the use of her full name. She wrapped her tongue around the slither and pulled it slowly. My knee began bouncing beneath the table and the beads of sweat were beginning to sprout on my forehead. I wasn't going to be able to take much more of this. Try to be a gentleman and bring a lady to a nice dinner and see what you get.teased. It was a good thing the restaurant only had a few other couples. They were too wrapped up in their own business to notice what was going on at our table. Why was she torturing me like this?Fuck this.I was gonna come, even if it had to be at this table. I reached underneath the table never breaking eye contact with her. I gave her a slight smile when I noticed her eyes widen when I grabbed her foot and removed her high heel. Two can play this game baby. I massaged her foot before yanking it. I stifled a laugh as I watched her body jerk down so her foot could reach my lap. She grasped the sides of the table to keep from descending any further. When she heard the zipper on my pants retract she immediately straightened. "I need to use the ladies room." She said wiping her lips with her napkin and pushing away from the table. I watched as her hips swayed while she walked in the direction of the bathroom. No panties. I thought. I quickly re-zipped and discreetly followed her. I waited till I was sure there was no one left inside but her. With a final sweep of the restaurant I stepped through the door locking it behind me. She gasped and whirled around when she spotted me in the reflection of the mirror.
- 215 -

"Edward what" I cut her off with a finger to my lips and a shake of my head letting her know to keep silent. I walked over to her pinning her against the vanity top and began kissing her, stopping only to whisper in her ear that all her teasing was driving me mad. "Edward we can't do this here." She breathed. "Shhhhh." I was no longer joking with her. This was serious. I never wanted anyone so desperately in my life. She had stirred something up in me that I was unable to contain anymore. I looked down in those brown eyes that have come to mesmerize me. I wanted her to know how serious I was. "Take. Off. My. Pants." I enunciated every word. Our eyes were completely locked as I watched her bite her bottom lip and grant my request. I worked on my shirt while she continued with my briefs. Once my shirt was undone and my cock was freed I snatched up her dress exposing her soft luminesque skin and lifted her up on the counter top. Her breath hitched as the cold granite made contact with her ass. "No more teasing." I rasped as I gripped my cock and dragged it up and down her wetness coating the tip with her sweet nectar. I slid inside her halfway and lifted her back off the counter impaling her down on it the rest of the way. "Oh God!" she groaned wrapping her arms around my neck tightly. I grabbed her ass and began fucking her at an accelerated pace. "God, baby do you know how good you feel? Lock your legs behind me." She complied and the act gave me the deeper access that I was seeking. 'Ohhhh!" She moaned loudly and with every upward thrust her breath hitched. With my teeth I dragged down the front of her dress until her breast popped out and sucked relentlessly. I was ramming my cock so hard that her legs fell from around my waist and she had to reach backwards and grip the counter with both hands. I
- 216 -

moved her back to sit on top while I continued my assault. Her legs were spread wide for me and I loved the way her pussy gripped and squeezed my cock until it was almost painful. "So good baby. I could stay inside you for a lifetime. Slide your ass to the edge a little more, so I can make you come hard." She moved to the edge and I braced both my hands on the mirror behind her head and with long sharp strokes I could feel my orgasm building and her clamping tighter around my cock. She started moving in circles and I felt like I was going to lose it. "Oh, baby mmmm. That's it keep doing that. Fuck my cock just like that." I whispered in her ear. Her moans and pants were becoming louder. I gently placed my hand over her mouth and she captured one of my fingers in between her lips and started to suck. "God, you don't know how much I want to be in your mouth." I watched as my finger slid from her lips and she licked hers slowly. "I want that too. I want it now." "Not here baby, but soon. There are so many things I want, but right now I need you to come for me." I pumped my cock in and out with force. Every time I pushed in the base of my dick dragged upward hitting her sensitive spot. "Oh god...Right theredon't stop!" She grabbed my ass and her head fell backwards. I quickly covered her lips with mine as I knew a scream was threatening to escape her. I swallowed her mumbled screech mixed with my deep moan as I felt her warm liquid saturate my throbbing erection. I ripped my lips away from hers when I could no longer breathe and neither could she. My head instinctively buried in the crook of her neck as I thrust three more times long, deep and hard. I gripped her ass again lifting her slightly as I milked myself inside her holding her to me firmly. "Ahhhh!" I growled into the dampness of her skin. "Bella." I chanted over and over. I could barely move. I stayed there pulsing inside of her breathing rapidly until
- 217 -

I felt her starting to shift. "I'm sorry." I said quietly brushing her hair out of her face. "Sorry? What for?" "This couldn't have been that comfortable for you, but I had to have you. I needed you so damn bad." "I'm not sorry." She said running both her hands through my hair. I leaned into the caress and slowly slipped out of her. "I'm sorry about dinner too." I said pulling my pants back up and buttoning my shirt. She gently stilled my hands and finished the task. "I'm not. I think you're idea was better. We should have had it delivered." "Really?" I chuckled. "We still can." "Okay." I fixed her dress in the front as she hopped down off the counter. I watched from behind while she fluffed her hair and splashed water on her face. I wrapped my arms around her from behind and held her close. "You're exquisite." I said placing a long wet kiss to the side of her neck. "You're perfect. Everything about you is absolutely perfect. Are you ready? I'm sure someone needs to use the ladies room by now." "Oh god yes!" She laughed. "Let's get out of here." We had an eventful day ahead of us; I wanted to make sure that we were able to do everything I had planned. I wanted to take Bella to a little bakery that I loved called the Boulangerie, as well as sight-seeing, and of course to visit The Musee du Louvre. It was going to be a perfect day. On our way there Bella pointed out the silliest things. It was cute really. It was like I was seeing Paris for the very first time. She was laughing and pointing out the littlest things. The Eiffel Tower was amazing to experience through Bella's eyes. I can hardly explain it. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Never will I forget the smile on Bella's
- 218 -

face when she saw it. It was the biggest smile I've seen anyone smile. It would be embedded in my memory forever. As we finished up there I couldn't help but to think what I ever did to deserve someone like Bella. I wrapped my arms around her from behind. She sank into my embrace resting the back of her head on my shoulder. The air was crisp and whipped through her silky brown waves. I felt so overwhelmed being with her like this. In five short minutes I relived in my mind all the events that we had gone through that lead us up to this point. A stolen I-phone, almost yacht sex, a tossing in the pool. I smiled and kissed her neck tenderly. "Je vous aime les yeux bruns." I whispered in her ear and kissed it softly. "You're not going to tell me what that means are you?" she stated. I laughed. "Soon, I promise." The Musee du Louvre was next. Bella gasped when she saw The Louvre and began snapping pictures like she was a professional photographer. "Oh my goodness! Edward, look at this! There are no words to describe how fascinating it is." "I know." I said removing my sunglasses. "I've seen it numerous times." "Are you bored with it now?" she sounded almost disappointed. "Of course not, but this day was all about you. I'm excited just knowing you're excited about seeing it. Shall we?" I said holding out my hand for her to take. Bella was hell bent on seeing the Mona Lisa first and it was a good thing that I'd been a few times or else it would have taken us most of our trip to actually locate it. There were a mob of people, but Bella didn't seem to mind. Her excitement was a sight to behold as we navigated our way through the crowds and corridors. Once we reached Denon Wing she began asking a slew of questions about various art sculptures in the museum. On our way we came across the Winged Victory, one of the most celebrated sculptures in the world. Ever so often she would grab and kiss me thanking me over and over for treating her to something so amazing. I would do it all again just to see
- 219 -

those eyes light up. Finally we approached the Mona Lisa. It was a bit hard to get a good look at first due to all the tourists, but eventually we found a way to squeeze through and enjoy it up close. Bella, as always was awed. I think I might have seen a tear in her eye. "She really does have a lovely smile." She sighed completely in a daze. "Some are lovelier than others." I answered instantly. That wonderful blush crept up to her cheeks and I thought my heart would stop. I intertwined our fingers and lead her down to the next hall of priceless art work. As we looked at other masterpieces she suddenly said, "Thank you Edward, for the best day of my life." Suddenly I had to kiss her then and there. We arrived at the bakery and chose a table that was tucked in a quiet little corner. Our noses were assaulted with the smell of breads, butter, sugar, and coffee. It was delicious. The waitress came to take our orders, but from the sight of Bella's lip gnawing and furrowed eyebrows lead me to believe that she had no idea what she wanted, so I took the liberty of ordering for the both of us. "tes-vous prt commander?" She asked with a bright smile. "Oui, je voudrais deux ordres de la pte feuillete au fromage doux et deux caf la crme et le sucre, s'il vous plat. Merci." "Oui, Monsieur." "Now I feel really dumb." She said looking at me in shock. "You are not dumb. My business requires me to be fluent in multiple languages." I finished with a shoulder shrug. "It sounds sexy coming from you." she said blushing at her confession. "Vous tes la femme la plus sexy que j'ai jamais eu le plaisir de la ptisserie franaise de partage." I smirked. "What did you say? I know it had something to do with sex."
- 220 -

"I'll tell you later." I chuckled reaching across the table lacing her fingers with mine. "Well can you at least tell me what you ordered?" she asked curiously "You'll see." The waitress returned with our orders and Bella's eyes immediately sparkled. She went to reach for her plate and I quickly pulled it in my direction. "Here, allow me." I broke a piece of the pastry and held it in front of her lips. "Try this." She leaned in and took as small taste. I smiled when I saw her eyes roll back in satisfaction. "Mmmmm.Oh God that's so." "Good, right?" I said licking the sweet residue from my thumb. "It's heaven. We have to take some home. In fact let's get one of everything." She said cleaning the corner of her mouth with her tongue. "Whatever your heart desires mademoiselle." Before rising from the table I leaned over and kissed her lips, reveling in the sweet stickiness of them. "Mmmm tastes so much better on you." I stopped at the counter and placed an order for everything on the bakery menu to be delivered and waiting for Bella at her home in Florida. There was one other thing I needed to take care of while it was fresh in my mind. I reached in my pocket for my phone. "Ginger, hey it's Edward. Listen I need for you to arrange a spa session for my". Fuck, what was she?What did I refer to her as?Was she my girlfriend? It seemed odd enough to refer to Bella as my girlfriend knowing that I was engaged to another woman. You called off the wedding remember. I quickly thanked my conscience and proceeded with the plans for Bella's spa day. "Ginger, I also need you to make an appointment for me at Cartier. Tell them I'm coming and to have their newest collection available and it's possible that I may
- 221 -

need something custom made. Thanks, Ginger. I'll see you soon." Sliding my phone back in my pocket I made eye contact with Bella and winked. I waited for the cashier to finish up with my delivery order and headed back over to the table. "Miss me?" She smiled up at me. "Always, and did you really just order everything in the bakery? I was kidding you know." "I'm sorry, but I already did. It will be awaiting your return in Florida." "Yeah if Charlie doesn't devour it first." We both laughed at the thought of him stuffing his face with French pastry. "I have to leave you for awhile." Her smile instantly falling. "Why? Is everything alright?" she asked with alarmed eyes. "Everything is fine, just some uh.personal business to take care of that's all. It's nothing to worry your pretty little head about." I picked up her hand and began brushing my lips across the back of it." Besides you'll be kept busy while I'm gone." She cocked and eyebrow up at me. "What are you up to?" "Nothing." I just set up a spa session for you and don't bother telling me no because it's unacceptable." I said cutting her off before she had a chance to protest. "Yes boss man." She answered humorously. "Hmmm."I tapped my chin. "I like it. Maybe we can engage in a little roll play later. I'll be the bossy billionaire CEO of course and you my lovely can be the sexy temp." I watched her in delight as she gaped at me living out my fantasy. "I'll get you some glasses, a tight little skirt with a slit up the back and a push up bra. Oh, and black fishnets." I concluded and downed the rest of my caf. Yuk cold.
- 222 -

"Does your secretary wear fishnets?" "No, but this is my fantasy, indulge me a little. Anyhow you have about twenty minutes until your session, so are you ready?" "Yes I am monsieur." "Okay, after you sweetness." I said pulling out her chair. I dropped Bella off at the spa and sped over to meet Ginger. I would have loved to bring her with me, but I wanted this to be a surprise for her. I knew she would love it. I smiled to myself and waited for the valet to park my car. Ginger met me at the door and escorted me into Cartier. BPOV Once I was finished being kneaded, prodded, plucked and waxed I decided to indulge as Edward so eloquently put it. Roll play.with Edward. The man does know sex. I came across this little boutique and stepped inside. Anyone could tell that I was no expert at this. I was like a kid in a candy store picking up everything that caught my eye. My hand came in contact with a pair of scantily cut white lace thongs. I nearly choked when I peeked at the price tag. Come on Bella.How many times will you get this opportunity?Live a little. I high fived my subconscious and grabbed one of the cute little shopping bags used for storing your items while you shopped and tossed the expensive thongs inside. I began flipping through the rack searching for a matching bra. "You know blue would be a better color for you. The contrast against your type of skin would be luminescent." I whirled around at the sound of the voice. My eyes settled on a tall blonde woman who was picking through lingerie as well. "Do you really think so?" I asked confusingly. "Of course, honey if it's one thing I know, its lingerie." "Oh, thank you. I'm kind of overwhelmed with all that they have here." I said with
- 223 -

a wave of my hand around the store. She nodded and flung her blonde curls over her shoulder. Instantly I felt like a small teenage girl next to her. She appeared to be at least five nine or ten in height. I couldn't be sure. The expensive heels had to be four inches. She was extremely gorgeous. The word model came to mind as my eyes swept over her. Her beauty made you want to just shrivel up in a corner and die or beat her with the ugly stick. Her crystal blue eyes had fierceness to them when she looked up at me. "Well the trick is to know why you are buying and what to buy. Then it's all process of elimination." She walked around to the other side of the shelf that contained an abundance of garters. I noticed that her purse matched her shoes and knew right away that she was wealthy. Sophistication exuded from her. "So, what are you looking for and why?" "Um, I'm here with my boyfriend and I wanted to do something different and fun.so.yeah" I fumbled over my words horribly. "Are you role playing or just sexing it up a little?" Suddenly I felt embarrassed talking about this with a stranger. "Well he mentioned role playing, but." "Then give him role playing, but don't get the white. The blue suits you better and forget the thong, go all out. Get the g-string with matching baby-doll and garter." I looked on in utter shock as she ticked off all her lingerie tips. "They also have the most fabulous silk nylons and don't let me get started on the heels. You're short, so go with the six inch stilettos. Oh, and make sure they're platforms." She obviously was a pro at this. "A little jewelry wouldn't hurt either. You don't have height, but your skin is amazing so work with what you have. Diamonds and sapphires against that skin would be perfect."
- 224 -

Twice she commented on my height. I didn't know whether she was helping me or taking a cheap shot. "Um, thanks." "No problem." She sighed with what sounded like annoyance. "Well I have everything I need." She smiled holding up a pair of crotchless black lace panties.and that was all. "I have a lion to tame. Au revoir." I watched stupefied as she paid for her one item and gushed about how she was planning on seducing her fianc. She whisked out of the boutique leaving only a scent of expensive perfume behind. I looked down, and in my possession was the heap of lingerie that she had shoved in my arms. I hadn't even realized I was holding them. What I had surely could pay for my winter semester's tuition and rent, but I thought about him and how his eyes would light up when he saw me in this. The sex alone was a reason to consider the purchase. Live Bella. I sighed deeply and walked over to the counter. While I waited for the cashier to neatly wrap my purchases in tissue paper I noticed someone left their credit card next to the register. Tanya Denali. I read silently and picked it up. "Excuse me; someone must've left their card." I said handing it to the cashier. "Oh, this belongs to the lady who left before you. I'll give her a call. She frequently shops here. Don't worry I'll hold on to it until I can contact her." "Thank you." I said as I took my bag from her and went to hail a cab. I would have to stop to purchase shoes on my way back to the hotel. My phone buzzed and I smiled knowing already who it was. "Hey you." Where are you? "I'm on my way back to the hotel."
- 225 -

Hurry up. I miss you. "I miss you too. I'll be there soon." I ended the call and couldn't seem to contain the silly grin that was plastered to my face. I'm sure the cab driver thought I was a nut job. I rolled my eyes at him through the rearview mirror. I didn't care who thought what. This had turned out to be the best time of my life and nothing could ruin that. EPOV I called Bella from the jeweler's to make sure she was on her way. There were so many things I debated over buying her, but that could wait. Right now I needed something special that would remind her of our time here together, something I knew she would cherish. I settled on a pendant of the Eifel tower encrusted with diamonds and sapphires. I thought long and hard about what I wanted the inscription to say. It had to be perfect. No woman has ever made me feel the way she did. No one ever came close. Bella was the only one. I didn't have the strength to fight it any longer. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I showered quickly and called for our dinner to be delivered. I didn't feel like sharing her with anyone tonight. I only wanted us. She walked through the door looking more beautiful than the last time if that was possible. I ran over to relieve her of the bags that were weighing her down. "What did you do, buy out the whole store?" "Practically, but it was so worth it. This day was everything I ever dreamt of. Thank you." she grabbed both sides of my face and kissed me deeply. I dragged my lips form hers and nibbled on her chin. "Mmmm, you taste like peaches.and honey." She giggled. "Thanks to your brilliant spa recommendation this is what my whole body is going to taste like." "Wow... I'll just have to cancel the dessert I ordered. We definitely will not be needing it." I continued my path down her neck.
- 226 -

"God, I am so exhausted." She huffed pulling away from me and flopping down on the bed. "I thought we could maybe stay in tonight and have a quiet dinner. I followed crawling over top of her on the kissing her all over her face. "You thought right." "Just let me get a shower and we can have dinner, curl up and cuddle." "Cuddle? Yeah right." I snorted as I watched her disappear behind the bathroom door. We lay sprawled out across the bed in opposite directions finishing up our meals. "So is Paris everything you though it would be?" I asked placing a strawberry on her tongue. I smiled as she made a smacking noise around my finger. "Are you kidding? Paris has exceeded everything I ever dreamt it would be. You have exceeded everything I ever dreamt you would be." She reached out and ran her fingers through my hair. "How tired are you?" I asked jumping up from the bed. "Umwhat did you have in mind?" "Dance with me?" I grabbed the remote and selected something romantic and instrumental. "What no dirty dancing?" she asked in faux surprise rising off of the bed. "Dirty is not the only way I know how to dance Bella." I encircled her waist. "Although if you want it dirty I can oblige." I switched the music to something faster almost sounding like Salsa music. I bit down on my bottom lip looking her directly in the eyes and began moving my hips in time with the beat. "Okay, enough of that. I get your point. You're great at any kind of dancing." She grabbed the remote and switched back to the romantic tune. "Are you sure because" "Yes, I'm sure."
- 227 -

I wrapped my arms back around her and she leaned her forehead to my chin as we swayed slowly back and forth. I heard her gasp and I immediately backed away from her thinking that I stepped on her tiny foot. "I'm sorry did I hurt you? I asked alarmed. "No. You're wearing it." "Huh?" I asked confused as hell. "My heart pendant you're wearing it." When it dawned on me what she was talking about I became nervous rubbing the back of my neck. "Yeahis that okay? I mean it is feminine, but I wanted to show you how much it meant that you gave it to me." "It's more than okay." She whispered with tears pooling in her eyes. I had Bella's charm put on a black cord so I could always wear it. The idea came to me when I was in Cartier. I was relieved she didn't get all girly over me wearing it, but I felt I needed to have it closer to me. I wrapped my arms tighter around her and nestled my nose in the crook of her neck as we continued to dance. I felt her hands slide underneath the back of my shirt and I let out a shuddering breath. "Tell me you love me." I mumbled into her neck. "What?" she asked pulling my head up to see my face. "Tell me you love me." I whispered "I love you, Edward. So much." I brought our foreheads together and closed my eyes. "Say it again" I said squeezing my eyes tighter trying to stop the tears that were teasing the corners.
- 228 -

"I love you." I opened my eyes and saw the love and sincerity in hers and I knew right away that I couldn't put this off any longer. "There's something I need to tell you." I choked out. "What?" I never felt afraid in my life, but this beautiful tiny creature seemed to have the power to crush my entire being. "I don't want to lose you." "You will never lose me. I gave you my heart, remember? I'm yours." "I didn't know Bella. I didn't know that I would meet you. I never knew I would feel this way.that I could feel this way. It was wrong. I knew it was. I was wrong." I rambled on. "You were wrong about what?" I exhaled roughly and brushed a stray hair from her eyes. "God you are so beautiful. I don't deserve you." "Edward." "There has never been anyone since I met you. I didn't want anyone else." "Was there someone before me?" "Yes." "Um.okay. What happened?" "I told her it was over." "Do you want her back?" My eyes widened when I saw her trembling. She thought I was ending this.
- 229 -

"What? No, Bella. I want you." "Do.did you love her?" "No. Never." "Then it doesn't matter. None of it matters. I don't want to hear anymore." "But, Bella" "No. Do you want her?" she said shaking her head. I could tell she was becoming upset. "I want only you. I can't even think about any other woman." "Then that's the only thing that matters to me." Cupping both sides of her face I stared into her eyes to see if there were any regrets or doubts and I saw none. "Stay here. I want to give you something." I said kissing her nose. I was back to her as quickly as I left with the gift I picked up for her. "I got this for you earlier. I wanted you to have something that would always remind you of Paris.and of us." She looked at the box like it would jump up and bite her hand off if she touched it. "What is it?" she said in a childlike voice. "There's only one way to find out." Taking the box from my hand I waited for her reaction as she opened it. The gasp and the perfect o that formed on her lips confirmed that she was pleased. "Oh.oh my God. Edward. It's perfect." "Are you sure because there are plenty of other things I wanted to get, but I thought you would love this more." "I do love this. It's so beautiful."
- 230 -

"Um...there's an inscription on the back." I said scratching the back of my neck. She glanced at me then back to the pendant and began to read. This is only the beginning brown eyes. "I love you brown eyes." Her head snapped up and the look in her eyes was priceless. "Say it again." She whispered. I swallowed hard and brushed the single tear that had fallen from her eye with the pad of my thumb. My mouth opened and closed several times before I was able to repeat the words. "I love you." I don't remember what happened next, but it ended up with the both of us naked and immersed in one another on the bed. It was so different than before, but the same. I was fucking her hard, but with more passion than ever before. My lips never left hers. I wanted to drown in her taste. Her body was so soft and warm. I couldn't help but to rasp out her name when she used her feet to push on my ass, pulling me in deeper. She was acting so un-Bella like and I was loving it. "Fuck me harder. Please Edward."She begged. I untangled from her pulling my cock out. I was surprised I could get any harder just at the sight of her glistening juices, but apparently it was possible. "Turn over." She complied and I spread her legs wide with my knees. Grabbing her ass firmly I spread her even wider and sank deeply into her. "Oh baby." I threw my head back with a slow groan. She felt so good like this, but I wanted the warmth back. I covered her body with my own and laced her fingers with mine. I started pumping my cock in and out of her, captivated with her ass as my pelvis slammed against it with every thrust. If I kept up like this I would be coming before I had a chance to really feel her. I slowed my rhythm and grinded slow and hard. She clenched the sheets with our hands locked together.
- 231 -

"Unghh, Edward." "You like that baby?" I breathed closely to her ear. "Mmmm you feel so good." I kissed her back and her shoulders making a path up the back of her neck. I dragged my lips around the side of her cheek capturing her lips sucking on the bottom gently. Unlatching one of my hands from hers I trailed it down her side and tucked it under her where she was swollen and dripping wet. My middle finger stroked back and forth with ease. Strokes and thrusts matched up perfectly, especially when she started grinding against my hand. "Oh.Oh.Oh God. Oh, Edward!" She hissed and her body jerked uncontrollably. Her hand reached underneath trying to still mine, but I didn't stop. "Come on. One more time for me baby. Fuck!Let it go." "I.I.can't. Oh God!" She buried her face in the pillow. All I could hear was short sharp muffled shrieks. I rose up on both hands and looked down at my cock sliding in and out. That was enough to launch me into overdrive I pounded into her over and over until I felt my stomach tighten and my orgasm threatening to burst through like a plow truck. "Ahhhhhh!Fuck yes. I'm gonna cum so fucking hard! Oh Bella! Oh baby!" I gave one hard last thrust and collapsed on her damp body emptying my cock satisfyingly inside her. "Shit baby, you feel so good it hurts sometimes." I panted in her ear completely spent. "I know what you mean." She murmured into the pillow. "Are you trying to say that I hurt you?" I asked stroking the side of her thigh. "Yes, but in a good way." She sighed happily. I pulled out of her reluctantly falling on my back and pulling her to rest on my chest. I meant what I said about staying inside of her for a lifetime. If only it were possible. We were silent for the most part, gently caressing and humming in post coital
- 232 -

bliss. Something had dawned on me in the middle of this paradise that I felt the need to address. "Brown eyes?" "Hmm." "Are you on the pill?" Just then we both shot up in the bed at the sound of the door handle click. "Eddie, sweetie are you here?" Tanya!...Fuck my life. Uh Oh! Translations: Je vous aime les yeux bruns= I love you Brown eyes tes-vous prt commander= Are you ready to order. Oui, je voudrais deux ordres de la pte feuillete au fromage doux et deux caf la crme et le sucre, s'il vous plat. Merci."= Yes, I would like two orders of sweet pastry with cheese and two coffees with cream and sugar, please. Thank you. Oui, Monsieur= yes sir "Vous tes la femme la plus sexy que j'ai jamais eu le plaisir de la ptisserie franaise de partage=you're the sexiest woman I've ever had the pleasure of sharing the French pastry Mademoiselle= miss (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but we had to have French speaking in this chapter.) Thanks for reading and I look forward to your reviews.

- 233 -

Chapter 17
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight.( It's a shame really.) A/N: Thanx for all your reviews they were wonderful to see. Thanx to everyone who helped me out with the French(I know I suck at it). I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to respond to reviews last time(my kids can be a handful sometimes, but I wouldn't change it). Look at me blaming the kiddies. Anyway. Mehek, Ashely, UKGirlyGirl always a huge thanx. I want to thank all of the new readers as well as the old. Thanx Brandy you saved me again. Chapter l7 EPOV Shit! Tanya! How the hell did she know that I was here? Better yet how did she get in here? I jumped up frantically looking for my pants. My attention quickly turned to Bella who was staring at me in complete bewilderment. She made no attempt to move, and why should she? Unfortunately she had no clue to what awaited her on the other side of those doors. "Edward?" she blinked innocently at me. "What's going on? Who is that?" I scrubbed my face roughly and sank down on the bed next to her, grasping both of her hands with mine. "Do you trust me?" I could see the hesitation in her eyes when she answered. "Yes, you know I do, but-" "Please just believe me when I say that I never meant for any of this to happen. I love you Bella, no one else." Placing both her hands on the sides of my face she responded. "I believe you."
- 234 -

I turned my head to the left to kiss her palm and to the right to kiss the other. It was crazy for me to think she would understand any of this, but I would do whatever it took to make her believe that it was her that I truly wanted. "Will you stay here?" I promise I will explain everything." She nodded. "I trust you." Looking in her eyes when she said those three words instantly made me want to hurl, but it didn't stop me from kissing her one last time long and deeply. I hurried towards the doors, but not before turning to look at her once more. She was so beautiful all wide eyed and wild hair flowing around her face, while the black satin sheet she was clutching around her bare breasts looked exquisite against her creamy skin. There is no way in hell I'm going to lose her. No way in hell. I exhaled heavily and exited the room making sure to close the doors discreetly behind me. I watched Tanya in a short belted trench coat and extremely high heels as she whirled around the room lighting candles and freshening wine glasses. She was so oblivious to the fact that I was in the room. Minutes ticked by before I decided to make her aware of my presence. "How the fuck did you get in here?" my voice was cryptically low. "Oh shit!" She gasped. "Shit shit shit, Edward! You scared the shit out of me!" She finished with her eyes closed and one hand thrown over her chest. "I got that. How. The. Fuck. Did you get in here?" I kept my tone low, but the irritation was clearly still present. She finally calmed herself enough to respond to the question. "Oh come on. It wasn't that difficult. You are my fianc and we've visited Paris together on numerous occasions.some business.some pleasure." She said the last part with a wink. I narrowed my eyes at her, obviously confused at the statement since we never fucked. "Pleasure Tanya? Are you serious? What we had was for from pleasurable, but that's beside the point." I said shaking my head. "Who let you in here?" She rolled her eyes."The hotel manager of course, he gave me a key." She waved the square shaped plastic in front of my eyes. "Do you really think anyone could say
- 235 -

no to Tanya Denali? I don't even think you could gorgeous." She slinked towards me running her hands up my bare chest. "No." I dragged, gripping her wrists tightly. "We're over Tanya. It was a waste of your stalker skills to come all this way. My mind is made up." I finished, shoving her slightly backwards. "What the hell was that?" she asked referring to the thump that came from the bedroom. Fuck! "Who's here with you?" "Get the hell out of here Tanya." I said through clenched teeth. "Like hell I will! What skank do you have in there?" Her voice no longer soft and her eyes blazed. She stormed passed me too fast for me to stop her and yanked the double doors open. "You! What the fuck are you doing here with my fianc!" BPOV I had no idea what was going on, but this sudden wave of sickness flowed through my entire body. Was this the other woman he was trying to tell me about earlier? He asked me if I'd trusted him and I did, but I was going insane sitting in this room waiting for him to tell me what was actually happening. I could hear the faint sound of arguing, but couldn't make out what it was about. Their voices were low, but obviously angry. Enough of this. I thought and ripped the covers away swinging my feet over the edge of the bed. I began getting dressed, grabbing Edward's shirt from the floor and buttoning it partially. I stumbled on one of the shoes that were scattered on the floor in our haste to place them neatly before we tore at one another's clothes before making love. I was picking myself up of the floor when the doors flew open. I squinted from the light that was coming from the other room and immediately stared in shock at the woman standing in the doorway. "You! What the fuck are you doing here with my fianc!"
- 236 -

Fianc? Fianc! My eyes darted back and forth between the both of them. I was speechless to say the least and unable to form a coherent word. "You're the girl I saw earlier in Monique's.wait a minute you said you were shopping for your boyfriend!" Her head whipped around in Edward's direction, but he didn't acknowledge her. His eyes stayed glued on mine. "Tanya, get out of here now!" he ordered never looking away from me. TanyaTanya Denali. I thought as I remembered the credit card she left in the boutique. Everything came flooding back in that moment. Crotchless panties.I have a lion to tame. My hand shot up to my mouth while I looked at Edward wide eyed shaking my head back and forth. "Bella." He stepped closer to me. "Fianc." I whispered to myself, but still looking at him. "You're goddamn right fianc! We're getting married in a month!" My eyes swung to hers. "A month." I repeated with another whisper. "Shut up Tanya! Edward yelled. "You need to leave now!" "Oh, I'm not going any fucking where! If there is anyone one leaving you can sure as hell bet it won't be me." She concluded with a flop on the very bed we just had sex on. I stood there looking at the floor trying to process what the hell just happened. Tanya and Edward continued to argue back and forth about who was leaving. It sounded like I was going through a tunnel and my vision felt the same. My heart rate was beginning to accelerate and I was starting to hyperventilate. I was going to be sick.throw up was more like it. "Oh my God.I'm going to be sick." I mumbled through my hand. I dashed past them and into the bathroom slamming the door behind me. Luckily I'd just made it to the toilet. I emptied all of the contents from my stomach in one huge retch. I felt a bit feverish, but better after a few minutes. Edward was banging on the door, begging me to let him in.
- 237 -

