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"The whole cholesterol thing has bilked tens of billions [now hundreds of billionsJ .fro* Americans. The sod thing is that medicine is slowly banlcrupting America by duping our people into ridiculous and dangerous medical procedures that are nothing more than money-making scams." Health Alert, Vol. 10, No. 7
The greatest breakthrough in the world of cardiology ever is huppening right now! It is led by a new breed of cardiologists and Health Alert. And it is based on the now proven fact that cholesterol does not couse heurt diseuse! This new breed of doctors, many of whom have performed thousands of open-heart surgeries, has now set out to right the wrong. For many decades the so called "smartestof-the-smart" physicians-those labeled "opinion mukevs "-l1ave bombarded the scientifi c literature, brainwashed physicians, and, with the backing of the pharmaceutical indust y, bamboozled the American public into believing their insistent lie that cholesterol is the cause of heurt disease. Despite the failure of cholesterol lowering to slow heart disease, these opinion makers have been so successful in promoting this scam that the only accepted medical treatment (the gold standard) is the prescription of cholesterol-lowering drugs and a severe, low-fat diet. Insistirrg that this treatment will lower cholesterol and, in turn, lower heart disease rates, they have mafiaged to persuade everyone that any deviation from this therapy by physicians is a form of heresy. And indeed, in some cases any deviation could be considered grounds for malprae*iee!*- *But in 2012, bold and courageous physicians and medical leaders are coming out of hidirrg to tell you that they have been wrong about the medical low-fat and cholesterol-lowering theory of he art disease. These are people, includirg cardiologists and heart surgeons, who have actually looked inside tens of thousands of coronary arteries. They know the truth-the gold standard medical protocol is a scam. They now say that low-fut diets and lowering cholesterol have been the medical Holy Gruil for mony decades, despite the fact thut they do not work, and ure no longer scientifically or morally defensible. Of course, many of us have known this for a long, long time . Close to 30 years ago, I wrote in Health Alert, "P aranota about cholesterol is

widespread...yet cholesterol is an important tissue substance and it is not to be universally avoided." (Health Alert, Vol. 1, No. 8, 1984!) Even worse than the useless, forced, gold standard low -fat and cholesterol lowerit g protocol itself, is the fact that these recommendations have created additionul untold suffcring. You see, the medically recommended diet that is low in saturated fat and high in polyunsaturated fats and carbohydrates creates constant repeated injury and inflammation to the linings of blood vessels, leading to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. The damage caused by decades of the cholesterol scam is now glaringly apparent. At the same time that low-fat and cholesterollowerirrg protocols really got going, coronary artery disease, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes rates skyrocketed to epidemic levels. The consequences of diseases cuused by yeurs of the medical lowfat diet and cholesterol scum-in terms of human sufferirg, economic consequences, and death dwarf any plague in history! Despite the medical mantra to lower fat and cholesterol at all costs (close to one-third of all Americans take a cholesterol-lowering statin drug *a$d/or .aL.a low-fat di,et)r mor Americans than ever are sufferirrg and dying. Close to 7 5 million Americans suffer from heart disease, and almost 100 million suffer from diabetes or prediabetes. Despite the fact that we have reduced the fat in our diets and reduced our cholesterol with drugs, more Americans will die this yeor of heart diseose than ever before! Isn't that proof enough that the medical gold standard is a bust? Not for organtzed medicine and the pharmaceutical industries.

If Cholesterol
Whut Does?

Doesn't Cuuse Hesrt Disease,

About 26 years ago I said, "There is no relationship between your cholesterol level and the amount of plaque in your arteries." (Health

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Alert, Vol. 3, No. l, 1986.) And 23 years ago I said, "We have proclaimed for over 5 years that cholesterol is not the culprit in heart or blood vessel disease." (Health Alert, Vol . 6, No. 1 1, 1989.) And 10 years ago I said, "Cholesterol drug therapy produces instant gratification for doctor and patient by lowerirrg cholesterol numbers. These drugs are indeed the cure for the condition of cholesterolphobio (the unworranted fear of cholesterol)." (Health Alert, Vol. L9, No. 10,

Most recently I summed it all up by saying, "Just why does the manipulation of cholesterol levels fail to reduce the risk of heart attacks or strokes? It is the same reason why half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal to low cholesterol. And why half of all people with high cholesterol do not have heart attacks. It rs becouse cholesterol has little or nothing to do with heart diseuse!" (Health Alert, Vol. 29, No.3,2012.) So if it's not cholesterol, what is it? Well the bold physicians who are blowing the lid off the cholesterol scam have their own idea about the cause of heart disease. And they are 100% correct about this one cause. About 10 years ago I wrote, "There is no doubt thatinfection and inflammation in the inner layer of blood vessels cause disruption of blood flow, potential clots, and resultant stroke and heart attacks." (Health Alert, Vol. 20, No. 8.) And that is exactly what the "smartest of the smart" in cardiology are proclaiming as the cause of heart diseas inflammation of the inner luyer of the urteries, particulurly the coronury urteries. Inflammation is caused by too much sugar from too many carbohydrates, the high levels of insulin that they cause, polyunsaturated fats, and processed vegetable oils-the staples of the low-fat diet and the very protocol prescribed for
decades by mainstream medicine. That's

