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Terminal Radar Data Display


Submitted by: Emely S. Ambay BSME Submitted to: Vito K. Javier Jr. ANSS II / Training Officer

Instructors: Jeril Jay Ebreda Maricris A. Armero CNSSO Assistant

May 21, 2013


The Terminal Radar Data Processing system processes the radar data from various primary and secondary radars to present the aircraft position and its related information, e.g. aircraft callsign, altitude, ground speed, aircraft category, etc. on the radar display. This information is used by air traffic controllers to control the approach/departure, terminal and en-route traffic. This data display is specifically called Terminal Radar Data Display (TRDD).

TRDD is an equipment used by air traffic controllers to identify all aircraft that are within the 60 mile-radius (Nm) of the aerodrome surrounding NAIA. The system is also vital in the technical description in monitoring and measuring the distance, speed and altitude of every aircraft passing through the airport.

It is also an important tool in guiding pilots as relayed by the air traffic controllers. With this unit unserviceable, airlines should expect longer queues at the runway during takeoff and landing, which may cause additional expenses for their companies and inconvenience to domestic and international passengers.

Uncertified tower display workstations shall be used only as an aid to assist controllers in visually locating aircraft or in determining their spatial relationship to known geographical points. Radar services and traffic advisories are not to be provided using uncertified tower display workstations. General information may be given in an easy to understand manner, such as to your right or ahead of you.

DEDS/RDD/TRDD Display and Control

Operation Mode

Normal Mode (Replay Mode) Displays the target data processed by CPS, including list data, weather data, and controlling data. Display video (decoded video from SSR, and normal(raw) video and MTI video from ASR) Since video data is not recorded, replay mode does not display video data.

Bypass Mode Displays raw target data directly from radar. Displays video and part of digital data (Mode A and C) Not display list data, weather data and controlling data.

Test Mode (available only for DEDS) Allows to create and modify the map data Allows to execute off-line diagnostics

Input device How does operator execute control command? Use keyboard Use trackball Use Function Channel Switch Use combination of operation of 3 input devices

TRDD/ Display and Control

Position and Status Indicator
01:23-46 67.23 1020RWY-15-19 120-230 RJ SII RWY-25 VMC RJ SO RWY-CLSD IMC R-512 R-129 HOT MY

System Operation Data

List Data

AI JAL002 0123 GOE 3524 AI JAL002 0123 GOE 3524 AI JAL002 0123 GOE 3524 H EEE18 0111 200 AI JAL002 0123 GOE 3524

Map Range Mark

JAL 574 100 25 _____________ . . . .

Compass Rose


Preview Area


Actual Display

TRDD Start-up Procedure

Note: ensure proper cable connections before start-up

1. With power switch at the back in on position, press CPU power button. 2. Wait until these messages appear: Starting desktop logging on display Wait for the desktop login screen The X-server cannot be started on display: 0

Press ENTER 3. Now. Type DEDS, and then press ENTER 4. Prompt from password will then appear: Password? 5. Type deds000, then press enter *note: the characters typed here will not appear on the screen. 6. Text/message will appear until this prompt: 1 rsd06 trdd> 7. Type openwin, then press enter 8. SOLARIS will now load, then to TRDD display. Please wait.

TRDD Shutdown Procedure

1. Press AP END button (beside RSD NO.) at PSU 2. Press COPU power button.


3. An option box will appear. ; click/select {shutdown}.

Thank you po Maam WEENA, Maam AIZA, Maam MARICRIS at sir JERIL ! Thanks for the learning! Marami po akong natutunan sanyo^^ and I enjoyed my OJT because of you guys and all the staff of MLA CONTROL TOWER! GOD BLESS PO (sana mabasa nyo to^^ hehe =)) -EMELY \m/-