"Bella, baby are you ok?" I flushed the toilet and slowly rose to my feet. Grabbing the hand towel from the rack I ran some warm water on it and dabbed my face. I cupped my hands together and filled them in attempts to rinse my mouth. "Bella? Please, I'm getting freaked out. Please say something." I reached behind me turning the doorknob. He briskly stepped in shutting the door. I'm sure to keep things private from Tanya. "Baby, are you alright?" He cupped my face and bent he's knees so he could look directly in my eyes. "Is it true Edward?" The tears had already started to fall because I knew the answer. I wanted him to say I was wrong. I wanted him to say she was lying, but the look in his eyes confirmed everything. "I love you Bella." He croaked out. "That's not what I asked." I placed my hands over his hands that were still cradling my face. "Tell me it's a lie and I swear I'll get her out of here myself. Just tell me." I pleaded. One of his thumbs brushed away a tear that was trickling down my cheekbone. "I'm sorry.I'm so sorry Bella." "No!" I shook my head violently. "It's .true." his voice broke. "No!" I screamed. "It can't be true. You love me! You said it! You finally said it!" I gestured placing my hand on my chest roughly. "I do baby.I do love you! You're the only one I've ever loved." "But you're engaged!" "Bella please listen to me." His voice was so desperate, but I couldn't listen to anything he had to say.
- 238 -

"No! No, no, no, no! I can't breathe. I gotta get out of here." I pushed him in the chest and ripped the bathroom door open only to be met with her glaring at me still sitting on the bed filing her nails. "You need to leave. Me and my fianc have things to discuss." I reached for my jeans and slipped them on without a moment's hesitation not bothering to put on my shoes. I simply tucked them and my purse under my arm and proceeded to leave. I stopped at the door to address her one final time. "He's all yours." And with that I slammed the door. I could hear Edward yelling my name through the door, but I didn't wait. I kept walking at a hurried pace to the elevator. He finally caught up with me, begging me to listen. "Bella, please don't go. I want to explain things." I turned to face him with tears flowing freely now. "I think you need to explain to your fiance about why you just fucked another woman, and since you obviously have no ties to me you owe me nothing." I concluded turning my back. "Don't follow me." I continued down the hall to the elevator. He didn't follow. After riding around in a cab for nearly two hours the driver finally articulated to me that he was going off duty in the next ten minutes and that I needed to pick a destination. I had him drop me off at the worst place possible. I was standing right outside of theParc du Champ de Mars. The temperature had dropped considerably and I was freezing. I was still in Edward's shirt and I instantly regretted it. As hard as I tried I couldn't resist pulling the collar to my nose and inhaling the scent of him. I wrapped my arms around myself imagining it was him and never wanting to let go. Looking up my eyes embraced the monumental statue that towered at an amazing height above me. It was a complete work of art and the most beautiful thing I had come to lay eyes on. I quickly unhooked my mini replica from around my neck and stared at it through blurry eyes. The stones sparkled from the way the lights from the park beamed off of them. I turned it over to read silently the engraved inscription again. This is only the beginning Brown Eyes. "Damn you Edward." I balled my fist with the pendant nestled in the palm of my hand as a fresh batch of tears started spilling over. I sunk down on the grass sobbing uncontrollably. I was broken.
- 239 -

I don't know how long I was there. It felt like forever, but I'm sure it wasn't that long. A really nice French man seemed concerned about the state I was in. I could barely understand him, but he had kind eyes and he looked like he felt sorry for me. I must have looked pathetic. After convincing him that I wasn't hurt and that I was American and didn't speak French he hailed another cab for me and I thanked him for his kindness. Eventually I got up enough nerve to return back to the hotel. I needed to pack my things. The concierge helped me to secure a flight first thing in the morning. It cost all the money I had left and that was fine with me. Under no circumstance was I staying in Paris another day. Stepping off of the elevator the hallway to the suite we shared seemed a thousand miles away. I inhaled and exhaled sharply making my way to the door. Before I had the chance to see if I'd even remember to take a key the door swung open. Edward was standing there with wild eyes and even wider hair. He looked like he aged in the last couple of hours. "Oh thank God! I was going so crazy!" He grabbed me in a huge hug. My arms stayed limp at my sides. I couldn't return his affection no matter how badly my body screamed for me to do so. "You're freezing. Where were you? You didn't answer any of my calls." "I didn't have my phone." I replied dryly and pushed away from him stepping in the room. I walked over to the armoire and began yanking my clothing from it. "What are you doing?" he asked confused. I didn't answer. Instead I reached for my suitcase and tossed it on the bed, unzipped it and piled my things inside. "Bella?" I continued to ignore him, stalking to the bathroom and grabbing my toiletries. He was behind me in a flash. "Wait.you can't leave." He said in a voice full of panic.
- 240 -

"Who's going to stop me?" I resumed snatching items from the vanity. "Me goddamn it! Will you stop that for a second?" he spun me around to face him. "We need to talk about this." "I have nothing to say to you about anything. You're a liar, a manipulator and a borderline bigot." So much for nothing to say. "I want nothing to do with you." "Okay.I deserved that, but at least give me the chance to explain everything to you. Please, Bella." "Let go of me Edward, I'm getting out of here first thing in the morning and if you're smart you'll stay out of my way." "I'm not letting you leave me Isabella Swan...not now.not ever. I love you and I can fix this, just give me a chance. Please! You don't have to say anything, just listen." "Where's Tanya?" I said sarcastically, quickly changing the subject. "She's gone. Forget her." I threw my head back laughing maniacally. "I don't think I can ever forget her with her damn crotchless panties that were meant for you! You were fucking the both of us!" "What! No! Bella no! That's not how it was at all. Baby I never touched any other woman since I found you.not even her." I wrenched away from him and blinked at him a few times before speaking again. "Oh please, Edward. She's your fiance. Are you going to continue lying to me about this?" He lowered his head running his hand through it halfway and gripping the vibrant copper strands. "No I'm not going to lie to you anymore. I hated keeping this from you, but you're wrong. I haven't touched or even seen Tanya since you and I started being intimate." I looked at him like he was crazy. "Intimate?...We fucked! Don't try to become all
- 241 -

gentlemanly now. Call it like it is." I said poking him in the chest with my index finger."And I guess you're right since we didn't start fucking until we were both in Florida. I doubt you've had time to fuck us both." "Will you just listen to me please?" "I don't want to listen to you. I don't want to be here in this room with you another second! I'm not staying here tonight and tomorrow I will be on my way back to Florida." His eyes widened in horror. "What! What do you mean you're not staying here tonight? Where will you go? Bella don't do this.please I'm sorry.I can fix this.please!" he grasped my face with his large hands. I shook out of his grasp and pushed passed him continuing to gather all of my belongings. "We are not some broken toy or car that can be fixed Edward. You destroyed us. You destroyed everything! All I want to do is get out of here, far away from this." I waved my hand around the room. "Far away from you." "Okay, okay, will you just stop packing? I'll leave." I stopped and looked up at him. "Don't be ridiculous. This is your room." "Then I'll get you your own room, just let me call downstairs." He fished his phone out of his pocket and dialed. "No! I don't want you paying for me." I spat snatching his phone. "I don't need nor do I want your money." "Bella, I'm not letting you leave without anywhere to stay. I will wrestle you to this very floor if you try." Anger didn't even cover what I was feeling for him at this moment, but I knew he would keep true to his word if I didn't comply with either one of his offers so I did. "Fine.you can get me another room because I'll be damned if I stay in this one." He simply nodded.
- 242 -

The look on his face was one of hurt and dejection. Strangely I felt horrible because a part of me knew he was indeed sorry. I finished packing up everything I had and realized I had more than I initially thought. I had bought a few souvenirs and other items to take home with me. Now with more bags than I could handle on my own I called down to the lobby to have a bellman assist with the move to another room. I didn't take long before he was knocking on the door. I rushed to let him. "Bonsoir mademoiselle, I have the key to your new room. Are you all set?" "Yes, pretty much. Just give me a minute." Edward watched as I cleared the room of everything that belonged to me, but there was one thing I had forgotten about. "Here" I walked over to him with my hand stretched out. When it dawned on him what I was handing him his temper started to emerge. "I don't want that." He said holding his palms up in front of him. "I had it made for you and I meant what I said in that inscription. I'm not taking it back." I looked at the pendant one last time and tossed it. I didn't stay long enough to see where it landed. It was done.we were done. Back in Florida Three days, four hours, seventeen minutes, twelve seconds and counting. This was how long it's been since I left Paris and Edward. Frankly I was surprised he'd respected my wishes to stay away, but he kept calling me relentlessly and leaving messages about not giving up on us. And yes I was keeping track like an idiot. I stared out of the window forgetting all about the fact that I was actually at work until Jessica snapped her fingers in front of my eyes. "If you came here to daydream maybe you should have stayed home." She stated with a scowl. "I think maybe you're right." I replied with a huff. I walked away from the counter with Jessica staring at me like she wanted to say Bitch you have some nerve.
- 243 -

With a swipe of my time card I left Starbuck's without a second thought. It was my last day of work anyhow. School was starting up in another week and I was leaving Florida in the next couple of days. I wanted the rest of the time to spend with Charlie before I left. I hadn't told him anything about what happened in Paris.well not about breaking up with Edward and him being engaged. All I told him were a bunch of lies. I didn't feel like being babied and looked at pathetically. I decided not to call Angela either although I really needed a shoulder to cry on. No doubt in the state she was in she would have jumped back on the plane and ripped his dick off with her bare hands. The thought made me smile a little, albeit short lived. It was probably the only time I wasn't crying, except for when I agreed to see Jake before I left town. Jake was a good friend.the best, but I knew he wanted more; although he never said anything. He allowed me to go on and on about Edward one day when we decided to take the dogs to the beach and just chill. "He's an asshole Bella. I know I sound like I hate the guy and believe me I do. I hate him for hurting you like that. You deserve better." He said looking far out into the ocean. "He was better." I said in a voice so low that I didn't think he would hear. I knew he was getting angry. The way his veins were straining in his forearm was a dead giveaway. "How can you defend him? Are you so far gone that you can't tell right from wrong anymore?" The agitation in his voice along with his words were hitting close to home. a little to close for my liking. "I don't want to talk about this anymore." I said rising up from the sand. He jumped up and reaches out to grab my arm keeping me close. "Bella I'm not trying to upset you. I'm only trying to make you see that you could have so much more." I saw him swallow hard. "I'm trying to make you see what's right in front of you." He reached up to stroke my cheek gently. My face instantly flamed. "Jake I-" Before I knew what was happening his lips were on mine kissing passionately. He was putting everything into that kiss, but all I
- 244 -

could do was think of how wrong this was. He let out a low moan that vibrated against my lips and his hands threaded into my hair. No, no, no. This is so wrong. I whimpered when his enormous hand molded the back of my head securing my lips tightly to his. He must've mistaken that as me wanting him to deepen the kiss. "Bella." He murmured with our lips somewhat still attached. I pushed lightly on his muscular chest and he released my lips reluctantly. "I think it's getting time for me to go." "Bella.you don't have to run away.I won't hurt you." "I know that!" I snapped. "It's just getting late and I promised my dad we would have dinner together tonight." "Okay. I'll drive you home." "That's okay. I can walk." "I know you can, but you're not and don't bother arguing." I convinced jake to drop me off at the park across from Starbuck's. My truck was already there so he didn't protest too much. "Listen.Bella about the kiss-"He started as he walked me to my truck. "Forget it. It's fine. It was no big deal." He looked a little hurt at my admission and elaborated further. "I will never forget it." "It was wrong Jake. It shouldn't have happened." "How could something wrong feel perfect like that? I know you felt it too, Bella." "Jake I'm leaving for Chicago the day after tomorrow."
- 245 -

"Are you telling me that is the only thing stopping this?" He brushed the pad of his thumb across my lips. "God I want to kiss you again." He said with his eyes lowered to my lips. "Take your hands off of her or I'll break your neck!" Epov I hadn't talked to Bella in days since she left me in Paris. She refused to return any of my calls and I tried to give her some space, but I was going stir crazy without her. She's delusional if she thinks I'm just going to scamper away with my tail between my legs. She doesn't know who she's dealing with. Deciding I had enough of her blatant attempts to ignore me, I hopped in my car and headed over to the Starbuck's where she worked. I wasn't sure if she was at work or not, but at this time of day the odds were that she was there. I could appreciate the fact that she was angry and she despised me right now, but she hadn't heard me out and I knew once I explained everything to her we would began to fix what I had broken. Bella was the first woman I had ever loved. I couldn't believe she had me this open. I vowed that if she forgave me that I would spend the rest of my life being honest and loving her the way she deserved. I just had to get her to listen to me. When I pulled up to the park I saw that guy with his hands all over her. They were so engrossed in one another that they never heard me approaching them. Why is she letting him touch her like that! She's mine! "Take your hands off of her or I'll break your neck!" Bella gasped and jumped away from him like she had just been electrocuted. "Edward!" What are you doing-" "Touch her again and things are gonna get rough." I shoved him in the chest away from Bella. He stumbled a little, but regained his footing. "Touch me again and rough will be the least of your problems pretty boy." He stepped forward again; this time in my direction. I glared at him letting him know that I would choke him half to death if he took
- 246 -

one more step. "Edward, have you lost your mind! You can't go around shov-" "We need to talk." I turned my attention towards Bella stopping her in mid sentence. "I told you Edward, we have nothing left to say." "Yeah I heard you loud and clear in Paris and now I'm taking matters into my own hands." I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her with me towards the park across the street. "Hey! Stop man handling her like she's one of your play toys!" I spun around and stepped right up into his face. "Look I'm only going to tell you this once so let's see how well you pay attention. Bella is mine and it would be in your best interest to stay out of what doesn't concern you." I breathed harshly. "And if I don't." he asked with flaring nostrils. One side of my mouth quirked up. "Don't fucking push me." I sneered. "Bella? If you don't want to talk to this guy just say the word." He disregarded me, but never looked away. "Fuck this." I lunged for his throat, but Bella screamed my name grabbed me with all the strength her tiny body could muster. "Edward, don't! You're right we do need to talk. Jake its okay." "Are you sure Bella?" "Yes, I'm sure. Just give me a moment." She grabbed me by the arm and led me over to the park. I continued scowling over my shoulder at him while we walked. "Oh my God! I can't believe you. You are the biggest bully I have ever met. Who do you think you are spying on me and harassing my friends! Edward Cullen you need
- 247 -

therapy. I have nev-" I gripped her face and smashed my lips to hers to stop her insane ranting. Shit I've missed these lips so fucking much! She shoved me backwards roughly making her hair whip around her red tinged cheeks. Beautiful! "You're crazy!" She panted heavily. "I'm crazy about you." "You have three minutes, Edward." She ignored my reply, but I knew she heard me. "I love you." I started "And counting." She replied ignoring me again. "Bella, come on! Three minutes! That's not nearly enough time. I need a lifetime." "You should've thought about that before you lied. Contrary to what you might believe Edward I would've never given you the time of day had you told me about Tanya from the beginning." "Then I'm glad I didn't tell you." "And that concludes this conversation." She turned to walk away. I reached out in a flash to stop her. "Get over yourself Bella. You wanted me just as much as I wanted you. This thing between you and I was destined to happen.Tanya or no Tanya." "My God! You know you have some ego Edward Cullen! You said you needed to talk to me and all you've done is made me feel worse for even giving you a chance in the first place. I'm done! "Wait! Fuck! Bella I know I fucked up. Seeing you here with him just.ahhhh!" I yelled gripping roughly on my hair. "I can't take seeing you with anyone other than me! I can't concentrate with him over there watching like a hawk." She looked at me shaking her head back and forth. "He's a friend, not that I owe
- 248 -

you any explanation. Unlike me, I wasn't a friend, I was a mistress." I sighed. "You were never that to me." I mumbled to myself. "Edward I have to leave and besides your three minutes expired a long time ago." "Okay, listen just meet me at my place later tonight so we can talk in private.please?" "I'll think about it." She answered hesitantly. "Bella, please?" "I don't know, Edward.I don't trust you." "I promise all I want to do is explain things to you. Please give me the chance, brown eyes." I reached out tucking a wisp of hair behind her ear. Something in her eyes changed and they began to soften. She bit the corner of her bottom lip and I knew that was all it took. Everything would be back to the way it was..tonight. Just then he took the opportunity to interrupt, but that didn't matter. Bella was going to come over so we could work things out. I knew it. "Bella is everything alright?" We were both staring into each other's eyes, completely lost in one another until she broke contact first. "I'm fine." She replied in a hoarse voice. She cleared her throat once and pulled away from me. "I'll call you later." She said looking at me. I nodded and leaned down to leave a lingering kiss on her forehead while staring directly at him. "Remember what I said." I addressed him in a calm voice. "You are paranoid.I wonder why?" he said with a sly smile. "I'm not concerned with you, She knows I'm the only one who can give her what she needs.in and out of bed. You can bet your infant sized T shirt on that."
- 249 -

I winked at Bella who was gaping like a codfish, then slipped on my sunglasses and hopped in my car, then tore off down the street. She was mine. JPOV What a fucking asshole! "How in the hell can you be with someone like that! The way he treats you like a piece of real estate is disrespectful. I should've smashed his face in!" "Being cocky is Edward's defense mechanism. When he feels scared or cornered his mood changes." She commented nonchalantly. "And your still defending and making excuses for him." I snapped. I helped her up into her truck and stared at her leaning inside the window with my arms crossed on the frame. "Are you going to see him tonight?" "I'm not sure. Things are complicated and a little volatile right now." "Do you think-" "He won't hurt me.not physically anyway." She interjected. "I'll be fine." "Will you call me if you're not.fine?" "Of course I will." I stepped back away from her truck and watched until she disappeared. I wanted her to be mine. There was no doubt about it anymore. I was in love with her and I wanted her to love me too, but I wouldn't force it like he did. I would wait until she could see that I was better for her. I didn't care how long it took. In time she would realize I was better for her. EPOV I sprinted in the beach house and started rummaging through the fridge for something quick and easy to cook for dinner. ham and cheese. Bella loves this.
- 250 -

I began slicing up the loaf of Focaccia for the sandwiches along with mango, pineapple and kiwi that I placed on a saucer and sat it in the fridge. My eyes darted back and forth between the bottle of wine I had in my hand and the champagne bucket. I decided to take the wine upstairs to chill, because that is where I planned on ending up with Bella tonight. It's been three days for fucks sake. After checking my watch I realized it was getting late so I went upstairs to shower and change. Jeans and a plain white T shirt. Simple. I emerged from the shower, got dressed and poured myself a glass of brandy. I checked my watch. 7:30. I sank down on the bed and looked at the pendant I gave Bella that was on my nightstand. I remembered how incredibly sexy she looked wearing it with nothing else on. The diamonds and sapphires glittered and sparkled next to her skin. I smiled reaching for it as I held it up in the air watching it swing back and forth. Swallowing the remaining contents in the glass I thought about Bella some more. I reclined back on the pillows, but not before refilling my glass with more brandy. I checked my watch. 7:40. Bella. She would be here soon and we would make love in this very spot that I was lying in. I couldn't stop the smile that spread across my face. She would never leave me again. 9:28. Fuck! I must've fallen asleep. I looked around the room and realized she wasn't here. Shit, where was she? I rose from the bed and walked out on the balcony and poured another glass. This time the choice was vodka. I downed it with one swallow and winced at the burning sensation it left on my throat. 9:40 Another drink. 9:50
- 251 -

One more. A second and a third. l0:20 I was officially smashed and getting worse by the minute waiting for Bella to show up. She would come.she had to. She knew that I loved her. I would explain all of this mess to her and she would forgive me. She was wrong to say that I wanted her to be my mistress. She was so much more than that. Why couldn't she see that? I wanted her and only her. She was everything. My brown eyes. I thought.I needed her like I needed air to breathe. I would show her. I would convince her, all she had to do was show up. There would be no words. She would be in my arms the minute she walked through that door and in my bed screaming my name seconds after. I would bury my cock so deep inside of her she would forget all about what happened with Tanya and that Jake character. I would make her come so hard over and over that she would never want to leave. I tossed back the rest of the vodka and reveled in the warmth throughout my chest. Warm. Warm like Bella's tongue as it mingled and slid against mine. Warm like her hands when she grabs on to my ass while I thrust in and out of her. Warm like the walls that squeezes like a vice as it milks me over and over. I stood out on the balcony and stared at my watch then back at the empty glass. Fucking shot glasses. I dropped the glass over the railing and watched as the water splashed up from the pool when it hit. Where's the damn bottle? Stumbling slightly I reentered the bedroom and grabbed the bottle turning it up to my mouth and chugging on it unmercifully. There was a slam of the living room door and I whirled around falling over the edge of the bed from my inebriated state. I was drunk, but I didn't give a fuck. Bella was here. She came. I smiled to myself. "Bellaa? Baby?" I called out. My words sounding a bit slurred. I righted my footing and reached for the doorknob to greet her as I heard footsteps approaching.
- 252 -

"Brown eyes?" I swung open the door and my face, mood and dick instantly fell limp. "Sorry Edward, but my eyes are blue." "James isn't here Victoria." "I knew that once I noticed his car wasn't in the driveway." "Then why the fuck did you come in?" I said heading back to the balcony grabbing the bottle once again. "Your door was left wide open moron. I wanted to be sure you weren't robbed and murdered." "Now you see I'm not, so leave." "You're drunk." "And you're a goddamn genius." I said taking a huge swig. "Ahhhh." I growled and looked at my watch again. l0:45. "Let me guess, you're waiting for brown eyes?" She said humorously. I didn't answer. I continued drinking and checking my watch diligently. l0:48.Fuck! "Well it looks to me like your little ragdoll isn't going to show up." "Don't you fucking talk about her! I jerked around and glared at her. "Hey don't bite my head off." She said holding her hands up in front of her. "Maybe I could make a little of your pain disappear." "Get the fuck out of here Victoria!" "Aww come on Eddie, we used to be good together.damn good." She stalked slowly in my direction with her hips swaying. "Are you insane or just a whore? You're fucking my brother. This is sickeven for
- 253 -

you Vic." I shook my head at her in disgust. "Don't get me wrong Eddie, your brother is epic in bed, but he doesn't pump his cock in and out the way you do. There is no bullshit when you fuck. You just.fuck." she concluded palming my denim covered cock and stroking it gently. "I'm not fucking you with a ten foot dick Victoria." I swiped her hand away roughly. "Now get out of here or I'll throw you out." She continued massaging me through my jeans. "Who said anything about fucking?" she retorted in a sickening sweet tone. She sunk to the floor and made quick work of my button and zipper. I didn't bother putting on boxers assuming I wouldn't be in clothing for any period of time once Bella arrived. She yanked my jeans down roughly and when my cock sprang forward she gripped it in her hand and engulfed it in her mouth, sucking and bobbing furiously. "Sssss. Shit!" I winced at her abrasiveness. "Mmmm." She hummed around my erection and I grabbed her hair roughly with the hand that wasn't still clenching the wine bottle. I was hurt and angry that Bella hadn't showed up. I wanted to be with her. I wanted Bella, not this. "Stop." I ordered through clenched teeth. "Mmmmm." She hummed once more. "Stop!" I yelled and shoved her by her shoulders sending her falling back on her ass. "You're a no good fucking whore and you aren't worth the come I would have spilled down your throat, now Get. The. Fuck. Out.before I have you arrested for trespassing as well as breaking and entering." "You're an idiot Edward! And you're wasting your time on that girl. I know your parents wouldn't approve of this relationship. They would ruin her and disown you if they found out, not to mention what Tanya would do."
- 254 -

"And who's going to tell them...you?" I said while pulling up my pants and backing her into the corner. She bumped her head in the process of trying to distance herself away from me. "Don't you ever threaten me, Victoria or else that piece of shit you and your family calls a company will be nothing but rubbles by tomorrow morning. Now leave!" She flinched at my last words and scurried down the staircase like a frightened little mouse. I tucked my semi-hard dick back in my jeans and felt sick from what almost transpired. "Fuck!" I yelled hurling the wine bottle and watching it shatter to pieces as streams of red trickled down the wall. I fell back against the door and slid down with my head hung between my knees. "Bellaaaaaa!" I sobbed loudly pulling violently at my hair so hard it hurt. Oddly I felt nothing.nothing except emptiness. My hand reached up to my neck and yanked on the black cord until it popped off my neck. The moonlight streaming through the door reflected off of the heart pendant. I crushed it in my palm and silently promised never to let it go. "I love you, brown eyes. Always only you." Tears continued leaking down my face. For the first time in my life my heart had been broken. Poor Baby.Ok now do your thing guys. See you soon

- 255 -

Chapter 18
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight. A/N: Short and sweet. Thanx to all of you that help me keep this story going and for giving me the inspiration to write more. I didn't have time to answer each review but they were all read and cherished. You guys were asking for a fast update and I wanted to oblige. Thanx to Brandy and UKGirlyGirl for sorting through this so promptly even though I know you guys have huge RL things to accomplish. EPOV "No." No fucking way!" It couldn't be over. It couldn't end like this. We were just starting. I reached in my pocket for my phone. I needed to hear her voice. I needed to tell her that it was all an arrangement and that Tanya meant nothing to me. (Phone ringing) Please answer, brown eyes. "Bella?" Edward, I don't want you ever calling me again! 'Brown eyes pl-" Don't call me that! Don't you ever fucking call me that! "I need you! I get it okay, I know I was wrong! I need you so much." To me the only thing you looked like you needed was that bitch's mouth wrapped around your dick! You make me sick! (Dial tone) Fuck.fuck! She was here!
- 256 -

"Fuck!" Oh god! What the fuck am I gonna do now? BPOV That son of a bitch! "Son of a bitch!" I screamed and fell face first into my pillow and bawled. I can't believe I was so stupid! To think I that I actually gave him the chance to wreck me again! How could he do that to me? Did he intentionally want to hurt me again? Flashback I sat in my truck completely confused as to whether I should do this or not. Obviously I wasn't that confused since I was sitting in front of his beach house willing to give him the chance to explain. I loved him. I loved him so much it hurt. I took in a deep breath and climbed out of my truck and walked up to the door. I knocked on the door once before it became slightly ajar. Pushing it open wider I cautiously peeked around the frame. "Edward?" I didn't get an answer. I entered and called out for him again. "Edward? Are you here?" Still no answer. Maybe he's in the shower. I started up the steps slowly then swiftly ran up the remaining ones. I could hear faint moans followed by Edward's voice. "Stop!" As I peered around the top of the staircase I could see him. His pants were down and she was on the floor in front of him. My eyes went wide with shock. He knew I was coming! He wanted me to see this!
- 257 -

Clamping my hand over my mouth I ran back down the stairs. I could hear him shouting, but couldn't make out what he was saying. I didn't want to know. I wanted to forget I ever met Edward Cullen. I kept running until I was out of that house and on my way to wherever he wasn't. End of Flashback After cursing Edward and imagining sticking a thousand pins into a little doll with spiky copper colored hair I realized that Edward and I were never meant to be. I thought back to all of the times we spent together and all of our impromptu run-ins. Every time we were together things were always difficult and on edge. It never flowed smoothly. Most of our time was either spent fighting or having sex. But you love him and it wasn't all bad. I shook my head and gripped my hair hard trying to shut off my stupid brain, but it didn't do any good. You loved the way he kissed you. When he was being playful you could feel his lopsided grin against your lips while he teased you. And when he was serious that kiss would weaken every part of you .He loved you. You know he did. "Shut up, shut up, shut up! He didn't even want to kiss me!" I felt like I was going insane. "Goddamn you Edward Cullen!" "Whoa. Edward's in the dog house huh?" I sat up and shook my head. "We just had a disagreement." I lied and quickly wiped my tearstained face before Charlie could notice. "You want me to shoot him?" "Will you get away with it?" I retorted promptly. "Probably not. You want to have some dinner before I go in? I have a couple of hours." "Will you promise not to talk about Edward?"
- 258 -

"Scout's honor." He said holding up three fingers. "Dad." I whined. 'Okay fine." He dragged dropping a finger. I rolled my eyes and hopped off the bed. "So what's for dinner?" "Jesus kid. When was the last time you ate?" I stopped in mid chew and blinked at him in confusion. "Why?" I asked with my mouth full. "I just never have seen you scarf down food like that; let alone red meat. I had gotten you one of those grass or weed burgers you like so much." "Garden burger, dad." I mumbled and continued stuffing my face. "Besides I like cheeseburgers and other foods too?" "Since when?" He cocked an eyebrow. Since Edward started cooking all those yummy meals for you. "Shut up." I mumbled to myself. His other eyebrow raised in curiosity. "Not you dad. I was.forget it." "Are you okay? Are you sure there isn't anything you want to talk about?" he asked taking a sip of his soda. "I'm good." I grabbed for my chocolate milkshake and took a sip as well. "Well if you change your mind." "I let you know." I finished. There was a moment of dead air before he picked back up with the conversation. "So, last year of school huh? Are you excited about graduating?"
- 259 -

"Yes, finally." "You gonna open your very own animal clinic ?" "If only it were that simple dad." His mood changed from playful to serious in a blink of an eye. "Bella, I don't have much money, but everything I have is for you. It's what your mother and I both wanted. We wanted you to fulfill every dream you've ever had. I know once you graduate that it's only the beginning. I know you have to go vet school and it's expensive-" "Dad-" "Listen, all I'm saying is I don't want you to worry about money or tuition. I'm going to make sure your mother's wishes are lived out.along with yours. Do you understand?" I nodded. "I hope I can make you both proud." "You had that covered the day you were born kid." He ruffled the top of my head. "I have to get ready to go. Make sure you lock up and bring the killer in. There's supposed to be terrible storms coming in." "Sadie's not a killer." I said in mock anger. "I was being sarcastic." He whispered. "Maybe you should call that boyfriend of yours over to keep you company in this storm. I would rather you not be alone." "You promised." "Okay fine. I'll check in on you from time to time." He yelled before heading out the door. "Well Sadie it looks like it's just you and me tonight." She looked at me with her head cocked to one side like I was nuts. I am nuts Sadie.
- 260 -

"Completely and utterly nuts." EPOV (Buzz) (Buzz) "Mmmmmm." I groaned (Buzz) (Buzz) "Mmmmm. Fuck off!" I yelled and smothered the pillow over my head. (Buzz) (Buzz) Whoever the fuck was ringing this phone was not going to give up. Maybe it's her. I shot up in the bed and lunged for my phone knocking the bed lamp off of the night stand in the process. "Brown eyes?" I answered in a hurry. Edward Masen Cullen! Oh fuck. "Mom." I flopped back down on the bed and groaned into the pillow. Don't you mom me. I just spoke to Tanya and I cannot believe what she just told me. "Fuck.not now mom." You watch your language! Is it true what Tanya told me? "Oh I'm sure there were some exaggerations thrown in, but if you're talking about me calling off the wedding then that part is true."
- 261 -

Have you lost your mind Edward! Tanya also told me something about you being in Paris with another woman. Is this also true? I wasn't about to get into this conversation with her over the phone and besides I had a hangover and needed a shower. This argument would have to wait until I got back to Chicago. "Look mom, I don't know what Tanya told you, but I will discuss it further with you when I get home in a few days. Bye." Don't you dare dismiss me Edward Cullen. "I'll call you later mom." I ended the call with a groan. "My head." I opened one eye and noticed it was getting dark outside. Where the hell had morning gone? I dragged myself out of bed and noticed how my limbs and back were aching. My head was pounding as I made it to the bathroom. Once I was done relieving myself I turned on the shower. Steam quickly filled the room and I wasted no time climbing under the spray. I stood under the hot water minutes before I started to wash away part of my hangover. In no time I was feeling fifty percent better, but my heart was still crushed. Bella. I thought. I climbed out of the shower and went to the mirror to shave. With a towel I cleared the steam off of the mirror and zeroed in on the huge shiner I was sporting. What the fuck! When did this happen? My hand went up to my eye and memories came flooding back. Flashback "Open this fucking door! Bella!" "Bella!" I'm not fucking leaving until you come out and talk to me!" I banged on the door until he finally snatched it open. "I knew you were fucking mental. Stop banging on my fucking door or I'll kick the shit out of you!"
- 262 -

