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SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY SYLLABUS COURSE NUMBER: SOCIOLOGY 102 COURSE TITLE: Sociology and Anthropology COURSE DESCRIPTION: Sociology and Anthropology is the study of the origin and development of human society and culture. It presents the fundamental concepts, perspectives, and approaches to the study of man in its society. Course topic includes culture and society, language, social inequalities, and social institutions. CREDIT: 3 units GENERAL OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE: At the conclusion of this course, students are expected to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Discuss key concepts and terminology used by socio-anthropologists. Describe the logic and practice of conducting socio-anthropological research. Explore, analyze and discuss the unique features of the culture and society in which we live. Describe how socialization and social status affects the standpoint of individual and class. Be able to use sociological perspective in studying social status, race and ethnicity and gender Understand how a socio-anthropologist analyzes primary social institutions such as religion, economics, politics, and family. 7. Demonstrate the use of sociological perspective in in their fields of interest. 8. Be part of the struggle for the advancement of just and humane society through immersion/exposure to different communities/institutions 9. Engage student and community in Service-Learning activity. TOPIC OUTLINE Week 1 2 Orientation to the course/subject Ethnographic Reseach Maka-Pilipinong Pananaliksik and Service-Learning The Science of Applied Sociology and Anthropology Week 3 4 Foundations of Society Culture Society McDonaldization of Society Disneyization of Society Week 5 8 Social Inequalities Social Stratification Social Class Gender Inequalities Race and Ethnicity Week 9 - Exam Week Week 10 14 Social Institutions Family Education Religion Politics Economics

Week 15 17 - Student-Learning Activity Week 18 - Submission of Reflection Paper and Sociological Paper References: Bryman, Alan. (2004). The Disneyization of Society. London, SAGE Publications Ltd. David, Randolf S. (2006) Nation, Self and Citizenship, An Invitation to Philippine Sociology. Philippines, Anvil Publishing, Inc. Matilac, Rosalie. (1994). Sosyo, Sulyap sa Isang Pinoy na Sosyolohiya. Philippines, Asian Social Institute Palispis, Epitacio S. (2007). Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology. Philippines, Rex Book Store Ritzer, George, McDonaldization: The Reader (2002). Sage Publications, Inc. Ritzer, George and Goodman, Douglas.(2003). Sociological Theory, Mc Graw Hill, International Edition. http://anthro.palomar.edu/tutorials/cultural.htm http://www.pamantasan-ng-buhay.blogspot.com http://www.mysociologyproject.wordpress.com http://www.chriskaplonski.com/anthro/fieldwork.html http://www.uk.sagepub.com/leonguerrero3e/study/chapters/handbook_articles/Handbook%2015.1.pdf http://www.eoearth.org/topics/view/49528/ http://www.siue.edu/~jfarley/nicho490.htm http://www.jmu.edu/evision/archive/volume2/essays/meyerhardt.html Requirements: Attendance 2 major exams quizzes reaction papers socialized recitations Research Paper Community/Institutional Immersion Service-learning Journal Computation of Grades: 1. Tentative Midterm and Final Grade a) Class standing (Assignments, quizzes, laboratory outputs, reports, projects, etc.) b) Major Examinations 2. Final Grade c) Tentative Midterm Grade d) Tentative Final Grade e) Attendance and Deportation Prepared by: Mr. Glenn M. Agbing Sociology Instructor Approved by: Dennis Paul Guevarra Department Head, Department of Philosophy and the Science of Social Noted by: Dr. Cesar D. Orsal Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Date of revision: June 2012

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