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The system containment theory

An atom is a contained system.

A molecule is a contained system, it contains a group of atoms.
A solar system is a contained system, it contains a group of molecules.
A galaxy is a contained system. It contains a group of solar systems.
A cluster is a contained system, it contains a group of galaxies
The universe is a contained system, it contains a group of clusters.
All contained systems are related in a direct way.
And certain facts are consistent in regards to the contained systems.
One fact is as density increases in a contained system. Energy and motion are
Einstein is correct.
As the atoms internal motion approaches the speed of light in regards to its mass
that energy is at a high percentage relative to that mass. And as Einstein
predicted the closer to the speed of light, mass decreases and energy increases.
An there is no doubt that atoms contain high levels of energy.
In my theory of atomic structure/solar system structure relationships, I try to
predict the relationship between the density of two contained systems. And density
is directly related to energy in a contained systems. And energy is what defines
the limits of the existence of matter.
As we look into the nature of an atom to see its most basic parts and how the
universe began, I believe what we see is simply a reflection.
The big bang has been theorized to have started the universe. It is said that all
matter became so condensed in a black hole, that the big bang occurred creating
the universe. Density again.
When a contained system reaches the outer limits of it ability to fluctuate and
contain, it has reached it maximum capacity. Beyond this limit the contained
system is no longer exists. It simple becomes parts of its sister systems.
When you observe the atomic structure at such minute points in regards to
determining its relationship to all other matter, you are trying to examine its
remains as it remains become part of its sister systems.
These boundaries, when exceeding their limits, are particles being absorbed into
their sister systems. And it is simply a reflection of the big bang.
The fluctuation of limits of contained systems is defined by motion within the
system. Stable fluctuations. Position of masses in regards to each contained
systems center mass causes fluctuations of its limits.
Motion is directly related to contained systems. Motion defines the limits of the
contained systems existence.
Motion and energy directly related to existence.
M equals existence.
To travel from one contained system to be a part of another contained system, you
simply have to change your existence, energy in the first contained system becomes
mass in the next contained system. When an atomic explosion occurs the radiation
remains in all contained systems. In time it will simply dissipate its energy as
it is absorbed into the new system. The excess mass is not converted and these
left over particles allow for variations in the sister system. For example, new