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The Nisshin Maru rams the Bob Barker into the fuel tanker Sun Laurel during Operation Zero Tolerance. Read more on page 2.



by Je Hansen, Australia Director n response to an invitation from Goolarabooloo senior law bosses, Sea Shepherd launched Operation Kimberley Miinimbi in an eort to protect the humpback whales o the West Australian (WA) coast. Former Australian Greens leader, Bob Brown and Australian Director Je Hansen co-led the campaign. Woodside Petroleum and the WA Barnett Government were leading the push to build the worlds largest gas hub placed right through the middle of the worlds largest humpback whale nursery in a place called James Price Point (Walmadan), just 60 km north of Broome, WA. The joint venture partners were Shell, BHP Billiton, BP, Mitsui and Mitsubishi. Woodsides so called most signicant humpback whale study ever undertaken in Western Australia claimed that o James Price Point, the bulk of the migration occurs in waters approximately 30 km from the mainland, with less than 5% of humpback whales travelling within 8 km of the coast. Operation Kimberley Miinimbi found this statement to be completely false. As Captain Malcolm Holland sailed the Steve Irwin from Broome to James Price Point during Operation Kimberley Miinimbi, up to 108 whales were counted each day in the Walmadan area o James Price Point, all well within 8 km of the coast. An average of 15% of those sightings were of mother and calf pairs. On a number of occasions, Sea Shepherd witnessed mothers nursing and caring for their calves less than a kilometre from the proposed gas site. Sea Shepherd saw with our own eyes that, this is a huge whale nursery and the numbers put forward by Woodside were incorrect. The impact of the development would be felt across many levels, with a vast area of seabed being destroyed through dredging, for the port, that would have had a catastrophic af-

fect on dugong and turtle populations through loss of sea grass habitat, their food source. The 1,400 massive tankers coming in and out of the port would have brought with them noise pollution and whale fatalities. The project would have also seen the destruction of 130 million-year-old dinosaur footprints, some the biggest in the world, which scientists are calling for the entire unique 80 km of dinosaur coast to be marked for world heritage protection. The dinosaur coast is intertwined with the song line and culture of the 2012 Goolarabooloo people. The entire project was mired in controversy. The WA EPA screening process came down to an unprecedented one-person decision, due to conicts of interest with the other board members. Woodside also wrote to the WA government asking it to withdraw written advice about the possible existence of signicant aboriginal sites in areas disturbed by its proposed gas hub. Any damage to the sites, which is integral to an important aboriginal mens song cycle, could leave the resource giant and its directors liable for criminal prosecution under the states Aboriginal Heritage Act. A government spokesman conrmed that the WA Barnett government succumbed to Woodsides wishes and withdrew the letters. There were alternatives to having that gas hub at James Price Point that are far more nancially viable and will benet all parties involved including Woodside, they include either piping the gas down to the Pilbara or using Shells oating LNG technology. City Group estimated that there would be an increased benet to the shareholders of between 2 and 15 billion dollars if they moved the project. This gas hub could go some place else, but these humpback whales and their nursery could not. The Kimberley is one of the worlds last great natural wilderness areas and is of global signicance and concern. Protecting the Kimberley and the worlds largest humpback nursery is a far greater legacy to leave behind than some environmentally destructive gas hub. Sea Shepherds involvement with Operation Kimberley Miinimbi took the issue from a local to a national and international level. As a result in working with other environmental groups, Save the Kimberley, Environs Kimberley and Wilderness Society, on Friday 12th, April 2013, Woodside Petroleum announced that it was scrapping its plans for its controversial $45 billion onshore gas hub at James Price Point! There was a harmonious sigh of relief and joy as the humpbacks make tracks from their summer feeding grounds to their winter calving grounds o the Kimberley coast. The whales nursery and home is now safe. Here shows a classic example of a win/win for all parties involved.


This is a tremendous victory for everyone that stood to lose so much if this project went ahead in one of the last great wilderness areas left on the planet. Sea Shepherd would like to thank all of our supporters who have made this victory for the whales possible. Special thanks to philanthropist Graeme Wood, esteemed businessman Georey Cousins, musicians Xavier Rudd, John Butler and Missy Higgins, Labor Federal Member for Fremantle, Melissa Parke and Greens Senators Christine Milne and Rachel Siewert for standing up for the Kimberley. Sea Shepherd knows that this campaign would not have been possible without one of the worlds greatest environmentalist of our time, so a very heartfelt thank you must go to our fearless campaign leader Bob Brown and his partner Captain Paul Watson. On announcing Operation Kimberley Miinimbi, many people believed that there was no hope in stopping this project that it was a David and Goliath struggle and we could not win this. This victory shows that no matter what the odds, no matter what the risks, no matter how well equipped, funded and government backed your opponents are, you must never give in, must never surrender, you must ght for what is right, because the one thing that is worth ghting for on our beautiful planet, is life, said Captain Watson. Campaign Leader Bob Brown had this to say, It is now essential that the 1.3 billion dollar payment to the traditional owners from exploiting the browse basin gas be guaranteed even though the processing is likely to occur 400 km o the coast. This is great news, Sea Shepherd and I are calling for World Heritage assessment in conjunction with traditional owners of the Kimberley region. We will leave the nal words to Sea Shepherd founder, Captain Paul Watson in his acceptance letter in response to the invitation from the Goolarabooloo senior law bosses he wrote: Thank you for your invitation that we accept in the spirit of eternal friendship with a promise to stand in unity with the Goolarabooloo to defend the beauty and sacredness of this wondrous environment. For our oceans and for life.

Tim Watters / Sea Shepherd Australia

Operation Kimberley Miinimbi Crew



by Captain Peter Hammarstedt peration Zero Tolerance started o with a bang, or rather, the absence of a bang, when the Bob Barker successfully intercepted the Nisshin Maru before a single harpoon was red for the whaling season. Unfortunately, rough weather resulted in the Bob Barker losing the whaling eet on radar. But the eet had been found earlier than ever before, its harpoon ships scattered, and once again the whalers were on the run from Sea Shepherd. Two weeks and over 2,500 nautical miles later, we relocated the Nisshin Maru, together with the harpoon ship Yushin Maru No. 2, in Cooperation Sea; meaning that the whaling eet had been running nonstop from Sea Shepherd, leaving little time for whaling. Weather conditions were optimal for whaling and it was clear, based on the Nisshin Maru drifting, that the whalers were waiting for rst light to start their bloody business. For several hours, the Nisshin Maru attempted to lose the Bob Barker, but to no avail. With weather conditions perfect for small boat operations, the Bob Barker would not lose the Nisshin Maru a second time, becoming a permanent xture on the slipway of the factory ship.

Sea Shepherd/Glenn Lockitch

It was inevitable that the whalers would kill at least one whale, to test the resolve and steadfastness of the Bob Barker crew. For six whole hours, the Bob Barker blocked a whale transfer attempt in several close quarter situations with the Nisshin Maru and the Yushin Maru No. 2. After twelve attempts, and subsequent an attempted ramming of the Bob Barker by the Nisshin Maru, the whale was nally winched on board the factory ship, but the blocking eort had its intended eect it was not worth it to whale under the guardianship of the Sea Shepherd crew. Ten days later and still the whalers had not resumed whaling, although it was now clear that they would try to refuel illegally from the tanker vessel Sun Laurel. Knowing that stopping the refuel was a surere way to end the whaling season early the Bob Barker, together with the Steve Irwin and the Sam Simon, made every eort to prevent the fuel transfer from happening. In the course of blocking the refueling attempt, the Bob Barker was deliberately struck several times by the much larger Nisshin Maru. At one stage, the Nisshin Maru attempted to push the Bob Barker out of the way from blocking the refueling point of the Sun Laurel. The maneuvers of the Nisshin Maru were so reckless that the anchor of the factory whaling ship even struck the wheelhouse of the Bob Barker, destroying three communication masts, one radar and the starboard running lights; at the same time high-powered water cannons aimed at the main engine exhaust funnel ooded the engine room. Not until the Bob Barker put out a mayday distress call, did the Nisshin Maru abort its dangerous actions that could have resulted in loss of power, propulsion and stability for the Bob Barker. On a second refueling attempt, the Nisshin Maru sandwiched the Bob Barker between itself and the tanker vessel, with several collisions resulting. The collisions caused substantial damage to the helicopter deck, forward starboard plating and the galley was pushed inboard by several inches. Seeing the damage caused to the Bob Barker, and convinced of the fact that Sea Shepherd would not deviate from position, the Nisshin Maru aborted all future plans to refuel. Since our rst Antarctic Campaign, Sea Shepherd has made it clear to the whaling eet that the only way to stop us is to sink us. This years Antarctic Campaign was an opportunity to actually put the
Tim Watters / Sea Shepherd Australia

whalers to that test and to show them that zero tolerance of any whales being killed in a designated whale sanctuary means just that whaling will absolutely not be tolerated on Sea Shepherds watch.

