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ISSUE 15 JULY 2013


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Welcome to the 15th issue of Devil Comics Magazine. We are half-way through the 2013 year with lots of comic events to keep us occupied. DC COMICS DC Comics began the year by wrapping up the Watchmen prequels, Throne of Atlantis, Hel on Earth, Death of the Family, Rise of the Third Army, Wrath of the First Lantern, and Rotworld. The first half of the year seemed to be strengthening their own titles as they prepare for the both Trinity War and Forever Evil event later in the year. In April they decided to create fold-out gimmick covers while preparing for the 3-D covers in September. The covers are meant to entice readers to pick up the hard copies from their comic shops. Characters that were affected during the first half includes: Jeff Lemire on Green Arrow, the death of Robin, and the introduction to the new Reverse-Flash. DC Comics brought Geoff Johns reign on Green Lantern to an end with Wrath of the First Lantern. Superman is getting three new additional titles including Batman/Superman, Superman/Wonder Woman, and Superman Unchained to celebrate his 75th anniversary along with Warner Bros. Man of Steel film. MARVEL COMICS Marvel Comics began with Doctor Octopus becoming the new Spider-Man in Superior Spider-Man as well as continuing with the Marvel NOW! banner following last years Avengers Vs. X-Men. Very quickly Age of Ultron began the first event which ultimately brought Angela into the Marvel Universe. However Jonathan Hickmans Infinity is the official first Marvel NOW! event which builds the cosmic heroes of the Marvel Universe to prepare for the upcoming Marvel Studios films Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2 which promptly features Thanos.


Characters that were affected during the first half includes: the erasing of Peter Parker, the death of Miles Morales mother, Galactus moves to the Ultimate Universe, and Angela comes to the Marvel Universe. FILMS Iron Man 3 sets up Phase 2 of Marvel Studios which will end with Avengers 2. Robert Downey Jr. is set to star in both Avengers 2 and 3. Meanwhile Man of Steel gave Warner Bros. the confidence to begin their world-building their movies which will cumulate into Justice League. Green Lantern is the Hulk movies of Warner Bros. where we will not see him in another movie until after the Justice League. Star Trek Into Darkness brought back Kahn to the screen however this time he is working directly with Kirk. IDW Publishing is beginning Star Trek After Darkness comics which will bring the Klingons into war with the Federation. The events of Into Darkness is to lead into the third sequel in 2016 which celebrates the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. Hopefully we will also get a new series based on the movies. CREATIVITY AND DIGITAL COMICS Creativity in comics is sure to rise after Kindle and Valiant Entertainment work to bring fan-fiction to Amazon. The onslaught of digital comics allows creators to bring their work to the forefront. After corporations like Warner Bros. (DC Comics) and Disney (Marvel) continue to exhibit higher control over their characters, creators especially the Millennial generation want more opensource access to comics where they are in control. This new generation of writers and artists are sure to give both Warner Bros. and Disney competition in the years ahead. Unless, of course, the creators themselves sell their intellectual properties to them. Shamim Zia Editor


Last year the Green Lantern series began the Rise of the Third Army story, which served as a prequel that led to the Wrath of the First Lantern. Now the same architect Geoff Johns brings Trinity War which serves for the launch of the first New 52 event Forever Evil. It coincides with the third anniversary of the New 52 so DC Comics in a similar event to last years zero issues, puts the spotlight on the villains. However with DC Comics public conflicts between editors and writers bring about an event which seems somewhat mismatched as the main series writers and artists are missing.

Forever Evil has an additional three weekly mini-series to tie into the event. These include Forever Evil: Rogues, Forever Evil: Arkham War, and Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. The other books are broken into franchises including Batman, Superman, Justice League, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Earth 2, Swamp Thing, and Teen Titans. This is multiplying the popular books and increasing the price to $3.99 for the cover. DC Comics are using gimmicks to attract readers with 3-D covers. In July the first issue of Superman Unchained #1 has a four-way foldout poster of the Man of Steel.


