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Planetary Transits - Its Effects On you Jupiter (Nakshatra Based) Transit

May 2013 to June 2014

According to Vedic Astrology,the nine planets called Navagrahas, transit from one sign to the next at different speeds. Major planets like Jupiter,Saturn, and Rahu/Ketu take a little longer to transit from one sign to the next. While Jupiter takes approximately one year to transit one sign, Saturn does every two and a half years and Rahu /letu take one and half years. The placement of a planet in various signs in relation to other planets have a bearing on their collective influence on the native. We have to bear in mind that planetary transits affect the day to day affairs called gochara. Personal Details Name Nakshatra ( Star ) Rasi / Moon Sign Antony Makha Simha / Leo

REPORT FOR JUPITER TRANSIT 2013-2014 Jupiter is the great benefic in vedic astrology. He generally confers good results when he transits the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th signs from the sign occupied by the moon (moon sign). However, depending on the exact star (nakshatra) occupied by the moon, the results will vary. The results will also vary depending on the placement of other planets in the natal chart of the native. Jupiter transits into Gemini on 31st May 2013. He is in Mrigasira star till 30th June 2013. Thereafter he transits into Ardra and is stationed in this star till 2nd September 2013. Thereafter he transits into Punarvasu star. He is in Punarvasu pada 2 till 17th January 2014. Thereafter he becomes retrograde in motion and transits back to Ardra pada 3 before turning direct and travels through Ardra 4th pada where he is stationed till 25th April 2014. He transits again into Punarvasu where he is stationed till 20th June 2014. Subsequently, he transits into Punarvasu pada 4 in Cancer, which is the next sign. Jupiter is in Gemini from 31st May 2013 to 20th June 2014.

Makha (Leo) When Jupiter transits Mrigasira star from 31st May to 30th June 2013, there may not be favourable results. Financial position may be uncertain during this period and there may be health problems. There will be unwanted changes at work. Health of a family member will cause disturbance. Thereafter Jupiter transits Ardra star from 30th June to 2nd September 2013 and again from 17th January to 25th April 2014 there will be benefic results. Financial position will be good. You will have a good time at work and family life will be enjoyable too. Students will do well in studies during this period. When Jupiter transits Punarvasu star from 2nd September 2013 to 17th January 2014 and later from20th March to 3rd June 2014, there may be some difficult times. You will have worries in family life. Fortunately, during this period, Saturn and Rahu are transiting favourable stars giving you the ability to tide over a difficult situation. On 3rd June 2014, Jupiter will transit into the next sign, Cancer.

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