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Switching Module LTB Compact

Rated voltage

123-170 kV

Rated current

3150 A

Rated breaking current

40 kA



voltage 123-170 kV Rated current 3150 A Rated breaking current 40 kA Installation Outdoor/Indoor

Switching Module – LTB Compact

Trolley mounted LTB circuit breaker, with optional earthing switches and distributed intelligence and condition monitoring.


Network operators increasingly require substation equipment with:

Higher availability

Lower maintenance costs

Smaller space requirement

Enhanced safety

Lower installation cost

To meet the above requirements, ABB Power Technol- ogy Products AB is introducing a new concept, Switch- gear Modules. Switchgear Modules available today are:

Switching Module

Line Entrance Module

The Switchgear Module concept is based on three basic design principles:

Time proven ABB High Voltage (HV) equipment with extensive, and impressive, service records.

Modern communication technology, including optical links, used for control and protection.


The base of the design is a truck mounted, standard ABB auto puffer circuit breaker. LTB Compact uses a three pole operated type LTB circuit breaker equipped with one (1) type BLK motor charged spring operating mechanism. The BLK mechanism is enclosed in a corrosion resistant housing rated IP 55 and is attached to the pole beam.

LTB Compact includes a disconnector function which allows the circuit breaker to be maintained while it is either withdrawn or fully removed. Disconnector function is achieved by withdrawing the truck mounted circuit breaker from the fixed contacts. Movement of the circuit breaker on the truck is provided via a standard ABB disconnector operating mechanism. Either the BCM-F motor operating mechanism or BCM-H manual operat- ing mechanism can be used.

Fixed contacts provided are part of the busbar system with no need for maintenance.

The complete LTB Compact switching module is type tested as a complete bay according to international standards, with the different HV apparatus included.

Standard equipment

LTB Compact include all functions performed by a

traditional circuit breaker bay. A standard LTB Compact consists of the following HV equipment:

Circuit breaker LTB circuit breaker with BLK mechanism.

Trolley Tr uck with type BCM-F motor operating mechanism or type BCH-F manual operating mechanism.

Fixed contacts

Gantry support for the fixed contacts.

Optional equipment

In addition to the standard equipment, the LTB Com- pact can also be supplied with the following optional equipment:

Current transformers:

IMB (123-170 kV) conventional oil insulated current transformers.

Voltage transformers:

CPA/CPB (123-170 kV) conventional oil insulated capacitor voltage transformers.

Brackets for mounting IMB, CPA/CPB on the circuit breaker frame can also be supplied.

NVA Earthing switch.

PEXLIM Polymeric insulated Surge arrester

SWITCHGUARD condition monitoring unit including optional provisions for remote supervision.

SWITCHSYNC relay for synchronizing circuit breaker close and/or open operations for switching of capacitor banks, reactors, transformers and long overhead lines.

SWITCHCONTROL process bus interface for con- trol of circuit breaker and disconnector functions. In addition to standard circuit breaker and discon- nector control functions, SWITCHCONTROL can include the functions of both the SWITCHGUARD and the SWITCHSYNC.

Main features and advantages The main advantage with a trolley mounted circuit breaker is that

Main features and advantages

The main advantage with a trolley mounted circuit breaker is that the disconnector function is achieved by the moving of the complete breaker unit. Thus, the conventional disconnectors are replaced by a maintenance free disconnector function with fixed contacts.

The circuit breaker can also be withdrawn for service or replaced with a spare unit in a short time.

Cost savings compared to traditional design is due to less foundations, steel structures and space requirements. Use of less connectors and insulators, smaller earthing grid and fibre optics replacing signal cables will also lower installation costs.

Condition monitoring enables maintenance when needed instead of timebased maintenance.


Due to

High availability

no or few traditional disconnectors required.

fast, easy replacement of the circuit breaker unit.

optional condition monitoring.

Lower maintenance cost

predictive maintenance via optional condition monitoring and self diagnostics.

maintenance free fixed contacts.

Reduced space requirement

no or few traditional disconnectors required.

optional compact design including integrated instrument transformers.

Enhanced safety

reduced maintenance work in the switchyard.

Short installation time

pre-fabricated and pre-tested Switchgear Modules.

reduced civil work and less switchyard material

For more detailed information

This pamphlet includes general information about the Switching Module - LTB Compact. If more detailed tech- nical information for the individual components included

in the LTB Compact (e.g. LTB circuit breaker, BLK operating mechanism, etc.) is required, please contact ABB Power Technology Products AB.

Prodouced by HVP/MD AO

Catalogue Publ.PTHVP/MD 4028 en Edition 4, 2001-01

Technical Data for LTB 123-170 Compact

Rated voltage (IEC, ANSI)



169/170 kV

Power frequency withstand voltage

1 min dry(IEC)



325 kV

1 min wet (IEC)



325 kV

1 min dry (ANSI)



365 kV

10 sec wet (ANSI)



315 kV

Disconnector function Impulse voltage 1.2/50 µs across open pole (IEC) Power frequency withstand voltage across open pole (IEC)



860 kV



375 kV

Lightning impulse withstand voltage, (LIWL), (IEC) Full wave 1.2/50µs (ANSI) Chopped wave 2 µs (ANSI) Chopped wave 3 µs (ANSI)



750 kV



750 kV



968 kV



862 kV

Phase distance



2000 mm

Creepage distance to earth 1) 2) Normal Long



5045 mm



5790 mm

Creepage distance across break 1) 2) Normal Long



4887 mm



5550 mm

Rated normal current

3150 A

Rated breaking current

31.5/40 kA


First pole to clear factor


Making current/peak (IEC) Making current/peak (ANSI)

79/100 kA

85/108 kA

Duration of short circuit

3 s

Closing time Opening time To tal break time Dead time

40 ms

20 ms

40 ms

300 ms

Rated reclosing time, 50 Hz (ANSI)

20 cycles

Rated operating sequence, (IEC, ANSI)

O-0,3 sec-CO-3 min-CO CO-15 sec-CO

Values complying with IEC 56 (50 Hz and 60 Hz) and ANSI C37 (60 Hz) 1) Other values on request 2) Tolerances according to IEC 233.

values on request 2 ) Tolerances according to IEC 233. ABB Power Technology Products AB High

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