Highlights from other DC Comics solicitations include: - Greg Pak brings Justice League #23.1: Darkseid - Justice League #23.3: Dial E brings 20 villains with 20 artists doing a page each - Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates brings Justice League #23.4: Secret Society - Matt Kindt writes Justice League Of America #7.1: Deadshot - The origin of the Reverse-Flash is told within The Flash #23.2: Reverse-Flash - The origin of Count Vertigo is told within Green Arrow #23.1: Count Vertigo - The Superman titles brings Cyborg, Zod, Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Hel, and Doomsday - The Batman titles brings Joker, Court of Owls, Riddler, Bane, and the Jokers daughter - The Green Lantern titles Sinestro, Black Hand, Relic, and Mongul The issues to be consistent and worth buying for September with the same writer and artist as the main series is Green Arrow #23.1: Count Vertigo #1 and The Flash #23.2: Reverse-Flash #1. Some of the issues will bring their first appearances into the New 52 including The Jokers Daughter, Doomsday, Bizarro, General Zod, and the First Born. In 1995 writer Mark Waid wanted to raise the profile of the villains through Underworld Unleashed. The DC Universe is under siege by the villain Neron 18 years ago. Now DC is bringing back the 90s with gimmick covers selling more style than substance. They are not using the logos of the villains like Darkseid and the Joker. The covers look like it was written by children. Batmans Zero Year takes a month off during Villains Month to make wave for the November Zero Year tie-ins which will run through the Batman franchise. The majority tie-ins quality depends on the writers involved including: Geoff Johns, Greg Pak, Matt Kindt, Brian Buccellato, Jeff Lemire, Charles Soule, and James Tynion IV.


Highlights from other Marvel Comics solicitations include: - David Lapham (Stray Bullets) writes the Daredevil: Dark Nights miniseries - The final issues of X-Factor, Gambit, Morbius, and Journey into Mystery - Carlos Pacheco joins the Loose Nuke story starting in Captain America #11 - Leinil Yu is back with a 2 flashback issues of Trial of the Punisher - The dark origin of the Apocalypse Twins are revealed in Uncanny Avengers #12 - The identity of the Ultimate Kang is revealed in Ultimates #30 - Spider-Man 2099 returns in Superior Spider-Man #17 and 18

Infinity brings the Inhumans to the front stage as Attilan falls due to the desires of Thanos. Marvel has released an onslaught of Infinity tie-ins including Avengers, New Avengers, Infinity: The Hunt, Infinity Heist, Thunderbolts, Nova, Avengers Assemble, Captain Marvel, and Superior Spider-Man Team-up #3 and 4. This is the first official event of Marvel NOW! however the least interesting one. The main titles including Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man have their own stories to tell separated from the main event. So far there have been three Marvel events including Age of Ultron, Infinity, and Battle of the Atom. These events take away the small events from the regular titles. The return of Spider-Man 2099 is overshadowed by Infinity and Battle of the Atom.


Dark Horse is publishing George Lucas original vision called The Star Wars which is an 8-issue mini-series. Brian Wood continues the adventures of Luke, Han, and Leia in the Star Wars where Leia returns to the fragmented pieces of Alderaan. Star Wars: Dark Times takes place after the Revenge of the Sith as Darth Vader hunts the remaining Jedis. Star Wars: Legacy follows the adventures of Ania Solo.

Dark Horse has also collected Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin as well as Star Wars Legacy Volume II. Each series explores the Star Wars Universe in a different era.

Highlights from other Dark Horse Comics solicitations include: - Alex Ross first published work The Terminator: The Burning Earth - Ridley Scott is optioning Mind MGMT into the big screen - The third omnibus trade for Lone Wolf and Cub is released - Artist R.B. Silva brings Brain Boy with writer Fred Van Lente


We get three new first issues worth mentioning from Image Comics. Matt Fraction brings Sex Criminals where a couple stops time while having sex and robs banks. This is the second title following Satellite Sam from Image Comics. He is also writing Hawkeye from Marvel where he recently wrote a story from a dogs perspective in Hawkeye #11. Fraction previously wrote the Invincible Iron Man including the Most Wanted arc following Secret Invasion. The story brought Iron Man back to his roots by devolving and using his previous armors to survive. The second new title from Image is Rat Queens by Kurtis J. Wiebe who is writing Peter PanzerFaust which is currently being made into a movie. The final new title worth mentioning is Zero by Ales Kot who is currently writing Suicide Squad. His take on the Suicide Squad is one of the best ones published by DC Comics.