Crewmember of the year - Josephine Watmore

Josephine Jo Watmore rst joined Sea Shepherd as a crewmember on board the Brigitte Bardot, while the vessel was in desperate need of a cook to crew on an ocean-going passage from Belgium to Australia to prepare for Operation Divine Wind. Jo would serve as chief cook on board the Brigitte Bardot until a terrifying rogue wave in the Southern Ocean badly damaged the portside pontoon of the stabilized monohull. The Bob Barker was dispatched to come to the aid of the stricken Brigitte Bardot and it was in the course of that rescue eort that Jo was transferred over to the Bob Barker. The Brigitte Bardots loss was the Bob Barkers gain as Jo immediately volunteered to continue on campaign by transitioning into a senior role in the Bob Barker galley. What amazes me about Jo is not just her courage but her incredible work ethic. The role of Chief Cook is arguably the most important position on the ship paramount to crew morale. It is no easy task to provision a vessel for three months at sea, ensuring that the dietary and nutritional needs are met for each crewmember. No matter the weather, the Bob Barker galley has to put out three meals a day, for thirty-ve whale defenders, and Jo bears burn marks on her arms and hands, battle scars no less gallant than the lost paint on the hull of the Bob Barker. Jo carries out every task, no matter how seemingly insurmountable, without complaint and Jos beautiful singing voice is as benecial to crew morale as her culinary skills. the crews of all the ships displayed was exemplary. The emboldened whaling eet denitely put our resolve to test and repeatedly rammed and damaged our ships, but I am proud that with pounding hearts and sweaty palms we stood our ground and ensured that we shut them down. After escorting the Nisshin Maru and the rest of the whaling eet out of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in early March, the Steve Irwin headed home to Australia. The victory could not have been any sweeter because in our hearts we knew that hundreds of majestic whales would freely swim north along the same route, having been spared a gruesome death and now with a fair chance to survive freely in their oceans.



by Captain Siddharth Chakravarty peration Zero Tolerance saw many records being brokenit took the Steve Irwins crew 135 days at sea and over 23,000 nautical miles to save the lives of more than 900 whales, making this Sea Shepherds longest, most travelled and most successful Whale Defence Campaign ever. The Steve Irwin departed quietly from Australia on the 5th of November 2012, seven weeks earlier than usual, with a mission to head north closer to Japan to confront the whaling eet in their waters. The crew worked tirelessly to prepare the ship for the long battle ahead, pressed for time and resources. Once at sea, we waited for an ocial departure announcement from the Institute of Cetacean Research to plan the next move. While we waited, we were joined by Captain Paul Watson appearing on his agship to stun the world and the whalers- they had tried everything to shut him down and yet here he was announcing his intention to intervene against the illegal whaling operations while the whalers were still in port! Taken aback by the return of Captain Paul Watson, the whaling eet didnt depart until the end of December- we were winning already in making December a kill-free month. In early January, the Bob Barker and Brigitte Bardot joined the Steve Irwin and the three ships began their journey down to the Southern Ocean. For the rst time in 12 months, the ships were back in sight of one another, repaired, with full fuel tanks and

Nisshin Maru fires water cannons at the Steve Irwins smoke stack hoping to flood engines

Crewmember of the Year - Pablo Watson

Pablo Watson is the 2nd Engineer on board the Steve Irwin. When I rst met this young engineer, I was quickly amused by his jovial demeanour and his jest for a cup of coee. What stood out from that very rst meeting was his love for machines, engines and the lathemachine. I would see him sweaty, greasy and dirty but always happy and always at work. Pablo worked tirelessly through Operation Divine Wind when the Steve Irwin needed to run eciently at all times chasing the whaling eet. Through the lay-up in 2012, Pablo worked in the engine room of the Steve Irwin and this ensured that when we needed to kick-o Operation Zero Tolerance, the engines were tuned, purring and ready to be run rigorously. On Operation Zero Tolerance again, Pablos contribution shone through. He worked alongside the Chief Engineer with his optimistic outlook and when things looked bleak, he was there to make us smile. He was also the Steve Irwins designated diver and in his free time, he helped on deck with welding and fabrication, and during the confrontations he put on his mustang suit and was kitted-ready to help as needed. Pablo denitely is a colleague and an engineer I would go out to sea with anytime and for all his hard work he deserves to be the crewmember of the year.

Sea Shepherd

crewed by eager and passionate activists. Once down in the Southern Ocean, the ships parted ways and began searching for the whaling eet. When the Brigitte Bardot spotted the Yushin Maru 3 at the boundary of the Southern Ocean, it was clear for the rst time in history with Sea Shepherd on watch not a single whale would be harpooned in the month of January. The young, fast and extremely manoeuvrable Sam Simon found the refuelling tanker south of the Tasman Sea in early February and we knew that sooner or later the whaling eet would have to meet with the refuelling ship in order to continue whaling. Some clever manoeuvring by the Steve Irwin allowed her to hold up three whaling vessels at once. We chased a harpoon ship away from the whaling grounds for over 14 hours and managed to entangle the Yushin Maru 3 and the Shonan Maru 2, keeping them from moving closer to the factory vessel and any whaling operations. Two-thirds of the harpoon ships, the Yushin Maru and the Yushin Maru 3, were in the whaling grounds but rendered ineective with their harpoons covered and forced to run in the wrong direction by the Steve Irwin. Once the Bob Barker had found the Nisshin Maru, the Steve Irwin moved in to assist her in guarding the slipway. The Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker together fended o numerous days of whaling by combining forces- small boats and helicopter to distract the whaling eet. Joined by the Sam Simon soon after that, the three Sea Shepherd ships took on six bigger, stronger and faster whaling eet vessels and successfully fended o three days of illegal refuelling attempts. The courage, bravery, passion and dedication to the cause that


by Captain Locky MacLean In June I was tasked with purchasing Sea Shepherds latest vessel. The most suitable ship for our needs, a 56-meter iceby Captain Luis Manuel Pinho strengthened Government vessel, happened to be in Japan, started Operation Zero Tolerance as Captain of the Brigitte berthed alongside the whaling eet in Shimonoseki Port. BeBardot, in Los Angeles. Soon, I was on the mysterious Sam longing previously to the Japan Meteorological Agencys Maizuru Simon, and an unexpected turn of events saw me as Captain of Observatory, and built in 1993, the Sam Simon was purchased for this awesome ship. The Sam Simon proved to be a reliable, fuelunder 2 million US dollars, re-registered in Tuvalu, South Pacic ecient ship. This was fundamental for Operation Zero Tolerand delivered to Sea Shepherd in Queensland, Australia by a ance. We were able to search vast portions of ocean for the Japanese crew. It was then retted and reagged in Cairns and tanker, Sun Laurel, and once found, we could follow them Brisbane, Australia and renamed. A small, dedicated crew of vetNisshin Maru lines-up the Sam Simon through all their attempts to shake us o ; either by running ranerans and newcomers made the preparation of the ship for the domly at 11 knots to every point of the compass for days in an confrontations in all the nine years that Sea Shepherd ships went Zero Tolerance campaign a reality. In fact, we took possession of eort to run us out of fuel, or powering blindly through a dark to the icy waters o Antarctica. The Sam Simon was intentionally the ship in September, with all the machinery and controls still ocean full of icebergs and growlers. With its almost brand new rammed by the Nisshin Maru with great violence once, following labelled in Japanese! Retting work commenced in Cairns, conmachinery, extremely strong hull and seaworthy design, the tinued at drydock in Brisbane, until nally the Sam arrived in Hoanother less dramatic ramming just days before. Sam Simon is nearly unstoppable, and our presence proved to be bart, where she was ocially unveiled. The ramming happened during the last attempt the whaling a very disrupting factor in the whaling eet operation this year. made to refuel the Nisshin Maru, on the 25th of March Crewmember of the Year - Gabor Nosty With three big ships plus the Bardot, Operation Zero Toler- eet 2013. After coming very close just minutes before and blasting Firstly, Sam Simon himself ance was awlessly planned and executed. The Sea Shepherd the Sam Simon with water cannons, causing widespread damneeds to be thanked. Sam is the crews used all our combined experience and seamanship to age, the Nisshin Maru repeated the pass along the port side of American television producer and search for, locate, and seriously limit the eectiveness of the Sam Simon, but this time they decided to try the ultimate in- animal welfare campaigner who whaling eet in Antarctica. Even when one of our ships was not the timidation, and collided at 9 knots with our port side and stern donated the necessary funds to directly with the factory ship, Nisshin Maru, the fact that we buckling our bulwarks, several rails and deck surfaces make the purchase possible. were in hot pursuit kept them running west at high speeds, un- quarter, destroying our communications tower. We kept our course, Without the good ship Sam able to stop and process whales, which stopped the killing for all and having right of way, and in this way delayed their approach to Simon, the whalers returning to of January and February. With their late departure at the end of the Bob Barker which was positioned to block the refueling atport with less than 10% of their December, we can say that the aim of Operation Zero Tolertempt. The eect was denitive, the whaling eet being conself-allocated kill quota would ance, zero kills, was practically achieved. vinced that all of the Sea Shepherd ships were going to stand not have been possible. The Sam Simon located Sun Laurel on February 6th, only retheir ground. They moved away and never made another atEach and every crewmember selected to join the Sam Simon rd of March. For 25, leasing it from visual or radar range on the 3 tempt to refuel while our eet was present. this year played a major role in making this ships participation in days we followed them 4,200 nautical miles. And what hapThis practically ended their season, and despite heavily dam- Operation Zero Tolerance a reality. There is, however, a pened in between those miles were some of the most intense crewmember whose special skills and hard work allowed the aged ships, the Sea Shepherd eet could turn back after achieving the best ever re- ship to meet the critical deadlines for repairs and modications that made the Sam Simons participation in the campaign a sucsults in nine years of presence in the Antarctic. My crew and I are deeply moved cess. The crewmember of the year award on board the Sam by the generosity of Sam Simon (co-creator Simon for 2012-2013 goes to Gabor Nosty. Hailing from East Gerof The Simpsons), who made it possible for many and residing on his sailing boat in the South Pacic with his partner Isolde, Gabor, as Second Engineer, made countless us to have this superb tool to defend and modications and improvements to the ship and he brought save the lives of innocent, unsuspecting aboard his decades of experience in metal work and engineering creatures. I am honored to have been trusted by Sea Shepherd Australia with the at a time when his skills were an absolute necessity. Gabors calm and collected nature, kind disposition and problem-solving qualcommand of such a great ship and crew. ities ensured optimism on board, leaving no doubt the ship My nal word goes to them, the would be ready for campaign. Gabor will be missed on the Sam! crewmembers, who served the whales without complaints or regrets and made it Thank you for being such a great crewmember Gabor! Sea Shepherd all possible. Thank you all!


