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Dear GOD: With praise and thanksgiving to the Almighty

Bless the ties that make us understand each

other, make it tighter as days pass that
none may put us two asunder, Make us
known each other more, let harmony in our
lives reign, deep it in tune that therefore,
together with our families
perfect bliss through in us will find. A
wedding brings a new world as two hearts
pledge one love and two lives join in one

Dear Parents: Mr. Aproniano A. Auza Mr. Nathaniel A. Balonga

We thank you for bringing us into this living
world for without you we would not have
known each other and this wonderful
moment of being united in holy wedlock
would have been possible. We thank you for
all the love and endearment you have Mrs. Lilia A. Auza Mrs. Adelaida A. Escartin
lavishly bestowed upon us through all these
years and for all the precious moments you Cordially invite you to share our moment of joy
have shared with us guiding us to tight track as we take ourselves to the Holy Sacrament of
of life. We thank God above all for giving us Matrimony
the wonderful parents in the world. We love in the presence of Lord Jesus Christ
you very much and we always will. on Saturday, the 16th day of May, 2009; 9:00 in
the morning
@ the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Talibon,

Reception will follow @ the Water Gate

Function Hall;

Poblacion, Talibon, Bohol

To bind and endow God’s Blessing Quimson
Rev. Fr. Chito C. Lozada Mr. Enerio Casquejo

Principal Sponsors Mrs. Flora Casquejo

With us are the persons we have chosen as
our parents and to stand witness
For the LOVE that we have… Mr. Edgardo Auza Mrs. Silveria Auza
Mr. Hilario Chiu Mrs. Lorna Chiu Secondary Sponsors
Mr. Urcelio Mrs. Lucia
To guide us in our way:
Evangelista Evangelista
Best Man Maid of Honor
Mr. Jovito Auza Sr. Mrs. Judith Auza
Engr. Rocky Rama Ms. Lesly Ann Chiu
Mrs. Nieves
Mr. Joel Cutamora Groomsmen Bridesmaids
Cutamora Mr. Nomie Valmoria Ms. Rea Isabel
Mr. Nomie Valmoria Mrs. Jennifer Padilla
Jr. Escartin
Mr. Virgilio Garcia Mrs. Rizalina Garcia
Mr. Mario Escartin Jr. Ms. Rose Virgil Garcia
Mr. Prudencio S. Mrs. Herminia A,
Mr. Joey Valmoria Ms. Abigail Credo
Lopena Lopena
Mr. Rudy Quimson Mrs. Carmelita
To bring the symbol of Love and
Ring Bearer Bible Bearer
Bearer To light the candle of life:
Carlwin John Jesus Raul De Claro
Bantog Evardo Jr.

To shower us with flowers

Ms. April Myra Sayson
Ms. Dorothy Jill Asombrado
Ms. Princess Belijayne Eleccion

Aisle Candle Lighters

Mr. John Evardo Ms. Louie Mongcupa
Mr. Arnie Paquibot Ms. Ma. Mae Surigao
Mr. Michael Valmoria Ms. Marlisa Buslon
Mr. Sherwin Leoligao Ms. Suecelle Jagna
Mr. Rolex Quimson Ms. Daisy Ybañez
Mr. Raymond
Ms. Jobeth Salva
Mr. Alwele Pojas Ms. Mary Jane

To cloth us as one: To fill the aisle with music:

Mr. Jovito Auza Jr. Mrs. Francis Bobbith Ms. Ginalyn Obeňa Ms. Graceia Joy
Auza Obeňa

To entwine us with love: Offerers:

Mr. Alexander Mrs.Ma. Rotche Candles:
Asombrado Asombrado Ms. Nonilyn Ms. Irene De Claro
To read the words of God Fruits:
First reader: Mr. Julius Padua Mr. Avelino Credo Mrs. Rudita Credo
Responsorial Psalm: Ms. Carmelita Bunado Flowers:
Second Reader: Grace Marie Cristal Mr. Jose Niňo Mrs. Michelle
Prayers of the Faithful: Ms. Mary Grace Quimson Quimson
Cajes Cruets and Ciborium:
Commentator: Neil Nolan Cajes Mr. Cipriano Evardo Mrs. Jonaida Evardo

Masters of Ceremony
Mr. Neil Nolan Cajes Ms. Mary Ann

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