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AUDIENCE PROFILE SHEET Readers Name: Jeffrey Miller Readers Job Title: UAA Associate Professor Kind of Reader:

Primary Professional Experience: April 2008-October 2008 - Senior Programmer - Resource Data, Inc. - Anchorage, Alaska February 2002-August 2007 - Computer Science Lecturer - California State University, Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California May 2005-December 2007 - Independent Consultant - Sigma Coding, LLC - Los Angeles, California August 2005-April 2006 - Founder/Chief Executive Officer - Imaginary Technology, LLC - Burbank, California February 2005-May 2005 - Technical Lead/Senior Architect - 21st Century Insurance Woodland Hills, California July 2004-February 2005 - Director of Engineering - inQ, Inc. - Agoura Hills, California July 2003-July 2004 - Technical Consultant - SBC, - Pasadena, California May 2002-July 2003 - Graduate Research Assistant - Information Sciences Institute (ISI) - Marina Del Rey, California June 2001-May 2002 - Principal Software Engineer - Corticon Technologies, Inc. Culver City, California January 2001-June 2001 - Programming Consultant - Dacor - Pasadena, California February 2000-January 2001 - Systems Administrator/Programmer - Century City, California December 1999-March 2001 - Advanced Java Instructor/Teaching Assistant - Learning Tree University - Chatsworth, California X Secondary Education: PhD Computer Science

Job Responsibilities: Chair of School of Engineering Web Site Steering Committee, 2009-present Computer Systems Engineering Advising Committee, 2007-present Computer Systems Engineering Equipment Committee, 2007-present School of Engineering Computer Committee, 2007-present Personal Characteristics: Prof. Miller is a single Father of one daughter who is Age 6. Professor Miller teaches Computer Systems Engineering at UAA and is also a student advisor for the Computer Systems Engineering degree plan. Personal Preferences: Prof Miller is a member of multiple organizations. 2002-present - IEEE member 2002-present - IEEE Communications Society member 2002-present - IEEE Computer Society member 2006-present - IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society member 2009-present - IEEE Vehicular Technology Society member 2009-2011 - IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Board of Governors 2011-2013 - IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society VP of Administrative Activities 2010-present - IEEE Alaska Section Treasurer 2010-present - Intelligent Transportation Society of Alaska President 2009-present - Intelligent Transportation Society of Alaska member 2002-present - ACM member 2008-present - UAA ACM Student Chapter Faculty Advisor Also Prof. Miller is a strong supporter of local engineering camps focusing on expanding knowledge to the future generation. Cultural Characteristics: Cultural characteristics are unknown other than he is White and lives in Anchorage Alaska.

Attitude Toward the Writer: I have met with Prof. Miller on multiple occasions dealing with school work and possible research projects. I believe that he looks at me in a positive light and will read my paper with a non-biased opinion. Attitude Toward the Subject: Prof. Miller is a supporter of advancing technology. I believe his attitude toward the transfer to thin clients will be favorable since I have also added in traditional computer systems for the more complicated tasks. Expectations about the Subject: Prof. Miller will expect the subject to be clearly stated and completely researched before any decision is made. Expectations about the Document: Prof. Miller will expect the document to be neatly formatted and have proper flow. He will also expect the document to have all the facts included so nothing will have to be researched after reading the document. Reasons for Reading the Document: Prof. Miller will read the document because as a member of the UAA Engineering staff he has the knowledge and ability to give this document the attention it deserves and the direction required for the next step. Way of Reading the Document: Skim it Study it X Read a portion of it X Which portion?

Modify it and submit it to another reader Attempt to implement recommendations Use it to create another document Other Explain. Reading Skill: College-level Readers Physical Environment: Prof. Miller will more than likely read the paper in his office at the UAA Engineering building during his free time. He is extremely busy so the paper will have to be clear and concise and not extra data added in. X Use it to perform a task or carry out a procedure