"Where's Bella?" I ignored his obvious lunacy. "What! Get the hell outta here now! It's your last warning." He said through gritted teeth. "Bella!" I continued yelling pushing past him into his house. "Take one more step and I'll beat you senseless." He breathed harshly grabbing me around the collar. "Get the fuck off of me!" I yelled slamming him up against the wall. "You're fucking her aren't you!" "What if I am?" he said smirking at me. My eyes went wide and I completely snapped. "I'll fucking kill you!" I roared tearing him away from the wall throwing him through the glass table in the middle of the floor. He jumped up as if that didn't have any effect on him and lunged for my midsection knocking me off my feet. "You don't deserve her!" He sat on top of me pinning my shoulders down and swung at my face. His fist connected and something inside me became unglued. I reached up grabbing him by the throat and squeezed until his fist stop flying. I swung with my other fist catching him in the jaw. He fell over on to his back and I scrambled to my feet and kicked him in the midsection once, twice three times. He coughed over and over gasping for air. I stumbled over to the door and paused before stepping out. "Stay away from her." I rasped out of breath. End of flashback "Shit." BPOV I was stretched out on the sofa watching the Notebook before I was in complete
- 263 -

darkness. There was a crack of lightening then everything in the house went black. "Great!" I got up from the sofa and felt my way around until I reached the kitchen. Charlie had stashed flashlights in every room in the house for these emergencies. I kept feeling around until I found the right draw that had the flashlight inside. Once I turned it on I realized I felt hungry for ice cream. Reaching in the freezer I shined the light inside to get the Edy's cookie dough and bounced back on the couch. "This sucks." I wasn't referring to the ice cream, but to the storm that was crippling the entire town. (Knock, knock, knock) Who the hell in their right mind is out in this weather? (Knock, knock, knock) "I'm coming! Sheesh." I approached the door and grabbed the baseball bat Charlie left there for such occasions like these. I tried looking through the peek hole, but couldn't see. "Who is it?" "It's me." I ripped open the door ready to attack.verbally of course. "I told you to leave me alone. Why are you- What happened to your face?" "It was a business arrangement." He said standing in the doorway drenched from head to toe. His hair was completely flattened to his head from the rain and he was shivering uncontrollably. "What was a business arrangement? What happened to your eye, Edward?" "We were supposed to get married to secure our parents companies. I never thought anyone would ever want me for me so I agreed." He looked past me with a
- 264 -

faraway look in his eyes. "She was just like me, so it seemed like the right thing to do. She was the only one who understood the way I was.the way I am." I watched in silence as the rain dripped from the tip of his perfect nose and chin. His eyelashes were spiky with moisture. Even like this he was still so gorgeous. "I never thought I would feel this way about anyone. I was content. I made peace with the idea of being married to her for the rest of my life." "Then what happened? Why did you become discontent?" I asked in a low irritated tone. His eyes finally focused on mine when he spoke again. " Bella.you happened." "You were this skittish, scrawny little girl who stole my phone one day and the next.." He paused shaking his head. "You stole my heart." "Edward." I exhaled sharply. "I don't want to hear this." "I don't know how you did it, but you did. That night you told me you wouldn't let anyone chase you away from me was the night I knew it. I knew that I loved you and I promised myself I would fight for us the way you did that night. Do you remember that?" "Why are you doing this?" "Because I don't know what else to do." Achoo! I knew I would end up regretting what I was about to do next. "You're gonna catch pneumonia. Come on." "I'm fine. I just need you to listen to me." "You're soaked and it's freezing out here, not to mention we're about to be swallowed up by flooding waters and I'm freezing too so either come in or fight your way back home." He followed in behind me and I abruptly stopped.
- 265 -

"Wait. Take off your shoes. You might slip and fall." He took off his shoes and followed me to the stairs. "Can I sit?" "No. You're soaked and Charlie would lose it if you wet up his couch or if he walked in and saw you changing in the middle of his living room. You can change upstairs in the bathroom." "Bella, I didn't exactly bring clothes with me." "I'll find you something." "Umokay." I left him in my room while I went in Charlie's and tried my best to look for something for him to put on. I came up empty. God dad when was the last time you did laundry. I stumbled back to my room grabbing a towel from the bathroom on the way. When I reentered my room it was dark, but not so dark that I couldn't see him standing in front of me completely naked. I could see every inch of his muscular silhouette in the moonlight that was shining through my window, along with the silver heart pendant I gave him. He's still wearing it. I immediately bowed my head and looked at the floor as I felt him slowly approaching me. "I thought we had come a long way from you being shy." He said huskily. "I'm n-not shy." "Look at me." He reached out threading his fingers through my hair. "Don't, Edward." "Don't what? Need you.want you.love you." My heart fluttered at the sound of words, but my exterior maintained a stone-like presence.
- 266 -

"Don't touch me." I walked away and stood in front of the window. "I brought you a towel. Please cover yourself." "This handkerchief isn't nearly big enough to uh." "Edward I'm not in the mood for your sick sense of humor." "My ass will freeze Bella!" "Then use this!" I snatched my comforter off of the bed and roughly wrapped it around his shoulders. "Thanks." He said clearly annoyed. I went back over to the window staring out into the night. "You never told me what happened to your eye." "I don't want to tell you." "Why not?" Who did that to your face?" I turned to look at him. "Promise you won't get mad?" He scratched the back of his neck. I narrowed my eyes at him. "Why what have you done?" "I went looking for you when you didn't show up last night. I was.pissed and somewhat intoxicated." "You went looking for me where?" I asked confusingly. He sighed heavily. "I went to your.your friend's house and before you flip out, I don't remember how or even going there at all." I stared at him with my mouth open wide. "You got into a fight with Jacob! What the hell is wrong with you!" "I was drunk!"
- 267 -

"That is no excuse. I cannot believe you went to his house, but it looks like you got exactly what you deserved." I gestured towards his eye. "Yeah don't you be so sure about that." He snorted. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" "Well let's just say that your overly muscle bound friend is a bigger pussy than I originally thought." "Edward Cullen what did you do to him?" "What did I do to him? Look at my eye!" "You got what you deserved!" "And he got what he deserved! He'll never touch you again." Oh my God what did he do to him? Why didn't Jake call me? Did he kill him? I switched on the flashlight looking for my phone. "What are you looking for?" "My phone." "Here use mine." He grabbed his phone from the bed, holding out to me. "I doubt you'll get reception in this storm." I snatched the phone and held it up to my ear and sure as hell, there was no signal. "Shit!" "Nice language." "Shut up, Edward! What did you do to him? Is he hurt?" "I'm sure he is, but no more than I am. Although when I left he looked like he was more comfortable on the floor than he was standing." "Oh my God." I said holding my hand up to my forehead. "You've lost it."
- 268 -

"Look, Bella he's fine. He's a big boy. A couple of blows to the midsection just slowed him down. I'm sure he's walking and talking just fine." "Why did you do that!" I pleaded. "He's done nothing to you." "That's where you're wrong. " He answered shaking his head and moving closer to me. "When you didn't show up I couldn't get these images of you and him out of my head. I thought you didn't come to my place that last because you were with him." "With him?" I repeated perplexed. "Don't make me say it, Bella." He looked at me with one raised eyebrow. "ChristI kept seeing images of you and him in bed!" "What! I would never have sex with another guy after you.after you and I.it's too soon!" I stuttered. A wide smile spread slowly across his face. "I knew you couldn't do it. I knew you couldn't just forget about me." "Don't smile at me. I'm furious with you and you have some nerve questioning my fidelity when we are no longer together; especially when less than twenty four hours after you asked me over to your place there's a redhead with her lips wrapped around your dick!" "That was a mistake. She barged in and-" "And what, Edward?" I snapped. "I know what it looked like, but it wasn't like that. Victoria barged in and I was drunk. I was waiting for you andit was her...and I was upsetand we started arguing." He ran a hand through his hair. "God, Bella! Before I knew what was happening.I didn't want that...all I wanted was you." "It sure didn't look that way to me." "I was hurt and angry and incredibly stupid. I shoved her off of me instantly brown eyes." He said closing the space between us. "Don't call me that." I said in a small voice. "Tell me what to do Bella because I just can't stop loving you." He tilted my chin to
- 269 -

meet his gaze. Suddenly I couldn't think about the fact that we were over. All I could see was that girl on her knees pleasuring him. Instead of becoming angry and telling him to go fuck himself I became jealous and protective of what was once mine. I didn't want him back. Or did I? At this moment I just knew that I didn't want anyone else to have him. "Kiss me." He looked at me for a moment and the hand that was holding my chin slid up to my cheek. His other hand joined seconds later. He stroked my cheeks with his thumbs. He was being so passionate and attentive, but I didn't want that. I just needed to feel him. "Don'tjust kiss me." He looked confused, but complied. When his lips touched mine I became crazed yanking the comforter from his body and pushing him back on the bed. His look of bewilderment was still present. "Wait Bella, we don't have to do this." "Are you saying you don't want me?" I asked pulling my shirt over my head. "Of course I want you. I always want you." "Then don't talk, just show me." He sat up and pulled me forward by my waist until I was standing in between his parted knees and yanking down my shorts. With one hand he stroked his erection and with the other he pulled me to straddle him. I placed my hands on his shoulders and positioned myself to take him inside of me. I sank down slowly throwing my head back in complete satisfaction. "Oh God!" "Oh Bella." I laid there stretched across his chest while he caressed my back gently. I felt no different. I was still angry with him. Sex with him was always perfect, but we were too broken to get past all that had happened. I couldn't just turn a blind eye to what he had done, but what I had just done was no better than what he did to me when he lied about Tanya.
- 270 -

I pulled away from him and slid to the end of the bed. I sat on the edge trying to locate my clothing in the darkness. I felt him shift and soon he was behind me brushing my hair to one side and kissing my shoulder. "Mmmmm you were so good baby." "Where are my shorts?" I asked ignoring him. "Who cares? Where are you going?" He asked while kissing my neck and sucking on my earlobe. "Come back to me. I haven't felt you in so long. I haven't had nearly enough." My eyes fluttered shut from the way his warm breath tickled the side of my neck. It felt so good, but I needed to stop this from going any further. "This changes nothing." I blurted out. Suddenly his lips froze against my neck. "What are you talking about? It changes everything." He started kissing again. I jumped up from the bed and spun around to face him."This changes nothing, Edward." I repeated. "You're kidding me right. We just made love, of course it changes things." "We fucked." You're sexy and irresistible and sometimes I find it extremely hard to not want you, but this.this was not love." The look on his face went from hurt to anger and then realization. "Oh I get it. I hurt you, so you hurt me. Is that how it works?" I didn't answer. I just watched as he started angrily pulling on his wet clothing. "There's a s-storm outside." I stammered. "I'll take my chances." He stalked past me swinging open the door. "Just so you know Bella I fucked up, I know I did, but I would have never done this to you."
- 271 -

"You were only in it for the sex anyhow." my voice trembled. "Was I? Are you sure about that? You're kidding yourself if you think you can just forget about us. We were meant to be together, but you win, Bella." He reached up and unhooked the black cord from around his neck and handed it to me. "I'm sorry I wasn't more deserving of this." I stared at it for a moment before taking it with a shaky hand. He walked away slamming the door in the process, which made me flinch. Oh god what did I do? Review review review.See u guys soon.

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Chapter 19
Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. A/N: Thank you to all who have stuck with me through my first fanfiction. It really encourages me to keep writing. It's the holiday season so forgive me if my updates are coming slower, I will try to do better. As always thanx to Brandy and Ukgirlygirl for your continued support and pre reading skillz. You guys are the best. Mehek and Ashley you guys are nuts lol, but really cool friends. I wouldn't be able to get through this story without you. On with the show. "I have something for you." He said, holding out his hand. "What is it?" I asked shyly and reached into his palm. "It's just something for you to remember us byby us I mean-" "I know.you and Lola. I would never forget you or her. I held up the multi-colored bracelet with charm attached. "The charm is a puppy's pawyou know for Lola and the bracelet is-" "For friendship," I finished, "thank you. It's really sweet." I slid the bracelet on my wrist and wrapped my arms around his waist, hugging him tightly. "Ahhhhhh!...Shit!" he wailed in pain. Jumping away from him, I promptly regretted my affectionate gesture. "God, Jake." I am so sorry." I said, gingerly placing a hand to his bruised ribs. Edward Cullen you maniac. "I'm fine Bella, really, but your boyfriend has some extreme mental issues. I understand he has a hot head when it comes to you.I get that, but if he ever-"
- 273 -

"He won't Jake. Edward and I are null and void." I sighed and crouched down to pet Lola's head. "Are you alright?" he asked somewhat pensive. I knew he cared for me, but on the other hand I knew he was more than happy that Edward was out of the picture. I can't say that I shared in his happiness. "I will be," I shrugged. "I'm resilient." "You said he lives in Chicago too." He crouched down beside me slowly, wincing from the soreness. "He does." I stated simply with a nod. "Will he give you any trouble...I mean about the break-up. Will he respect your decision that it's over?" Sighing again, he picked up on my agitation with the subject. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry into your personal business, but I care about you, Bella. I just don't want to see you get hurt." "I know," I said gently touching his shoulder. "But don't worry about me. I'll be fine; besides Edward will be too busy with his upcoming wedding to even think about me." I said sadly. "He's a moron, Bella. You're better off without him." He replied, returning to his upright position. I didn't respond to his assessment of, Edward. It was a fact that we could go on about this forever, but I wanted to spend some time with him before I had to go home and finish packing. He sighed heavily as if he could sense my reluctance to engage in any conversation that had to do with my present break-up. "What time is your flight tomorrow?" "I have an early flight.nine a.m." He had a faraway look in his eyes when I answered him.
- 274 -

"When will you come back for a visit?" "You want me back so soon?" I joked, as I rose to face him. "I don't want you to leave." He replied seriously. I rolled my eyes playfully and grabbed him by the arm so he could walk me to my truck. "Come visit me in Chicago." I said. "Are you sure that you want me to?" I thought about giving him some sort of sarcastic answer, but decided against it. "I'm one hundred percent sure." "Then I will." He smiled brightly, closing the door to my truck once I was seated comfortably behind the wheel. "Will you call me later?" "Yeah." I answered and started the engine. I hated goodbyes, so I tried to keep it as light as I could. I smiled at him and started to change the gear shift. "Hey Bella?" "Yeah?" With one hand he gently tilted my chin and leaned in the window to kiss me softly. I didn't want to hurt him and this kiss was more innocent than the last so I decided to not make a big deal of it. "Don't be a stranger, and I'm taking you up on your offer." He concluded, pulling away from me. I smiled and waited from him to move away from the truck. As I drove off I felt myself begin to instantly miss him. EPOV After being welcomed home by everyone, James and I headed to our separate offices. He seemed to be relieved to be back home, I on the other hand was miserable. I was miserable without her. Before I had a chance to continue wallowing in my own self loathing, my office door swung open with a slam.
- 275 -

"Would you care to explain to me why Tanya is screaming hysterically about you calling off the wedding?" "Not really." I sighed, clearly annoyed. "Edward-" "Look mother, I really don't feel like discussing this right now. Can it wait until later?" "No, Edward. No, it cannot wait. We will have this conversation immediately." I knew she would be here as soon as she heard my flight had landed. I also knew she would be ranting about this until she gave me an enormous headache. Deciding to prepare myself, I called my secretary on the intercom. "Lauren, I seem to be out of aspirin, would you happen to have any?" "I'm sorry Mr. Cullen, but I'm all out, but I'll run to the pharmacy right away." "Thank you, Lauren." I pressed back in my chair and turned my attention back to her. "You were saying, mother." "Don't you dare give me any of your pretentious bull shit Masen, unlike Tanya I will not put up with it for one second." Shit, she called me Masen and cursed. This is going to end badly. "Do you have any idea the mess you've caused? Windsor and McKenzie are livid at what Tanya told them." "I say this with the utmost respect mother Tanya's parents can go to hell. They are not going to run my life and neither are you." "So what Tanya said is true? You're ready to throw your entire future away on some-" I shot up from my seat. "Don't you talk about her. I'm serious mother let it go." Slowly straightening her position, she looked at me wide eyed as if she just had an
- 276 -

epiphany. "Oh my God, Edward! Please do not tell me that you have feelings for this girl!" "I said let it go, mother." I replied walking towards the window. "I'll let it go for now, but you better believe your father won't." She stormed out of the office, slamming the door behind her. "Round one Cullen, not bad." I spoke out loud. "Damn it, brown eyes." I whispered, shaking my head. A fucking letter. You sent her a fucking letter. Why didn't you go to her you, coward. Flashback Brown Eyes, I love you. It's weird that this is the only thing I could think of to say. It's crazy for a person who always knows what to say to have a hard time articulating his feelings. I wish things could've been different. I wanted to show you the world.I wanted to give you the world. To spend my life putting a smile on your face and seeing those beautiful eyes sparkle was all I wanted. I know I said this before, but I never expected to meet you, Bella.I never expected to feel this way. You are everything I ever wanted and everything I thought I could never have. Bella, I 'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sorrier than you'll ever know. I'd give anything if I could change what I did. I'm not giving up on us, Bella. I would be a fool to. With time and some distance, maybe you could try and find a way to forgive me. I'm hoping you'll come back to me so I can make you smile again. End of flashback BPoV I'll never stop loving you, brown eyes. Edward With tears in my eyes I held up the necklace he gave me in Paris. He had tucked it
- 277 -

inside the envelope along with the letter that was delivered to my door seconds after I arrived in the house. "Wow, look at that thing sparkle." Charlie added with a whistle. "Is that a gift from Edward?" "Yeah." I answered and quickly hid the note in my back pocket. "This is a good way to get out of the dog house." He continued taking the necklace from my fingers. "Jesus Bells, this kid must really be nuts about you." "He's a nut that's for sure." I muttered. "You're my kid and I may be a bit biased, but you deserve the best and this guy clearly wants to give it to you." "I don't want his money, dad." I sighed taking the necklace back. "I know and that's not what meant. Edward loves you, honey." "You say that with such confidence, dad." "Well yes I am confident, but this came straight from the horse's mouth, darlin. Edward told me himself." He finished with a playful swat on my shoulder as he headed up the steps. My eyes shifted back to necklace in my hand. He told Charlie he loved me? Could I forgive him? I felt so confused, but I didn't want to think about Edward anymore. I sprinted up the steps and began packing for my flight back home. Sitting in the airport for nearly fifteen minutes, I was bombarded with feelings of missing Charlie. I told him I would be back for Thanksgiving. I agreed to cook and he agreed to take the day off and eat. I missed Jake. Absent mindedly, I kept checking my watch for Angela to show and pick me up. Another fifteen passed when I finally saw her head whipping back forth searching
- 278 -

for me in the crowded lobby. "Hey, Ang! I yelled out and began walking in her direction. "He's what!" she screamed, catching the attention of almost everyone in the airport lobby. "You heard me." "That arrogant son of a bitch! How could he do that to you?" I didn't have an answer for her. I couldn't understand myself what had happened. As we walked through the lobby I went over all of the sordid details of my disastrous Paris experience and love life or lack thereof. "So wait, are you telling me that he tried to tell you about her and you wouldn't let him?" "Angela, I know where you're going with this and it still doesn't make what he did right. He lied to me for over a month! "Look, Bella I'm not trying to make excuses for his obvious stupidity. All I know is I've never seen you happier then you are when you were with him. I think he really cares about you. Maybe you should think before you slam the door on him completely, but torture him some of course." She finished with a wink. "I don't know, Ang. I'm so pissed off with him and there is so much more I haven't told you, but I don't feel like getting into it here." "Well we have plenty of time. Oh! I can't wait until you see what I did to the apartment. You're going to love it." "Oh God." I said sarcastically with an eye roll. "Oh, and I told Rose about your.Edward." Abruptly, I came to a stop. "Angela!" I screeched. "Why would you do that, I asked you not to tell her!" "I know, I know, but have you ever gotten into a stare down with Rose when she knows you're lying about something. Her eyebrow arches all weird, nostrils flaring
- 279 -

and I could swear I saw her eyes change colors. She's like a human fucking lie detector, Bella. It's some really creepy shit. She was all like 'Spill it four eyes', so I did." Crap! If she told Rose, why hadn't she called threatening to murder me? "You're a wus, Angela." "I'll let that one slide, because I know you're upset right now, but don't have a cow I didn't tell her who he was. "Oh well, thank God for small favors, Ang." I snapped. "Come on let's get you home. You're obviously cranky." She dragged me by the arm to the car. Being cranky was putting it mildly. I was miserable. Later on that evening I was staring at the ceiling while lying in bed. My mind was flooded with images of Edward and I having sex. I couldn't seem to shake them no matter what I did. I wanted him so bad. My body caved him. I could almost feel the way he used to kiss and taste every inch of my naked skin from head to toe. He would pay attention to every part.parts any other man would never think about worshiping. Fingertips, ankles, hipbones, even eyelids. God I miss him so much. He would whisper 'Open your legs wider' in my ear and on cue my legs would obey his command. He would thrust so deep. With every passing stroke my body would shudder beneath his and he would smile against my neck and say 'You like that baby?' His breath would be so warm and sweet tickling my ear, caressing my damp skin as he continued whispering and grunting. My body started reacting to the thoughts that haunted me. Nipples started to become erect and a dull throbbing began between my legs. My hand traveled slowly underneath the sheets and paused once I reached my panties. More beautiful images and a velvety voice saturated my thoughts as I reached down with my hand. I spread my legs wide like he always asked me to and started gently massaging myself through my cotton panties. "Ungg, God." 'Nobody's ever felt like you.' I could hear his voice.I could feel the warmth of his
- 280 -

skin.I could feel him hard inside me. 'You're so wet baby.' "Mmmm." I moaned and slipped my hand beneath the waist band into the slick wetness. God he did this to me even when he wasn't around. I flipped over on my stomach with my hand still buried in my panties and started grinding my hips slowly, letting my fingers slide back and forth through my folds. 'I wanna fuck you until you scream my name.' "Oh God! Edward.unngg!" I groaned loudly, grinding my hips harder. 'I wanna feel you come so hard baby. (grunting) Come for me. "Oh God yesoh!... I'm gonna come hard for you baby.Edward!...ahhhh!" my screams muffled by the pillow that lay under my face. My hips slowed as I rode out my orgasm, but I never removed my hand. 'Fuck yes, baby. I can feel it coating my cock. Come for me again baby, let go.' "Oh God!" I groaned and buried my face back in the pillow. My pace picked up once again and I bit down on the pillow shrieking and whimpering as I came for a second time. "Ohhhhahhhhoh God!" My body trembled uncontrollably and my breathing was labored. I stayed frozen in the same position grunting hoarsely trying to regulate my breathing. Slowly, I flipped back over and ran my fingers through my damp hair, thoroughly spent. Jesus, Edward Cullen, what have you done to me? EPOV Pulling up to the driveway, I stared at the place that I had hoped to be returning to with the woman of my desires. I hadn't even gotten a chance to show it to her. I dreamt about seeing her in every room of my home. I obsessed about making love to her on every surface in that house. Now everything was shot to hell. She wanted nothing to do with me. Why couldn't she understand that she meant everything to me? I sighed and dragged myself out of my car and reluctantly walked up to the door. I punched in my security code and entered. Tanya was sitting on my couch with her legs crossed and one foot tapping
- 281 -

impatiently. "Dj fucking vu." I mumbled to myself, throwing my keys on the table. "It took you long enough." She said in an alarmingly calm voice. "I wasn't aware that I had an appointment to keep." I responded, flipping through the mail Alice placed on my living room table. She insisted on house sitting while I was in Florida even though I had a very capable staff that looked after my home. "Why are you here Tanya?" "Why wouldn't I be here? We have a wedding to plan, or did you forget?" The woman was obviously delusional. Here she was spouting off about a wedding after everything that happened. "We're not getting married, Tanya." I stated flatly. "Of course we're getting married, don't be ridiculous, Edward. All the arrangements have been made." She said rising from the couch and walking towards me. I knew enough about her to be sure that this wasn't going to go easy. She was a determined, stubborn woman that was used to getting whatever she wanted. In short she was a monumental spoiled brat. Pinching the bridge of my nose, I walked closer to her until our bodies were inches apart. "We. Are. Not. Getting. Married." I enunciated clearly, so there would be no confusion on her part as to where our relationship stood from this point. She narrowed her eyes and her forehead wrinkled with irritation. Her chest was heaving up and down rapidly as if she was ready to explode. "You're not leaving me for her," she spat through clenched teeth." I won't let you." "You won't let me." I repeated as my eyebrows shot up in disbelief. "How are you going to stop me? You know what.don't even answer that." I said shaking my head slightly amused. Her face looked the tiniest bit crestfallen and for a brief moment I felt badly for everything that had transpired between us.
- 282 -

"Tanya, listen, I care about you, but I'm in love with Bella." Without a moment's hesitation, she slapped me across my face. "How dare you! How dare you stand here in my face and say that to me!" "It's the truth," I said rubbing my jaw. "I love her. I never meant to hurt you." She went to slap me again, but I caught her wrist before she could connect. "You son of a bitch! I'm in love with you!" I looked at her like she had just lost her mind. What? Love? "Tanya, you don't love me. This thing," I gestured in between us "was all a business arrangement. You knew that from the beginning." She shook her head and snatched her hand form my grasp. "It might have started out that way, but things changed. I love you, Edward." She sobbed. I cared about her; that much was true, partly because she was like me. She understood me. She knew what is was like to be me. We were cut from the same cloth. Our families were very much in tune with one another. They wanted her to marry someone that was on her level and wasn't after the Denali fortune. "We're perfect together, Edward. We can have it all. Just give us a chance. I can make you happy." "Tanya," I sighed heavily, "this cannot work." I reached out and wiped away a tear that started to fall. "You're beautiful, intelligent and incredibly sexy. You can have any man you want" "You are the man that I want.the only man I want and I will not just stand back and watch that girl ruin everything we've built together." She wept hysterically. "Tanya, this was a merger. We didn't build anything of substance-" "No! I don't want to hear this shit, Edward." She covered her ears like a petulant child. "I won't listen to this. We are getting married. Whether you want to act like human beings and co-exist or not until that day arrives is totally up to you, but I will see you at that altar on August thirtieth, nine o'clock sharp!"
- 283 -

She grabbed her purse and stomped towards the door. "Tanya, wait-" She spun around holding up one finger to silence me. "Not another word, Edward." She breathed angrily. "August thirtieth." I watched stunned as she slammed the door, nearly tearing it off the hinges. "Fuck! I'm not fucking marrying you, Tanya!" I yelled. "No fucking way!" I went to flop down in the chair and rested my head back, battling with myself over if I should call her or not. I wanted to hear her voice. I wanted her to forgive me. Something told me that was never going to happen. I ruined everything. The longer we were apart, the harder it would be to win Bella back. TPOV I jumped in my car and started breathing harshly like I was having some sort of heart attack. We are getting married Edward Cullen, you mark my words. "Fucking asshole!" I screamed banging and shaking the steering wheel. Frantically, I started looking for my cell-phone, fumbling with my oversized bag. "Where the hell is my goddamn phone!" When I finally located it, my finger hit the speed dial button in a flash. I waited impatiently for him to pick up. "Barry Sinclair." He answered professionally. "Barry! When I call you answer my fucking call immediately! Where the hell are you? "I'm in my office, Ms Denali, what can I do for you?" "What can you do for me? You can answer my fucking calls promptly. I am the one paying your fucking salary. Don't fuck with me, Barry. I can make your life hell on earth." "Okay, first calm down and tell me what's happened."
- 284 -

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. He was right. I needed to be operating with a clear head. I needed to focus. "I have two words for you, Barry.Bella Swan." I enunciated. "You find out where she is from. You find out where she works. You find out what the fuck she takes in her goddamn coffee! I want you to find out everything there is to know about Bella mother fucking Swan! Do I make myself clear, Barry?" "I hear you loud and clear, Ms. Denali, but what exactly am I looking for?" "It doesn't matter. Dig up all the dirt imaginable on her and bring it to me yesterday, Barry." I ended the call, tossing the phone on the passenger seat. There is no fucking way that someone like her is going to waltz her low class ass into my life and flip it upside down. She had no idea who she was screwing with. I glared at myself in the rearview mirror. "No fucking way." I repeated and screeched off down the road. I was putting an end to this once and for all. BPOV "Look what I found." She sang, waving an envelope in front of my eyes. My eyes went wide after recognizing what it was. "Thief!" I gasped lunging for the envelope. She dodged my attempts laughing uncontrollably. "Angela, give it to me!" I whined "Oh no, Swan. You have some explaining to do. Why didn't you tell me he was poetic and generous.damn, Bella." She added draping the necklace between her fingers. "Okay fine, he's poetic and generous, now give me it!" I said lunging for her again. She turned her back easily and continued examining the necklace. "Have you spoken to him?" "Angela." I sighed. "Well have you?" "No." I said, finally giving up.
- 285 -

"Bella!" "What!" "It's been two weeks." She reminded. "It's been two and a half, but who's counting?" I corrected. "Obviously you are." She snorted. "Call him, Bella." She drawled, before placing the necklace and envelope in my hand and heading out to her early class. This day was just getting worse. "Awe, come on Rose. I was going to tell you. I just didn't want to jinx it." I was standing in the kitchen pouring a glass of orange juice, getting ready for class when Rose barged in and started her onslaught. She hated being out of the loop, especially when there was man gossip to be told. "What the fuck is 'jinx', Bella? I'm your best friend, how could you not tell me?" I knew she was going to be pissed. You're a stool pigeon, Angela Weber. "You are my best friend, Rose and believe me the only reason Angela knew before you was because she was there. Come on, forgive me." I pleaded, batting my eyelashes. Her look of disappointment started to fade and was being replaced by a minuscule smirk. "I want to know all the details about this guy from beginning to end. Then maybe, I'll forgive you." she said stubbornly, crossing her arms over her chest like a four year old. "I promise I will tell you everything as soon as I get in tonight." I hugged her quickly and bolted out the door. I hopped in my truck, heading in the direction of school, when I decided I needed to make an overdue stop. I stared up at the building for what seemed like hours before I finally got the courage to make my way inside. It was very intimidating and quiet. Everyone was so
- 286 -

professional looking and there I was standing in the downstairs lobby in a pair of Victoria's Secret Pink sweats, a white tank top and flip flops. What the hell am I doing here? I thought to myself. I must have looked like an idiot standing there because someone finally approached me to ask if I could be helped. "May I help you miss?" he asked startling me from my thoughts. "Um.I'm here to see Edward.Edward Cullen." I replied, clearing my throat. "Do you have an appointment?" Shit, I should've known I wouldn't just be able to waltz in here and see him without some sort of clearance. He's a fucking billionaire for Christ's sake! They probably think you want to kidnap him for ransom. "No, I don't have an appointment." I answered shyly. "I'm sorry miss, but if you do not have an appointment then you cannot see Mr. Cullen and he did not mention to me that he was expecting anyone so I'm going to have to ask you to leave." "Marcus, she's ok. I've been expecting her." I whirled around at the sound of a familiar voice and focused on the blonde with the gorgeous smile winking at me. It was his brother. He motioned me over with his head and I slowly walked in his direction. This is the first time I noticed that he and Edward shared the same smile. He had the same sly sexy smirk as well. Damn Cullen men and their perfect teeth and panty dropping smirks. "Hey, gorgeous. That bastard is going to be psyched to see you." "I doubt that." I mumbled under my breath. "Is it okay if I go up to see him?" "Sure. He's on the twenty fourth floor." He said turning and heading towards the door. "Wait, you're not going up with me?" I asked nervously. "I don't believe in cockblocking, brown eyes." He commented nonchalantly.
- 287 -