Highlights from other Image Comics solicitations include: - Chew #37 continues the Family Recipe story arc - Greg Rucka continues his futuristic story in Lazarus #4 - Brian Vaughan continues his space-opera epic in Saga #14 - J. Michael Straczynski continues with SideKick and Ten Grand - Robert Kirkman puts Jesus in The Walking Dead #114


Boom! Studios launches a two new limited series called Hit as well as the popular TV show Sons of Anarchy. Other franchises include Hellraiser, Peanuts, Garfield, and Adventure Time. Writer Steven Grant is getting the deserved attention these days compared to the days of 80s and 90s. Steven is bringing a sequel to 2 Guns called 3 Guns as well as adapting Frank Millers Robocop script for Robocop 3. His 1997 Wildstorm release Damned drawn by former Punisher artist Mike Zeck is soon to be rereleased through Boom! Studios.

Highlights from other Boom! Studios solicitations include: - The sequel to 2 Guns hits the second issue with 3 Guns - Frank Miller continues the original adaptation of Robocop 3 - The final Planet of the Apes issue is released - The public domain character Six-Gun Gorilla continues - Paul Jenkins continues killing off characters in Deathmatch #10


IDW Publishing is built on various popular franchise than establishing its own universe. The franchises include My Little Pony, Ghostbusters, Powerpuff Girls, Popeye, Black Dynamite, Judge Dredd, Mars Attacks, Godzilla, X-Files, Dungeons & Dragons, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Kiss, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and TMNT.

Highlights from other IDW Publishing solicitations include: - The enemy is revealed in Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #9 - The Klingon and Romulan Empires go to war in Star Trek #25 - Shockwaves plans is in motion in Transformers: Robots in Disguise #21 - The Mad Monk strikes NYC in G.I. Joe #8 - Flint is captured in G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files #6 - Operation Deadfall continues in G.I. Joe: Special Missions #7


Valiant brings the ongoing Eternal Warrior after his debut in X-O Manowar #1. They have also gave a title change to Bloodshot after the events of Harbinger Wars this summer. The new title Bloodshot and the H.A.R.D. Corps is a new starting point evolving the series into a team book. The secret origin of all Shadowmen in Shadowman #0 brings a standalone issue leading to the next arc in Shadowman #10.

Highlights from other Valiant Entertainment solicitations include: - The Nightmare Bridge debuts in Quantum and Woody #3 - The Renegades puts their lives back together in Harbinger #16 - The Far Faraway arc concludes in Archer & Armstrong #13 - Following Planet Death, Aric faces problems in X-O Manowar #17 - Two trades from the Harbinger Wars are collected


AMERICAN VAMPIRE: THE LONG ROAD TO HELL #1 Writer Scott Snyder and artist Rafael Albuquerque have taken a break from their series, which will return later in the year so they can catch up on other projects. To keep fans happy, two specials will be released over the summer. This special focuses on Travis Kidd the vampire hunter who bites back with teeth. Both Jolene and Billy Bob were turned into vampires by Oscar Brood who is a leader of a Coven. Billy Bob stole his ring and run off to Vegas with Jolene to find a cure. The couple is now called the Heartbreak Killers and they brought an orphan named Jasper along to identity potential victims. Oscar Brood catches up with them however he is killed by vampire hunter Travis Kidd who later realizes the couple are the Heartbreak Killers. Kidd confronts them and the Heartbreak Killers decide its time for them to die. However Jasper suggests they get married first one last happiness before the big goodbye. An excellent story by Scott Snyder giving you a full story with a definitive ending and worth the price on the cover.


MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: THE ORIGIN OF HORDAK #1 After the last two origin issues with beautiful art however horrible writing, DC Comics issues another origin story featuring Hordak. Zodac pushes further into the arms of Hordak who is a vampire of soul energy. Hordak grows stronger with each death of his own army and proclaims himself Master of the Universe. This is a better story than the other two origin issues however still falls short of being with the price on the cover. NEEDS IMPROVEMENT 3 OUT OF 5


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: COSMIC AVENGERS PREMIERE HARDCOVER Star-Lord Peter Quill reveals his origins to Iron Man by beginning with his father who is heir to the Spartax throne. Now 30 years later Star-Lord is determined to stop the species who killed his mother and destroyed his life Badoon. Iron Man encounters a Badoon ship that targets him however he is rescued by the Guardians. An Badoon invasion of Earth begins by targeting London as Peter Quills father declares Earth off-limits. After the defeat of the Badoon fleet, the Guardians of the Galaxy are taken as prisoners of war by Spartax. Six weeks ago in the Negative Zone, a gathering occurred which indicated Earth one generation away from communal space flight. All-Mother declares Earth is under her protection so the King of Spartax declares Earth off-limits. After the Guardians are taken prisoner by the Spartax, they are freed by Groot. They later take over a Spartax warship and issue a statement to be aware of their King J-Son the father of Peter. This hardcover collects Guardians of the Galaxy (2013) #0.1-3 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5


AGE OF ULTRON PREMIERE HARDCOVER The Age of Ultron is the first Marvel event following last years Avengers Vs. X-Men. Writer Brian Michael Bendis teased before the series premiere that only five individuals knew the ending to Age of Ultron at Marvel Comics. To make sure the secret is safe, executive artist Joe Quesada drew the final sequence to make sure the secret stayed with the final five. The series premiered with New York City taken over by Ultron while Hawkeye rescues Spider-Man from the Owl and Hammerhead. Hawkeye takes him back to base however they are screened by Iron Man before they are reunited with the rest of the remaining Avengers. Captain America lies with his tail between his legs and his shield shattered. After Spider-Man explains things from his point of view, Captain America comes up with a plan. The plan is to sell one of them so they will get intel on Ultron. The She-Hulk volunteers and Luke Cage agreed to sell her to Ultron. Cage discovers it is not Ultron trading but his son the Vision because Ultron is in the future. Meanwhile in Chicago, the Black Panther, Taskmaster, and the Red Hulk manage to grab one of the Ultrons processors. The Red Hulk later kills the Taskmaster before he deserts him. After rescuing Luke Cage, the She-Hulk falls as she is shot through the head. The Black Widow cracks one of Nick Furys Black Boxes and discovers they need to head to the Savage Land. The heroes discover Nick Fury and his secret bunker where he has Dr. Dooms time platform. Fury wants to travel into the future to stop Ultron while Wolverine wants to go to the past and stop Hank Pym from creating it. Bendis knows how to write dialogue and exploit the characters to bring out their best. Tony Stark figures out Ultron placed the Vision in the Avengers so he would figure out how to defeat them from the future. SERIES HIGHLIGHTS - Wolverine and Sue Storm return to the present and face the Defenders - Defenders: Colonel America, Cable (Cyclops), Dr. Strange, Hulk, and Thing - Now instead of Ultron it is now Tony Stark who watches over the world - In this alternative timeline Stark is battling Morgana Le Fey - Wolverine travels back in time to warn himself not to kill Hank Pym - Hank Pym records a message to himself and erases his memory - Susan Storm delivers message to stop Ultron - Ultron is defeat before the Age of Ultron begins - The space-time continuum is disrupted sending Galactus to the Ultimate Universe - Angela arrives to the Marvel Universe and joins the Galaxy of the Guardians AGE OF ULTRON TIE-IN HIGHLIGHTS The tie-ins explain how the characters got into the Age of Ultron. The series was written a few years ago before Doc Ock became Superior Spider-Man and before the Fantastic Four was lost in space. Age of Utron began with Ultron already conquering the world so the tie-ins are back stories to explain how the heroes got into the situation including one with how the Black Widow lost her eye. In a special Fantastic Four tie-in, the Thing admits he was the one who created Dr. Doom. This trade paperback collects Age of Ultron (2013) #1-10 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5