an inflamed coronary artery looks like it has been sandpapered! They liken inflammation of coronary arteries to rubbing a stiff brush over soft skin until it bleeds. When you keep this up, several times daily (after each meal), every day, for years, then each day the injuries are compounded and worsened as your body desperately tries to patch things up with plaque, etc. Excess carbohydrates and sugar, the excess insulin they cause, too much of store-bought oils (like soybean), processed foods, fast foods, and cholesterol-free foods are the sandpaper. And without sufficient omeg a-3

fats in your diet, store-bought oils actually

produce powerful, inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. The more you eat the low- fat fare, the more cytokines your body produces, and the worse the inflammation to your coronary arteries becomes! What to Do

To stop this insult to your arteries, your

heart, and all of your body, you simply must say

no to your physician's recommendation for a low-fat diet. Forget the "science" drummed into your head for decades about this type of eating.
Forget avoiding saturated fat such as meat, fish, eggs, poultry and more. The "science" that these foods cause heart disease is nonexistent. Do not substitute fat-free, cholesterol-free, low -fat, or "heart-he althy" foo ds . Instead eat a whole-foods diet. This is the diet that finally transformed Bill Clinton after he quit the rec ommended low -fat diet/h eart drug s protoc o1 he languished on for years. Remember that the cholesterol theory led to the no-fat and low_fat recommendations that spulred the processed foods industry and caused an epidemic of inflammation. Medicine has made a terrible mistuke, and it is time to right a wrong. Your diet should be whole foods like your grandmother used to eat-fresh, unprocessed, and in their natural state. Choose complex carbohydrates like vegetables. Eat fruits and vegetables that are colorful. Eat healthy oils such as cod liver, flax, and olive oils. Eat more protein in the form of lean meat, fish, poultry, whey, and eggs to build muscle and stay strong. LJse butter instead of margarine. Drink pure water. Simply put, eat the way I have preached for 3 5 years Mediterroneon diet. And if you already have artery inflammation, you


the decades-long medical protocol for heart diseas e has been the muin cause of the chronic, duily, repeated insult to und inflammution of oar coronary urteries. Because of this, medical therapy has been and is a main cause of the epidemic number of people suffering and dying
from coronary artery disease (CAD), heart disease, diabetes, he art attacks, strokes, and obesity. He art surgeons who have peered inside coronary arteries will tell you that the inside of

Health Alert, 30 Ryan Court, #100, Monterey, CA 93940 1-800-231-8063

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will need the proper supplements for 6-18 months

to help heal your circul atory system. This protocol is discussed at the end of this article.

Heart Disease without Inflomed ArteriesBeriberi of the Heurt The new breed of cardiologists should be lauded for admitting that they and everyone in the moneydriven world of medicine huve been wrong. And they are right on about inflammation in the walls of arteries causing heart disease, coron ary artery disease, heart attacks, strokes, and quite frankly, pain throughout the body. But they are only hulf right. There are millions of people languishing with heart failure, cardiomyop athy, and other forms of heart disease who do not have inflammation in their coronfiry artiries. You may be orrJof these folks. So what is the reul cause of your heart

You see, over the past 30 years I have been able to use very speciflc nutrition to help tens of thousands of folks like you reverse their cripplirrg and medically incurable heart disease. Despite the "opinion makers" and "experts" in medicine, I have been able to accomplish this because I address the underlying cuase of their heurt diseose-beriberi of the heurt And there can be no mistake because when treated with my heart protocol (and nothing else) almost all these folks got better ften
quickly. They were able to shrink their swollen and water-logged hearts, stop their heart valves from leaking, restore strong cardiac output and ejection fraction, norrnahze blood pressure, enjoy breathing that once againbecomes easy, increase their energy and finally restore the balance and function of their

These remarkable phenomena were simply

ignored or considered irrelevant and "aneedotal" to medical "expefts"-meaning that it is interesting but nothing more. But common sense dictates that when these phenomena are observed tens of thousands of times over a period of more than 30 years, it is no longer anecdotal. It is simply a fact, or what we like to call evidence-bosed medicine. As a very wise physician once said, "If I throw an apple out a window and it goes up instead of down, I don't need a double-blind study to tell me that something is going on." I have the best success rates in the world for helping people with heart failure, a weak heart, cardiomyop athy, and any other heart disease syndrome that may have been given any number of medical names. I simply treat my patients for beriberi of the heart, and they -- -pt:uelEfu thp tpns of thoasandsl-Ihis is:tn'e evidence-based medicine in the classic sense.