I stood there gaping at him. Same bull shit charm and did he call me brown eyes? "Do me a favor, gorgeous," he said walking back over to me. "Please put that poor bastard out of his misery. He's lost without you." He said gently pinching my chin between his thumb and index finger. I watched him walk away and straightened my shoulders before I slid in the elevator. The ride up was long and torturous. I had no idea what I was going to say, but yet I was here. When the doors opened I glanced around lazily at the surroundings. It was beautifully arranged. The dcor was mostly art deco and tastefully designed. I could definitely see Edward's style floating throughout the office. I approached the receptionist's desk hesitantly. She was presently on the phone, speaking about non-work related things; that much I could make out. I stood there for about 3 minutes before she finally acknowledged me. "Are you here to see ?" Duh. "Um.yes." She nodded and pressed the speaker to alert him of my presence. My heart thundered in my chest when I heard his voice over the intercom. "What is it, Lauren?" "Mr. Cullen you have a visitor.a." She paused and raised her eyebrows at me, waiting for my response. "Um Bella.it's Bella." I replied. "Bella, is here to see you." she added with a questioning tone. I heard him whisper a 'fuck' and the sound of things being knocked over before he answered again. "Uhhh..Send her in, Lauren please. Thank you." "Mr. Cullen will see you now. Walk straight down the corridor to your left."
- 288 -

Once I reached the door, I had the sudden urge to turn around and run the hell out of there, but I knew this wouldn't accomplish anything so I knocked on the door lightly and waited with baited breath. EPOV Fuck! She was here. Bella was here. I started straightening my already perfectly organized desk as if it would interest her. Calm down, you idiot. She doesn't give a fuck about the appearance of your office. "Shit, get it together Cullen." I berated myself. I walked towards the window and took a deep breath. Closing my eyes, I mentally counted how many footsteps it should take for her to finally reach the door. Why was she here? Could she possibly be missing me as much as I missed her? A million thoughts were running through my mind when I suddenly heard her tiny fist tap on the door. I exhaled sharply a breath I was holding in and answered over my shoulder without turning around. "It's open." The door slowly opened and instantly her delicious sent permeated the air. I shut my eyes tightly then groaned low and deep. She still smelled so fucking amazing. "Um hi." She said innocently. I turned around facing her at the sound of her voice. Damn it she is so beautiful, all messy pony tail, flip flops, and sweet baby Jesus, a tight white tank top. Dig me a grave now. "Hi." I responded with a smirk. "What's funny?" she asked "Nothing is funny, "I replied coolly. "You just look beautiful. Only you could pull that off and look gorgeous." I said, gesturing towards her typical college girl attire. "I almost forgot how much you take my breath away." "I wasn't aware that I did that to you." she whispered and looked down at the
- 289 -

floor. And there it was.that blush. We stood there in silence for a brief eternity. I could swear the only sounds in the room were the rapid beating of our hearts. I wanted to dart across the room and kiss her silly. I wanted to crush her body close to mine and never let her go. We belonged together.I knew it and her showing up here cemented what I believed. "I-"we spoke at the same time. "I'm sorry, you go first." She began to protest, but then changed her mind. "Um." she swallowed thickly. "How are you?" "I'm good.you?" I asked with my eyes fixated directly on hers. She started to fidget under my stare and I knew I was making her nervous once I saw her gnawing on her bottom lip. "I'm.okay." she answered in a small voice, still watching me cautiously. "Are you.okay, Bella?" I took a step in her direction. "Because I'm not okay." I said, taking a few more steps. With every maneuver I made, her eyes grew larger. "You just said that you were good." "I lied." Taking one more step, I was now close enough to touch her. She looked up at me with those beautiful tear rimmed doe eyes and there was no more holding back. Cupping both of her cheeks, my lips molded to hers and it felt like my body burst into flames. She whimpered and grabbed onto my wrists, holding on for dear life. When I felt her lips start to move against mine, I let out a deep breath through my nose and angled her head to deepen the kiss. Her tongue swept across my bottom lip and I parted my own, sucking it into my mouth. It felt so warm...tasted so sweet.it felt like a place I never wanted to leave. The kiss was passionate and overwhelming, but there was no way in hell I was stopping to examine my jumbled feelings. I began walking us backwards to the couch in my office. I pulled away and looked at her. Her eyes were still closed and her lips were set in the most adorable pout.
- 290 -

"I knew you would come back to me." I sighed with relief before resuming the kiss. My hands were everywhere; groping, kneading and caressing her body vigorously. I couldn't get enough. We had so much lost time to make up for and we would start by christening this couch and then the desk. Reaching up to the back of her head, I yanked out her hair band, tossing it across the room and buried both my hands in her soft hair. "Bella." I murmured against her lips, then trailed my mouth down her cheek, brushing her neck with my lips. "Edward." She moaned. I wrapped my hand around her waist and lowered us both down on the couch. Settling in between her legs, my erection pressed firmly against her warm center. Once I felt it, I began grinding it into her hard. Every time my hips rotated I was rewarded with a soft moan and her hands gripping my ass. "God I missed you so much." I whispered in her ear and started thrusting my cock upwards. Her hands tightened, pulling me as I pushed. "You like that, baby?" I felt her whole body freeze and her hips stopped gyrating against my now full blown arousal. I lifted my head from the crook of her neck and gazed at her. "Are you okay?" I asked out of breath. "What's wrong.why did you stop?" "This is wrong.I-I didn't come here for this." She said, sliding from underneath me and putting her flip flops back on. I glanced up at her then back to my cock that was now straining against the zipper on my slacks. Quickly, I adjusted myself and scrubbed my face with both my hands. "Um.okay.your right. I know you didn't come here for this." I said rising from the couch and coming to stand behind her. "I know we got a bit carried away, baby, but we can start slow if you want." I continued, slipping my arms around her waist and pulling her body flush to mine.
- 291 -

"Edward-" "We should talk first.maybe over dinner. What do you think?" I finished with a kiss to her ear and the side of her neck. All the while saying this, I was swaying us back and forth, brushing my cock across her ass. "I know the perfect place. There is so much I want to tell you, brown eyes." "Edward, no." she unclasped my hands and walked across the room. "Bella, I know it's going to take time. I know we can't just pick up from where we left off, but we have to start somewhere. I can be patient.we don't have to have sex right now, baby." She turned around, looking at me somewhat confused. "Edward we cannot have sex now or-" "Bella, I love you..I do not care if I have to wait a couple of weeks to make love to you again." I watched her forehead wrinkle when her eyebrows knitted together. "Okay fine, a month is not that bad.you're worth it, besides the buildup will be kind of fun if you look at it." She closed her eyes and placed her hand on her forehead. My eyebrows shot up in realization. "Christ! Months! Bella you can't be serious. That's..that's just-" "Edward!" she yelled. "I. Did. Not. Come here for this." She ran her hand through her wild locks, exasperated. "Then why did you come here, Bella? I'm fucking confused." I walked back over to her. "I.," she paused, "I didn't come here to get back together with you. I came here to return this." She dug in her messenger bag and handed me a very familiar looking envelope. I knew what it was instantly.
- 292 -

"You came all the way here to return my letter?" "Yes, and to ask you not to send me this necklace anymore. It represents something that I want to forget. Please stop trying to force it on me. I don't want to think about Paris." I narrowed my eyes at her while she spoke. My anger was threatening to explode. "So let me get this correct," I said pinching the bridge of my nose, "You came all the way here just to throw this letter and the necklace back in my face, but not before allowing us to almost fuck on my office couch?" "I-I didn't..we weren't.you pounced on me before I had a chance to think about what was happening!" she stuttered. "Right. Just like I pounced on you in Chicago when we were in your bedroom? Cut the shit, Bella. You are not the first woman to use me for sex." I said walking away from her and flopping down in my chair. "Edward.I wanted to apologize for that night.I didn't mean to-" "Forget it. Like I said, you aren't the first. Is that all?" I asked, my voice laced with hostility. "Edward-" "Look, Bella I heard you loud and clear and believe me, I love you, but I'm not a complete masochist." I said, while busying myself with non-existent paperwork. "Now if you're finished, I have a ton of work to do." "I'm sorry." She whispered, picking up her bag and hurrying out of the office. "Yeah, me too." I added, sending the stack of papers flying off of my desk with a smack. "I'm sorry." I looooove hearing what you guyz have to say. You can vent about the story or give me ideas. All you gotta do is review ;)

- 293 -

A/N: Merry Xmas! I hope you all had a fab holiday, I know I did. This chapter has been ready for a couple of days now, but I purposely waited till Christmas to post just in case you guys needed down time after...i know I did(3 kids)...any who, I wanted to address some questions from the reviews: I have a ballpark of how long this story might be, even though its written I change it a lot, lol. I would say we have at minimum 20 more chaps, but don't hold me to that. There is a lot of story left, so stick with me. Ashley is the best friend I will ever find and you all better love her because she is the reason this chapter is here. Also...thank you to brandy always, and Mehek and Ukgirlygirl I miss u tons! Now for all you who wanted some E&B relief, here it is...enjoy. EPOV Days had gone by since she showed up at my office. I had really thought things were starting to work out. I missed her so much and I thought she had felt the same.I knew she felt the same. She was just afraid. I couldn't blame her for that. I guess it was premature of me to think that things would just go back to the way they were. Friday morning I found myself waiting in my father's study ready to discuss upcoming business meetings. I'm sure it wasn't the only thing that we would be discussing. My father was an extremely intense man, but I would rather discuss this with him than with my mother any day. She was irrational to say the least. Carlisle would attempt to hear the whole story before he started in with his onslaught.classic CC behavior. I was deep in thought when I heard the door open and close silently. He entered the room without uttering a word. That act alone told me that he wasn't in a pleasant mood.
- 294 -

"Where's your brother?" "I have no clue, I'm not his keeper." I answered almost immediately and uninterested. I was sure that answer alone would grant me a stare down, but I was wrong. "I despise tardiness, but that will give us time to talk." He said annoyingly and sat on the edge of his desk. I flipped absent mindedly through a manila folder, trying to avoid his gaze, but it didn't deter him for a second. "Should I start or would you like to go first?" he asked. "Do what you want." I replied. "Edward," he sighed again, but was cut off by James entering the office abruptly. "What did I miss?" he asked nonchalantly and sat quietly next to me. "Well you haven't missed much, but I would appreciate the courtesy that you show up as scheduled next time." Carlisle responded coldly. "Courtesy, huh?" I glanced at him then back to my father who was clearly not amused. Something was wrong. James was glaring at my father like he was ready to murder him, but his tone was way too calm for my liking. James hadn't said another word to me about the whole Leah revelation since we left Florida and that was strange. Silence was not his style and when it came to Leah he was fierce. He seemed to be somewhat off; like he was a ticking bomb ready to explode. "Yes courtesy, James." My father snapped. "You gotta be fucking kidding me, right? I'm ten minutes late." He said checking his watch. "Don't use that language with me it's disrespectful and one minute is a minute too late James. It's business 101." He added sarcastically.
- 295 -

"You're going to talk to me about disrespect? Man that's rich." He snorted My father's head jerked up and his eyes narrowed as he looked at him with disgust. "Do you have something you want to get off of your chest, James?" "As a matter of fact I do. Where the hell do you get off butting into my life?" I looked back at my brother who was now inches apart from my father with his index finger pointed in his face and nostrils flaring. The shit was about to hit the fan and it wouldn't be pretty. "I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about, James." "James-"I tried to interject. "Shut up, Edward! If you had told me about this sooner we wouldn't be having this conversation now." "James calm down and let's talk rationally about what's upsetting you." "Fuck that! Save the calm, tranquil voice for someone else, Carlisle. I know what you've done and believe me you won't get away with it." I watched in complete astonishment while James stormed off leaving my father scratching his head as to what just went down. "Do you know what the hell that was all about?" he asked. I nodded, but didn't reply. He raised his eyebrows waiting for a response. "Leah." I stated. "He knows about Leah." "Shit." He exhaled sharply and ran a hand through his hair. "He heard about her engagement. I should've known this was coming." He said to himself. "Engagement," I scoffed shaking my head. "You think this about Leah's engagement to another man?" "Of course it's about that. What else could it be about? I know how much he loves her. He's hurt, but he'll get over it."
- 296 -

"Are you insane!" I jumped up from my chair. It was my turn to let him have it. "He'll never get over it! He'll never get over losing her and he'll never get over the fact that you and mom were behind it." I spat. "He knows about everything dad!" "What the hell are you talking about, Edward?" he asked confusingly. Just then we were distracted from our present conversation by the sound of raised voices from down the hall. I could hear my mother yelling from some feet away. Carlise and I exchanged looks and left the study in hurry to find out what she was upset about. "That girl was beneath you. She would have never made you happy!" she continued yelling. When we entered the family room James and my mother were toe to toe. "I told you to stay out of my life! You have no say in whom I choose to be with!" "You were making the biggest mistake of your life with that girl, so you're damn right I was going to intervene." "Who the hell asked you! I'm a grown man. It is not up to you to pick and choose the women in my life. You've ruined me and Leah, but you will not get another opportunity to meddle in my life, mother. You got that?" he finished and turned to leave, but she grabbed his arm. "You're my son," she said with a shaky voice. "Everything I did-" "Don't you dare finish that sentence, mother," he interrupted snatching his arm away. "You did this for yourself and for him." He nodded in my father's direction. "What you did was all to protect his precious fortune. You didn't give a damn about me." "Son-"my father tried to interrupt, but James was too far out of control to listen. "You will be sorry you ever decided to blow my life apart.both of you will. Little brother, if you know what's good for you, you'll put an end to this shit now and fight for Bella." Mouths were agape and eyes were bugged out as I looked around the room when he stalked out of the door.
- 297 -

"What the hell just happened here!" My father yelled. "You're still going to pretend to be innocent, dad?" I scoffed. "You told him everything, didn't you, Edward?" My mother stated while shooting daggers at me with her eyes. "He had a right to know." "You had no right to tell him!" "I had every right! He's my bother. My only mistake was I didn't tell him sooner. Maybe then he wouldn't have lost the love of his life." "Wait a minute. What did you do, Esme?" My father walked to stand in front of her. Was he fucking kidding! Was he really going to fake dumbness now? She stared at him with tears threatening to spill from her eyes. I looked on as she swallowed thickly before she answered. I couldn't understand the look on my father's face. It was like he had no idea what was going on. "I paid Leah off to break-up with James." She forced out. "Goddamn it, Esme!" he roared. "I told you to let me handle it. Christ! I assumed that she just gave up on him and walked away." He threw up his hands and paced the floor. "You didn't know?" I whispered. He stopped and looked at me with a blank expression. My eyes swung over to where my mother was trembling in place. "I. cannot. Believe. You!" "Edward, this has nothing to do with you and your situation. You have to marry Tanya." "Are you fucking crazy! I don'thaveto do anything." She flinched at my outburst and my father quickly came to stand in between us. "Edward! Don't speak to your mother like that!"
- 298 -

"If you think for a second that I'm going to let you bully me into marrying Tanya you're clearly not operating on a full tank, mother. I love Bella, and you can just forget about Tanya!" I followed in my brother's footsteps and headed out the door. The fading sounds of my father berating my mother disappeared once I finally reached the front door. I yanked it open and Alice came stumbling in from the force. "What the hell! Her bell like voice chirped. "Edward.wait, what's happened?" I guess she could tell by the look on my face that I was in a fucked up mood. It was almost like we were twins and had that whole twin thing going on. I swear she could read my mind sometimes. "I need to get out of here." "That much was clarified from the way you almost dismantled the door. What's going on?" "Not now, Smidge. Something happened with mom and James and I need to find him." I brushed passed her continuing in route to my car. "Wait! What happened, Edward? I'm coming with you. You're obviously too pissed to drive." "Fine." I stated simply and tossed her the keys over my shoulder. Alice It didn't take long for Edward and me to find James. When either one of my brothers were upset I knew the nearest bar was the first place to look. We stood at the front looking in James' direction. He almost looked like Edward around the head with the way his hair was standing on end. He was obviously tearing it out in frustration. After convincing Edward to tell me everything that went on before I arrived, I was completely outraged with my parents. All they did was meddle and bully their children into getting what they wanted. In the long run all it truly did was push us away from them. "I'm getting a drink. You want one?" Edward asked and I shook my head in response. "One of us has to be the designated driver tonight. Knock yourself out."
- 299 -

He nodded and I briskly walked towards my brother clearly annoyed with the sight of the blonde that was straddling him on the chair. Once I reached the table, she kept giggling unaware that I was standing behind her. "Smidgy, he slurred."I didn't know you were here! Here, join us." He said dragging over another chair. "This is.umwhat's your name, sweetheart?" "It's Tammy," she giggled "and he's all mine, honey." She added looking over her shoulder. "Don't worry. I'm not interested." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. "Oh, well you wouldn't mind giving us some privacy then since you're not interested in him." "I'm his sister, you twit." I snapped and leaned my head to the side to glare at my bother. "Oh how rude of me." She said turning her body fully around and shoving her hand in my face expecting me to shake it. "James." I said with a hint of warning. "Uh, Terry, sweetheart can you give me and my sister a moment?" "It's Tammy." She whined. "Yeah, that's what I said. Go to the bar and order whatever you want and put it on my tab. I'll be over in a few." He said shooing her away. "It was very nice meeting you." She drawled as she stood, slightly stumbling in the process. I flashed a quick, tight smirk and glared at James. What a fucking bubble head. "She's. nice."I hesitated. "Don't start, Smidge." "So.Edward told me about everything that happened with mom and dad." "So." He answered quickly.
- 300 -

"So, do you want to talk about it or do you want to drink yourself into a stupor?" I asked. "Stupor sounds good to me." He answered, tossing the contents in the glass down his throat. "Then I'm glad I showed up here." I said removing my jacket. "Edward's over at the bar. He apparently has the same idea as you." "He's a fucking pansy." He breathed scrubbing his eyes with the heel of his hands. "He won't even tell mom and dad to go to hell and fight for the woman he loves." "Are we talking about Edward or you, James?" He resumed drowning in his drink and waved me off defiantly. I sat there watching my brothers bickering back and forth about who was wrong and who was right for about an hour. They were both smashed. What a fucking way to start the weekend. "You're a fucking idiot, James. Leah would come back to you in a heartbeat, just talk to her." "I'm a fucking idiot! What about Bella? I set it up the other day at the office so you would have a chance to get her back and you fucked it up." "She doesn't want me, man. I've tried! She just.doesn't want me." His voice trailed off painfully." Oh brother. This was going to be a long night. "You two are both pathetic." I sighed heavily." James you tucked your tail between your legs and walked away from, Leah." "But-"I raised my hand to silence him. "And, Edward what you did to Bella was just.stupid. You should've told her the truth." They both hung their heads in defeat knowing I was right. "Neither one of you have a clue about women. You both let mom and dad control your lives and now you're both alone. To make a long story short you both should be
- 301 -

doing some major groveling. God I'm so glad my Jazz knows how to treat a woman." I said shaking my head at them in disgust. I loved my brothers immensely, but they could be incredibly dense when it came to women. They were geniuses in the boardroom, but women.forget about it. "So Edward what happened the other day when Bella came to see you?" I asked knowing all to well how it turned out. He hesitated and exhaled deeply. "I practically jumped her in the office." "Shameful." I commented. "I missed her, Smidge. I'm getting a severe case of blue balls and I haven't had sex in weeks." He whined like a five year old. "Ew and TMI, Edward! No wonder you're here getting bombed. Don't you realize that sex is what got you into this mess in the first place?" "How?" "Forget it." I scoffed. "You need a reality check dear brother." "Tell me about it." James added. I shot him a look as if to say 'You have got some nerve.' And he quickly closed his mouth. "I need to use the ladies room. Will you two losers promise to stay out of trouble until I get back?" They both nodded and continued wallowing and downing their drinks. I could also hear them deciding on ordering some spicy wings and fries. At least they were getting along now. "Shit." I said after looking in the mirror at myself. All the smoke and humidity in the bar had done a number on my hair. I reached in my purse for my brush and lip gloss. I fluffed out my hair and began reapplying my gloss when the bathroom door opened and someone brushed passed me. "Oh, excuse me." A voice carried from behind me. "It's okay there's plenty of room, just let me moved down a bit." I said sliding my purse off of the counter and moving to my left. I continued watching myself carefully
- 302 -

in the mirror as a traced my lips with the gloss. "Alice?" I glanced to my right when I heard her call my name. "Bella? Well isn't this something." I said amusingly. "Your ears must be on fire." "Why?" she asked. "No reason." I chuckled waving a hand in the air. "Well. it was nice seeing you again." She said reluctantly and started for one the bathroom stalls. "Bella wait." "Yes." She turned to face me. "Did you see Edward out there?" "No.I didn't know he was here.I didn't see him.I came straight to the restroom." She rambled. Her entire face went red at the mention if his name. Jesus, she's got it bad for the bastard. "Look, Bella this is usually the part where I would say 'I know this is none of my business.' but Edward is my brother which makes him a huge part of my business so I'm just going to say this. My brother is a jackass." She blinked rapidly at me. She was obviously shocked by my admission. "He is a jackass," I repeated. "But when he loves, he loves hard and fiercely and I didn't notice it when I saw you two together in Florida, but after spending time with him tonight things are pretty clear. He loves you Bella, and he is a mess." "Alice, I know he's your brother and you love him, but Edward did something.something I'm just not able to forgive. I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive him." She explained. "I know what he did and believe me I'm not condoning it. If Jazz ever did that to me I would strangle the life out of him and then beat his ass." She smiled and ducked her head shyly. "All I'm saying is he loves you and when he's not being a
- 303 -

jackass he can be pretty amazing. As a matter of fact he's the best and I'm not just pimping my brother. " "Pimping? You are definitely Edward's sister." She added with a quick chuckle. "Yeah, he kind of rubs off on people." I laughed. "Do you love him, Bella?" She simply nodded her head at my question. "It doesn't mean I can be with him though." She finished. "Are you just willing to let the man you love go without a fight?" I could see the struggle in her eyes. She was as miserable as he was. Damn it! Two stubborn ox's. This was going to be tough. "He never loved her, Bella. You don't understand my parents." "He's a grown man, Alice." "Again, you don't understand my parents, but I'm not going to badger you. I know you'll do the right thing." I walked passed her and reached for the doorknob. "You know," I paused," you won't be able to stay away from him for long. The Cullen's are completely irresistible." I winked over my shoulder. EPOV Have you ever been so drunk that you drank more just to sober up? Fuck. James wasn't doing any better, but he decided to rejoin the friend he met earlier at the bar. I had a splitting fucking headache and the room was spinning. I laid my forehead down on the table and tried counting sheep. You idiot, that's what you do when you're trying to get to sleep, dick. "Sober up asshole today's your lucky day." She whispered in my ear. "Stop shouting, Smidge." I groaned. "Do you want Bella to see you completely shit faced...pull it together, Edward."
- 304 -

Bella. Bella. Isabella. The name of an angel. "Bella doesn't want me anymore. She hates me, Smidge." "Uh, I beg to differ. I just talked to her in the bathroom and she didn't tell me that she hated you. In fact she said the opposite." I raised my head and looked at her like she was crazy. "What the hell are you talking about, Smidge. Bella's not here." "She is here and she's watching you act like a drunken loser as we speak, now sober up." She finished with a pinch to my forearm that hurt like shit. "OwOuch! What the hell is wrong with you!" "Shhh. Look to your left moron." Turning my head, I was met with her eyes focused intensely on mine. Fuck! She was here. BPOV "So I see your man is here, what a coincidence." She said sarcastically and laughed. "If I didn't know any better, Angela, I would swear you set this up." "Somebody's paranoid." She continued slurping her drink through a straw. "I'm not paranoid." I said, crossing my arms over my chest. "Oh stop acting like a child and go talk to him, Bella. You know you want to." I was sitting at the table, stealing glances at him. Alice was right, he did look a mess. He was still amazingly gorgeous, but never the less a mess. He was drunk. Was he this way because of me? I was yanked from my thoughts when something danced in front of my eyes. "You want some?"
- 305 -

"Om my God, gross!" I covered my mouth and nose heaving as if I would throw up. "What do you mean gross? Cheese onion rings are your favorite!" She squeaked surprisingly. "Ugh, God, Angela just get it out of my face. It smells horrible!" I finished, shaking my head and waving off the offensive item. Quickly, I darted to the nearest place that wasn't reeking of fried, greasy food. Once a found a spot where the air was a little clearer, I resumed staring at Edward. I was frozen in place as I stood there watching him. What are the odds that I would run into his sister in a public bathroom? I thought. It seemed no matter what I did, I couldn't escape Edward Cullen. Especially now that he noticed I was staring at him. He slowly pushed away from the table and stood. He was headed in my direction and my feet felt like they were cemented to the floor. I couldn't move. "You shouldn't be standing here all alone." He commented sluggishly. "You shouldn't be standing at all." I replied humorously. "Touch'." He answered with his gorgeous smirk. "By the way, I'm not stal-following you. I didn't know you would b-be here." He slurred and stuttered over his words. His eyes were heavy lidded and God help me he was still sexy.hammered and all. "You're drunk." "No.nah.I'm not dr-drunk. I'm" he paused, struggling to find his words. "I'mokay, fine I'm drunk." He threw up his arms in defeat. "Will you dance with me?" He asked lazily raking his eyes over me. I wasn't even aware that there was music playing when he asked me. My mind was screaming at me to say no, but my heart and my body had other ideas. Slowly I stepped into his awaiting arms as if I was being drawn to him like a magnet. We started swaying back and forth, not actually dancing, but just small steps side to side. His eyes were practically glued to mine. I could feel my heart start to race. "I've missed dancing with you."
- 306 -

"Edward-" "Don't. Please don't say anything." He said shaking his head at me. "You don't have to say anything just dance with me." He pulled me tighter into his arms and I rested my head on his shoulder. My eyes fluttered closed as I felt his hand stroke my hair. I was totally lost in himhis smellhis warmth.his embrace. Time seemed to stand still as we kept moving. After some time, I realized the music had stopped, but we were still in each others arms, until I decided to pull away. "How do you do that?" I asked nervously. "Do what?" He whispered, reaching out to cradle my face. "How do you completely compel me?" I said mostly to myself and leaned into his touch. "I wish you didn't feel compelled.only loved." His hand caressed my cheek and slowly dropped from my face. "Thank you for the dance." He said and began to turn and walk away. Something inside me was panicking. I didn't want him to leave. "Edward" I reached out and grabbed his hand. He stopped and looked down at our hands and intertwined them. "I don't want to push you, Bella. I'm trying to give you space in hopes that you'll see that we belong together. I don't know what else to do." I thought about everything Alice said to me. I couldn't understand why after hearing it from him, Angela and my dad, Alice's words were the only ones to really hit home. The Cullen's are irresistible. I shook my head and discreetly smiled. "Maybe we could.talk over dinner." He asked hesitantly. I could tell he was nervous from the way he was scratching the back of his neck.
- 307 -

"Okay." I answered quietly. His eyebrows shot up. I couldn't believe the words left my mouth either. "Okay?" he asked. "I mean.dinner.talking, I-"I stammered and he placed his fingers over my lips. "Just dinner and talking, brown eyes. I promise." I nodded and a beautiful smile spread across his face. "Yeah?" He asked. "Yes." I breathed and I could see him fighting the urge to grab me in his arms and never let go. I felt the same. "Maybe you can call me next week and-" "I want to call you tonight." He interrupted gently. "Alright.tonight." I sighed happily. We stood there smiling goofily at one another until he decided to break the silence. "I umI better get going before you change your mind." "I won't change my mind." His smile became even brighter. "Then I should go take a shower and drink a ton of coffee so I can have a clear head when I call you." He continued, never letting go of my hand. "Are you trying to ditch me?" I asked amusingly. "Absolutely not. I'll stay if you want me to." I thought for a second and then answered, "You should go." He looked at our laced fingers one last time and released my hand. "I'll call you." He murmured and walked back to his table and whispered something in his sister's ear. I saw her look over at me and smile triumphantly.
- 308 -

Irresistible. True to his word, Edward called me after I left the pub. We spent half of that night deciding when and if it was a good idea for us to go through with seeing one another. He convinced me, of course. I agreed to come over to his place for dinner, although I felt a little uneasy being alone with him in his home. Being alone with Edward always seemed to lead to complications. Sexually, I was so attracted to him and sometimes it was hard to avoid his charm and his advances. He had reassured me that all we were going to do was have dinner and talk. I can't say that I believed him. This was Edward Cullen after all. I had told him that I would be finished with work at five. He offered to pick me up from there, but I drove to work so I insisted that I meet him at his house. When I approached the final turn in his directions, I was astonished by the beautiful house that sat a few feet away. I realized it was gated and there was an intercom system to alert him of my arrival. Slowly, I drove up the path and rolled down the window to punch in the code he had given to me the night before. I waited as the gate opened for me to drive through. I parked my truck and checked my hair and minimal make-up in the rearview mirror. "Are you going to keep me waiting all night?" I heard him say from the door. I lowered my head with a smile, obviously a little embarrassed that I was caught. Instantly, I stopped primping and hopped down from the truck and started towards him. He was leaning against the door frame looking absolutely sinful in dark denim jeans and a white t-shirt. Jesus, have mercy on me. "I thought you were never going to come." Come. My eyes glazed over from the mention of that particular word and my mouth went dry. For heavens sake, get your mind out of the carnal abyss, Bella. "I said I wouldn't change my mind." I said swallowing the lump in my throat.
- 309 -

"Yes, you did say that. Come in." He stepped aside so I could pass by him. "You cut your hair." I noticed as soon as I passed him. "Yeah, just a little." He said while running his fingers through it. "Were the directions helpful? You didn't get lost, did you?" "No, the directions were fine." I answered walking through and admiring his house. "It's beautiful here. I hadn't expected it to be so." "You hadn't expected it to be so what.un-bachelor like?" he interjected. "No. I just.I didn't expect it to feel so homey." I corrected. "Ah, I see." He said mockingly. "I'll take that as a compliment." "Well it was a compliment. You have an amazing home." I said, turning to face him. He smiled, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. He seemed nervous. "Um, you were undecided about what you wanted for dinner so I hope that I chose something to your liking." He stated over his shoulder as he disappeared into the kitchen. I casually walked over to the breathtaking black piano that was centered in the middle of the dining area. Gently, I let my fingers glide over the keys without pressing on them too firmly. The room was lit dimly and smelled wonderful. I had no idea what he was cooking, but I couldn't wait to find out. He had returned just as my stomach was becoming excited to be treated to his fabulous culinary skills. "I hope you like steak." He stated as he watched me looking at the pictures that sat on top of the piano. "It smells, unbelievable. I'm sure it's delicious." I said, picking up the gold frame. "Are these your parents?" "Yes." He answered quickly. "Wow, they look so young. You look like your mom. She's really beautiful." She was extremely beautiful with the same color hair as Edward's. His parents didn't look a day over thirty. He was the spitting image of her, but with the same green eyes as his father. They didn't look anything like what I imagined. When
- 310 -

