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Islamic Resource Centre Questionnaire

93 Court Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, B12 9LQ 93 Court Before you begin the questionnaire, please be assured that your answers would be treated in
the strictest confidence. All answers will be combined together and individual responses will NOT be identifiable. Please can you take a few minutes and fully complete this questionnaire. This questionnaire is targeted towards 15 - 25 years old, but not exclusively. Thank you.
Name: Age: Religion: Ethnicity: Postcode: College/ School: Nationality:

If you feel uncomfortable to give your details please give your postcode only

Question 1 Do you feel personally that terrorism is an issue? Question 2 Do you fear terrorism? Question 3 How worried are you about terrorist attacks happening in your town? Not at all worried Very worried Somewhat worried Not too worried Question 4 Would you support or oppose the Government secretly searching someones home without having to prove the person is a suspected terrorist? Strongly support Strongly oppose Question 5 How much do you feel the Governments anti-terrorism efforts have affected your area? A great deal Somewhat Only a little Not at all Question 6 How effective do you think the Government has been in stopping suspected terrorists? Very effective Somewhat effective Not too effective Not at all effective Question 7 Have acts of terrorism made an impact on your community? A great deal Somewhat Only a little Not at all Question 8 Has terrorism affected the way you live in the United Kingdom? A great deal Somewhat Only a little Not at all Question 9 Do you feel the Government has done anything to prevent terrorism? Yes No Yes No

Yes Question 10


Have the West Midlands Police made a difference preventing terrorism in the last 12 months? Yes No Question 11 Do you feel that acts of terrorism are now more likely or less likely due to current Governmental initiatives? More likely Less likely Question 12 Do you think the media plays a positive image for Muslims? Yes No Question 13 Do you feel the media is right to suggest a link between Islam and terrorism? Is there a link? Yes No Question 14 Would you like to be part of a workshop to look at the issues in detail? Yes No If Yes, please provide contact details: Question 15 Do you think there is a solution to terrorism, if so, what do you think?

Question 16 Do you wish to comment on any of the questions asked or express your feelings on terrorism?

This questionnaire will be used to feedback the views of young people to the organisation.
Please return to the person who gave you this questionnaire or post to: 93 Court Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 9LQ Tel: 0121 440 3500; Email: islamiccentre@hotmail.com

Deadline: 30th April 2007