Giacomo Cosua / Sea Shepherd Australia

Sam Simon Added to the Fleet



by Captain Simon Ager t was a year of anticipation for the crew of the Brigitte Bardot, after the false start of last year and Divine Wind. We were all anxious to make it down south to the ice and take the lead on the campaign. There were some exceptional moments, and some heartstopping moments. Navigating the weather is always a challenge and a skill, taking a vessel through weather and seas for which she is not designed. A couple of days that brought back memories of last year, ve to six meter swells and rogue waves, the bow of the ship reaching skyward before plummeting into the foaming crevasse below, the seas always threatening to deny the Bardot once again. The exceptional moments saw for the rst time all ships together in a stunning landscape of ice pans, icebergs, sunburnt skies and humpbacks. As we waited for the whale poachers to arrive, this allowed for some sightseeing, to take in the majesty of this pristine wonderland, to contemplate on why we are all here,

Sea Shepherd / Simon Ager

and even have a small adventure Glenn Lockitch / Sea Shepherd Australia stepping onto some ice pans! It wasnt long after this that we made rst contact with the whaling eet, what we had hoped in the early hours of darkness was the Nisshin Maru turned out to be the Yushin No. 3 harpoon vessel. This was now one harpoon vessel out of the game and no whales would be killed. The days that followed saw the Yushin No. 3 attempting to lead us into the heavy ice and damage our props. A game of cat and mouse ensued each leading the other this way and that. A few days later an engine issue made the Bardot retreat from the campaign to Hobart. It was promptly xed, but with a whaling eet moving ever further west and away from us, some 2,000 miles, by the time we were ready to leave, we would have not caught up. With heavy hearts the crew of the Bardot watched Japanese whaling fleets harpoon vessel, Yushin Maru No. 2, from the sidelines as our other vessels engaged in the most acwith a slaughtered minke whale in Mackenzie Bay tive and successful campaign to date. doing he just gets it done! I think there is always a place for the Brigitte Bardot on the Whale Campaign. The important thing is knowing her limits, Whether in port or at sea on the Steve Irwin, he can always be when to push it and when to back o. relied on to assist our ship when we need it. Really good Chief EnFor now, the crew of the Bardot can reect on making it down are hard to come by, and it is Brians sheer professionalism South, tasting some of the victory having found the Yushin No. 3 gineers and commitment to the cause that sets the bar so very high. Work and make ready for duty wherever that may be. aside, Brian is just a really genuine guy, good heart, an amusing Crewmember of the Year - Brian Race sense of humor, a lot of patience My choice for crewmember of the year is Chief Engineer Brian (something I could learn from) Race. Brian joined the Bardot from the Steve Irwin for a shark de- and always a willingness to teach fense campaign in the South Pacic in 2012. I have always held and pass on what he knows. I Brian in the highest regard. He brings onboard a wealth of engi- know Brian hates me saying thank neering experience and knowledge. A work ethic second to none you many times over for his help, so this is just one big thank you for and attention to detail; quite the MacGyver, his creativity and problem-solving has got us out of a bind on more than one occa- all those times! I sincerely look sion. He is full of energy and enthusiasm and is always ready to forward to sailing on future camhelp in any way around the vessel, and most of all, if a job needs paigns with him.

by Melissa Sehgal, Cove Guardian Campaign Leader peration Innite Patience completed its third season in Taiji, Japan on March 8th, 2013, after the dolphin killers ended their drive hunt season early on February 20th. Dolphins and small whales continued to be slaughtered in Taiji, but the amount of dolphins taken into captivity quadrupled from the previous season to 251. Again proving that this is far from tradition and culture but more of prot and greed. 2012-2013 Police surveillance was tighter than previous seasons and we saw an increase in tactics to try to prevent Cove Guardians they kill dolphins. However, more tarps, more barriers and more from tracking captive transfers and dolphin meat processing. As more volunteers were on the ground, so were the police. The Taiji police will not stop the truth from being exposed. This season brought a more global awareness through social Fishermans Union, dolphin trainers, police, and locals do not want media outlets, along with the addition of our livestream coverage Sea Shepherd present in their little town. The answer to that is quite simple - stop slaughtering innocent sentient beings and we of every dolphin drive hunt and slaughter. People around the world will leave. Taiji is still attempting to hide from the public eye that were able to view the horric bloody scenes of the slaughter as if they were standing on the front lines with the Cove Guardians. This season also brought more awareness and support from within Japan. Several Sea Shepherd demonstrations in Tokyo were held to voice against the dolphin and whale slaughter. Sixty volunteers travelled to Taiji from 16 dierent countries including Japan - to help document and expose the slaughters. There are more people in the world who care about dolphins than people who want to eat them or pay to see them tormented at dolphinariums. More global pressure on Taiji to evolve and end their barbaric dolphin drives is inevitable. Patience and strength in numbers will only bring more awareness for change. To join the Cove Guardians in Taiji, please write to coveguardian@seashepherd.org. Sea Shepherd will be present for our 4th season in Taiji on September 1st for the 2013-2014 drive hunt season.

Sea Shepherd


Voyagers Foundation through an innovative cultural exchange that allowed for crewmembers from Fiji and Vanuatu to participate in the multifaceted campaign. The awareness building and educational outreach component of the campaign reached thousands of local citizens in remote areas with the hard facts about the current crisis facing shark populations and the critical need for conservation eorts in the region. Hundreds of workbooks were distributed to students and educators along with the opportunity for school children to experience the local marine life rsthand through underwater excursions and workshops. In Tonga, members of the core team met with the Minister of Labour, Commerce & Tourism to award the Prime Minister of Tonga with the Shepherd of the Sea, award in recognition of the Governments long-standing commitment and stewardship of the South Pacic Whale Sanctuary and overall excellence in marine conservaby Deborah Bassett, Reef Campaign Leader tion. During the visit to Tonga, Sea Shepherd crewmembers were uring the summer of 2012, the Sea Shepherd Conservation oered the once in a lifetime opportunity to free dive with some of Society embarked upon its maiden campaign to protect our largest clients, the great humpback whales who migrate to sharks throughout the South Pacic: Operation Requiem. With local waters each year from the Southern Ocean. crewmembers from 10 dierent nations: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Sea Shepherd concluded the nal leg of Operation Requiem in Fiji, Germany, India, South Africa, Spain, US, and UK, Sea Shepherds Kiribati, where the crew of the Brigitte Bardot was able to enforce interceptor vessel, the Brigitte Bardot, visited ve nations Tonga, and protect one of the worlds largest marine reserves. The rst enVanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Kiribati and achieved several forcement collaboration of its kind in the South Pacic, Sea Shepmajor successes along the way. herd was honored to partner with the nation of Kiribati to address Partnering with the international non-prot, Shark Angels, the illegal shing and reverse the decline of the shark population in Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA). Working with the Ministry campaign combined educational outreach and strategic partnership building with maritime law enforcement. Throughout these is- of Fisheries, Maritime Police and PIPA Director, Sea Shepherd asland nations, the team led educational visits to remote villages in sisted in the surveillance and enforcement of PIPA, a marine proorder to speak to school children and local leaders about the need tected area covering more than 107,000 square miles. Through to protect the oceans and shark populations, rallied local NGO and direct intervention, the crew of the Brigitte Bardot was able to stop governmental support for shark sanctuaries, built collaborative re- illegal shing activities by boarding and monitoring vessels capalationships with educators and government ocials, and patrolled ble of carrying 7,000 tons of sh. The government of Kiribati the waters of one of the South Pacics largest marine reserves. The praised Sea Shepherd for its support of these much needed encampaign also included a monumental partnership with the Pacic forcement eorts.


