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Name _____________________________________________________________ Nelson Street Boys R.C.

School Christmas Term Test Standard Three

Social Studies
Section One Match the events to the dates. Republic Day 4th Nov. 2008 1st Monday in Oct. 24th Sept. 8th August 31st August

Independence Day

Universal Childrens Day

U.S. Presidential Election

The Beijing Olympics 2008

Section Two Circle the correct answer. 1) Eid Ul Fitr is a ______________ religious festival. a) Hindu b) Muslim c) Catholic 2) Muslims follow the religion of _____________________. a) Catholics b) Hindu c) Islam 3) The Holy book of Islam is called ____________________. a) Quoran b) Bible c) Testament 4) A ______________ is governments plan on how money is to be collected and how they plan to spend it. a) Plan b) Review c) Budget

5) The new president of the United States of America is _________________. a) George Maxwell Richards b) A.N.R.Robinson c) Barack Obama 6) The Minister of Finance is __________________________. a) Patrick Manning b) Karen Nunez Tesheira c) Basdeo Panday 7) Divali is a __________________ festival a) Muslim b) Catholic c) Hindu 8) The _____________ and _____________ are usually seen at the Olympics. a) The Olympic Flame and Flag b) The Olympic Coat of Arms and Star c) The Olympic Flame and Star 9) The very first modern Olympic games opened in _____________. a) London, England b) Athens, Greece c) Beijing, China 10)______________ got the most medals at the Beijing Olympic 2008. a)China b) U.S.A. c) Beijing 11) ______________ won the most medals in the Caribbean a) Cuba b) Jamaica c) Trinidad 12) ______________ of Trinidad won the silver medal in track and field at the Beijing Olympics. a)Richard Thompson b) Daryl Brown c) Marc Burns

13) ________________ from the Caribbean has created history by breaking three world records and winning three gold medals for the Caribbean. a) Asafa Powell b) Usain Bolt c) Marc Burns 14) When Trinidad and Tobago gained independence we got our ______. a) Army and Coast Guard b) President c) Pastor 15) When we became a Republic we got our______________________. a) National Flag b) President c) National Anthem 16) Two symbols of our nation are ________ and __________. a) National flag and national birds b) National building and national song c) National colours and national Coat of Arms. 17) After__________________ years of independence, Trinidad & Tobago became a Republic. a) Thirteen b) Fourteen c) Fifteen 18) The first Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago was ________________. a) Mr. Basdeo Panday b) Barack Obama c) Dr. Eric Williams 19) The first President of Trinidad & Tobago was _________________. a) Mr. Noor Hassanali b) Maxwell Richards c) Sir Ellis Clarke 20) The present president of Trinidad & Tobago is ________________. a) Mr. Patrick Manning b) Mr. Reinzi Shah c) Prof. George Maxwell Richards.