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Unofficial Referee Observers Report

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26 June 2013, 16:00 Local Time Estdio Mineiro, Belo Horizonte (Brazil) Match Officials Referee Assistant Referee 1 Assistant Referee 2 Fourth Official Reserve AR Blog Referee Observer
1 2 3

Name Enrique Osses Carlos Astroza Sergio Romn Joel Aguilar William Torres Niclas E.


Mark1 8.4 8.4 8.4 8.4

Mark2 ---------

Difficulty3 Very Challenging Normal Normal Normal

Final mark according to evaluation scale. Mark if the final mark had not been influenced by a crucial mistake (only in case of a crucial mistake, to be held empty if no crucial mistake occurred). Difficulty has to be integrated into the final mark. Levels of difficulty are: normal, challenging and very challenging. 4 Blog-Referee Observer =Inofficial referee observer appointed by the blog administrator.

Evaluation scale
(for referee, ARs and fourth official)

Description of the Marks Excellent. Very good. Important decision(s) correctly taken. Good. Expected level. Satisfactory with small areas for improvement. Satisfactory with important areas for improvement. One clear and important mistake, otherwise 8.3 or above. One clear and important mistake, otherwise 8.0 8.2. Below expectation, poor control, significant point(s) for improvement. Disappointing. Below expectation with one and clear important mistake or a performance with two or more clear and important mistakes. Unacceptable.

9.0 10.0 8.5 8.9 8.3 8.4 8.2 8.0 8.1 7.9 7.8 7.5 7.7 7.0 7.4 6.0 6.9

Small description of the match (extra-ordinary incidents etc.): Semifinal of hosting nation Brazil who met Uruguay in an almost full Estdio Mineiro in Belo Horizonte a bit more than 57.000 supporters created a good and heated atmosphere already at the national anthems. The stadium and pitch were in an excellent condition contributing to a technically good game dominated by the Brazilians who however found themselves confronted with a well defending Uruguayan team. Uruguay could have taken the lead if Forln had scored from the penalty spot after 13 minutes. Brazil scored the first goal though, shortly before the half-time break. Uruguay, having struck back in the 49th minute, were defeated in the late phase of the game due to a mistake by their goalkeeper Muslera after a corner kick. Chiles referee Enrique Osses faced many demanding situations, specially after corner kicks and in the late stages of the match. A very challenging match for him.

Unofficial Referee Observers Report

rbitro Internacional & The Third Team

Crucial Decisions (refer to penalty kicks, sending-off situations etc.) [extended] Minute and Description of the Scene / Assessment of the referees decision After a corner kick for Uruguay, Brazils David Luiz obviously and excessively pulled his opponent Luganos kit who fell in the penalty area . The referee showed no hesitation and immediately pointed to the spot awarding a penalty kick. He 13 furthermore cautioned David Luiz for this offense. Both decisions were absolutely right. Moreover, it was a sensible decision based on common sense to ignore the small encroachment of Brazils Marcelo at the penalty kicks execution, since the ball did not bounce back into the box anyway. Luiz Gustavo (Brazil) took on Uruguayan Rodriguez in a challenge aimed at getting the ball. He managed to play the ball but, in the movement of playing the ball, kicked his opponent into the stomach with studs-up. He did not show any intent to avoid that. However, there was no totally clear attempt or intent to 39 severely hurt his opponent either. The referee correctly issued a yellow card to him and resisted the claims for a red card. Nonetheless it must be pointed out that the referee seemed to have missed the danger of this tackle (only a very short whistle for this free-kick) and only reacted when many Uruguayans complaint very strongly. Cavani (Uruguay) tackled Marcelo (Brazil) at the edge of the penalty area. Clean 65 challenge, no penalty correct, Marcelo could have been urged to avoid spectacularly falling or even simulating. After a dive by Neymar, Uruguays Gonzlez shot the ball into Neymars face, who still was on the ground, from a very small distance. YC was issued. In fact that was intentional and could have been red-carded. The referee only reacted, 74 as the fourth official advised him to sanction this infraction. Alertness for such things was slightly missing. However no real crucial mistake, since it depends on the referees assessment (the Laws of the Game facilitate both, YC and RC).