Further victory from Operation Requiem included laying the groundwork for long term initiatives in the South Pacic, including the potential future establishment of locally protected marine areas in three countries. Sea Shepherd has worked with many governments around the world to protect global shark populations, such as the long history of successful collaboration with the government of Ecuador in the Galapagos Islands, in which Sea Shepherd has contributed more than one million Euros towards the acquisition of a patrol boat, the installation of vessel identication systems, training, enforcement, a team of n-sning patrol dogs, and legal support for prosecution. Operation Requiem proved that similar conservation eorts could eectively be carried in the South Pacic.

Sea Shepherd / Simon Ager

Sea Shepherd / Simon Ager

by Rosie Kunneke and Dinielle Stckigt, Operation Desert Seal crewmembers peration Desert Seal returned to Namibia for the second time in 2012 to ght against the cruel clubbing of 86,000 baby seals. After the crew had to ee the country in 2011 and Sea Shepherd was declared enemies of the state, we knew that we would have to approach this year dierently and with new technology. The Namibian government spends millions of dollars on security around the Cape Cross seal colony including private security for the sealers, police escorts and navy vessels patrolling the waters around Cape Cross. This year the plan was to obtain footage of the clubbing by using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. The Namibian government made it illegal to take footage of anything related to the seal clubbing and therefore we knew we would have to operate unseen. The best way to stay out of sight in Namibia is to live and operate from the vast and harsh Namib Desert. Namibias Desert is a tough and unforgiving place, home to ever-changing sand dunes and winds that can ll your lungs with sand if you dont cover your mouth with some kind of cloth. Namib Desert means place of no people in the local KhoiKhoi language. But this was our home for weeks. Our home was not the normal camping site as other people might see it. No, the desert became our basecamp where we would plan our missions, congure our equipment and keep an eye on the opponent. Our opponent does

not want us to expose Desert Seal crew launching UAV Sea Shepherd their brutal seal murdering ways to the world and we will risk it all to stand up and ght for the seals. Any task that must be completed can become challenging ghting against the heat, sand and wind. Usually UAVs will be congured and ne-tuned in clean workshops or wind tunnels. Well, we had the wind all right, just not the tunnel part. With gaa tape and cardboard boxes to use as tables, the Aviators managed to make it work. Our window to launch and y the UAVs to obtain footage was only one hour every morning and weather conditions dictated whether we could y or not. Even with all the adversaries, bad weather conditions, massive security and police presence, we managed to do Sea Shepherd several successful ights over Cape Cross. The crew left Namibia as quietly as we entered, without the Namibian authorities even having the slightest using UAV technology is the way forward in our ght to end the largest seal slaughter in the world. idea we were there. This years campaign proved to us that

by Sandy McElhaney, Dam Guardian Campaign Volunteer n March 15, 2012, the states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, received authorization from the National Marine Fisheries Services, the federal agency charged with the responsibility of protecting marine mammals, to kill up to 92 California sea lions annually through June 2016. The sea lions, who under normal circumstances would be safeguarded by the Marine Mammal Protection Act, are being executed for the crime of consuming endangered salmon on the Columbia River near the Bonneville Dam. Sea lions have lived on the Columbia River since at least the time of the 1805 Lewis and Clark Expedition when their presence was rst documented. In recent years, more than a thousand of these jovial sea dogs have been hot branded in cruel squeeze cages at Oregons Port of Astoria and the Bonneville Dam. Sea lions identied as salmon predators are inscribed on a hit list and can be killed by lethal injection or gunshot should they be observed eating salmon near the Bonneville Dam. The sea lions eat less than 4% of the annual salmon run. Conversely, commercial, tribal, and recreational shermen are encouraged to catch about 17% of the endangered sh. Who is the real predator here? Recognizing that the actual problems on the Columbia River have nothing to do with sea lions, in April 2012, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society established a Dam Guardian Campaign. In our rst season, a crew of more than 25 Dam Guardians from across the United States and Canada, was assembled to monitor and report on acts of barbarism that would be considered criminal oenses anywhere in the

United States but here. We have observed animals being kicked and poked with sticks by state workers. We have repeatedly seen smoke wafting from the squeeze cage as a hot branding iron sears through the esh of restrained animals. These sea lions are further violated with tracking devices and tags that pierce their ippers. Tragically, we have witnessed sea lions trapped in cages and dragged o to the death house, never to be seen again. The hazing is almost non-stop. In Astoria, workers with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) harass the sea lions and prevent them from resting on the docks. At the dam, sea lions face daily assaults from armed hazers who assault them with ash bang grenades and rubber bullets. The bombing doesnt just impact the sea lions, residents of neighboring communities complain that their dogs are afraid to even be outside because of the dawn to dusk noise from the explosive devices. The depletion of the salmon run on the Columbia River can be traced to the construction of the monster Bonneville Lock and Dam. Since 1938, the dam has provided electrical power, while destroying the natural migration path of salmon. When you add in overshing, hatchery sh who compete with the wild salmon for food, toxic contaminants, and the introduction of non-native species of sh that prey on salmon, it is easy enough to see that killing sea lions is not an eective solution to save the salmon. Between April 2 and August 27, 2012, ODFW trapped and killed 12 California sea lions. One additional sea lion was removed from the Columbia River and remains in captivity at Chicagos Shedd Aquarium. From our perspective, a life in captivity is a far and dismal cry from the freedom this animal once knew. Sea Shepherd is determined to shine a bright light on the tax payer-funded atrocities being committed against sea lions on the Columbia River. Using our cameras, our words, and the truth, we will continue to share the story of the Columbia River sea lions wherever we can. We are condent that one day the inhumane cull will end. Until then, we stand rm in our conviction that killing sea lions wont save salmon. We will be here until the last squeeze cages are melted down for scrap metal. To nd out how you can become a Dam Guardian, write to damguardian@seashepherd.org.


the record for the number of submissions received for any campaign of this type. Your powerful, emotive and factual submissions resulted in the Gillard government creating the worlds biggest marine reserves network. These areas by Je Hansen, Australia Director include Australias South West region, o the coast of Western Australia, which is home to one half of the Australians, a Force to be Reckoned with for the worlds whale and dolphin species and a higher level of Protection of Planet Ocean unique marine life than the Great Barrier Reef. ea Shepherd continues to grow from strength to strength Down Under, for the protection and preserShips Operation Base Launched vation of our oceans, reecting Australias deep anity Williamstown, Melbourne with our beautiful coasts and precious marine life. We Sea Shepherd Australia has entered into a ve-year cant thank our supporters enough for the amazing suplease with the Seaworks Foundation. This collaboration port we have gained this past year. will see Seaworks, Williamstown become the Ships OperaThe First Australian Based Campaign tions Base for Sea Shepherd as we prepare our ships and Operation Kimberley Miinimbi O the back of the success of Operation Divine Wind, Sea Shepherd Australia launched its rst Australian based campaign Operation Kimberley Miinimbi, in a bid to protect the worlds largest humpback whale nursery from the worlds largest gas hub, proposed by Woodside Petroleum and the Western Australian state government. Leading the Melbourne Chapter charge was former Australian Greens leader and senator, Bob Brown, Captain Malcolm Holland and Sea Shepherd Director Je Hansen. See the full write up on the cover page regarding the amazing success of this campaign. Australian Marine Sanctuaries Congratulations to everyone who took the time and lodged a submission for the creation of marine sanctuaries Down Under. You can all pat Sydney Chapter yourselves on the back for breaking

crew for vital marine conservation work. The Seaworks Foundation is located in the scenic suburb of Williamstown opposite the city of Melbourne, Australia. Sea Shepherd has a massive ships operation shed, ships office and education centre within the developing Seaworks maritime precinct at Williamstown and regularly berth vessels at the piers. This exciting development is the first facility of its kind in Sea Shepherd history and would have not been possible without the tremendous foresight of Captain Locky MacLean, work ethic of multi-skilled, Donor Relations Coordinator Anna Gordon and of course executive officer of Seaworks, Therese Pritchard in her willingness to work with Sea Shepherd on this exciting development. A special thanks must go to Paul Nalin for his ongoing generosity providing skilled labour toward the project. Ground Support Bases on the Rise Many thanks to the tireless efforts of Melbourne office staff, led by our wonderful Administration Coordinator Julia Ambler, the Australian chapters continue to grow and pop up in new locations to help underpin our campaigns. Thanks to our amazing onshore ground support volunteers, Sea Shepherd Captain Peter Hammarstedts pre Operation Zero Tolerance tour raised enough to fuel the Steve Irwin. All in all it never ceases to amaze me how dedicated, skilled and hard working our onshore ground support volunteers are. I know that Sea Shepherd would not be where it is today without you! To all our donors and supporters, thank you for being a part of the Whales Navy and sharing in our victories for Planet Ocean and the benefit Sea Shepherd of future generations.