Edward had told me about them I thought they would look older.more stern. I couldn't believe that the couple I was looking at in the photo were the same people who were causing all this havoc in their children's lives. "Yeah, she's beautiful." He sighed and took the picture from my hands and placed it back down. I must have been so wrapped up in my thoughts that I hadn't noticed he set dinner out on the dining room table. He led me over and pulled out my chair. The aroma from the plate made my mouth water. I waited for him to sit at the table before I started digging in. The first bite melted in my mouth like butter. Damn it! Where did this guy learn to cook! As if he could read my mind he smiled and began cutting into his steak. "Do you like it?" he asked. "Like is an understatement. This is phenomenal." I moaned lifting a forkful of grilled vegetables into my mouth. "I'm glad you enjoying it. It's my favorite meal. Kobe beef is the finest in the world." I nodded and continued eating. We ate in silence for the rest of the meal. Sounds of utensils scraping the plates were the only things echoing in the room. He was acting so nervous and awkward. I begin to wonder if this was a bad idea. Maybe it was too soon. I've never seen him this uncomfortable before. "Is everything alright?" I asked. He paused with the fork still in his mouth and eyes stretched. "Everything's fine. Are you okay, did you want some more wine?" he asked reaching for the bottle. "No, I'm okay. I was just wondering about you. You seem so quiet. It's out of character for you.some what" I thought carefully about my next words before I spoke. "I mean so far, you got the dinner part perfect. It's the talking part I'm worried about." He laid his fork down gently on the plate and wiped his lips with a napkin.
- 311 -

"I don't want to say the wrong thing." He added softly. "Why don't you try?" I reassured him. I saw him take a deep breath and his eyebrows knitted together. "How about some dessertI didn't make it, but it's delicious I promise you." He rambled as he shot up from his chair. He started to pass me as he headed for the kitchen again. This time I reached out and grabbed his arm stopping him. "Talk to me, what's wrong?" I asked pulling myself up from the table to block his path. "Why are you acting so distant? I thoughtI thought you wanted this." "I don't know what you're talking about, Bella. I'm not distant and I do want this. I'm glad you're here." He responded with a small grin and patted my shoulder. He continued into the kitchen and returned quickly with what looked like cheesecake with strawberry topping. He was avoiding me, but I didn't know why. He began cutting a slice of the cake and put it on the plate. He was moving around the room like he was programmed. What the hell is going on? "I didn't know if you liked strawberry cheesecake or not, even though we did have cheese pastry and strawberries before, but we had them separately not all together when we were in Paris." He paused after his ramble and gripped his hair. "Fuck." He swore under his breath. "Bella, I'm sorry I didn't mean-" "Edward, stop." I pulled his hands away from his hair. "It's okay." "No it's not okay, Bella. I can't do this." He said pulling away from me and walking to stand in front of the window in the living room. He let his forehead lean against the glass and inhaled deeply. "Can't do what?" I asked, following behind him. "Bella, I'm trying, but it's so hard." "Hard to be here with me?" I asked in a low voice. "Yes! I mean no. Shit! It's hard to not be with you." "I don't understand, Edward. We're here.together." "You don't understand. Do you have any fucking idea how torturous it is for me to
- 312 -

be here in this house alone with you and not be able to touch you.to hold you.to kiss you.to.fuck!" He yelled grabbing a hold of his hair again. "Edward, I-" "No! You listen to me. please." I stopped and let him continue. "I don't want to fuck this up, Bella. I know in the blink of an eye I could say the wrong thing or touch you the wrong way and that would be it. I want to change. I want to be better for you, Bella." I stayed quiet for a moment longer just in case he wasn't finish ranting. Once I was convinced he was, I walked over to stand behind him closely. "I want to be better for you." He repeated calmly. "I never wanted you to change for me. I don't want you to change at all." I said turning him around to face me. "I never said that you couldn't touch me, Edward." He reached up with both hands and smoothed my hair down from the front all the way down my back. I could feel his fingers cautiously dancing on the small of my back. Instinctively I moved closer to his body and he locked his fingers behind me. "I know tonight was supposed to be about us talking things out, but I can't pretend that I don't want to be close to you, Bella." "I can't pretend anymore either." I whispered and leaned my forehead against his chest. "Are you sure?" he asked, reaching in between us, lifting my chin to meet his gaze. "What are you waiting for?" I asked breathlessly. "I want to make sure this is what you wantthat you won't go running away afterward.that you won't say this is a mistake. I don't think I can take it if you did that again." He murmured, inching his lips closer. "I won't." I breathed. "I love you." He whispered and softly pressed his lips to mine.
- 313 -

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- 314 -

Chapter 21
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or any of the characters. A/N: Thank you so much for the reviews. I'm truly very sorry I haven't responded to them for the last chap, but I will. No matter how far behind I get. I'm also apologizing for the long update gap. I wish I could be more consistent like one of my fave author's Windsinner. She updates like a beast. Anyway, thanksBrandy and UKgirly girl, you both know why. Mehek good luck with college, I'm happy for you and Ashley you've been MIA for a while, but I miss you girl and I want my blueberry muffins. Lol. Okay enough of that. Chap 2l We were both stretched out on his couch with my back resting against his chest, in between his legs. We had been in this position ever since he kissed me after dinner. We had made our way over to the couch and fed each other dessert. It was almost as if that dreadful incident in Paris had never happened. He was still acting somewhat distant, but that would change once we started to trust again. "Why didn't you want to kiss me when we first started seeing each other?" "Huh?" he asked sounding like I distracted him from something. One of his fingers continued to twirl a lock of my hair; while his other hand played idly with my fingers. I repeated the question. "I did want to kiss you." He replied simply with a kiss to my temple. "Do you not recall the incident on the yacht? I asked, spinning around between his legs and resting my chin on his chest so I could look directly in his eyes. "I do recall it, fondly and recall some kissing going on." He said with another quick kiss on my nose. "Edward!" I whined. "You know what I'm talking about. I want to know why?" "Okay, fine you brat. " He teased. "I knew if I kissed you that I would fall in love with you."
- 315 -

I blinked at him twice before I realized he was teasing me. "Oh, please, Edward Cullen. You are so full of sh-"He cut me off, leaning in and tracing my lips with his tongue. He knew exactly how to cleverly dodge my inquisitions. This was the first sexual gesture he tried all evening and I finally believed that we were going to be okay. "I was starting to think that you no longer wanted me." I whispered as he dragged his tongue slowly across my jaw and continued down my neck. Gently grasping my hair, he pulled my head back to get better access. "You're diverting the subject." I began breathing heavier, from the sensation of his warm wet tongue drawing circles on my throat. "Mmhmm." He hummed in response. "Unh, you always do that." I moaned. His other hand trailed down to my ass and pressed me against him firmly and I could feel his arousal full on. I moaned againthis time deeply. The position was awkward but was quickly rectified when he pulled me to straddle his lap. He sat up and continued kissing and sucking all of my sensitive spots. God I missed this so damn much! I threaded my fingers through his hair and pulled his face back to mine to capture his lips, but he stilled before my lips could reach his. "I want you." He murmured hoarsely. "I want you so much." "I want you too." I rushed out almost inaudibly. "Are you sure, Bella?" he asked, caressing and inching my hips closer to his. I nodded fervently and his lips molded to mine once again. Epov Tonight had been an extreme emotional rollercoaster. The whole nervousness, palm sweating thing was a foreign concept to me. I wanted things to work out with me and Bella so badly that I was beginning to psyche myself out. I knew how to be domineering and sexual, but being alone with her after not being able to be with her for these past couple of weeks was driving me insane. I had no
- 316 -

idea how to act around her. I was afraid to open my mouth. So out of fear that she would bolt, I decided to keep things easy and light. I barely spoke through dinner and I knew she could sense it. Bella knew just about every one of my emotions. and that's saying a lot considering the time we've known each other. I was freaking out when she started asking me what was wrong and I tried avoiding her question altogether, but she saw through it. Once I started talking about Paris, it was evident that I was ruining the entire night. She surprised me by pushing all that aside and allowing us to move on. We ended up on the couch not saying much of anything, just innocently touching and caressing one another. It was like heaven, finally.until she broke the silence. I was expecting her to ask the obvious questions like 'Where do we go from here?' or 'What do we do now?', but she confused the hell out of me when she asked me about the whole kissing thing. My answer was simple and honest, but I knew she wouldn't believe it, so I did what I knew she would believe. I showed her just how much I wanted her. I was done with trying to be someone I wasn't. Too much time was lost. I wanted her. I asked her if was she sure and she nodded, and that was all I needed. "Fuck baby, I missed this so much." I growled, ripping open the front of her shirt and diving in to suck the swell of her breast. "Mmmm." "Oh God, I missed this too." She panted breathlessly. I slipped my tongue underneath the lace of her bra and teased her erect peak with the tip of my breaking contact, I continued removing her shirt and tossing it to the floor. I could feel her start to rock back in forth in my lap which told me she was ready. Yanking down her bra cup, I enveloped her nipple into my mouth sucking, blowing and flicking. She moaned and there was a shudder from deep within her. I knew without a doubt I could make her come from this act alone. She was the most responsive woman I'd ever been with. Her sensitive parts were a bonus as well. I slid my hands up her skirt and palmed her ass, guiding her closer to my throbbing cock, still ravishing her breast. Her hips rocked faster as I sucked and licked harder. Yeah, definitely gonna make her come like this.
- 317 -

I started thrusting my hips in unison with hers and it felt painful and perfect all at the same time. Fuck, I'm gonna come like this! "Shit, I'm gonna come, Edward. Don't stop! "Ughhhh!" I half growled and groaned releasing her breast from my mouth. "You can't cum baby, not like this." "What.why.why are you stopping!" she asked almost horrified. Did she really think I wouldn't let her get a release? She must have forgotten who I was over the past couple of weeks. "I'm not stopping.believe me. This whole dry fucking thing feels amazing, baby. it does, but I need to be inside of you." "Oh God yes." She half groaned and whispered. I wrapped her legs around my waist and stood, walking us across the room and pressing her back against the wall, while her hands fumbled with getting my jeans and boxers down. Her warm little hand brushed my cock and I mumbled a curse into the crook of her neck. Quickly I reached back and roughly pulled my t-shirt over my head in one swift move. There was no time to undress her slowly and seductively. There would be plenty of time for that later. "Baby, I'm sorry." I grunted as I fisted my aching cock and rubbed it along her damp panties. "Unhhhh, ah!" she breathed raggedly. "Wh-why are you sorry?" "We haven't been together in a while!" I continued grunting and thrusting as I fisted the side of her lacy underwear in the other hand. "I'm sorry I can't slow this down or make it more romantic!" I grunted again with a harsh yank. The ripping sound echoed off the walls along with Bella's yelp. I pulled back to examine in her expression, which was wide eyed and open mouthed. "I'm sor-" Before I had a chance to finish the apology her lips crashed to mine and I sank deeply into her body, my hips pumping frantically.
- 318 -

"Ah, ah, ah, ahhh!" She enunciated with every upward thrust. "Shit," I exclaimed through gritted teeth, "it's so tight! It's been too long! Shit, how long has it been?" It was a rhetorical question, but she decided to answer. "Three", thrust. "Ah!..fo-four weeks!" she gasped. "I'm not going to last, fuck!" Letting go of her ass, I braced my hands flat against the wall for leverage and pounded into her slick wetness as if my life depended on it. I was so far gone, lost in her that it was a few moments before I recognized that I was killing her back. My pants and boxers were still around my ankles. I hastily stepped out of them and began searching the room for somewhere more comfortable for Bella. She sensed this as well. "The piano!" she blurted out hoarsely. Not exactly what I had in mind. It was one of my prized possessions, but fuck it, Bella meant more. Piano she wants, piano she gets. I smiled deviously at her adventurous request and wrapped one arm around her body trapping it closely to me. I ripped her away from the wall slapping her on the ass with my free hand. She squealed as I stalked over to the baby grand. The movement forced her to shift and me to slip deeper inside. "Fuck! We whispered at the same time before I spread her out across the hood and propped her legs to rest on the edge. I pulled her closer to the ledge, loving the squeak her ass made against the piano. Her hair was fanned out above her. I never noticed the reddish highlights before until her rich mahogany waves were splayed against the shiny black lacquer. Her skin was flushed and her bra was lodged underneath her breasts and her skirt bunched up around her waist. She never looked sexier. "Christ, you look so beautiful like this." I said before pumping furiously inside of her again. Our bodies were becoming drenched with sweat as she clinched and squeezed me until I pulsed violently inside of her.
- 319 -

"Oh.oh God!" she chanted over and over, throwing her arm across her eyes. My body was still tense as I held myself deep inside until every drop was drained. I never came so hard and so long in my life. Once I finally regulated myself, I collapsed on Bella's stomach, breathing heavily. I could tell she was as exhausted as I was from the way her legs dropped and her feet hit the piano keys, making an awkward sound fill the room. "Careful with the piano." I mumbled against her skin, ending with a small kiss. She giggled and ran her fingers through my hair. Shit, she knows I love it when she does that. "This wasn't a mistake." I stated. "Unh-uh." She replied easily but still breathing roughly. "No running away this time." I stated once more. "No one leaves." She repeated the words that I said to her some time ago. I raised my head to look at her, but her eyes were closed. "Open your eyes." I commanded softly. She opened those incredible eyes that could nail me to a wall and I knew. "No one leaves." "Ouch!" she shrieked as I gave one last thrust, jerking her body up the carpet. My palms were braced on the floor with my body perched above her. Her legs were draped over my forearms when I abruptly stopped. "What's wrong baby? Am I being too rough?" "No, your roughness I love, but the rug is rubbing my ass raw." "Awe, baby." I added with a chuckle and flipped us over so I could take the brunt of our lovemaking. She complied and raised my arms above my head, in hopes of keeping me from gripping her sore ass. She grinded and rotated circles on my cock with a slow and maddening rhythm.
- 320 -

"Oh shit, baby that feels so good!" I hissed and moved my hips with hers.mine rotating one way, hers the other. Jesus! "Edward Please faster.I'm coming!" Even with the death grip she had on my wrists, I managed to get one hand free. I reached down and pressed my thumb to her swollen clit and began swirling around it vigorously until she came apart, screaming her orgasm into the darkness. "That's fucking music to my ears." I growled and followed behind her with my own explosion. She lazily rolled off of me onto her back and yelped. "Hold still. I'll be right back." I remembered Alice saying something about aloe fucking plants she had bought while she house sat for me. I hurried to the kitchen, found the aloe plant and broke it open squeezing it into my palm and rushed back to Bella who was lying on her stomach. I knelt down at her feet and spread her legs slightly so I could fit comfortably between them. I leaned down and gently brushed my lips across the reddened area. "Mmmm." She moaned quietly as I continued placing kisses across her ass and lower back. "Someday I want to taste you all over." I whispered against her skin before withdrawing and replacing my lips with my hands. I started soothing her with the aloe gently. I knew it would probably sting at first, but I heard that it made burns less painful. No matter how good the sex was, I felt guilty that I had hurt her by taking her roughly on the floor. "What are you using on me?" she asked. "Aloe." I answered without hesitation.
- 321 -

She hummed in response. "I'm sorry." "I'm not." She peered over her shoulder at me. "Just keep doing what you're doing and I'll be as good as new." I finished massaging the aloe into her skin and moved up to lay beside her with my head propped up on my elbow. I stared at her beautiful face and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "What?" she asked with her eyes still closed. "I can feel you watching me." "I'm just watching." I said modestly. She cracked open one eye curiously. "You're creepily sexy. Do you know that?" I through my head back and laughed loudly. "Why do you say that?" "You just are," She laughed with me, "and I'm ridiculously exhausted she concluded with a yawn. Immediately I stood up and reached for her. "Where are we going?" "I'm taking you to bed. I can't very well let you sleep on the floor in your condition." I said playfully. She agreed and climbed to her feet. Quickly, I lifted her up into my arms and carried her up the staircase. Morning came way to fast. I stared at her peaceful face in the sunlight, wishing it was still last night. "Bella?" I whispered gently in her ear. She moaned softly, but didn't awaken. I smiled against the warm skin of her shoulder and tried again. "Bella?" "Hmm?" she replied and stretched a little.
- 322 -

"Baby, I don't want to disturb you, but I wasn't sure if you had class today or not." "Mmmclass?" she repeated with a question."What day is it?" I chuckled at her aloofness. "It's Monday sweetheart." "No class." She mumbled and turned to snuggle close to me. "Does this mean you're staying?" "Are you trying to get me to leave?" she shot back lazily. "Not a chance in hell." I sighed contently and wrapped my arms and legs around her causing us both to moan at the same time. I trapped her warm, soft body to mine, realizing I wanted nothing to interrupt this paradise. Unfortunately I knew it had to come to an end. My job was threatening to put a damper on my morning arousal and was winning the battle. I groaned and reluctantly began to untangle our limbs. "Baby, I have to go into the office. There are a few meetings I need to attend." "Boooo." She teased. "I know, I know, but you stay and sleep in." I hopped out of bed not before placing another kiss to her bare shoulder. "I'll try not to be gone all day." I concluded in route to the shower. "Stop looking at my ass, Bella." I yelled over my shoulder. I heard her giggle and she responded with a yell of her own. "I love you!" "Ditto!" I replied over the noise and steam of the shower. I breezed into my office feeling on cloud fucking nine. James and my mother were already there waiting for me. "Great day for business isn't it?" I sighed happily, thinking of the gorgeous woman twisting nakedly in my bed sheets. "You're in a peculiar mood." My mother squinted cautiously at me.
- 323 -

"Bella?" James asked with a grin. I grinned back, but never indulged in an answer. "Oh for the love of- Edward please tell me-" "Not today mother. We have a board meeting to get to." I interrupted and smiled brightly at her barely phased by the onslaught I was about to receive. We all made our way to the conference room and sat silently waiting for the rest of the members to arrive when my phone buzzed. I glanced over at it on the table and smiled when I saw Bella's name. Coffee? - B The message read. I quickly typed my response and sent it back to her. I made some already in the machine, just press the button. Love you. -E I placed the phone back down and looked up to see my mom staring quizzically. My phone buzzed again and I immediately picked it up to read the message. Thanks, I'm sorry I'm bothering you in your meeting, but I can't find anything in this enormous kitchen. TTYL. I love you too. Bye.-B I decided not to respond and call her as soon as I was done with my meeting. "Bella?" James snickered while reading over the latest oil contract. "What are you twelve? Shut up." I joked. "Edward-" My mom started irritated. "Dad's late. We should call him." I ignored. "Yeah, you know how he feels about tardiness." James countered sarcastically never taking his eyes off of the contract. Suddenly as if on cue, he sauntered through the door laughing with the rest of the board members.
- 324 -

"Good morning." He announced, taking his normal seat."Let's get started shall we?" Bpov "Damn it I can't find a thing in this house." I said out loud. I already interrupted his meeting by stupidly calling and asking for coffee. Now I couldn't find the damn sugar. Edward Cullen was clearly a very organized neat freak. Last night was so.everything. I never expected it to end up this way. Dinner and talking everything out had been the initial plan, but who am I to complain about the outcome. I went back to the fridge and peeked inside not sure of what I was looking for, but my eyes zeroed in on a bottle of honey. Who keeps honey in the refrigerator? I shrugged and grabbed the bottle and squeezed the contents in my coffee. "It will have to do." I sighed. After drinking the worst coffee imaginable and showering, I decided to go grocery shopping to make an easy dinner for us. I knew I had class in the morning and for the rest of the week, so I wanted to spend all the time I could with him. Edward was a fantastic cook me not so fantastic. It would definitely be challenge to sell the man on Mac and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. I think not. "Okay chef Bella let's see what you've got." I said grabbing my keys and closing the front door behind me. Finally I arrived back at Edward's house and mentally cursed myself. Shit, I don't know the code to the gate. I cursed myself again, realizing I would have to bother him a second time. Stupid, stupid, stupid, Bella. I pulled out my phone ready to dial, but he beat me to it. "Hey!" I answered a little too eagerly. "Hey yourself." He chuckled. "You sound.hyper. What are you up to?" "Oh, um I was just coming in from the grocery store. I wanted to get some things
- 325 -

to make you dinner." "Oh really, I didn't know you cooked." He chuckled again. "Um.I don't, but I wanted to do it for you since you're working and all, but Edward I can't get back in the house." "What.Why?" "I don't have the code." I answered wincing slightly at my stupidity. He guffawed in my ear and I felt my cheeks flame. "Where are you right now?" he asked humorously. "I'm sitting in my truck at the gate and stop laughing!" "I bet you look like a lost little puppy.an adorable lost little puppy." "You're funny.what's the code?" "Guess." "Edward!" I whined. "Brown eyes." "What, Edward?" I sighed, beginning to get annoyed. "The code is brown eyes." I sat up in the seat and readjusted the phone to my ear. "Liar." I said smiling. "Go ahead and try it." I reached out of the window to punch in the code and low and behold the gate slowly opened. "Since when has this been the code?"
- 326 -

"Since now.baby listen, I'm going to be later than I thought. My meetings are running longer than anticipated." His voice changed all of sudden, sounding solemn and exhausted. "It's okay I know you're a big business man." I taunted. "YeahI'll see you later?" He asked. "I'll be here." The call ended and I decided on having peanut butter and jelly for dinner. I rested in my cold, lonely, boring bed staring at the ceiling. It was Thursday and I hadn't seen Edward since I left his house Monday evening. He was pissed that I wouldn't be staying the night. He was more pissed that we hadn't seen each other in a couple of days. We talked for hours on the phone like teenagers and texted all day as well. He insisted on coming over numerous times, but I resisted knowing I would never get any work done let alone be able to rest properly. Between both of our jobs and school it was going to be tough to squeeze in personal time. I was walking along campus with two of my classmates, Peter and Charlotte gossiping about demises for our professor. Neither of us happy with the grade we received on our medical thesis. "He needs his puny brain examined." Peter said rolling his eyes for dramatic effect. "Now Peter I think professor Banner is a bonafide genius." I said honestly. "A bonafide bone head is more like it and just because he's a genius doesn't mean he's right about everything, Bella." I knew I wasn't going to win this argument so I held up both hands in surrender. "I think you have a crush on him, Bella." Charlotte added. "What! I don't have a crush on him. He's like seventy, Charlotte." "So what are we going to do about this? I say we head over to Starbuck's and pull an all-nighter of studying. My mom will castrate me if I flunk out of school and losing my dick is nonnegotiable."
- 327 -

"Can we say drama queen, Peter." My voice dripped with sarcasm. "I am a queen." He said tossing his nonexistent long hair and batting his eyelashes suggestively. Charlotte and I just shook our heads at him. Peter was gorgeous, amazing and obviously gay. Although I could have sworn I'd seen him grinding on the asses of random girls at campus parties. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe he was having an internal battle or maybe he was bisexual, who knows. I loved hanging out with him and Charlotte though. We were usually always partners in class and usually always flunking together, but we made sure to help each other when it came time to cram and get those grades in order. "By the way you're not going to flunk out and I am not going to Starbuck's. I work there for Pete's sake. No pun intended." I finished with a smirk. That earned me another eye-roll. "Maybe we should go-" "Hel-lo." Peter drawled seductively as the black Mercedes screeched in front of our path." "Hey gorgeous." Edward said. "Heyyy." Peter replied. "Stop it." I shushed Peter. "Talk about bone-a-fide emphasis on the bone." He whispered. "Do I have to put a muzzle on you?" I snapped humorously. "You could try it doll face, but I'd probably demolish you're bony ass." Did I say I love Peter? Not. "Hey," I said moving closer to the car, "what are you doing here?" "Well this seems like the only way I can see you, so here I am. Are you mad?" "Mad like a rabid dog." Peter added with a mock snarl and I reached behind me taking a playful swat at him that he dodged effortlessly. "Aren't you going to introduce us to your friend, Bella?"Charlotte purred from
- 328 -

behind me. "Edward, this is Charlotte and Peter." I announced. "Hey." He said simply with a huge smile and velvety smooth voice. I'm sure Peter thought it was totally for him. "Soam I gonna get to spend some time with my girl tonight or not." He said emerging from the car. "Mary mother of sweet baby Jesus." Peter exclaimed and stepped back, obviously floored by Edward's appearance. He always had that effect on people after seeing him the first time..and the second time.hell and the third. Let's simply say you never get used to looking at the man, especially when he's in his work attire and sunglasses.and a sleek black car. Mary mother of"Bella if you don't spend some time with him then I will." "He's straight, Peter." I answered quickly. "I'm straight too." He whined. "We can be straight together." He sighed dreamily. I grabbed Edward by the arm and started back over to the car. "Let's get out of here before Peter drags your cute little butt to the other side. He walked around to the passenger side and opened the door for me to enter. "You're going to pay for that crack later, brown eyes." "You're ditching us?" Charlotte asked before taking a look at Edward once more."On second thought you would be a damned fool not to ditch, we'll save the notes for you." she said with a wave. "Thanks guys." I said honestly. "Yeah thanks guys." Edward said with a panty dropping smile and a wink as he floored the Mercedes out of the campus parking lot. "You are such a flirt. I'm sure poor Peter is hyperventilating right now." "I missed you." he ignored reaching for my hand and bringing it to his lips. "Do you have to work tonight?"
- 329 -

"No, but I have a ton of homework to do. I'm flunking this course." I said lacing my fingers with his. "That's a bit premature wouldn't' you say? Considering class just started about two weeks ago." "I need to study." I stated firmly. "I just want to have dinner with you.well that's not all I want, but I'll settle for now." "Okay." I answered feeling guilty about not being able to give him more. We arrived at a simple little Thai restaurant and ordered dinner. I wasn't very hungry and all the garlic and spices wafting in the air was doing strange things to my stomach. "So, what class are you flunking?" he asked, shocking me that he remembered. "I don't want you to think I'm stupid." I blurted out. "Bella," he warned with his eyebrows knitted together. "Anatomy." I huffed. "I'm not flunking it per se, but I can see myself struggling with it." "Maybe I can help you with that." He said seriously digging into his lo mien. "Seriously what I need is a quiet place to study with no noise and no distractions." It sounded harsh but it was the truth. Edward's 'helping' would get me nowhere except in the bedroom or my bare ass on the rug or spread eagle across his lovely piano. And as much as I loved sex with him, flunking this class was not an option. "What are you doing this weekend?" he continued ignoring me. "Studying."I answered slightly annoyed. "Alright, so stay at my place this weekend and you can study there.distraction free." "Edward-"
- 330 -

"Please don't insult me, Bella. I know college is important and I won't distract you. I just want to be with you. Even if I only get to steal a quick meal with you at that grotesque burger joint you love so much or holding you in my arms while you sleep. I want to be with you." Now I really felt like shit. "I'm sorry." I said reaching across the table to stroke his cheek. "Don't be sorry.be agreeable." He gestured with his chopstick. "Yes, Mr. Cullen." There I was sitting on Edwards couch with my feet tucked under my bottom typing away on my laptop. He kept true to his word and didn't do a thing to distract me. Instead he said he had a ton of work to do as well. He worked at the dining room table while I trashed the living area with books, papers and snacks. My studying habits were disgusting but could be done no other way.efficiently that is. Edward must have finished up his business calls without me noticing. The next time I did notice him he was coming down the steps freshly showered in grey sweats and a black wife beater. He half smiled at me and headed into the kitchen. "Hey babe, are you hungry?" I heard him call from the other room, but I really wasn't sure what he mumbled from that distance. "Huh?" I asked so he would repeat what he said. He came strolling back out into the living room with a menu in his hand. "I said you have been working non-stop without a break. Aren't you hungry?" "Um" I looked around the room at my mess and the evidence of my vanished snacks. "I guess I could eat, but I can't stop so it'll have to be something quick." "Okay, "He replied sounding a bit unhappy, "What would you like then.pizza, Chinese, Italian. I could make you a sandwich or something." "How about some Mac-n-cheese?" "Sure, I'll start shredding the cheese."
- 331 -

"Nah, how about the box kind? I love that." He was silent which prompted me to raise my head from my laptop to look at him. "You're kidding right? A box, Bella?" I shook my head with a smile. He rolled his eyes and turned back to the kitchen. After about twenty minutes or so he reentered the room balancing two steaming bowls, bottled water and a bottle of beer. He walked over to me and sat the bowl and water on the table in front of me then returned to the other chair with the other bowl in hand and started to eat. "Thank you." He nodded his response and resumed eating. I looked at him and decided this wasn't going to work. "Edward?" "Hmm?" he answered with a mouth full of food. "Come here."Sitting the bowl down, he began to advance towards me. "Bring your food too." "You want to eat mine too? He joked. "No silly, I'm taking a break and I want you over here with me." He slid behind me so I was sitting in between his legs and grabbed his bowl to finish eating. I reached for the remote and turned on my favorite show and leaned back while I began eating. "Jeopardy?" He asked amusingly. "Mmhmm." I answered. I loved the show but could never answer any of the damn questions. I think I just watched it to torture myself.not to mention I had a strange infatuation with Alex Trebek. I really began to like the show more listening to Edward answer almost every question.
- 332 -

"What is World War two?" He answered. "Who is Leonardo da Vinci?" "What is the Sistine Chapel?" "You're a nerd." I teased whipping around to see his expression. He responded with a kiss to my nose and continued to be brilliant. Once we were done eating and watching jeopardy, I attempted to resume studying.unsuccessfully of course. "Ughhhh." I groaned. "I can help you if you'd like." He offered. "Are you any good with anatomy?" I asked desperately. "Oh yeah. I'm extremely good with anatomy." His voice was dripping with sex. I arched an eyebrow at him and opened my mouth ready to protest, but was cut off. "Easy there tiger, I did take anatomy in college. I am more than qualified to help you." "You took anatomy in college?" "Well I was pre-med before I changed my major to business. I think you can pretty much guess why." Jesus, he wanted to be a doctor and his parents guilted him into taking business. I knew he wasn't particularly thrilled talking about his parents and the way they practically controlled his life and to be honest I wasn't either. We needed to get off of the subject fast before I never finished rewriting my paper. "After watching you annihilate jeopardy, I know you're more than qualified." "Don't you forget it, baby." He snarked and rested his chin on my shoulder reading my paper on my laptop.
- 333 -

"Are you always this cocky?" "You love my cock." He snickered. And we're back. "Sorry baby, you walked into that one." "And you loved making me pay for it." I said sarcastically as I started to type. "I said you were going to pay for that gay crack you made. You missed a comma." "Yes, Professor Cullen." Tpov After my encounter with Edward I realized that I needed to speak with someone who would be an ally to me. Barry wasn't getting back to me fast enough with dirt on Bella and time was running out. The wedding was in two weeks and no progress was being made. I hurried down the hall and entered the office without waiting to be invited. "We need to have a talk, Esme." I said tossing my purse and jacket in the chair. "This situation with Edward is completely ridiculous!" "Tanya, I agree with you one hundred percent." She interrupted with her hands up in a surrendering gesture. "Believe me I was mortified to hear what Edward did, and even more so when I spoke to him about it. He has gone completely off the deep end." "Exactly, Oh my God and I blame that Bella for it! She is the reason why all of this is happening. I'm mean really Esme, does she believe that she can truly be with a man like Edward! God, you should have seen her in Paris, picking out lingerie and what not for him! She has no clue how to make a man like that happy." I ranted, while pacing back and forth. "And don't get me started on her appearancejeans and goddamn sneakers, I mean what kind of lady wears that shit?" I continued with a scoff. "Tanya, please calm down. Honey, I know your upset, but I will sit down with Edward and straighten this whole mess out, but it's going to take some time."
- 334 -

"We don't have time, Esme. Did you know that girl lives here in Chicago!" "No, I wasn't aware of that." She answered shockingly. "Look Esme, talking to Edward isn't going to suffice. He's a stubborn, bullheaded moose." "What do you suggest we do, Tanya, hit him over the head, tie him to a chair and force him to listen to reason?" I cocked my head to the side, thinking about using those extreme measures to knock some sense into that thick skull of his, but decided to use a more effective method. "I have a private investigator looking into this Bella's background." I blurted out. "What?" Her eyebrows shot up. I couldn't believe she was acting surprised. She had to know that I would do whatever it took to correct this situation, no matter how severe the circumstances. "Don't act so surprised. I know that you will do anything to protect your son as well as the Cullen name and fortune. I'm simply trying to do the same, Esme." "You're right, Tanya and I do understand, but things with my children are a bit tarnished right now. I cannot be a part of anything that will upset Edward anymore than he already is. It will just be counter productive." She resumed shuffling papers on her desk, avoiding eye contact. "Don't worry you won't have to lift a finger or risk hurting Edward. I've taking care of everything. I'll be in touch." I concluded, gathering my belongings, leaving the office. I was sitting at a nearby coffee shop at one the outdoor patio sets waiting for my next appointment to arrive. Diligently, I checked my watch, becoming annoyed as the minutes ticked away. "Hey gorgeous," he breathed in my ear, causing me to whirl around in surprise, "this is a bit cloak and dagger, wouldn't you agree? I mean the whole dark shades and-" "It took you long enough, Barry. What do you have for me?" I said ignoring his
- 335 -

sarcasm. "Well, to be honest nothing. Isabella Swan is squeaky fucking clean." He said dragging up a chair and sitting across from me. "What! Are you telling me you have nothing on her! It's been a fucking week Barry you could have called me on the phone to tell me that!" "Calm down and let me finish." "Oh you're finished alright, Barry. You're fired! I'll find someone else more qualified to get me what I need." I went to stand and he grabbed my wrist, halting my retreat. "I'm the best and you know it, Ms. Denali. Now I said Isabella Swan was clean, but Charlie Swan on the other hand is not." He smiled wickedly, sliding a folder across the table. *sigh* Oh Charlie what have you done? Thanx so much for reading, now please let me know your thoughts, good or bad. Next Update won't be as long. I promise.