If this is your situation, you are weak, on heart drugs, depressed, and have an enlarged, palpitating, swollen, leaki.g, failing heart-with blood pressure problems, breathirrg probleffiS, and all the classic signs of heart disease. But did you know that these are also the classic signs of beriberi of the heurt? Ironic ally, the same medically-prescribed low-fat diet that can contribute to inflammation in your arteries can also predispose you to beriberi of the heart. The reason is simple. The main cause of artery inflammation is a deficiency of the whole vitamin C complex and real bioflavonoids. Beriberi is caused by a deficiency of B vitamins. And the foods in the medical low-fat diet, as well as the typical American diet, are nearly devoid of both. ---- In +his-case h oweve.r, jMing-ts=a-Mediterranean diet will not resolve your heart disease. Beriberi of the heart is much more serious, and to reverse it you will need to take the correct supplements. About 25 years ago I began stating
that most of today's heart failure was a form of beriberi of the heart. And almost 10 years ago I wrote, "Today in Amertca there are hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of people sufferirg from beriberi." (Health Alert, Vol. 22, No. 5.) And if you thought I was ridiculed about my preaching that diet causes inflammation in the arteries, and the fact that cholesterol does not cause heart disease, that was nothing. My proclamation about beriberi as the cause of heart disease and most heart failure really made organrzed medicine crazy.

Beriberi l{o Longer Exists-It Cun't Cuuse Heurt Diseuse, Right? And here is where organtzedmedicine, and even some of the new breed of cardiologists, are missing the boat. Most medical people believe that beriberi was a muscle -paralyzrng and nerve-damaging disease that was wiped out long ago. And even if it did exist today, a little thiamine would cure it. But that is actually not the case because this form of beriberi is subclinical (not a full blown case), and it affects the heart muscle in particular. And it will not respond to thiamine or any other isolated or synthetic B vitamin, no matter how super-potent the

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Health Alert, 30 Ryan Court, #100, Monterey, CA 93940 1-800-231-8063

dose. With this type of heart disease, you can only

cure it with the full range of B complex vitamins in their natural form. It is a little like synthetic ascorbic acid (vitamin C)-no matter how superpotent the dose, it cannot cure scurvy. But lime juice, with the full, natural form of vitamin C, can. With this type of debilitating heart disease,

vitumin 84 is most critical. And this nutritional substance cannot be synthesized. You can only get it from foods or supplements made from concentrated foods. I found this out the hard way
early on in my career by tryirrg all types of isolated

Because of these truths, statin drugs will fail. Stents and bypasses will fail in the long-terrrl. And the myriad of prescription drugs to force the heart to beat strongar, fasteq slower, andlor weaker will, at best, fail to do much more than keep patients alive in a debilitated state. At worst, they will turn millions of people into cardtac invalids, while killing unknown numbers. Remarkably, treating the underlying cause of heart disease allows patients to truly get well and actually cure their heart disease-what a concept! And the right protocol usually includes nutrients

B vitamins-all to no avail. They simply did no good st sll. I was unable to help those sufferirrg from heart disease until I stumbled on supplements made from concentrated forms of he art tissue, adrenal tissue, liver, nutritional yeast, carrots,
wheat gerrn, beets, rice bran, lecithin, and much

like the bioflavonoid complex found in Cyruta@ Plus (from Standard Process) that helps you heal inflammation in your arteries. It also includes the whole vitumins A, D, F, and K complexes found in X-FsctoF'* Gold High Vitumin Butter Oil and Blue fcd* Fermented Cod Liver Oil (from
Green Pastures). These are the most unti-plaque nutrients known. Artd the right protocol contains

Let's face it, these are not exactly the foods you want to consume daily, by the buckets, to get well. But they are the main source of vitamin R4, which is needed to overcome beriberi-making them rocket fuel for your heart. So we do the next best thing. We use concentrated sources of these foods in the form of supplements produced properlywithout heat or chemicals. Very precis e, patented, and painstaking supplement-makirrg proceduresin use for over 50 ye ensure that you get the full life force of the nutrients. The Truth ubout Heurt Disesse The truth is finally getting out that cholesterol does not cause heart disease. And thanks to a new breed of cardiologists, the truth is finally getting out that inflammation-from the wrong, medically-prescribed diet and drugs-is a main cause of heart disease. This information sounds exactly like Health Alert almost 30 years ago. And the truth is finally getting out that beriberi of the heart is a major cause of heart disease.

the whole vitumin B (including B4), C, und E complexes found in Curdio-Plus@, Cutuplex@ B, and Cataplex@ F (from Standard Process). It also contains the minerals, trace minerals, and all the other ancill ary nutritional factors found in these products as well as in Min-Trun@ and Orgunically Bound Minersls (from Standard Process). By using the correct supplements, which are never a part of any conventional medical treatment, you will be able to address both underlying causes of your heart disease. This is important because most (but not all) people suffer from both problems-inflammation in the linings of the arteries and beriberi of the heart. This type of protocol is true , pragmatic medicine at its best. And as always, if you are too confused about how to proceed, drop me a note and tell me about your heart problems. I will see that you get the information you need. And at this point in time, I will do this for you as a subscrlber--for free!

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