New Zealand

Wellington and the Taranaki Street Wharf. We ran free ship businesses that got behind this to easily make this our most successful fundraiser ever! It was fantastic to see the tours for three weeks with great success. Again, Wellington showed its Sea Shepherd love and Mandy and Mike ColeSea Shepherd NZ onshore volunteers along with veteran man, along with the local volunteers, put in some big crewmembers from all over NZ (and AU!) come together by Michael Lawry, New Zealand Coordinator hours to keep up with the demand. And they havent for this event. stopped since with the Wellington Chapter positively humAt the start of December, Dave Rastovich (Surfers for he last twelve months have been Sea Shepherd NZs Cetaceans and veteran Sea Shepherd crew) was welcomed ming with activity and stalls including hosting the iconic busiest and most successful year ever! Weve had multiple ship visits, events and stalls across the country. Fol- to Piha Beach, Auckland after his epic 350 km sea-paddle Pirate Party at the start of March. Next was Aucklands turn and in mid-December the lowing Captain Paul Watsons detainment in Germany, Sea all the way from Taranaki, to raise awareness for Mauis dolphins and the proposed sea bed mining on our west Brigitte Bardot was the rst Sea Shepherd vessel to visit in Shepherd NZ staged several protests outside the German ten years! It received a fantastic welcome at Aucklands Consulate in Auckland and Embassy in Wellington. We also coast. Sea Shepherd was there showing our support. In early December 2012, the Bob Barker returned to Viaduct and the local chapter ran free ship tours for four had a great representation for Sea Shepherd at days. More great support from the local commuJapan Dolphins Day protest outside the Japanese Sea Shepherd nity and businesses! The Bardot left Auckland midConsulate. December and visited Wellington on its way south, It was excellent to see such a huge response inand for the rst time we had two Sea Shepherd ternationally for our neglected Mauis dolphins vessels in one NZ port! (only 55 remaining) after a number of articles on We re-established our Christchurch Chapter the Sea Shepherd website with thousands of subafter the devastating earthquakes with new missions made to the government demanding a Christchurch Coordinator Jono Townsend. Jono has ban on gill nets. The centre right national lead govcrewed on the Bob Barker and one of his rst tasks ernment continues to employ delaying tactics, was to help out the Steve Irwin when it visited shows little interest in conservation and instead Timaru for resupply in early January. supports short term economic gain pushed by the As Shepherd NZ continues to grow, we are powerful NZ seafood industry. pleased to announce Anna Cochrane (exOn a similar note, many people are surprised to Christchurch Coordinator) as our rst ever NZ learn shark nning is still legal in NZ waters. The Bob Barker in Wellington, New Zealand Events Coordinator and shes doing a fantastic job Sea Shepherd NZ has joined forces with other groups and implementing some great new innovations. under the NZ Shark Alliance, putting the GovernAlso great to see long time Wellington Onshore ment on the back foot and receiving huge public and Volunteer Tim Evetts becoming the Steve Irwins political support. We continue to raise awareness Communications Ocer for Operation Zero Toleraround this issue and will be asking for further interance. Well done, Tim. Onshore Volunteer Bill Foster national support to end this senseless practice. from Marlborough has established our rst-ever The Sea Shepherd Auckland Chapter worked Sea Shepherd pop-up shop in Picton to cater for extremely hard over the winter months to organthe growing cruise liner market. Great idea, Bill! ise our annual fundraiser that took place in NoWe have even more positive changes planned for vember. It was a fantastic night and great to hear 2013, including new chapters and fundraising iniCaptain Peter Hammarstedt and Je Hansen tiatives. Our volunteer base continues to grow and speak, along with Howie Cooke from Surfers for we look forward to doing our bit for Sea Shepherd Cetaceans and Gareth Hughes from the Green Auckland Chapter Sea Shepherd in building awareness and support. Party. Thanks to all the performers, artists and


events year round in the whole country. In May, a support event for the Captain was organised in Cannes, with the generous contribution of actress Michelle Rodriguez. by Lamya Essemlali, President of Sea Shepherd France In October, Captain Paul Watson was Sea Shepherd France Keeping Course in 2012 ! granted the prestigious Jules Verne Award, becoming the second environmentalist after the n April 2012, Captain Paul Watson was in Paris for Commandant Jacques Cousteau to be honored what has become his traditional annual visit to the with this distinction. Unfortunately, due to his French capital. This time the conference took place in La Villette where over 350 people attended, coming from all legal situation at the time, Captain Watson could not be in Paris to receive his prize in perparts of France, Belgium and Switzerland. Thanks to an son and I was given the honor of accepting it ever-growing base of support and an incredible core of devoted volunteers, Sea Shepherd France has been able to in his name, alongside his longtime friend and Sea Shepherd Advisory Board Member, double its budget in 2012, compared to 2011, and can Richard Dean Anderson. now attend and be represented in approximately 100

Lamya Essemlali accepting Jules Verne Award Sea Shepherd for Captain Watson


A month later in June, Captain Paul Watson joined us at the vampire-themed convention BloodyCon where he met the actor Ian Somerhalder, who also showed us great support. Another really successful convention was RingCon in Ocby Maddy Madison, Germany Director tober, focused on fantasy and Lord of the Rings, where we met 012 was not only a successful year for Sea Shepherd the actors of Game of Thrones who drew peoples attention to Germany, but also a busy one. When Captain Paul us by proudly wearing a special edition Sea Shepherd shirt. Watson was arrested at Frankfurt Airport in May, our volunThroughout 2012, Sea Shepherd Germany parteers did a great job to help and assist. After Captain Watson ticipated at 77 events from small club concerts to was released on bail, the Costa Rican President, Laura Chin- conventions, huge exhibitions and music festivals chilla, coincidentally visited Germany. We organized a all over the country. We participated for the rst protest at the Victory Column in Berlin at short notice in time at the worlds largest indoor boat show order to convince the German government to let Paul WatBOOT in Dsseldorf, the Wacken Open Air, which son go and to raise media awareness. In June, our Frankfurt is the worlds biggest Heavy Metal Festival, and volunteers hosted a very successful fundraiser where Captain we have joined one of the best known German Watson spoke to more than 450 people. rock bands Die rzte on their Germany tour. Our We also received incredible support from the organizers of local chapters still continue to grow and we now FedCon, Europes biggest Science Fiction Convention, where have more than 150 active and dedicated volunCaptain Watson was scheduled to speak before he was arteers to spread the word. rested. Instead, Peter Hammarstedt joined and helped us to Three of our German volunteers joined the make this event one of the most successful ones of the year. Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign Operation

Zero Tolerance and we supported the Cove Guardians on the ground in Taiji as part of Operation Innite Patience with a crew of four. Sea Shepherd Germany was also represented during Operation Divine Wind in Antarctica. All in all, 2012 was very motivating for us and Sea Shepherd Germany has come a long way. Thank you for the trust and all this wonderful support!

Sea Shepherd


means that Sea Shepherds presence is legitimized. position as part of the IWC. Now, they have to change their view and be against whale hunting in any shape or During these last three years, we have collaborated form. To be continued. on several issues and thanks to all volunteers, we have also been active throughout Switzerland to by Rebecca Jeanson, Country Coordinator collect funds and inform people. We have acea Shepherd Switzerland was created in April 2010. tively campaigned in several SSCS campaigns Many people are wondering whether Sea Shepherd (we have collected vegan food for Operation Blue Rage I and II, we have campaigned to Switzerland is relevant as this country has no coastline. The absence of ocean or sea does not prevent the pressure stop the grind and we have joined the Cove that we are putting on our ecosystems. For instance, dur- Guardians team in 2012). We have also actively participated with Lush Cosmetics Switzerland ing the international whaling commission meeting the Swiss delegation was in favor of resuming whale hunting to achieve the historical victory in favor of dolquotas, eight dolphins have died in less than three years in phins in Switzerland, alongside Isabelle Chevalley (Green Liberal deputy) and the Swiss Connyland Dolphinarium, stingray and shark leather are used to make watches and bags, and that despite the ab- Cetacean Society. It is now forbidden to import sence of coastline, we nd marine sh on our plates and in dolphins to Switzerland and none of these Sea Shepherd Swiss team in Pantographe, Moutier, restaurants. There are no boundaries to exploit ecosytems, magnificent animals will die on our helvetic Sea Shepherd October 2012 territory. We are now working on Switzerland therefore there are no boundaries to protect them. This