AGE OF ULTRON #10 A.I. This issue was on the cover of Previews a few months ago. Writer Mark Waid brings Hank Pym the center of focus in this issue as he realizes how important his life is after witnessing a world with him. Now Hank sets up his place in the Marvel Universe staring as the lead in his own series after Avengers Academy. The new title Avengers A.I. explores the artificial intelligence of the Marvel Universe which includes the sentient Iron Man armor. Waid writes an excellent character-focused issue however fails to influence picking up the next Avengers title, which is not written by him. NEEDS IMPROVEMENT 3 OUT OF 5


STAR WARS VOLUME 1: IN THE SHADOW OF YAVIN TRADE PAPERBACK Writer Brian Wood follows characters of Luke, Han, Leia, and Vader after Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Wood captures the unresolved emotions which were never explored in the films: the loss of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the destruction of Alderaan, the death of Lukes aunt, uncle, and his best friend Biggs. After the destruction of Yavin, the rebellion is trying to find another planet however the Empire is hot on their trails. Fearing a spy within their ranks, Mon Mothma orders Leia to find another planet or find the spy. Darth Vader is demoted by his master the Emperor as Colonel Bircher assumes command of his Star Destroyer. Vader supervises the construction of the Second Death Star above the moon of Endor. Meanwhile Col. Bircher prepares an elite group of TIE interceptors to crush the rebels. Leia assembles a secret group of new X-Wing pilots with new X-Wings. She later grounds Luke for disobeying her and another pilot Prithi. Leia deals with the onslaught of Col. Bircher and his TIE interceptors. Han Solo and Chewie are targeted on Black Market worlds and the Empire for ripping off Jabba the Hut and aiding the Empire, respectively. They both take the Falcon and head towards the Imperial Center of Coruscant to meet Mon Mothmas contact. They are double-crossed and fight their way out as Imperial Stormtroopers pursue them. SERIES HIGHLIGHTS - Vader discovers the identity of the pilot who destroyed the Death Star: Skywalker - Leia is severely injured after the battle with the TIE interceptors - Han and Chewie are being chased by bounty hunters Boba Fett and Bossk - Leia is saved by Luke and the search for the spy and a new planet continues This paperback collects Star Wars #1-6 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5


LOCKE & KEY: OMEGA HC Dodge has possessed the body of Bode Locke who has the Omega Key to open the Black Door. The Black Door holds back the psychic parasites who are filled with hate and madness. Bode plans to open the door to release these creatures to our world. The real Bode is trapped in spirit form and only Rufus can see him. However Rufus is in a psychiatric hospital after attempting to choke Bode. Rufus manages to escape while the kids go to the Drowning Cave after senior prom. Bode has plans for these kids who will be a sacrifice as the creatures he plans on releases inhibit their bodies. Tyler is accidently shot by the police while a cave-in prevents the kids from escaping the Drowning Cave. Tyler is placed in the Mending Cabinet by his mother. He meets his father who tells him keys turn both ways and he took the easy way out with Dodge. Kinsey, Jamal, and Jordan are on the catwalk while Dodge took the other high schoolers to the Black Door. They are offered to save themselves however one person falls from the catwalk. Jordan chooses herself and falls over. RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5 G.I. JOE: HOMEFRONT TPB General Joe Colton informs Duke that Cobra has infiltrated the city of Warrenton, Ohio by moving armaments into a building. Duke gathers his team who flies to their destination but is shot down by Cobra forces. The team is split into two groups, Shipwreak is injured, and Duke is captured by the Baroness while realizing Cobra has the whole town. Roadblock and Tunnel Rat discover where Cobra is jamming the communications. Meanwhile the Baroness is trying to get the all-clear counter-sign from Duke however he gives the sign for ambush. Duke is rescued by Cover Girl and Baroness destroys the town. The Joes get out however the incident is covered up. Later Cobra Commander puts Mad Monk instead of the Baroness in charge of Manhattan. This paperback collects G.I. Joe #1-5 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5


