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Warehouse planning and logistic consulting

Individual logistic solutions for your warehouse

Warehouse Management by E+P The internationally leading experts in warehouse logistics

Ehrhardt + Partner Leading international Experts in Warehouse Logistics

Founded in 1987 as a family company, Ehrhardt + Partner is now an internationally active group of companies with more than 140 employees in four locations. Engineering teams with practical experience from the areas of logistics and software engineering continually develop new solutions in warehouse logistics for the challenges of the future. Company group solutions are successfully employed on five different continents.
The E+P Group product range incorporates LFS 400 warehouse management system Pick-by-Voice Radio Frueqency RFID Material Flow Com puters Video documentation Individual customer specific solutions. Throughout the world, customers appreciate: the sound logistics advice the extensive expert knowledge of warehouse logistics professional project management short project turnaround times on-time commissioning reliable support.

In addi tion to warehouse modernisations, warehouse seminars, warehouse planning and consulting, Ehrhardt + Partner also takes charge of complex warehouse projects as main contractor, on request from customers. E+P also runs a comprehensive Repair and Support Centre.

Data. Facts. Figures.

The success of the company group Ehrhardt+Partner and their high-quality warehouse solutions show in the following figures: Implemented warehouse sites: more than 600 Number of employees working with LFS400 every day: between 35,000 and 40,000 Number of language versions of the system: more than 14 Number of worldwide picks per day realised with LFS400: between 30 and 35 millions

The power of innovation since 1987

2 Warehouse planning

Warehouse planning and consulting Individual logistic solutions for your warehouse

Warehouse planning and logistic consulting with a fast Return on Investment

Warehouses play a decisive role for the success of a company. At the same time, they are an important and complex investment decision, as the costs for the construction and operation of a warehouse represent up to 25 per cent of the total of logistic costs. The sound warehouse planning of the E+P group and the elaborate project realisation significantly contribute to cost savings and a quick Return on Investment.

The Ehrhardt + Partner group provides of comprehensive expertise and practical experience in all domains of warehouse logistics. Next to the precise site selection and the constructional project planning, the range of performances also includes structure and project planning, project management and realisation, the responsible integration of the IT and warehouse technology as well as the training of the warehouse staff. Already before actual warehouse planning the E+P group offers detailed location analysis for the determination and selection of optimal warehouse locations.

The E+P group

Puts the main focus on the economic use for the customer Offers neutral and manufacturer-independent consulting Has an overview of the currently most efficient solutions and technologies at the market Guarantees fast decisions, a good availability and a high adherence to schedules as an owner-operated family enterprise Can simulate all customer-specific processes and target concepts in the logistics centre and detect the perfect solution for each warehouse in advance Realises the uncomplicated integration of the single sub-contractors on a technical and logistic level.

This analysis of possible locations considers criterias such as: Development scenarios of the region Regional (logistic) infrastructure Real estate market Labor market Transportation costs Regulations Safety and Security. The exact locating planning supports the most economical decision and optimizes in particular the relationship of construction costs and costs of transportation.

Warehouse planning

Strategic planning Progressive success

The Ehrhardt+Partner group profits from over 20 years of experience and logistic know-how of far more than 600 realised warehouse sites of the most different industries. This knowledge in all its depth guarantees independent and neutral advice in warehouse planning, modernisation and logistics consulting.
No matter if it concerns planning your new central warehouse, centralising local warehouses or optimising logistic processes the sound warehouse logistic consulting in all phases of the project always has top priority for the Ehrhardt+Partner group. Detailed process shaping Project attending consulting in all project phases Industry-spanning benchmarking of your logistic processes Feasibility studies for new warehouse strategies and technologies (e.g. RFID integration in the warehouse) Integration of the latest technologies for modern logistic centres Development of innovating logistic concepts and solutions Benchmarking and efficiency studies of manual and automated warehouses.

Our range of performances in the domains of warehouse planning and logistics consulting includes: Planning your new central warehouse Realising warehouse projects as the responsible general contractor Modernising, optimising and reorganising the logistic processes of existing warehouses

As a general contractor, we offer those project steps from one source or as single units. We would be pleased to invite you to an individual conversation.

4 Warehouse planning

Warehouse planning and logistic consulting Project steps for successful warehouse logistics

Efficient planning is the basis for any successful logistics project. Independent consulting plays a decisive role in warehouse planning. This is especially important for the concept phase, in which a cost-optimised and flexible solution is essential.
The Ehrhardt + Partner group knows the numerous application and usage options of all approved and new technologies. Consulting is then realised manufacturerindependent and neutral with regards to the economically best solution. For the customer, this means the highest transparency possible for the single system components like hardware, software or logistic components. If desired, E+P is responsible for the integration of the single sub-contractors on the technical and logistic level. Our experienced project teams with skilled architects, warehouse and logistic experts guarantee the highest planning security possible with methodically sound project work.