- 336 -

Chapter 22
Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. A/N: Thanks to all my readers new and old. You guys are the best. Thanks to everyone who encourages and keeps me wanting to continue this story. I wanted to address a review I received for last chapter. The piano sex was a little ambitious on my part so forgive if it seemed kind of *clears throat* off lol. I knew how I wanted that scene to play out in my head but maybe I got a little crazy. Just imagine your perfect sex encounter on a piano and apply it to that chap then it's all good ;) I know this is getting to u guys a few days late but enjoy the extra long gift.. The Calm before the Storm EPOV "Fuck!" I cursed, clearly agitated."Lauren get James' ass in here now!" I spat into the intercom. "Are you alright?" Bella asked. "I'm just peachy." I responded and instantly felt guilty for inflicting my sour mood on her. She was comfortably sitting on the sofa in my office working on her laptop. I suggested that we meet there after class so we could spend some time together. After some un-manly like begging she finally agreed. I was working on a deadline myself and realized I wouldn't be getting out of the office anytime soon, not to mention the day I just spent arguing with Tanya and her parents. I was wound up like a fucking clock and there were only two things that could settle my mood. working, running on the treadmill or fucking. Okay maybe three things. Burning the midnight oil won out of the trio. I was on my cell-phone barking orders when James barged in. I quickly finished my phone call and waved him over. "You summoned me? Hello there gorgeous." He said, acknowledging Bella. "If you're done flirting with my girlfriend, would you mind taking a look at this?" I
- 337 -

snapped. "What's up his ass?" I saw him whisper to Bella with a wink and a smirk. I watched annoyingly as she shrugged and went back to typing. "Nothing is up my ass, but I will definitely put my Italian loafer up yours if you do not get over her and take a look at this." "God you're cranky, when was the last time you-" "Don't." I interrupted knowing how he was going to finish that sentence. He walked over, taking up residence on the edge of my desk and took the paper from my outstretched hand. "There is an anonymous buyer purchasing a fuck load of stock in Cullen Oil, like it's going out of style. Were you aware of this?" I asked exasperated. "Of course I didn't know about this, but give me moment to check a few things out. I'll need to go to my office for a bit." "Alright." I answered running my hand through my hair. I silently cursed realizing it wasn't long enough to grip anymore. You just had to fucking cut it asshole. "Hey," I yelled out before he could leave, "Chinese?" I asked. "Hell yeah, and make sure you get extra dumplings with sauce this time. I'll be back in a minute." "Ughhhhh!" I groaned plopping down on the sofa next to Bella. I rested my head back and blindly grabbed her feet and placed them on my lap. "I'm sorry baby, but it looks like this is as romantic as it gets." "I don't mind. I love seeing you in arrogant businessman mode.it's very sexy." "Please don't say sex.seriously." I sighed deeply when I felt her hand scratching my scalp. "Okay I won't say sex." She giggled." I glanced at her and in a flash I was on top of her yanking her pen out of her mouth.
- 338 -

"Oh my God what are you doing?" she continued to giggle and squirm underneath me. "Do you think I'm opposed to fucking you right here in this office on this couch, Bella? My patience is very strained when it comes to sex with you." I said slightly amused, but with a rough edge to my voice. "You heard your brother. He will be back in a minute." She whispered breathlessly as I raised her hands above head. "Do you think I'm opposed to fucking you on this very couch knowing that he could come bursting through that door at any moment? That little detail makes it all the more erotic. Seeing how you would react." I said leaning in to brush her lips with mine. "Would you blush profusely?'' I sucked on her bottom lip, then the top one. "Mmmm.or would you be so lost and turned on that you'd let me keep drilling you from behind while he watched." "Oh my God." She moaned seductively."Get up Edward, before we do something that will leave us both embarrassed." She responded, pushing me off of her. "Then don't say sex. I feel really insatiable right now and I could fuck you up against that ceiling to floor window without a moment's hesitation." She shook at her head, staring at me in disbelief and humor. "You're no fun." I sighed, dragging myself off of the couch. "We can have fun later." She said palming my ass. "Have I told you how sex.um I mean gorgeous you look in those glasses? I'm definitely seeing my professor fantasy come to life in this office." She purred, wrapping her arms around me from behind. "Professor fantasy huh?" my curiosity peaked. Me ass naked with just a pair of wire frames, while Bella bends her perky little ass over my desk as I spank her cheeks raw for being tardy. I can definitely get with that. "It sounds kinky to me." James said reemerging from the hall and breaking me out of my reverie. "Can you knock?" I asked suddenly irritated that he interrupted a possible naughty student and strict professor quickie fuck. "The door was open bro, where's the food?"
- 339 -

"Chinese okay for you?" I asked turning to Bella. She smiled giving me a thumb's up signal and went back to typing. "So what did you find out?" I asked tossing him a menu. "It's nothing for you to worry your pretty little head over." He said sarcastically. "It's probably mom, dad or one the board members. I'll handle it. You just worry about getting Victoria's family to trust in Cullen Oil." "I know, but Tanya's parents are being difficult now that they know I called off the wedding. They're trying to do everything they can to block this deal with the Ashton group." "I'll get Vic to convince her father that signing with Cullen Oil will be a better investment and then the Denali's will have no choice but to jump on board." "Let's hope you're right." "I am little brother, trust me." He concluded with a hand over his chest in mock sincerity. "I'd rather trust a snake." I laughed. "But, I know you'll come through. Now, let's get to work." BPOV Edward had followed James into his office to have a conference call, saying that he didn't want to disturb me. Initially I had thought it would be a bad idea to study in his office after class, but it actually had worked out. I got to spend time with him and watch him in business mode. The Edward I knew was sweet, sexy and sometimes a pain in the ass, but watching him work was a treat. He was a ruthless business man and it surprised me that he was so focused and successful at his age. I began getting comfortable as I finished my homework. We were waiting for dinner to be delivered and it seemed to be taking forever so I decided to shut my eyes for a moment just to rest. I leaned my head back on the arm of the sofa and stretched out my legs. It felt so good to have some quiet time. Living with Sadie and Angela was never a dull or silent moment and not to mention Rose barging in and out anytime she felt like it. I relished times like these. If I wasn't careful I would be snoring and drooling all over his office furniture in mere seconds. Peacefully, I was relaxing when I heard the door close. I peered out of one eye
- 340 -

thinking it was Edward and James returning, but soon saw it was someone else entirely. I immediately shot up and began to apologize. "I'm sorry. I was just taking a break from studying." I explained, although I had no idea why or to whom I was explaining myself. I guess I just felt weird being sprawled out in Edward's office with my shoes off and the evidence of my homework strewn all over the place. "No apologies are necessary. Although I feel like I should apologize for startling you. I am sorry." He said with sincerity and smiled. It dawned on me at that moment that I was speaking to Edward's father. I remembered him from the photograph on his piano. Oh the piano. Shit! Focus, Bella. "I'm Carlisle Cullen.and you must be, Bella." I nodded and inwardly chastised myself for acting like a five year old child who was afraid to talk to strangers. "Yes I'm Bella." I confirmed. Great now I sound like a damn robot. "I've heard a lot about you, but it's nice to finally put a face with the name. My son seems to be very taken with you." "I'm taken with him as well." I said shyly and felt my cheeks start to warm. "I have to assume that you two are more than just hanging out, for a lack of better words." He said with air quote emphasis on hanging out. "Mr. Cullen. I care very deeply for your son. I know this is a bit of a surprise to you and your family, but I can assure you that I truly care for him.I love him." I finished with a near whisper. "Stop me if I'm being too bold Bella, but how long have you known my son?" I knew what he was getting at and I wasn't going to back down. I loved Edward even though our relationship happened rather spontaneously. "Edward and I have been involved for about three months now." "Three months." He repeated and took a seat on the edge of Edward's desk. He
- 341 -

pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "Mr. Cullen, I know I'm not the ideal choice for Edward, but I do love him and I would love the opportunity to get to know his family and for you all to get to know me. And I can promise you I would never do anything to bring harm to him or your family." I responded genuinely. He nodded his approval and smiled. This didn't seem like the same man that Edward had described to me. There almost was a hint of compassion behind his brusque exterior. "I can see why Edward cares for you. You have fight in you. Don't lose that quality." He said sternly. "Well, since you two are official I hope you will be attending the banquet with Edward this weekend, Bella." "Banquet?" I asked bewildered. "Yes, it's a black tie event that we have every year for socialites and business partners. We would love to have you there." He concluded as he left the office. I began pacing back and forth and biting my nails to the nub. Great Bella, now you know there's no way you can attend an event like this with nails that look like they've been shredded in a meat grinder. I berated myself mentally and quickly yanked my fingers from my mouth and folded my arms across my chest. Why the hell did he invite me to dinner? Was this all a tricksome sort of ploy to embarrass me.To prove that I was indeed unworthy of his son? I continued my mental obsessing until I found myself pacing once again in front of my bedroom mirror cautiously, stealing glances at my reflection trying to picture myself in a fancy gown and death trap shoes."Forget it, Bella." I snorted out loud. I walked over to my bed and fell backwards on it in disgust. This was the part of Edward's life that scared me to death. Things were just starting to run smoothly with us and now it was all going to be corrupted with fancy dinner parties and elbow rubbing with bougie people. We are just getting back on track after all the lies and separation and."drama!" I shouted and gripped my hair roughly. Edward's family was extremely wealthy and no doubt there would be nothing but
- 342 -

wealthy people at this black tie event. Edward hadn't asked me himself to attend and that worried me. I knew that I wasn't the ideal choice for him according to his parents, but why didn't he ask me to the dinner? Maybe he truly knew I wouldn't fit in. Maybe he knew that I truly did not belong in his world.that I wasn't good enough. I hadn't given Edward's father an answer to his invitation. Hell it didn't really sound like a proper invite. 'I hope you will be attending the banquet with Edward this weekend, Bella. We would love to see you there.' He didn't wait for a response. He just smiled a brilliant smile and walked away, leaving me gaping. Completely astonished, I left Edward's office in a hurry, not waiting for him to return. I glanced over at my phone that was resting on my pillow. I grabbed it ready to call him and apologize for leaving so abruptly without saying a word. I noticed there were several missed calls from him already. I huffed and hit the call button. "Hello? What happened? Where are you?" He snapped with urgency. "I'm home. I'm sorry I left before you came back." "Why did you leave? What did my father say to you, Bella? I swear to God if-" "It's okay. He didn't say anything.well he said something's but nothing disrespectful.actually he was rather very respectful. I realized I had to head to the library to pick up some books." I lied. "Are you sure you're okay? You sound funny." "I'm fine. Stop worrying. I'll talk to you later." "HeyI love you." He said reassuringly. "Love you too." I pressed end call and threw my arm over my eyes. I had no idea if I should mention this to Edward or not. One would think he already knew, but he still hadn't said anything. Why did I feel like if I attended this thing that I would be walking into a complete
- 343 -

ambush? "Let's go!" my door slammed open. "Frisbee with Sadie in two minutes. I need to burn off some energy." Angela said a little too hyper. I raised my head a bit, peeking from under my arm. "Are you serious?" "Well, by the look of your current state, it seems that you could use the distraction. Besides I got dirt on Mike and I need to vent, now come on." She yelled, trotting out of my room. At least I could forget about my problems for a minute or two by listening to somebody else's. What do they say they say about misery again? "Are you going to tell me what's wrong or are you going to continue to stand there chewing your finger off." He asked while he ran at an accelerated pace effortlessly on the treadmill. My head jerked up in his direction as it dawned on me what he said. I simply waved him off. "I'm fine." "Okay. Have it your way, Bella." He said with laboring breaths. Suddenly I was focused on him in black adidas ball shorts, with matching running sneakers. He was completely drenched and blowing exhaling breaths with the rhythm of his workout. His abdominal muscles flexed and contracted with each movement. Hair and body saturated with sweat. What the hell was I just obsessing about? "I love when you look at me like thatlike I'm something to eat." He smirked as he caught me ogling him shamelessly. I rolled my eyes as there was a knock at his front door. "Can you get that? It's a surprise for you." he said, turning down the speed to a walking pace. "What surprise.what did you do Edward?" "Answer the door and stop being so damned suspicious."
- 344 -

"Suspicious?" I asked. "Look at who I'm dating?" I finished sarcastically. Stopping the treadmill, he walked over to me and wrapped his towel around my neck, pulling me into a chaste kiss. "Answer the door," he whispered against my lips, "or I'll get you soaking and wet! He yelled shaking his head violently as sweat flung from his hair all over me. "Okay!" I shrieked, tearing away from him and bolting for the door. "Have fun with your surprise!" He yelled from behind me. I reached the door and enthusiastically wrenched it open. Alice was standing in the doorway clad in dark shades and swinging car keys from her index finger. "Surprise." she said calmly, with that signature Cullen smirk. Alice had convinced me to go out to lunch with her. I had no idea why Edward thought this would be a surprise for me, but I was happy to be spending time with part of his family. We decided on eating at an upscale country club that Edward and his family attended regularly. It was beautiful and regal. Of course I felt completely out of place. I ordered my lunch modestly and probably stared way too much at the rest of the guests dining. My palms were starting to sweat and I noticed myself repeatedly gulping my glass of water. If only that damn waiter would stop refilling the glass! "Are you alright, Bella?" she asked inquisitively. "Oh.yeah. I'm okay." I lied as she pulled me from my thoughts. I continued watching her closely while she talked about everything at warp speed. I hoped she wasn't asking me any questions because I was too focused on her appearance and how sophisticated she was to recall anything she was saying. I watched how she gestured with her delicate looking manicured French tipped fingers as she described certain details about her life. I did manage to pick up that she was interested in interior designing when I wasn't paying attention to how beautiful and silky her hair looked. God it's like diamonds when the sun shines through it. Instinctively, my hand went up to blindly examine a loose lock of my own hair. "So, Bella what do you say?"
- 345 -

I shook my head to clear my thoughts and looked at her confusingly. "I'm sorry what did you say?" "You weren't paying me any attention, were you?" "I-" "It's okay." She interrupted. "I've been told I talk a lot." "Noit's me. I just have a few things on my mind.school and all." I lied again. "Well, I was saying since you're coming to the banquet with Edward this weekend, we could go shopping together after lunch for our gowns. Edward said to spare no expense so we are going to swipe the magnetic strip right off of his credit card." She giggled. My eyes went wide at her statement and I realized that he was aware that his father asked me to come to dinner this weekend. In fact he basically told his family I was coming and so innocently forgot to ask me if I would go. To top it off he was telling his sister to spend obscene amounts of money on me without consulting with me first. Damn you Edward Cullen! The last thing I wanted was his family thinking that I was with him for his money and he just committed the ultimate fuck up. I would not be bought. I would not be bullied, or charmed into being bought. The more I thought about his scheming the more pissed I became. I excused myself from Alice, lying that I had some project to do and we would talk about shopping later. I had a bone to pick with Edward Cullen a.s.a.p. I was driving like a mad woman in route to his office, completely fuming. How dare he set me up! For a split second it seemed quite juvenile to be so angry at him for wanting to buy me a dress and have me on his arm attending an important elegant dinner. A girl could do a lot worse than having a gorgeous sexy man wanting to give her the world and show her off. "Oh shut up!" I berated myself. I arrived at Cullen Oil offices and slammed on the brakes not caring that I was in someone's designated parking space. Quickly tearing out of the car, I slammed the door and rushed in and up to his office. His secretary looked at me like I was deranged. "Is he in?" I snapped at her. So what she doesn't like me any how.
- 346 -

I didn't give her enough time to answer before I knocked once wrenching the door open. "You bastard!" I seethed. He looked up from his desk with his eyebrows knitted together. Slowly, he removed his glasses and started to respond. "Don't!" I yelled, holing my hand up to stop him. "I will not be bought!" "What the hell are you talking about?" he asked, obviously puzzled. "How did your day go with Alice?" "My day went fine until I found out the true reason behind it." "Okay." He said with emphasis on the A. Smug bastard. "Fine, you want to play games, Edward? Let's play. I am not going to be told what to do by you, your father or your sister. I will not be attending dinner this weekend either, so find someone else to accompany you!" I turned to storm out of the office, but he was quickly behind me softly shutting the door. "I'm sorry." He slid his arms around my waist and gently kissed my ear and I melted from the husky tone of his voice. "Why couldn't you just ask me to go like a normal guy?" I sighed in defeat. "I'm not normal." He countered. "Edward." I said annoyingly. "I was getting around to it I swear. I thought this way would be more romantic." He said as almost as if it were a question. "I wasn't trying to buy you. Alice said she was thinking about asking you out to lunch so you two could get to know one another and she thought it would be the perfect time to go shopping or whatever. She assumed I had asked you to the banquet already and ran with it." I felt myself relaxing into his embrace as he swayed our bodies back and forth. "Why are you really so pissed off with me, Bella? Because it seems that you're reaching for any reason to be angry with me these days. Is it about the dinner or about me spending money on you?" "I don't want your family to think I want your money." I mumbled and sniffed. I
- 347 -

could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. "I don't give a damn about what my family thinks. Bella, look at me." He spun me around to face him. "Bella, will you come to the banquet with me this weekend?" My bottom lip quivered and I immediately broke into tears. "I can't!" "That wasn't the answer I was hoping for, baby. Why can't you?" I couldn't believe I was standing there sobbing over a dinner. I had gone from happy this morning too being pissed, now into a blubbering mess. What the hell was wrong with me? Ever since Edward's father mentioned coming to dinner my emotions were all over the place. How the hell was I going to explain to Edward that I felt too out of place to be around his family and the tons of uppity people that would be there? I thought back to the couples that were dining at the country club and how elegant and sophisticated they were. I couldn't compete with people like that and I was sure to embarrass him. I sniffed and raised my head to look at him still awaiting my answer to his question. I didn't know what to say so I did the next best thing. I lied. "My legs are short." I croaked. "What?" He snorted and chuckled, taking a step back to inspect my form. "Your legs are-" "My legs are short! She said I was short." I rambled. "I'm going to look terrible in a gown because I'm too short!" "Wait.who said you were too short.Alice?" I blinked at him and thought for a second about my outburst. Yep you said it idiot. "Tanya." I answered in a mouse like voice. "What? When the hell did you talk to Tanya? You know what it doesn't really matter. Your legs are gorgeous and sexy and I want you to come with me to the banquet." "You said I was scrawny." I blurted out. "Are you serious right now? I didn't mean it like that. I simply meant-"He paused
- 348 -

as if he were thinking of the right thing to say. "Who cares what I meant.I'm an idiot sometimes, you know that. I want you to come to the banquet with me and I'm not taking no for an answer, Bella." After realizing my half witted attempts at excuses didn't work, I decided I needed to be honest with him. I walked over to the window and stared out for moment. "You deserve better." I murmured. "Bella." He warned. "You deserve someone who can keep up with you, Edward. Someone you can bring to a function like this and be proud of. I can't even afford to buy a dress let alone the rest of the things I will need to be an appropriate date for you." I exhaled and lowered my head acting like I was concerned with the people walking by on the sidewalk. Suddenly I heard a drawer open and close and I turned around to look curiously at what he was doing. He had been entirely silent at my confession and that began to worry me. Edward was only quiet when he was plotting and scheming, or so I thought. He walked over to stand beside me, mimicking my position, staring out of the window at the passersby. I glanced at him from the side and could see his jaw repeatedly clenching and a small vein visible above his temple. He was angry. I had never witnessed him in this state. "You're going to that banquet with me." He said calmly, yet seriously. "Edward-" He turned and put a finger over my lips, silencing me. "You're going to that banquet and I won't listen to anymore putting yourself down." He replaced his finger with his lips and kissed me softly. "There are going to be tons of events like this and I want you next to me at each and every one of them and not as my date, but as the woman I love." "You can't say stuff like that to me." I began tearing up again. "I have no fight left in me when you say stuff like that." "Then don't fight. Say you'll go with me?" He cupped my face and brushed my
- 349 -

tears away with his thumbs. "Do I have a choice?" I laughed tauntingly. "You basically told me I was going." "This is true." He quipped. "But I would love to here your concession." I rolled my eyes and massaged his temple trying to get the stress vein to disappear. "Yes, Edward. I'll go with you to the banquet." "That's my brown eyed girl." He said kissing me quickly on the nose. "Now I have something for you." He reached in his pocket and pulled out a black credit card and my eyes widened in protest. "I want you to take this and buy whatever you need or want. Buy whatever you need or want." He reiterated when he saw my head shaking. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on and now it's time to show the world. Take it." Tentatively, I reached for the card and slowly withdrew it from his fingers, while his smile spread at the same time. "I have three words for your leg dilemma." He grinned wickedly. "What?" I asked with an arched brow. "Fuck me heels.four inch." He whispered and waggled his eyebrows. I shook my head at him incredulously as I watched him stroll confidently to the door. "For the record Bella if I were trying to buy you I would have started with replacing that beast of a truck." He said with a wink and continued out the door. "Hey." I whined in utter shock. "Don't diss the truck!" I yelled after him. Two days later, I found myself standing in front of a mirror in what Alice referred to as the 'most elegant store in all of Chicago'. Alice and Angela had hit it off so well that she dragged her out of the house, telling her that she needed her opinion on dresses. She also promised to introduce her to James if she came along with us. That was enough to send her running out of the door. We had to have tried on at least fifty dresses and I hadn't found one I liked. I
- 350 -

didn't know what color looked best or if I should choose strapless or short. I wasn't good at these types of things, but Alice and Angela seemed to be having a ball. Alice had chosen an all black halter chiffon gown with extremely high black heels. She twirled and bunched her long flowing locks on top of her head as she admired how her neck and shoulders would look if she wore her hair up. They both clapped and squealed, marveling at how fabulous she looked. I was holding up a red spaghetti strapped gown in front of me, trying desperately to make this thee gown, but it wasn't working. I huffed and stomped my foot in irritation which got their attention. "Bella! Oh my God! Red is to harsh for you and you should definitely be going with strapless." Alice chastised and yanked the dress from my grasp. "I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not going." I plopped down on the dressing room chaise. "You are going. My brother would have cow if you didn't. It'll be fine, Bella. We will help you. My God is she always like this?" she asked turning to Angela. "Sorry, but she is." Angela shrugged. "Oh wait I saw a dress on the way in that looked perfect for you, Bella. I'll have the store manager bring it in." she said, bouncing out of the room. "You're nervous aren't you?" Alice said sitting next to me. "Is it that obvious?" I scoffed and brushed a strand of hair away from her eye. "You have very beautiful hair. I bet everyone there will have beautiful, luxurious hair and long legs and.damn it! I'm so in over my head." I complained as I stood and began to pace in front of her. "Is that what your issue is? You think you won't measure up?" She sighed and stood in my path. "Bella I'm not going to lie to you. My parents are snobs. Everyone there will most likely be snobbish." "Thanks for not sugar coating it, Alice." I interjected. "You've made me feel a lot better." "All I'm saying is that I know it will be a different scene for you, but you'll have me with you if you start to feel awkward. I'm just a tiny bit snobbish." She finished with a chuckle that made me laugh as well. "Don't worry. I'm going to make sure you're beautiful. Angela seems determined to make that happen too. I like her." She whispered and nudged my shoulder. "I think she would be perfect for James."
- 351 -

"Well she is definitely inquiring about him." Just then, Angela came dancing back in the room with the most gorgeous gown and matching lingerie. My mouth fell open and Alice started squealing again. "I know isn't it perfect for her!" Angela joined in with the squealing. How old are we again? "Here Bella and you have to try the lingerie on too." She said pushing me in the dressing room. Is that even legal or sanitary? I stood in the dressing room fumbling with the device that was supposed to suck my abdominal area completely in and make me have an hour glass looking figure. Soon, I realized this was the most ridiculous contraption ever invented for a woman. "I can't get this thing on!" I shouted from behind the door. "It's a corset." I heard Angela confide to Alice. Corset? What are we in the 1800's? "Angela, what the hell is this?" I whined. "Help me." "Jesus Bella, you are such a baby. Come out here." "What! I'm practically nude." "Bella we are the only ones here and unless you have a penis between your legs I'm not remotely interested in checking you out, now come out of there and let us see." Alice continued, evidently annoyed. I stomped out the room like a six year old which elicited an eye roll from the two of them. They both stood behind me and told me to brace my hands on the wall while one buttoned and the other pulled the satin strings to tighten. It didn't feel as bad as I heard about, but it definitely had my boobs sitting up on display. As they finished buttoning and tying the corset, I was pushed in front of the mirror to examine myself. "Oh my Gosh!" I gasped. "Oh my Gosh is right." Angela added. "Are you gaining weight IzzyB?" she stated,
- 352 -

smiling with her hands on her hips. I whirled around with mouth and eyes wide and gasped again. "Wha-what are talking about!" I shrieked, completely aghast and instinctively began patting and checking my stomach and waistline for bulges. "Calm down, Bella I just meant your boobs look fuller that's all." "It's the corset rightAlice?" I panicked still groping my body and examining certain parts of myself. "Well the corset does give you extra lift. You look amazing." I gave a nervous laugh and turned to look at myself in the mirror. "Yeah, but I've noticed as of late that your boobs are getting fuller and your hips are spreading a little. It looks good on you though." Angela mentioned. "My hips are spreading?" I asked confusingly. For a moment I looked like Sadie chasing her tail as I tried to examine myself from behind. "Are you trying to give the girl a heart attack? Don't worry Bella. I happen to know that my brother is an ass man." Edward's an ass man? Wait my ass is getting bigger too! "Oh my God I'm not going." I blurted out and tried to duck into the dressing room but they equally jumped in my path. "Put on the damn dress." They said in unison. "Fine! Way to gang up on me guys." I said snatching the dress and stepping back behind the door. Finally, the dress was on and I had to admit it felt amazing against my skin. "Bella, come on let us see." Alice sighed impatiently. I opened the door and saw their eyes stretch with amazement. I didn't know if that was good or bad thing so I quickly went to the mirror and assessed the damage. I was surprised to see there was no damage at all. Actually I think I looked rather
- 353 -

pretty. "Oh my God you look like a princess, Bella." Alice said dreamily. "She's right. Edward is going to die." Angela added. I stared in the mirror at the pale pink silk strapless gown and agreed with them. I loved this dress and I hoped Edward would too. After selecting the perfect jewelry, shoes and getting spa treatments, Alice dropped Angela and me off and told me she'd call me in the morning. We dragged our bags in the house and headed to the kitchen to make a quick snack. "So that was fun and I really like Alice." Angela commented. "Yeah, she's great." I said holding my stomach. I was feeling a little nauseous ever since we left the dress store. We didn't really eat anything so maybe I needed some food. Suddenly Angela was talking and it sounded like I was going through a tunnel. I could feel my heart racing and I felt warm like I was going to faint. "Bella, you want Sloppy Joes?" "Oh! I'm gonna be sick." I mumbled through my hand and shot up from the table, bolting up the stairs to the bathroom. Angela was right on my heels. Once I was finished emptying the contents from my stomach, I closed the lid of the toilet and crossed my arms resting my head on top. My mind began dredging up thoughts.thoughts I didn't want to have. It was September and I started having sex with Edward in July. Oh God. "Oh no! No, no, no, no!" I gasped. "Bella are you okay?" Angela asked finally appearing at the bathroom door. I looked at her with flared eyes and shook my head violently. I could tell by the concerned look on her face that she shared my exact same thoughts. "My boobs are getting bigger." "Bella?"
- 354 -

"My hips are spreading?" "Bella-" "I'm throwing up and getting nauseous at the mere mention of food.my favorite foods.Angela!" "Bella you're just stressed out with everything that happened in Paris and school .now.it's stress." She reasoned, but she didn't know. How could she know? "We stopped using condoms. Oh my God how could I have been so stupid!" I whispered to myself. "Bella listen to me," she knelt down beside me, "it's going to be okay, but let's not jump to conclusions. The first thing we have to do is calculate. Have you missed a period?" "No." I answered quickly. "Okay, um you said you and Edward stopped using condoms. How long ago did you guys stop?" "I don't know. I don't remember. I think" Then it dawned on me.Edward's voice asking me if I were on the pill. Paris! "Oh no.no, no, no!" I chanted with my hand covering my mouth. "Bella! How long?" she asked nervously. "I know for sure we didn't use them in Paris, but I can't be sure if- damn it I can't think! I don't remember! " I turned to her with pleading eyes. "Angela I can't be preg-" "Don't say it. We have to get you a preg-a test." She hesitated. "Let's go to the pharmacy right now." She said trying to pull me up from the floor. "I can't move, Angela. I can't think. I can't do this!" "Okay, you stay here I'll be back as quick as possible." "Okay." I said almost inaudible.
- 355 -