these laws have resulted in a sanction for someone involved in a wildlife crime. It is our fourth year working in legal matters and we have contributed considerably to an improved Galapagos legal system. by Alex Cornelissen, Director of Operations Due to our tireless advocacy, the prosecution is now speSea Shepherd Galapagos and Latin America cialized in environmental matters; soon this will also be the ife in the enchanted islands is certainly getting better case for judges. Due to pressure initiated by Sea Shepherd, environmental cases are now being sentenced at local for the islands endemic populations of wildlife. Sea Shepherd is as always contributing to improve the con- courts. In the past, many cases were transferred out of Galaditions and in assisting the local law enforcement agencies pagos creating logistical and procedural problems, which prevented cases from reaching the verdict stage. in their ght to stop environmental crimes. At the end of Sea Shepherd has also monitored several cases involving 2012 we saw the rst EVER verdict passed in an environsharks. At local courts, we have provided solid legal argumental case for a crime committed in Galapagos. German national Dirk Bender was sentenced to four years imprison- ments, always on behalf of the sharks. Not only have we acment, the maximum punishment for this crime in Ecuador, complished the goals we set out at the beginning, we have achieved more than we ever thought possible. for attempting to smuggle four endemic and endangered Our police dog unit was present at the airport when the land iguanas out of the archipelago. After 14 years of having iguanas were detected, again illustrating the importance special legislation to protect the islands and four years of having a new constitution that gives more rights to nature and eectiveness of the unit. The Galapagos canine unit than in any other country in the world, this is the rst time continues to be the only dog unit in Latin America that fo-

cuses on the detection of illegal wildlife and we are presently in the fth year of cooperation with the Ecuadorian National Police. Their presence at the airports and harbors is a permanent one and over the years they have detected shark ns, sea horses and many other species of Galapagos endemic wildlife. Our AIS network continues to work perfectly and custom-made devices are being installed in the small shing boats that are registered in the islands. Not only is illegal shing harder with every extra tool we can give local authorities, maritime safety is also improved for mariners navigating inside the Galapagos Marine Reserve. A very important message has been sent to environmental criminals around the world: the laws here not only provide more protection to the natural areas than anywhere else in the world, but the Galapagos community and authorities are doing everything in their power to ensure that the laws are being implemented as well. As always the Galapagos Islands are our line in the sand only more than ever is the sand becoming rmer under our feet.


In the rst phase of an ongoing initiative to actively including Sea Shepherd UKs Skydive for the help the UK marine coastline, Sea Shepherd UK volunteers Oceans with Captain Alex Cornelissen who is jumping have been busy with beach cleanups this year particularly from an aircraft at 15,000 feet, alongside a daring team of in North Wales, NE England and on Jersey (Channel Isup to 20 volunteer crew and onshore volunteers from SSUK. by Darren Collis, General Manager lands). A record number of UK volunteers left our shores to Sponsor Captain Alex Cornelissen at: and Rob Read, Director join Sea Shepherd Australia on their extremely successful http://www.justgiving.com/Alex-Cornelissen Antarctic campaign Operation Zero Tolerance, along ea Shepherd UK is receiving ever greater support Or sponsor the SSUK skydive team at: from the public, ethical businesses, artists and per- with a UK Director who crewed as quartermaster on the http://www.justgiving.com/SeaShepherd-Skydive Steve Irwin. Also travelling around the world to assist with formers who are passionate about the oceans. Sylvie Sea Shepherd UK will have an auction of art, collectainternational campaigns were two UK Directors who Guillem performed at Sadlers Wells in London to a sold bles, celebrity items and signed Sea Shepherd items in late out crowd with all performance fees on the night donated joined Sea Shepherds Cove Guardians in Taiji, Japan for 2013. Please email us for details or to donate items or artto Sea Shepherd UK. The event was lmed by the BBC for their rst time. Also, for the third time, SSUK was reprework for this charity auction at uk@seashepherd.org! sented among the Cove Guardians by two of our The Culture Show and French media in association with Lamya Essemlali of Sea Shepherd France. Many bands and most dedicated onshore crewmembers. In the autumn of 2012, Sea Shepherd UK held performers have raised funds and the Sea Shepherd UK at Bush Hall (Shepherds Bush, London) our most prole over the last year including the the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Propagandhi, Rise Against and especially Hawk- successful fundraiser event ever with guest speaker Captain Peter Hammarstedt as well as wind / Elves of Silbury Hill who have become amazing many Sea Shepherd crew and Cove Guardians in supporters of our charity. LUSH UK has stepped up yet another gear this year with attendance. Many thanks to Vegan Peasant several individual shops doing fundraising and awareness Catering to create the beautiful and tasty vegan food. Many thanks to all the amazingly talented for Sea Shepherd UK, but also the production of another new product especially for the charity - The new Mermaid musicians, artists and to all our hard working volunteers who made the event into an asBath Ballistic and Mermaid Song are available on-line from https://www.lush.co.uk/sea-shepherd in associa- tounding success (and a huge amount of fun)! Coming up in 2013 are many events which tion with musician/composer Ysanne with all prots going Sea Shepherd can be viewed on the UK pages of our website to Sea Shepherd.


restaurants, we also organized Dining for the Oceans fundraisers that were well-received. Special thanks to the journalists of De Persgroep, who keep us in the news, and to our by Anne Van Ingelgem, Belgium Director ambassador Tom Waes. Sea Shepherd exists because of all the individur dedicated team of volunteers and growing supual support. As a token of appreciation, we creporters base have made 2012 a successful year. ated a supporter card system. Donors receive a Sea Shepherd Belgium was present at a lot of events. Thanks to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, we managed to table supporter card that entitles them to certain perks, at Rock Werchter, one of the biggest music festivals in Eu- such as being invited to special donor events. In addition to these eorts, we will be focusrope. The Duikbeurs, a major diving fair, oered us a free table. Zaradi Tebe, an alternative cultural festival in Ghent, ing more on education and outreach in 2013: dedicated this years entire edition to Sea Shepherd. And of working together with schools, organizations course we were present at many more festivals and events. and local celebrities to raise awareness for the plight of the oceans. Working together with local vegan and vegetarian

Sea Shepherd

South Africa

of SSCS and the importance of ocean conservation. Further to that weve done several outreach events including the massively successful annual Hermanus Whale Festival. by Rosie Kunneke, South Africa Coordinator 2012 also saw some members of the SA chaphe South African Chapter has grown from strength ter travelling to Namibia to participate in the second year of Operation Desert Seal. On to strength in the past year with our Facebook page topping 18,000 supporters. Six South Africans have their way to Namibia, the crew assisted in a thus far travelled to Taiji to serve as Cove Guardians and rhino conservation programme with SPOTS where we used our UAV technology to fight we anticipate more to join the Cove Guardian family in against the same syndicates who regularly the upcoming season. Locally we have participated in monthly beach clean up events, assisting other NGOs in plunder our oceans and wildlife. We look forward to expanding and growing even further rescuing penguins and sea birds, and several of our members have given talks at schools about the function in 2013.

Sea Shepherd


code Lottery for creating an experience of positive interde- and is looking forward to continuing the collaboration, pendence. Half of the money from every lottery ticket sold said Judith Lingeman. It was decided that the structural support would continue at least through 2017. goes directly to charity. The National Postcode Lottery, which was founded in 1989 to support charities, by Geert Vons, Netherlands Director donated a record amount of 291 million euros to over 85 charities. The National Postcode Lottery Sea Shepherd Receives 900,000 has already donated over 4.6 billion USD to envifrom Dutch National Postcode Lottery he annual Goed Geld Gala (Good Money Gala) given ronmental and humanitarian charities and is the by the Dutch National Postcode Lottery was held at third largest private charitable donor worldwide. the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on February 13th. Drs. Sea Shepherd has gratefully received an anGeert Vons, General Director for Sea Shepherd Netherlands nual nancial contribution of 900,000 from the and Daan Molenaar, Treasurer and Sea Shepherd Nether- Postcode Lottery since 2007. Recently this collablands board member, attended the gala on behalf of Sea oration was assessed and approved for continuShepherd Netherlands. Judith Lingeman, Charities Mantation by the Lotterys Board of Commissioners. ager for the Dutch Postcode Lottery, presented the pair Living creatures in the worlds oceans are faring with a check for 900,000. badly and whales are still being hunted. This is Geert Vons and Daan Molenaar receiving the check The distinguished guest of honor for the event, former why the National Postcode Lottery feels it is imfrom Judith Lingeman Roy Beusker President of the United States, Bill Clinton praised the Post- portant to continue supporting Sea Shepherd