Waiting area for trucks: Alignment along the street of 10 truck parking spaces

Cantilever rack: GFA: approx. 5,900 m Storage technique: cantilever racks 5 levels 2.50 m depth Storage space: 15,000 running meters / 12,000 m Pallet spaces: 9,000 Euro pallets Buffer areas for GR and GD at the rack header

Bulk storage: GFA: approx. 4,000 m

Truck detour: Area for goods which cannot be transported with the fork lift Driveway for a separate handling of finished cabins One-way system

Required space:

approx. 1,000 m

Connection via GR material flow Separate delivery area with one-girder travelling crane (5.0 t)

Crane runway


Possible alignment for social and sanitary rooms as well as engineering rooms Possible extension of the bulk storage Crane runway



Shuttle Shuttle
Picking Picking



Crane runway

Finished cabins warehouse: GFA: approx. 2,400 m Storage technique: cantilever racks 4 levels Shelf space: approx. 4,300 m/ 5,200 running meters Cabin spaces: approx. 192 pieces incl. aisles and front zone

Picking area With two-girder crane (1 t) GR control Crane runway


Reserve aisle EXTERNAL DISPOSITION Gas bottles

Cable warehouse: GR and GD zone FINISHED CABINS GFA: approx. 450 m Storage technique: drum racks 2 levels Drum spaces: approx. 160 pieces Picking area with an aisle width of approx. 5.00 m









Automated storage: GFA: approx. 1,750 m Storage technique: high bay pallet warehouse 8 levels Pallet spaces: approx. 4,300 Euro pallets GR and GD completely separated.

External storage area: As a sheltered area GFA: approx. 1,700 m Storage technique: cantilever racks 4 Levels Shelf space: approx. 1,300 m/1,600 running meters Pallet spaces: approx. 920 Euro pallets Area incl. empties and material disposition for external customers

Management: (across 2 floors) Room allocation plan: 7 x double offices 1 x office 1 x office manager with conference room 1 x conference room approx. 14 persons Reception area GR office with counter Social room with tea kitchen Store rooms, copier WC Ladies WC Gentlemen Required space approx. 450 m incl. traffic areas

Social area: Space allocation plan: Gents: changing room with lockers Area for washing WC with urinal Ladies: Common room: changing room with lockers Area for washing WC recreation room with Cooking facilities Seating

Required space approx. 130 m incl. traffic area

Warehouse planning

Strategic planning We care for the optimal concept

Accurate analysis
The analysis of the current situation covers all current logistic processes, the existing infrastructure (building equipment, hardware and IT, warehouse equipment) and the item-related characteristics. It also observes the current market requirements as well as possible future developments in order to be able to react flexibly to market changes. The accurate survey of the current situation is decisive for the success of the project, as a deep knowledge of the current logistic processes as well as the future requirements and developments is essential for attaining planning reliability. The analysis of the current situation is based on the results of the survey and serves depicting weak points in the logistic processes. It identifies restrictions, shortages, cross-ways and inefficient processes.

Concept creation for your warehouse logistics

The results of the analysis of the current situation are integrated into a target concept including a critical variant comparison. The Ehrhardt + Partner group elaborates optimised processes for a total solution, makes a statement concerning warehouse layout, bin locations and warehouse equipment and gives organisational recommendations for action. The target concept is supported by the visualisation of warehouse layouts and material flows. The first sketches of the building for the construction of a new warehouse are also part of the concept portfolio. A critical variants comparison with the depiction of the according strengths and weaknesses supports the recommendation for action.

Drawn sketch (To-be concept)

3D-Visualisation (Fine-concept)

Sectional drawing of the planned warehouse equipment (Fine concenpt)

6 Warehouse planning

Detailed fine concepts For best processes in your warehouse

The following fine concept deepens the selected variant of the target concept and depicts the details for the adjusted dimensions of capacities according to the elaborated key figures. It also depicts future alternative options of usage and offers the highest flexibility possible and investment security.

Operational requirements: static and dynamic capacities, other parameters Regulatory requirements: Regulations, Safety, Traceability etc.