I continued to sit on the bathroom floor trying to understand how this could have happened. You know exactly how it happened. "Oh God." I exhaled, looking up at the ceiling for some kind of sign that this was a dream that I was trapped in. I scrambled to my feet and walked slowly to my bedroom, clutching my stomach the whole time. This was not happening. How could I have gotten so swept up in my relationship with Edward that I had completely just forgotten about birth control? Technically I hadn't forgotten. I had gone to see my doctor before I went to Florida with concerns about the pills I had been taking. My menstrual flow had been excessive and he told me to stop taking them. He had prescribed a new pill regimen for me to start the following week. Switching up the pills must've screwed with my hormones or something and now. "Oh my God!" I yelled, gripping my hair. Thoughts raced through my head of me waddling with a plump belly and swollen ankles. Images floated of me screaming in labor and pushing a baby stroller while trying to balance my medical books in my arms. I cringed at the thought of me being someone's mother. I wasn't ready. I was only nineteen for crying out loud. I began wringing and shaking my hands as I wore a hole in my bedroom carpet. "Where the hell are you, Angela?" I impatiently, wondered out loud, knowing full well that she hadn't pulled out of the garage yet. Just then my phone buzzed and I jumped as it sacred the shit out of me. Without a moment's hesitation, I snatched it off of my dresser not checking the caller id. "Angela?" I answered the phone panting heavily and sounding desperate. "It's me, brown eyes. What's wrong?" It was happening again.the nausea, the sweating, and the heart racing. Oh no! "Edward, oh God." I retched and dropped the phone running back to the bathroom. "Bella?" I heard him call out over the phone while I was in route to the bathroom. This time I stayed on the bathroom floor, clinging to that toilet bowl as if my life depended on it. I needed to call Edward back. I knew he was probably freaking out
- 356 -

and was on his way flying over here as soon as the phone dropped. The last thing I wanted was him barging in with worry and stumbling in on me peeing on a stick. Jesus Christ how did I get in this mess. I heard the door slam and I began to panic. Angela was hurrying up the stairs as I got up and went to retrieve my phone. In a hurry I dialed Edward and he answered before it had a chance to ring. "What the hell is going on, Bella? Are you alright?" "I'm fine, Edward. I just"I'm on my way over there." "No! I just ate something bad and I was feeling queasy. I'm fine." "Bella I got the-" "Shhh!" I silenced Angela and covered the phone so Edward wouldn't become more suspicious. "Edward I'm fine I swear. I'm just going to take a warm bath and get in bed. I'll call you later. Bye." I said rushing him off of the phone. "Did you get it?" I asked anxiously. "I bought three just to make sure." She said handing me the bag. I grabbed the bag and locked myself in the bathroom. I hadn't meant to be so rude, but if I knew Edward he was still on his way and I needed to hurry. With a deep breath I opened the first box and began swiftly reading the instructions. Three minutes had gone by since I finished and sat the test on the sink awaiting the results. Angela kept asking every five seconds what it read. Finally, I grabbed it off of the sink without looking at it and opened the door. "Well?" she asked. "You read it. I can't." I said thrusting it into her midsection. She took it from my hands and glanced down, then slowly looked back up at me. I couldn't read her eyes. I didn't want to. I just wished she would blurt it out like ripping off a bandage.
- 357 -

"It's negative." She sighed with relief. My head fell back and hit the wall with a thud. I thanked the heavens and swore I would never have unprotected sex again as long as I lived.or until I was married. I was relieved but not completely satisfied so I took another test and the results were exactly the same.so what the hell was wrong with me? There was banging at the front door and I heard Edward's voice call my name. Quickly I cleaned up the boxes in the bathroom and sent Angela to let him in. I could hear him frantically asking her if I was alright and that I kept hanging up on him. Angela was tough, but I knew she didn't stand a chance if I didn't save her soon. After making sure all of the evidence was safely put away, I made my way down the steps. "Bella, tell me what the hell is going on right now." He said sternly. "I told you. I ate something bad. I'm sorry I hung up on you, but I wasn't feeling well." He walked over to me and began feeling my head. "Are you a doctor now, Edward?" "Awww." Angela cooed. I gave her the death ray stare and she excused herself, saying she had homework to do. "I'm not a doctor, but any capable person can tell when someone has a fever." "Okay doctor, do I have a fever?" I asked sarcastically. "No, but I'm staying the night to take care of you."" He said picking up his car keys and heading to the door. "Where are you going?" I asked confusingly. "I'm going to the grocery store. I know you probably only have boxed Mac-n-cheese and some cola in here. I'll make you some soup and get you some ginger ale. Go get in bed." "I'm not a baby you know." "Bed, Bella." He ordered.
- 358 -

"Yes, dad." I sighed heavily. Well at least you know he would've been a good father. I thought to myself. I turned to head back up the stairs, but not before calling my doctor to make an appointment. I had to find out what the hell was going on with me. We arrived at the Cullen mansion and I was stunned to say the least. Edward's house was gorgeous, but there were absolutely no words for his parent's house. It was breathtaking. I guess there were words after all. "Have I told you how incredibly beautiful you look?" He leaned down to whisper in my ear. "Um, I think you mentioned it a few times when you picked me up." I said nervously. "A few times huh? Then I haven't told you nearly enough." He said lacing his fingers with mine as we walked inside. "You look amazing too." I said squeezing his hand affectionately. He really did look amazing in all of his Armani glory. He wore his thin wire frames, saying he didn't feel like putting in his contacts, but I suspected he knew just how hot he looked in them. His hair was still spiky from being cut and sideburns perfectly shaped, but he wasn't completely shaved clean which I loved. We were greeted by Alice once we made our way in. I was surprised there wasn't a butler or something answering the door. "Oh my God you look so terrific, Bella." She said grabbing me in a bear hug and kissing my cheek. "You look good too, brother." She finished dryly. "Thanks, Smidge." He said rolling his eyes and kissing her forehead. "Is James here yet?" "No, but did you know he was bringing Victoria?" "Alice, are your brothers here yet?" Before she had a chance to answer, Edward's father interrupted walking in looking extremely handsome and extremely young. Like Edward he was in a black tuxedo with his blonde hair combed back neatly.
- 359 -

"Edward I didn't see you there." He continued, placing a hand on Edward's shoulder. "Bella, welcome, you look extraordinary." He said with a wide smile and leaned in to kiss my cheek. Okay that was weird. "Thank you for having me Mr. Cullen." I reciprocated, politely. "Please call me Carlisle." He said scrunching his face up at my misuse of his name. "I'm sorryCarlisle." I corrected. "You have a beautiful home." "Thank you, Bella. Although I can't take any of the credit, my wife did all of the decorating. I look forward to getting to know you better, Bella and please enjoy yourself." He finished as he went to greet the other guest that were arriving. "See, you have him wrapped around your finger." Edward said sarcastically. "Should I be worried?" He taunted. I simply smiled as he led me into the dining area. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. I watched as guests filled the room and greeted the Cullen family members one after the other. James had finally showed up with Victoria on his arm. I was glad Edward had prepared me that she would be there beforehand. I knew that it would be awkward after the incident between them in Florida, but I reassured him that I had put it past me. I was concerned about Tanya being there, but he told me the Denali's wouldn't be attending. Edward said there would be questions about what happened with the wedding and speculation about our relationship once people saw us together. That part scared the hell out of me, and also the fact that I hadn't seen or met his mother yet. As if on cue she came breezing into the room. She looked like complete royalty in an all white beaded gown. Her beautiful red locks were pinned up into a twist with loose bangs tumbling just above her eyelashes. In a word she was flawless. She was wearing a radiant smile as she approached us and I felt myself began to fidget. "You must be Bella." She said sweetly and leaned in to kiss my cheek. I instantly realized that this must be how his entire family greeted everyone. "Bella this is my mother Esme." Edward added as he kissed both of her cheeks. "Hello. It's very nice to finally meet you. Edward has told me so much about you."
- 360 -

I said nervously. I hoped she hadn't noticed. "Well I hope Edward was very pleasant when he spoke about us." She said teasingly. "I can't say I know much about you though. I hope we can rectify that this evening." She finished with a hint of a question. "Um sure I would love to know more about Edward's family." "Good, I'll look forward to it. Now, have you two seen my gorgeous husband?" She asked rubbing her lipstick away from Edward's cheek. "He went to greet your dinner guests. You are a bit late mother, but gorgeous as always." "Thanks, sweetheart. I'll see you two later." She concluded, walking into next room. "Relax, Bella." "She's so beautiful, Edward. Everyone here is." "Including you, brown eyes. Now stop crushing my hand and come with me. I have some people I want to introduce you to." Oh crap! EPOV I arrived at Bella's apartment and was nearly floored when she answered the door. She was a beautiful woman, but there were no words to articulate how she looked at that moment. My eyes roamed over her entire form and I realized that there was much more to my ponytail, converse wearing girlfriend then meets the eye. I was worried that she wouldn't be able to attend dinner after being sick, but she insisted that it was just a stomach bug or nothing major. I was glad because I really wanted everyone to know that we were together. She had already met my father and it was time for my mother to meet her as well. It took every ounce of gentlemen in me not to say 'let's go to my place and fuck each others brains out instead of going to dinner at my parents'. I wanted her that bad.
- 361 -

And she bought the fucking four inch heels! We would definitely be making plans for after dinner. She had been a nervous wreck when I told her Victoria would be there. I could fucking kill James for bringing her, although it wasn't his fault for what happened back in Florida at the beach house, but it didn't make it any less awkward. Surprisingly, Bella was okay with it and said she had put it behind her. She seemed to be more worried about how people would accept her and questions about Tanya and the cancelling of the wedding. Tanya wouldn't be coming to the banquet and I'm sure her parents were so pissed off with me that they wouldn't be attending either. That was one bullet I would dodge tonight. Bella was talking with Alice and some of the other guest. It was a relief that she was starting to relax. I was sure she was going to jump out of her skin when my mother approached us. She had a death grip on my fingers and would not stop squeezing. Pleasantly, my mother kissed her and said she looked forward to getting to know her better as the night progressed. I hoped she continued to act like a human being. James and Victoria were making their way over to me as I eyed Bella to make sure she was having a good time. "Hey bro." he said and we shared a quick manly handshake. "You had to bring her didn't you?" I said in a low voice through clenched teeth. "Don't worry, Eddie I won't tell your little girlfriend about our past." Victoria purred. "I have to say she does clean up rather well. Now she doesn't look so much like you're going to get yourself arrested for statutory rape." "You're a bitch." I snapped. "Okay you two, not tonight." James warned."Shit you both are like two little kids. Grow the fuck up." He finished as he grabbed two champagne glasses from the waiter, handing me one and drinking the other. "Hey where's mine?" Victoria whined. "Are your fingers broken? Get your own." He scoffed and walked over to where Alice and Bella were standing.
- 362 -

"So, where's Tanya?" "Who the fuck knows?" I answered, uninterested. "Don't you even care, Edward? I mean she is your fiance." "Not particularly and she was my fiance. In case you haven't noticed I'm with someone else now and why the fuck are you so interested in my love life anyway?" "I'm not." She answered quickly, but no matter how much you dress her up she will never be one of us, Edward." She said nodding in Bella's direction. "Thank God for that." I responded bitterly and walked away. I approached Bella who was now standing alone. I stood closely behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, kissing her sweet smelling neck. "You smell so good." I breathed. "Edward, this is highly inappropriate behavior for a banquet." She said spinning out of my grasp. We were alone standing in the foyer, while everyone mingled in the family room. "Why are you standing here by yourself?" I asked stroking her collar bone with the back of my index finger. I watched her intake a sharp breath and hesitate before she answered. "I just don't want to say the wrong thing to someone and embarrass you." "Bella, you could never embarrass me. I thought I made this clear to you the other day." "I know, but-"She paused and grabbed a couple of hors d'oeuvres from the waiter and began eating."All these people are wealthy and set for life. They are extremely intelligent people, Edward. What am I going to say if someone asks me what I do for living, tell them I work at Starbuck's?" she mumbled with her mouth full of food. "That is exactly what you will tell them. I'm not ashamed of who you are and what you do, Bella. If it wasn't for that place I would've never met you and I would be trapped in a loveless marriage." She winced at my statement and continued passing appetizers through her plump
- 363 -

lips. "Come here, I want you to see something." I spun her so her back was against my chest and we were both looking into the room where people were talking, dancing and drinking champagne. "Do you see that woman right there in the red dress with the enormous diamond on her finger? Her name is Irina Ashton. She's Victoria's mother and do you see the guy dancing with the curvy blonde?" "You mean the one with the fake looking boobs?" she asked. "Yeah that's the one. Well that man is Irina Ashton's husband and they are swingers." I said taking one of the appetizers from her hand and popping it into my mouth. "You mean-" "Yeah basically they swap husbands and wives. They have parties and fuck other people.sometimes in front of one another. "No way!" she gasped in astonishment. And look to your far right next to the piano. That's Mrs. Cope, who was also formally known as Mr. Cope." I whispered the last part in her ear and she gasped and giggled. I wanted to get her to relax and that seem to do the trick. "Oh my God! You're so bad." She continued giggling. "Do you feel better now?" I asked. "Yes and thank you." She said reaching for more hors d'oeuvres. I watched her with amusement, realizing she must eat when she's nervous. "Okay, so what I want from you is to go in there with your head held high and show those people the beautiful coffee pouring, future doctor I fell in love with. I'll take those." I said retrieving the food from her hands. "Now go dazzle." I finished and gave her a gentle swat on her ass to move her in the direction of the party. After having dinner and schmoozing with more people than I wanted to, I found Bella talking to Ms. Brandon. She was an elderly woman with a ton of money, no children, no husband and three dogs that she treated like her kids. I knew once
- 364 -

Bella told her about her future plans to become a veterinarian she would totally be in love with her. I'm sure by now she was trying to get Bella to move in with her and become a permanent nanny for those dogs. I decided I needed to go over and save her. Ms. Brandon could be very persistent. "Hello, Ms. Brandon. I see you and Bella are getting along well." I said kissing her cheek. "Oh! Edward, sweetheart your Bella is a delight. A vast improvement from that conceited previous fiance of yours." "Thank you, Ms. Brandon." I said dryly. "Do you mind if I steal Bella for a moment?" "I most certainly don't. I encourage you to keep your eyes opened, Mr. Ashton seems to have his sights on her and who could blame him. She is a lovely girl." "Well I'll keep that in mind Ms. Brandon."I said kindly and led Bella away onto the middle of the floor to dance. "So, Mr. Ashton was eyeing you?" "Ms. Brandon is a sweet old lady, but she's um very..delusional." She said wrapping her arms around my neck as we started to sway to the music. "Oh she is far from delusional and I will break his neck if he looks at you again." "Down boy, I only have eyes for you." She said kissing me softly. I could see my mother watching us from across the room and her expression was not a pleasant one. She had been tolerable throughout dinner and it shocked the hell out of me. It was all a show though. I knew it was eating away at her that people were talking and bonding with, Bella, especially my father. He seemed to genuinely be blown away with her. He took complete interest in the fact that she handled herself beautifully with the other guests. Even when the paparazzi took photos of us together he encouraged her to be in every one of the pictures. I knew my mother would flip after the banquet was over. She was just putting on a front for her friends. We would definitely feel her wrath tomorrow. "You were magnificent tonight. Everyone was impressed with you." I pulled her closer to me and felt her body go rigid. "Baby, what's wrong did I hurt you?"
- 365 -

She shook her head violently and pushed away from me with her hand covering her mouth. "I need the bathroom." She mumbled. I placed my hand on the small of her back and quickly yet discreetly ushered her to the restroom on the other side of the house. Once inside, I could hear her vomiting over and over. I began to worry. She was sick yesterday and obviously not feeling any better. Then I felt like a bastard for not recognizing it and dragging her out tonight when she clearly wasn't up to it. "Bella, can I come in?" "Yeah." She rasped. I entered and saw her sitting on the floor looking white as a sheet. There was a thin sheen of sweat on her forehead and some wisps of hair sticking to her face. "Some date I'm turning out to be.I think it was all those crab things I ate." She said trying to reassure me, but to no avail. "Bella, you have been throwing up since yesterday. It wasn't the food. I'm worried." I said kneeling down beside her and brushing her hair out of her face. "Edward, I've called my doctor and he said he was sure it's just some stomach virus that's going around. I'm fine." "When did you speak with him?" I questioned. "I spoke with him yesterday after you went to the grocery store. I have an appointment with him tomorrow." "Okay, I'm going to make sure you're at that appointment on time." I said picking her off the floor and cradling her in my arms. "You wanna go home?" I asked. "Yes, but I want to go home with you and preferably walking on my own so put me down." "Are you sure you're fine to walk? Do you feel faint?" "I feel fine. I actually feel a lot better since I uh.well you know." She replied,
- 366 -

gesturing towards the toilet. "Well your color does appear to be coming back. Wait here, I'll go tell my parents we're leaving and you can freshen up a bit, then we'll go." "Alright." She said simply and began running water and splashing it on her face. I said goodnight to everyone on Bella's behalf and apologized for having to leave early. We arrived back at my house and curled up on the couch still in our dinner attire. "How are you feeling?" "I feel a lot better. I'm sorry I ruined the evening." "Are you kidding me? I think my father is in love with you as well as every other man that was at that dinner tonight, along with majority of the women. You ruined nothing. Everyone was very concerned about you and said that the hoped you felt better." "What about you mother? I can see she hates me." "She'll come around. She has no choice. You are the woman I choose to be with. Bella, when I saw you in this dress and how breathtaking you looked I fell in love with you all over again. I watched you tonight in awe, laughing and fitting in with everyone. I had never been surer of anything in my life. I want a future with you.marriage, dogs, kids and all. I want all of it with you." I felt her body stiffen and she turned to examine my expression. "Um I-IEdward." She stammered. "I don't mean today, but I do want it.with you. I'm certain of this and I think you feel the same." She smiled and nodded slowly. Her eyes told me everything. She wanted a future with me too and we would have it. I would give her everything and when that wasn't enough I would give her more. She sighed a turned back around and rested her head on my chest. She started removing the pins from her head to let her hair down.
- 367 -

"Allow me to do that." I said covering her hand with mine. I began slowly dragging out the pins one by one, becoming fascinated with every silky lock that fell to her bare shoulders. She hummed with appreciation. "So, um you do want kids?" she asked hesitantly. "Yes." I answered without any hesitation. "I'm sort of vain if you haven't noticed. I have to have another green eyed mini me running around." I joked. She laughed and we both combed through her waves with our fingers. "So just one would suffice?" "I am greedy too in case you haven't noticed so, no, one wouldn't suffice." I said truthfully. I could sense her reluctance to elaborate further on the subject and thought maybe I'd gone too deep talking about marriage and children. It was just a conversation, but I felt strongly about family. The truth was, I wanted a huge family and I planned on raising my kids differently then I was raised. They would be able to make their own choices and live their lives the way they wanted. There would be no manipulation or scheming, only support from a father that loved them and wanted to see them happy. I knew it was premature to be talking about this with Bella, but I simply wanted her to know that she was the one and I only needed the short time we've spent together to know it. "What are you thinking?" I whispered in her ear. "I was just wondering about a few things." She said shyly, twirling one of my cufflinks. "What were you thinking about?" "I was thinking you're the brains and looks in this relationship. Hell you're the domestic one too. What could I possibly give you?" I continued running my fingers through her hair and thought about what she just said. She truly didn't understand my feelings for her. Most likely I was at fault for that. I had to show her. "Move in with me." "Excuse me.what did you just say?" she asked, turning around to see my face. "Move. In. With. Me." I enunciated. "I don't want to wake up another morning
- 368 -

without you, brown eyes. Move in with me." I repeated, brushing my mouth against hers and letting our lips linger. "No." she murmured. "Why?" I murmured back. "Because I have my own place," Kiss. "And I have a roommate," Kiss. "And a dog." "They are all small obstacles." "Edward-" "Shut up, Bella." I cut her off and slipped my tongue in her warm mouth. Our tongues stroked and twisted together as our soft moans flooded the air. I carried her upstairs and placed her on her feet. She looked up at me with lustful eyes as I began undoing my tie and unbuttoning my shirt. Tonight I would show her just how serious I was about our relationship. I stepped towards her with my shirt opened and reached for her hands, guiding her towards the bed. I stopped once we reached the side and I turned her back to me and slowly dragged the zipper down on her dress, kissing along her back. It was then I noticed the black satin ribbon laced in crisscross pattern. I paused for a brief moment, marveling at how her skin contrasted with the color. Eagerly, I pushed the dress past her hips and to the floor anticipating what else was under that dress. My hands roamed over her back and down to her ass. I caressed her gently and softly pulled her hips back to meet my erection. We both moaned quietly from the sensation as I started brush back and forth across her ass. "Don't tease." She panted heavily. "You're the one wearing the fucking lingerie." I breathed in her ear and traced it with my tongue. "Then take it off." My hands obeyed her request, until she was left standing in only a pair of matching black lace and satin panties. I palmed her breasts and her hands covered
- 369 -

mine, mimicking my movements. I laced one our hands together and trailed it down her flat stomach and further down to the apex of her thighs. She moaned seductively and I grew harder. I knew what she wanted when I felt her moving our hands back up between her legs. I could feel the warmth radiating from her. Her hand nudged mine a little, making me stroke her. Her head lolled back, getting lost in the pleasure of what both of our fingers were doing. "You like that? Does it feel good?" My voice was deeper than I've ever heard. I needed to feel more. Pushing the lacy fabric to the side, I began stroking her sickness back and forth, my other hand still kneading her breast. She whimpered and started grinding her ass into my cock, which caused my hand to move faster. I could feel her legs start to buckle as she leaned more into my body for support. "I-I'm gonna come!" She said breathlessly. My fingers moved faster over her swollen clit, plunging in and out as her head turned and captured my lips. She moaned and softly cried into my mouth as I felt her tighten around my fingers. I buried my hand in her hair holding her lips securely to mine, swallowing her shrieks of pleasure as her body exploded. Warmth coated my fingers and my palm as she panted into my mouth, coming down from her orgasm. I released her lips and withdrew my hand from her panties, making her lie back on the bed. "I wanna taste you." I said spreading her legs. "I wanna taste you." She said, sitting up and reaching to undo my belt. I didn't respond. This was the first time she ever expressed or initiated doing that to me and my cock twitched at the sound of her voice saying it. I reached up and threaded my fingers at the nape of her hair as she pulled my pants and boxers down just enough to release me from my confinement. She looked up at me with those amazing eyes before enveloping me in her warm, wet mouth. Heaven. Heaven is what it felt like as I whispered." Isabella SwanI love you." I awoke to the sound of my cell-phone buzzing on my nightstand. I peeked over at my watch and groaned when I saw the time. The phone stopped and I was relieved. I leaned down and pressed my lips to her forehead and she snuggled closer. My phone started to buzz again and I cursed under my breath. Careful not to wake her, I slid out from underneath her warm body so I was sitting on the edge of the bed. I grabbed for the phone and checked the caller id. Cursing again, I crept out the room and into the bathroom to answer the call.
- 370 -

"Why are you calling me at seven a.m., Tanya?" "I need to see you." "We have no reason to see one another. It's seven a.m. and you've pulled me out of my sleep. I'm hanging up." "I would advise you not to do that. I need to speak with you. It's about your precious Isabella and if I were you I wouldn't piss me off." "What is this about, Tanya?" "Meet me at your office in thirty minutes." The call dropped and I started to wonder what the hell was so important about Bella that she had to meet with me this early in the morning. I scrubbed my hand over my face, still staring at the phone screen. After a few more minutes of wondering, I grabbed a quick shower and decided to meet Tanya at my office. BPOV I woke up this morning alone after having an amazing night. Edward must've had some important business to attend to, since he didn't bother to wake me and tell me he was leaving. Today was my doctor's appointment and it looked like I would be going by myself. It was better this way. I wouldn't feel comfortable with him being there grilling my doctor about my health. I was waiting in the exam room when Dr. Reese walked in. "Good morning, Bella how are you feeling?" "I feel fine. I haven't thrown up today, but it's still early." I laughed nervously. "So tell me what's been happening." He simply smiled, ignoring my bad humor. "I've been throwing up and having the sweats. Oh and I've been feeling nauseous." "When was your last period?" he asked professionally, as he scribbled on my chart.
- 371 -

"Um, about two weeks ago. I'm not late and I took two pregnancy tests and they were both negative." He nodded and continued to write. "How's your appetite?" "Um, I've been eating normally.sometimes more than normal, but school is stressful and my social life is.well.you get it." I explained. He peered at me over the rim of his glasses and smiled. "So I guess it's safe to assume that you and your partner are being intimate, hence the pregnancy tests." He smirked. "Um, yes." I answered uncomfortably. "Well, Bella I'm going to do some blood work and give you another pregnancy test as a precaution. I also want you to have a mammogram." "Wait a mammogram why?" "I don't want to alarm you, but I'm going to be honest. There is a history of breast cancer in your family and some of the things you've described to me are symptomatic with breast cancer. I can't rule it out at this point, but we are going to do the tests and see what we are dealing with, okay?" I nodded robotically in utter shock. He patted my knee and excused himself, telling me that the nurse would be coming back in a moment to start the tests. I swallowed the lump that was prominent in my throat as tears started to well up in my eyes. I hadn't even thought for a second that it might be something this serious. At that moment I changed my mind, wishing Edward was here with me. Remember, it's the calm before the storm. Now please leave me your thoughts. Oh Brandy and Jackie thanks so much for your expertise!

- 372 -

Cool Breeze
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or any of the characters of Twilight, unfortunately. A/N: Thank you to all who have decided to stick with the story. Your reviews and comments mean the world to me, even the anonymous ones who are flaming me for long updates. *wink* I'll try to do better. Thanks Brandy, you are fab. UkgirlyGirl you always come through. You guys are the best. Happy belated birthday Ash! And don't worry, that VD mini story is coming soon just for you. Chap 23 BPOV Cancer. It had been approximately two hours since I left the doctor's office. I was driving around the city in circles, almost in a complete daze. All I could seem to think about was my mom's constant throwing up and pain she endured from the chemotherapy. She suffered horribly and it tore me and my father to shreds. Suddenly, I felt like I was having a panic attack and I had to pull over.

I drove into the lot that was designated for patrons who were visiting the public park and slowly climbed out of my truck. The park was relatively empty except for a scattering of anal joggers and dog walkers. I continued walking until I came in contact with the nearest unoccupied bench. Curling up and breaking down was the only thing left for me to do and I gave in. Sobs violently ripped through me as I thought about hair loss and excruciating stomach pains. I didn't want to be in pain. Edward, oh God, Edward! He won't want me. He would never want to be with me like tha A new round of sobs started when I thought about him leaving me. I don't know how long I laid there balled up crying until one of the joggers stopped to ask if I was alright. After not being able to cry anymore and realizing what I must've looked like lying on a parking bench, I sat up and buried my head in my hands, trying to get myself together.
- 373 -

"This is like dj vu." I heard a familiar voice smoothly say. "Well not technically dj vu." He continued. "Jake!" I beamed, wiping my eyes quickly to erase the tears."Oh my God, what are you doing here!" "It's a long story really, but to make it short I got a job offer from this company building car parts and boom here I am." He said sinking down on the park bench next to me. He was wearing khakis and a navy buttoned down shirt and dress shoes. Jake was wearing shoes! "You got a job here, building car parts?" I repeated excitedly. "When do you start? Wait, are you moving here?" I asked curiously. "Slow down." He chuckled. "It's a job offer, Bella, but if I get it I will be moving here. Does that bother you? I've been trying to get in touch with you to talk to you about it, but everytime I call you're either not home or your cell goes straight to voicemail." he added skeptically. "No of course not! Oh my God it would be so great to have you living here. What about Lola? Will she be coming with you? If you get the job I mean." "Of course she will. A friend of mine is taking care of her now, but if all goes well she'll be here with me too." "That is so cool." I said nodding my approval. "So come on and take me to lunch. Show me what's good around this place." He said holding out his hand for me to take. For a few moments I had forgotten all about my disappointing visit with my doctor. ~~~~~W~~~~ "You eat like a pig." He said watching me in amazement. "Shut up! I do not." I scoffed. "Now that's the Bella I know, not the one I saw sitting in the park by herself crying. You want to tell me what that was all about?" he asked completely unfazed. His question cut me off in mid chew. I hadn't realized that he saw me crying. I was trying to figure out a reasonable lie to explain why I was sitting in the park alone,
- 374 -

looking so pathetic. I couldn't come up with anything good. "Nothing.it's just stress.school.ya know." I lied giving him a phony smile that I knew he would see right through. "What about that Cullen guy? He stressing you out too?" he asked sarcastically. "Not the way you think." I answered almost immediately. "So you're back together with him." He said matter-of-factly, not bothering to make it sound like he was the least bit surprised. I hadn't told Jake about getting back together with Edward because I knew it would piss him off. Let's just say he doesn't forgive easy and that mini brawl they shared didn't help matters either. "Jake," I sighed, "I don't want to argue about Edward. You just got here. Let's just hang out and have fun." "Whatever." He said clearly annoyed as he finished slurping his milkshake, staring out of the widow behind me. "How did you know I was in the park anyway?" I asked, my interest suddenly piqued. "I didn't. I guess great minds think alike." He answered almost robotically. We drove around in silence, not saying a word since leaving the sandwich shop. I knew he was upset knowing that I had reunited with Edward, even though I hadn't confirmed it. What I did next was a shock to him and myself. "So, I thought I was pregnant and I may have cancer." I blurted out, ending the silence and hoping to unburden my mind of the dreadful thoughts I was having. I could see his head jerk in my direction from the corner of my eye. The look on his face was one of pure astonishment. "You're pregnant and you have cancer!" he all but yelled. "Forget itI was just-"
- 375 -

"Are you going to try and down play what you just said, Bella! Pull over." He said angrily. The tone of his voice would have caused me to wreck the truck. Luckily, we arrived just in front of my place. I stepped out and began walking briskly to the yard to see if Sadie was okay. He was on my heels in a matter of seconds. "Bella?" he grabbed my arm to stop me from getting any further. "I'm not pregnant okay. It was just a scare." "And the other thing?" He asked cautiously. "I'm not sure yet. I had a test and the results aren't back." I responded, my voice cracking and tears welling in my eyes. He didn't say another word. His eyes said it all. Pulling me into his arms, I began crying again as I held on to him for dear life. "I can't do this, Jake. I can't have cancer!" I yelled, burying my face in the crook of his neck. "Bella?" Edward called softly. My head snapped up and saw him watching me with a look of sadness and confusion. "I'll be at the truck." Jake said, releasing me from his arms and striding away. "Jake was-"I started, but was cut off by him shaking his head at me. "I don't care about that. I heard what you said." I lowered my head unable to look him in the eyes. "How much did you hear?" "Cancer." He stated as he continued looking at me with worried eyes. "I don't want to talk about this here." I said dismissively. "Bella-" "No! I don't want to talk about this here. I have to take Jake back to his hotel and I'll meet you at your house." I concluded and tried walking away, but he gently grabbed my arm.
- 376 -

"Bella, can't you wait to drive him back? We should talk-" "Edward, please." I pleaded. "Just let me drive him back and we'll talk. I promise." "Okay." He said softly and nodded.

W~~~~~ Finally, I drove up to the gate at Edwards after dropping Jake off. He made me promise to call him as soon as I got the test results. I agreed, but only if he promised to do the same about his job interview. It was taking me way too much time to go and face Edward. I had absolutely no idea how to approach the subject. I hadn't thought about telling him at all. By the time I reached the front door, a new wave of nerves set in. I could feel my heart beating wildly in my chest. I punched in the code for a second time and waited for the buzzer to allow me entrance. Once I entered, I saw him sitting at his piano, but not playing. There was a glass half filled with a golden, brown, colorish liquid sitting atop the hood of the piano. He never looked in my direction until he heard the soft click of the door. We stayed in our current positions staring at one another, but saying nothing. He was so beautiful and in that moment I wished that I was indeed pregnant. Tears quickly gathered in my eyes and spilled slowly down my cheeks. The moment he noticed them he was off the piano bench and briskly walking over to me, wrapping me in his arms. EPOV "Shhit's ok." I comforted Bella while she broke down in my arms. I saw her talking with that idiot, inconsequential yes, but definitely worth bringing up later. When I heard her yelling hysterically about not wanting to have cancer, my thoughts of murdering him with my bare hands vanished in lightening speed. I didn't have the heart to argue with her when she told me the conversation would have to wait until after driving him back to wherever he came from. The woman I loved was in the arms of another man crying and all I wanted to do was find out what was going on.

