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Diagnostic Ultrasound System

High performance ergonomic imaging solution


Diagnostic Ultrasound System

The DC-3 is a fully-featured color Doppler system with a compact and mobile design. The DC-3 delivers high imaging performance and versatile diagnostic solutions. Focused on the user experience, its smart ergonomic design takes user comfort to a new level. The DC-3 ultrasound system is designed to perform with speed and quality providing clinicians with high levels of confidence and enhanced ease-of-use.

Exceptional ergonomic solutions for user comfort

 Compact, mobile and flexible system design  High-resolution 15-inch TFT monitor, with omni-directional arm provides
optimal viewing in any position

 Swivel and height adjustable control panel  Home base, backlit control panel with task light  Light weight, durable transducer design  Simple and intuitive operation
Trapezoid Imaging

Streamlined, intelligent workflow for high productivity

 iTouch: intelligent, one-touch image optimization  Powerful Multi-beam Parallel Imaging  Synchronous Navigation: on-screen instruction for manual-free operation
Special Doppler Auto Trace

 Thumbnail: easy image review during live scanning  User-programmable data tables/graphs, formulae, measurement and report.  Multiple frequency transducers  iStation: provides fast and efficient storage, review, management and transfer
of imaging and patient data

Image Review

 Open communication platform: DICOM and multiple file formats, on board

and removable media storage.

Adjustable Height Control Panel




Versatile diagnostic solutions

 Comprehensive imaging modes:

2D, M, PW, CW, HPRP, Color, Power and Directional Power Doppler, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, trapezoid Imaging.

 Broad range of clinical applications:

Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Urology, Small Parts, Peripheral Vascular, Pediatrics, Musculoskeletal, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine.

 Specialty Applications:
Real-time 4D volumetric Imaging, Smart3D free-hand 3D imaging, iScape Panoramic Imaging, Endo-cavity Imaging, Needle Guide Biopsy. Diagnose with confidence Mindray advanced technologies enable high quality imaging for the DC-3. iBeam compounding, iClear adaptive speckle suppression imaging, tissue harmonic imaging (THI), tissue specific imaging (TSI), trapezoidal imaging and B Steer are just some of the many advanced technologies employed by the DC-3. The DC-3 delivers superior quality imaging data to enable clinicians to make confident diagnoses.


Peripheral Vascular

Peripheral Vascular

Proceed with confidence.

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