Each and every one of our North American chapters worked tirelessly through the year to hold fundraisers, table at events, host beach cleanups, host a whale watch, and attend special events. However, there are three chapters that I would like to highlight for their incredible eorts. Our New York, NY, Denver, CO, and Philadelphia, PA chapters took part by Matthew Johnson, Outreach Coordinator in approximately 20 events each in 2012! In NYC, Ethan Wolf and Dayna Rozental have kept the ver the past year, Sea Shepherd has added ve new chapter going strong while making time to be Cove volunteer chapters - SSCS Uruguay, SSCS Costa Rica, Guardians and have launched into 2013 with incredible inSSCS Hawaii, SSCS Jacksonville, and SSCS Sweden. Currently, we tensity. In 2012, Danielle Wheeler transitioned leadership of have 13 chapters operating in the US and Canada. More chap- the Denver Chapter to the incredibly capable hands of Molly ters will be joining the Sea Shepherd family soon, as dedicated McNulty, who has kept up a swift pace attending events regvolunteers are hard at work creating new chapters to educate ularly as well as hosting monthly and quarterly functions. In the public about the importance of marine conservation. Philadelphia, our coordinator, former Cove Guardian and In the US, we had three tremendously successful 35th An- crewmember, Biaggo Comeriato, stepped into the coordinaniversary events. These events included Light Up the Night in tor role in early 2012. Despite being in Australia working hard New York, NY, 35 Years of Conservation in Action in Lyons, Col- on the Bob Barker for part of the year, his chapter pulled o orado, and Oceans of Change in Malibu, CA. These events an impressive number of events. raised $150,000 collectively to defend ocean wildlife. Were looking forward to 2013. Sea Shepherds volunteer


chapters continue to host events and increase the publics awareness about the plight of our oceans, while many of our volunteers are creating the foundation for chapters in their area. Were growing stronger in all aspects of Outreach and look forward to our continued role as part of the global Sea Shepherd team.
Kelli Stanko / Sea Shepherd

Captain Watson speaking in Colorado

ew to the United States from Australia to perform for the audience of 250 VIP supporters. It was truly an incredible evening that showed Germany by Farrah E. Smith, Major Gift Ocer & Special Events and the rest of the world that Captain Watson is a hero to n June, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Advisory many and deserves to be free protecting the worlds oceans. Board Member John Paul DeJoria hosted the Free Captain Defending the ocean in a way only he does, with direct action Paul Watson benet at his estate in Malibu, California. The and quantiable results. event rallied support to prevent Captain Watsons pending exA special thanks to; John Paul DeJoria/Patron Spirits/Semler, tradition to Costa Rica on a decade-old warrant for trying to Cathy Kangas, Xavier Rudd, Synthian Sharp, Martin Sheen, halt an illegal shark-nning operation. Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation & American Dog Rescue, Tobin Mr. DeJoria was the recipient of a special award in recogni- James Cellars, Hoodlamb, Candle 79, WaterCourse Foods, Vegan Printer, Vegan Treats, Veggie Grill, Erewhon, Lionscrest Manor, tion of 20 years of support and guidance to Captain Watson and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Captain Watson ad- JAM Vegan Bakery, New Belgium Brewing Company, 303 dressed the crowd via live feed from Germany where he was Vodka, Maine Root Soda, Blue Water Distilling Vodka, REUSIT and Jennifer Naylor Inc. for their donated services in 2012. being held under house arrest, and musician Xavier Rudd


Sam Simon and John Paul DeJoria

Sea Shepherd

n 2012, Sea Shepherd executed several campaigns and concurrently began a legal battle for reason and justice in the courts and for Captain Watsons freedom, all of which garnered signicant media attention. In the fall, Sea Shepherd launched its ninth Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, Operation Zero Tolerance, with a press conference aboard the Brigitte Bardot in Marina del Rey, California, featuring supporter and actress Pamela Anderson. The event garnered international coverage by ABC News, the UKs Daily Mail, Kyodo News Service and People Magazine among others. A widely quoted article by the New York Times credited Sea Shepherd for the 2011-2012 documented losses of $20.5 million by Japans Institute for Cetacean Research, and in other whale campaign news, Captain Peter Hammarstedt appeared on CNNs Starting Point to discuss the pilot whale slaughter in the Faeroe Islands. In Taiji, Japan, Operation Innite Patience and the Cove Guardians chronicled the annual, horric capture and slaughter of entire pods of dolphins. The campaign was spotlighted by major outlets including CNN International, HLNs Jane Velez Mitchell Show, and KGO-TV, the ABC aliate in San Francisco, which did a no-holds-barred, expanded, investigative report

by Lisa Agabian, Senior Media Relations Manager

during sweeps and promoted it heavily on billboards and radio. With the addition of live-streaming for the rst time and concurrent tweets on Twitter, Sea Shepherd was able to bring the atrocities of Taiji to a real-time, rapt audience of thousands. Operation Requiem, Sea Shepherds inaugural shark defense campaign to educate South Pacic governments and locals about protecting sharks as well as our work to patrol for illegal nning operations in the region was a fantastic success, garnering press in key Australian and South Pacic outlets including ABC News, Radio Australia, Fiji Times and a crucial open letter to the public in the Vanuatu Daily Post. On May 13th, Captain Watson was arrested in Germany on politically motivated charges from Costa Rica and Japan while en route to the Cannes Film Festival. The shockwaves from his arrest reverberated around the world, sparking outrage, protests, and major media coverage from the Associated Press, CNN, BBC, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Hungton Post, National Geographic, The Guardian and hundreds more. The German Government received a reported 158,000 letters calling for Captain Watsons release. Sea Shepherd produced two stunning documentaries of its campaigns to defend the most sacred eco-system on Earth the Galapagos and to protect the worlds largest humpback whale nursery from development of a giant gas hub on Western Australias pristine Kimberley Coast.

Pamela Anderson aboard the Brigitte Bardot Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd Galapagos and Operation Kimberley Miinimbi continue to play to private audiences at fundraisers and awareness-building events worldwide. In addition to traditional media coverage, Sea Shepherds social media presence has proven to be a highly eective tool for increasing public awareness of our campaigns and initiating calls to action. Our Facebook presence alone has reached half-a million supporters and the combined reach of all of our Twitter pages is virtually the same.

Education and Outreach Center

by Phyllis Clem, Administrative Manager Friday Harbor, WA ea Shepherd Gallery and Educational Center in Friday Harbor has moved a few doors down the street from its original location. Our new location is closer to the ferry line parking making it easy to browse while waiting for the ferry. Come by and check out the new space and educational displays and merchandise! Admission is always free. Location: 278 A Street #4 Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Seattle, WA ea Shepherd Gallery and Educational Center is proud to announce the opening of the Sea Shepherd Gallery-Seattle. The gallery is located at the world famous Pike Place Market, within walking distance of many tourist attractions. Boasting 2,400 square feet on two levels with a unique industrial design, the gallery features original artifacts, great visual displays, interactive presentations, and authentic logo apparel. Admission is always free. Visit our Facebook page Location: for more information: 1427 Western Avenue Sea Shepherd Gallery and Seattle, WA 98101 Educational Center

Sea Shepherd

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he eectiveness of a conservation organization can be measured in dierent ways. One way is the number of marine animals we have saved over the past 35 years the whales, seals, pilot whales and other dolphins, bluen tuna, sharks and sea cucumbers, to name only a few. Because of our success in saving wildlife, we now nd ourselves frequently on a new battleeld the judicial court system. The courtroom has become another avenue upon which we are forced to ght for the oceans. Corporations and poachers make their money o of the exploitation of wildlife and they are willing to spend it trying to shut us down. Here are some updates of the cases that we are ghting for the greater good: Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) v. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit After receiving a positive ruling in the lower court in which an injunction against Sea Shepherd was denied, the ICR poachers appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court. In December 2012, a panel of three judges handed down a highly ir-

regular and unexpected injunction against Sea Shepherd U.S. and overturned a well-articulated ruling by the honorable and respected District Court Judge Richard A. Jones, who had previously denied this injunction. The Ninth Circuit also made a rare and unwarranted decision to remove Judge Jones from the case and labeled Sea Shepherd pirates. The potential for this rul Sea Shepherd Italy ing is far-reaching and very serious in terms of consequences beyond Sea Shepherd, because it literally changes maritime laws denition of piracy. In response to this injunction, Sea Shepherd US took eorts above and beyond what was expected to comply with this ruling, by completely pulling out all support from the Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign and leaving it to Sea Shepherd Australia to pick up the gauntlet and manage the campaign. ICR has recently charged Sea Shepherd US, Paul Watson, Board Members and employees with contempt of court for actions taken during the 2012-13 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign that was managed by Sea Shepherd Australia, with Dutch- and Australian-agged ships in International and Australian waters. As of this writing, Sea Shepherd US has been denied a requested En Banc hearing. We will appeal to the Supreme Court and continue to ght. This case is ongoing. Fish and Fish v. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society UK and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society US The Maltese company Fish and Fish illegally poached 800 juvenile bluen tuna in 2010. Sea Shepherd released

