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SCOPE OF WORK Scope of work includes design, engineering, manufacture, shop tests / tests at recognized Test centres, arranging inspection, packing, insurance, forwarding, transport and delivery at purchasers stores of 02 set of 3000A, 415V Non-segregated TPN Al. Busduct along with all fittings and accessories as per specification and supervision of erection, testing & commissioning. Exclusions Following are excluded from Contractors scope : Provision of civil works Auxiliary supply Erection, testing and commissioning


2 03 04.01


Busduct shall be indoor type non-segregated metal enclosed TPN, 415V suitable for connection between LT 1250KVA Diesel generator control panel and the incomer panel of the LT switchboard. The basic requirements of the busduct shall be as specified. 04.02 Type of busduct The busduct shall be rectangular, non-segregated, totally enclosed type with suitable fibre glass / SMC insulating supports for aluminium busbars and suitable for continuous operation in solidly earthed neutral system. 04.03 Busbars Busbars shall be made of E91E grade aluminium alloy. Cross section of busbars selected shall ensure temperature rises of busbars, joints and enclosures within

specified limits at rated currents. Neutral busbars where provided shall have a minimum rating of 50% of main busbars. In addition, it shall withstand mechanical force for specified peak short circuit currents and have 1sec. short circuit thermal rating at specified short circuit current for 3 phase, phase to phase and phase to ground/ neutral faults. A current density of 0.8A/ Sq.mm shall be considered for sizing the busbars. In case, a lower size is offered the same will be subject to temperature rise and short circuit test for acceptable limiting values specified. Busbar surfaces shall be tinned at joints, high tensile cadmium plated bolts with suitable spring washers shall be used for busbar joints. Prior to jointing, oxideinhibiting grease shall be applied after cleaning the surfaces. Phase to phase and phase to ground clearances in air shall not be less than 25.4mm and 19mm respectively. Busbars shall be identified by colour code for phase sequence at the ends of each factory built busduct length. Bimetallic joints shall be provided for jointing between dissimilar metals. Provision shall be made to allow for expansions and contractions of busbars caused by temperature variation. 04.04 Constructional features The busduct shall have rectangular enclosure with 3 phase and neutral busbars supported on fibreglass insulation supports. The busducts shall be factory built and supplied in fully assembled standard lengths and matching non-standard lengths as required. The busduct enclosure shall be supported on framed constructions with necessary mounting brackets for supporting from a wall or roof or from ground. Mounting brackets shall be supplied along with the busduct. Inspection openings and access covers shall be provided to facilitate maintenance of busbar joints, insulation supports. Alternately the enclosure may be made in split covers with bolted joints. All joints and covers shall have heat resistant gaskets. Anti-condensation space heaters shall be provided at appropriate locations and wired to external terminal box with heat resistant cables. Suitable provision shall be made in the busbars at the point of joining the factory made sections, to slightly increase or decrease the assembled busbar length, by

telescoping before bolting. The busduct construction shall be mechanically strong to ensure safe transport and handling. 04.05 Matching The busducts are to be suitably matched to the busduct termination facilitaties provided at transformer and LT switchboard ends. Phase sequence shall be matched at both ends and if required phase cross over shall be supplied. 04.06 Enclosure The busduct enclosure shall be made of aluminium. Busducts rated above 2000A shall have aluminium enclosure. The busduct enclosure shall be strong enough to withstand the designed short circuit forces. The busduct shall conform to IP52 enclosure. Thickness of enclosure shall not be less than 3mm. 04.07 Painting All runs of conductors shall be identified by painting with heat resisting paint at the extreme ends and at regularly spaced intervals. The paint shade shall be as specified. 04.08 Accessories The busduct shall be supplied complete with the following accessories wherever required to make the installation complete. Generator lead in section with aluminium flexibles terminal connection. Straight section Matching section (length as required) Corner sections (horizontal or vertical 90 deg. bends) Switchgear lead in section with aluminium flexible terminal connection. Phase cross overs Roof/wall/ floor supports or hanger bars Ground bus Aluminium bus of specified cross section shall run through the whole length of the busduct and shall be positively connected to the body of the busduct enclosure and to the ground system of the shop. Drawings

The following drawings shall be submitted for approval. Schedule of submission of drawings shall be as specified. Dimensional busduct layout plan and section drawings indicating straight section, bends, end terminations, support points, inspection openings. Dimensional bus duct cross section drawing indicating support insulators, clearances. GA drawings of standard length, bends, non standard lengths of bus duct. Details of end terminations at both ends of busduct. Maintenance manual. Any other drawings required. Calculations for temperature rise and short circuit withstand capability. Test Requirements Tests at works shall include the following Insulation resistance measurement 1 minute PF withstand voltage test Dimensional check, Physical inspection of clearances, phase sequence Resistance measurement and reactance measurement per meter.

