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Study of sales and distribution channel

Presented by: Mandhata Singh Roll No. :- 20

Onida was started by G.L. Mirchandani, his brother Sonu Mirchandani and Vijay Mansukhani in 1981 in Mumbai. In 1982, Onida started assembling television sets at their factory in Andheri, Mumbai. Since then, Onida has evolved into a multi-product company in the consumer durables and appliances sector. Onida achieved a 100% growth in ACs and microwave ovens and a 40% growth in washing machines last year.


1. In the top 5 million households, in affluence terms, 96 percent of households have color televisions, 82 percent own refrigerators, and 44 percent own washing machines. 2. In the next 7 million households, penetration of color TVs is 69 percent, 58 percent for refrigerators, and 19 percent for washing machines. 3. In the next tier of affluent households - numbering approximately 12 million - 50 percent own color TVs, 35 percent own refrigerators, and 8 percent own washing machines.

STRENGTH o Accessory to Necessary Air-conditioners are no longer perceived to be a item of luxury. o Advancement of technology which gives the companies ability to introduce new products and new product features. o High Growth. Key drivers being Urban and Rural. o Government Policies in favor of Industry includes infrastructure development, reduction in excise duty and so on. WEAKNESS o Supply continues to outstrip Demand. Demand Cyclical and seasonal. o Volatile performance of the agricultural sector have a negative impact on demand. The sector's performance is highly dependent on monsoon and reforms, which has failed often.



OPPORTUNITY o Diversification. Developing new products for new markets. o Easy availability of finance has stimulated consumers to buy durables. o Changes in Consumer Outlook from spend now-save later mentality leading to high disposable income. THREAT o Dozen companies operating in the white goods segment. Prices would continue to remain depressed and margins will be under pressure. o Threats of cheaper imports from China and other South East Asian countries

STRENGTH Approach market through technology and high quality products Target is not only number driven but also about acquiring and retaining customers Created a unique brand image for itself as a high end value driven brand Targeting the mass market WEAKNESS Less Investment is done on Promotions and Advertisement in comparison of the competitors. Now the DEVIL MAN in the advertisement is not working for ONIDA and company is not able to connect with this generation. Customers are not aware about all the products of Onida. OPPRTUNITIES The Indian mass market. The high end value driven proposition helps in increasing market share. Growing semi urban market. Purchasing power of people is increasing day by day. THREATS Indian mass market may be captured by rival MNCs like LG, SAMSUNG and SONY


Objectives of the project

The project has been divided into two parts. One that is related with the internship work as per the guidance of the company mentor that required market visits to be carried out to different distributors and dealers to understand the way they operate and the interface between the company and them. The other part of the project is academic and deals with research, analysis and studying the various strategies that are employed by the company, its comparison with other players and so hence and so forth.

Research methodology
The research was of descriptive type. The data collection was primarily done through primary sources by carrying out the visits to the outlets of dealers and distributors, by interacting with them as well as customers etc. Moreover sufficient amount of secondary data was accessed through the internet search sources.



Onida has a very intense distribution channel. Onidas principal assembly operations are conducted in a plant at Wada, 80km from Mumbai. Onida also has a plant at Delhi which meets the requirements of Northern region. Apart from this it has intense distribution network with 33 branch offices, 208 customer relation centers and 41 depots across India which ensures that Onidaproducts are available on retail Shelves. Onida also has presence in international market. With its sales and marketing office in Dubai reported 215% export growth in two years. The shipments to the Gulf contribute almost 65% of Onidas export revenue while shipments to fast growing East African market like Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethopia along with SAARC countries accounts for 16% of export revenue.


Onida in Rajasthan has 6 distributor and 54 authorized dealer.