these endangered sh before they could be transported to Maltese fattening pens. The Fish and Fish poachers took Sea Shepherd to court in the UK. Sea Shepherd won the rst hearings but Fish and Fish led an appeal with the Court of Appeals and in May 2013 a three-judge Panel of the UK Court of Appeals ruled against Sea Shepherd. Sea Shepherd US and Sea Shepherd UK will continue to ght this ruling and are appealing to the UK Supreme Court. Captain Paul Watson and Interpol Listings In May 2012, Captain Paul Watson was arrested in Frankfurt Airport on his way to France. He was arrested to address a recently re-issued 10-year-old warrant from Costa Rica on a case that had been previously resolved. While in Germany addressing the Costa Rican warrant, Japan saw that Germany was willing to act on a bilateral basis and, in a very unusual move, it approached Germany with their own request for extradition. When it was understood that the Germans would arrest Captain Watson to address the Japanese warrant, he made the decision to depart Germany. Shortly after, both Costa Rica and Japan re-submitted their previously denied paperwork to Interpol requesting red notices, this time Interpol agreed to elevate the local warrants to red notice level. As such, Captain Watson remains at sea where he is free to ght the politically motivated warrants against him. The ght for Pauls freedom is ongoing. Whether on board a ship, on shore or in a courtroom, we will continue to ght to save the ocean and the marine animals that depend on it. Sea Shepherd would like to extend many thanks upon our international attorney team who are ghting with and for us as we continue our mission to protect the oceans: Oliver Wallasch, Hugo Echeverria, Charles Moure, Jonathan Korman, John McMullen, Kim Roberts, William Bourdon, Federico Morales Herrera, Alexander S. K. Gruner, Phoebus Ebbini, Michelle Crorie, Prof. Liesbeth Zegveld, Ann Prezyna, Aura Gantz, Rachel Buker, Rebecca Millican, Dan Harris, Sylvain Leroy, Jonathan Korman, Arielle Moreau, Arnaud Pelpel

There are many ways you can support

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p to support

ea Shepherd is able to be so successful in our marine defense eorts because of caring and passionate individuals just like you! Your support is what drives our enforcement and conservation eorts, strengthens our resolve, and makes possible the successes we achieve. There are a number of ways in which you can help. No gift is too small and each gift is greatly appreciated. Here are just a few ways you can support our vital eorts: Search online using GoodSearch and Donate online with a debit card, credit card, or PayPal shop using GoodShop Setup an automatic monthly dona Shop in the Sea Shepherd Online tion (at your bank or on our website) Store Remember Sea Shepherd in your will Give a donation in honor or in memory of a loved one via the Shepherds Forever Society Transfer or donate shares of appreci- Mail a donation to the Sea Shepherd oce closest to you ated stock or mutual funds For more information on any of these Donate a portion of your eBay sales donation avenues, please contact automatically via eBay Giving Works donations@seashepherd.org or call List your product or service in our or write to your local branch of Marketplace and donate a percentSea Shepherd. age of proceeds Sponsor a donation of material goods or services from our Wish List

ince 2008, Sea Shepherd has been S providing our dedicated followers with eco-ethical merchandise from our

New Sea Shepherd Australia e-Store We would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing supporters for your incredible dedicaglobal e-Stores. Our sales have contintion. We are excited to announce the unveiling of the ued to increase each year, making it even redesigned Sea Shepherd e-Store in Australia. We more possible to defend our clients, the continue to oer eco-ethical merchandise, guarananimals of the ocean. Each supporter teed sweatshop free, including Certton Australianthat purchases a product in our interna- made 100% organic cotton shirts. You can also tional e-Stores becomes a global partner donate money directly to Sea Shepherd Australia as in spreading the Sea Shepherd mission. part of your merchandise order. As a result, the Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger http://seashepherd.unitee.com.au is not only a logo - it is a symbol of ocean conservation in action. Proceeds from the sale of our merchandise help to fund our campaigns to defend ocean wildlife worldwide. Please join us in protecting the oceans by making a purchase today. We also oer an eortless way to donate at checkout. US & Worldwide Store: shop.seashepherd.org


In Memory Of
Stephen Michael Watson 1958 2012
By Hillary Watson y father, Stephen Michael Watson, was born on March 19th, 1958 in a small hospital in St. Stephens New Brunswick, Canada. On August 30th, 2012, my fathers life came full circle and to an end in the same hospital he was born in, at the age of 54. Dad was an artist, an environmentalist, an activist for animal rights, a proud vegan, a lover of the oceans, a good friend, and above all else, a compassionate and loving man. He was very supportive of his brother, Captain Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd. He was hardly ever seen without wearing a Sea Shepherd shirt and would attend all the Sea Shepherd events that he could. He would donate paintings and some of the prot made from many of his paintings to Sea Shepherd. He often spoke of his desire to crew on a campaign with his brother but never got the chance. His nal wish was to have his ashes scattered among the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean on a Sea Shepherd Antarctic campaign. During this years Antarctic campaign, Operation Zero Tolerance, I had the opportunity to crew alongside my uncle, Captain Paul Watson and we carried out my fathers wish together. His ashes were scattered into the wind o of Scott Island in the Ross Sea in Antarctica. We could not have found a more perfect nal resting place for my father. My dad was diagnosed with stage four cancer in June 2012 and had a short but brave battle. He refused to allow cancer to take over his life and went on a vacation with his wife and my mother, Renee, to his hometown, St. Stephens, New Brunswick to relax and visit family. He developed pneumonia and died peacefully, surrounded by all of his children; Garrett, Shawn, Lea, myself, and his wife, Renee, near the ocean which he loved so much. His compassion and artistry touched many peoples lives and continues to do so. His loved ones felt how much he cherished them and his ability to be eternally giving. He was cherished in return.

Dawn Urbanowicz

Captain Albert Falco 1927 2012

ll of us at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society staff, officers, crew, onshore volunteers, all are saddened by the death of one of our most beloved members of the Sea Shepherd Advisory Board. Captain Albert Falco died on April 21, 2012 at the age of 84. He was born in Marseille, France on October 17, 1927. He died in Marseille. Albert Falco was the former captain and chief diver of the R/V Calypso. He was a pioneer scuba diver and longtime diving companion of Captain Jacques Cousteau. On May 25, 2011 in La Ciotat, France, Captain Falco officially launched the Sea Shepherd vessel Brigitte Bardot.
Franois Sarrano

We were honoured and proud that he joined our advisory board for ocean conservation. The world sadly has lost three of the greatest divers and conservationists of all time with Captain Falco, Philippe Cousteau and Captain Jacques Cousteau. Captain Falco saw the diminishment of biodiversity in our oceans over a span of nearly seven decades. He was dedicated to the protection of life and habitats in the sea. He was a legendary mariner, diver, oceanographer, and conservationist. The world is a better place because of him. He will always be remembered and honoured by all of us in the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

e wish to express our deep gratitude to the following Ocean Ambassadors. Not only did these individuals provide the much-needed resources for Sea Shepherd to make a dierence, but they also opened up their homes for screenings and fundraising Pamela Anderson Richard Dean Anderson Brigitte Bardot Bob Barker Arthur E. Benjamin Bob Brown Dave Bugliari Nancy Burnet Zach Callison Ian Campbell Cookies for All James Costa John Paul & Eloise DeJoria David De Rothschild Dutch Postcode Lottery Sebastian Ferrer Bill Fold Mike Galesi Gojira Pol Goossen Sylvie Guillem & Gilles Tapie

events, introduced Sea Shepherd to their friends and family in hopes of nding new supporters, and lent their voice and celebrity to spread awareness for the cause and to assist Captain Watson in battling his politically motivated charges. Their commitment and dedication to Sea Shepherd is Maureen Hackett Rutger Hauer Hoodlamb Cathy Kangas Anthony Kiedis Michael Kroeger Rachel Kropa Lavinia Tommy Lee & Motley Crue Robert Lemlich Isabel Lucas LUSH Michael Muller Gildo Pastor Sean Penn Joe & Billie Perry & Aerosmith Steve Perry Priority Worldwide Services Red Hot Chili Peppers Perrey Reeves

appreciated beyond words, and the endless eort they continually put towards this vital cause extends to every living creature in the sea. Thank you from the captains, crew, sta, onshore volunteers and our clients the whales, dolphins, sh, sea turtles, seals, and sharks. Michelle Rodriguez Xavier Rudd Julian Schnabel Martin & Janet Sheen Signman Sam Simon Smashing Pumpkins Ian Somerhalder Foster Stanback Fred Stanback Supreme Master Ching Hai Derrick & Erin Swinfard Guy Swinnen Marc & Erin Tohir Douglas & Kris Tompkins Joseph & Esther Varet Tom Waes Dianne Warren Max Werner Philip & Trix Wollen Steve Wynn


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Sea Shepherds Mission Statement

Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the worlds oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately-balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.

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