Basic Observations (refer to the general application of the LotG, highlight the referees tactical approach, personality, match control, management of the teams and players, teamwork etc.). Please deploy short but precise and detailed sentences! Positive Points Concentration and alertness at set pieces. Courage to take a brave penalty 1. decision for excessive pulling after a corner kick. He worked a lot with verbal warnings (22) after the penalty. With some smaller exceptions (39 or 89), the referee maintained a high level of 2. match control. He kept the emotive South American duel under his supervision. Basically a good foul detection, card management and specially a good feeling for 3. what was no foul but merely a try to seek too easy free kicks (happened twice in 25). 4. Teamwork with fourth official, who supported him in two moments (74 and 75). 5. Correct management of defect ball and correct re-start with throw-in in 7.

Unofficial Referee Observers Report

rbitro Internacional & The Third Team

Points for Improvement Added time management in second half. Neymar (Brazil) wasted 50 seconds by walking very slowly at his substitution but the referee did not even add 30 1. seconds onto the additional time of three minutes. This must be improved for sure. He could make the players and also observers/fans understand much easier that he has detected an infringement by attending the centre of attention in a much 2. more determined way. He should sometimes use smaller sprints to signalize presence (e.g. in Luiz Gustavos YC in 39). Dealing with the conflicts in 88/89. It was good that he tried to quickly solve the 3. conflicts, but he really missed a mandatory yellow card against Fred (Brazil) who impeded a quick execution of the free-kick and even kicked the ball away. Although he had a consistent dealing with Neymar and his many and various forms of simulation, he should have cautioned him in minute 88 when he more or 4. less jumped onto the ground having been allegedly hit by an elbow. However, it must be clear that for the referee it was probably difficult to detect on the pitch this can become easier by an adequate match preparation though. Body language, facial expressions and whistle language. He could stress his calls or could make the players understand how he considered a foul in a much better 5. way if he did not use the same body posture, facial expression and short whistles in every situation.

Unofficial Referee Observers Report The referees character Physical Aspects Fitness / Stamina Always close to play without inferfering with it Flexible diagonal movement Positioning at set pieces Efficient positioning, having a good angle of vision to play Close to the penalty area, if needed Tactical Approach Description very lenient lenient medium X Yes Consistency in the tactical approach / style The tactical approach suited to the requirements of the match / the match benefitted from the tactical approach of the referee Ability to adapt the tactical approach if needed X X X +

rbitro Internacional & The Third Team

Expected X X X X X X strict

very strict



Further observations (peculiarities of the referee revealing his character) The referee showed his skills in terms of decision-taking in extremely important moments and maintained a high level of control. He can improve certain things, mostly in the more technical part and in terms of his appearance on the pitch.

Unofficial Referee Observers Report

rbitro Internacional & The Third Team

Assistant Referee 1
Please assess the first assistant referees performance. Minute and Description of the Scene / Assessment of the ARs behaviour The first assistant referee supported the referee in some moments regarding offsides and onsides There were however no replays to check them, even though full time the decisions seemed ok. What can be said with certainty is that the 1:0 goal was clearly no offside. Apart from that normal performance.

Assistant Referee 2
Please assess the second assistant referees performance. Minute and Description of the Scene / Assessment of the ARs behaviour The second assistant referee was a reliable team-mate of the referee and helped him specially in the early stages of the first half with correct foul/no-foul decisions. full time He was not challenged that much regarding offsides or onsides though. Correct positioning and behaviour during the penalty kick.

Fourth Official
Please assess the fourth officials performance. Minute and Description of the Scene / Assessment of the fourth officials behaviour The fourth official walked a bit closer to the sideline and it seemed there had been some communication after Uruguays Gonzlez kicked the ball into Neymars 74 face. A YC was still acceptable here. It can be at least positively highlighted that the fourth official followed the match attentively and was able to advise the referee certain decisions. full time Besides that, all technical duties were fulfilled in an adequate way.