- 377 -

Complying with what was asked of me, I went back home to wait for her to return. I was going insane with worry. Does she really have cancer? Is this why she's been so sick? I couldn't think so I began pacing and when that wasn't enough I poured a glass of scotch and began drinking. This day was fucked up to put it mildly and getting worse as it progressed. Last night had been perfect after all the bullshitting with guests at the banquet and Bella's falling ill. We came back to my place and just relaxed on the sofa, talking about so many things.things that I would have never thought to discuss with any other woman. I wanted a full life with her, filled with kids and all. I felt a little guilty when our chaste evening turned into one of carnal gratification after her being sick, but she assured me that she was fine. It was a good thing because when I saw what she had underneath that dress all bets of being chaste were off. In her mind she was thinking the same thing when she engulfed my erection in her mouth. Last night was everything I had ever wanted it to be. This morning waking up next to her was pure bliss. Bliss ended when my phone buzzed with Tanya on the other end threatening me about some information she had about Bella. Flashback "What the hell is this?" I asked confusingly, staring at the folder she slid across the desk. "Open it." She simply stated. I reached for the folder with my eyes still trained on hers. Roughly, I yanked it open and began flipping through the pictures that were inside. My eyes glanced towards her then back to the photos. "What the fuck is this, Tanya?" "You're a smart man, Edward. I think you know exactly what this is." I continued looking at the photos in disbeliefdisbelief at what I was seeing and disbelief that she actually had the nerve to do this. Damn it Charlie. "Did you know about this?" I shouted spinning around in my mother's direction. She opened her mouth to answer, but I stopped her cold, answering my own
- 378 -

question instead. "Of course you knew about this. This has your stink all over it." "Edward I-" "Shut up, mother! You did this!" I yelled pointing at her. Her mouth fell open in astonishment. "Edward, your mother had nothing to do with this. If you want to blame someone blame me." "What do you think you're going to accomplish from this, Tanya?" I asked waving the folder slightly. Then realization set in. 'Bella.' With narrowed eyes, I looked at her. I'd never seen her look so smug and determined before. Tanya could be as ruthless and lethal as my mother. There was no doubt in my mind that she was doing this to get me away from Bella. "She's not good enough for you, Edward." "Shut up, mother." I said in a cryptically calming tone, all the while never taking my eyes off of Tanya. "You think you're going to bully me and blackmail me into leaving her and marrying you?" I breathed harshly, my nostrils flaring. "She can't make you happy." She said calmly. "Oh and you think you can make me happy? You think I would marry a woman who schemes and tries to blackmail me into getting what she wants?" "I'm doing this for us, Edward. You've left me no other choice. The wedding date has obviously changed course, but it shouldn't be that much of a task to contact the guests and staff alerting them of the new date." She continued, ignoring me completely. "Are you fucking mental! I told you already that I am not marrying you. I would never give up a woman like Bella to be with someone like you! And this," I gestured to the folder in my hand, "this means squat. You better come a whole lot better than this doctored, trumped up bullshit, Tanya." I sneered closing the distance between us. "You got that?"
- 379 -

She flinched, moving back against the wall. "It's not doctored! It's the truth and I will ruin her, Edward." "Don't you threaten, Bella." I said through clenched teeth. "Take this garbage; get the fuck out of my office!" "Edward, sweetheart we're just trying to protect you-" "Now!" I yelled, throwing the folder at Tanya for dramatic effect. They both flinched at the tone of my voice and quickly gathered their belongings, leaving my office without another word. I stood at the window trying to regulate my breathing. After everything we had been through, there was no way that I was letting either of them wreck my happiness. I turned and looked at the scattered contents of the folder on the floor and sighed heavily. "Goddamn it, Charlie." I whispered, pinching the bridge of my nose. End of Flashback "It's okay, baby." I continued to soothe while her sobs began to subside."I'm so sorry I didn't go to the doctor with you." "I didn't want you there." She mumbled into my shirt. "It was hard enough to hear on my own. With you there it would've made it." Her voice trailed off. "Bella, what exactly did the doctor say?" I gently moved her away from my chest, so I could see her face. "He didn't say much. He just took a lot of tests, a mammogram being one of them." "I'm sorry baby, but the doctor giving you a mammogram doesn't mean that you have cancer." "I know, but he's concerned, Edward! My mom had breast cancer and with my luck the odds are I'll probably have it too!" she began crying again. "Okay, listen to me. I know you're upset, but I think you're jumping the gun a bit. When will you get the results back?"
- 380 -

"He told me to wait in his office but I-I couldn't do it Edward. I just left." She stuttered, honestly terrified. "I turned off my phone, so he's probably called by now. I wouldn't know." I had never seen her like this before. She was losing it and I had to do something to comfort her.to make this all go away. "Where's your phone?" I asked pulling her with me to the sofa. "It's right here." She responded and pulled it from her back pocket. "Alright, let's turn it back on to see if he's called and if he hasn't we'll wait." "Edward, please! I'm not ready! I don't want to know!" she shook her head violently and pleaded with me with big beautiful tear filled eyes. "Shh.stop it, Bella. We are going to wait to hear from the doctor and whatever it is we will face it together. Now, come here." I lay back, pulling her with me and rocked her gently. After some time had passed, we were still lying on the couch waiting with bated breath for the call to come through. I was shocked the doctor hadn't called yet, for the simple fact that Bella abruptly left his office without alerting anyone. We were resting in complete silence with the exception of Bella's post crying hiccups. "What's going on in that head of yours?" I asked twirling her ponytail around my finger. "My mom." She rasped. "What about your mom?" I asked in a soothing voice. "We never gave her grave a plaque. It was always an expense issue. I apologize to her everytime I visit her burial site. I promised myself my very first legitimate job working as a vet it would be the first thing I bought." "When was the last time you visited her?" "I was supposed to go see her when I was in Florida, but I never got around to it. Some daughter I am, huh." She scoffed. I felt like a complete bastard. She had forgotten to visit her mother's grave
- 381 -

because of my relentless pursuit of her. Suddenly I was the one who felt as if I was going to vomit. Asshole. "This is all my fault." I huffed and stood up from the couch."If I wouldn't have been so demanding and forceful you would have never missed visiting your mom's grave!" I said disgusted with myself. 'Edward, it's not your fault. Please you can't fall apart on me right now. The two of us being a mess is a recipe for disaster." She said grabbing my hands and pulling me back down to sit beside her. I went back to holding her in my arms and rubbing slow circles on her back. Soon I could feel her head dip lower and soft snoring sounds coming from her. I exhaled, closing my eyes and leaned my head back falling asleep in minutes. ~~~~~W~~~~~ "Hey sleepy head." I said to Bella as I noticed her walking down the stairs to join me. It was about six in the evening and still nothing from the doctor's office yet. I had half a mind to call him and threaten to have his office shutdown for unprofessionalism. "You've been asleep for hours." I continued as she walked over and snuggled into my side on the couch. "You carried me to bed?" she asked sleepily. "Yea, I thought you'd be more comfortable in bed." "Why didn't you stay with me?" She asked, her voice sounding almost childlike. "I wanted to give you some space." I said pulling her closer. "I don't need space. I need you. I hate sleeping alone." "Then move in with me." I said without hesitation. I knew I was being pushy, but I didn't give a fuck. Ever since I heard her say the word Cancer, I wanted nothing more than to have her with me, taking care of her. "Edward." She sighed in defeat. "Okay, we'll tuck that conversation away for later, but you know where I stand,
- 382 -

brown eyes." "He hasn't called yet." She murmured and closed her eyes once more. This waiting shit was for the birds. There had to be something that I could do to alleviate the stress we were both feeling waiting on his ass to call. I began thinking over everything that had transpired today with Tanya, my mother and the situation with Bella. I thought back to the day I first saw her. She was so nervous, but I knew I was instantly attracted to her. I thought about Paris and the first time I told her I loved her. Then my thoughts drifted to the brief time of being without her and I felt ill. Cancer, this shit can't be happening. Was there a dark cloud hanging over our fucking heads? Cancer? Fucking Tanya? This shit is unfair. Look at her. She's so young and beautiful. So innocent. I thought as I traced her hairline. I knew this illness had no age limit, but I couldn't help being angry at God for threatening to put her through such a heart wrenching disease. Buzz buzz buzz. I jumped feeling Bella's phone vibrating in between us. Sleepily, she opened her eyes and rose up slowly. The phone continued to buzz and my heart started to race. It dawned on her as her eyes widened almost with fear. I grabbed her phone and looked at the display, then handed it to her. She stared at it like it would jump up and bite her hand off if she took it. "Answer it." I urged. "I'm hereit'll be okay." She hesitantly took the phone and got up, answering it quietly. "Hello? Hi yes doctor, this is Bella." Her voice shook nervously. I stood up from the couch and walked over to her, placing a kiss on her forehead. I was on my way to the kitchen to cook something quickly for dinner and to give her some privacy. As I continued in to the kitchen I could hear her one sided conversation with the doctor. "Yes, I'm sorry for just walking out. Yes. Um, okay." There was a not so brief pause before I heard her continue and reply softly. "Yes, I'm still here." Another pause. "Okay." I didn't know what to cook in case Bella was still not feeling up to eating anything heavy. I decided on shrimp scampi and garlic bread. Okay maybe shrimp scampi
- 383 -

isn't that light, but screw it. I'm about ready to jump outta my fucking skin waiting for her to get off the phone with that doctor. I thought. As long as she got something in her stomach I was satisfied. I never got around to telling her that I would be going out of town for a couple days. When I saw her in that guy arms and saw her crying, my reason for showing up at her apartment flew out of the window. I couldn't leave her now.not until I knew exactly what was going on with her physically. I started filling the pot with water and sat it on the stove to boil. Bowtie noodles. Bella loves bowtie noodles. I thought and smiled to myself. She can be such a little kid. "She has to be alright." I whispered as stood staring at the pot of water. "I am." She said startling me out of my thoughts. She was standing in the archway with fresh tears shining in her eyes. "You're okay. No canc-"I asked anxiously. She cut me off shaking her head fervently as her tears spilled over. In two strides I was over to her picking her up and swinging her around. "My God, I was going crazy. I didn't want to show it." I murmured into her neck. "What did he say? If it's not cancer then what's wrong?" I said instantly putting her back on her feet, searching her eyes for answers. "He said it looked viral. Basically it was like a flu bug that's clearing up on its own. He didn't see anything alarming and that I was fine." She said calmly with a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. "Are you sure baby?" I asked tilting her face to look at me. "Yes, I'm fine and I love you so much." She said wrapping her arms tightly around my neck. "I'm ready for dinner. What are you making for us?" she giggled and sobbed at the same time. "Dinner can wait. I need you right now." I said hoisting her over my shoulder and stalking towards the dining room table. "Edward!" she squealed. "What about the food!"
- 384 -

"This won't take long, baby. I promise." "It better not because I'm starving." She muttered from her upside down position. "That's funny I was thinking the same thing." I said yanking her yoga pants down, spreading her legs and diving in with my tongue after placing her on the table. "Maybe dinner can wait." She groaned and roughly gripped my hair. "Mmmm." Was all I could produce. ~~~~~W~~~~ "When is your birthday?" I asked while planting soft lingering kisses all over her face. I couldn't believe I had just thought to ask her this. "It's December twelfth." She sighed happily, but still sounded like something was troubling her. I pulled back to look in her eyes. "Are you sure everything is alright?" "Yes.I'm sure." She exhaled, smiling brightly at me. "Why did you want to know when my birthday was? You're not planning some whole big crazy day of spoiling me are you?" "Well.I was, but if you don't want to be spoiled, we could do something simple as you say." I teased. "No way! I want to be spoiled. I want the whole nine yards Edward.jewels, furs, shopping extravaganzas, spa treatments, all of it!" she beamed as she straddled my naked lower half, and nestled her wetness against my now prominent arousal. "Mmmm, you can have anything you want, brown eyes.anything." I moaned as the slickness of our previous orgasms was still very much evident. "I'm kidding you know that right? I'm just really happy and relieved." She said leaning forward and pecking my lips. "I know you're kidding, but I'm not and don't bother trying to talk me out of spoiling you for your birthday, it's a done deal, but right now we have something else to celebrate, so get dressed." I said kissing her quickly and pulling up from the sofa.
- 385 -

"Where are we going?" "Out." I simply stated. "I have no clothes here, Edward. I can't go out with what I had on earlier." "Yeah, I knew there would be days like these. I'm going to jump in the shower and you go check my closet. There are a few things in it for you." I said sprinting up the stairs. After I finished showering, Bella was sitting on the bed gaping at me with delight. "What?" "When did you buy this?" "I'm not telling you, but I've been hard ever since seeing you in the one that you wore on the plane before we went to Paris." I said referring to the red wrap dress she was holding up in her hands all courtesy of Alice. Thank you sister. "You liked that dress?" she asked curiously, with a small frown. "Correction, I loved that dress." I said leaning over her and kissing her deeply. "Put it on and the matching red heels that are in the closet as well. Oh, and wear your hair in one of those messy librarian bun things, with some stray hairs hanging. That's sexy." I whispered against her lips before plunging my tongue into her mouth for a quick taste. I pulled away much too soon for my liking and grabbed a shirt and a pair of pants from my closet. After a day like this one, I owed it to both of us to celebrate. BPOV "Salsa dancing!" I shrieked. "You're taking us salsa dancing!" I was completely mortified. He knew I hated dancing, but salsa dancing was a whole other type of dancing that I knew I would suck at and probably kill myself and him too if I even tried to execute. "Relax baby, it'll be fine. I'll show you everything you need to know." He said all the while grinning wickedly at me. I guess I could play along after all the drama we experienced today. How could I say no to him looking the way he looked? Thin light blue sweater and dark grey
- 386 -

slacks. Damn him! He knows I love this color blue on him and with the sleeves pushed up revealing his forearms. Kill me now. Oh no! I didn't mean that God. I'm so thankful I'm not sick. I clung to him scared shitless as we walked inside the club. He assured me that everything was fine, even the fact that I wasn't legal to be entering this place, but this was Edward whom I was with. I 'm sure he paid the guy to overlook ID inspection. We slipped inside a booth located discreetly in the rear of the club. I did a quick sweep of the place as the colorful lights swirled around the club. "Can I get you anything?" he asked over top of the music. It was loud, but not overbearingly so. "Um sparkling water. "I can't drink here." I explained. "You're with me. You can do anything you want." He countered with a mock frown. "In that case, I'll have a virgin, strawberry daiquiri." I said proudly. "That's my girl. Live dangerously." "Shut up! I'll be twenty-one some day soon." I yelled at his retreating form. Edward returned with my virgin fruity drink and something a little more potent for himself. He noticed me as I glanced nervously at the dance floor, examining all the couples. "You want to try it?" He asked with his eyes blazing, boring into mine. My eyes went wide and I slowly shook my head. He laughed and stood holding out his hand, disregarding my answer. I placed my hand in his and he led me out into the crowd. There was a fast tune playing and I was nervous as hell. How in the hell am I supposed to dance in these heels? Me and my big mouth about the short leg debacle. Just as we found a space, the music changed to a slower Latin number. My eyes shifted around as I saw the couples come together in a slow grind. It reminded me of the first time Edward and I danced on our first date. He grabbed my hand, twirling me around and pulled me flush to his toned body. His hands slinked around my waist and rested just above my ass.
- 387 -

"Don't look so nervous. It's all in the way you move your hips." He breathed and began to move my hips slowly into his. My hands slid up to his strong biceps as I stared into his eyes. His movements were so sensual that I forgot all about being terrified of dancing. He swiveled and grinded his hips into mine while holding me with his piercing gaze. "Move with me." He mouthed the words and my hips started to sway on there on accord. "That's it babyjust like that." He said with a smile as hands began gently moving across the top of my ass. Feeling bolder and getting into it, I slid my hands up his chest and continued until I reached his neck and twisted my fingers softly in his hair. Our eyes never broke contact. I smiled back at him as he smirked at me, loving every second of being with him like this. He reached up and slowly undid my hair, letting it tumble to my shoulders. "You are so damn beautiful." He said while his hands traveled down a few more inches and gripped me tighter to him. I could feel his erection, hard and invading me right where I craved him the most. I know longer cared about where we were or what we were doing, because everyone in the club was to wrapped up in eachother to care about us and vice versa. His hand crept down my thigh and curled around the back hitching my leg up, revealing my bare leg, thanks to the long slit on the wrap dress. He caressed my thigh, while thrusting and grinding into me. "Do you remember dancing like this the first time we danced?" He leaned down to whisper in my ear. "Yes." I whispered back. "You were so shy." He continued and began sucking on my earlobe. "I wanted you so bad." "I wanted you too." I answered breathlessly as I felt myself starting to get wet. God this was just like the first time. "Edward, we have to stop." "I think you said that the first time too." He chuckled and lowered my leg back to the floor. 'I did." I giggled and suddenly felt pissed from the lost of that feeling I was getting
- 388 -

from his hardness pressed firmly against me. His hands disappeared from my ass and rested comfortably on my hips. We continued dancing and reminiscing about our first date and all of our firsts experiences together until we were the only two left on the dance floor. Apparently the club had closed and Edward had previously planned for us to be allowed to stay after that fact. "Are your feet killing you yet?" He asked, smiling at me. "I can't feel a thing. I think you have magical powers, Edward Cullen." I responded dreamily. "You have all the power, Isabella Swan. You have complete power over me.mind, body and soul. I love you." I could feel myself start to blush at his words and I leaned my forehead to his. Something about this night just seemed so perfect. I never wanted it to end. "Tell me what you're thinking." He asked, resting his chin on top of my head. "I was just thinking about the whole day.how it started off horribly and ended up like this." I looked up into his eyes and smiled. "I just realized that some things are just a meant to be and to recognize when God sends us a blessing and cherish every minute of it." "I think we are blessed. I mean we were practically doomed from the start and now look at us. We can have it all, brown eyes." He pulled me back closer to him and I laid my head on his shoulder. "We can have it all, can't we?" I murmured softly. "Everything." He answered as he continued swaying our bodies back and forth. "I love you, Edward." I'm pregnant. ~~~~~~~~~~~W~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did I surprise you with that one? I'm dying to know your thoughts.
- 389 -

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- 390 -

Chapter 24 Cloud Coverage

Disclaimer: I don't own, yadda, yadda and all that BS. A/N: Ok this is a long chap and I won't bore you with the norm. I will say that I loved all of your fantastic reviews keep em comin. Watch out for Esme the bitch! She's on the rise. Chap24 EPOV Last night was fucking amazing to say the least. Bella was healthy and we were so happy. I took her Salsa dancing to celebrate her clean bill of health and frankly I knew salsa dancing would keep me glued to her all night.literally. Honestly, I needed the distraction as well. This whole thing with Tanya and what she revealed to me was weighing heavily on my mind. I had yet to expel the idea that she and my mother would fabricate those photos just to push my buttons.to make me just drop Bella without a second thought. They had no clue just how much I would fight and sacrifice for her. I wasn't giving her up without proof that what I saw with my eyes was without a doubt accurate. I called an old friend who knew someone that could help me. "Call Emmett." I spoke into the hands free speaker phone in my car. I waited as it dialed and he answered. "Hey Ed, what's up man! I haven't heard from you in a while." "Em, it's been too long, but I'm sorry this isn't a social call." I said quick and to the point. "I need your help with something." "Anything man, what do you need?" "I'm on my way over to your place. I'll see you in fifteen." I ended the call and adjusted the gear shift soaring down the highway. ~~~~~~~~W~~~~~~~
- 391 -

I arrived at Emmett's and just as I suspected he was waiting for me with a basketball, twirling on his index finger. "We can talk over a quick game." He smirked. "You never quit do you?" I replied, removing my watch and sunglasses and placing them on the cooler, I'm sure he had filled with Gatorade or some other sort of vile sports drink. It's a good thing I'm wearing sneakers. "First one to ten." I stated rolling up my sleeves. "I believe that would be me." He shot back. "You'll never learn, Em." I sighed annoyingly. "Check." I ordered and he bounced the ball in my direction. ~~~~~~~W~~~~~~ "Okay so are you going to tell me what's going on with this chick's father?" he asked, gulping down the contents in the bottle. The game didn't last very long, but it turned out the way it always did. "Hey, she's not a chick and the deal was if I won you wouldn't ask any questions." "Alright, calm down and don't go bragging about winning. It was a lucky shot." He scoffed. "It's always a lucky shot according to you, Em!" I laughed. "The sooner you admit that I'm a better player than you, the easier it'll be to accept defeat." "Fuck you. You were always like that in college too, thinking the all the females wanted you." "Well it was the truth, Em." I said matter-of-factly, taking a swig of the sports drink and grimacing instantly. "You're one conceited bastard, Edward. What does this chi- girl see in you anyway?" he commented, correcting himself without a moment's hesitation. "What they all see." I lowered my eyes to my crotch and arched an eyebrow. "Well played sir." He said in his worst British accent and tipped his drink in the
- 392 -

air. I laughed then quickly became serious. "Brown eyes is different, Em." "I can see that. Let me make a few calls and see what I can come up with." "Thanks." ~~~~~~~W~~~~~~ We lay, resting lazily in bed, quietly enjoying each other's breathing rhythm's. I drew patterns on her wrist and noticed an unfamiliar piece of jewelry attached. "This is new, when did you get it?" I asked bringing her wrist to my lips and kissing the inside over and over. I felt her body stiffen and her heart rate pick up."Umit was a going away present.so to speak." She answered hesitantly. "Mmhmm." I mumbled against her wrist, urging her to continue. "Jake gave it to me." She added and I froze, pulling her wrist away from my lips to examine. I should've killed him when I had the chance. "He's buying you jewelry now?" I said irritably. What the fuck is this crap anyway? I thought twisting and turning her wrist to get a better look. "It was a going away present and don't freak out. You have my heart." "Had." I mumbled like a five year old. "What do you mean?" She crinkled her forehead. "I used to have your heart, but you know" "Ahhh.I see." She said, finally understanding my hint. She reached over to the floor and dug into her messenger bag and resumed her position back on the bed. Reaching around my neck, she fastened the heart charm securely. "Are you sure?" I asked. "I was always sure. It was you who wasn't." She said confidently. "You've been caring it around with you?" I asked curiously.
- 393 -

"Everyday." "You're never getting it back this time you know." "I know." "I'm going to kill him if he gives you anything else. Do you know that too, Ms. Smarty pants?" I whispered, humorously in her ear. "What the hell is he doing here anyway?" I murmured against her soft lips as she ignored me, reaching around my neck and slipping her tongue in my mouth. ~~~~~W~~~~~ "You're leaving for two days?" She whined, poking out her bottom lip and I quickly swooped in and caught it gently between my teeth, nibbling softly. "I'm going to miss this." She murmured into my mouth. "Have you ever been to Africa?" I blurted randomly, abruptly pulling away from her still pouting lips. "Huh-wha-what?" She blinked puzzling at me. "..?" I annunciated. "I think while you're on Christmas break we should go." I finished not awaiting for her response. She stared at me like my hair was on fire. Her mouth fell open. The look on her facepriceless. "Our last trip was," I paused trying to find the proper wording, "Well you know how it was, but this time baby it will be perfect I promise." I said clasping both of her hands in mine. "I can just see you now in your little safari dress or shorts and the safari.baby you gotta see the safari. You love animals. You'll love it, brown eyes." "Edward I-I don't know what to say." She looked nervously at me. "Africa? My God I" She gasped, taken aback. "We can go for your birthday. Just think it over. I won't disappoint you again, brown eyes." I said tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. "I know you will never disappoint me. God are you for real!" she squealed, throwing her arms around my neck, knocking me over backwards in the process.
- 394 -

"I'm the realist when it comes to you." I cradled her face in my hands and kissed her hard and deeply. The next two days were going to be pure torture, especially when I considered where I was taking my trip. "So two days?" she asked leaning her head in the car window. "Two days." I confirmed. "Hurry back. I have a surprise for you." She beamed and kissed me softly on the lips then chastely on the chin. "What surprise?" I asked curiously. "Is it in the form of black satin and lace?" I asked remembering the lingerie she wore the night of the banquet. "Hmmm, you'll have to hurry back to find out." She said with another quick kiss. "I'll be back before you can even miss me." "I doubt it." "Me too." I said gripping the back of her neck and pulling her back inside the car window to meet my lips one last time. "I love you." I whispered before heading to the airport. While waiting for my flight to take off, Emmett emailed me and confirmed my worst fears. The photos Tanya showed me were definitely authentic. I pulled out my phone and began dialing before the plane took off. "Charlie, its Edward. I'm on my way to Florida. I need to see you." BPOV Flashback I stood there stoic, feet glued to the floor, breath being held. Had he really just said what I thought he said? "Did you hear what I said? Your blood test came back positive. You're pregnant, Bella."
- 395 -

My stomach did a complete flip-flop and I scrunched my face in concentration trying to process what he was saying to me. The mammogram results were fine, but my blood test showed positive for pregnancy? I thought confusingly. "I know of an excellent OB/GYN I can refer you to, Bella." He continued talking, but my brain couldn't catch up. "Isabella, are you still there?" "Yes, I'm still here." I answered quietly, shocked, but still fully aware of the man that was in the other room. If I freaked out now he would be in here in a second, demanding to know what was going on. "Good, I was worried you passed out or something." He chucked. "It's late now, but give the office a call first thing in the morning and the receptionist will give you all the information." "Okay." I said after a second or so. "Congratulations, Bella." I didn't respond, the phone just slipped slowly down from my ear and rested on my shoulder. Pregnant? No cancer? Congratulations? Holy Fuck! End of Flashback Edward was gone and I found myself standing in his driveway seeing him off like the happy homemaking wife, feeling anxious for my husband to return from his business trip. Wife, Jesus Christ, Bella. Pull it together. I returned back inside the house still trying to wrap my head around the pregnancy news. For some reason I wasn't as scared as I was the first time when Angela burst through the bathroom door with five pregnancy tests in her hands. I was scared shitless for sure, but when I walked into the kitchen and saw Edward pleading for me to be okay, my fear evaporated. I thought about our conversation that night after the banquet and how he was so wonderful and caring when he heard about my tests. I had no idea how I was going to do this, but I knew he would be with me throughout. It was truly going to be hard for me going to school and all, but when I looked at him the answer was clear. This was meant to be. I had been at Edward's since the night of the banquet. He insisted that I stay at
- 396 -

his house until he returned, but I needed to get home to check on Sadie and Angela. Jesus, I hadn't seen or talked to Rose in like forever. I knew she was busy with school. She would be graduating this year and she was back and forth being prepped by her father to work in his office at the end of the semester. Not to mention the new guy she met. Like me and Edward, I'm sure things were becoming serious with her and Emmett, but she didn't want to admit it. Rose is going to freak when she finds out about this! I really needed to get home. So much has happened since I saw Angela last and I desperately needed to talk with her about everything.the banquet, Jake, and the doctor's visit. We had a lot of catching up to do. Oh God, what is Angela going to think...Christ Jake! I can see the look on his face now. I had promised to call Jake once I received the results of my tests. He hadn't called me so maybe he didn't get the job after all. I grabbed my messenger bag and car keys as I securely locked up Edward's place. I would be coming back the day after tomorrow to set up my surprise for him. I was so nervous of how he would react to the news. I shook my head not wanting to worry about that right now. I would cross that bridge the day after tomorrow and hope for the best. Give him the black lace and satin. I mentally reminded myself. Digging through my bag as I walked down the drive to my truck, I finally found my phone and looked at the screen and noticed I had five missed calls and a text. Shit! I never heard my phone ring. Where the hell was I? Oh, you were busy crying and screwing Edward for the past couple of days. I shook my head at my overactive smart-ass conscience. It was always prepared to one-up me. There were two missed calls from Angela and I couple from numbers that weren't familiar to me. Probably bill collectors. I sent Angela a quick text, saying I would be home after I stopped at Edward's office to pick up my laptop. Her reply was lightening fast. She had something important to tell me, she ended the text with a wide tooth smiley, which meant she was excited about something. Next, I checked the text I missed and smiled when I saw it was from Jake. "He got
- 397 -

the job. That is so cool." I said out loud. I quickly sent him a message saying that I was fine and I wanted to meet him for lunch today so we could talk. His reply was short and to the point. 'Park at noon.' I confirmed the meeting place with Jake and headed downtown to Cullen Oil. ~~~~~~~~~~~W~~~~~~~~~~~ No matter how many times I've come to this place I always feel like I'm under dressed. That's because you are. I mentally hold up my fist and warn my conscience to fuck off before she gets the beat down of a life time. Fighting your conscience, really, Bella. I roll my eyes and continue into the building. "Hi, Marcus. I know Edward's not here, but can I go up. I left my laptop in his office." "Mr. Cullen would have my job if I refused you, Ms. Swan." He chuckled." Of course you can go up." "I smiled and walked past him to enter the elevator. "Please call me Bella." I added, peeking through the doors as they closed. I exited the elevator and waltzed right up to his secretary's desk. Great. "Mr. Cullen isn't here today." She said immediately. So this is how it's going to be huh, you little bitch? "Yeah I know he's not here. I just.forget it." I retracted, deciding I didn't want her in my business. "I left my laptop in his office and I need to get it." I said cordially. "I'm sorry, but cannot allow you or anyone in Mr. Cullen's office while he's not here." "Well can you go in and get it for me." I asked, becoming annoyed. She just blinked dumbly at me like she couldn't comprehend what I was saying. "Oh for the
- 398 -

love of Christ! I'll just call him." I snapped, digging for my phone. She simply shrugged and waited for me to dial. "That won't be necessary." I heard a gentle voice from behind me. "Lauren, Edward wouldn't tolerate you being so rude to his.to Bella." She finished. I didn't know whether to ask her what the hell she meant by her comment or thank her for coming to my rescue. I chose to go with the latter. "Thank you." "Come with me, fortunately I am one of the few people who are allowed in my son's office when he's not here." She said sweetly, but I couldn't be sure if she was taking a jab at his secretary or not. She unlocked the door and stepped inside. I stood at the door staring at her for a moment until she snapped me out of my daze. Why did this woman scare the shit out of me so much? "Are you going to stand there in the door gaping, or are you going to collect what you've come for?" "Oh! I'm sorry." I apologized and scurried inside. "I'm just a little stu-" "Stars trucked, I get that." She interrupted. What? I was going to say stunned, stupefied, but not star-struck. "I guess kind of." I said shyly. "You're very beautiful." "Thank you, Isabella. Can I call you Isabella?" she asked calmly as she sat behind Edward's desk. Suddenly I felt like I was going to be chastised. My heart began to accelerate and the lump in my throat was near choking me. I didn't want to be called Isabella, my own mother never called me Isabella. Charlie sure as hell didn't, but there I was getting ready to allow someone else to do it. "Yes, Isabella is fine." I tried swallowing the lump, but it wouldn't budge. "Good. I like Isabella it sounds regal." She said with emphatic tone. "Isabella I've wanted to speak with you since the banquet. Things were a little busy that night and I didn't get a chance to ask if you enjoyed yourself prior to your abrupt departure. Oh shit! I am being chastised.
- 399 -

"I'm so sorry for that Mrs. Cullen I-" "Esme please. Mrs. Cullen is reserved for my mother-in-law." She gave a quick laugh as she corrected me. "Um...okay.Esme." I said quietly. Is it warm in here? "Would you like to have a seat?" she asked gesturing to the couch. I looked behind me