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2. If you were a specialist at SIA, how and why would you respond to the proposed changes?

What steps would you suggest Jerry take to increase employee utilization of the knowledge-sharing system in particular? How can he encourage SIA employees to share information?

It is the best idea of changing the proposal because it is one of the best ways to develop organization, improve employees technology skills, increase relationship between employees and encourage skill growth of employees. With new technologies, company can process all the procedures rapidly and accurately. We can reduce the works of employees and move those employees to another department which department that lack of human resources. Thus, we can reduce the expenses of employ new staff and time of training for new staff. By the way, change can require employees to master new skills so they can accomplish new duties. Provide the means necessary for employees to learn new software and technology for completing particular tasks with shorter time. Besides that, there also lead a positive relationship between staff and it is important to value peoples sight and experience. Colleague may help our workplace to do things smarter and better. Meanwhile, the development of staff can substantially increase productivity. Thus, more products generally equal greater profits that can be enjoyed by both management and staff. According to Lewin, the first step in the process of changing behaviour is to unfreeze the existing situation or status quo. The status quo is considered the equilibrium state. Unfreezing is necessary to overcome the strains of individual resistance and group conformity. Unfreezing can be achieved b the use of three methods. First, increase the driving forces that direct behaviour away from the existing situation or status quo. Second, decrease the restraining forces that negatively afftect the movement from the existing quilibrium. Third, find a combination of the two methods listed above. Some activities that can assist in the unfreezing step including, motivate participants by preparing them for change, build trust and recognition for the need to change, and actively participate in recognizing problems and brainstorming solutions within a group. Lewins second step in the process of changing behaviour is movement. In this step, it is necessary to move the target system to a new level of equilibrium. Three actions that can assist in the movement step include: persuading employees to agree that the status quo is not beneficial to them and encouraging them to view the problem from a fresh perspective, work together on a quest for new, relevant information, and connect the views of the group to well-respected, powerful leaders that also support the change. The third step of Lewins three-step change model is refreezing. This step needs to take place after the change has been implemented in order for it to be sustained or stick over time. It is high likely that the change will be short lived and the employees will revert to their old equilibrium (behaviours) if this step is not taken. It is the actual integration of the new values into the community values and

traditions. The purpose of refreezing is to stabilize the new equilibrium resulting from the change by balancing both the driving and restraining forces. One action that can be used to implement Lewins third step is to reinforce new patterns and institutionalize them through formal and informal mechanisms including policies and procedures. Therefore, Lewins model illustrates the effects of forces that either promote or inhibit change. Specifically, driving forces promote change while restraining forces oppose change. Hence, change will occur when the combined strength of one force is greater than the combined strength of the opposing set of forces. http://www.nationalforum.com/Electronic%20Journal%20Volumes/Kritsonis,%20Alicia%20Comparis on%20of%20Change%20Theories%20IJMBA%20V8%20N1%202005.pdf http://smallbusiness.chron.com/benefits-change-workplace-13255.html http://www.idealware.org/articles/software_for_km.php http://books.google.com.my/books?id=RpLPSx9xtUC&pg=PT94&lpg=PT94&dq=sia+corporation+case+study+questions&source=bl&ots=d1iP2 cJ2Si&sig=aTvVxLt3avWf3C4sx6kN1GrxDQ&hl=en&sa=X&ei=FNfSUeTqCZHyrQfopYGgBw&ved=0CGAQ6AEwBQ