The total of distributor of Onida in Jaipur is: Business House Arora Electronics



Customer Service
Customer Relation Centres Onida has over 208 Customer Relationship Centers spread across India. In Jaipur City its address is as follow: Adonis Electronics Pvt.Ltd. A5, Yudhister Marg, C-Scheme Near Yojana Bhavan Opposite Deer Park Jaipur 302 005 0141 - 3206300 5116601 / 5116602 jaipur.service@adonis.co.in

LG Distribution Network
Manufacturing Plant (NOIDA)

Company Warehouse





The numbers of authorized dealer LG in Jaipur are 21 which are listed as follow: Silver Electronics Vaishali Nagar GumanFurniture Private Limited Kalwad Road,JhotwaraRoad Gupta Computers & Electronics Tonk Phatak VideonElectronics Jayanti Market,M.I.Road LG Shoppe M.I.Road Jain Electronics Jawahar Nagar GangaElectronics Sanganer SethiElectronics Kishanpole Bazar JaipurComputers M.I.Road Vijay Investors Chandpole Bazar Gajendra& Mahindra Nehru Bazar Shri VinayakEnterprises Malviya Nagar Audio Vision Centre M.I.Road Ganesham Electrotech Malviya Nagar Surya Marketing Shastri Nagar ShriO M Distributor Near 22-Godam S B Telelink Sansar Chand Road S.M Appliances ShastriNagar E-Mart India Limited ShastriNagar Spencer's Hyper Malviya Nagar Mayank Electonics Sikar Road

Dealers and Distributors of LG:

SAMSUNG Samsung Distribution

Manufacturing Plant (NOIDA, Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu)

Company Warehouse




Samsung Dealers
Samsung Dealers The total number of authorized dealer of Samsung in Jaipur is 16 some of which are listed below: Samsung India Electronics Ltd Civil Lines AgarwalTrading Agencies Jhotware MahavirElectronics Jayanti Mkt,M I Rd Digital Life Co Mansarover Jindal Electronics VkiArea Vishwakarma Fridge Emporium Ajmer


During the study of Sales and distribution channel used by Onida and its competitors in Jaipur city, the visits were carried out to the distributors and dealers of Ondia, LG and Samsung. In the visit it was found that the product being manufactured at the manufacturing plant of these different companies, at their respective location before reaching to the customer passes through various distribution intermediates. According to the marketing practices, there are four different channel levels which are prevalent. They are zero level in which the manufacturer supplies the product directly to the end user, one level in which there is one selling intermediary, two level contains two intermediaries, three level contains three intermediaries. Onida follows two level channel which fits well in its distribution strategy and the infrastructure that is into existence.

First of all, after being manufactured at the manufacturing plant it goes in the company warehouse of particular region. E.g. Air condition manufactured by Onida at its Mumbai plant if has to be sold to the customer in Rajasthan than it first comes to the company warehouse of Rajasthan which is located in Jaipur city. From the company warehouse the product moves to its respective distributors who have define region for distribution. The company makes a particular firm distributor who has high potential of making dealers as it is the responsibility of the distributors to make dealers. The distributors than forwards the product to the dealers whosoever places the requirements. The distributors are provided with various in store and out store promotional inputs to promote the product which are then passed forward to the dealers. The kind of promotional inputs provided are: In Store Promotion Brochure Leaflets Banner Posters Out Door Promotion Neon Sign Board Bill Board

Apart from this the company has its own promotional budget which is spent in the form of commercial, print advertisement and also sponsors event to channelize its brand in the mind of the consumer. The Company also runs various Schemes for the distributors, dealers to motivate them to channelize their product to the customer. They are given Target benefits, Cash Discounts and various gifts for promoting the product. The company also has various schemes for the customer. After the product reaches to the customer every company has its various ways of providing after sales services so that the customer remains satisfied. The different ways of providing after sales services are: 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Online Registration of Complain Service centre at various location Extended Warranty Customer Relationship Centre. Annual Maintenance Contract

i. iii. v. vii. ix. xi. Rural penetration Selecting channel member Training Communication Performance evaluation Advertising budgets

Website : www.onida.com www.google.com www.in.lge.com www.samsung.com/in www.icmrindia.org www.wikipedia.org

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