X-O MANOWAR VOLUME 3: PLANET DEATH TPB The Vine begins their attack on Earth and Commander Trill uses Arics friend Gafti as a hostage. Aric surrenders the armor to save his friend however Trill shoots him regardless. Aric summons the armor which attacks Trill and wears it and beats him. An injured Gafti arrives and Aric uses the armor on him to heal him but Gafti is traumatized by the events abroad the Vine ship. Aric convinces Gafti to stop fighting only to realize the incoming Vine invasion fleet arriving. Gafti heads towards them and sacrifices himself by destroying the invasion fleet. After the armor returns to Earth without Gafti, Aric decides to take the war to the Vines home planet. The origin of the Vine is revealed as Aric arrives on their planet. Aric plans on destroying the planet however discovers the last of his people is alive and living there. However his people are descendants of the original people. Aric is attacked by the Vine and he is wounded in the onslaught. He is saved by one of the Vine and secretly taken to the priest while the Vine begins eradicating the slave encampment. The X-O armor returns to Aric and he launches a defensive which will lead to the other enslaved inhabitants of the planet to be freed.The Vine is willing to destroy their homeworld Loam than surrender to the Aric. However the Vine surrenders to Aric and he takes his people back to Earth. This paperback collects X-O Manowar #9-14 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5

SPOILERS AHEAD Overall Man of Steel has a great build up and falls flat in the end. The overuse of special effects desensitizes the action and the drama of the story. The story has numerous plot holes including why didnt the U.S. Military know that Superman is from Smallville after Zod landed at his front door. The death of Zod at end puts a question on Superman on whether he truly represents hope or a change of times of todays world. The movie starts off in Krypton as it should and shows Jor-El delivering a baby without doctors. Later he is riding a bug. For an advanced society this is a downturn. Then he puts the codex in his son which is basically injecting your kid with Botox. Some complaints I have include how the fuck did Jonathan Kent move that big ass spaceship into his barn? Jenny Olson is just too Jewish. Her nose kept bothering me however she could play a female Pinocchio. The final battle shows Zod taking off his armor and showing off his black leotard. He is either ready for dancing to Psy's "Gangnam Style" or Beyonce's "Put a Ring On It" than fight Superman. Superman kills Zod in the end! Superman represents the Jesuscharacter and his S symbol represents hope. Superman is a character that finds a better way of handling situations. A great way of stopping Zod who is using his heat vision to kill the citizens of Metropolis was to use his cold breath and render Zod blind. You know a cold blow job. (Waitthat didnt come out right) This will show Superman finding different means to end a conflict. Basically Zod killed his father then in turn he kills him. This is more revenge then self-defense. The military is trying to find out where he hangs his cape. Where the fuck did you get the spaceship to send Zods people back to the Phantom Zone? Thats a great place to start. The collateral damage to Metropolis and the lives lost. This is not a movie for people who are still sensitive to the events of 9/11. It just reinforces and stereotypes the fact that foreigners cause trouble. The writer of the Dark Knight Rises builds up Krypton as a Russian-like communist society similar to the one introduced by John Byrne. Krypton expanded their empire in space at the cost of their planets core. Jor-El sends his natural birth son Kal-El to Earth with a code of all Kryptonians. Zod is sent to the Phantom Zone for his insurrection but is freed after Krypton explodes. On Earth Clark becomes Superman just as Zod arrives to use Earth to build Krypton and its people. The battle ensues where Metropolis is destroyed and Zod is killed. Superman finds his way of becoming Clark at the end of the story and is with Lois. The only part I truly like is the set up for sequels. Clark finds a capsule which is opened from the Kryptonian scout ship. The Man of Steel Prequel: Special Edition shows where the scout ship came from and who is the lost Kryptonian. After the events of the Man of Steel, Superman believes he is the last of his kind however like Yoda said There is another. NEEDS IMPROVEMENT 3 OUT OF 5



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