05.00 DESIGN CRITERIA LT BUSDUCT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Applicable standards Supply System System earthing Service Design ambient temp. Rated voltage & frequency Current rating Continuous rating at specified ambient temp. (rated current) : : : : : : 8623 Part II-1993 440V Max Solidly earthed Indoor 450C 415V, 50 Hz.

: 3000 A

8. 9.

Dynamic stability current Short time short circuit current rating Busbar material Current density at rated current Earth bus material & cross section Busbar jointing Surface treatment Bolts & washers Bimetallic joints Type of enclosure as per IS Material of enclosure Thickness of material Max. rise of temp. under full load over specified ambient temp. Busbars Enclosure At joints Type of end terminations Transformer end Switchgear end Provision of space heater Rated voltage Measurement of zero sequence impedence

: : : :

10. 11.

105kA(Peak) 50kA for 1 sec. Aluminium 0.9A/sq.mm(max) subject to verification by heat run test : Aluminium : Tinned : Cadmium plated bolts : To be provided wherever required : IP 52 : Aluminium : 3 mm for Aluminium : 400C over 450C : 250C over 450C : 400C over 450C : : : : : Aluminium flexible -doNot applicable Not applicable Not required

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06.00 6.1

INSPECTION AND TESTING Inspection of equipment by the Purchaser shall be only with a view to ensure that the equipment is fabricated/ manufactured, assembled, tested, supplied as per approved drawings and prescribed specifications. Inspection by Purchaser shall in no way relieve the supplier of his responsibilities as per Contract and shall be in no way binding on the Purchaser.



Contractor shall ensure inspection and testing of all the materials, equipment and work at his cost through his engineers and technical staff. Contractor shall also ensure proper supervision and quality assurance during progress of manufacture, erection, testing and commissioning. All equipment and accessories forming part of this specification shall be subjected to inspection at contractors / sub-suppliers works at any stage of manufacture, by the duly authorised representative of the purchaser. The contractors scope manufacturers works. includes testing of equipment at


6.5 6.6

The contractor shall not restrict himself to carrying out only the tests specified, but all tests as per IEC/ IS shall satisfactorily be conducted on each equipment. In case owner desires to conduct tests specifically not mentioned in this specification, to ascertain the quality of work done/ performance of equipment installed, the same shall be conducted by the contractor. In case if some of the tests are to be repeated , at the request of owner the same shall be carried out by the contractor at no extra cost. In case of such plant and equipment, where tests set forth in the specification cannot be conducted either partially or fully in contractors premises but have to be conducted at site only after assembly/ erection, the provision under this section shall also apply. However, in such cases prior approval of the purchaser shall be obtained by the contractor. Owner or his duly authorised representatives shall have at all times access to the contractors / his sub-suppliers works and shall have the power to examine all the records and materials to monitor the progress of work and quality of materials and workmanship to ensure conformance to specification /standards.




Within 30 days of placement of order or as stipulated elsewhere in the contract, contractor in consultation with purchasers duly authorised representative shall draw up a preliminary inspection

6.10 6.11

schedule to fix up the procedure and timing of inspection of the various equipment /component/ sub assemblies. The contractor shall give the purchasers duly authorised representative a minimum of 15 days clear notice of any work being ready for inspection, enclosing internal test certificate. Thereafter purchaser/ his inspector shall carryout the inspection at suppliers works. The contractor shall furnish in advance test format for conducting tests at works as per specification and standards and 5 sets of final approved drawings/ documents to enable purchasers representative to carryout the inspection. For all inspection and tests to be conducted at the suppliers premises, the contractor shall provide all the necessary tools, tackles, fuel, power, personnel and testing equipments free of cost to the owners representatives. Contractor shall rectify/ replace the defective / rejected equipment/ component during testing and inspection. The purchaser upon giving 7 days notice in writing and stating any grounds of objection, shall have the right to reject any or shall have the right to reject any or all the equipment or demand rectification or replacement thereof. Incase any inspection/ tests fails, re-inspection/ retest shall be carried out after necessary rectification/ replacement by the contractor. When the tests have been satisfactorily completed at contractors premises the owners representatives shall issue a certificate to that effect. No equipment shall be dispatched before issue of Inspection certificate. The satisfactory completion tests or issue of inspection certificate by the owners representatives shall not bind the owner to accept the plant, should it, on further inspection/ testing at site be found not to comply with requirement or contract.



