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Network servers

DHCP server (Dynamic host configuration protocol) DNS server (Domain name system /service ) IIS server (Internet information service) 1. Web server 2. Ftp server Router server RAS & VPN server (Remote access server ,Virtual private network) Terminal server ISA server 2006( Internet Security & Acceleration) RIS server (Remote instillation server ) Exchange server 2003

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP

What is DHCP? It gives IP Addresses Automatically to the Clients who is requesting for an IP Address Centralized IP Address Management DHCP prevents IP address Conflicts and helps conserve the use of client IP Address on the Network DHCP reduces the complexity and amount of administrative work by assigning TCP/IP configuration Client IP configuration is updated automatically

IP addresses :IP addresses can be 1 -Static IP address Addresses that are manually assigned and do not change over time 2-Dynamic IP address Addresses that are automatically assigned for a specific period of time and might change

DHCP OPTIONS:1- Authorization It is a Security Precaution that ensures that only Authorized DHCP Servers can run in the Network. To avoid computers running Illegal DHCP Servers in the network 2-Scope

A scope is a range of IP addresses that are available to be leased to clients How DHCP Works

1- DHCP Discover : - the DHCP client broadcast in the network if there is any DHCP server present in the network 2- DHCP Offer: the DHCP response and offer one IP address to the client. 3- DHCP Request : the DHCP client will send request to the server to assign the offer IP address > 4- DHCP Acknowledgement: the server send Acknowledgement to client saying the package or IP has given it you. Note:(This process is called as DORA Process or four way hand shaking)

What Is a DHCP Reservation? A reservation is a specific IP address, within a scope, that is permanently reserved to a specific DHCP client

What Are DHCP Scope Options? DHCP Scope options are other server addresses given to clients

How DHCP Server & Scope Options Are Applied

Lease Renewal Process

Lease and Renewal Process:

Installing The DHCP:

start -> setting -> control panel

add and remove program ->

add and remove windows component

select network service -> details

check the box on [ ] Dynamic

Host Configuration Protocol

(DHCP) -> ok -> next

ok -> finish -TO configure DHCP on server side : start -> program -> administrative tools -> DHCP

right click on domain name -> authorize

right click on domain name -> refresh right click on domain name -> new scope -> next

give the name of scope -> next

give e the range of the IP Address -> next

if there is any resolve any IP addresses to assign (fixed IP) give range ->add -> next

lease durations -> next

yes I wont to configure these option now -> next

getaway ( if it require )

give the domain name and system name an IP address of DNS server

next -> next -> yes I want to activated -> next

finish TO configure DHCP on client side:On TCP/IP -> properties -> select obtain IP address automatic

Start -> run type cmd -> type [ipconfig /release] -> Type [ipconfig /renew] -> Type [ipconfig /all]

The resolve IP address:The fixit IP Address for client with MAC address 6-7-3-2-To configure resolve IP Address: -> start -> program -> administrative tools -> DHCP expand scope name -> select reservation -> right click -> select NEW reservation

give the reservation name -> IP Address -> Mac Address -> add -> close

DHCP Backup: start -> program -> administrative tools -> DHCP right click on domain name select backup

select the path -> ok

->remove the scope and restore the backup -> right click on domain name select restore

select the path -> ok