Handling Equipment

Warehouse Design
Transportation system Warehousing system Distribution system Automization system Control system

Storage Goods

Material Flow Equipment

Transport Equipment

Storage Equipment

Organizational system Planning system Commissioning system

Materials Management

Picking and Packing Equipment Commissioning Equipment Packaging and Palletization Equipment


Evaluated according to
Technology Investment Operational Costs Strategy Planning Control Technology

Best-Fit Warehouse Design

Warehouse planning

The E+P group as your general contractor The best references for your project

Advanced consulting and successful project management

After completing the consulting services and handing over the fine concept, Ehrhardt+Partner offers support during the planning and construction period up to the complete realisation of the entire project as a general contractor. To Ehrhardt + Partner, professional and successful project management means consistently attaining customer-oriented project objectives by observing dates, costs and quality. Customers assign their projects whether it is planning a new building or a warehouse modernisation - to E+P and profit from their turn-key solution. From the initial idea across strategy development and implementation support up to go-live, E+P is always the responsible contact.

Best references
Our comprehensive offer in warehouse planning is meeting an ever-growing demand. The following extract of our list of references shows which companies trust the logistic know-how of the Ehrhardt+Partner group:

Our customers profit from: A focus on the most efficient project solution Manufacturer-independent selection of the most appropriate warehouse components (e.g. materials handling, stacker cranes or material flow computers) Transparency for single systems and access to all available technologies, systems and solutions Interface know-how guaranteeing the optimum integration of the single sub-contractors in technical and logistical aspects.

8 Warehouse planning

Fully equipped logistics centre For the simulation of your warehouse processes

The IAW the Institute for Applied Warehouse Logistics a fully equipped logistics centre with more than 500 m of storage space is also a part of the Ehrhardt+Partner group. Next to research projects, feasibility studies and warehouse seminars, complete warehouse processes can be depicted and analysed in a realistic environment.
In our logistics centre, all relevant processes can be simulated and tested in a live environment during planning or in the course of a comprehensive warehouse modernisation. The exact depiction of future processes in the simulated live operation supports and confirms the planned processes and technologies. In the logistics centre, tomorrows standard technology is already integrated and available: from the radio frequency installation with fork lift and picking terminals across mobile printers and radio frequency scanners up to automated storage units like a Shuttle and automated warehouses as well as the leading warehouse manageFurthermore, the E+P group also realises comprehensive research projects and feasibility studies in the logistics centre. This way, RFID applications are tested in the warehouse at an early stage. ment system, which depicts and supports all warehouse movements in the software. Of course, the latest technologies like Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by-Light or RFID are also integrated.

Warehouse planning

Warehouse modernisation Restructure your warehouse

An important focus of activities of the E+P group is the secure, on-time and financially affordable modernisation of manual and automated logistic centres. Here, the Ehrhardt+Partner group can play off their expertise. The neutral and manufacturer-independent consulting always concentrates on the economic benefit.
The Ehrhardt + Partner group develops rebuilding and exchange concepts which ensure the modernisation without an interruption of operations, amongst others for: Control systems Drive and control technology Materials handling Stacker cranes Warehouse management systems Material flow computers. Correction of disturbance sources and reduction of down times Increased process security and quality Improved exploitation of space Transparent processes in the entire warehouse Basics for the application of modern picking technologies High investment and future security Shorter processing times Warehouse modernisations have the highest requirements to the specialised expertise of the assigned partner. The Ehrhardt+Partner group realises complex warehouse modernisations reliably and securely within the shortest time possible without interrupting operations. Cost savings. An elaborate warehouse modernisation attains the following advantages:

10 Warehouse planning

DEAL+ Your first step towards warehouse modernisation

Get to know the consulting competence of Ehrhardt+Partner in the domain of warehouse planning and logistics consulting. We analyse your existing warehouse structure and processes, elaborate an individual solution concept for the optimisation and present founded recommendations for action. Our DEAL+ will support you quickly, independently and efficiently in your upcoming logistic decisions.

Definition of the project goal

Kick-off meeting (presentation of the customers team and the logistic experts of Ehrhardt + Partner) Definition of the project goals Coordination of deadlines

Evaluation of the current situation

Sighting of the warehouse: building, equipment, items, processes etc. Recording the information (by check lists) and interviewing the employees in the warehouse

Analysis phase of the recorded information

Analysis, preparation and evaluation of the provided information Identification of weak points and critical areas Visualisation of the essential material and information flow

Logistic concepts
Presentation of possible new processes Proposals concerning the warehouse layout and equipment Quickly realisable and strategic recommendations for action

+ Presentation of results
Presentation of the conclusions and elaborated results Closing meeting with a feedback and, if required, definition of further steps

With DEAL+, you receive your individual solution for

the strategic direction of your warehouse competitive advantages in warehouse logistics the reduction of your logistic costs You are interested in further information concerning DEAL+? We would be glad to invite you to a personal conversation, give us a call Tel. (+49) 67 42 87 27 0.

Warehouse planning


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