6.14 6.15





The contractor shall ensure that no tests are applied which may stress equipment above the limits for field testing recommended by the manufacturer. The contractor shall be responsible for any damage to personnel or equipment resulting from improper test procedure. All defective materials supplied by the contractor and defects due to poor workmanship revealed through field testing, shall be corrected at the contractors expense without affecting the milestone agreed upon. The contractor shall bring his own testing equipment for testing and commissioning of equipments /items. List of such testing equipment shall be furnished along with the quotation. The contractor shall provide purchaser with complete test certificates for all the equipment being supplied by him. The certificates shall be signed by both the contractor and the owner and the tests shall be completed under supervision of the owner. Until the end of the guarantee period the contractor shall have the right of entry at his own risk and expense, by himself or his representative, at all reasonable working hours for the purpose of inspection/ testing with prior intimation to Purchaser Tests to be conducted at works are indicated in the technical specifications. DRAWINGS AND DOCUMENTATION General The scope of contractor includes supply of all drawings, documents, operation and maintenance manuals, catalogues, as built drawings of the plant, equipment supplied and work done, for comments/ approval/ information/ reference of purchaser/ consultant at no extra cost.






07.00 7.1 7.1.1

All drawings, specifications, furnished by the consultant shall be treated as strictly confidential property of the owner. All drawings &


informations furnished by the contractor shall become property of the owner. Drawings, specifications and schedule of quantities shall be treated as supplementary to each other and should anything appear in one that is not described in the other, no advantage shall be taken by the contractor for any such omission. For such discrepancy/ inconsistancy, the contractor shall seek the instructions from the consultant before proceeding with the work and the clarifications/ decisions given by the consultant shall be treated as final and binding on the contractor. List of drawings Within 15 days from the effective date of contract, the contractor shall submit requisite copies of a list of all drawings and documents he proposes to submit for the contract. The drawings shall be categorised into (a) For approval of purchaser (b) For purchasers information (c) As built drawings (d0 Operation and maintenance manuals and catalogue (e) manufacturing drawings. The list shall be approved by the purchaser and may be revised or extended if necessary for proper execution of work / documentation. Each drawing and document in the list shall be identified as follows: a) Serial number b) Descriptive title c) Proposed date of submission


7.2 7.2.1



7.3 7.3.1

Approval of drawing / documents / manuals The contractor shall furnish drawings as indicated in technical specification for each item for approval of the purchaser/ consultant according to agreed time schedule Contractor shall furnish, if requested, additional drawings, calculations, information to the consultant/ purchaser to enable him to examine/ study the drawings for approval.

If incomplete drawings/ documents not meeting the consultants requirement are sent, the responsibility for any delay in approval shall be that of contractor. Where drawings are returned to the contractor with Commented, the contractor shall resubmit the revised drawing for approval. Where the drawings are returned to the contractor with marking Approved as Noted, contractor shall make the necessary modifications/ changes and resubmit revised drawings for final approval. If any subsequent alterations are found necessary and approved by the consultant/ owner, all drawings and data affected by such alteration shall be duly revised and re-submitted for the approval of the engineer as said above. Purchaser / his consultant will scrutinise drawings/ data furnished by contractor and comments, if any, will be communicated to the supplier within 2 weeks from the date of receipt. In order to expedite the approval of drawings related to procurement / manufacture, contractor shall present the drawings to the purchaser /consultant and incorporate the necessary changes after discussions and obtain the approval.




Contractor shall be responsible for correctly incorporating all the points conveyed to him and resubmit the drawings to the purchaser for final approval. If the contractor is unable to incorporate some of the comments, such non-compliance shall be clearly stated in a forwarding letter with reasons without delay. However, it shall be purchasers / his consultants discretion to accept or reject the non-compliance. Work shall be carried out exactly as indicated on the approved drawings and data and no alterations shall be made without the written approval of the Engineer /owner.



Approval of drawings by purchaser/ his consultant shall not relieve the supplier of his contractual obligations and responsibility for

7.3.7 07.04 7.4.1

engineering, design, workmanship, materials and performance of the equipment. As built drawings All the drawings/ documents supplied by the contractor for purchasers comments/ approval, if required, shall be revised / modified, after purchaser/ consultants approval, to incorporate all the modifications / changes necessitated at various stages of execution of contract viz.,

During inspection & testing at works and site During erection, commissioning of individual equipment During integrated commissioning of total system Due to changes in associated connecting equipment not supplied by the contractor (based on the information furnished by the purchaser / consultant) 7.4.2 Contractor shall furnish as built drawings required for normal operation, maintenance, testing of all equipment in specified number of copies. All the approved drawings, manufacturers drawings, installation drawings are included in as-built drawing. Documents and Test reports Contractor shall furnish any relevant calculations asked for. It shall also contain the manufacturers catalogues, operation and maintenance manuals for all types of relays used. Contractor shall furnish bound volumes of copies of factory routine and type test certificates for all equipment.

07.05 7.5.1


After completion of site testing of all equipment, contractor shall furnish the site test results of all equipment. This shall also indicate clearly rectification carried out during testing, in case site test results vary very widely with factory test results, commissioning engineers observation shall be clearly indicated against

7.5.3 7.5.4

corresponding equipment, identified by manufacturers serial numbers. Contractor shall furnish bound volume indicating list of spares supplied for each equipment. The volume shall contain, manufacturers catalogue number of components with description. It shall also indicate precautions to be taken for storing. Operation, Instruction and Maintenance manual/ catalogues Instruction manual shall give step by step procedure for 1. 2. 3. 4. Erection , testing and commissioning Operation Maintenance and Repair

07.06 7.6.1


Instruction manual shall also contain ; 1. 2. 3. 4. List of spare parts with ordering specifications and manufacturers catalogues. List of consumables with specifications, brand names and annual consumption figures. Drawings relevant for erection, operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment Procedure for ordering spares.


Contractor shall submit the following drawing/ data/ documents in specified number of copies and reproduceable prior to handing over the installation to the owner, whichever is earlier.

All drawings approved by consultant / owner Equipment manufacturing drawings submitted for information of consultant/ owner

Equipment drawings required for operation and maintenance Inspection reports, factory and site test certificates in bound volume As built drawings incorporating all site modifications Instruction manuals and catalogues List of spares 7.8 Number of copies The contractor shall submit drawings, document As Built drawings, instruction manuals etc. in following number of copies to the purchaser/ consultant For approval/ resubmission For approval After approval : : 5 copies 6 copies

As built drawings Operating & maintenance manuals, equipment and system, catalogues, factory and site test certificates volumes, list of spares volumes 08.00 COMPLETION SCHEDULE

8 copies 1 soft copy

10 sets

The 3000A, 415V Busduct shall be completed within 6 weeks of Letter of Intent. Due date of delivery shall be reckoned as receipt at JSWSL site at Potteneri.

09.00 Sl.N o 1

SCHEDULE OF QUANTITIES Description 415V, 50Hz, 3000A, 50kA (1sec) nonsegregated phase, indoor busduct with aluminium busbars, 3 mm thick aluminium IP 52 enclosure with all accessories comprising of DG and switchgear lead-in sections, straight section, matching sections, horizontal/ vertical bends, phase cross-overs, space heaters etc connecting 1250KVA Diesel generator and EMPCC. Scope shall include for the purpose of quotation Generator and switchgear end terminations with laminated Copper flexibles, 1 no phase crossover, 2 horizontal/vertical cross sections and length of 6M measured along the centre line. Further, following extra rates shall apply for addition/deletion: Standard length for 3000 A Bus duct straight run Horizontal/Vertical corner section Phase cross-over Non-standard matching section Silica gel breather Unit Set Qty. 02 Unit Rate (Rs.) Total cost (Rs.)

2 3 4 5 6




1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Manufacturers name Applicable standards Rated voltage & frequency System earthing Service Design ambient temperature Rated current Continuous current rating at specified maximum ambient temperature without exceeding temp. rise limits Short time current rating as per daily load cycle (if applicable) Max. rise of temp. at rated current, over specified ambient temperature Busbars Enclosure At joints Busbars Material Cross section of phase and neutral busbars Material & thickness of enclosure



II. Data required for design of Civil engineering 1. Approx. weight per metre length of busduct. 2. Cross section of busduct in mm (Width x height) III. Data required for Detailed engineering 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Size, shape & number of busbars used as phase and neutral Max. current density at continuous current Resistance and reactance per metre run of the busduct +ve sequence (R+jX) Zero sequence (R+jX) Minimum clearances in air in mm Between phases Between phase and ground One minute p.f withstand voltage Bus jointing Surface treatment


8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Bolts and washers Bimetallic joints Space heater Rated voltage Watts Number and location Material and cross section of earth bus Drawings as specified Paint shade as per IS-5 Type of end terminations a) Transformer end b) Switchgear end Short circuit rating Dynamic stability current KA ..(Peak) Short time short circuit withstand rating kA (RMS), Sec. Enclosure Type Material Thickness